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1, Report #603274
May 14 2010
08:36 AM
verizon wireless Screwed By verizon again Internet
 Boned by Verizon again. Been a member for 13years. Now to get a phone, I was told I had to have data package because it was necessary because of browser, I told them I wanted the same as daughter. I was told it was necessary to have data package because of up grades. Now I have NEVER used all my minutes, usually leave 300 or more on table. The last thing I wanted was to purchase something again waht I will NEVER use.  After getting said phone, I called and had service terminated.(new one was for 14 yr. old daughter). And lo and behold, I was able to terminate the service I was told I needed.  I am looking in a class action against this company. Any one else who has problems, e-mail me. I am going to make this company pay 
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2, Report #1181871
Oct 09 2014
06:42 AM
3, Report #616056
Jun 22 2010
08:54 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Unethical Business Practice Internet
On 17 June 2010, I lost wireless service, called IT and was told it was my computer, so I purchased a new computer, 18 June 2010 was told it was the modem, drove to the store they loaded new modem, and I was able to get online.  Went home to discover it did not work, was told it was a bad modem by IT told them it was new and it worked fine at the store.  Well now they opened a trouble ticket and said they would call me on 20 June 2010, no service no call.  I called Mr Roberts and Mr Mulley in the Carolinas about having no service and what it has cost me, they will not return calls.  Now IT/Credit/Customer Service puts me on hold and then hangs up.  Bottom line it has been 6 days they have told all of us in the neighborhood they sent a technician out, to date we have not seen anybody.  Verizon will not allow me out of the contract because the opened a work order (Note:  If they open a ticket and never close it there is no way out of the contract) Verizon will string you along until the get it fixed no matter how long it takes.  They believe they are operating in good faith because they will not charge you for the days you do not have service.  But I am in online classes and they just say sorry for the money and grief they have caused me, but there is not fix time on the horizon.  Alvin and Santa Fe have gone down now and we will be fixed after them so I imagine it will be another week or 2 before we get service.  Do not go with Verizon they lie are unethical.  Above all else Verizon has no sense of urgency to resolve your problem they are only interested in keeping your money no matter how they do it.
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4, Report #557972
Jan 21 2010
01:16 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless crooked as you can get Internet
  my girlfriend had an account with altell that she purchased for her daughter and she told them she would be joining in a month or so. They said no problem it would only be $9.99 a month and that would be no problem. After a month she went down to altell and they said were now verizon. They told her she would have to get a second line and that would have to be 130.00 or so she would have to pay for two accounts. The service kept dropping calls and  there map commercial is a joke they have very little coverage. We searched and found out that sprint was the best for are area. We told verizon to take a leap and there no coverage map went with it. we thought we would have to pay an early termination fee for a couple hundred dollars. she got a bill for $500 dollars and they called the same day and said something like are bill for cancellation is the 500 and altell agreement is 200, so she got a bill for 700.00 please stay away from these con artist they think they are this big company trying to smash the little guy down. Verizon your map really does suck and that commercial is so lame.
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5, Report #563158
Feb 01 2010
02:34 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Deceptive practices over contract cancellation Internet
Once again, another oversize corporation uses it bureaucracy to manipulate a cancellation request for its own benefit to generate fees by forcing the facts to appear within their policies. I called and worked the expert phone system that Verizon is so famous for to cancel a phone line because I was changing to another carrier. They insisted that the call be made on a certain date to avoid charges. I complied their system and I received a billing statement showing a $28.64 balance on an account that was closed. When I called to request a check for the credit balance, first the account password was magically change internally. After guessing the new password, the powerless representative that cannot make a decision, consulted with a supervisor before discussing what should be a routine transaction. Then Verizon Wireless came back with another obstacle and invented a new early termination fee for an account that had already been closed. Once again, somehow the account was magically left open after having been closed. The account was left open for who, the hackers that break into their systems? It was just one obstacle after another with the intention of absorbing my $28 and trying to squeeze another $125 out of me. This is an evil posture that this and other corporate behemoths are taking. The use of their size and access to other systems generate unearned revenue from Other Fees & Charges from perverted legal clauses that have changed several times with a Notice of Change in Terms over the life of the contract. So we invent the rules as we go to suit the needs? All this on a pre-printed form that no one can read. There is no law in a place where the Rule of Law can be modified to suit the whims of the multinationals and mega-corporations. Unfortunately, in a legal and political environment that is influenced by lobbyists, the consumer has no voice and left fend for himself to argue with an un-yielding apologetic account representative so their massive technology systems can continue their justified harrasment. Where does it end?
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6, Report #1103999
Mar 27 2014
01:30 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Verizon continues with “Gotcha Billing” internet Texas
  I was going over my data limit on my phone plan of 4gb and Verizon sends me a message that I could upgrade my account to avoid the overage charges.  I decide I want to do that and I follow the prompts on the website to increase my data usage to 10 gb.  I am happy, Verizon is happy I am now obligated to spend more money monthly and Verizon will benefit.  Then I receive my bill and see that when I upgrade to 10 gb of data that my account was changed from my existing plan that allows me to make phone calls in Canada to a US only plan and since I work 5 days a week in Canada and call back home to Texas in the evenings I now have $540 in roaming charges in Canada.  Holly Cow! Now I am upset! I call Verizon and speak with a helpful Customer Representative.  He says he can change the plan to a Canadian plan with the 10gb and post date it in a way that takes care of the $540 roaming charges.  He even tells me what my new billing amount will be around $180.  Let me reiterate the Verizon representative said “I will take care of this” Great! I am happy Verizon is happy I am spending 180 a month with Verizon.  I get a customer service survey call.  I tell them I am happy and a bit surprised as I have had bad experiences in Verizon stores in the past but that this prompt attention is leading me to change my bad opinion of Verizon Customer Service I am pleased enough to take my girlfriend in to a store and get her a new I phone and I add her to my account.  Merry Christmas Verizon, even more business coming your way. Then on December 1st I am looking online at my account and I see that the $540 in roaming charges have not been removed from my account.  I call customer service and I am told that the credit had been put through but had been rejected by a Supervisor because I had used the online service to upgrade the account. If I had called Customer Service to make the change the credit would have stood but since I used the online service I am not eligible for a credit.  GOTCHA!!!  SUCKER! Here is a loyal customer that spends lots of money with you guys and you entice me to using your on line service to buy additional service and when I do you are going to penalize me with $540 in roaming charges.  I save you money by going online but if I had called a customer service rep instead then I would not be charged the roaming fees?  Well I won’t ever use the online service again.  I will call for everything.  Then there is the matter of communication.  Your representative told me the $540 in charges would be taken care of and would not be a part of my new billing balance. He said nothing about requiring Supervisor approval. Then a Supervisor reverses that decision and no one contacts me about this?  I only find out that Verizon is not keeping their promise when your greedy little hands pluck the money out of my bank account?  Now after calling Verizon on 12/1 at 10:46 and promised a call back from Supervisor named Karen. It never happened.   This is unacceptable.  It is a shame that this one Supervisor has reversed the positive customer service actions and building customer service reputation that Verizon was trying so hard to establish.  Why are you guys so committed to pissing off customers who are trying to do more business with you?
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7, Report #532955
Dec 03 2009
11:18 AM
VERIZON WIRELESS Financial Services Verizon Wireless strikes again. Internet
I had long been a Verizon Wireless customer since 2004, but in 2009 when it came time for me to renew my contract and get a new phone, I had been told inaccurately what that plan was, being to include friends and family at 700 minutes, that was my catch between doing either verizon or ATT, and when I was told I couldn't do friends and family at 700 minutes, I dropped service and returned my phone (which I verified first with a sales rep from Verizon Wireless directly that I have 30 days to terminate when I was attempted to set up the friends and family and was furious that I'd have to add another 20 dollars to my monthly to get it! I don't need friends and family if I have 700 monthly minutes! Unless of course Verizon is calling me EVERY day and using up all my minutes by having me on hold and calling me for this bill that I am not liable for as a customer since I returned the phone by their 30 day contract termination agreement!). When I returned my phone to Best Buy, they terminated my Verizon services and transferred my number to my new ATT phone I had just received, as I had requested, and I asked if there was anything else, and the answer was no. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Verizon, as they force me to start over at the beginning of the entire situation at EVERY call because they have not once read the remarks, or if they had, not one prior representative recorded any... I have had NO difficulties returning the phone, I handed it directly to the very man I bought the phone from! Within 12 days of purchase! Not even half of the 30 day agreement!So now I am being charged for an early contract termination fee by Verizon because they claim I have not returned the phone, while the phone was returned to Best Buy, they sent it to a supply center or something, which then sent it to manufacturer, so at this point, Best Buy only has the receipt that I returned it, which is all they retain! So as such, Verizon Wireless is STILL calling me, EVERY day, at either 9 am or at 8 pm, eating up my ATT minutes like a rabid starving pack of wolves, costing me additional money, causing me undue stress, in a time of my life that everything has fallen apart with deaths in the family, my failing health, my studies being affected greatly, I simply don't have the time or the energy to be dealing with this COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION! My part as the customer ended as soon as that phone left my hands into Best Buy's possession! I am NOT the customer anymore, Best Buy is! They should be calling them every day, NOT ME!They even had us on hold for almost 2 hours discussing with the man that I bought my phone from, they provided the dates of return, they said that I returned it to them directly, and the Verizon supervisor just stupidly, and yes, I mean stupidly, as if she lacked the mental cognizance to even be able to answer hello, what is your name? without 5 minutes of thought, that's how slow she was to answer my questions when the manager at Best Buy gave me the phone! She told me that one remarks said I had difficulty returning the phone! I said, I had NONE, I handed it directly to the person that I purchased the phone from! There is no difficulty in that! Why did it take this supervisor 5 minutes pause before saying ummm, well, ummm... the remarks... uh... said that... ummmm.... you had... ummmm... difficulty.... uhhh.... returning it... ummm.... so.... ummmm... uh.... I can't... uh.... ummmm.... uh... That was the conversation! I had to hand the phone back to the manager at Best Buy before I started screaming at her or just threw the phone across the store... I have been dealing with these phone calls for over 2 months now. This is completely unacceptable.
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8, Report #499720
Sep 24 2009
07:37 AM
VERIZON WIRELESS Verizon Wireless are scam artist. Internet
My contract was almost up so I decided to renew my contract with Verizon Wireless. Needless to say this was a big mistake. I have had some issues with Verizon with my previous contract, however those issues were resolved in a timely manner. When I renewed my contract is when I had a real problem. I have a family share plan, that I upgraded to included text messaging on both lines and added mobile web to both phones my bill was suppose to be $148.00 with my discount. We ordered new phones, they arrived via fed ex. One of the phones we didn't like it so we returned it. I tracked the phone through the Fed ex website and it showed delivered two days later. A week later reviewed my bill I was charged $80.00 for the phone. Went through rep after rep. All telling me something different so finally on September 1st a rep explained to me it was just an oversight and allow a few days and I should see a credit on my bill. I waited and waited no credit. Called again the rep told me it was still pending. Called again on September 23rd and it was still pending. This rep told me he didn't know why is was still in a pending status but he would push it through, I should see an update within 24 hours. Again I don't see a credit, so I called again. Spoke to a rep who explained it was still in a pending status and there was nothing she could do, that only a supervisor could override the pending status. So I asked to speak with a supervisor, who kindly informed me she could not override the pending status because the request was issued by a Texas call center, I asked her to give me the number so I could contact the Texas center I was told no. At Verizon they don't give customers call center numbers and that credit could take up to two billing cycles before it is added to my account.Then my other line was charged $10.00 for accessing a website with ring tones mind you no ring tones were purchased, but the rep at Verizon explained we were being billed just to access the website.  How ridiculous is that. On top of all this I received a bill for $566.00 the highest bill I've ever had from Verizon and so far I am owed almost 150.00 in credits I have yet to receive. I went on my Verizon to check my bill and supposedly I am over my minutes. I have been arguing with them over that because majority of the people are in my fav 10 or are Verizon customers that I and the other line talk to.I would not recommend Verizon Wireless. I suggest everyone go through your bill line by line every couple of days because you don't know what Verizon Wireless is charging you.
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9, Report #648648
Oct 07 2010
05:35 PM
verizon wireless verizon wireless corprate gangesters, Internet
I purchased verizon wireless service of june 12th 2009, and ever since I have gotten their service I have had nothing but horrible experiences. They charge way too much for their services, and their costumer service is poor. Their costumer service representatives are located in India and the Philippenes for their billing department, in the year or more I have had their service I have had 22 issues with their billing department. They have disconnected my lines after 12 days of the bill cycle, which they knew my pay cycle of the 30th of each month, but I get payed the 15th of each month, I have had my line disconnected 8 times. Every time I have called and explained my pay cycle they told me they could not accomudate me with the bill cycle. And each time I reconnected they charged me 15 dollars each line totaling 30 dollars and could not do anything for me. The very last time my phone was disconnected for one day I payed them on the 4th $278.00, the billing representative from their call center in the phillipines, did not tell me their were data charges for one day of disconnection, of $348.32, when I called back for my next bill in August, I asked them to explain the charges to me, and they said that their was explanation on my bill. And that the billing service representative should have told me on the 4th of july when I made my payment. Verizon wireless are cell phone gangesters! because so many people have them they have 40 million costumers, more than any cell phone company, they can get away with murder. The costumer in their company does not matter! My advice for any one thinking of purchasing their services, are better off going to sprint pcs, I had them for five years before I switched, basically because I wanted a new phone for good price and they were selling me on it, I will never do business with verizon wireless ever again and any friends of mine I would recommend them to never use thier service and go with someone like sxxxx (((REDACTED))) , which gives the same call, internet, and mobile quality that they do or Txxx (((REDACTED))) service which I have now. There is a reason, they have 5 jd power and associates awards, but take it from me if your a loyal costumer to a company and you plan on staying with them for a awhile I would not do it with verizon wireless at all. I promise you you will be dissastified at the end of two years. Thank you for reading this, wish you good luck! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
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10, Report #953345
Oct 10 2012
11:37 AM
Verizon Wireless Take the Verizon Wireless ripoff challenge, Internet
Our company purchased two Verizon Wireless laptops from We spent about three days trying to get them to work. There was a problem with the wireless connection and they would not connect to the internet. We took the laptops to our local Verizon store, twice, and the technicians were unable to get them to work properly either. Next we called Verizon and spent hours on the phone with Verizon. Nothing worked and both laptops were sent back for a refund. A refund was issued. Next we started receiving airtime bills for laptop airtime, which I remind you did not work. We called them and they insisted we were liable and had to pay over $300 in airtime. Finally after three or four supervisors and five or six phone calls, they gave us a 137.57 credit. Today we received a bill for 169.87.  We are sad to report that we have surrendered and will pay the bill. It is less expensive, more cost effective and much more productive to just pay the bill. Shame on us though, we left Verizon about five years and just did not learn our lesson. If you want to throw money away on really bad products and service we highly recommend Verizon. Did they originate from a third world country and infiltrate us? Stock holder beware.
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11, Report #296312
Jan 02 2008
11:32 AM
Verizon Wireless ,Verizon Wireless Scheme Monroeville, Pennsylvania Internet
I advise everyone reviewing this note to please consider other wireless companies before signing an agreement to Verizon Wireless. The agreement I signed 2 yrs ago was a family service plan with 700 minutes that would cost no more than $75 a month which included the taxes, however, the amount began to increase significantly. I intended to terminate my service with Verizon at the end of the contract, which was in August 2007. In July, I notified Verizon customer service several times that I did not want to renew my contract-I had been fed up with my monthly bill increasing, the dropped calls, the phone not working properly, rude customer service, etc. I was told several times by Verizon that I would have to pay an early termination fee $175--however, my contract was up in August, and I had already paid up to the end of the contract. Next thing you know, I found myself arguing with Verizon customer service countless times over the early termination fee, and I have been and is currently being harrassed by Miracle collection agency--they have even been calling me at my job, not to mention they have destroyed my good credit. I have decided to fight back. I contacted the better business bureau, sent them all my verification (thank God for personal checks as proof) and plan to contact the attorney general's office in my area. For those seeking a wireless service, please carefully view the incentives the company can offer you. I will say that my monthly bill has been consistent with Cingular, not to mention I have extra minutes of talk time if I need to use it. Tena East Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
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12, Report #1131551
Mar 21 2014
08:07 PM
Verizon Wireless Deceived by Verizon Wireless Moorpark California
  Deceived by Verizon Wireless On March 8, 2014, my husband and I went to a training session at Verizon Wireless in Moorpark, California to learn how to use our new phones. At the end of the session, the instructor told us that anything on the table was half off and that it was being sold at 50% off because it would create income for their training program. I was more than happy to help out when I saw a Gopro Hero 3 silver camera ($299.00 regular price) to buy for my son. All my questions led to yes, it’s 50%.  For that price I did not hesitate to purchase the item. This is what happened when we paid. They gave me my credit card receipt showing the full amount of the camera, but my credit card was charged half of the camera amount.  I couldn’t make sense of the receipt, but I was charged half of the amount $172.49 ($149 plus $23.49 tax on the entire $299 charge). Next, I get my Verizon Wireless bill with a $50 charge for equipment purchase and another $100 charge for equipment purchase. I took the bill to the Verizon Wireless store and they told me that those were the charges for the balance of the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera since it wasn’t part of the half off items on the table (I think they broke up the $150 so that it became difficult to figure out what was purchased). I returned the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera and got all my money back. Here is where I got lucky. I received my Verizon Wireless bill, a week after my purchase, which allowed me to see the $150 extra charge on my bill. I only had 14 days to return the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera, which made it just in time to get the refund. If I had gotten my bill after 14 days of the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera purchase, I would have owned the camera for the full price. There were about 10 people at the event and most of them were willing to make a purchase, I would like to know how many of them got scammed.
Entity: Moorpark, California
13, Report #1338072
Nov 14 2016
11:14 AM
verizon wireless Verizon Wireless 7Plus trade up SCAM Nationwide
I was told through the IPhone 7 promotion that I could trade in my IPhone 6plus cell phone and receive a new iPhone 7 plus phone by paying just the taxes. They now have told me that my phone - that could only be sent to them through the mail - was only worth $ 122.00, and that I will have to pay 39.00 a month for months in order to pay for this new 7plus phone. I told them that I wanted my old phone back and I would return this phone. They said that the 14 days were up so they cannot return my phone. I contacted them as soon as I received their email stating how little they would credit me for my 6plus. My 6plus was in excellent working condition. I was using it right up until the day I sent it to them. I had told them  there  was only a small 1/2 to 3/4' crack Above the screen, not even on the screen. I believe they deliberately waited to send me the email of how much they would credit me for my phone until it was too late to cancel my order. I received their email on Oct 28th. I responded immediately voicing my outrage, but they did not respond. I then spent 1 hour 21 minutes minutes on the phone November 3rd with Stacey rep explaining to her that I just wanted my old phone back and that I felt this was a scam and that is why they did not let me do the exchange in a store - in person. She said the best they can do is let me return the new phone and I won’t get charged for it, but I would not get my 6Plus back!!!! This is ridiculous. They said the fair market value of my new phone is $347, and fair market value of my 6plus is $245. Why are they trying to now charge me $36.24 for 24 months!!! I would like them to credit my bill for the 7 plus phone if they really cannot give me my old phone back - in the proper working condition it was in when it was sent to them. Nov 4, Matt called me and said he would decrease my data plan to offset my now increased bill, I said that does not help because I am still paying $850 for a phone I do not need. I said to either return my phone or give me a refurbished 6 plus. He said no. He then said he would give me another 300 off the cost of the phone. I said no because I would still be paying 500 for a phone I don’t need.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1164052
Jul 22 2014
11:01 AM
Verizon Wireless Why I Left Verizon Wireless Abington Pennsylvania
Why I Switched to T-Mobile after 18 Years (1996-2014) as a Verizon Wireless CustomerJune 27, 2014Short Answer============My horrible experience with Verizon Wireless revealed a callous indifference to customer interests and concerns in a single-minded pursuit of revenue.A timeline of my experience is as follows.Thu 3/27/14===========I visited a Verizon Wireless store to upgrade my phone, but I went totally unprepared to engage with a slick salesperson. It did not occur to me that I needed to guard against getting hoodwinked, because upgrading my phone had always been a routine process. Also, since I had been getting a single bill for my landline and mobile services, I was not aware that Verizon and Verizon Wireless were now separate entities. Therefore I was not aware that a change regarding my home phone would completely severe my relationship with Verizon and upend the quality of service I was getting from them.I brought my latest bill with me to expedite the process of exchanging pertinent information. The salesperson looked at the bill and exclaimed that I could save money. I ended up being sold a 4-line More Everything plan that included (1) the phone, (2) a mobile hotspot (which I liked), (3) a cellular modem for my computer, and (4) a device called the Home Phone Connect (HPC) for my landline.I was dubious about replacing my unlimited data with this new plan’s 1 gigabyte of data. But I was assured that 1 gigabyte could fit my needs. Since I thought that Verizon and Verizon Wireless were the same company, I thought that the cellular modem and HPC were just replacement devices for my Verizon service. I did not know that I would be terminating my Verizon service and signing up for devices that involved Early Termination Fees (ETF).When I was asked to sign my name on the salesperson’s iPad and was told that the paperwork would be emailed to me, I thought I was merely signing my credit card receipt. If I had known that I was signing a contract for the cellular modem and HPC that involved ETF’s, I would have backed out. It was not explained to me what I was signing, and I was not offered a chance to read it. (In contrast the T-Mobile salespersons made sure that I read everything before signing.)Fri 3/28/14===========After reading the morning paper with my iPad Wall Street Journal app, I was shocked to see an email alerting me that I had exceeded my data allowance. The email advised me to increase my data plan to avoid an overage charge. I increased the plan to 2 gigabytes. My promised savings had thereby shrunk!Sat 3/29/14===========I took the cellular modem and HPC to the Verizon store to return them and revert back to Verizon’s cooper line and unlimited data. After the salesperson spoke with the store manager, I was told that they concluded that the email alert must have been in error, because I could not have used all my data. I was told that 2 gigabytes was more than enough for normal computing, and besides I could bring in a bill and have glitches corrected. Not believing that I would be willfully misled, I fell for that explanation.Wed 4/2/14==========I received another shocking email alert about exceeding my data allowance and that I should increase my data plan to avoid overage charges. Examination of my data usage indicated that the iPad Wall Street Journal app was using a quarter gigabyte per day. Still relying on the veracity of the Verizon Wireless salespersons, I concluded that this could not be correct. I figured that perhaps a calculation involving prorated data usage was amiss. I decided to wait until the start of my full monthly cycle on 4/7 to examine the readings on my data usage.Besides the data usage headache, it had become clear that the HPC had three significant shortcomings. They were (1) inferior sound quality, (2) inability to fax, and (3) the Caller ID displayed the number only – no name.The third shortcoming was extremely maddening, because even though my number is on the Do Not Call list I still get numerous junk phone calls. I routinely ignore calls that show “Unavailable” or something similar. Screening calls became surprising difficult with the HPC. I was avoiding legitimate calls whose number I did not immediately recognize. And I was picking up (and immediately hanging up) on junk calls with a local area code.Tue 4/8/14==========On this new monthly cycle, I checked my data usage and saw that my iPad Wall Street Journal app was indeed using a quarter gigabyte per day for one and a half gigabytes per week. My other computer usage was a quarter gigabyte per week. It became clear that I had been misled, and that a limited data plan – though OK for a mobile phone – was totally inappropriate for combined phone and home computing usage.Wed 4/9/14==========I called Verizon to get back my superior landline service with unlimited data.Tue 4/15/14===========A Verizon technician got me back onto Verizon. I felt relieved! It was like welcoming back an old friend whom I had unwisely underappreciated. I no longer had to guess whether or not a call was a junk phone call. I no longer had to curtail my everyday computer and iPad activities out of concern over data limits.I could tell from phone conversations that the technician had with his coworkers that they considered the Verizon Wireless HPC to be crap.I called Verizon Wireless to get the cheapest plan possible. The plan included a quarter gigabyte of data, but the representative gave me a bonus allotment of an extra gigabyte. So at this point I felt that I was in a good situation. I had landline and mobile service appropriate for me at a cost much less than my cost before the start of this bad experience.Thu 4/17/14===========I noticed on my Verizon Wireless bill that the salesperson had added extended warranties for the phone and mobile hotspot to my plan without my knowledge. I called Verizon Wireless to get them dropped.Also that day, I opted out of having Verizon Wireless retain my checking account and bank routing numbers.Mon 5/12/14===========I saw on my bill that Verizon Wireless had charged me an Early Termination Fee for reverting back to Verizon. This was truly an insult upon injury! After being hoodwinked into a frustratingly inadequate home phone service plan and then misled when I came to return it two days later, they were penalizing me for reverting back to a service that made sense for me. Essentially, Verizon Wireless sets up a Berlin Wall to discourage people from escaping, rather than offering something that would encourage people to stay.Tue 5/13/14===========I returned to the Verizon Wireless store to demand that they drop the ETF. But first I had to get pass someone who fed me the line that they could save me money on TV service, which was the same line with which I had already been duped. (Be prepared to be hustled at a Verizon Wireless store, especially if they feed you this line.)I explained the following to the person who waited on me. (1) It was not made clear to me that I was signing a contract for the HPC; I thought I was signing a credit card receipt. (2) I was misled about the adequacy of a 2 gigabyte data plan, when I came to return the HPC and cellular modem. (3) The HPC has inferior sound quality. (4) The HPC lacks a fax capability. (5) The HPC lacks a genuine Caller ID capability.After the person spoke with the manager, I was told that the manager was on a conference call and that I would receive a call around 4:00pm.I rehashed my experiences to the manager later that day. The manager essentially told me that I should have known that I was signing a contract. I was told that the ETF would not be dropped, but the restocking fee would be waived if I returned the HPC device. I stated that I intended to terminate all services. The manager’s response was “No problem.”Fri 5/16/14===========I called Verizon Wireless to terminate my remaining three services. I rehashed my experiences to the service representative’s obligatory “why” question. The representative informed me that services will automatically get dropped when I transfer to another carrier.Later that day I received an automated call from Verizon Wireless Customer Survey. I gave a zero to the likelihood that I would recommend Verizon Wireless, and then summarized my experiences for the obligatory “why” question. I received no further feedback. Apparently Verizon Wireless has no process for attending to an aggrieved customer who for 18 years paid each bill shortly after it arrived.Thu 5/22/14===========I visited a T-Mobile store – this time with my guard up – to inquire about their “We Pay Your ETF’s” promotion. I was pleasantly surprised to find a totally different corporate culture. The salespersons related to me as a human being rather than as a potential dupe.I transferred my phone and mobile hotspot services to T-Mobile; so they will pay those two ETF’s. Perhaps having some awareness of the anti-customer culture at Verizon Wireless, the salesperson said that now I no longer had to deal with them. Unfortunately I still had to have one more interaction with Verizon Wireless, because I had to terminate the cellular modem service.Fri 5/30/14===========I called Verizon Wireless to terminate my remaining service. To my surprise, upon answering the obligatory “why” question, the service representative expressed some empathy. The representative (1) apologized for my bad experiences, (2) noted that I had been a good customer since 1996, and (3) asked if there was something that could be done to keep me with Verizon Wireless. However it was too late; I had already switched to T-Mobile.Ironically if I had spoken with this representative earlier, I would probably still be with Verizon Wireless. I really liked the cellular modem. More than just a portable broadband wireless connection, it also provided a portable broadband Ethernet connection. So if needed, I could have had a broadband connection wherever I was whether or not a particular computer had a wireless antenna. Before switching I would have been willing to negotiate over the possibility of adding more bonus data to my monthly allotment.In closing, here are some reasons why a Verizon Wireless customer should consider switching to T-Mobile.1.T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.2.In contrast to corporate culture at Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile’s is customer friendly. (Admittedly, a high confidence conclusion cannot be drawn from my small dataset. I could have unluckily chosen an anomalously anti-customer Verizon Wireless store.)3.T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.4.T-Mobile’s hotspot device is nice. It can be tethered to deliver wireless broadband to a computer that lacks a wireless antenna. Or while tethered it can act as an external storage device. Also it has a large capacity battery, so it can charge or power other devices.5.Call forwarding with T-Mobile is extremely flexible. With Verizon Wireless, when I was home and wanted to receive calls to my mobile phone on my landline with my mobile phone turned off, I had to unconditionally forward my calls. Then I had to remember to turn off call forwarding, when I left the house. In contrast T-Mobile has four call forwarding modes: (a) unconditional, (b) busy, (c) don’t answer, and (d) unavailable (phone turned off). So in just one simple operation I was able to set modes 2 – 4 on my T-Mobile phone to forward calls to my landline. Now I no longer have to play the game of turning call forwarding on and off. Calls to my mobile phone automatically go to my mobile phone when it is on and to my landline when it is off.6.You can make calls over Wi-Fi with T-Mobile. So if Wi-Fi is available, you have coverage.7.And lastly, T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.
Entity: Abington, Pennsylvania
15, Report #1166925
Aug 02 2014
01:12 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless TWC deals Nationwide
I was due for an upgrade on my Verizon Wireless and was told about a joint venture Verizon Wireless have with TWC for a $300 gift card from Verizon Wireless and $100 from TWC,if I get TWC triple package. I upgraded one phone in Jan 2014 and one in May 2014 and i signed up for new service withTWC in April 29. I called both Verizon Wireless and TWC and I was told I was eligible for the two gift cards. Verizon Wireless have a scam going. In May 1st I recieved an e-mail from verizonwireless-timewarnercable@tristarfulfillment.comthanking me for registring for the rewards card. In June 10 i recieved a follow up email stating that its been 45 days and i should be recieving my rewards after the 90 day promotional period. TWC have sent me the $100 gift card but Verizon wirelss changed the status of the rebate to Not Eligible For This Promotion. Now im stuck with 2 years with Verizon Wireless and no response from anyone about the promotion. I hace sent multiple e-mails andmade multiple calls but no one is willing to give me an answer for why they are not honoring thier deal.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #36079
Nov 23 2002
11:25 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Nationwide
I have been getting calls 3 and 4 times a day that are listed as unavailable the times are very close but not exact but always the same thing I answer and there is a short silence with static and the a click and the call ends, roughly working out to be just over one hundred minutes. I had called your Customer Care had the agent access your records and he as well saw the pattern and informed me that the phone calling mine was 302-382-1507 which happens to my number. I messaged this to the rep and he contacted your technical support and they believed to be a hardware issue and I should take my phone in. I thought that to be a funny suggestion being a technician myself. I have addressed CDMA security issues I've had with your reps and have always been treated like an idiot. The most humorous part is the next day after my concern was logged the problem stopped! Not just for the next day but all together. How ironic then when I had messaged your company about discussing my service and contacting the FCC all a sudden the issue stated again. Daniel Winston, North Carolina
17, Report #10676
Jan 04 2002
12:00 AM
verizon wireless is a joke
verizon ripped me off. it started off with them not being able to get any of my bills right, getting my calling plan all mixed up, once I start complaining it takes them forever to get anything right if they even get it right. they over billed me month after month, after trying to talk to them for so long I finally gave up and cancelled my contract. It is no use, they are impossible and with their customer service I dont see how they manage to stay in business(beside from ripping everybody off). they are not getting my money for ripping me off.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #10240
Dec 30 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless-What a joke.
We bought a cell phone, and a 2 year contract. Our first bill was overcharged by $50.00. Our second bill was overcharged by $100.00. The sad part is everytime we called the customer hotline, the representatives were rude, and had no clue on how to do their jobs. Also, we got a different story everytime to why the charges on our bill were there, and eventually we had to pay it, because Verizon would not do anything about it. I would also like to add that our phone is terrible. You sound like your talking in a tunnel when talking to someone. And, dont let verizon fool you about their phones either, because they have warranties for those phones. Unfortunately their warranty is a joke as well. We tried to get another phone because ours was horrible and Verizon actually sent us a used phone and the paint on phone was very badly scratched and was worse then our original phone. As soon as this contract is up,we are going elsewhere for cell phone service, because obviously Verizon has no clue on how to run a business, provide proper equipment, train their representatives, or provide quality customer care. Rayven Stender Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
19, Report #6173
Aug 15 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless ..Buyer Beware!!
I signed up with Verizon last September. Signed under the 150 minutes with no roaming charges. Everything was fine for a while. I called to increase my minutes in March but they failed to explain I would now have to pay roaming charges. When I saw my April bill I immediately called and asked to switch back to my former plan of 150 minutes with no roaming charges. The May bill worked out. However in June and July they still continued to bill me for charges when I am suppose to be under my previous plan. We have called and called. They still can not get it right. If you desire to spend hundreds of dollars on roaming charges---then this company is tailor-made for you. However if you want to save yourself from what I have experienced. Go elsewhere. I look forward to the day when I am free from my contract.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #377956
Oct 02 2008
01:54 PM
Verizon Wireless Contract Fraud Internet
I had or should I say still have a contract with Verizon wireless. Over a year ago I added a line for my girlfriend and as things would have it the relationship ended and I payed an early termination fee. My original contract was up in march 2008. I contacted verizon about changing carriers and they inform me that my contract was extended until march 2009. I ask why. They or she says, when I added the additional line that my contract was automatically extended. I say that that contract was terminated and the early termination fee or fine as I like to call it was paid in full, which nullifies that contract. Apparently the contract with the additional phone is eliminated but not the extension on the original phone contract. Even though I fulfilled the original contract and paid all fees and fines on the added contract, the extension on the original contract is still in effect. If I want to terminate the original contract that has been fulfilled, they inform me it is an additional $80.00 on a contract that was fulfilled according to the original agreement. But if I want to renew my original contract for 2 more years they will wave the extension that they placed on the original contract. I advised them that they should be more clear in the extending of the original contract before customers add additional lines to their plans. I am guessing that they won't because as statistics most likely would state that men or women who add boyfriends and girlfriends to their plan pay an early termination FINE. And they have the original extended to the new contract. No one in their right mind would extend their contract to 2 more years with just a few months to go on the original contract. Verizon says that it is not being deceptive in their extensions because they mail you the additional information on said contract. I said, Oh you mean the fine print that no one reads. She said exactly. Danielm Altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
21, Report #809207
Dec 14 2011
08:55 AM
Verizon Wireless lied, Internet
I ordered new cell phone service and phone with Verizon Wireless. The salesman told me that I had a 2 week trial period and that if I returned the phone within 2 weeks I would get a full refund. I never got more than 1 or 2 bars at my house-reception was horrible so I returned the phone. Verizon charged me for phone usage even though there was no reception. Their point was I used the phone to which I responded I had to use it to see if it worked. DUHHHH! Here is their actual response: Barry, in review of your account, I show that wireless number 776-5717 was active from 10/29/11 to 11/05/11. The charges from 10/29/11 to 11/05/11 are valid; as the device was used for the time it was active. Additional adjustments are not valid. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I make it my personal goal to resolve all of your wireless concerns. I hope I have done that for you today by confirming the proper credits were applied to your account. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless. Sincerely, Elaine Verizon Wireless Customer Service Conclusion--buy (((competitor's name redacted)))--they honor their products----I had to return one of their air cards and ((redacted))) did not charge me for usage. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #645473
Sep 28 2010
07:45 PM
Verizon Wireless Defective Devices, Internet
Verizon Wireless is the worst service I had ever dealt with.  I bought my Palm Pixi Plus phone from a Verizon Wireless store located close to my hometown around the end of July.  It worked great for about a month, and then the unit began to act up.  It would at first randomly cut off about once a week, and only turn back on if the battery was taken out, put back in, then connected to a computer or charger.  Called up Verizon and they sent a new phone out.  I got this new phone and activated and it worked for about a week.  After using it for a week, the headset speaker failed to work, so I could only use the phone if I had it on speaker mode, which was very annoying.  I went and took it to the Verizon Wireless store near my hometown.  Upon looking at my phone, the lady at the store said my phone warranty would not be covered because the back panel was peeling a little bit on the left and right side.  Upon telling her that the phone had done that within the week and talking to the manager, they told me to call Verizon and have a phone sent out that way.  I called Verizon again, and told them that my phone was acting up and I had taken it to a Verizon Store and upon pulling the notes left from the store, they sent me another phone.  Upon getting this third phone, I preceded to turn on the phone, and to my surprise, it froze at boot up.  I took the battery back out and restarted the phone and when it fully booted up, I noticed that I had three stuck pixels.  I called Verizon again and told them that this is the third phone I had with an issue.  The lady that I was talking to wanted me to attempted activation, so I tried it with her on the line.  While on this third phone when asked to confirm order number by pressing 1 on the touch screen, it would not register.  Upon it taking no inputs, i took the battery back out and in as instructed, and upon turning the phone on, was greeted with a weird background that had ridges of different shades of orange.  Taking the battery back out and in, the phone again froze at loading.  She offered to send me another phone, but I decided to talk to a supervisor as this is my third phone with an issue.  After on hold for over thirty minutes, I talked to a supervisor and the only option he gave was either take another Palm Pixi Plus or pay full price for other phone.  He also stated that the phones I had been receiving are Certified Like New or Refurbised and go through a 100 Point Inspection.  I stated that I don't want other Palm Pixi Plus.  I told him I wouldn't mind paying a two year upgrade price of three hundred dollars instead of close to six hundred.  He said that he was able to really do anything else.  I will never choose Verizon Wireless again by the way they treat their customers.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #912669
Jul 16 2012
08:50 AM
verizon wireless typical shell game Internet
I signed a two year contract with verizon wireless. I was told that the early termination fee was 75 dollars. Hell the phone cost 160. I later decided I did not need the extra expense of a cell phone. The phone line was suspended for nonpayment around july 1st 2012. I called asking them to cancel the account. They said they would but did not. I called 3 more times .Now they are charging me 175 dollar cancellation fee and 50 more dollars for a phone I could not use and for an account they did not cancel. Could one perhaps make sense to them and explain.Hell no. Once the rippoffs lose you as a customer they try to ruin your credit report. Thanks for being our customer. Here is a little parting gift a big lie on your credit report. Thanks so much verision wireless.For being the chicken shit modern day business of this generation.A company that takes the customer for all they can get .
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #189485
May 01 2006
06:16 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Internet
It seems like every biil I receive from Verizon Wireless is never the stated bill per contract agreement. I was on the 1350 minutes plan and averaged about $115 bucks a month. Now I switched back to $39.99 a month and then they zap me with a delayed overage charge of $ 46 and some change. The new bill totaled $115. Is this a coincidence (the amount being the same) or a RIP-OFF. I think its a RIP-OFF!!! Whenever I call them its the same old story! I had trouble with my phone and had to go back to them for a 3rd phon before they got it right. I had to wait acouple hours each time I took it back, they had to test it and I had to wait. When I cam back they had not had a chance to look at the phon yet and I had to wait another hour. This kind of stuff pisss you off as well. I think they are a monopoly on the cell phone market and need better competition to make them more marketable. Signed, 1 pissed off customer Brian Halifax, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #177948
Feb 24 2006
05:48 PM
Verizon Wireless rebate ripoff Internet
I bought a phone from the local verizon wireless store. Didn't really care for the phone, but it had a $35 rebate. I cut the UPC code, filled out the form, attached the original reciept as required. Double checked everything and sent it out. I received an unqualified letter several weeks later stating the rebate wouldn't be honored as I didn't attach the UPC code, but I could still get the rebate if I attached all the paperwork and also send in the UPC code. Firstly, they didn't return the paperwork. Secondly, my original UPC code was sent in and lost at the office at Verizon. There was no way I was getting that rebate at all. I called the 888 number and got a gal who denied that they lose anything in the office and stated that I should have made a copy of everything. I called the local office and got nowhere as well. I called customer service at Verizon and nothing. I sent an email to the company and got a rep who claimed she wanted to help. I explained the situation and never heard back, even though I emailed her several times. Michelle chesapeake,, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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