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51, Report #508328
Oct 12 2009
10:09 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Another company that despises it's customers. Internet
Verizon advertises that their phones are bluetooth enabled. It's really a half truth which in my book is no different than an outright lie. Verizon has purposely disabled the transfer of photographs off of their phones by bluetooth.  Tech support acts clueless and won't tell you this, or that you can use a cable to get the photo's off. They will only tell you that you can upload them (one at a time) and for a cost to the Verizon server.The techie at the local store was a little more honest when he said that they purposely disable the bluetooth transfer of photos so that Verizon could rape the customer.Verizon does not stop there they do a plethora of other things that abuse their captive customers in the cell phone monopoly.  For one they refuse to advertise the sensetivity of their phones so that people in rural areas can not select an appropriate phone. Not including this info is similar to them not telling you the color of their phones, the resolution of the cameras in their phones etc. From the customers perspective it is insane and despicable behavior.Lastly have you ever asked yourself why NONE of the cell phone monopoly companies have an option to text you when you have used all of your free minutes?  Don't you think that in a true free market that someone would do this?  I could go on for pages but you get the idea...
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52, Report #515018
Oct 26 2009
12:21 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless employee dishonest Clearwater, Florida
We were Alltel customers.  Alltel was very customer oriented.  Not perfect but not liars either.  Afte the switchover to Verizon we started dropping calls and losing voicemails.  We decided to research our options.  We visited the Verizon Store several times, did online research and called the customer service number. We visited the store in our local mall. Twice before making the switch.  We spoke with the same representative twice  and both times he told us the plan we wanted was available. My husband is very detail oriented and started checking our account status from the moment it was available.  As it turned out we were sold plans that don't exist and we were overcharged for phones.  We decided to visit the store.  At first the manger tried to make us think we misunderstood our plans.   Soon it became clear we didn't misunderstand we were just lied to.  Then the big pitch started.  We can't give you plans we don't have ---you have to compromise.  Why is this legal?  How can we be sold something they don't even have?  Why do we have to compromise?  Why isn't anyone ever accountable? I believe all phone salespeople located in malls should be relocated to the county fair.  They are no better than the crooked carney on the midway. Is it legal to sell what doesn't exist?  How can they charge us $100 for the 3rd phone when they told us it would be $10.  They won't discuss credits or anything that would help us make a decision about our  accounts. SOMEONE--PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
53, Report #494025
Sep 12 2009
08:11 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Lies to get into your pockets..... Internet
I am currently a subscriber of Verizon Wireless yet I work for another wireless provider. That being said, I carry two phones. One for my personal use and one for work use. My personal line is my Verizon line. I am often asked why I carry a Verizon phone yet work for another company. The answer was simple! They treated me fairly and my reception was acceptable as well as my monthly rate. For those reasons alone I had decided to resign my contract shortly after being hired by a competitor of thiers. Well, that was 4 years ago. When my contract came up I decided to go ahead and resign another one to get new phones for the wife and I at a discounted price. Now, that contract is up yet again, I was interested in getting a new phone for my wife as I was happy with mine. After doing some searching, I purchased a Blackberry Curve from a guy who had Verizon before he switched to the wireless company I work for. So, I take my new Curve into my local agent store where I am told that although I did not purchase this phone directly from a Verizon store that I still had to carry the Blackberry data package. This is a shock to me. The company I work for carries the Blackberry Curve as well and YES we require you carry the data package on your phone but ONLY if you purchase the phone from us. If you were to go purchase a Blackberry from any other source, say a friend or EBay, and bring it in to us we simply activate that line on your account. Well, at this point I believe it is simply a requirement of the agent I took the phone into so I call *611. A woman answered who verified who I was and then asked how she could help me. I explained my situation to her and she verified what the agent had told me. At this point I asked to speak to someone higher than her and she tells me NO, I can speak to her. Now I am upset. So then I explain that I work for a wireless company and I KNOW that Blackberry's will work without having an internet package.  She tells me that the idea behind it is that if you want a Blackberry then you want the internet. I responded that I understood where she was coming from but I didn't want the internet package. She responded that the Blackberry may be too advanced for me then..... WOW! At that point I asked her to verify that I was out of contract which she did and then I asked a few questions about the cancellation policy and hung up. I do want to say that this woman too tried to get me to upgrade. HAHAAHA..... I then call back and this time I went through the options until I got to the cancellation department. I asked her to look up my account and asked some questions about thier cancellation policy. Of course the woman answers them and then asks me why I am wanting to cancel. I explain my position and how I was talked down to. This woman was very polite and apologized to me. I did find it humours that she tried to get me to upgrade and buy 2 Blackberry's as they had a buy one get one special going on. I politely declined and reiterrated that I did NOT want the data packge, thus being the basis of my desire to cancel. Ok, story told, let's get down to the nitty gritty...... Here are the two reasons I was given that I had to get the data package: 1. If you want a Blackberry then it is assumed you want the data package. 2. The phone is constantly updating with the network and with out the data package I would incurr massive data charges. As I said, I work for a wireless company who sells the Blackberry Curve. I can name atleast a handfull of people who carry this phone with out the data package. The Blackberry Curve CAN be used without a data package and your phone CAN be set up not to access the data portion of the network thus avoiding the data charges. The fact is, this is a HUGE revenue stream for the company and by requiring it on ALL data phones is a sure fire way to increase profits as more and more people go wireless for nearly everything! I understand all companies have policies but there is no need to lie to enforce those policies. In addition, I would assume that the $82-$85 per month I pay now for the total of about 400 combined minutes a month is mostly proffit at this point as I am already a customer and have been for nearly 10 years. That being said, you would also think that Verizon would allow the rules to be bent in such situations. Essentially the are going to be losing loose my business over a $39.99 data package. I urge you ALL to stick with a GSM network if you trully value your freedom. Any GSM phone can be used with ANY GSM provider as long as the GSM phone you have is unlocked and operates on the same frequency! You are then able to share your pictures, music, ringtones and contacts with other unlocked GSM phones. Hell, I had a program on my Palm Treo that allowed me to use my Treo as a remote conrtol for TV's via infrared! You truly are free to enjoy all the capabilities of your phone! Avoid Verizon at all cost. They may be the largest wireless network in the US but the larger they get, the smaller you get! Tell your friends, tell your family and tell everyone to avoid this company like the plague!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
54, Report #593164
Apr 14 2010
11:44 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Deceptive Trade Practices Alpharetta, Georgia
I was a very happy Alltel customer.  I never once had a problem with Alltel that could not be resolved on the first call.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have rated Alltel at a 9.8.  My contract with Alltel was bought out by a company called Verizon Wireless.  Everything has gone downhill.  Their first correspondence with me was a letter stating that my service would not change or be interrupted.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.First, they started charging me for my mobile backup, which I got free with Alltel.  They said if I wanted it, that I had to pay for it.  So I did.  When I tried to use it, they told me I couldn't.  I had to manually enter over 400 numbers by hand.  Five phone calls later, the mobile backup was credited back to my bill and they still continue to charge me for it and I still call to dispute the charges.  Why are they charging me for something they wouldn't let me use?Then, they notify me that I will no longer get bonus numbers for being a loyal customer who has always paid their bill.  (This was a change to my plan that I did not consent to).  Next, I notice that we are way over our minutes and so I go look and I see this number: 777-000-0001 over and over and over on my bill.  Each one is for one minute only.  I am paying for unlimited texting.  I find out that this is airtime they charged me to receive the texts.  If I am paying for a text package, isn't this charging me twice?  I never experienced such crap in all my life.  I hated AT&T, but even they treated me better than this.  After repeated phone calls about it, I emailed them.  They replied in that email (and I have saved it for legal purposes) that it was their right to charge me twice for the same service.  They also told me that while they did not have to abide by the Alltel contract, that I did.  What hypocrites!  I will strongly advise anybody that reads this not to do business with this company.  You are better off on a prepaid plan such as Boost, straight talk or better yet, Cricket (if it is available).
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
55, Report #589249
Apr 03 2010
02:58 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Double Billing for Closed Account, Internet
I had a cell phone acct with Verizon for 10 years.  My contract was expiring on Jan. 11, 2010, which I found out from an email I sent to them.  I was switching to AT&T and my number was going to be ported, but it was ported before I rec'd the new phone.  I called to find out why the phone wasnt working & was told that it had been ported.  I said that I needed access to my phone until I recd the new one and the acct was open until Jan. 11th.  They did a 3 way call with AT&T and ported the number back to Verizon.  I made sure to tell them that this was temporary until I recd the new phone & closed the acct. on the 11th.  They gave me the number at AT&T to get the number ported when the time came.  On the 11th, I called Verizon to make sure the acct. was closed.  I knew that I would be billed through the end of Jan. and made several payments for more than $260 since Dec. to close the balance.  In Feb. I recd a courtesy bill saying I had a zero balance and I thought this was over.  Today I get a letter from a collection agency saying that I owe $106.27.  I called Verizon & was told there was a sub-account & while the balance on the regular (and as far as i knew the only acct) was zero, this new acct. which was opened when they ported my number back had a balance of $106.27 and billed through Feb. when I didn't have the phone and it was disconnected on Jan. 11.  I am NOT paying for a service I didnt have or asked for especially since no one informed me of this during any previous communications (email or phone).
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56, Report #587212
Mar 30 2010
04:55 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Held $800 security deposit for ridiculous amount of time. Internet
     In November of 2009 while I was temporarily stationed at FT Leonard Wood, MO, I set up service with Verizon Wireless.  I figured I was safe in doing this since they claim to have the best coverage nationwide.     Well, after being permanently stationed at FT Polk, LA, I found this not to be the case.  This is one of the few places they don't have coverage, so they will let people out of contracts with no early termination fees. And with the lack of reliable service, I decided that shutting the phones my wife and I had off, and going with someone who provides better coverage in my area.     I called in and arranged for the lines to become inactive on February 1, 2010.  I knew I would have a refund coming from the 800 dollars that we had to pay for the 2 lines at the time of connection, but at the time the rep on the phone could not tell me how much of it I would get back due to the fact that balances would be applied to that before the remainder was returned.     Just after the first of February I called in, and was told that everything was in order, and that my money would be returned tome in very short order.  After 3 weeks of waiting I called back and was told that it takes 4-6 weeks to process and return refunds.  I thought that was crappy that I had not been told that in the first place, but it was only another week or two so no biggie.     At the end of 6 weeks I received a bill in the mail, showing a credit of 797 and change, that included interest paid.  But there was still no money.  I called in again, at which point I was told that i had been mis-informed, and that it takes 6-8 weeks for refunds to be reviewed, not returned.  After the review I was told the money would be released and sent to me.  They also told me that my refund was going to be reviewed the following day.     I was sure to call in the following day, to be sure that the refund had been reviewed and released and was told that it had been and I should be receiving it shortly. At 8 weeks I called back in and inquired about the refund.  It was a Thursday and I was told that my account balance was now zero, and that the refund had been released.  I asked if that meant it had been issued and was told that it had.  I asked the rep if they could tell me where the refunds were shipped from, but they could not.     You can get a letter cross country in a couple of days, so I figured I would see the money by that Saturday or the following Monday at the latest.  Wrong again.  I called back on Monday after the refund did not show up.  Guess what, the money has been released, but it still takes up to 3 weeks for the mystery Treasury Department to audit the refund and then issue the final check. And once it goes there, there is no more contacting anyone to check status.  Apparently they don't have any form of communication in that department, and there is no way to accelerate the process.       I am a soldier in the US Army.  I am not rich nor do I make some outlandish amount of money.  I need every penny that I have access to in order to provide for my family and myself.  When I asked why I had been strung along for so long, I was simply told that I had been informed incorrectly and there was nothing that could or would be done about it.  When asked how they were planning on paying me the remainder of my interest on the security deposit they are having such difficulty giving back, I was told that they wouldn't be paying anymore interest, because the money had been released.   My argument here is that the money is not in my hand, it has just been released to another of their mystery departments, so they should continue to pay me for the use of my money.       If you can avoid it don't pay them a deposit at all.  If you must and you are waiting for it to be returned, they have a hardship acceleration program, which I found after much research but was too late to use.    HORRID COMPANY! 
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57, Report #546719
Dec 29 2009
10:31 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Premium text messaging rip-off Internet
I recently noticed two consecutive months of $10 premium text messaging charges on my cell phone bill and immediately contacted Verizon Wireless Customer Service.  I was told I had subscribed to a third party for the messaging service and was responsible for the charges.  The company I supposedly subscribed to was General I had never heard of General and certainly had not authorized $10 a month for premium texting.  I felt like I was being sold out by Verizon so I did some research.I discovered that Alltel and Verizon are the primary culprits allowing this to happen and I would bet that the abuse is rampant because people are not checking their bills.  I also discovered I had entered into a $1.99 per month get it now contract for Power Chat back in December 2008.  What the ?$%# is power chat?  Verizon was not able to give me an acceptable explanation on how that happened.I've been a satisfied heavy use customer of Verizon Wireless for many years but I now feel like they have sold me out for a few extra profit dollars so I'm leaving them as soon as my current contract is up.
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58, Report #545148
Dec 25 2009
12:14 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Data Package Rip off! Internet
I currently have 5 lines of service through Verizon. Two of my lines use PDA phones because of our business requires the use of PDA functions. Both lines are eligible for phone upgrade but we can not upgrade both phones without paying $29.99 per month for each phone. This is because Verizon is forcing all PDA phone users to also subcribe to their data package for $29.99. We have never had the need to use either PDA for internet access. We have these phones for the last 4 years without any data package. For one, the screen on the PDA's are too small which makes it difficult for internet browsing. Secondly, Verizon is monopolizing the market by forcing customers to use their internet service (by requiring purchase of the data package with all PDA phones) instead of using the available FREE WI-FI which can be accessed almost everywhere. Almost all the Pocket PC PDA phones are Wi-FI capable. This means that it is capable of utilizing the free Wi-Fi services. Customers who want to browse Internet on their phones should be able to choose whether they want to use Verizon services and pay for the data package or use the available free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Verizon is practicing false advertisement. They have failed to disclose proper price plan for PDA phones. A plan advertised for $39.99 a month really is a $69.98 a month because of the required data package. Also, the free unlimited picture messaging is not being freely delivered to all PDA phone users without paying additional per MB charges (unless they subcribe to the data package). This was not stated in their advertisement and no monetary credit will be issued due to the customer's inability to use the advertised free unlimited picture messaging. I want to be able to update my phone as Verizon has promised us without having to pay for the additional $60 a month for both phones. The only other option would be to cancel all of our Verizon accounts without paying any early termination fee so we can move our service to another cell phone provider.
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59, Report #9628
Dec 19 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon - Unfair Contract stuff
When I first got my Verizon Wireless cell phone service, I lived in central Phoenix. Everything was great. I had great reception, I was happy with my plan, etc. Then I moved to the Foothills this past Aug. The day I took the apartment I tried to call the office to report an issue, but I had no service. I just figured something was wrong with my service THAT DAY. Not so. As the weeks went on, I tried a few different things: like using my phone at different times, or in different rooms. I'm on the 3rd floor so I figured the reception should be great. I noticed that I had to get about a mile east of where I lived before my antenna strength lines would come up to where I could make or receive a call. I called Verizon customer service about this issue and was told they would look into it and give me a call back. I gave them my home number since if I was home they wouldn't be able to reach me on my cell. I never recieved a call. I called back about a month later (Dec. 12th, 2001) and was told I had some notes about an issue but nothing had been done. I next decided to call the closest Verizon store to me, which is on Ray and I10. The sales person knew exactly what I was talking about. There is even a sales person at the store who lives in my complex and can't get reception either. I was told how Verizon cannot put a tower in my area since it will be voted down. I then asked what I should do and was told to change service providers. He stated that AT&T was the only company he knew of that had good reception in my area, but to try it out first. He then said I should call customer service about my contract. When I called Verizon Wireless customer service, I got a service rep. that lives in north Scottsdale and has the same problem I do. I figured he would be sympathetic to my situation so I explained things to him. We decided to change my plan to the lowest minutes since I couldn't use my phone. I would keep it just-in-case while I looked for a new provider, then cancel it after. He stated that I couldn't just cancel Verizon, and that I was under contract until May of 2003. I then tried to help him understand that when I signed up for the contract, I was in and area where I could use their service. He said it didn't matter. So now I'm stuck with a cellular service I cannot use in the area I live in, where I need it most. I have to get a new phone and service provider if I want to have useful cellular service. Something just doesn't seem right about this.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
60, Report #913329
Jul 17 2012
11:48 AM
Verizon Wireless Diamond Wireless awful Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm relieved to find that others are rallying against this company, but also pained to know that they have had to go through their service, or lack of, as I have.  I originally bought a Droid Incredible 2 from the Verizon Wireless Diamond Wireless kiosk in Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV during August 2011.  I had no issues with the man who sold it to me.  He was knowledgeable and helpful.  I was then sold the Diamond Wireless protection plan, and it was all down-hill from there. I had off-and-on issues with the phone the entire time I had it, mostly with freezing and sticking when I tried to text.  In April 2012, my phone began having issues with charging, so I went to my local Verizon store off of the Strip, and they gave me a new charger. It helped, but the phone still didn't charge some nights. I began having system issues again this summer, so I finally decided to try to get a replacement phone before my year of protection was up in August. After many unanswered and unreturned calls to Diamond Wireless, I decided to make the trip out to the Strip to the kiosk.  The two men working were extremely rude and unhelpful, to say the least. They said that I needed to make a claim through the Diamond Wireless, which I suppose is understandable, but they treated me as a nuisance and immediately went back to their conversation.  That's what I call customer service. That day, I went home and called to make my claim and received a cold woman who spoke very quickly and would not explain anything to me.  Whoever wrote that they have fast, friendly claim service on the front of the brochure clearly was unaware of the workers. It also says, Coverage up to $1,000, and I'm not sure what that means because I had to pay $75 for my replacement phone. Upon asking the woman helping me about this, she would not answer me. I reluctantly paid the fee and received my replacement phone in two days. Sadly, the phone was non-functional. It wouldn't turn on or off, would freeze upon start-up, wouldn't charge...the usual. Frustrated that the phone I just paid $75 for doesn't work, I called Diamond Wireless to learn that they only have customer service Monday through Friday. What service. I went back to my local Verizon store and received the most wonderful help and got my problem all figured out. I will be ending this protection plan as soon as possible. Do not buy your phone at the Verizon Wireless Diamond Wireless kiosk in Fashion Show Mall! You will, most certainly, regret it.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
61, Report #1106139
Dec 11 2013
11:12 AM
Verizon Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Jetpack Internet
I am writing this complaint about Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Jetpack sold at Walmart in Minden Louisiana. I bought this service after reading an advertisement booklet at Walmart on Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot.It said in the booklet that 10GB would only be $60.00 and after I got home and got it activated I only received 3GB for the $60.00. I called Verizon with my complaint and the man just kept me running in circles that the best he could do was add another 7GB for $30.00 more dollars. He told me the plan for 10GB was $90.00. I ask him why did the verizon booklet say 10GB for $60.00? He would completely ignore the question. I have the booklet and email receipt of what I received and I got beat out of 7GB. This is false advertisement for a service that dont exist and Walmart is allowing the scam to take place out of their store atleast in Minden La.   Dont be fooled. Dont buy this product unless you are comfortable with being took advantage of and paying $90.00 for 10GB. I have hardly used the 3GB and it shows almost gone.I bet 3GB is really 1GB and 10GB is really 3GB. These are thieves - crooks - and robbers and must be held accountable.
Entity: Internet
62, Report #1303160
May 02 2016
03:01 PM
Verizon Verizon Wireless Rebate Scam Nationwide
When the new Samsung Galaxy S6 came out, I decided to check it out to see what all of the fuss was about. I was thinking about purchasing a new cell but a purchase wasn’t necessary because my previous cell phone was still in great working condition. The sales rep at the Verizon store was very informative and gave me information on a $50 rebate that was available for a limited time offer. So, I bit. Decided to get the upgrade to the new cell phone in part because of the extra $50 rebate.   A while passes after sending in all of the information to the rebate center. I hear from them that they lost some of the info and I would need to resend all of the information again. So, once again, I submit all of the information to their rebate center. After a couple more weeks, I hear that the submission is now valid and i will be receiving said rebate in the mail. A few weeks go by and I hear nothing from them. I allow them a few more weeks to get the rebate card to me. In the meantime, I forget about it, just like they want you to forget about it. While cleaning up some emails, I see this rebate email and decide to contact Verizon once again to inquire as to when I will be receiving said rebate card. I have been very patient with them.  Well, Verizon successfully stalled just long enough for the 6 months to pass, therefore denying me the rebate. The Rebate Center customer service rep says that the rebate card was only valid for 6 months from the time of original occurrence, not from date of receiving the rebate card, even though I was told there was no expiration on the card. So I told them that I never did even receive the rebate card. They must issue and validate the card before anyone can even use the card. How can something expire before it is even issued?  They could care less. I talked to a customer service rep, her supervisor, and his supervisor. All they could do was tell me that they are sorry. Well, sorry doesn’t solve anything or remedy the situation.  Verizon was supposed to issue me a rebate card, but they never did send it to me. They offered up NO SOLUTIONS. They say that the funds for the program are no longer in the rebate fund account. I tell them that the simple solution would be to transfer funds back into the rebate program. This blows their minds. How is this possible? You mean funds that were transferred into, then out of the rebate account can be transferred back in to the rebate account? Incredible!!  Who would have thought that funds could transfer BACK into that account? Apparently this concept is too easy of a solution. No, they would just rather keep my money than issue the stated rebate. So, after being a loyal Verizon customer for 10 years, this is how they treat me. Offer a Rebate, take too long to send me the rebate, then tell me that the rebate window has expired and I am out of luck. Rebate are the biggest scam out there, after insurance. They pull every trick in the book to keep from issuing you a rebate. That’s what they count on. That’s why rebate are so lucrative for these unscrupulous companies. They lure people in with the promise that you will get some of your hard-earned money back. But the rebate never actually materializes. Never again will I do business with such a manipulative and unethical company.
Entity: Nationwide
63, Report #142615
May 13 2005
11:07 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Alpharetta Georgia
A brief history of my dealings with Verizon Wireless and the manner in which I feel I have been wronged. My daughter reached that age when she just had to have a cell phone and being the loving father that I am I called Verizon and arranged for her to get one. She is in New Orleans and rarely travels with the exception of my visitation each summer in Ohio. When this time did arrive I called Verizion and requested that her service be moved from a local plan to a national plan so she can keep in touch with her friends and not get charged for the roaming charges. This was easy enough to do, or so I thought. A month went by and I received the monthly bill only to be horrified to find someone did not do as I had requested. She was still on the local plan and being charged for her calls at a roaming rate. I immediately called Verizion and was assured that this oversight would be taken care of and reflected on my next bill. Due to the fact that I am here I am sure you can guess it was not. Instead of paying a national coverage charge of around $40.00 a month I am now looking at a bill of just short of $1,000.00. I have contacted Verizon on numerous occasions on this but have only been told that I am responsible for these charges. I now understand that I need to seek some legal advice on this, but wanted to share my experience with you. David Willoughby Hills, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
64, Report #155342
Aug 29 2005
11:18 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Waynesville North Carolina
My husband and I recently decided combine our plans and get the Nationwide FamilyShare plan because we were told by a representitive that we would save money. What a CROCK. We were better off with our seperate plans with less minutes. When we did switch our plan we were charged to do so (not mentioned in the contract or told we were be charged). We were also told that the price plan included the use of two phones but for some reason we are being charged monthly for the second phone. When we asked somme one about it we were told that we NEW that we would be charged. If we NEW we were going to be paying more then why the hell would we change plans. Here's the kicker. THE VERIZON WIRELESS TOWER IS ON OUR LAND. When we told them they need to find the source of all of our charges and fix them or the tower was coming down. They told us they didn't care and we were going to pay the bill. I then decided not to pay the bill and have the phone disconnected. That is when they started calling other family members telling them that they will collect the money or charge us $175 per phone. Verizon Wirelss does not understand the meaning of customer service. THEY ARE RIGHT IN WHAT EVER THEY DO AND THEY WILL NOT FIX ANY WRONG DOING IN THEIR PART. Karen Clyde, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Waynesville, North Carolina
65, Report #79894
Feb 10 2004
12:33 PM
Verizon Wireless dishonest, unscrupulous ripoff artists! McAllen Texas
I recently cancelled my phone service with Verizon and to my surprise they said I would be charged an early cancellation charge. Verizon claims that I renewed my contract with them for an additional two years. I absolutely did not ever renew my contract with them and certainly not for two years. They say there is nothing they can do for me and I owe them $175 Teresa McAllen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: McAllen, Texas
66, Report #59912
Jun 07 2003
11:35 AM
Verizon Wireless will not answer a direct question Internet
We have been on Verizon Wireless since 2000, we were given Kerrville #s which is a town 22 miles from us the sales person told us when there were local #s available they would notify us so we found out this year 2003 when we added our kids to the family plan that they have Fredericksburg #s I asked how long and they said they could not tell us they didnt know they buy there numbers in blocks and have no record of when they were installed bullsh!! I told them I worked in telecommunications for years and I know they know when.So I asked for a credit for the times I have used my home phone to call my cell phone and was told sorry. I also was supposed to get a new phone every two well it has been 3 years and never have received a new phone, also we have to drive 75 miles to the closest store to get one, the third party stores they have cannot do anything but sell phones and plans Also I wanted credits for the times we have been roaming in our living room to call each other.Also, we were told after 3 years that your phone has to be updated, we were never notified of this either. all they want is money and no customer service, so I ask for the presidents phone number to his office, they said he doesnt have one. can you believe this they think we are idiots. Dave fredericksburg, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
67, Report #103100
Aug 11 2004
06:48 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Greenwood South Carolina
I know verizon may be one of the best carriers for service, but for customer service they truly sux! I have two accounts with them and had contacted them about temporarily disconnecting one account because it would not be in use for the summer. I asked that when I wanted that line resumed would it be a problem. They said they could accomodate my request with no problem. When I called to had the line started again, they said that I had terminated the contract. When I said I didn't, they said they that they had and I would have to pay a deposit! Not only that, but they disconnected my other line which had a zero balance. I was bounced back and forth between the finance department and supervisers who each would tell me something different. Not only do they not care and are rude, but they don't know what the hell goes on within their on company! Before you respond, you may have had better luck with Verizon, but that just what it's been..luck. Ann Greenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood, South Carolina
68, Report #106183
Aug 30 2004
06:42 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Tampa Florida
Verizon Wireless ripped me off big time. I have been a very loyal and good customer since 2001. My bill was the same for 2 years, with less minutes. Then I signed a new plan last July for 400 more anytime minutes. We never went over our minutes again until my contract was about to be up. Then my June bill came for $249.00. I called them to question all the incoming calls on my bill and the calls that during a 17 minute span I was being charged for 27 minutes. They told me I was using 3 way calling. Its funny I have never used this before nor did I even know I had this feature. Then my July bill came $499, I called again and have been speaking to the same rep for over a month. He said if I signed a new 2 year contract he would credit me back $225.oo on my July bill and would back date the new contract for more minutes. Well my next bill came to $409.00. WE just dont understand. Last month 9 days into my service they said I was over my 1100 minutes already, this month after 9 days I am at 86 minutes. This makes no sense. Today I find out the credits he was giving me were denied so now I am on a new 2 year plan that I didnt agree to unless he could issue these credits. Is there anyone who knows an attorney who is going after them for this. They cannot tell me who all these incoming calls are from and I dont think this is fair. I have in one 20 minute period calls to the voice mail 12 times. They say this was coming from my phone. I dont think so. Like I said I have been a customer since 2001, now that my contract was up, I think this is how they keep customers. I even have many reps telling me they cant believe they wont work with customers. Poor business, or are they losing the #1 status? And they are doing everything they can to keep customers by charging up the bills so you cant leave, then telling you they will work with you if you sign. They should work with you without a 2 year contract when there is a problem on the bill. lola ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
69, Report #108482
Sep 15 2004
08:10 AM
Verizon Wireless Deceptive Billing Cocoa Florida
Well this is not the first problem I've had with Verizon but only the most recent one. After recieving a $500 bill from Verizon Wireless I went over it with a fine tooth comb and relized I was being charged for a game I had downloaded from their site that was connecting regularly. Although I knew the game was connecting I assumed that was what the monthly fee I was paying was supposed to cover. Every time this game transmitted data for a fraction of a second I was charged a minute. Their was absolutely no disclaimer saying minutes would be used and had I known I never would have used this service. After talking to the service rep I was told that all charges were valid and nothing would be done. Now they want me to pay $500 for a stupid game. Jason Cocoa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cocoa, Florida
70, Report #109935
Sep 24 2004
07:41 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Withholding Refund Orlando Nationwide
I am a former customer of Verizon Wireless. I discontinued my service after my 2 year contract. The company took a deposit when I initiated my contract with them. I have been waiting more than 5 months for my deposit refund. I'm sure a big company like Verison Wireless has $100.00 laying around that they could refund to me. If I owed them $100.00, they would be reporting me to credit agencies and charging me 1.5% interest a month on the unpaid balance. John Altamonte Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #109798
Sep 23 2004
12:11 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Orangeburg New York
My ex- husband went to a local store in colorado springs and applied for a cell phone with verizon wireless under my name. Next thing you know is that I am getting outrageous bills. I reapetedly call verizon and talked to them and even sent them emails. They told me they were going to fix things. I am still getting bills that are over 400.00 and they are still on my credit report. I talked to a manager and threatened to report them to the better business bureau and they didnt want me to. They thought its ok that he did it because he was married to me that it was ok but its not. I dont care if we are married or not we are two individual people with two indiviual credit. I would just like my name cleared and my credit cleared. Its no fair for me to suffer when I didnt even get the phone and use the darn thing myself. What if I did want a cell phone through them? Now I can't get one and I have two little kids that I travel with all day, everyday. Anyhow I thought you should know that you cant always depend on verizonwireless to help you with your problems. Weither its with your phone or if its with fraud. Thanks for listening hope you all are more cautious now! Michelle Wantage, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Orangeburg, New York
72, Report #110604
Sep 28 2004
03:47 PM
Verizon Wireless is kindless towards consumers Inglewood California
I had been a consumer of Verizon wireless for over 3 years and out of 3 years I didn't pay the bill once(with some valid reasons from my personal point of view) by mistake. They have reported to the credit Bureau for $68, which is going to stay in my credit reports for 7 years. I agree it's my fault anyway, but they have to consider my past history and show some kind of gratitude for me using their service for so long. when I called the customer service, they agree that it's too sad for being reported after hearing my situation and they also agree that the rules are too strict, but when I asked them to remove it from the credit reports, they told me It's a company rule. Verizon wireless sucks for their consumer-un-friendly rules. I cancelled their service and am never gonna take Verizon wireless again though. Jay houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Inglewood, California
73, Report #82828
Mar 04 2004
04:38 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Phoenix Arizona Internet
Had a shared cellphone acct with my husband. Now getting a divorce he went over his cellphone minutes and I was billed $148.00 since my name was on the acct. I am now stuck with his bill. Got my own seperate acct. and he got his. He called Verizon Wireless on 1/14/04 and had them bill him and take the amount off my bill. I got the credit of 148.00. Then I get a bill with that same amount on it again. My soon to be ex-husband called Verizon Wireless again on 1/31/04 and told them he never called and wanted the $148.00 billed back to me. Called Verizon Wireless and they stated that he can do this and stated that he could even have given another cellphone number and have the $148.00 put on another persons cellphone bill. Verizon needs to be stopped. Once a credit has been given it should have stopped there. Geri Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
74, Report #82760
Mar 03 2004
10:34 PM
Verizon Wireless Deceptive busines practices Bellevue Washington
Verizon uses trickery and deceit to renew my cell phone contract without my authorization. Then when I tried to resolve the issue with customer service they just stated I would have to pay the early termination fee even though I never renewed to contract, and if I didn't pay it that it would be sent to collections. So basically I have to be screwed by them or screw up my credit. There needs to be some recourse that consumers can take instead of being screwed by big business Shannon wa, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
75, Report #84675
Mar 20 2004
02:31 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Houston Texas
VERIZON WIRELESS sold a flip phone which broke in a very short period of time. They refused to replace this phone without additional charges. I would like contact from others who have been sold a faulty flip phone by VERIZON WIRELESS and then VERIZON WIRELESS refused to replce the phone that was not fit for the usage it was sold for. Barbara s.a., TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas

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