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51, Report #952403
Oct 08 2012
01:09 PM
Verizon Wireless verizon ulimited/Grandfather Plan Internet, Virginia
I have been a Verizon wireless customer for the past 4 years , I currently have 5 phones on the plan,I recently upgraded both my son and Daughter Phone to smart Phone , there are 3 phones on the ulimited plan, which uses data, The phone that i have is the din2 of which i have have 5 phones due to charging issues, and the phone consistently over heating,now there telling me that they can only send me the same phone in which i have no faith in or some of there outdated phones, Am due for and upgrade in December, I was offered in june of this year to upgrade but choose to wait until dec, At no time was i told that i would not be able to upgrade ,unless i buy a phone full price in order to keep the unlimited data plane , As a matter of fact i was told that the three plan with the unlimited data would remain the same,these are there own words   EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That have our $29.99 unlimited data plan WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN, they will keep their unlimited plan after 7/7/11EXISTING CUSTOMERSUnlimited plans will still be available up to July 7, and those unlimited plans will continue even when you upgrade your phone in the future.- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data fThese new tiered pricing plans are for new lines of service only. Existing customers with an unlimited data can keep the plan even when they upgrade or renew. All you have to do is sign up for an unlimited plan before July 7th to be grandfathered in.In a letter to its indirect retailers, Verizon pleads with its sales reps to PLEASE, PLEASE make sure we take advantage of this heads up and get our heavy data users set up on these unlimited plans before they change.eature (No known end date on this as of this moment) now im' stuck there are alot of coustomers who were grand fathed in and verizon needs to honor what they say. Everyone under this plan need to ber heard and file a class suit againist them
Entity: Internet, Virginia
52, Report #953345
Oct 10 2012
11:37 AM
Verizon Wireless Take the Verizon Wireless ripoff challenge, Internet
Our company purchased two Verizon Wireless laptops from We spent about three days trying to get them to work. There was a problem with the wireless connection and they would not connect to the internet. We took the laptops to our local Verizon store, twice, and the technicians were unable to get them to work properly either. Next we called Verizon and spent hours on the phone with Verizon. Nothing worked and both laptops were sent back for a refund. A refund was issued. Next we started receiving airtime bills for laptop airtime, which I remind you did not work. We called them and they insisted we were liable and had to pay over $300 in airtime. Finally after three or four supervisors and five or six phone calls, they gave us a 137.57 credit. Today we received a bill for 169.87.  We are sad to report that we have surrendered and will pay the bill. It is less expensive, more cost effective and much more productive to just pay the bill. Shame on us though, we left Verizon about five years and just did not learn our lesson. If you want to throw money away on really bad products and service we highly recommend Verizon. Did they originate from a third world country and infiltrate us? Stock holder beware.
Entity: , Internet
53, Report #881783
May 12 2012
10:12 AM
This was in response to one bill ripoff and agree and is also my own personal ongoing never ending nightmare, which now has a new chapter:  The Moore vs. Verizon class action lawsuit...right... First, in response to one bill ripoff and agree-- Yes, it has happened to me as well.  They lie and they don't keep their notes or records straight. They also tried to push me into the one bill and I refused, however, they still managed to royally screw up my account so badly that they sent my account to 3 collection agencies anyway, and I owe them nothing, which they even admitted because they sent me a revised bill which stated zero balance. So, so you are probably wondering how they can still claim after over one year of no service (I am no longer a Verizon customer), that they can still claim that I owe them money?... oh, in their warped deceitful minds, they are claiming that when a storm knocked out my service last April 2011, and Verizon and I were testing the phone and then it was intermittingly working with static for a few minutes and was out and then they ultimately gave up and stated they could not help me without coming to my home-- (they scheduled a tech visit-- insisted that I be at home, thus I took off from work-- and then they cancelled that visit, after they confirmed it that am, without telling me, so I sat at home all day waiting....losing a days wages...)--THAT is why I cancelled Verizon, and that is why they are billing me, they are billing me for testing the static calls!  And, they apparently lost all the notes and the records of what really happened.  hmmmmm.  Regarding the Moore vs. Verizon class action lawsuit:  they have NO record of me in their system.  hmmmmm.  They have me in their system to bill me and to harrass me via landline, cell, mail and 3 collection agencies, but I have now apparently disappeared from the database.
Entity: Internet, Internet
54, Report #903788
Jun 27 2012
03:29 PM
verizon verizon is a rip-off dallas, Texas
contracted verizon in ca. to have their FIOS bundle installed. I was told I would need a 250.00 deposit which would be refunded when I no longer had their service. Almost a year later I was transferred to arizona. I called to cancell but was told to just take equipment with me and I could use it at the new address and just transfer service. They assured me they serviced my part of az.  They didnt have service in my city so I called and stopped service and asked for a return box to return the equipment. Two months later I get a bill for over 800.00 for their equipment charges. After numerous calls and 6 weeks later I finally received the boxes which I promptly returned the next day. A week later I get a closing bill saying I owe 7.63 which I paid that day with a credit card. To date, I have not received my 250.00 back. One call alone I was transferred 6 times and put on hold and then disconnected. I have written the CEO of Verizon inn new york 2 x, called verizon at least 10 x, wrote letters and not one reply. Today, 6/27/12 I caleld and was told 3 different stories:  your final bill is taken from the deposit, so if that was true and my monthly bill of 120.00 had been owed, which it wasnt, where is the rest of the deposit?  Or it is put back onto the card it was charged from, except they were told that I no longer had that card. and last deposit is given back only in certain circumstances, no suspended account, account closed before 6 months, none applied to me. All I know is they have 250.00 of my money and i want it back.
Entity: dallas, Texas
55, Report #844826
Jul 14 2014
10:25 AM
Verizon Verizon - collection on former phone # owner Plano, Texas
1. You would think when you assign a new phone number to a new customer and address it would be a really smart idea to remove that phone # from the account record of the prior owner -- specifically the deadbeat who didn't pay their bill. That way your new customer -- you know, the one you're trying to impress (me) and more importantly keep as a customer - wouldn't have to be annoyed by collections calls for the a**-hat deadbeat that no longer has the number. Seriously how hard can this be. Move the phone # on the old account to a history field or something if you so desperately need to keep track of it. And, for GODs sake DON'T send the freaking phone number out to a third party collector. I mean really -- you disconnected service for the prior owner because they didn't pay their bill so what on earth makes you or any third party collector think they can still reach the deadbeat at that same phone number? What, you think I have a crystal ball and somehow know the former owner of the phone number and/or am best buddies with the deadbeat? Really? 2. I've said this a million times before. I already have your FioS TV service at my house. Just because I send the bill for my separate phone account to a PO box and not to my house does not mean I want or need your FioS TV service at my PO Box. I mean seriously, how would you propose to install FioS TV in a PO Box ? Do you really think there are people like 2 inches tall living in there that want FioS TV? 3. Please refer back to point #2. You should already know I have FioS TV at my house since, SURPRISE, both the phone account and the TV account have the same name and SSN attached to them. Apparently you are able to connect all kinds of complicated electronic equipment to send pictures to my TV and calls to my phone but you are clueless on how to connect two accounts belonging to the same person in your system. And therefore I, your valued customer, have to suffer through your idiocy. 4. I've asked repeatedly not to get advertisements mailed to my PO Box but do you listen? No, you send them to me anyway. Over and over again and again. Seriously I could build myself a vacation house with the sheer amount of paper you shove at me. And, of course you pass the cost of all that postage and printing for advertisements I don't even want, back onto me by way over inflated fees for your services. Thanks so much -- really. Way to go Verizon. Thanks for not listening to your customer -- again.
Entity: Plano, Texas
56, Report #206609
Aug 17 2006
02:47 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Rebate Ripoff! Portland Oregon
Do not rely on a rebate by mail.......Let me tell you what, I purchased two Razors in the local Verizon store. He handed me a couple of rebate forms and helped me fill this out. So, I mailed it.. and about 8-9 weeks later I call to follow up and this is what I was told. Sorry sir you didn't include your 12 digit number from the box's...I said check again I did all this at the store.....Guess what they told me I need to go back to the store have them print out my original receipt and hopefully it tracked my 12 digit codes for both phones. See here is my issue, Verizon tells me they discard the rebate forms if they feel it's not filled out correctly, this type of business is very poor and time consuming for the consumer. My issue is with Customer Service and today's environment. The money was never the issue for me, it was the simple fact that as large as Verizon they should be employing graduates not drop outs to lead their company. J.B. Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
57, Report #319858
Mar 21 2008
05:42 AM
Verizon Verizon Residential Refuses to Reimburse Fraudulent Charges Nationwide
Verizon has billed me for over a year of landline and internet service that were not provided, amounting to $2000. An outside contractor confirmed that the cable line run by Verizon to my condo when my building was built is faulty and that this is the reason I NEVER had a dial tone on a phone line Verizon insisted was fine and have NEVER had internet service for an account Verizon said was functioning. I called Verizon more than half a dozen times prior to my deployment to Baghdad in November 2006 and was told each time that the service was fine. At one point, an independent contractor confirmed that the phone line Verizon was charging me for was not even connected to my building. After pressure, Verizon reimbursed for the months of unprovided service for which I had been billed to that point. Verizon never sent someone to test the service in my condo. Verizon never responded to my written correspondence. Since then I tried to change my phone and internet service to another provider and Verizon held up the transfer of phone line without a reason. Even after the account was switched, I continue to be billed by Verizon for landline and internet service. I filed a complaint with the DC Public Service Commission that their staff eventually stopped pursuing after being slow rolled by Verizon for more than 6 months. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau that is still active. Verizon has outright lied to the BBB, stating that they have cleared up this complaint with me directly. It has taken three letters to the BBB to reply to this and keep the complaint active. Verizon wrote the BBB a letter saying that the fact that I paid the bills for service not provided was proof that I was receiving service. I then did not pay a bill. Verizon immediately put a negative mark on my credit report. Kirsten Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #325112
Apr 10 2008
01:36 PM
In January of 2008 I heard of a promotion Verizon had going on where if you sign up for their bundle package you would receive a Free 19 Plasma HDTV. I signed up for the bundle I thought. I made an appointment for them to come set me up on January 10th but noone came. I called them and they said they hadn't seen that I even ordered their service. So I placed another order with another customer service representative at that time which was around January 14th. She said the order had been placed and they would come out and install my service on January 16th. January 16th came and still noone had came to set up my service. Raging mad I called back in on the 16th of January to tell them noone had shown up. They again told me they didnt show an ordered had been placed. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they told me to wait. A supervisor got on the line (from Texas) and I told her what was going on. She said she would get it taken care of and I told her I expected to have my service installed the next day, she told me there was no way this could happen. I proceeded to tell her I wanted to be signed up for their promotional package, the bundle package so I could get the free tv and that I know it had to be the 15/2 internet speed and it was fine. She said ok that she had set me up on all of that and they would hook my service up in 2 days. They did come to hook up my service but I still had problems. After the installation the tech couldnt get my verizon account to work (internet account). He called Fios Repair three times and noone knew what to do. He told me to call in the next day to agree to the terms of service and to get my internet account setup. A week later I called in and spoke with a Fios Tech and he while on the phone with me walked me through each step in getting my internet account created as well as agreeing to the TOS. This was in February, the first week of February. At the end of February I noticed I still hadnt received my postcard to fill out and send back for the TV. They told me in January that I would receive a postcard to fill out and send back 2-4 weeks after services were installed. I called Verizon at the end of Feb. to tell them I hadnt received the postcard. They told me it looks like im not setup on the plan to even be eligible for the tv. They said there were 2 problems, 1st problem was that I wasnt on the correct internet speed and 2nd that I hadnt agreed to the TOS (which I had already done!). I told them the superivsor Felicia in Texas said I was setup on that and that I had walked through agreeing to the TOS with a Fios Tech. They then said there was nothing they could do for me that I wasnt eligible. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor got on the line, rude as can be, and told me the same thing, I wasnt eligible for them two reasons. I said I didnt want to hear that because it wasnt true and that I expected my tv. She said she could offer me another promotion, I then told her I dont want to here about any other scams you have going on. She said it would be a $100 gift card, I said to where, she said, let me place you on hold. She then comes back and tells me that she could only give me a $100 credit on my next months bill. I tell her that she just said she could give me a $100 gift card..she said well in the system it read gift card but it is a credit. I told her I want the gift card she said there is no gift card, its a credit on the account. I asked to speak with a manager, she said she had no way of connecting me to one nor could she give me their number. She said one could give me a call back within 24 hours garaunteed. I was raging but said fine. The name of the manager who was suppost to call me back was Lupe in Dallas, Tx. I waited 26 hours and hadnt received a call. I then call back today and they said they showed a manager called my house three times and left messages....NOT TRUE! I never once received a call, and the manager trying to call wasnt even Lupe from Tx, it was someone from a call center in WA. I asked to be transferreed to them. Janice told me she would transfer me to them and so I waited. Well after waiting another Rep comes on the line, she is from the disconnect department, I never asked to speak with anyone from the disconnect department, she was suppost to transfer me to the WA manager who tried calling me. So I tell this Rep from the DC department that I want to speak with a manager. She puts one on the phone, this one is from CA. I tell her the whole process from step one until now. She tells me Im going to have to pay more money to get on the higher speed internet and I will also have to sign the TOS (that I had already signed by the way). If I do these two things she could send in an escalation and that skips the postcard being sent in and just has the tv sent to me directly in 8-10 weeks...(more waiting). I said okay lets just get thsi done. She said she placed the order but we were going to go on the line with a Fios Tech about signing the TOS. A Tech then comes on the line, asks for my info, pulls up my account and it shows that no TOS are even available for my account...what is going on??? The manager tells him that she placed a new order b/c of my internet speed and asks him if the TOS will be available after this order goes through, he said it should and that I need to visit the website in 24 hours to try and sign the TOS again. point is....Verizon is a HUGE RIPOFF and they scam all the time. Their customer service is horrible and they have many many unsatisfactory records with the BBB. I wouldnt recommend them to anyone. The reps, supervisors, and managers are not there to help you and they wont help you. You can never speak to anyone higher up than them, they say there is no way. So if you get ripped off, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Tired_of_being_scammed Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #296312
Jan 02 2008
11:32 AM
Verizon Wireless ,Verizon Wireless Scheme Monroeville, Pennsylvania Internet
I advise everyone reviewing this note to please consider other wireless companies before signing an agreement to Verizon Wireless. The agreement I signed 2 yrs ago was a family service plan with 700 minutes that would cost no more than $75 a month which included the taxes, however, the amount began to increase significantly. I intended to terminate my service with Verizon at the end of the contract, which was in August 2007. In July, I notified Verizon customer service several times that I did not want to renew my contract-I had been fed up with my monthly bill increasing, the dropped calls, the phone not working properly, rude customer service, etc. I was told several times by Verizon that I would have to pay an early termination fee $175--however, my contract was up in August, and I had already paid up to the end of the contract. Next thing you know, I found myself arguing with Verizon customer service countless times over the early termination fee, and I have been and is currently being harrassed by Miracle collection agency--they have even been calling me at my job, not to mention they have destroyed my good credit. I have decided to fight back. I contacted the better business bureau, sent them all my verification (thank God for personal checks as proof) and plan to contact the attorney general's office in my area. For those seeking a wireless service, please carefully view the incentives the company can offer you. I will say that my monthly bill has been consistent with Cingular, not to mention I have extra minutes of talk time if I need to use it. Tena East Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
60, Report #348749
Jul 08 2008
11:44 AM
Verizon California verizon suks Mission Hills California
verizon started sending me ever increasing bills and i realized there was something wrong! i had requested the lifeline service only. i qualified. then came a bill with 2 pages of .35 cent charges. then a verizon repair man appeared saying he was replacing the entire line to my address, he commented that he wondered how i could ever even make a call with all the static on the line. well, i never used the phone, it was for emergencies, my boss' pregnant daughter was staying with me in sept. 2004 when i first got the service, she was only there a month . the phone sat in the corner, i never used it. i have a tracfone. then i tried the verizon dsl, but my computer wouldnt run the program, too small a processor. they didnt want to discuss it, i paid all but the last 2 lease payments because one afternoon i talked to a nice verizon lady that said they should have cancelled the contract if i couldnt even use the service. i was billed for calls to oregon, i dont know anyone in oregon. at one point a rep took all of the 35 cent calls off of the bill, then a meadow olssen said i had to pay it and tacked the 135 or so amount back on. they say i owe 400.00 dollars and some odd cents. i thought i had the lifeline service at 5.65 per month. i even paid most of the dsl which i never once connected completely or used. verizons lack of attention to this detail tells of their mega corp malevolent attitude. now i have debt collectors calling me incessantly for this rip off bill. i refuse to pay a bill i did not incur. they ignore me. i ignore them. but i would like for the debt collection people to know that the account they keep calling me about is a fraud and they should leave me alone. Ellen ridgecrest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mission Hills, California
61, Report #1105942
Apr 09 2014
09:56 AM
Verizon DirecTV Verizon/DirecTV Bundles Are Scams Texas
We moved into a new house and I signed up through Verizon's website for their Double Play promo: Verizon phone service and DirecTV service. It says right on the order sheet, month's 1-12 pricing = $86.99. So my DirecTV is installed almost immediately (funny how that works since you only have 3 days to cancel their service) and a few days later the Verizon phone service. The phone service doesn't work. Something about a problem moving the phone number over from my previous provider. Two weeks later I get a text from DirecTV saying my services are no longer bundled with my phone provider and I get a bill from them for $157. This is for 2 months service. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Verizon and DirecTV on dozens of phone calls. Finally, FINALLY, a month later Verizon fixes my phone. But now DirecTV has put my account into collections, after 1 month of service!!! I call DirecTV and they are less than helpful and couldn't care less and basically says F you, pay me. I call Verizon back, spend hours and hours, get hung up on 3 times, transferred over and over from department to department. Eventually a billing rep recommends that I pay my bill to DirecTV and informs me that my bill for Verizon will be $59.99 plus taxes/fees per month for the first 3 months. Then the bundle should go back through. So I am paying about $150 per month instead of the $86.99 which I have proof that I agreed to on Verizon's site. This seems illegal and, at the very least, unethical. All of this is Verizon's fault, yet I am paying the price for it. I am a single Dad raising 3 kids and only signed up for the bundle since it was within my budget. But since I am now in a 2 year agreement (READ CONTRACT) with DirecTV, I will have to cancel my phone service which the number is tied to my business and has been for 8 years.   In short, DO NOT EVER BUNDLE VERIZON AND DIRECTV!!!! You will have made a huge mistake. You will be scammed. You will be told that there is some problem with the package going through and you won;t be getting the price you agreed to and you are now in a contract with another company.   I wonder how the CEOs of these two corporations sleep at night knowing they make their millions of dollars by ripping off hard working Americans.
Entity: Texas
62, Report #1015377
Feb 16 2013
12:53 PM
Verizon Fios Deceptive sales practices from Verizon Internet
We recently changed our Internet, phone and tv service to Fios based on a presentation by a salesman who made many promises that did not pan out. These included a $10 credit as Verizon wireless customers and a lower monthly payment. After installation we were told we did not qualify for the $10 credit and our monthly payments turned out to be $22 more per month than we were paying ComcastNumerous phone calls to Verizon brought us no satisfaction. Each person we spoke to gave us a diff end answer and provided only more frustration. Finally we cancelled and are going back to Comcast.It seems that many employees of Verizon have no idea what they are talking about and will just lie and tell you what you want to hear to gat you to sign.I'm usually skeptical when it comes to sales pitches so I asked a lot of questions before we signed. You just have no way of knowing if they are just lying.
Entity: , Internet
63, Report #1025407
Mar 08 2013
12:13 AM
Verizon Verizon High Speed Innternet Poor customer service Internet
 I called Verizon tech support over a week ago. The issue is that every evening my connection speed drops to less tha 1 MBPS. I'm paying for 3 MBPS. During the day, the speed is fine. This has been occurring for several months. The initial technician used software to take control of my computer. He verified the speed to be less than 1 MBPS. We verified through my router that there were no unauthorized connections that would cause my speed to drop. He tried to transfer me to network services but could not get a connection through to them. I was told that someone would contact me back in no more than 24 hours. I never received any call.  Tonight I called again and explained what had occurred. The operator transferred me to another number. I have been on hold for over an hour now and no one has answered to say how much longer I might have to wait or what place I am currently at in line.  To sum it up, Verizon's customer support sucks. They have not hesitated to raise my bills whenever they see fit, but I cannot get any support when I have a problem.  I have had AT&T and Time Warner at different times and they all sucked. I don't know what the heck a consumer has to do to get what they've been promised and are paying for out of these communication giants. They obviously just don't care about their customers.
Entity: , Internet
64, Report #1189178
Nov 15 2014
07:24 PM
Verizon Fios Verizon Fios Gift card ripoff Nationwide
 I signed up for Verizon Fios at the beginning of August of this year.  There was a promo for the triple play which included a free tablet with data plan purchase, and a free $400 gift card.  I had heard previously about verizon giving excuses for not handing out the cards, so I took picures of the ad, and saved the ad as well.  I then decided to give it a shot. I reiterated the deal when I ordered.  Its now mid november, and no gift card.  Today I called Verizon, and lo and behold, I don't qualify for the gift card.  They won't say that the offer wasn't available, only that I don't qualify.  They won't tell me why I don't qualify either (because I do, I was very thorough in my research before I switched to fios).  I am very pissed off and will be notifying every media outlet that I can that Verizon is still pulling this scam. 
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #1190762
Nov 22 2014
01:07 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Rebate Offer Scam Nationwide
When the new iPhone 6 was announced as available at the local Verizon store I visited the store. This was an actual Verizon store, not even a certified reseller. I was enticed to upgrade my 4S with a promise of a $200 gift card which I would receive when the packaging material was sent to me for its shipping to Verizon. I had my 4S phone with me at the time so it could be completely examined in person. It was obvious that it was in excellent condition.I didn't question the rebate further as it was from Verizon, and you always trust Verizon, right? In fact this rebate was advertised by Verizon, which enticed me to go to the store in the first place to trade in my phone. The Verizon saleperson (who works for Verizon) assured me that the packaging material for the return would arrive with the new iPhone 6 which was on back order.I received the new phone within a week and my credit card was charged for the full price. No packaging material was included. I called Verizon and was assured that it would be sent right out. It didn't arrive. After a couple of weeks I called again. After many apologies and typlical customer service doublespeak I was again assured that the packaging material would be sent immediately.The packing material did not arrive. Once again I called Verizon. This time I got a recording saying how backed up they were because of heavy demand, but not to worry. It will arrive soon, and I would have until Dec. 1 to send in my phone for the rebate. By Nov. 21 the packaging material hadn't arrived. I spoke to customer service and was at first told that the rebate program was over and I was too late. After much debate I was given a service ID number which would be turned into the rebate center. I got a confiming email with the rebate amount due - $18!!!So, another frustrating call was made to Verizon explaining the entire situation followed by more customer service doublespeak and how sorry they were for the problem. Supposedly I got it resolved with the latest CS person who changed the rebate amount to $100.OK. I'll eat the difference. However there are 2 problems. 1) The rebate certificate states that my phone is a 16GB iPhone. It is not. It is an 8GB phone. I explained this several times. Veriizon now has an out. 2) There are numerous posts to their website discussion board discussing customer dissatisfaction with getting anything in the way of a rebate based on this very same rebate prgram. Often it is because the technical lab determined that the screen was cracked or it didn't start, even though, if the customer is to be believed, it was sent in perfect condition. And with all of the complaints written, I tend to believe the customer.So it appears I was lied to by the Verizon representative who sold me the phone, the Verizon CS people I subsequently spoke to and ultimately the company that advertised something they could not deliver and then set up a network of lies and deceit to make the customer shut up.      
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #1184111
Oct 21 2014
12:15 PM
VERIZON Residential Internet Service VERIZON LIES CONSISTENTLY !!! Nationwide
This is par for the course !, once again Verizon has lied I am searching for an internet only service, after I have cut every cord but this from Verizon. They (customer service representative) quoted me one price in May 2014 of $48.00 a month for internet only, without TV which they said they would remove because I was not receiving the reception they said I would and  after charging me for 3 months for equipment I no longer had !!!   FED UP, FED UP, FED UP,   I TRY VERY HARD NOT TO RESORT TO VULGARITIES, BUT THIS IS AN INSTANCE WHERE I PRAY TO BE FORGIVEN FOR WHAT I'AM ABOUT TO DO !!!! OR SAY THIS IS THE MOST  ()*&#*&_$ UP COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH AND I HOPE THEY ARE ROOTED OUT SOON !!! PASSED UP BY ANOTHER AND LOSE THEIR SHIRT .....    
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #1037385
Mar 23 2013
12:36 PM
Verizon Fios STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON Internet
We have had Verizon Fios, internet and digital phone for over a year. We can honestly say that we have never experienced such terrible customer services. They find every way to squeeze a few extra shekels from us. Their tv guide and dvr access are cluttered with their ads for up sells. Their customer service times are long and reps are untrained and rude. Their website is slow, frequently down, and focuses more on upselling vs. service. They make frequent mistakes, and it is always us who pays the price. All in all, I think some of what they are doing is plain illegal. But who is to fight a goliath like Verizon. STAY AWAY.
Entity: , Internet
68, Report #1053105
May 22 2013
06:24 PM
Verizon Verizon phone insurance deceptive sales practices Franklin Tennessee
Verizon never informed me that the insurance had a deductible.  In fact, they sold the insurance rather clearly that it did not I use it all the time, phone breaks, they send a new one the next day.  Statements like that we made by the sales person at the time of sale and by the reps at the call center (I called in later to get it on a second phone because of the way they sold it). In addition, they never mention that the insurance is provided by Asurion.  A company I am very familiar with and would never to do business with. I have fixed three seperate iPhones and dozens of computers and would never want (or need) to pay for this type of insurance knowing there is a $170 deductible.  For $10 a month I figure, what the heck, it'll save me a couple hours.  In addition, they way they sold the insurance as all inclusive made it appealing.
Entity: Brentwood, Tennessee
69, Report #1061707
Jun 24 2013
03:55 PM
Entity: Internet
70, Report #966608
Nov 08 2012
05:59 PM
Verizon Verizon Wireless Threatened, Scammed, and Harassed Wallingford, Connecticut
Long story short: Verizon scammed me out of a month's bill (about $90), then threatened me when I said I didn't think I should have to pay it, and then harassed me when I reported their misbehavior to the FCC.  I had cell phone service with Verizon for a little over 2 years. The actual phone service was great, but the customer service is among the worst I've ever experienced. My contract expired right around the same time that they stopped offering unlimited data plans. My phone also broke, so I needed a new one and was ready to renew my contract for a discounted phone, but decided to switch to a carrier with unlimited data. So, I called Verizon to find out how to disconnect my service and keep my number with a new carrier. I clearly told the service rep that I was planning on disconnecting service and asked for advice. At no time did he tell me that Verizon's policy is to charge for the full monthly bill even when service is disconnected mid-month. If he had told me this, I would have waited until the end of my billing cycle to disconnect. Instead, he spent over 30 minutes trying to convince me to stay with Verizon and saying the idiotic elimination of the unlimited data plan was not a negative change.  I switched to Sprint, paid what I thought was my last Verizon bill, and was done...until I got a series of threatening letters from Verizon and then called to find out what was going on. The customer service rep I spoke with was incredibly rude. She outright threatened to destroy my credit if I did not pay for an extra month of Verizon service that I never used. So, I paid under duress and asked her to make a note in my account that I did not agree with the forced payment. It is absolutely criminal that Verizon is allowed to use threats to force payments for services that were never provided. I reported this action to the FCC. A few weeks after submitting an FCC report, I got several phone calls during the day while I was at work. I also got emails from an Executive Relations rep named Sylvia Thomas. I'm sure she's a decent person, but she was harassing me on behalf of Verizon. I wrote her back telling her that I would be satisfied with a heartfelt apology for threatening me and a refund for the amount I paid above and beyond the service that was actually provided. It's upsetting that it takes reporting a company's misbehavior to the FCC for any action to happen...and then that action is simply more customer abuse. Instead of any type of apology, I got 2 letters in the mail saying that the case had been closed and they deemed themselves to not owe me anything. Long story short: Verizon scammed me out of a month's bill (about $90), then threatened me when I said I didn't think I should have to pay it, and then harassed me when I reported their misbehavior to the FCC. I will never sign up for Verizon service again, no matter how good their actual phone service is. It's not worth dealing with this evil criminal company!!
Entity: Wallingford, Connecticut
71, Report #1097000
Nov 05 2013
06:55 AM
Verizon wireless Verizon rebate Los Angeles California
verizon was advertising a samsung s4 phone for 600.00 $$ when I went to the verizon store they informed me that the phone is 650$$ with a 50 $$ rebate and 2 year contract. I bought the phone and filled the paper work for the rebate. After 2 months of not getting the rebate I checked an email that was sent to me from verizon and followed a link. I was informed that the rebate could not be procssed. There was 4 reason next to this information. i called verizon and after 30 minutes of listening to computers and different operators I was informed that all the paper work that was submitted was correct and they need a third party verification. I asked what that means and they told me that they have 3rd parties that sell phones and contracts for verizon and they need to verify the purchase. what a bunch of lies. I purchased the phone directly from verizon store in L.A close to the ocean and also they ask for proof of purchase that was sent to them. The lady that was helping me was very nice and well trained. She told me that everything that I have sent was correct and I will get the rebate in form of a Visa card . I can not believe these guys they do everything not to pay people. Why don't they just mail a check that you can deposit in your account. I guess they think that you might lose the card or not use the total amount. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
72, Report #1131551
Mar 21 2014
08:07 PM
Verizon Wireless Deceived by Verizon Wireless Moorpark California
  Deceived by Verizon Wireless On March 8, 2014, my husband and I went to a training session at Verizon Wireless in Moorpark, California to learn how to use our new phones. At the end of the session, the instructor told us that anything on the table was half off and that it was being sold at 50% off because it would create income for their training program. I was more than happy to help out when I saw a Gopro Hero 3 silver camera ($299.00 regular price) to buy for my son. All my questions led to yes, it’s 50%.  For that price I did not hesitate to purchase the item. This is what happened when we paid. They gave me my credit card receipt showing the full amount of the camera, but my credit card was charged half of the camera amount.  I couldn’t make sense of the receipt, but I was charged half of the amount $172.49 ($149 plus $23.49 tax on the entire $299 charge). Next, I get my Verizon Wireless bill with a $50 charge for equipment purchase and another $100 charge for equipment purchase. I took the bill to the Verizon Wireless store and they told me that those were the charges for the balance of the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera since it wasn’t part of the half off items on the table (I think they broke up the $150 so that it became difficult to figure out what was purchased). I returned the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera and got all my money back. Here is where I got lucky. I received my Verizon Wireless bill, a week after my purchase, which allowed me to see the $150 extra charge on my bill. I only had 14 days to return the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera, which made it just in time to get the refund. If I had gotten my bill after 14 days of the Gopro Hero 3 silver camera purchase, I would have owned the camera for the full price. There were about 10 people at the event and most of them were willing to make a purchase, I would like to know how many of them got scammed.
Entity: Moorpark, California
73, Report #1085044
Sep 17 2013
06:34 AM
Verizon Fios DO NOT USE VERIZON!!! internet nationwide
I regret to have to write that I will never deal with Verizon again! They are billing me for a service I am not receiving. I cancelled their services because there were major problems from the very first day. I only had service for 11 days, 9 of which I actually received service, and I am being billed $223.23.  They will not credit me back and this will ruin my credit. They know this so they strongarm us into paying their ridiculous fees when you cancel service. I was told that I would not be charged for services if I cancelled within 30 days. Yeah, right. If there are any law suits already underway I want in. I have never been so angry at a company before and I have never sued anyone. But this company's practices are shady and horrible. They must be stopped!
Entity: Internet
74, Report #1338072
Nov 14 2016
11:14 AM
verizon wireless Verizon Wireless 7Plus trade up SCAM Nationwide
I was told through the IPhone 7 promotion that I could trade in my IPhone 6plus cell phone and receive a new iPhone 7 plus phone by paying just the taxes. They now have told me that my phone - that could only be sent to them through the mail - was only worth $ 122.00, and that I will have to pay 39.00 a month for months in order to pay for this new 7plus phone. I told them that I wanted my old phone back and I would return this phone. They said that the 14 days were up so they cannot return my phone. I contacted them as soon as I received their email stating how little they would credit me for my 6plus. My 6plus was in excellent working condition. I was using it right up until the day I sent it to them. I had told them  there  was only a small 1/2 to 3/4' crack Above the screen, not even on the screen. I believe they deliberately waited to send me the email of how much they would credit me for my phone until it was too late to cancel my order. I received their email on Oct 28th. I responded immediately voicing my outrage, but they did not respond. I then spent 1 hour 21 minutes minutes on the phone November 3rd with Stacey rep explaining to her that I just wanted my old phone back and that I felt this was a scam and that is why they did not let me do the exchange in a store - in person. She said the best they can do is let me return the new phone and I won’t get charged for it, but I would not get my 6Plus back!!!! This is ridiculous. They said the fair market value of my new phone is $347, and fair market value of my 6plus is $245. Why are they trying to now charge me $36.24 for 24 months!!! I would like them to credit my bill for the 7 plus phone if they really cannot give me my old phone back - in the proper working condition it was in when it was sent to them. Nov 4, Matt called me and said he would decrease my data plan to offset my now increased bill, I said that does not help because I am still paying $850 for a phone I do not need. I said to either return my phone or give me a refurbished 6 plus. He said no. He then said he would give me another 300 off the cost of the phone. I said no because I would still be paying 500 for a phone I don’t need.
Entity: Nationwide
75, Report #1164052
Jul 22 2014
11:01 AM
Verizon Wireless Why I Left Verizon Wireless Abington Pennsylvania
Why I Switched to T-Mobile after 18 Years (1996-2014) as a Verizon Wireless CustomerJune 27, 2014Short Answer============My horrible experience with Verizon Wireless revealed a callous indifference to customer interests and concerns in a single-minded pursuit of revenue.A timeline of my experience is as follows.Thu 3/27/14===========I visited a Verizon Wireless store to upgrade my phone, but I went totally unprepared to engage with a slick salesperson. It did not occur to me that I needed to guard against getting hoodwinked, because upgrading my phone had always been a routine process. Also, since I had been getting a single bill for my landline and mobile services, I was not aware that Verizon and Verizon Wireless were now separate entities. Therefore I was not aware that a change regarding my home phone would completely severe my relationship with Verizon and upend the quality of service I was getting from them.I brought my latest bill with me to expedite the process of exchanging pertinent information. The salesperson looked at the bill and exclaimed that I could save money. I ended up being sold a 4-line More Everything plan that included (1) the phone, (2) a mobile hotspot (which I liked), (3) a cellular modem for my computer, and (4) a device called the Home Phone Connect (HPC) for my landline.I was dubious about replacing my unlimited data with this new plan’s 1 gigabyte of data. But I was assured that 1 gigabyte could fit my needs. Since I thought that Verizon and Verizon Wireless were the same company, I thought that the cellular modem and HPC were just replacement devices for my Verizon service. I did not know that I would be terminating my Verizon service and signing up for devices that involved Early Termination Fees (ETF).When I was asked to sign my name on the salesperson’s iPad and was told that the paperwork would be emailed to me, I thought I was merely signing my credit card receipt. If I had known that I was signing a contract for the cellular modem and HPC that involved ETF’s, I would have backed out. It was not explained to me what I was signing, and I was not offered a chance to read it. (In contrast the T-Mobile salespersons made sure that I read everything before signing.)Fri 3/28/14===========After reading the morning paper with my iPad Wall Street Journal app, I was shocked to see an email alerting me that I had exceeded my data allowance. The email advised me to increase my data plan to avoid an overage charge. I increased the plan to 2 gigabytes. My promised savings had thereby shrunk!Sat 3/29/14===========I took the cellular modem and HPC to the Verizon store to return them and revert back to Verizon’s cooper line and unlimited data. After the salesperson spoke with the store manager, I was told that they concluded that the email alert must have been in error, because I could not have used all my data. I was told that 2 gigabytes was more than enough for normal computing, and besides I could bring in a bill and have glitches corrected. Not believing that I would be willfully misled, I fell for that explanation.Wed 4/2/14==========I received another shocking email alert about exceeding my data allowance and that I should increase my data plan to avoid overage charges. Examination of my data usage indicated that the iPad Wall Street Journal app was using a quarter gigabyte per day. Still relying on the veracity of the Verizon Wireless salespersons, I concluded that this could not be correct. I figured that perhaps a calculation involving prorated data usage was amiss. I decided to wait until the start of my full monthly cycle on 4/7 to examine the readings on my data usage.Besides the data usage headache, it had become clear that the HPC had three significant shortcomings. They were (1) inferior sound quality, (2) inability to fax, and (3) the Caller ID displayed the number only – no name.The third shortcoming was extremely maddening, because even though my number is on the Do Not Call list I still get numerous junk phone calls. I routinely ignore calls that show “Unavailable” or something similar. Screening calls became surprising difficult with the HPC. I was avoiding legitimate calls whose number I did not immediately recognize. And I was picking up (and immediately hanging up) on junk calls with a local area code.Tue 4/8/14==========On this new monthly cycle, I checked my data usage and saw that my iPad Wall Street Journal app was indeed using a quarter gigabyte per day for one and a half gigabytes per week. My other computer usage was a quarter gigabyte per week. It became clear that I had been misled, and that a limited data plan – though OK for a mobile phone – was totally inappropriate for combined phone and home computing usage.Wed 4/9/14==========I called Verizon to get back my superior landline service with unlimited data.Tue 4/15/14===========A Verizon technician got me back onto Verizon. I felt relieved! It was like welcoming back an old friend whom I had unwisely underappreciated. I no longer had to guess whether or not a call was a junk phone call. I no longer had to curtail my everyday computer and iPad activities out of concern over data limits.I could tell from phone conversations that the technician had with his coworkers that they considered the Verizon Wireless HPC to be crap.I called Verizon Wireless to get the cheapest plan possible. The plan included a quarter gigabyte of data, but the representative gave me a bonus allotment of an extra gigabyte. So at this point I felt that I was in a good situation. I had landline and mobile service appropriate for me at a cost much less than my cost before the start of this bad experience.Thu 4/17/14===========I noticed on my Verizon Wireless bill that the salesperson had added extended warranties for the phone and mobile hotspot to my plan without my knowledge. I called Verizon Wireless to get them dropped.Also that day, I opted out of having Verizon Wireless retain my checking account and bank routing numbers.Mon 5/12/14===========I saw on my bill that Verizon Wireless had charged me an Early Termination Fee for reverting back to Verizon. This was truly an insult upon injury! After being hoodwinked into a frustratingly inadequate home phone service plan and then misled when I came to return it two days later, they were penalizing me for reverting back to a service that made sense for me. Essentially, Verizon Wireless sets up a Berlin Wall to discourage people from escaping, rather than offering something that would encourage people to stay.Tue 5/13/14===========I returned to the Verizon Wireless store to demand that they drop the ETF. But first I had to get pass someone who fed me the line that they could save me money on TV service, which was the same line with which I had already been duped. (Be prepared to be hustled at a Verizon Wireless store, especially if they feed you this line.)I explained the following to the person who waited on me. (1) It was not made clear to me that I was signing a contract for the HPC; I thought I was signing a credit card receipt. (2) I was misled about the adequacy of a 2 gigabyte data plan, when I came to return the HPC and cellular modem. (3) The HPC has inferior sound quality. (4) The HPC lacks a fax capability. (5) The HPC lacks a genuine Caller ID capability.After the person spoke with the manager, I was told that the manager was on a conference call and that I would receive a call around 4:00pm.I rehashed my experiences to the manager later that day. The manager essentially told me that I should have known that I was signing a contract. I was told that the ETF would not be dropped, but the restocking fee would be waived if I returned the HPC device. I stated that I intended to terminate all services. The manager’s response was “No problem.”Fri 5/16/14===========I called Verizon Wireless to terminate my remaining three services. I rehashed my experiences to the service representative’s obligatory “why” question. The representative informed me that services will automatically get dropped when I transfer to another carrier.Later that day I received an automated call from Verizon Wireless Customer Survey. I gave a zero to the likelihood that I would recommend Verizon Wireless, and then summarized my experiences for the obligatory “why” question. I received no further feedback. Apparently Verizon Wireless has no process for attending to an aggrieved customer who for 18 years paid each bill shortly after it arrived.Thu 5/22/14===========I visited a T-Mobile store – this time with my guard up – to inquire about their “We Pay Your ETF’s” promotion. I was pleasantly surprised to find a totally different corporate culture. The salespersons related to me as a human being rather than as a potential dupe.I transferred my phone and mobile hotspot services to T-Mobile; so they will pay those two ETF’s. Perhaps having some awareness of the anti-customer culture at Verizon Wireless, the salesperson said that now I no longer had to deal with them. Unfortunately I still had to have one more interaction with Verizon Wireless, because I had to terminate the cellular modem service.Fri 5/30/14===========I called Verizon Wireless to terminate my remaining service. To my surprise, upon answering the obligatory “why” question, the service representative expressed some empathy. The representative (1) apologized for my bad experiences, (2) noted that I had been a good customer since 1996, and (3) asked if there was something that could be done to keep me with Verizon Wireless. However it was too late; I had already switched to T-Mobile.Ironically if I had spoken with this representative earlier, I would probably still be with Verizon Wireless. I really liked the cellular modem. More than just a portable broadband wireless connection, it also provided a portable broadband Ethernet connection. So if needed, I could have had a broadband connection wherever I was whether or not a particular computer had a wireless antenna. Before switching I would have been willing to negotiate over the possibility of adding more bonus data to my monthly allotment.In closing, here are some reasons why a Verizon Wireless customer should consider switching to T-Mobile.1.T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.2.In contrast to corporate culture at Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile’s is customer friendly. (Admittedly, a high confidence conclusion cannot be drawn from my small dataset. I could have unluckily chosen an anomalously anti-customer Verizon Wireless store.)3.T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.4.T-Mobile’s hotspot device is nice. It can be tethered to deliver wireless broadband to a computer that lacks a wireless antenna. Or while tethered it can act as an external storage device. Also it has a large capacity battery, so it can charge or power other devices.5.Call forwarding with T-Mobile is extremely flexible. With Verizon Wireless, when I was home and wanted to receive calls to my mobile phone on my landline with my mobile phone turned off, I had to unconditionally forward my calls. Then I had to remember to turn off call forwarding, when I left the house. In contrast T-Mobile has four call forwarding modes: (a) unconditional, (b) busy, (c) don’t answer, and (d) unavailable (phone turned off). So in just one simple operation I was able to set modes 2 – 4 on my T-Mobile phone to forward calls to my landline. Now I no longer have to play the game of turning call forwarding on and off. Calls to my mobile phone automatically go to my mobile phone when it is on and to my landline when it is off.6.You can make calls over Wi-Fi with T-Mobile. So if Wi-Fi is available, you have coverage.7.And lastly, T-Mobile will pay your ETF’s.
Entity: Abington, Pennsylvania

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