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1, Report #811491
Dec 19 2011
04:37 PM
Veritas Prep Gmat fraud, Veritas prep LLC scam veritas prep, veritas llc, veritas gmat, veritas prep elite gmat prep, veritas prep beatthegmat, chad troutwine scam, markus moberg fraud, veritas prep llc, veritas prep malibu, sylvia troutwine park, Malibu, California
Veritas Prep is a scam operation run by Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, two conmen, who were operating in California without registering with the depatment of State as required by California laws. Chad Troutwine is a porn movie maker who is carrying on a gay relationship with Eric Bahn of Beatthegmat while his abandoned wife, Sylvia Park Troutwine, is answering bootycalls in New York City. Chad Troutwine uses paid shills to post fraudulent testimonials about his ripoff operation Veritas Prep. Do not choose Veritas prep Gmat course. Do due diligence and check out  and know all the true facts about these two scumbags - Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg.
Entity: Malibu, California
2, Report #782024
Sep 27 2011
03:37 PM
Veritas Prep GMAT Fraud, Scam Veritas prep, Veritas elite prep, Veritas llc, Veritas prep llc, Chad Troutwine, Markus Moberg, Veritas prep gmat, Veritas gmat prep, veritas malibu llc gmat, veritas gmat malibu, veritas prep new yor Veritas Prep GMAT course total fraud, ripoff, scam. Veritas prep deceptions, veritas gmat ripoff Malibu, California
Veritas Prep GMAT is a total scamfest run by Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg who started operating illegally in California in 2002, without registering with the California State attorney general as required by California laws until they were exposed by a competitor who alerted the AG to this fraud committed by Chad-Markus duo for 9 years.  Veritas prep GMAT course run by Chad and Markus is guity of tax fraud. Chad Troutwine is a total con man who makes demonstrably fraudulent claims on his website to bait you into signing up in his scamfest called Veritas Prep GMAT course.  Here is a litany of fraudulent claims and pitches made by these fraudsters Chad and Markus. Veritas Prep's mother of all fraudulent claims is that its tutors were once professors at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. This is a provably fraudulent claim.Veritas Prep claims it has 400+ employees whereas it has only 4.  This duo of conmen -- Chad and Markus -- will go to any length to steal your money by lying about their wares.Veritas prep claims that its instructors have all scored in the 99th percentile. This is a fraudulent claim because most of its trainers have not even taken the GMAT, much less score in the 99th percentile.Veritas prep claims that its tutors have to go through 100 hours of training. This is utter nonsense and fraud. Veritas prep GMAT company is so desperate it will hire anyone who wears pants or skirts to show up and waste your time. Beware of fraudulent claims by this phony duo - Chad and Markus.Veritas prep lies about its tests and lesson booklets. All of its tests are bought from other companies such as and Veritas does not have any proprietary tests.  It will lie about everything to swindle you.Veritas Prep uses hired shills to hang around forums such as GMATCLUB and BEATTHEGMAT to con you. GMATCLUB and BEATTHEGMAT are run by anonymous, cowardly Chinese and Indian basturds who do not have the courage or conviction to reveal their identities.  Beware of false claims Veritas prep operatives make by hanging around these shady forums -- GMATCLUB.COM and BEATTHEGMAT.COM.If you want to know more expose on Veritas prep scams, go to Do NOT sign up with this fraudulent operator -- Veritas Prep GMAT.  
Entity: Malibu, California
3, Report #491831
Sep 08 2009
02:58 PM
VERITAS PREP - VERITAS PREP GMAT COURSE chad, veritas prep gmat, admissions consulting, gmat courses. manhattan gmat Veritas prep LLC gmat prep, scam artiste, fraud, cheat, deceptive, lies about instructors, useless prep materials. cancels classes, unqualified instructors, fraudulent claims, no show instructors MALIBU, California
I enrolled in Veritas Prep LLC's GMAT prep course offered in New York. When the group showed up for the second session, the instructor was a no-show; we called Veritas prep office in Malibu and was advised that they have no idea why the tutor would not show up. They promised to look into the matter and get back to me on my cell phone. An hour passed and nobody called back. When I called Veritas prep, there was no answer. We all were pisssed off and went home. I got a phone call later that night from a guy called Scott who stated that the instructor had to go to a wedding and could not attend. What??? We paid big bucks for a class and your instructor could not show up because he had to go to a wedding?  I asked for a refund and was told that I can attend any make up session the next time the class is scheduled in Manhattan. That is Ripoff. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and am writing to the attorneys general to complain about this unethical and fraudulent behavior. Do not sign up with Veritas prep LLC Malibu California GMAT prep course. They rip you off and make you feel like an idiot for dealing with them. The operation is run by a fellow called Chad Troutwine and beware of the false claims he and the company makes in forums and magazines. Veritas prep is a scam operation. Do not give them your money.  
Entity: MALIBU, California
4, Report #590203
Apr 06 2010
05:09 PM
VERITAS PREP LLC GMAT PREP CHAD TROUTWINE SCOTT FRUM SCAM FRAUD veritas prep, veritas elite, veritas prep gmat, veritas prep llc, veritas prep course, veritas prep mba consulting, chad troutwine, gmat veritas, veritas fraud, veritas scam Veritas prep LLC GMAT prep course company is a fraud, scam, lies about instructor qualifications, lies about its lesson booklets MALIBU, California
I  have tutored in Veritas GMAT courses and can say that veritas prep elite gmat company is a fraud. Firstly, it is nearly impossible to find ALL of its tutors on Craig's list and expect them to have scored in the top 1 percentile. Secondly, when I applied for the ad in Craig's list, it simply asked that I am willing to teach. Experience was not required, and no questions were asked about my GMAT scores. I was, however, told that, if asked, I scored 750 on the test. Thirdly, I did not receive any training. The company sent me some videos to watch, sent me a FedEx package with books and asked me to show up at an address. If the students asked a question to which I did not have the answer, I was told to say that I will get back to them. Fourthly, the books we provided to students were all stuff you can buy from other companies. Veritas prep will not disclose this fact on its phony website. I was paid $20 an hour, and Veritas prep falsely advertises that it pays $100 an hour. Take it from the tutor of Veritas prep. Do not register with this scam company.
Entity: MALIBU, California
5, Report #515373
Jan 18 2010
05:06 PM
Veritas Prep LLC GMAT prep company is a ripoff chad troutwine, gmat, gmat prep, gmat prep ny, gmat prep chicago. chad troutwine, gmat fraud, gmat ripoff, veritas ripoff, veritas prep, veritas prep virtual class, veritas prep gmat course, Malibu, California
I had the misfortune of registering with Veritas prep gmat course run in New York city and would like to warn those doing research into Gmat courses not to sign up with this horrible test prep company. After paying close to $1600, I received some sloppy course booklets. On Day1, the instructor came 45 minutes late and at least on two other occasions, there was no tutor in the class. When I called to complain, I was treated rudely and told to stop whining. After all, I was told, I could go back and take the course again. But the company was playing with my time, and I missed the admission deadline by postponing my test date because I was not ready for the test. Veritas prep course was absolutely pathetic and did not arm me with any concepts or skills required to do well on this test. The instructor, Chris, was horrible and kept repeating the talking points he has been fed. When asked about the last time he had taken the Gmat, he refused to answer and kept saying that it was not relevant. The guy I called at Veritas identified himself as Scott and he was absolutely unprofessional. All in all, it was a nightmare. Do not sign up with Veritas prep Gmat course. It is a total ripoff and a scam.
Entity: Malibu, California
6, Report #961174
Oct 28 2012
11:56 AM
Chad Troutwine, Veritas Prep Chad Troutwine, Chad Troutwine Malibu, CA porn king, sylvia park, eric bahn boyfriend, tax fraud, child molester male prostitute, tax fraud, con man, gmat scam, sat prep fraud, gmat fraud, gmat prep ripoff, sylvia park booty, markus moberg Malibu, California
Chad Troutwine, a porn movie maker, is a male prostitute who will approach you in bars and pretend to talk about sports and women. He will then invite you over to his apartment in Malibu for more drinks and for movies. This is where the scam begins. Little will you realize that this scumbag -- Chad Troutwine -- is a male prostitute who is cheating on his estranged wife Sylvia Park Troutwine, who is answering booty calls in New york City while she is not scamming people by lawyering. Chad Troutwine is carrying on a gay relationship with a Taiwanese guy Eric Bahn, who runs the BEATTHEGMAT website. Chad Troutwine's partner in business -- Veritas Prep -- is Markus Moberg, who is also a male prostitute and gay. These guys are sex hungry maniacs and want to ravage your rectal area repeatedly until you bleed there. Beware of this child-molester, Chad Troutwine. Do not fall for his trick and go with him to his apartment.
Entity: Malibu, California
7, Report #442717
Feb 01 2014
09:54 AM
VERITAS Prep GMAT Fraudulent Claims About Instructors And GMAT Prep Materials veritas prep, fraud, gmat prep, gmat materials, scam, con, deception Malibu California
Veritas prep company advertising Gmat classes all over the United States and in other countries is engaging in deception and fraudulent claims. (1) Its license to use official test materials has been canceled by GMAC but Veritas Prep still fraudulently advertises that its materials are based on official practice problems. (2) It fraudulently claims that all its trainers (hired by advertising on Craig;s list) have scored in the 99th percentile. Most of them have not been to grad schools of any kind and some work for h&R Block preparing taxes. Veritas prep cannot substantiate its claims and is scamming test-takers. (3) Its tests' are bought from other companies like 800score, barrons, arco, oxford, and some free tests released by the gmat people. It does not disclose this fact and is engaged in fraud. (4) Its classes are worthless take some tricks and run sessions and it is a total waste of $1500. Veritas prep must stop making fraudulent and false claims. This company is the worst in the testprep business. Even Kaplan provides some decent guarantee. Avoid Veritas prep. Do not get burned like I did. Veritas prep victim Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Malibu, California
8, Report #463725
Apr 05 2011
04:51 PM
VERITAS PREP for GMAT is a Rip-off, fraud, scam California
I just had the WORST experience with Veritas Prep. I would HIGHLY recommend not signing up with Veritas Prep. I signed up for a 42 hour 7 week course ($1500) via the Veritas prep website back in Sept of 2008. Since I had a upcoming wedding that I wanted to attend, I thought I would call veritas prep and see if I could postpone my class to January. So the rep that I spoke to, did just that. Only, he signed me up for the same course at a location that is 70 miles away from my original location. I showed up at the wrong testing center to begin the class. The center was not currently testing and I was turned away at the reception. When I told veritas about this, they basically told me that the test was no longer offered at that location and that I would have to drive 70 miles away (one way!) to test at this other site. I told them that this was not an option for me (since I am not speedy gonzales..) and that I wanted a refund. They said sure. I sent the materials back. Money never showed up. (they write you a check to re-imburse you) A month goes by, I speak to the owner of the company - Chad Troutine. Who is basically a 12 year old (or, had the IQ of a 12-year old) that suddenly figured out how to rip people off through a GMAT prep scam. Anyway, so Chad assures me that he will take care of this personally and that my refund will be processed asap. He assures me that he will call me the next morning and overnight my check. Chad disappears. I haven't spoken to him since. So I decided to call back for the 20th time yesterday(Feb 19th), I speak to a rep that used these words without absolutely no provocation - Well, I'm not sure why nobody has called you but you have to be very stupid to think that we will give you your money back. We did you a favor and moved your class for you. We can not give you a refund for this now. Please stop wasting our time. When I heard this, I tried to complain to his manager. He hung up on me. I called back. He hung up on me again. I tried a bunch of random extensions till I got someone else. Asked them to find out his manager's name and connect me directly to the manager. They were able to do this for me. When I spoke to the manager, he began defending his employee and accused me of lying to him. When I asked him to pull the call to review it, he said he didn't need to because he knew I had to be lying to him. (This is the manager!!) Then...the MANAGER hung up on me! I called see if I could speak to ANYONE about this...but gave up quickly knowing that this was going nowhere. Especially since the owner of the company refuses to follow through with his promises. I have left several voicemails on his phone and he has never called me back. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charges on my card but since the class date has already passed, I'm pretty sure I will never see my money again. DO NOT sign up with veritas prep! Veritas Prep's business etiquette is VERY flawed and they will rip you off as soon as they get a chance! I don't think I've ever spoken to a group of people in customer service that care NOTHING about the customer, until Veritas prep. Veritasvictim2 GLENDALE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
9, Report #477799
Sep 01 2010
04:23 PM
Manhattan GMAT MGMAT GMAT PREP COURSE IS FRAUDULENT GMAT COURSE, SCAM, RIPOFF scam, fraud, gmat prep, gmat course, mgmat gmat course, manhattan gmat, ripoff, NEW YORK New York
I just finished MGMAT prep course and can tell that the teacher was not only arrogant and did not want to answer some of my questions regarding my previous experience on real GMAT test but also each time he finished classes 30 minutes earlier than he was supposed to. Lets calculate, the entire cost of $1440 : 9 = $160 - this is how much each session costs. $160 : 3 = $53,33 this is how much an hour costs. $53 : 2 = $26,5 this is how much 1/2 hour costs. $26,5 x 9 = $240 - this is in what those 30 minutes summed up in the end. MGMAT, give me a rebate for the time your arrogant instructor cheated the entire group for! There is no system in which a student can leave an HONEST feedback about the class and the teacher. Everybody is supposed to say awesome, great, best teacher in the world! when in fact, MGMAT prep sucks! Manhattan GMAT is the greatest scam out there. Do not get suckered. Do not get ripped off by Manhattan GMAT prep course. Avoid MGMAT. They cheat you by falsely advertising 27 hours of prep but delivering only 20. MGMAT uses terrible instructors as my experience would lead me to believe. Avoid getting ripped off by Manhattan GMAT prep course. Mgmat victim new york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
10, Report #420307
Feb 04 2009
07:14 PM
Veritas Comunications sold false magizine subscription Huntsville Alabama
A young man came knocking on our door stating that he was doing fund raising by selling magazine subscriptions. He gave a good pitch about being close to winning the sales prize (of a trip and scholarship money) in his area. The magazines on the list were all legit, receipt pad looked professional and we bought a subscription. No subscription has ever been delivered, and company does not exist. Momlearns Huntsville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
11, Report #782592
May 22 2012
05:31 PM
ERIC BAHN BTG TEST PREP LLC BEATTHEGMAT, VERITASPREPCOKSUK, SOCIALPREP STUDY TOGETHER, SUCCEED TOGETHER BEATTHEGMAT FRAUD, Eric Bahn scam, veritas prep suckup, veritas prep fraud, BTG Test prep llc fraud scam ripoff San Mateo, California
Eric Bahn who runs the BEATTHEGMAT blog site is a sex offender who will lure you by having you visit his blogsite at and then have you PM him so that he can hook up with you and have anal sex. He is a male prostitute who is a partner of Chad Troutwine of Veritas LLC, and of Markus Moberg also of Veritas LLC, companies that are registered in Connecticut and operating illegally in California without registering with the secretary of state as requuired. Eric Bahn claims to be an attorney but is not registered with California bar. He, like Chad Troutwine who is is gay partner cheating on his married spouse living in New York City, commits fraud by claiming to be a trademark attorney because he registered with the USPTO a trademark under the name SOCIALPREP Study Together Succeed Together and have you pony up thousands of dollars to fool you.  If you visit his BEATTHEGMAT blogsite, he will have you PM him and then invite you to his 235 E 3rd avenue  address in San Mateo to have sex with you. He is a male prostitute and is a total ripoff. Beware of Eric Bahn and Chad Troutwine, his gay partner who will want to have a threesome with you. 
Entity: San Mateo, California
12, Report #380035
Oct 10 2008
09:27 AM
Southern Circulation Inc/Veritas Communication Set it Straight Huntsville Alabama
I have read over all the posts regarding Southern Circulation and I think it is time that someone stood up and set the record straight. First I want to state that I was both and employee for Southern Circulation and the company that it became Veritas Communications. I chose to remain anonymous because the owner of Veritas Communications (Dave Fussell) is a violent person. He is one of the most disreputable people in the magazine business. He has a long history of abuse in the magazine business. In my last weeks there he was offering to buy magazine orders to female agents in exchange for sexual favors. Every ex-employee including office managers, general managers and agents will swear to the validity of what I am telling you. Anyway, this is what happened. Southern Circulation was started by both Howard Brock and Dave Fussell. Dave left the company near the first of the year because he and his wife (Tracy Fussell) were having problems. Dave signed over his half of the company to Howard and Howard signed over half of the company to Tracy they partners until March of 2008. Tracy then stole Howard's half of the company completely shortly thereafter leaving Howard with nothing. Dave and Tracy had reconciled by that time and I believe it was a plan by both of them to seize the company for themselves. They took possession of all the orders, money, vans, and company records. They led us to believe a bunch of lies that since that time I found out were totally untrue. Southern Circulation continued to operate for quite a while after they took over the company. We worked in Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, Indiana, and Georgia. Finally they changed the company over and it became Veritas Communications with all of Southern Circulation's employees. Tracy later sold out her part to Dave and he now makes payments to her which makes the company entirely his. All the while they have made up a smoke screen blaming Howard for all Southern Circulation's problems. They assured us they were clearing all the orders that we were writing but I know for a fact that our orders are not being processed. I wrote down some of my personal customer's phone numbers from months ago. They still have not received their magazines. For all of you who wondering where your orders are they are in box at Dave and Tracy's (the owners of Veritas Communications and Southern Circulation) house. I doubt that you will ever receive them. In my opinion Dave Fussell is the true scammer here and he is the one you guys should be going after, he and Tracy both. Oh yeah sometimes she likes to be called Tracy Turner. Anonymous somewhere, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
13, Report #780400
Sep 23 2011
10:04 AM
Veritas Instrument Rental Inc. Giamt Ripoff of Widow Pinellas Park, Florida
Couldn't find the right category for my complaint.  I am a recent widow.  I received in the mail a letter from Veritas Instrument Rental Company saying that my husband, who was a professional musician, owed them money.  He never had any dealings with this company.  Maybe they think I am grief-stricken enough and will send the money without question. I tried to call, but the number had been disconnected.   The letter did not have a signature.  It just said Collection Manager,  Veritas Instrument Rental  It is a very threatining letter.
Entity: Pinellas Park, Florida
14, Report #729960
May 16 2011
03:55 PM
Veritas Lied, Cheated, and Stole from a Single Mother Woodstock , Georgia
On August 2, 2009 I had a young man, named Donald come to my door. He advised he was selling magazines for his school. He was in competition to sell more than his other classmates.I had seen him and a couple of other young guys, go to a few of the neighbors houses, while I was outside with my daughter. At first I told him, no, as I didn't really have the funds, as a single mom. But he did politely push, and said that he just wanted to win points to beat the other guys. The competition was to win a free trip.I accepted him as an honest student, and allowed him to come in my home. He showed me a laminated paper with different magazines listed. I agreed on National Geographic for my daughter. I wrote him a check for $48.00 and he filled out a receipt for me. (I still have a copy of the receipt and my carbon copy of the check.) The check was written to VCI.After we talked a bit, he asked to put a sticker on my door so the other guys wouldnt come and bother me. He said his mom made the stickers for him, they had Scooby Doo on it and something to the effect of Donald has visited here...I allowed him to put the sticker on the door, and a few weeks after, I took the sticker down and threw it away. I was advised it would be 7-10 weeks before I got the magazines. I never received them. The check cleared my bank though, and because I gave a check versus my credit card number I had no way to stop the check after it had cleared.Online it advises there are only 2 employees of the company, Veritas Communications LLC. And the information advises it is a company that offers door to door sales of magazines.After researching online I show the co-owner of this Magazine Sales company is David Fussell of 4721 Pine Dr South East, Acworth GA 30102-2892. This address shows a little home on the google maps. From information I found online, I feel he also worked with Southern Circulation.All numbers have been disconnected. If you google the address on the receipt, 308 Etowah Valley Trace, Woodstock GA 30189, you can see a picture of the 3 bedroom home. Its not a business. This home was to be auctioned on April 5, 2011 due to foreclosure.I was cheated and I was lied to. I was scammed. To date I still do not have a magazine, and I have continued to look for further information regarding this company.I want my money back, with interest. I promised those magazines to my daughter. They didn't only scam me, they cheated my daughter as well.
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
15, Report #1261356
Oct 15 2015
03:37 PM
Veritas Interactive Christopher SeidelChristopher Seidel Skoberne Received $2,700 money under false pretense Oakland, Ca. California
I was seeking a web developer to do a revamping of my company's  website when I came across an ad on Craigslist posted by one Chris Seidel for a company called  Softweb Studios. That was in June 2012. Mr. Seidel and I kept in touch, and we even connected on the popular social media  platform, Linkedin. On March 4, 2015 we met at an address in Oakland, 1611 Telegraph Ave., to hash out details for the website, and he later asked me to make a down payment of $1500. The complete site design would cost $4,200. Mr. Seidel had me sign a contract with specifics regarding timelines for the site development. The contract was under a company called Veritas Interactive. I wrote a check on my company's Bank of America's account for $1500. In June 2015, I forwarded him the content for the website to begin the design phase. I was about to leave for a month's vacation out of the U.S.,and he asked me for another payment with the promise that he would have  a Beta Rollout  rollout ready and the link emailed to me...that was on July 10, 2015. I sent him a check, again, from our corporate account for the amount of $1200 before leaving for my trip. That brought the amount paid to Mr. Seidel to $2,700. I have no mockups or beta from Mr. Seidel....nearly 8 months there's nothing to show for $2,700.00. A colleague of mine Googled Mr. Seidel and found three court judgments against him in San Francisco..two for the identical ripoff I am experiencing.
16, Report #1274273
Dec 15 2015
07:00 AM
Veritas law group fraudulent loan modification Los Angeles California
I would like to file a report against Veritas law group. I need a reptable lawyer in order to get the money that I paid. please email me at
Entity: Los Angeles, California
17, Report #1271570
Jul 15 2016
05:32 PM
Veritas law group, Andrew Weitz Loan modification Encino California 91316
 My husband wanted a loan modification for our home so we contacted this law office called veritas law group we talked to a John grainy an they charged us $16,000 and said they can help us get our mortgage payments lowered so we gave the $1000 when we were there then my husband took from his 401k and gave another $6000 then monthly payments of $2200 they told us that they can stop the arrears from adding up then months go by I don't hear a word I try calling but the numbers were changed the office had moved then I get a post card with a name of a new attorney Andrew Weitz I called everyday for a week then finally I get a answer a lady named Marcela Ramos said they changed offices and phone numbers and that they got our file and that they are gonna help us well come to find out they have been telling our bank that my husband is self employed and asking us to deposit money in a bank account so it looks like we only make so much.well to our knowledge they have did nothing my husband had to file bankruptcy and now we might end up losing our house we can't afford a repayment of $2149 and our mortgage payment of $2600 if we needed help in the beginning with our mortgage this just made it worse
Entity: Encino Ca 91316, California
18, Report #318718
Mar 17 2008
02:35 PM
Veritas Instrument Veritas did not report to credit bureau that my balance was paid in full and the instrument we rented was returned Seminole Florida
Veritas is definetly running a scam!!! After getting off the phone with Janice (teach this woman something about customer service) I decided to google the company to see what I could find.... and I came across Clifford's report. They did the same thing to me. I was running my free credit report and found that Veritas not only show a substantial balance but it made it seem as if I did not even return the instrument. My family and I moved out of Florida in December 2006 and paid our balance and returned the instrument to the local music store that we rented it from... now, over year later, I find it on my credit report stating that I owed them over $1,000.00 for an instrument I returned. They obviously did not do proper documentation when the instrument was returned because when I contacted them it showed in the system it was paid..... the first rep I spoke with told me someone would call me back the next day.... and they did not... I called back two days later and got the run around until finally Janice called me back.... and she sounded off on me with both barrels..... like she had done this quite a few times. Now, first, I paid off my balance, returned the instrument, but for some reason she kept making it seem like I had no right to be upset with what had happened. Veritas did not , and I repeat, did not send me anything in the mail.... and you would think if I really owed them over $1000 that they would have contacted me.... no!!! When I demanded an explanation from Janice she gave me a run around. She said she was going to change the info with the credit bureau but my credit has suffered a whole year because of their mistakes. It doesn't seem fair that my credit suffers while Janice goes on insulting people and getting away with it. If you have any students renting from Veritas I suggest you change companies now... before this happens to you. Debbie Mishawaka, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Seminole, Florida
19, Report #1384774
Jul 11 2017
03:40 PM
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
20, Report #480186
Aug 27 2009
11:12 PM
Veritas Communications ? WARNING! Veritas Communications Magazine Sales Scam now in Philadelphia suburbs!!! Lansdale, Pennsylvania
People in the Philadelphia suburbs should watch out, I had a run-in with a group of Veritas Communications magazine salespeople this week!  Their scam is this: a person knocks on your door around dinner time.  You open it to find a young person there who proceeds to tell you a hard-luck story, then tells you that their life is turning around thanks to door-to-door magazine sales.  They are excited because if they sell a certain number of magazines, they have the chance to win a trip to Hawaii.  They then essentially beg you to help them get those last few points by buying a magazine subscription...and here's the catch....the magazines won't be delivered to you, but to one of two charitable groups: one distributes these to overseas US military personnel and the other distributes them to children's hospitals.  That's right, they want you to buy magazines with absolutely no way of ever knowing if said magazines will ever be delivered!  I was actually tempted to do this, thinking that being out $15 or so was no big deal and then they told me the price tag: $50 for ONE subscription!  I asked why the price was so high and they told me it was because they were going overseas and these subscriptions were for THREE years!  I asked what about the subscription to the children's hospitals in the U.S. and they said that it was high because the paper they used for the magazine was special.  At this point, I asked to see some kind of I.D. which demonstrated they were working for a company. The person did not have I.D., but did have a crazy story to explain why.  On and on this went until I finally got sick of things and said I would not buy anything.  I had to say this several times, they kept talking, finally I shut the door.  I did an internet search for Veritas Communications and came across several people who had been ripped off by a similar scam.  Well, these guys are in the Northeast now, so watch out!  
Entity: unknown, Nationwide
21, Report #401239
Aug 04 2009
01:17 PM
Mlicets - Maple Leaf International Consulting - Educational Testing Service - Educational Testing Prep Service GRE, GMAT, LSAT GRE prep course did not prepare me for the exam New York New York
I wanted to raise my GRE scores and MLIC promises a 1300+ score guarantee with your own personal instructor, and online review sessions. After paying $700 for the 4 week course, I was assigned an instructor. I turned in all my assignments on time and received some feedback initially. However, as time went on I did not receive the help that was promised and became very frustrated with the material. Each time I was scheduled for a review session it was either rescheduled, canceled, or there was a server outage. During the last 2 weeks of the prep course I did not receive any feedback from my instructor. Three nights before my exam, I was called for a review session. I was told that my methods for answering the problems were all wrong. I was laughed at when I did not know an answer. The instructor yelled at me and told me I had dedicated no time to the course, a rude racial comment was made, and I was accused of wasting the instructor's time. After taking the exam and not doing as well as promised, I called to discuss my issues. I was also treated offensively, yelled at, and hung up on. I agree with Fairfax, VA. Find a more reliable online GRE prep program. Anonymous Washington D.C., District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
22, Report #523736
Nov 14 2009
05:02 PM
Shawn G Brennan DBA VERITAS, LLC Shawn Brennan, CMPS Loan Modification & Credit Repair SCAM ARTIST Simi Valley, California
As I write this report, I am the FIFTH unfortunate person to be scammed by SHAWN G BRENNAN.  I have the same story as the other report - Shawn came recommended to me as a person who could negotiate a loan modification with my lender.  I had just lost my job due to the recesssion and was in a vulnerable position.  In early December, 2008, Shawn came into our home, we signed his contract and he took $5000 of our RETIREMENT MONEY.  Over the course of the next couple of months I repeatedly requested proof of his work on our behalf - he never produced any, just creative excuses and delays.  Eventually we discovered he had NEVER sent anything to our lender.  Then he stopped returning our calls and emails. The Simi Valley police detectives determined, at that time, that they could not prove INTENT to committ fraud... but I doubt they are aware of the number of victims there are out there now.  Besides the 4 others on this Ripp Ooff Report website, there are at least two other parties I have been in contact with who were also scammed by Shawn / Veritas to the tune of $15,000 (loan modifications on multiple properties). On October 2, 2009 I won a judgement in Simi Valley small claims court against Shawn.  I have filed a complaint against his DRE license and I intend to lien his property and dock his wages with my judgement... that is before he files bankruptcy in an attampt to thwart the mounting avalanche of claims against him. It would be a felony to make a threat against this individual, but if I were in his shoes, I would watch my back.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
23, Report #523738
Nov 14 2009
05:24 PM
Shawn G Brennan DBA VERITAS, LLC Shawn Brennan, CMPS Loan Modification & Credit Repair SCAM ARTIST Simi Valley, California
I may be writing this report twice, since I am not sure it entered my previous report. This will be short and sweet - like the FOUR other victims on this website, plus the MULTIPLE other victims I have been in contact with, the story with this guy is the same - we were led to believe Shawn was a reputable and trustworthy individual... WRONG.  We invited him into our home when I had just lost my job, signed his loan modification and credit repair contract, and PAID HIM $5000 in early December, 2008. Over the course of four or so months, we figured out that ne never contacted our lender, nor submitted any of the documents we had filled out for him.  He just kept leading us on with excuses and delays. On October 2, 2009 I sued him in small claims court and won a judgement against him for the full amount he stole from us, plus additional court fees. Based on the reports on this website, plus the individuals I have talked with, this peice of work must have taken at least $50,000 in SCAM MONEY just in the past 12 months. SPREAD THE WORD... he apparently doesn't have the courage to show his face in court, so take his home address, have him served by the sheriff, and sue him for every dollar he stole from you.  We can garnish his wages, lein his house, and ruin his reputation (if there is any left at this point). Shawn, if you are reading this, BANKRUPTCY ALONE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.  You have more to lose than you think.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
24, Report #485216
Aug 25 2009
11:52 AM
Veritas Communications using unsuspecting 18 yr old to scam people Woodstock Georgia
Today, a very nice 18 yr old african american girl knocked at my door asking me to sponsor her in a contest to obtain education money. I asked what I had to do to sponsor her and she said, just sign her forms. I opened the door and allowed her to come in from the sweltering heat.  I gave her some water and had a conversation with her.  I found out that she had been recruited in Mississippi and had been traveling all over the country.  The company puts them up in hotels and buys their food and pays them according to the money that they get for selling magazines. When I found out that she was not looking for a signature to sponsor her but actually looking for me to buy a magazine, I pulled over my lap top and said-- lets find out what the internet has to say about Veritas Communications. I began reading to her link after link of reported scams and rip offs and printed her the BBB report which she asked her. She named the owner by name -- Dave Fussell and said that he told them that they were registered with the BBB. Actually they are not.  They have had numerous complaints lodged against them and the company that they once were-- Southern Circulations, Inc.  They do have a rating which is C- because of the complaints. I told her to get on a bus and go home!!  People who prey on the young and those who feel that they don't have any other chance in life to get out from where they are should be stood against a wall in front of a firing squad.  This is just another form of prostitution. Needless to say, I did not buy any magazines and I would suggest that NO ONE buy any magazine from someone soliciting for this company.  From what I have read and what I was told, the stories of why they are selling magazines are very different. By the way, she showed me permits to solicit issued to the company in various states but none for the state of New Jersey or the town that I live in.  She assumed that since she had those permits that this business was legal. She told me that they had just left Pennsylvania where they knocked door to door for 2 weeks. I asked her if other people had told her that she was working for a company that made its business ripping off people.  She said that she had heard it but no one had taken the time to show her on the internet that it was true. My only hope is that this young girl goes home now that she definitely knows what kind of company she is working for.
Entity: woodstock, Georgia
25, Report #454733
May 23 2009
01:18 PM
This COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!! This company takes money from people who are having trouble making their house payments, or are going to lose their homes, and then they don't do anything.They took $4500.00 from me, my wife and my kids, in November of 2008, by telling me they could get my interest rate changed from 7% to 4.25%. They also said that the rate would be fixed for thirty years. I am still waiting for that to happen, and when I call them to find out what's going on and why is it taking so long, If they even answer the phone, and many time they don't, the answer is always the same. They say It takes a long time to get a loan modification. I have talked to a couple of my friends who have had loan modifications done, and they said it took them only a couple of months. I wish I had talked to them and gone with the companies they used before I got ripped off by VERITAS FUNDING. I also had referred some of my friends to this company, and they are getting the same treatment. Some of them are so mad at me, that they have stopprd talking to me. I have lost some good friends because of these ass holes. I am trying to convince the ones that are still talking to me to file a report like this, but I don't know if they will. They are still hoping to see some results. I'VE GIVEN UP ALL HOPE OF THIS COMPANY COMING THROUGH WITH ANYTHING FOR ME. AS I SAID THEY ARE RIPOFF ARTISTS DON'T GET RIPPED OFF!!!! If they contact you to see if you want to do a loan modification with them, tell them to EAT SH*T AND DIE!!!!!! Jose Chula Vista, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego,, California

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