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1, Report #1403463
Oct 01 2017
10:18 AM
Victory O Akpomadeye Victory Akpos Multistore Builder Pro Plugin Helpdesk & Co-founder Victory O. Akpomedaye Failed to support the buggy WP Store builder Plugin. REAL TALK! Stranmillis Internet
I purchased the Multistore Builder Pro plugin on 3/8/2017. The Multistore builder website has a members area where plugin purchasers can download the plugin version that they purchased and watch tutorials about how to install and configure the plugin. I configured the plugin with my affiliate ID from the various vendors like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Aliexpress etc..The plugin came with a theme called Beamstore and a beamstore extras addon. It was supposed to be in the bonus area but was not there. I emailed the support desk to find out where to find the theme to get it installed on my test store. A couple of days or so had passed and I was sent a link to download the Beamstore theme. Most likely because I requested it within the 30 day refund period.How the plugin is supposed to workThe plugin allows you to build an online store on your WordPress website. It imports products from vendors and online stores such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay to name a few. The plugin is also supposed to import the product pricing and product reviews. The plugin is also supposed to automatically update the prices in your store to match the vendor's pricing:For example: If eBay or Amazon raises or lowers the price on an item that you’ve imported into the store with the plugin, the price change is supposed to automatically update for the item, that you’ve imported, in your store.The Harsh Reality about the Multistore Pro PluginThree weeks or so after the 30-day refund policy period had passed, I had noticed that the following plug-in features were no longer working:Multiple product import featureWhen attempting to import multiple items or products into my store, the import features just hangs, I’ve had it hang up to 40 minutes before I refreshed the page. It’s broken.Product ReviewsProduct reviews do not import with any of the products imported into the store...NOT AT ALL!Items/product pricingItems or products imported into the store using the plugin will not, do not and still does not update the price of the item if the vendor changes the prices. The price in my store for all of the items that I’ve imported will not update automatically unless they are reimported again. Searching for the products to reimport them into the store again is a real pain. In this case, it's a never-ending pain.The Beamstore theme / Beamstore XtraThis theme is supposed to make your store full of imported products look a real online storefront. It utilizes components and script files from the woo commerce plugin. The problem: When the woo commerce plugin is updated by woocommerce, the beamstore theme does not update all of the required woocommerce components and script files that are required. It is necessary to manually update these components in order to fix the problem, once again this is an ongoing headache.Victory Akpos - Multistore Builder Helpdesk SupportOn May 29, 2017, I opened a support ticket with the multistore support desk. A week went by, with no response...I added to the ticket still to this day now as I’m writing this report, there has been no response to any of the tickets that have sent to the support desk.On 6/22/2017 Victory sent this following email to his Multistore Builder customers about an updated version of the plugin that fixes the reported bugs:------------------------------------------From: MultiStore BuilderSubject: Important Updates, V2, New Features & Request... (Let's do this!)Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 6:56 AMHey, Greetings! Since the launch of Multi Store Builder Plugin we have been working and at this point we are set to push a major update on the plugin through our server and you will get a notification on your Wordpress admin panel.. This update has fixed most reported concerns/observations by our esteemed users.. It has also enhance and improve some features like the pagination, invalid affiliate keys response, multi-lingual support etc. All old users will be required to initiate the upgrade once we push the update to the server. No payment is required by you. Just log in to your WP admin and you will see an update notification. Coolio. On Feature Request; We'd love to know any feature/s you are presenting wishing was available on Multi store builder plugin so that we can quickly add it up. Also if you have any concern, please send me an email here. Our regular update is evidence that we're listening and take your feedback very seriously. This plugin belong to us all as one happy MSB family and together we can make it greater than ever before. Thank You. Victory Akpos Co-founder, Multi Store Builder Plugin.Tip: If You Are Selling Online or Intend To Earn a Living Online Then You Need to Find Out How You Can Stop Paying Your Web Hosting Provider Forever.. With the recurring high cost expenses on web hosting fees alone monthly and yearly it becomes more difficult for newbies and amateur netpreneurs to keep up with their online adventure...Obviously! Hence I want to give you a headsup about an epic product launching today. Lifetime.Hosting is a new concept in Hosting. Instead of paying month-after-month, they charge you once. A single one-time payment of 14.95 bucks. Customers who got this selfish and over-efficient hosting through last year are still enjoying a world-class service. So Don't Miss Early Bird Pricing on Lifetime.Hosting. Get more details here I will send you another mail before the cart opens to tell you more about the AWESOME BONUSES Am dropping. Expect my mail by 10 am est today. -----------------------------------------------------In this same email, after Victory Akpos says that he’s set to make a major push from their servers, regarding the multistore builder update, he tries to promote and sell another product in the same email. Notice that there was no release date specified for multistore customers to receive the updated plugin. This was all a lie and a ploy to gain customer trust in order to sell yet another product without delivering or supporting his product.Victory Apomedaye promises to push the updated plugin to the WP Admin Panel via their servers. As of filing this Rip-off report, the supposed updated plugin has not been pushed to my WP Admin Panel, the plugin has not been updated or uploaded into the Multistore builder’s members area, nor has a link to the updated plugin been sent out to me for resolution.What Happened next...In August 2017 Victory Akpos, sent an email out about the V2 multistore builder update Training Webinar. Once you enter your name and email address you were signed up for the training webinar. He promised customers in the email that they would receive the updated version of the plugin immediately after attending the webinar.The webinar turned out to be a rehash of the training tutorials loaded in the member's area. During the training webinar, Victory mentioned that he and his staff were behind on addressing the support tickets and to be patient as his team is getting around to answering all of them.During the training, he attempted to import multiple items into a store that he created and the item never imported into his store. In fact, the multiple import feature froze until he refreshed the page. This was one of the same exact issues that I emailed his support desk about in May. It looked like it wasn’t fixed. He made excuses up on the webinar and quickly moved through the rest of the “so-called” training. The training was horrible as there was frequent screen freezing, his thick heavy accent was difficult to understand, and the audio kept cutting in and out during the webinar.He failed to mention or demonstrate any of the new features and bug fixes throughout the training webinar. While attending his training webinar and seeing that Victory had similar problems, like me, with the plugin, I began to wonder if there really was an updated version of the plugin.Just another Marketing Ploy...Those of us who stayed to the end of the webinar were supposed to receive the updated plugin. Nope this didn’t happen, instead, this was a lie and another marketing ploy to get the attendees to stay until the end so that he could promote and sell more of his shitThe day after the webinar, V. Akpos emailed all of the attendees the link to watch the recording of this useless training webinar. The updated plugin had not been pushed to my WP Admin Panel via his server as he said that it would.There was no additional information provided nor emails about where to get the updated plugin as of writing this report.I sure as hell started receiving marketing emails from V. Akpos as he was promoting more products and services. I was patiently waiting for an email that provided information about the updated plugin because I wanted to get my store up and going.Up to the date of writing this report, there has been no emails nor any mention about the multistore builder v2 update from Victory O. Akpomedaye (aka Victory Akpos)A few days later or so after attending the webinar, I opened another ticket with the support desk on 8/25/2017 to get information about where to find the updated plugin since it was not pushed to my WP Admin Panel nor to be found in the member's area. My email experience with V. AkposLast week September 24, I sent Victory Akpomedaye an email to his “personal email account” expressing my disappointment with his failure to provide the updated plugin and an update about it.I advised him that we need to get this resolved quickly as my patience has run out and I also informed him that if we can’t get this resolved within 6 days that I would file a report with the BBB and a Rip-off Report.Note: I learned that the BBB only addresses consumer issues with American businesses. The UK does have a BBB equivalent, which is nice to know)This was his email response back to me:------------------------------------------------------From: Akpos Victory Subject: Re: MultiStore Builder - Important Updates, V2, New Features & Request... (Let's do this!)Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017 11:17 AMHi,Thanks for reaching out.However you got it all wrong by adding a threat to your message as it's not welcome by our business operations in anyway. We have a lot of satisfied customers over same product you are complaining about. IF you need any form of assistance now you have personal email it will do you good to report the issue you are facing with the plugin here.Thanks---------------------------------------------My question is that if I’m the only one complaining about the product and he has a lot of satisfied customers using the multistore plugin, why was it necessary to send out an email saying that there is an updated version of the plugin? Why was it necessary to schedule a training webinar in August 2017? Where is the v2 of the plugin that is supposed to have fixed all of the bugs? I emailed him every other day this week to resolve this issue with him in private because I was making an effort to respect his marketing livelihood.After sending him 4 emails this week I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no multistore plugin v2. It was a lie and a ploy to promote and market more of his products. If there was an updated version of the plugin, it would already be available in the member’s area or pushed from his “so-called” servers...and I would not be wasting my valuable time writing this rip-off report.Since he has chosen to avoid and ignore my emails, it is my responsibility to get the word out so that potential customers, partners, and ethical internet marketers can be aware that Victory Akpos is all about the money. He has not to this day and will not support the plugin that he sold. He will avoid you and ignore your emails, even if you make an earnest effort to work with him to resolve the issue. He does not understand patience, nor treats his customers with respect.Feedback for Victory AkposCustomer satisfaction goes a long way and it is the most important component to possess in order to have a successful online marketing career. Customer satisfaction creates repeat sales and it is the life’s blood of any business. Your wealth is a byproduct of how well you treat your customers and listen to them. You of all people in the online marketing business should know this very well.Your failure to respond to my emails and tickets say a lot about your character, ethics, and business practices. Your actions show that you do not care about doing the right thing for your customers. You’ve made your quick buck now you have no use for the customer until it's time to market or sell them more of your stuff.Word of Warning to anyone condering purchasing any V. Akpos products or services - Do so at your own risk!!!V. Akpos is behind other software products like MobileX, Syndsocial, InstaPilot, WPContent Machine, Baydrill, Multistore Builder Plugin and ReachInfluencer.If you are new to marketing or are interested in purchasing any of these products that Victory has his hand in, you should think long and hard before you buy it. He will take your hard earned money, and after the return or refund period is over, he will most likely leave you hanging high and dry. Continue to fill your inbox with his promotion and not keep his word when problems arise with the product.Final Thoughts:Marketers and product creators/developers that behave in this manner, give the good internet marketers and product creators/developers a bad name.I am not angry with Akpos, I only feel great sadness and pity that he has lost his way, chasing the dollar to make a quick buck off the backs of hardworking people.Karma is a bitch and I feel sorry for you when she comes knocking at your door; for she will give you what you’ve given to others and more.
Entity: Stranmillis, Internet
2, Report #149775
Jul 14 2005
05:25 PM
Victory Ford ripoff Ephrata Pennsylvania
i went to buy a 2003 chevy s10 pick up and saw one on their web site for 10,495 dollars so me and my mom went thier with my wife to take it for a test drive it so we went thier when we pulled up there a saleman came to see us and asked me what i wanted and i told him, well we went in side to figur out the monthly payments, when the salemen came back he told me i needed to come up with 1500 dollors so we decided to trade my 99 car in and so we were signing the papers when the finaianced person said we would need to buy a extended warranty for 2500 more and they told us the truck was 14000 so i siad how come u have it for 10495 on the web he said he would have to check well we bought the truck came to 18000 dollars becuase we had to buy gap and had the etch glass insurance and 500 doolars warranty down paymentand we were told by the financed man in order for us to get the loan we would have to buy the warranty or we can go home wqell bothe my mom and i ask them what is covered on the trcuk thye said everyhting and anything from bumber to bumber well we had the truck for almost 2 months and the clutch cracked in half when we toom it to get it fixed we were told we would have to foot the 1400 dollar repair because the clutch wasnt warrantyed we found out that we didnt need the exteneded warranty after all by the loan company and we never recieve a 100,00 finders fee Christopher birdsboro, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ephrata, Pennsylvania
3, Report #1098592
Nov 11 2013
07:08 PM
Victory Promotions Marketing Scam Chicago Illinois
 I interviewed for a spot in entry marketing through Victory Promotions in May 2008. The ad for the job said they were looking for marketing people for sports marketing promotions. The website listed the White Sox as a client of theirs. When I went to the interview, they called the same day saying they wanted to do a second interview. The second interview was a group of people and entailed us going out with people who worked there in the field. The product they had was a make up kit by Victoria Jackson. I asked about the sports piece, and they said they finished the promotion selling tickets for the White Sox. The new promotions were the make up kits and I believe a TV package. The way the people sold the product was going in and high rises downtown. In several instances we were just walking in offices and had security called on us several times. When we got back, they kept talking about how the head guy started where we were. Now, he is the CEO and makes millions. They promised the opportunity for you to have the same fate as long as you keep getting people to work underneath you. Once you had a successful team, you could open your own branch under a new name. It was all a big scheme. Shame on them!!  
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
4, Report #1224593
Apr 24 2015
11:46 AM
Victory Martial Arts Money Scam Orlando Florida
My daughter and I was taking ATA Taekwondo classes in another state and loved the teachers and forms.  Victory Martial Arts advertised themselves as an ATA Taekwondo school.  When I called, I was told we could take a free class.  When we arrived to get more information on the class schedule, I was instead talked into signing a contract for the classes.  The man selling the classes used an iPad.  He briefly showed me the monthly amount and had me sign on the iPad.  When I asked for a printout of my contract, he told me they would send me a copy.  We were disappointed in our first class, as they did NO forms.  They did jumping jacks, situps, pushups and other exercises.  The teacher was not nice to the kids, making snotty remarks and yelling at them - one kid cried.  In another class, we were doing pushups.  The teacher came up to the woman next to me and straddled her.  He then sat down on her bottom.  I could not believe my eyes - very inappropriate behavior.  It is definately not the respectful environment we are accustomed to in martial arts.  When I expressed my concerns to the manager about the classes and lack of actual ATA Taekwondo forms, he said, Tough.  You have a contract and you can't get out of it!.  I was never given a copy of the contract.  I sent a certified letter cancelling the membership.  It is now almost three years later and attorney's are calling me for over $9,000 in membership fees.   All they care about is getting you to sign a contract, not giving you a copy or telling you about cancellation policies, and getting money.  The do not provid a family friendly environment, where one is taught respect nor do they actually teach you ATA forms.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
5, Report #1373629
May 16 2017
07:20 PM
Victory Transit Elkgrove village Illinois
 Started working for victory Transit in March 2017 . I was a company Driver, may 2017 I was laid of because of a citation I received and I trailer tires that the company didn't want to fix or replace. It's been 6 days and I haven't received my last paycheck. They're giving me the fun around stated they we're charging me as A company Driver escrow and for trailer tires when they gave me faulty equipment to use and didn't want to fix their equipment after I broke down several times with it. I asked them multiple times to route me to Illinois to get the equipment fixed and the company wouldn't, Never received my money on time.
Entity: Elkgrove village, Illinois
6, Report #154167
Aug 18 2005
04:51 PM
All Victory Moving Aka All Victory Moving And Storage Aka Victory Moving RIPOFF Moving Scam Company Will Overcharge You and Damage Your Furniture Brooklyn New York
All Victory Moving of Brooklyn, New York and moving furniture nationally. 1. Failed to honor moving estimates and charged us much more than orginal estimate. 2. Broke, damaged, soiled and furniture. 3. Lost some pieces of our furniture. 4. Removed protective covering we placed on furniture resulting in our getting filthy, dusty furniture and boxes. 5. Threatened to hold our furniture hostage. 6. Insisted on being paid by cash so consumer has no credit card company recourse. 7. Low-balled their original estimate followed by change in estimate when they arrive to pick up furniture. 8. Failed to take all items they were bound by contract to take. We had to rent a truck, load and move remaining items ourselves. 9. Has numerous complaints noted on web. 10. Has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB of Metro NY and is listed as a scam mover on Jackie Pottstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
7, Report #458707
Jun 04 2009
05:47 PM
Victory Trucking - Victory rips off drivers of their pay - Conyers Georgia
Does not show what trucks actually make NO INVOICES are shown to us. Drivers make 28% of what the boss says our trucks make. When hauling concrete pipe, they gave us a pay sheet that is dated 1996. Bosses will not let employees see their own employee file. John, john, pat, jim, richard Covington, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
8, Report #893584
Jun 06 2012
06:58 AM
victory cars victory cars fraud seller stoles cars Fort Lauderdale, Florida
false seller stoles cars fraud dangerous extortionist Warehouse: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Second Ave Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301  Mailing Address Only: 1314 E.Las Olas blvd Suite 120 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301    Phone Number: Office: (954) 525-0600 Mobile: (954) 232-9494 Fax: (954) 525-1600  Email Address:
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
9, Report #1411003
Nov 08 2017
03:04 PM
VIctory Christian Academy Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, California, Victory Christian Academy and Lighthouse Ministries in Jay, Florida Michael Palmer Child abuse Ramona California
The owners and staff of this school abused the students on a daily basis. This includes verbal, psychological and physical abuse, as well as neglect. They kept girls in solitary confinement for minor infractions, sometimes for weeks at a time. These girls were kept locked away in the dark 24 hours a day, with preaching tapes being played at full volume the whole time. There were many other abusive practices as well. The school was unsafe, with no way out if there were a fire, and no sprinkler system. They denied us medical care. They strip searched us. There were allegations of sexual abuse. They also took children out of school to use as unpaid, forced labor. At age 14-15, I was pulled out of school for months at a time and made to do dangerous construction jobs with no training or supervision and no safety equipment. One student died while working on one of these jobs. My experiences were in 1986-1987 in Ramona, California. The school was closed by the state and then moved to a facility in Mexico. They were shut down by the Mexican government due to abuse allegations, so they opened another facility in Jay, Florida. There were many more abuse allegations, and they may have finally shut down, but the Palmers and their staff have never paid the price for abusing all those kids for so many years.
Entity: Ramona, California
10, Report #73887
Dec 03 2003
01:30 PM
Victory Motors Owners Chris And Steve Maneotis Ripoff! Dishonest abusive fraudulant warranty fraud! Craig Colorado
In April of 2002, I purchased a new Dodge Dakota Crew Cab in Grand Junction, Colorado. However, I had to have the vehicle serviced at Victory Motors in Craig, Colorado because of my location. That was my big mistake. Shortly after buying the truck, I took it to Victory Motors because it did not seem to have much power, and with a 360 cid engine it should. They assured me that everything was okay, but to be on the safe side, they reprogrammed the truck's computer. The problem persisted. In March of 2003 I took the truck back to Victory Motors with the same problem, but I had been informed at Quaker State that my front axle seals were leaking. When I was dropped off at my home, I had a message waiting from the Service Manager at Victory Motors that I needed to get back there ASAP! Upon arriving back at Victory Motors, the Service Manager told me to go under the truck with him (it was on a lift) and have a look. He informed me that the amount of mud that accumulated in the skid plates constituted abuse on my part and they would not honor the warrany. I informed him that we had not abused the truck, it had just been driven 40 miles per day on dirt roads, and that it being mud season it stood to reason that mud would accumulate. It was then that the Service Manager said he didn't believe me, that it appeared to him that I had buried the truck up to the hood in mud. I, again, told my story and assured him that the truck wouldn't possibly be able to bury itself in mud that deep with the tires it had and the lack of power. At this time, the Service Manager informed me that four wheel drives were not intended for mud or snow, but only rain, and that I abused this truck by driving it on a (muddy) dirt road. He told me that Victory Motors would have to contact Dodge and void my warrant. However, if I agreed to pay for the repairs out of pocket (about $1300), they would not inform Dodge, and my warranty would be intact. Furthermore, I was informed that they would not waste any more time looking at my engine. The Service Manager informed my that Sometimes you get a good engine, and sometimes you get a bad engine. You got a bad engine. I contacted the dealership where I bought the truck, and they assured me that they would repair the vehicle under warranty. I went back to Victory Motors and informed them that I wanted the truck back because Grand Juction Dodge agreed to fix it. It was at this time that the owner, Steve Maneotis, informed me that I had abused the truck and that they would begin the process of revoking my warranty. It took my 30 minutes to get the truck back because they were taking so many pictures. I drove the truck staight to Grand Junction Dodge who informed me that the truck was dirty, but not abused. They also informed me that Victory Motors did not reprogam the truck's computer because there wasn't a tag on the engine stating that they did so (which is a federal law). The dealership did not have the parts on hand, but they rented my a fullsize 4x4 truck to use until the repairs were finished. On my way home, I stopped by Victory Motors and spoke with the owners, Chris and Steve Maneotis. I informed them that the other dealership was honoring the warranty and that I had been informed that Victory Motors did not do the work they had claimed to have done. Steve Maneotis became verbally and physically abusive and informed me that he would do everything in his power to get my warranty revoked. He also told my to get out of his store. Grand Junction Dodge fixed my axle seals and reprogrammed the computer (a performance upgrade, which did nothing), they also told me it was too late to replace the motor or truck under the lemon law because it had been over a year since purchasing the truck. On November 3, 2003 I had to take the truck to Steamboat Motors, in Steamboat Spring, Colorado because the front differential had gone out. The following day I was informed that the front differential would need to be replaced and it would cost $1750 because my warranty had been revoked! After contacting Dodge, I was informed that Victory Motors filed a claim stating that I had submerged the truck in water and that there was nothing I could do to dispute this. I have since been in contact with Victory Motors, who stand by their claim, Dodge, who repeatedly hung up on my, Steamboat Motors, who informed me that they have never seen anything like this, and Grand Junction Dodge, who say their hands are tied. It appears that no one can tell me who authorized the revocation of my warranty or when. Furthermore, I cannot speak with anyone over the level of Service Manager about the problem. I have been informed that this decision is final and cannot be overidden. I sent an email and letter to Dodge, and recieved an emailed response that they would initiate an investigation and I should stay in contact with Grand Junction Dodge. I again contacted Grand Junction Dodge and was informed that they knew nothing about the investigation and there was nothing they could do to help me. Wade Craig, ColoradoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dodge Auto
Entity: Craig, Colorado
11, Report #138902
Apr 14 2005
10:45 PM
Victory Store Neglected to inform me of any cancellation fee at time of cancellation. Davenport Iowa
After placing an order worth $30.00 for Autism Bracelets, I found that only 10% of the profit went towards the actual autism cause. I then decided to cancel the order, because I found a site that donated 100% of the profit to Autisim research. When I called to cancel the order, the customer service represtentative neglected to inform me that there was a $40.00 cancellation fee to any cancellations previous to production. Later, when I couldn't order the bracelets that aided in autistim research, I searched the Victory Store website to find out what could have possibly caused my debit card to be declined. I had a hard time finding their payment information and terms, and felt extremly taken advantage of when I finally found the statement about the $40.00 fee. I am quite frustrated about the fact that I'm paying $40.00 for nothing, but even more so that the woman I had spoken to over the phone, did not mention anything about the cancellation fee. Lesley Worth, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
12, Report #141846
May 07 2005
03:01 AM
Victory Auto Sales Used car dealer Ripped off big time Owasso Oklahoma
I purchased a vehicle from Victory auto sales (one man loser operation) Vehile had numerous problems Check engine lights coming on ten miuntes after I drive off the lot. Estimated repair $600 Resetting the check engine light and then not disclosing that information I is very illegal. recommend that you stay away from this guy. He is not honest at all and seems to have an excuse for everything. James tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Owasso, Oklahoma
13, Report #413611
Jan 18 2009
04:51 PM
Victory Stores Poor quality material,turned yellow when washed Vancouver British Columbia
I bought two t-shirts from them the mans shirt turned yellow when washed and the logo faided . The womans shirt tho logo faided, they were washed by the washing instructions. I belive I should be refunded my money back. Nighthawk Calhoun, NorthWest TerritoriesCanada
Entity: Vancouver, British Columbia
14, Report #583938
Mar 22 2010
09:36 AM
Victory Land Group Charges for defective product Bartlett, Illinois
In February, 2009, we purchased a Monaco Gazebo from Sears, Inc. who purchased it from Victory Land Group.  In January, 2010 we noticed the canopy on the gazebo was rotting from the sun and since it wasn't even a year old, we were told by Sears to contact Victory Land.We contacted Victory Land on January 25, 2010 and I spoke with Regina.  I had already sent pictures of the problem to her and to Sears.  She told me that they would replace the canopy one time only, but I had to pay the shipping, which was $12.00 and I paid it.We received the canopy the first week of February, 2010.  We didn't take it out of the box until this past week-end due to bad weather we've had and when we took it out, we found that the top part of the canopy, which is the peak was not there, so there is a hole in the top.  I called the company this morning and was told by Carla, that it's a separate piece and that we have to pay another $30 plus $10 for shipping!  Now, why didn't Regina tell me that it was a separate piece when I talked to her in January.  Why would we want a hole in the top of the gazebo?! Plus, the fact that we have to pay $30 for it when it was all part of the canopy to begin with. This company should not be in business, nor should Sears be doing business with them.  The part is also on back order she said.  I paid the $40 and did get a confirmation number, she said it would ship in either April or May, but I really don't have much trust in them.
Entity: Bartlett, Illinois
15, Report #766072
Aug 16 2011
06:54 PM
Victory Van Lines Lies, Lies and More Lies Rockville, Maryland
When my daughter was moving from Norfolk to Alexandria, VA, to accept a new job, but found herself with a minimum amount of time in which to prepare, I took over the moving company aspect to relieve her of one task.  I contacted several companies -- some of whom I spoke with and some of whom my daughter spoke with.  We received several estimates but, when weighing them, decided to go with Victory Van Lines -- not based on their price -- but on my conversation with their salesman, Michael Heffernan.When I spoke with Mr. Heffernan, he assured me of his company's reliability, although he did indicate, as others did, that the final price would be based upon the exact weight.  As I explained to Mr. Heffernan, since most of my daughter's furniture was IKEA purchased, it was simple enough to get the weight of the furniture (@ 1,000 lbs.).  There was to be added her books, clothing and household goods but, since she was moving from a very small one bedroom apartment, with no appliances such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, wash machines, etc., the weight could hardly be excessive.  Based on answers to questions, they guesstimated the move at 3,500 lbs.On or about July l15, I paid a $200 deposit and we arranged for the move for August 3, with pickup between 8 and 9 a.m. in Norfolk and delivery in Alexandria later than day.  I indicated that my daughter was in a very tight time frame and she had very few choices as to when she could move.  He said it was not a problem -- that they could handle it.  I spoke with Mr. Heffernan concerning the remainder of the cost of the move.  He told me that I would be called once the truck was weighed to get a final price.  He also told me I could even speak to the person weighing the truck if I so desired.  He explained that most people get a certain amount in a cashier's check and then add on in cash and, although they preferred not to do so, they would accept a credit card.  He said that the funds would be payable after my daughter did an inventory of the delivered items in her new apartment.  A few days before the move, I checked with Mr. Heffernan to see if, in fact, we could purchase a cardboard wardrobe from them if need be since my daughter was a bit behind in her packing.  He assured me that the truck (a 46-footer) would have at least five of them on the truck and we would be charged $22 for each wardrobe used, with an additional $7.50 if the movers had to pack it.  I also indicated to Mr. Heffernan that my daughter's Norfolk apartment was a third floor walk up, he said it was no problem.  I was feeling very reassured that this would be a totally professional move.Late in the afternoon of August 2, my daughter received a message on her phone saying that the move could not take place until August 4, with a pick up sometime between noon and 3:00 p.m.  I immediately called Mr. Heffernan.  I told him that my daughter received a call saying that the move was not happening until the 4th.  He said he didn't think that's what she was told but that I needed to speak to Mei, since he had nothing to do with that.I did speak with Mei and, after some communications problems, insisted that I speak with a manager.  She said her manager wasn't there, but that she would have him call me.  About an hour later, I got a call from Mei, saying that she spoke with the manager and that the move would be as scheduled, except the pickup time was moved to between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.  At 9:54 p.m., I received an anonymous e-mail that stated:  We are sending an Express Moving crew to make the job done on one day. Pick up is to be 10am -12 noon and delivery there after the same day.Starting at around 10:30 a.m. on August 3, my daughter started receiving phone calls from the driver of the moving truck, asking if it was a house, was there a driveway, etc.; obviously having received none of the information I had passed on to Mr. Heffernan.  They finally showed up at about 11:30 a.m, with a small Penske truck, rather than the 46-foot van I had been told would be coming.My daughter reports that the two movers spoke very little English, making communication somewhat hard.  We were told that the cost of the move included them wrapping her furniture in blankets.  The movers, however, without asking her, proceeded to shrinkwrap everything -- this was a student's apartment -- with the exception of one picture (which she asked to have packed but which was not and left behind, although they did pack her posters in inexpensive poster frames as though they were original works of art) -- most of the furniture was very inexpensive and she had already moved by car anything of significant value.  Certainly, I would not have paid $18 to shrinkwrap a small Home Depot cabinet that cost $19.99 two years ago!  Ultimately, the move from her apartment took 7.5 hours!  My daughter indicated that the movers would disappear for periods of time and would be sitting in the truck.  They inventoried 50 boxes of assorted sizes, listed all but one piece of her furniture as being scratched and damaged, etc. They did not have the wardrobes as requested and my daughter was forced to pack her clothing in boxes at the last moment.  By the time, the movers were ready to go, telling her we owed an additional $400+ for packing materials, my daughter was an exhausted nervous wreck and still had to drive 3 hours to her new apartment.  The movers then informed her that they would not deliver her furniture the same day, but would deliver it the next morning between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.I received a call later that evening from Mei, who proceeded to tell me that the weight was over 5,900 lbs.  She complained that it was a third floor walk up, that there were fifty boxes, that the movers had a hard time fitting everythiing into the truck, etc., etc. and then told me that, rather than an additional $1,400, the cost would be an additional $3,200+ payable in cash, which included $500+ for packing materials!  I told Meii that I already had a cashier's check for $1,300 and she proceeded to tell me how much cash I needed to give the driver when they arrived.  When I questioned the difference between the packing material cost quoted to my daughter and what she told me, she said it was only as estimate.I received another call before the movers arrived from Shariff (sp?).  When I indicated my displeasure thus far, he told me that people pay thousands of dollars to have their furniture protected as they protected my daughter's and that money was payable before a single thing was brought up.  When I told him what Mr. Heffernan said, he said no moving company in the world would do such a thing.  He told me that if I paid all in cash, I could reduce the bill by $42 and some change.  I said forget it and promptly went to the bank to get everything in a bank check rather than any cash.Two different movers (we were told there would be four on the delivery end) showed up at around 9:20 a.m. and, after asking me to sign the documents when they arrived (which I refused to do), they proceeded to bring up the furniture and boxes.  They brought in the furniture and left it wherever they chose; they brought in boxes (fragile ones clearly marked upside down; larger boxes stacked on top of smaller boxes) and simply put them down wherever they found room, never trying to stack them so we could maneuver around the apartment and try to restore some order.  They left the elevator key (for which I was responsible) unattended in the elevator, they left empty water bottles in the otherwise immaculate building hallway, they were in no way professional movers.  One gentleman spoke some English; the other appeared to speak none at all, which made communication again all the harder.With the exception of the bedroom, where they did put furniture in place, it was a disaster area, with boxes and furniture in no order.  We had to go through the bedroom, out onto the balcony and in another door in order to get through the apartment.When they got to the bedroom, the leg on a standing wardrobe was broken off and took part of the furniture with it (a single screw holds each leg -- a professional mover would have simply removed them); her memory foam mattress had been folded in half and shrinkwrapped and, when unwrapped, resembled a roller coaster ride.  The movers put the bed together, but failed to properly attach the midbeam and we were forced to take it apart again to reassemble it properly.When they finally got the last of the furniture up, I insisted on copies of all documentation.  The driver did allow me to go across the street to the management office to have copies made.After they left, I called Victory Van Lines and asked to speak with a manager.  I was connected to Sean Yanuzoff who must be very practiced at dealing with irate customers.  At no time was I abusive or impolite although I was obviously very angry.  Mr. Yanuzoff tried to tell me that even IKEA people will tell you their furniture is not movable.  (One mover from whom we received a quote specifically disclaimed liability for pressed wood furniture; Victory Van Lines did not.)  He tried to tell me that they didn't know it was a third floor walkup, that there were heavy boxes, etc., etc.  He even tried to tell me that the tape they used (since my daughter had several rolls of packing tape sitting out for the movers' use, if necessary) was special, although my daughter reports that they would wrap one item with the tape and take a new roll for the next item regardless of what remained on the prior roll.  Finally, after a rather long discussion, he offered to send a crew the next afternoon to help us move the boxes and furniture.  I told him that that would do us no good since her time was very limited and we could not lose the rest of the day.  He offered to pay $100 for the wardrobe and return the cost of the shrinkwrap and paper.  He said he would review the paperwork and call me the next day.  He asked me to e-mail him a picture of the broken wardrobe.I did not hear from Mr. Yanuzoff the next day, but when I sent him the picture when I got home on Saturday, he indicated he would call me Monday.  When he did not call Monday, I sent him an e-mail saying I could best be reached at work between the hours of 9 and 5:30; I received no response; I sent him other e-mails, still,  no response.  Friday, August 12, I called and left a message indicating that I presume wrongly that he was acting in good faith.I heard nothing until Monday, when I sent him an e-mail indicating that my patience was at an end and I would proceed to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and with the websites where I found such wonderful reviews.  Mr. Yanuzoff called me within minutes and said he would call me sometime later in the day or in the evening.  Again, I heard nothing.I called Mr. Yanuzoff again today; he just a few minutes ago sent me an e-mail inquiring as to the amount we agreed on.  We had agreed on nothing.Had Victory spoken to either myself or my daughter on the 2nd, we might have been able to work out an alternate date the following week.  While I cannot reasonably argue with the weight (since I do not know how to read the weight certificates from two different private weigh stations), I find it hard to believe that there was 5,900+ lbs.  She had 16 boxes of books (banker's box size), but many of the other boxes were far smaller and filled mostly with bubble wrap, since my daughter went to great extremes to protect anything remotely fragile.  She did not bring any groceries and the other boxes were filled with clothing, kitchen items and various personal belongings.  If the 50 box count was correct, and since I know the furniture weighed approximately 1,000 lbs, each box would then have to weigh @ 100 lbs, and both my daughter and I would have been unable to lift them.  I might note, here, that inside the truck, there was a sign that said Payload not to exceed approximately 4,300 lbs, although the weight certificate made no indication that the truck was overweight.  Given the good faith Victory has shown throughout this whole ordeal, I wonder how legitimate the numbers are.In any event, this was a ripoff of the highest degree.  There was not a single iota of truth to what I was told.  The move was anything but professional and, frankly, had I know the cost and aggravation, it would have been far easier to rent a U-Haul for her personal belonging and simply discard the furniture and buy new, better furniture -- probably at a lesser cost.  I sincerely wish I had seen an earlier Ripoff Report on this same company posted earlier this year.  This is definitely a company to avoid at all costs!
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
16, Report #832946
Feb 02 2012
02:53 PM
Victory Van Lines LLC Worst Moving Company Ever! Internet, Internet
I am a very careful person, and with a move from Annapolis to Easton, Maryland in May of 2011, I interviewed three movers, checked references, and compared the services offered.  Michael Heffernan is a consummate salesman.  Do Not Believe anything he tells you.   He sent his best professional estimator (Sherif Yanuzov) to my home to do the estimate.  Sherif was very smooth.  He walked through the entire house, opened all closets, and about a week later I received my estimate.  He told me that my furniture would fill about one-half of a truck and the move would take about 5 hours to pack and load.  Well, he was wrong by 100%.  The furniture filled an entire truck.   The movers were the most unprofessional clowns I have ever seen.  They arrived about 1/2 hour late, but then took frequent smoking breaks, and they were not at all coordinated in the packing and loading.  They took an inordinate amount of time to wrap plastic bowls, etc, and then threw all my dishes into big boxes.  Sherif told me that they would move the dressers from the bedrooms with the clothes in the drawers - no need to empty drawers.  The movers said the opposite, and then took 2 hours to pack the clothes, which consisted of throwing everything in big boxes- no organization.  Only one of the three spoke any English.  The other two were Bulgarian, I believe.  This made communication very hard.  As I said, they were absolutely not coordinated, going up and down the steps, starting and stopping in one room and then moving on to another room, and coming back to the first room, all day.  The move/load took 12 hours!!!  They left supplies (tape, straps) and their water bottles all over my house, and I had to clean up after them (3 large lawn& leaf bags of trash).  The last thing they moved was my digital piano.  They were laughing, scratching their heads, and talking in Bulgarian about how to move it.... does not inspire confidence.  Then they started taking pictures of themselves with their phones, in poses pretending to pick up the piano.  I was so furious that I called Michael Heffernan on the spot, but of course the office was closed because it was close to 9 pm by the time I got them out of my house. The next day I called, concerned about the potential overcharge due to the slowness and inefficiency of the movers. The person to whom I spoke was uncaring and totally unconcerned.  I demanded that they send a different crew to unload me.  The unload went better than the packing, although they obviously had never assembled bed frames before, because the beds were crooked, and pieces of the frames were left on the floor. This crew also left personal items in my home, e.g. clipboards, hats, sunglasses, a swiss army knife.  Very very very unprofessional.  And the move, which had been estimated in person at $2925, cost me over $3700.  Do not, I repeat, do not, ever use this company.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #652173
Oct 18 2010
07:00 AM
victory secret angel card repeated (5+ daily) phone calls san antonio, Texas
for weeks we have been receiving phone calls from this number. Five or more a day, including Sundays. They would ask for a person and we would tell them that person doesn't live here, they would then hang up. If I or another male would answer they hung up without saying anything. Eventually my wife (didn't actually lie) responded like she was the person they were looking for. That's how we learned it was Victory Secret and they were trying to collect money due. We don't have an account with them and we don't owe them money. When they discovered my wife wasn't who they were looking for they hung up on her.Sunday morning I stayed home because I wasn't feeling good. They called in the morning. I first said, Do not hang up, we need to know how to get back to you, so if we find this person you are looking for we can tell them how to get back to you. The person gave me the phone number, the bank name, and company name. When I said they needed to change the number, or just stop calling he told me they would not unless we gave him the phone number of the other person, which of course I can not.I waited until today, Monday, and called them back. I was told there was nothing I could do about it and then they hung up on me. I called back and the second person said they would see what they could do.I don't know what they are doing. I don't know if they are trying to bill me, too. I do know that they have been harassing my wife and I for over a month now.
Entity: san antonio, Texas
18, Report #728220
May 11 2011
05:50 PM
Victory Van Lines HORRIBLE Moving Company- Damaged property! Missed dates! Horrible service! Rockville, Maryland
Victory Van Lines is NOT what they advertise themselves to be and at this time I am considering legal action against them.From the start, I asked the company if my furniture would be delivered by May 1st and they agreed both verbally and in writing. They ended up delivering my property 7 DAYS LATER (May 8th) without any apology or remedy. When I brought up the fact that they guaranteed me a May 1st delivery numerous times- both verbally and in writing- they told me that I was given a window of 8 days during my in-house estimate (apparently this was fine print on the form that date was not listed on the estimate I was given).When I brought up that I have numerous emails where they agreed to the May 1st date they told me the emails - although they say binding are an estimate - not a contract. The day of the move my leather sofa was damaged in three places because the movers insisted on pushing it through the door frame without wrapping it. When I called my phone calls were not answered for days and Sherif, the move manager, sent me a text message indicating when the delivery would finally come- after pushing it back three times. A text?! How unprofessional.His boss Michael is no better. He never even responded to my initial email outlining the damages and problems on move day. Now, today they are delivering my furniture and refuse to reassemble the items they dis-assembled claiming it is not part of their job- despite the fact that by phone Michael and Sherif guaranteed this would be done, and ON THE CONTRACT it states disassembly and reassembly. I am in shock at how poor their service is.This is the worst service I have ever had and it borders on criminal. I want the world to know that they should avoid Victory Van Lines!!!
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
19, Report #727384
May 09 2011
04:08 PM
Victory Van Lines SCAMMERS, SCRUPULOUS, SAVORY Rockville, Maryland
Please do not use this company! We selected Victory Van Lines after seeing their rating on BBB. However, it is very misleading. We moved from one state to another. Signed agreement more than two months in advance with office salesperson. Obtained in-home estimate because we had large home with lots of valuable contents and extensive artwork. We were assured this was the best company, everyone was so experienced. The company manager, Sherif did our in-home estimate and we entered a binding contract for our move. 1st clue was that we had to insist on binding contract.The horror began with the move. We paid for full pack and move. Nothing was labeled, or packed carefully. Several broken valuable items. But, the worst part is the violation of federal law. The company showed up with young men, who frequently spoke in their Serbian dialect, that try to nsist on signing blank documents before starting. Beware! Then state there will be extra charge if load is overweight when they get to truck stop scales. Why should it be overweight? We had in-home estimate by best in company. We sold or got rid of many items after estimate. No problem right? WRONG!!They brought truck too small for household contents. Then the General Mgr Sean Scott tells you the over weight charges will be $.55 per pound and you have no idea what this means and it's not part of your binding contract. They arrive with your belongings but you have to pay over $2500 more in fees before they will take one thing off truck!!! Sean tells me he's doing me a favor and charge $.35 a pound because it's a beautiful Sunday.They delivered 2nd truck week later for another $1000 and tell you they're doing you favor because they shaved off a few dollars.The piece-de-resistance is when you inform them they've violated federal law that says in case of binding contract, a revised contract must be done before one item is loaded. They show you a fully completed fraudulent form with a fraudulent signature, you have never seen before to cover their butts!!! The form has weights, dollar amounts that were impossible to complete before move because they told you they must go by scales at truck stops! Any company that forges your signature and a federal form should be in jail and not in business!!!!
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
20, Report #285412
Nov 19 2007
10:56 AM
Victory Promotions DO NOT Interview with or join company!!! Chicago Illinois
After reading all of the reviews people left about victory promotions, I feel the pain that they experience when walking in the door. I applied on line and received a call back to come in for an interview. When I came up the small elevator only to walk into a small cramed office with seven other people coming in to interview for the same position...and more were coming in the door. You sit and fill out paperwork and sit way past your expected interview time while the others ahead go. The receptionist sits there and makes the same conversation about the interview on the phone to others who must be applying. She also shovels food into her mouth infront of all to see. Once the time comes you go into an office and talk with the manager about yourself and experiences. He then goes into some detail about the copmany...but not too much to leak what they REALLY do and what you are REALLY interviewing for. It seems like a good offer and they say that at the end of the day, you might get a phone call to come back for a second round to experience what the company does first hand. Well, I for sure got lucky and was called back. Being suckered into it, I stupidly did come back and once again the office was still flooded with first round interviews. I sat there another good hour and a half past the expected time. I was told that the morning meetings were running past time. This did not bother me too much, since I was told to be prepared to spend the entire day with the company. Finally the time came. A group of us interviewees came into the office again and were introduced to our partner. We then filed out and went outside where our partner looked over our resume and asked questions trying to get to know us. Don't get me wrong, my partner was great and very nice. We got in the car and they started quizzing us about different advertising strategies. We then went for lunch, wher I thought it was great i would be getting a lunch on the company...NOT. I had to pay for my own lunch that I didn't even know were going to even stop there. Once there, they explain the whole pyramid how you have to sell for about six months, then do the training they do, and then EVENTUALLY you are your own manager...rarely did I learn that happens and if so, takes at least 3 years to achieve. So the next five hours or so we went door to door trying to sell. If we went around the block once, we came back to the doors that didn't answer. It was the worst day of my life. I was going to call my friends to come and pick me up and just run away, but I didn't even know what town I was in. When we all gathered back together in the car to go back, the girl who was in the same position as me was texting and calling her friends...i knew she felt the same way that i did. Throughout the time I was there, I showed no interest for the job, and my parnter could read that. Once we got back to the office she shook my hand and thanked me but said that if it was something I didnt want to do, she did not want to waste my time or her manangers (the final interview is that night). I thanked her for being understanding, and I ran from the street and immediately called my friends to go out for a drink...something I needed after the torture I went through. So, this is an experience like others have gone through. I advise you to not get suckered into it like I did. The job description sounded great, the website looks phenomenal...but its all a joke. Seriously, dont waste your time. Obviously after visiting this site, you already had your doubts. Well, now they are confirmed DONT DO IT!!! Jess05 Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
21, Report #284957
Nov 15 2007
04:57 AM
Victory Promotions - Ds-Max - Innovage - Cydcor - Granton Marketing Deceptive pyramid scheme DON'T GET INVOLVED Chicago Illinois
Google the definition of Pyramid Scheme and you will find Victory's business model. I won't bore you with my story because it isn't nearly as tragic as some of the others I have encountered, but this is what you should know: Although Victory cuts the checks, you are %100 self employed as an independent contractor of whatever product or service they are currently selling. They want you there 6-7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day, coincidently the amount of time and effort it takes to put food on the table in this business. You are paid exclusively on commission; you don't sell, you don't get paid. You might be wondering, if it's so terrible why does it even exist and/or people stick with the company? Good question. To be fair, if you are a monster of a sales person, expect to clean up, because there's good money to be made. However, that's assuming you are on the top of your game all the time, preferably attractive, incredibly charismatic and don't mind dedicating %100 of your life to selling products/services door to door or in a retail location i.e. Home Depot. (8-9 hours a day 6-7 days a week) The atmosphere could be described as cult-like, continuous smiling and high fives, people asking you, how was your day? They preach a scripture of future wealth and fortune in what is described in the first day as a fast track management program. Like with anything there are success stories to be told, similar to watching those late night real estate infomercials and other like-minded get rich quick schemes. The owner of the office (Tom Spiro), profits exclusively from the sales and success of those under him, getting a cut of every sale under the Victory name. Thus, his job is almost exclusively to: (A) mass recruit more drones for a larger bank role. (B) Keep existing drones drunk on the prospects of ownership themselves. He would speak endlessly about his posh downtown Chicago condo and other ritzy material possessions. He would speak passionately about the difference between losers and winners, because lets face it, who wants to be a loser? I have to say, the saddest part of my time there was watching truly good people (I would spend time with them outside the office, at this point I was almost doing a study...) not only brainwashed into this sales-meat grinder, but dedicate all their time and energy to something that, to an outsider was clearly getting them nowhere. They would eat, sleep, drink and live Victory Promotions and truly believed the propaganda that was fed to them. It got worse, once in, there's almost no way out. They dedicated all this time and energy to make it work, to be a winner, so that by the time they start to see the reality of their situation it's too late. Admit to themselves, friends and family they were dooped by this scheme and be forced to look back at all that wasted time and energy with nothing to show for it? Or, blindly persevere and hope that it all works out in the end. Ending on a rather solemn note, my hopes go out to all those still there, in hopes they find a healthier means of supporting themselves. Honestly, if you're here you're either a disgruntled ex-employee or someone doing their homework. If you're the later, I commend you, I wish I had done the same... For further info just Google Victorys parent company CYDCOR, INNOVAGE, GRANTON MARKETING or DS-MAX and click around, prepare to be shocked. You will find others who share similar and often worse accounts of deception. Peter jennings Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
22, Report #172763
Jan 22 2006
10:57 AM
All Victory Moving ripoff BROOKLYN NEW YORK
Recieved a quote from Victory Moving to move furniture frome Monroe,CT to Raleigh,NC for $1700. After furnitue was packed in there truck the quote went to $4500. We told them to empty the truck, they then agreed on $2500. Raleigh location is a secondary home which Victory Moving was aware of. We agreed on a delivery date months in advance so that I could be there to meet them. I flew there,THEY NEVER CAME. Said they had a truck brake down. A few weeks later I get a phone call on a friday afternoon telling me that I will getting a delivery on sunday (Oct. 30). I got a last minute plane ticket ($486.40), departing sunday morning, returning tuesday morning. Got to Raleigh, called Victory, said no one ever called us and THEY WERE NOT COMING. We fought with them on the phone and they agreed to come by tuesday night, had to change my return flight(+$100). The furniture finally arrived @ 10:30pm with only the driver, I MOVED MY OWN FURNITURE INTO MY CONDO. The driver could not physically move it himself. Victory damaged a door frame moving the furniture out of my home. We did not recieve a 15 Sony TV, sheets and pillow cases, towels, and a 8' ficus tree. We were told to put a claim into Anthem Claim Management, Anthem, AZ. We did, they agreed to pay us $99. Alfred monroe, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
23, Report #171419
Jan 11 2006
09:36 PM
Barrister David Edo aka Victory Williams ripoff Lome Africa
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:41:41 +0000 (GMT) From: David Edo Edo Subject: To xxx To: Dear , Please, do not be offended if this message comes to you as I ought to have sought your consent and approval before e-mailing this proposal I acted as I did due to the importance and urgency of this business.Which ever way you may look at it, let it please you to respond quickly either negatively or positively. I am Barrister David Edo,an Attorney at law, and the Personal lawyer to Engineer xxx, a foreigner who used to work with Shell International Republic of Togo, Hereinafter shall be referred to as my client. As it may interest you to know, I got your contact through the internet proffesional Data Base by divine inspiration as I was going through some directories. I decided to contact you in order to champion such a business magnitude without any problem. On the 21st of April 2002, my client, his wife and their two children were involved in a car accident along Kara-Sokode expressway while arriving from a Holiday to Lome. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives. Since then, I have made several inquiries to their embassy to locate any of their extended relatives and this has also proved unsuccessful. I am contacting you to assist in repatriating the fund valued at US$10.5m,(Ten million and five hundred thousand United States Dollars), left behind by my client before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Security Finance Firm where this huge amount were deposited. The said Security Finance Company has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confiscated within the next twenty one official working days. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 2 years now, I seek your consent to present as the next of kin to the deceased since you have the same last names, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Upon your acceptance to this proposal, I expect your urgent response indicating your full interest in this great business transaction to our both mutual trust. Yours Sincerely, David Edo Leann Elkins, MarylandU.S.A.
24, Report #176681
Feb 17 2006
07:17 AM
Victory Moving Fradulent Billing, Are you running an ethical business?? Brooklyn New York
Estimate: $775.00 for a personal move from a studio apartment to another studio apartment. The movers bullied me into tipping them up front (over $200) then after they loaded everything into the truck, they changed the price to $1500+. When they delivered, the guy tried bullying me into more tip and a higher price for the move before unloading my things. When he unloaded everything, ALMOST ALL OF MY THINGS WERE BROKEN. I filed a claim, and they agreed to pay me $162.00 stating, Each page contained a Warning statement. So I should have known they were a terrible moving company? And, they disassembled items and refused to reassemble them upon arrival. The mover said, I don't know how to put your stuff together! I would like at least $500 to fix broken items, replace broken tables, LANE furniture, etc. However, I moved in August 2005 and as of February 17, 2006, I haven't even received the $162.00 check with the Ryan Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
25, Report #1101179
Nov 21 2013
09:19 AM
Victory First Enterprises Puronics Could not have made a worse decsion hudson Florida
I purchased a system from Puronics (Victory First) in November of last year and I could not have made a worse decesion.  I have had nothing but problems with them since the begining.  Installation was a disaster and it went downhill from there.We paid $2700 and expected to receive a quality piece of equipment.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Unit breaks constantly and the stainless steel tank is a lighting rod.  Our home had never been struck by lighting and now we have had 2 strikes since installation.  We were warned about this but did not think it would be a problem.They will not remove it and now want to charge me $300 to replace the carbon in the system or it will void my warranty. Don't make the same mistake I did.
Entity: Hudson, , FL 34667

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