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1, Report #1378012
Jun 09 2017
07:07 AM
Viking magazine
 Well they started off as a phone call telling me they had came across my name in a drawing to receive the $250 walmart gift card and asked if i was subscribe to any mags i said no the lady told me i would get some mags for free no upfront payment. Then patched me through to her so call boss who said the same and told me after the call to check my email for the $250 gift card codes which never came by the way. Then went on asking for my ssn i gave it because he said that would be one of the questions they asked at customer service. Luckily i cancel my card after 48hrs but they still have my ssn and im beyond pissed. Im pregnant and have 3 kids already thats why i thought it was a great deal i hope some catches these scammers asap..
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1347450
Jan 18 2017
04:45 PM
Viking Magazine  Burnsville Minnesota
These people are ripoff they call you and say you won a gift card from Walmart and tell u to get a few magazine and give you one price e only to find out it's thousands if dollars they are taking from your bank acct abd say you can cancel at anytime but when you call to cancel they continue to take money out if your acct
Entity: Burnsville, Nationwide
3, Report #877175
May 02 2012
12:17 PM
Viking Magazine Abusive, Controling, Manipulative Liars burnsville, Minnesota
I was more than happy to sign up for the magazines I was offered at a great deal because I had won a sweepstake I entered. I provided my credit card and authorized the payments to be taken for 1 year. I then had to report my credit card lost/stolen with my bank and this is where the trobule begins. I got a call from VMS stating my account was past due. The VMS agent informed me they received a return code of card reported lost/stolen. I confirmed this and explained that I expected the card on the 20th, ten business days from the day I reported my card lost/stolen. He asked me which day I reported it and I told him the 6th. He then told me if I could count and look at a calendar, I would see than my new card should be there on the 19th. I told him not to count the 6th, which was a Friday, as the 1st business day. I found this to be really rude and I said what I am 2 days late and you are treating me like this. He went on about well I should just pay my bills and then I wouldn't be getting calls. They began calling me constantly asking if I had received my card. I did not receive my card when I anticpated it, so I checked with my bank. The bank was going through a banking software conversion and it is possible the card was delayed due to that. I wait a few more days, still no card. I then requested a 2nd replacement card. I have explained all of this to VMS and they are rude and vicious. They are telling me that I am not telling them the truth and start hounding me to do an electronic check. I am not comfortable do an electronic check with these people at this point. I tell them I will pay as soon as I get my card because I am provided my protection by using my card. They begin telling I should have more than one credit card. I said I didn't wish to have more than one and I like having my card attached to my checking account. He then want to tell me that I don't have a credit card, but a debit card and they are not the same. I explain the main difference is I don't pay interest and can only use the money I have already earned. I have gotten very irrate with these people telling me about my banking affairs. I have cussed them out and now they have sent me to their collections department. Now I they have told me that I just need to be honest and tell them I just don't want to pay my bill. At this point, I don't want to pay my bills. They tell me that I am the one that made this mess and I should act like a grown up. I said that I am a victim of circumstance and the guy told me that I was just making words up. He told there wasn't even a definition for victim of circumstance. And these people think I am an idiot.
Entity: burnsville, Minnesota
4, Report #903819
Jun 27 2012
05:04 PM
Viking magazine service Magazine company Burnsville, Minnesota
The company called my cell phone and they told me my name was entered in a money winning contest and they needed my information to confirm it. They asked my name, phone number, address, and they said thank you and transferred me to someone above them. That person was a very nice lady stating how I could win something else with 24 easy payments of 5 different magazines I told her I didn't want any magazines and she said if I did which ones and she listed some and I picked and she kept telling me it's a great deal and how she has some at home. And I said okay sure and she explained to me how the payments work since I told her I don't work and I am a student. So I got sucked into it and she never said I would receive magazines for 5 years and that my total payment would be $900+. Every time I tried to cancel they said I was past the due date to cancel and the first person told me I owed $85 then the second person said I owed $900 the last person my mother spoke to said I owed $800. They have my age and the last four digits of my social I didn't sign up for this they told me I was getting a nice female watch too I never got that either. The watch was free and that's what I really wanted and the lady I spoke to understood that. Now I owe this company called VMS some type of money which I'm not sure of anymore because the amount keeps changing.
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
5, Report #476246
Aug 04 2009
08:17 AM
Viking Magazine Screwed Me Over Fridley Minnesota
This company Viking Magazine is horrible. I worked with them for only about 7 hours because I just couldn't handle it anymore. They expect you to do what you have to do to get a sale. How can you possibly sell to anyone in this time of hard times. They get down your throat and threaten your job if you dont get sales. Also now that im not employed with them I need a work verefication sheet filled out and they are telling me that it could take up to 30 days for them to fill it out and send it back to my case worker. How professional is that. When I went to pick up my paycheck they didnt even know who I was and ontop of that they didnt even have a check there for me. The guy working had to look me up on the computer and make a phone call and then just wrote me out a check. How unprofessional. This company is horrible and should be shut down. Pissed off Coon Rapids, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Fridley, Minnesota
6, Report #885907
May 21 2012
03:47 PM
Viking Magazine Service lying thieves Bloomington, Minnesota
After sending these people a cancellation notice (that they send after they think you've signed up),  I was told that they didn't get it in time. I was told I could not cancel, because it was my fiance who had ordered the magazines. I replied that I had a right to cancel, as it was my account that the money was coming from, and had not authorized the purchase.  I got hung up on.  These people are extremely rude and will not take 'no' for an answer. I had to close my bank account to keep their thieving fingers out of it.  They call constantly and don't let you get a word in edgewise!  My next report is going to the BBB.  I'm also going to make a report to any other available agency I can find to stop this horrible company.   
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
7, Report #1141129
Apr 23 2014
02:45 PM
Viking Magazine Shameful Scam Artists Burnsville Minnesota
Sometime in early April a phone marketer for this company called my husband's cell phone and told him that he had won a gift certificate plus some magazine subscriptions and took our address, his social security number, debit card number and my cell phone number. I only discovered that he was sold and billed for $948.10 when a late payment notice came to the house via mail. They never sent a confirmation of order, copy of a contract, cancellation form or any other correspondence regarding this. My husband has absolutely no memory of this phone call or transaction as he is disabled with long term diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury, Hydrocephalus, & Asphasia. This is all documented by his doctors and he has been disabled since 1992. Due to these conditions he is unable to comprehend the very magazines he was sold. He is not competent to conduct financial or business transactions outside of simple cash purchases for himself. I hold Power of Attorney for him and conduct all our business. This past weekend we called the customer service of this company to cancel this service and they played back the recording of the original phone call in which he is clearly slow to answer and is not really understanding what is happening. Nevertheless they are now calling him constantly and harassing us both for payment. The customer service person responded to all my questions by parroting my questions back to me, belittled my husband and myself and refused to work with me in any way to correct this situation. They also recorded my conversation without my permission.
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
8, Report #1277987
Jan 04 2016
06:32 PM
Viking magazine service Minnesota Internet
 I received a call about a free Wal-Mart gift card ,and an offer for free magazines. Well I listened and thought what the hell it's free. So at the end of the call I was told one magazine was going to cost me 16.50 a month for 20 month's. Well I got my first billing statement and it's for 49.90. A month for 20 month's! I immediately called to cancel my service and was told I can't cancel it!well I've never had anything you cannot cancel! So I guess my next step is to go to my bank and stop payment on that service. I just hope to God that works!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1380108
Jun 20 2017
08:18 AM
Viking Magazine Harassing, Bullying, Refusal to Cancel Services Internet
This company should seriously go down! First, I NEVER and I repeat NEVER, got ANY of the magazines that I origianly ordered. I received magazine after magazine of stuff that I certainly do not need. Then, after repeated calls to customer service requesting that my services be terminated and my credit card to stop being charged, I contacted my credit card company to have the charges blocked. The representative with my credit card company was very compliant and even refunded the previous two months of charges, because I did NOT authorize them. Low and behold this morning, I received yet another call from Viking Magazine and this time, I decided to answer it. The representative was furious that I had charged back the unauthorized charges, and then proceeded to tell me that the collection calls will continue and that This will be fun. I simply said OK, and you have a nice day! Either way, this company is terrible! I hope that they are shut down quickly!!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #409079
Jan 07 2009
09:47 AM
Viking Magazine Company Viking Magazine Shamefully Rips Off Consumers!!! Bloomington Minnesota
Shortly after ordering magazines, for myself and my children, from Viking Magazine I moved to a different location. When collection calls from this service started coming in I was very surprised. I'd changed my address through the postal service, but I had never received the magazines. I never received any contracts from the company. The first payment had come out of my account a few months prior, and then after that, no contact whatsoever. I had assumed it was a scam and forgotten all about it. Whenontacted by a collector, I told them my situation. At first he was very nice and explained to me that magazines are considered class B mail and wouldn't have been forwarded to a new address, so they'd just been returned to the company. So, I then asked to cancel the account. The Rep. then told me it was too late and I'd have to pay for the service. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I told this lady the same thing that I had told to the first Rep.. Why should I have to pay for magazines I never received?!?, I said. How was I supposed to cancel a service if I never received a contract?!? , I cried. I got nowhere with her. Finally I got rude and said, I'm not paying for something I never received, so go ahead and turn me over to collections, and I'll just dispute it as a false claim!, and then I hung up the phone. Since then, these people call me 4-5 times a day. They contact me at work, after repeated request not to. They have no shame. I will not be bullied by a magazine service. I'm not paying a debt that I don't owe!! When will this nightmare end?!? Rachel Olive Branch, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
11, Report #311084
Feb 22 2008
01:06 PM
Viking Magazine viking magazine Denies Optout threatens my credit ripoff Bloonington, Minnesota
First phone call Viking magazine called me and I singed up Second phone call viking called to verify Third phone call A second person called to verify and then i said i could'nt afford it maybe call me back in a couple of months I work all over the the state and live in hotels while on the road they started charging to my matercard and before I knew it I was in overdraft Robert Wyoming, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bloonington, Minnesota
12, Report #1363552
Mar 23 2017
01:38 PM
viking magazine They took my money hadn't sent me my magazine Internet
 They are taking my money for too month's. I hadn't received my magazine yet.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #992560
Jan 07 2013
06:39 AM
Viking magazine Sounded to good. Tried to take more money then thy could Minneapolis , Minnesota
I signed on to Viking magazine because it sounded like a great dealI get all this magazine for only a few payments.Of couse we I called and said I wanted to cancel my account they told me I could not.How that the payments r all most over they call and tell me that I have to pay twice as much for the next 6 monthsWhen I only have 3 r 4 moaths left to pay and that I have to more for another 14 monthsNow what does that sound like to uTater357_5@
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
14, Report #1264021
Oct 27 2015
05:05 PM
Viking Magazine Service Rip-Off Burnsville Minnesota
I got a call from a telemarketer for this company that stated that I won a contest and the prize is a $250.00 gift card. Then he proceeded to say that I would have to order magazines for $3.84 a week. That makes a magazine subscription that is roughly $20.00 would cost me close to $200.00 with this company. That is 10 times what the subscription is worth!! Don't give this company your bank account information- debit or credit card! This is a rip-off!
Entity: Burnsville , Minnesota
15, Report #382629
Oct 19 2008
12:55 AM
Viking Magzine Scamming in Progress? Bloomington Minnesota
I think this company is scamming me I to also found there offer to good to be true I had ordered 5 magazines and recieving only the Jet magazines. I was told that it takes 6 weeks for the magazines to be sent out after first payment which was almost 2-3 months ago. Is there anyway i can stop payment and cancel my service or Do I need to get a lawyer Jennifer Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
16, Report #947612
Sep 27 2012
04:18 PM
Viking Magazine Service scam artist strike again, college student attacked and threatened with collections Burnsville, Minnesota
One day as I was leaving for work, my cell phone rang with this person trying to sell me a magazine. I actually could use a magazine for the communications class I attend and thought it might be good. One or two magazines. I told the person several times that I needed to go so that I could get to work. Unfortunately, I gave them my social security and bank account. I realize now that I should have stopped and thought what the heck am I doing! Two months later they have hit my account for $44 dollars, tried a second time but I am a broke college student living paycheck to paycheck so they couldn't deduct the money. Now they are harrassing me and my mother with collection callers. Can you believe they really want or expect me to pay them over $800. Sound familiar. I have read articles posted by Ripoff about this. You would think they have been stopped by now. Well, they say they record me and even played me saying yes to a magazine but not to their slick talking 5 year agreement which they slide in. Who do they thing they are? No one will continue a subscription for that amount of money. So, I have already contacted the Federal Trade Commission and am working with the Attorney Generals office. Anything else I should do? Tyler, Clovis, California
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
17, Report #332937
May 16 2008
11:33 AM
Viking Magazine Service Robbery with aggrevation Bloomington Minnesota
Viking magazine called my house on my cell phone last April 07 to solicit magazine sales from me. I decided to order 4 magazines that I liked and would have bought at the store. Jet, Ebony, Sister to Sister and Better Homes and Garden, for three months they took money from my account without one magazine coming to me. Eventually I started to get Jet magazine, they bombarded me with magazines I have absolutely no interest in, for eg. Surf, (never been on a surf board in my life) Mens Health, Portfolio to name a few and still none of my other magazine. Six months went by, they are still collecting from my bank account and not sending the rest of the mags. I wrote them a certified letter demanding that they cancelled the subscription and stop taking money from my account. They refuse to, and still continue to take my money even after several phone calls. They collected over $160.00 from my account for magazines I have not recieved, not to mention the over drawn fees that the bank charged me. I had to close my account to get these theives to stop taking my money. They have been calling and harrassing me ever since, they are the nastiest people to deal with on the phone and I am very pissed off that they stole my money and refuse to send me the magazines, but has the nerve trying to collect from me. I absolutely refuse to pay for service I did not recieve. People be warned!!! Viking Magazine steals your money and not send you your magine, go to the bookstore!!!! Noreen Altamonte Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
18, Report #996250
Jan 13 2013
05:08 PM
Viking Magazine Company ive been had Burnsville, Minnesota
My name is Jeffrey V. I was contacted by viking magazine and initially agreed to their magazine.  Following some research I cancelled my subscription about 10 days later.  They called me in early January and said I had a balance.  I thought they said 7 dollars and 35 cents. Later when I was doing bills I noticed they took 810.68 from my account.  I called them and the refused to refund my money stating I was on a taped line.  I suffer from PTSD and a Personality disorder I was a deputy sheriff for 14 years.  They were on speaker phone and I was brushing my teeth.  I never heard anyone say 7 or 8 hundred dollars! They took advantage of me and I have disputed the charge with the bank they have not gotten back to me.  I called a second time and I was rudely told there was nothing they could do.  I have never been scammed like this.  I am on disability and they took 3/4 of my check because I got paid that day. Now I cannot pay my rent and according to an attorney I talked to they are liable for the rent money because their actions caused me injury. I am asking for a return of 1300 dollars! or I will sue them in small claims court.  I never agreed to speak on a taped line and that to is a violation of my rights. This company is a fly by night outfit and I would warn anyone who gets a call from them hang up immediately. Please do not give them your drbit or credit card Info...   Blessings from Upstate NY have a great spring and summer.  Jeffrey J. V D.O.B. 09-xx-19xx. Thank you for looking over my complaint and I hope you have enough merit to do something to stop these blatant thieves!
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota
19, Report #1098877
Nov 12 2013
06:55 PM
Viking Magazine Service Poor customer service rude associates & thieves E, Burnsville Minnesota
  I was introduced to Viking Magazine by a phone call on my cellphone which is supposed to be a private phone number the day they called me I stupidly agreed to get some magazines but then it dawned on me I'm not interested so I called back to tell the supervisor that I'm not interested & want to cancel I did this before the 14 day period they didn't cancel like I asked they took $ 49.00 out of my SSI check on October 1st 2013 without my consent so I called up my debit card company to request a new card to prevent them from taking out anymore money without my permission then I received a call from Viking Magazine towards the end of October I again told them I'm still not interested & want to cancel they said sorry you can't cause its past the 14 days I told them I called and canceled before the supervisor says hold on let me email our It dept see if u did cancel let me call u back so I waited for a half hour to an hour then I got the return call the supervisor said the It dept emailed me back but there's no record of you canceling nor is their record of you leaving a voicemail the supervisor was very rude kept interrupting me I asked who the supervisors were a and she interrupted me I became angry & said I asked you a question she said Veronica & myself the other supervisors name is Amanda my girlfriend heard me not once but multiple times that I want to cancel the supervisor said no can do my girlfriend heard this she got so pissed that she told the supervisor that I canceled& I won't allow him to pay you a dime for something he doesn't want today November 12 2013 I got 2 magazines in the mail about deep sea diving I have never scuba dived in my life these are magazines i have no interest in I'm getting magazines in the mail even though I have canceled please help me resolve this issue as I want to file a lawsuit against them for theft where they took money off my debit card without my permission.
Entity: E, Burnsville, Minnesota
20, Report #1160167
Jul 07 2014
02:55 PM
21, Report #1401093
Sep 19 2017
02:59 PM
Viking Magazine Services Viking Magazine Uncooperative men and women yelling at me for no reason. Threating me in a volatile voice. Bloomington Minnesota
 In May of 2017, I received a phone call from Viking Magazine saying I won a $250 Walmart giftcard as well as, 2 free magazines. They asked me what kind of magazines would I be interested in? I told them I didn't even read the newspaper, what would I do with a magazine? He convinced me to take magazines and I asked for Home & Gardens, Rachael Ray (1 that Jason suggeated) and he said I would need to pay for 2 to get those 2 free. I asked for a Craft magazine and People magazine. I gave him my credit card information and he told me it would be $39.95 a month and take 6-8 weeks for my magazines to come in. I told him I didn't have any money come in until the 3rd becauae I was on a fixed income. $39.95 was a lot. He assured me that I could cancel my order after 30 days so I could use my gift card. That they would need at least 2 payments before I cancelled. Jason then said that they would email me a confirmation and once I confirmed that I would receive my gift card via email that I could use online at I told him that was odd. I've never heard of using a gift card online. It's the way everyone shops nowdays, he said. So a couple of days went by and I called back telling him that I still had not received an email from him and he said that it would come to me in the heading of reply to and he just sent it again. I said, I haven't got it yet. He goes if you don't get it by the end of the day, let me know. I called and left him a message. He didn't call by the afternoon the next day and I called again leaving another message telling him to cancel my subscription. Since I didn't receive the gift card, I didn't want it. This was in July 2017. I never heard back from him. Today September 19, 2017. I called them to cancel my order. A man answers the phone, transfers me to Jason. Jason tells me he is calling because of my deliquent account. I said, I called you. He starts asking me when am I going to make my payment? It's going to collections and he has been calling me. I askes him what phone # do you have? That's no longer my #. He cuts me off and continues yelling at me. He then hangs up on me so I call back and they keep hanging up. Finally. Kayla answers. She starts yelling at me saying they are collecting my debt. I asked her, is this Viking Magazine Services or a collection agency? She said, are you going to pay $300 using your credit card? She became volatile rude telling me I don't even know who I spoke to, calling me a liar. I hing up and googled them online. Found a different number and some lady named Laura got on the phone sayong she was the one who spoke to me earlier. They are scam artists. They are rude, deceptive thieves trying to take people for whatever they can.
Entity: Minnesota
22, Report #1356121
Feb 14 2017
09:27 PM
Viking Magazine Viking Magazine phone call scam! NO gift card and they WILL charge you! Even if you say NOT TODAY! Internet
I received a phone call from Viking Magazine today and was promised a $250.00 gift card in an email I never received. I agreed to the charge because they agreed not to charge me today. But they did v=charge me today. I had to call my bank and have the charge reversed, wchich leads me to believe I will now have to cancel that card in order to not be charged again. I guess they got me. I wish I would have looked at the rip-off website while I was on the phone so I could have just hung up on them. I will be retaining counsel regarding this scam in order to help others from being scammed as well. They put on a pretty good show though. Had a follow up call from a different person, so-called supervisor to verify that the sale was correct. Now I am afraid to even look at what they're trying to do in my bank account.    
Entity: Internet
23, Report #720124
Apr 22 2011
10:57 AM
viking magazine service I WAS TOLD I WIN A JACKPORT AMES, Iowa
Entity: AMES, Iowa
24, Report #539816
Dec 15 2009
01:28 PM
Viking Magazine Service, Inc. High pressure magazine sales over twice regular subscription price Bloomington, Illinois
Viking Magazine Service cold-called us and persuaded us to subscribe to six magazines for five years.  They got $137.92, and are billing us for $896.48 more.  The subscription prices for these magazines, as found on the internet sites of the magazines, total $459.50 when purchased a year at a time!We (as have others) have attempted to cancel the subscriptions, and have been told it cannot be done, as they already paid the publishers.  But, they offered to give us a different magazine if we didn't like the selection!  (So the subscriptions can be canceled!!)Two months have passed.  We have received none of the magazines agreed to, but have received one or two copies each of ten other magazines which are totally not of interest.We made a number of phone calls, and discovered that there were at least 17 additional magazines for which subscriptions were entered for varying periods of 1 year or more.  The explanation, in part, is that this increases the circulations of these magazines (and consequently the supposed value to advertisers)!  Not only are these additional magazines an environmental waste (of course, we will recycle them), but they lead to misleading circulation figures.This organization has an A+ rating with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau (and a bunch of complaints)!  We are filing complaints with BBB, the Postal Inspector, and others.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
25, Report #1171481
Aug 21 2014
06:30 PM
I received a call stating I would receive a $250.00 gift card for Walmart if I purchased some of their magazines.  The gentleman suggested several magazines and I refused them, stating they were of no interest to me or I already had a subscription to them.  He asked what I would be interested in and I told him quilting or sewing magazines.  He stated they did not have any of those magazines.  I inquired about craft magazines and he again stated they did not have any.  I asked about Rachel Ray magazine and he stated they had that.  I agreeded to purchase Rachel Ray and he said I was entitled to a couple free magazines.  He suggested several other magazines and I selected Taste of Home. The gentleman asked for a credit card number to charge the magazines to.  He said I would be receiving my magazines in approximately 6 - 8 weeks because the order would need to be sent to the publishers.  Two days later the charge of $49.90 was charged to my account.  Two weeks later I received an itemized statement in the mail for the magazines.  Needless to say I was shocked and surprised to see that I would be paying close to $1,000.00 for these magazines!!  On the back of the invoice was a notice of cancellation.  I immediately signed the cancellation notice and returned it to Viking Magazine.  The following month I was charge $49.90 again.  I provided the credit card holder with the copy of the notice of cancellation which I had returned to Viking Magazine within the 30 days required. I also called Viking Magazine and the woman I spoke to said I could not cancel the order.  I let her know that I had returned the notice of cancellation within the 30 days required.  She again told me I couldn't cancel the order.  When I questioned her as to why, she stated my order had already gone to the publisher.   The following month I was billed again for $49.90.  At this point I cancelled my credit card in order to save my money from this rip off scheme. By the third month I had received Lucky magazine.  Heck, I'm 60 years old, I don't need to get Lucky, I received Bloomberg Businessweek which I am not at all interested in.  I received Bassmaster, heck, I'm disabled and unable to walk down to the river or creek to try and catch a damn fish!  I received Womens Health, Sexy Abs and Butt!  Hell yeah, sexy abs from pushing my wheelchair around, sexy butt - don't think so because I sit on it 12 - 14 hours a day!!  Oh, and my favorite Road & Track, yup, sure wish I could afford a supercharged, turbocharged wheelchair, but on my $627.00 per month SSI,  it's not going to happen!Guess what??  I received Redbook!  Well at least it does have a few recipes in it, and I had to chuckle at the article The bikini-line problem is your private landscaping making you look...old?   Well darn right it is, I am old!!  I don't have $300 - $400 a pop, and at least 6 sessions are required.  Who cares if I have a landing strip or go Brazilian? My point is, if you order from Viking Magazine, you are not going to get the magazines you want or selected.  They will continue to take your hard earned dollars until you close your account with a bank or credit card company!  These people need to be stopped!!  A class action suit needs to be filed against them.  I am our $149.70 for magazines I did not even order.  Where is my $250 gift card to Walmart?  Another big lie! I have thought about taking the magazines I received to the hospital to let people enjoy in the waiting areas, but I'm not going to do that!  I'm going to save the darn things that they keep sending me and if they want them back they can darn well come to my door and collect them, but only after I have received my $149.70 back from them, and the promised $250.00 gift card.If you are contacted by Viking Magazine, hang up on them right away, this is nothing but a SCAM!
Entity: Burnsville, Minnesota

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