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1, Report #1173142
Aug 29 2014
08:20 AM
Venture Point Network The Investor Network ; Shannon Hutcheson Capital Raising Con Man said he has email lists of investors ripped me off for $2,000 Frisco Texas
I found Venture Point Network on the internet througn a Google Search. I saw their website . The company representative Shannon Hutcheson told me he has a list of millions of Accredited Investors and he raises money for businesses. He said his company will prepare a website landing page and an email advertising piece and distribute the emails to 3,000 investors for $2,000.  He dispeared after I paid him the $2,000. He does not respond to numerous emails or telephone calls.
Entity: Frisco , Texas
2, Report #286035
Nov 21 2007
05:18 PM
Mariah Venture Capital And Consulting Company. Fee Collecting Scam - Not Underwriters Bethel Park Pennsylvania
I worked with Jim and Karen Frank for about 9 months in 2006 - 2007. I am a broker who was referred to them through another broker I didn't know well. I brought Jim and Karen many projects in that period of time - they act excited and tell your client that there is a very good chance to get funding - before the contract is issued and before the fee is collected by them. They took $7,500 from 3 of my clients and did not follow up, did not provide progress reports and did not provide one LOI or term sheet. They will collect the fee and disappear for weeks without answering phones or email. They will give you every excuse in the book about why they were unavailable - ridiculous amount of excuses. They are highly incompetent and should not be believed or trusted. I have a client who is very angry with them and is suing them. They collect a small fee because it is not worth it to take them to court for a few thousand dollars. Ask them to provide 5 referral clients that they have actually funded - in fact I would ask for 1 deal they have funded - ask to speak to the actual client. Do not accept the Railroad deal in Pennsylvania - this is their deal - not done for a client. They are good talkers but do not believe them - they will never perform. They are not underwriters - they are fee collectors. My clients were very angry with me because of Jim and Karen Frank - they were going to sue me because of the incompetence. Run for the hills if you are referred to this group. Christian XXXXXX rocky point, New YorkU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
3, Report #284545
Nov 13 2007
10:13 AM
Satellite Systems Network, False promises in promotional sales for Dish Network Dana Point California
On Sept. 5th, 2007 I was contacted by Ian a sales representative for Dish Network offering a savings on then Direct TV billing by switching to Dish Network. At the time Ian, (the sales representative) and I compared TV by TV service in my home and package by package comparison of Direct TV and Dish Network. I was told if I switched services I would lower my monthly billing and have DVR as well. The package he sold me was the Top 200 with local channels, 2 receivers with DVR on 2 TV locations, the cost would be $49.99 down payment for installation and set up and a monthly bill of $39.99 with a guaranteed priced till Jan 1, 2009. The installation was scheduled for Sept. 14, 2007 and installed on this date. When we received our first bill there were charges for not having a phone line plugged into the receiver at a rate of $5.00 per month. The receiver was plugged in they had the wrong phone number they showed last 2 digits 97 when it is 99, they corrected their error but continue to bill the $5.00 per month.The package price quoted by Ian was for $39.99 per month with no increases unless I upgraded or changed the plan. I am being billed $59.99 per month. I called Dish Network and they continue to be zero help on this matter, they say Satellite Systems Networks is not an agent of theirs and they have no control over what they say. I have called Satellite Systems Networks several times at 800-338-3409 Ext 168 for Ian, all I get is voice mail with out ever getting a call back. Dish Network has given me a number of 800-338-3409 which isn't answered and then call disconnected. I have tried to zero out when calling Ian and have spent over an hour on hold with no response from Satellite Systems Networks. When I was first contacted by Satellite Systems Networks I was led to believe by Ian he was an employee of Dish Network. I have since found the firm he works for sells services for both Dish Network and Direct TV. Both of these companies continue to allow Satellite Systems Networks to sell their products by lying to the customer and neither company cares to clean up the practice. When I talked to Dish Network their attitude was I have a contract for the full amount which they will not send me a copy of said contract and which I have no record of ever seeing or signing such contract. They say I am locked into an 18 month contract and I can't cancell without paying the full amount. I find it very odd the local states have not gone after the Satellite Systems Network, LLC and stopped them from placing solicitation calls and selling bogus deals over the telephone. This practice is so blatant, the two major satellite companies must be in colusion with Satellite Systems Networks, LLC. Steven Boring, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Dana Point, California
4, Report #175249
Feb 07 2006
09:01 PM
Dish Network ripoff Littleton Colorado
I sent back the equipment to Dish, & the next day was contacted by a Mr Taylor who said he was a mediator for the courts, & that Dish was going to sue us for breach of contract. He suggested we send him $250 & he would try to get the suit dismissed, but that we could always take Dish to small claims court. He was calling from Harris County Texas, & said the case # was 1132963 & that if he didn't get the $250 by Fri. he would file & we would be liable for much more than $250. I asked him for his name & address, & he said he worked for Goldberg & Rothstein, 4801 Woodway Dr. Ste. 270W, Housten TX. His phone # is 800-976-0477 Ext. 417. Do mediators file lawsuits? No. He said my husband signed a contract. No. This is truly turning out to be a HUGE scam. Carole Dana Point, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
5, Report #235908
Feb 14 2007
05:54 AM
DISH NETWORK false charging!! Ripoff ATLANTA Georgia
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
6, Report #276133
Sep 26 2007
05:15 PM
Dish Network Don't Trust Dish! Pasadena California
Watch out for when you cancel Dish! I decided to switch companies after Dish has started a new policy of flashing pop ups when your account is past due. Now, poor planning on my part when we signed on, but the bill is due the 27th and we always have paid on the 10th from day one which is 2 1/2 yrs and not have had any issues with pop up reminders. I called and told them to cancel our service on Sept 16th, which they did. It is now the 26th, and I am still waiting for my boxes for the receivers which is a total of 3 receivers, they have only sent 2 boxes and I am trying to get a 3rd one. Meanwhile, their automated phone system says they disconnected us for non payment, I had fits about that, and my account is noted we voluntarily disconnected. I get a final bill stating service interupted due to past due oweing. I got 3 calls the first week w/out their service saying if you don't get the boxes in 7 days to let them know, which I have done, customer service is horrible, you can't understand them hardly, then I am told 3 different dates to when the boxes were shipped out. Why is it that they waited 9 days AFTER we disconnected them to ship out boxes? Then today 9/26 I get automated call stating they are have already started the process of charging my credit card for the receivers. How can I send them to them when I have no boxes? I called corporate office 303-723-1000 who put me to the customer service department of the executives. I was told no charges have been put against my debit card. I asked how they can just charge my account when they are not authorized to do so. I was told it is in our contract. What contract? We never signed a contract believe it or not. I do not trust them. So now i have to cancel my debit card so they don't charge me. They pulled the same stunt with some family a couple years ago, and long story short they turned them into collections and they had to fight against it.They apparantly like to stall and everything waiting until the time is right to send the boxes knowing that it can take 7-10 days for them to receive the receivers and by then its too late per contract So my suggestion to you is to never pay on line and go to a local center if possible to pay them or send money orders so they don't try to pull this same stuff on you. Dishstinks central point, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1204506
Feb 03 2015
01:46 PM
Plus Point Venture Group LLC Henery M. Fojas, Jamie J. Miller, Arlene Q. Miller, SF Investments, LLC of Nevada Real Estate Fraud, Scam Artist, Renting houses they do not own, falsifying documents, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Fraudulent Short Sales, Maliciously damaging credit of the victimes who took them to court and won Las Vegas Nevada
This company should be reported.  www.StopFraud.goveReal Estate Fraud, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Fraudulent Short sales in Nevada and possibly Texas.BE AWARE. They are also known for a scheme to con people into making Real Estate investments only to have caused the victims to lose everything.State ID E0443072008-4, Filing Status is revoked.Plus Point Venture Group, LLCJamie J. MillerArlene Q. MillerHenery M. FojasSF Investments, LLC of NevadaGentle Brook.Research court cases.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
8, Report #1115730
Jan 15 2014
11:55 AM
R&R Venture Group R&R venture, VSI, PRL, ADP, EPS and many more This company travels the USA in teams selling VSI ( vacation services international) as a travel club along with a false point rental company guaranteeing customers from 7.5 to 6.5 cents on the point guaranteed in writing your fair share of the pool which means they will never pay you, you are falsely scammed out of $9,990.00 on your credit card.  Henderson Nevada
If you complain they will send you $500.00 you cash it...your fair share of the pool legal action over. It's nothing but a scam that has gone on for 10 years. At present there are many police agency fraud departments investigating them at this writing I heard the F.B.I. Was working a case against The owners Robert Guy Russell and his wife Nonna along with their partners B.jJ. Cooke in Las Vegas and William Bill Redford in Atlanta, Georgia. I would tell anyone getting a call from them to avoid them. I was not a client, I sold for them but quit the company when I found out it was a sales scam.BUYER BEWARE:  VSI, EPS, PRL, ADP ALL UNDER THIS NAME OF SELLING YOU POINTS TO TRAVEL THROUGH VSI WITH RENTING YOUR POINTS FOR MONEY TO PAY MAINTENANCE FEES IS A LIE AND SUPER SCAM.  
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
9, Report #787852
Oct 12 2011
09:25 AM
Venture Banners Clearview Banners Venture Banners-Bad Service Internet
This company has terrible customer service, they are abrupt, rude and generally impolite. they expect you to give payment details by phone (credit cards over the phone) and hound you for payment.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #104711
Aug 21 2004
01:41 AM
Network Express, Inc Courier Service In Largo Florida Is A Rip Off Place! ripoff BAD COMPANY BAY PHARMACY BAYSHORE POINT TANDEM OF BRANDON Largo Florida
If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida or if you live in New Jersey and have considered a courier position with Network Express, Inc then think again. If you are a business that uses Network express inc. Then maybe you would reconsider using these people after I shed some light on this company and their business practices. I signed on to Network Express Inc. as a independent contractor to deliver (mostly) medical/pharmacy supplies/medicine. This was in July of 04 I had one day of training where I went out with a guy who could not speak very good english. I missed half of what he said and afer a hot day in july (in Florida)with this guy who did not have any air in his vehicle I signed on and took the route. I even went out and purchased a vehicle that would accomodate me with this position. I was driving about 160 to 180 miles a day, 20.00 dollars in gas that came out of my pocket, figuring everything out on my own because they dont have hardly anyone working for them that speaks good english except for the people in the office, Scratching the interior up inside that new vehicle, tearing the headliner from all the totes that would barely fit, getting a speeding ticket of 185.00 because some girl at dispatch kept getting on my radio and asking if I was there yet? and telling me I needed to move faster. My first speeding ticket in 6 years! Gess what my insurance went up too. I guess I should tell you what I was getting paid. . . :( 90.00 a day but after gas 70.00 and then they take out 18.00 for the radio every week and 5.00 for your uniform. I was going broke trying to pay for all the gas and my oil needed to be changed very fast. But they pay every two weeks. Crappy job right? well this is not why Im posting this here because believe me I've had alot of crappy jobs and Im sure everyone has but this company stiffed me out of my last pay check. I was so broke the day I was suppose to get paid that I drove up to network on E. .. I didnt have anymore money for gas. I didnt have any money for groceries either. My Son was with me and wanted to go to C.C's pizza after I had gotten my check cashed I said ok. I went in to get my check and Nick Leftheris my boss said We need your uniforms. I said after I was paying for them? He said they were just rentals and that I couldnt get my check until I brought those in. Remember I didnt have any gas to begin with? Well I had no choice but to try to drive home and back again. It was a new car I didnt know how far I could push it. (not literally) I made it back home I got all the uniforms and ran out of gas on my way back up there. All I wanted was my check That I had worked hard for and spent gas money for and put wear and tear on my car for. I had to call my Mom to bring me some gas. Well I give him all the uniforms and he said Come with me. He took me out to their wharehouse (in case I had a fit Im assuming) And said well there was that broken IV pump that had to be paid for and that was 300.00 dollars and then there is the drug test and the background check that you have to pay for because your quitting within 90 days and then 18.00 dollars a week for the radio and then your uniform rentals. He said in reality you owe us some money. I was floored. The IV pump he was talkng about got broken after someone at Bay pharmacy put the IV pump on top of all the totes that I had to wheel out to my car. As I was going down the ramp the pump fell off. Bay pharmacy by the way is the company that chose Network Express to run their pharmasuticals. That company is reliable for their own pump not me. They put it up on the totes to be wheeled out like that. and now Network took my last check. You should have seen the look on my sons face. He was hungry and I had just gotten ripped off. Isnt that what insurance is for? I know Network express has insurance on the items being transported. Nick told me so. How can a company just not pay you? I dont even know what the labor board could do for me because I was a independent contractor and not considered an employee. Im in such a mess right now that I cant even hire a lawyer. I had to go apply for emergency food stamps and I'll be lucky to hang on to this vehicle I went out and purchased. Can a company do this? isnt this illegal? Andria Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Florida
11, Report #380184
Oct 10 2008
03:52 PM
I had been DISH Network's customer from 2003-2008. I got married earlier this year and moved, at which time I decided to cancel their services temporarily. My husband wanted cable and I wanted DISH, so we hadn't decided yet. I placed the call towards end of June 2008 to cancel. The rep gave me the usual run down on what I needed to do next. Then I asked about the extra month payment I had to make when I first signed up. He said a portion of that will be refunded, but he couldn't tell me what that was because his system was down. He told me to call back the next day. The system wasn't down to process my cancelation, but it was down for refunds. Anyways, so I called a few days later. A new rep tells me the refund wasn't processed and that she will have to submit it for processing. I will get the refund in 7-10 business days. Ok. A month goes by and nothing in mail. So I called again on August 4th, 2008. Another rep tells me the refund was processed on Aug 1st and that I will get it in 7-10 business days. When I didn't get any check in two weeks, I called again. This time I get a rep that is extremely rude and tries to tell me that I didn't have a credit. Then she changes her story and says that they don't normally refund any credit. After going back and forth like this for a while, she finally says it wasn't processed yet and she will resubmit it for processing. Needless to say, I was extremely upset at this point but I couldn't do anything because essentially, you are at their mercy. Still no check two weeks later, it is September now. I call back; I get another rude and arrogant rep who tells me that I already got the refund. When I tried to dispute that, he puts me on hold for about 15 min then hung up. I call right back and ask for a supervisor. This was my third attempt trying to talk to a supervisor, but yet again, the rep claims he will take care of it. He was extremely apologetic and assures me that he will process the refund and I should receive the check no later than 10 business days. Now it's October, still no check. I e-mail this time because I just can't stand talking to another one of their reps. They write back the same day telling me that the refund was sent to a credit card ending in certain number. I tell her the account is closed and that I had requested that the refund be mailed to me. Another rep writes back the next day, the bank will located you and mail it to you. What?!!! I have never heard of something like this. The bank doesn't have the time to look for people who are not their customer anymore. If in fact the refund was sent to the bank, they will simply send it back. After almost 4 months of this runaround, frustration, and having to deal with rude customer service reps, I have gotten nowhere. I simply can't believe a business of this caliber can behave like this and get away with it. After googling online, I have found hundreds of complains like or worst than mine. I guess I should just be happy that several hundred dollars hasn't disappeared from my bank account. Then again, I was lucky that I changed my bank right around when all this was going on and DISH doesn't have my new account info. If anyone wants to file a lawsuit against Dish Network, please let me know. I am VERY interested!!! Jaishree Queen Creek, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
12, Report #688177
Jan 28 2011
05:43 PM
Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network Marshall Reddick IT WAS A SCAM! FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, AND MORE! Internet
LAWSUIT pending! I'm working on a lawsuit against him, and if you've been ripped off by Marshall Reddick please contact me. Buying myproperty through the Marshall Reddick Real Estate Netwrok has beenthe biggest mistake of my life, and it's been a nightmare for years. The Agents were connected with a shady Appraiser that misrepresented the value of the property. The Agent and the owners were selling the property back and forth to each other to distort the value even more. Sort of the right hand selling to the left hand. The tenant that hisproperty management company found for me turned out to be a drug dealer, and he was dealing his drugs out of my unit. The HOA President is part of a partnership that owned almost half of the units in the complex, and the Real Estate Agent that sold me the property was serving on the Board. None of this revealed to me at the time of sale of course.They were able to control all of the HOA fees, and the expenses were about 4 times as much as they should be. My unit was on the first floor of a 3 story building, and water started coming into my unit from the two units above mine. After spending thousands of dollars due to on thewater damage and mold issues, I find out what the real problem is. Each unit has a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and a air conditioner that produces waste, and should exit the property by it's own drain. Now I find out that due to the horrible plumbing design, all three dishwashers, garbage disposals, and air conditioners are all draining inot my very small drain. I of course contact the HOA to fix it, but they won't cooperate with me due to another conflict of interest. Take a guess who owns the two units above mine! Yes, the HOA President himself. I of course tried to get help from Marshall Reddick, and he's no where to be found. You never get to talk to him inperson, he has "Mentors" that prevent that.Since I bought this property he filed bankrupcy for his business,but he's stillin business. All of the hard working people that trusted him are left with a huge mess. So beware, he won't be there to help you if you buy from him.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #95589
Jun 19 2004
02:50 PM
Talkradionetwork ripoff Does Not Work. I don't know what the problem is but not worth the money Central Point Oregon
First of all. I don't think they are being deceitful. But I paid a year subscription to listen to certain broadcasts 24 hours a day. About 50% of the time, it's not working or bleeps wo you can't listen to it. They used to respond quickly, now they don't seem to care. Today I tried to listen and its down. Let me add. I have done broadcasting over the interent for a pro hockey team. I listen to a lot of internet radio and I am a web and PC guy so I know what I am doing. I cannot explain why they are the only one that consistently does not work or skips while it is playing. Most of their responses say I am choosing the wrong speed. Sorry, I know what I am doing and how to choose a cable modem instead of a dial up when I have cable. Ironically, it use to be free and ALWAYS worked. Since it became pay, it is down, especially on weekends. I can count on it being down every weekend. Still no reponse today and I reported they are down earlier and left phone messages. Fraud? I doubt it. Incomptence or laziness is more likely. I have give them the benefit of the doubt although I am the paying customer. But my patience is up. Don't waste your money on this broadcast. It doesn't work. Elad Florence, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Central Point, Oregon
14, Report #155168
Aug 27 2005
12:22 AM
Son was scammed by the Kressler Venture Group, 08/27/05, persons name is Stephen Smart, son Western Union a person name Ann Forte to Toronto Canada a Total of $1,125.98 and he was suppose to recieve a $10,000.00 loan by 5:00 p.m. in his account, he never recieved it. Please be very careful they are a scam........Will be getting with the FBI, Houston Police Department and so on to file charges and find these people that took this money, now he cannot pay for college. Be very careful. Susan Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: HINGHAM, Massachusetts
15, Report #155918
Sep 03 2005
04:26 PM
Kressler Venture Group ripoff Hingham Massachusetts
My husband and I was in need for some money. So I had been online completing online applications. One day when my husband and I came home from work we had a message on the answering machine stating that I had been approved for a loan of $15,000.00. The gentlemen name was Stephen Smart. I did not return his call but day after day he continue to call. So finally I returned his call. He was telling me that Kressler Venture Group would be able to help us. My husband was very skeptical of the entire situation. But my requested information from him. Stephen Smart faxed the information to my husband job and we read over it. He sent information about the company for example: what to do, what to expect and where the funding comes from. My husband did some research on the internet about the company. At that time there were no reports to the better business bureau. So we contacted Stephen and said we agreed to move forward. We asked him what was the next steps. He said we would need to fax the sign documents back agreeing to pay back the loan and then we woould need to moneygram $1100.00 to release the money. From the beginning he continue to tell us that the money was there he just needed to release it he claimed I had been approved since May . He also stated that once he received the money it would take 30 minutes to release this funds. But I would need to give him my bankig account information and the funds would be there immediately. He said because of our credit that he had found a two gentlemen in Canada that was willing to take the risk on the loan. The gentlemen was called angels. This is the process that they used all the time. But we would need to moneygram the money to the gentlemen. We like dummies did this. My husband called to see if the moneygram had been picked up and it had. But Stephen would not call us back or answer his phone. Finally he called us on a Saturday 2 days later after receiving the money and said that they needed $700.00 more. We said no and he said he would refund us the money. He would call us in a hour. He did not call us back and would not take our call. This need to be shut down by the appropriate authorities. Because they have a high class scam. Website, when you call a high class phone system set up. Yes, we were stupid for trusting this but this scam is very well put together. We had to close our bank account because they had our information. Wanda Elon, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Hingham, Massachusetts
16, Report #766535
Aug 17 2011
06:30 PM
Venture Sports Not recommended.... Miami, Florida
Wow,  I suppose the in the dictionary underwhelmed as a picture of somebody spending the day with venture sports catamaran.  Save your money for a real boat and a real crew.  Both boat and crew left much to be desired. Yuk!
Entity: Miami, Florida
17, Report #812533
Dec 21 2011
04:02 PM
Venture Custom Pools Buyer Beware Internet, Internet
I'm a first time pool owner. In an endless sea of used car salespeople...I mean pool sales people, I decided to use this company. I even referred a dear friend and they built a pool with this company. What a mistake I made. Talk about buyers remorse. Venture makes extremely poor decisions when picking suppliers. In 3 years, I've gone through 4 Hayward pumps. The 4th blew right after they went out of warranty.  The grout between the pool and patio is coming up. And the straw that broker the camels back....Oklahoma flag stone is chipping off in huge layers. In 3 to 4 years, there may not be any flag stone left. They will come out and stare at your problems, but in the end....nothing will be done. Let the buyer beware. I would not recommend Venture Custom Pools to anyone.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #930419
Aug 21 2012
11:38 AM
Kennedy Venture Scam, Fraud, Information Phisher Internet
I have some Hp PCs(Intel Pentium M) since we currently have a major breakdown on most of our systems and I thought it was best to have a general upgrade and maintenance. (I will be providing the software needed). Below are the things needed to be done one on each laptops: 1 Format Hard Drive 2 Install Window 7 with Service Pack 1 (sp1) 3 Install Microsoft Office Package 4 AVG Virus Software  (Free Lifetime Updates) 5 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 Laptop Cleaning of the keyboard, screen and other case. 7 Diagnostics of the entire system after to check hard, CD Rom, floppy, etc. The Laptops are in   New York  and will be shipped over to you from there.I am  contacting you because we are about to have a  branch office there in  your  city .We will move the  Computers to you  and after  fixing, they will be shipped to our  branch office there this is why i'm  searching local  Computer expert  to fix it there. I have a reliable shipper whose service I' ll employ to bring down the laptops. The shipper will bring down as well as pickup the laptops when you are done with fixing them. My shipper will be coming with the necessary Software for the installations of the Computers with both the Operating System,Microsoft Office and the Anti-virus for each computers .  Also the windows CD's are licensed and i have all the other software mentioned available.   So the question is can you really carry out this task from your place presently? Get back to me with your total cost for the services of 7 units of Hp PCs(Intel Pentium M). Please note that i have all the software with the licenses available with me for the job. I await your urgent response so that i can put the arrangement in order. Hope to read from you at your soonest convenience. Best Regards, Kennedy. Thanks for your response, I got the contract for this project and am sub contracting you to handle this for me because i also have other projects which am handling and i need to hire the service of reliable people like you to do.I am satisfied with your asking price as long as you can put all the systems in good order. I will instruct my project supervisor to prepare a check for you on your name and address. My company uses a mover that offers 100% refund for damages incurred during shipment. But among their numerous safety policy is to ship items only where 'payment for shipment'( to and fro) is paid directly from location of shipment. Therefore, I will include the cost of shipment with the payment I would be sending to you. The payment would be delivered via US postal service. I will supply you with the tracking information as soon as it is mailed out. You are to deduct your charge then send the remaining to the moving company. They will deliver the PC and come back to pick it up as soon as you are done with it. I will need the following information in order to send the check and shipping of the laptops to your Location. Full Names: Mailing Address(No Apartment No if any: City: State: Zip Code: Home Phone Number: Cell Number: Please make sure all the information provided is correct and complete in order not to lose any shipment mail to you once you are been confirmed for this job. You will be contacted on phone for further clarification. Hope to hear from you at your soonest convenience. Best Regards,Kennedy.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #186733
Apr 15 2006
03:14 AM
Venture Security and Finance ripoff Madrid, Spain
the lottery thieves are at it again the contact is maria jose its a similar letter to that done by el gordo and the address is the same as the previous reports only the company name has been changed Mr.kalpesh northamptonUnited Kingdom
20, Report #324276
Apr 07 2008
11:31 AM
Venture Capital FRAUD COMPANY Nationwide New Jersey
this Company is another form of the monetary assistance. this company is fraud. please contact your local post office and file a fraud claim we also your local attoney general will file as well we need everyone who is taen by these company's to put a stop to them .... Donna brown Dunmore, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, New Jersey
21, Report #1045255
Apr 22 2013
01:03 PM
World Venture deceptive sales practices pyramid scheme Canton, Ohio
While having lunch at Panera with my daughter, we overheard a loud saleswoman at the next table trying to sell what sounded like a total rip off. The company she worked for is called, World Ventures. It was a travel swindle where you pay $200 and $26 a month to join and then get the privilege of recruiting new members to pay the same. In return she said you get to be a member of something that sounded similar to a Scientology cult. When questioned, she criticized the questioner as a loser and lazy. She stated that she knew many WV members who earned a free BMW within a couple of weeks. She said you could quit your job and make a living selling vacations to other people. She herself said she sold her nutrition company business to work full time with her husband for World Ventures. She claimed that the company flew her all over the country for free to attend education events and go on vacations for free. It sounded like a multi-level marketing fraud so I checked it out online. I discovered that less than 0.01% of those who join actually make more money than they put into it. That is, 99.99% of members lose money and have nothing to show for it. A few successful members are touted as models. They are the ones who reap the money contributed by the other members. But a review of the companies financial information shows that it works like this. Say 100 people join and pay $200 plus $26 a month for a year, that is $50,000. Of that, one person is paid $25,000 and $25,000 goes to the founders and the company expenses. The other 99 members lose $500 to $600 a year and cannot quit. The company does not respond to email of phone calls. To promote the company, the one that got the $25,000 brags to all the others about how great of a sales person they are and how if you work hard, you can get a free BMW (lease) and make a lot of money too. Worse yet, the product they sell, vacations that cost $200 per person per night, are more expensive by about 50% than what you could find on your own on the internet. In fact World Ventures is all a lie. The company, like Scientology, is a cult set up to enrich a couple founders in Plano, Texas. By the way, they have both already been convicted of tax fraud and have multiple law suits pending against them for ripping off people.
Entity: Canton, Ohio
22, Report #1049456
May 08 2013
06:50 PM
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
23, Report #1295233
Mar 22 2016
12:26 PM
Venture Pest Control do not use alpharetta georgia
We have used Venture Pest control for our lawn and have lots of problems. We have had then pull into our driveway and sit for 15 minutes before leaving the bill and driving off. We have continued to use them intill today. I was asleep up stairs due to the flu when they showed  at my house. They didnt call to let us know they were coming to treat our house and so i was in the bathroom throwing up. When i came out of my bathroom i saw both my dogs outside running down the road. When i got outside the tech had opened out back gate and the DOG CAGE was opened. We did not give this man permission to enter out back yard let alone open my dog cage. That was totally unnecessary. The tech, whom didnt speak english very well, told me my dogs attacked him and he was going to report it and went to his truck. He left without even telling me his name. So i called the office and was put on hold for over 10 minutes while the talked to the tech. The manager got on the phone and told me the tech said the gate was open already and the dogs attacked him. For 10 more minutes he continued to make me out to be the bad guy. Both my dogs were out running around for over 5 hours due to this tech opening the cage. I will NEVER use this company again.
24, Report #1178745
Sep 23 2014
03:27 PM
Alvin D. James, Best Bargain Network, LLC., Alvin James Group, LLC Alvin James takes over $47K Nest Eggs of Seniors for Best Bargain Network, LLC & Went Belly Up Atlanta Georgia
I and eight other people invested a lump sum into Best Bargain Network. LLC. Alvin James was the CEO of the company and actively sought investors. This company was going to be a home shopping network, with prominent people to feature their products. As investors we were never informed how the investment failed, provided with documentation to see how the funds were spent, nor paperwork to properly file the loss on our taxes. Mr. James was aware that several investors were seniors and this loss could have adverse effects. We made all efforts by sending certified mail, regular mail, leaving message on his home and cell phone and even physically showing up to his home. During a final phone call he said, don’t call him again.” I recently found out that he is seeking funding for other ventures, Future Investors BEWARE!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #1291731
Mar 04 2016
07:26 PM
Venture i SA Venture I Unlocking cell phone San jose Internet
I went on the website to unlock my iphone. they gave me an estimate of time of 2 days. It has been 7 days now and nothing happened. I sent them emails, I tried to call but uta a fake number. I noticed many people had experienced the same situation I had.
Entity: San jose, Internet

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