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1, Report #1086332
Sep 21 2013
01:50 PM
Vine Vera Vine Vera rip-off Phoenix Arizona
I recently purchased two Vine Vera products after being suckered in by an aggressive sales person in the  Mall.  She started out with ridiculously high prices, then came down considerably.  That should have been my clue to turn around and run, when prices could be adjusted until the consumer thought it was a good deal.  After getting the stuff home, I decided I did not need either product and tried to return it to the same woman.  She told me I could exchange it but, they did not refund.  Then I clearly saw on the bottom of the receipt:  NO REFUND EXCHANGE ONLY.  I did not want an exchange; I wanted my money back for product I do not want or need.  She was adamant about her refusal to make a refund.  Beware of sales people in the mall kiosks!  I am a senior citizen and that is who they prey upon.  I hope others benefit from my unhappy experience.  I prefer buying at a reputable department store in the future and not from the leaches selling what could be inferior products.  You have no recourse once you've paid!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
2, Report #1322447
Aug 14 2016
08:30 PM
Vine vera Eye serum Nationwide
I was at the Jordan Crrek mall when I was approached and given a free sample.  They then practically arm wrestled me to sit in this chair and try their fabulous eye product that without my permission put around my eye.  It immediately was burning and I told him to remove it....he said, oh it is working.....I said NO, it is burning....finally he wiped it off.  After several minutes of trying to hard sell Vine Vera and lowering the price, I finally had enough and walked away with them still trying to sell me the product.   Here it is five days later and the delicate skin under my right eye is flaking off, burning and very painful.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1106496
Dec 12 2013
01:45 PM
Vine Vera Pressure sale, no refunds. Lancaster Pennsylvania
Ultra high pressure sales tactics used at the Vine Vera kiosk - almost to the point where they won't let you leave until you buy something.  After you buy something and decide shortly after you want to return the unopened merchandise you cannot get a refund.  Invesigation of the ingredients revealed the product is junk.  Try and speak with the manager about it on the phone and he hangs up on you.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
4, Report #1195198
Dec 13 2014
12:26 PM
Short and simple. Vine Vera at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa is RIPPING people off with extremely over priced cosmetic crap. They corner you as you are leaving other stores in the mall, verbally tell you face to face you can return the product without any issues, what they do not tell you is you cannot get your money back ONLY an exchange. They will try to sell you product for thousands of dollars. If you give them your Visa it is only when they print the receipt is it written in small cop at the bottom on the receipt AFTER they have your money that you cannot get your money back only exchanges.  I attempted to return a very expensive face cream $150.00 the next day and the owner would not credit my Visa. This place needs to be shut down for fraud. Again they verybally tell you you can return the product, but they do not tell you only for exchange. Do not shop there. The owner is a total corrupt liar.
Entity: WAUWATOSA, Wisconsin
5, Report #1299503
Jul 15 2016
06:43 AM
Vine Vera Biggest ripoff scam out there Nationwide Nationwide
At 48 years if age I am very self conscious of the bags and fine lines beginning to form under my eyes. While on vacation in Las Vegas I was stopped while walking through one of the casinos shopping areas and asked to try a product that would help with dark circles/puffiness under the eyes. Ummmm hello of course I want to try it! So the young man puts this miracle serum under my eyes & soon I can feel serious tightening going on . He hands me a mirror & more bags or puffiness. I'm hooked so I buy it (at a special deal I can only get that day for $300). He then says because you bought that let me take you in to the store & have them give you a facial. Okay, why not? I have fine lines around my lip area from being a past smoker so of course when I get in to the store the corporate big wig who is there visiting the store that day is assigned to helping me. He shows me a video of his mother getting a facial using the Vine Vera Mask & WOW 20 years wiped out in minutes. He puts the thermal mask on the areas around my mouth, it heats up pretty quickly. Fast forward 10 minutes, he wipes it off & hands me a mirror. I look like I am 30 again!! And again I am told if I don't buy the $1000 kit it will be twice as much online later. A pit forms in my stomach, I don't have that kind of money but boy do I look good. He walks away for a few moments & then comes back & says because I have been so great about trying the product out he'll give me deal for $800. Again I say I really don't have that kind of money, though I am thinking about getting a 2nd mortgage on my home by this time. So off he walks, messes with a calculator by the register for a few moments & comes back to tell me because seeing my eyes light up so immensly that I have touched his heart & he is going to sell me the two products at his cost, another $300. Which of course I snap up. I've been walking in the baking sun for hours, my feet hurt, my hair is frizzled but damn does my face look good. He tells me he will email me the instructions later that night but explains I must use the syringe serum on my eyes only 4 times & then I will never have to use it eye bags will be gone permanently. By this time I am almost an hour late getting back to my hotel to get ready for dinner with my group. I rush back, go to apply makeup & it sticks in little balls under my eyes so I decide to wash my face...okay a little puffiness reappears under my eyes but I figure well that is to be expected, he said it would take about a month. By morning I am full on raccoon eyes again but he told me only to use the serum once a week. A month later I have come to realize I have been had. The serum does tighter up the skin under my eyes, until I try & put makeup on or wash my face & then back come the bags. The other bottles are a complete joke & waste of time. Lessoned learned, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. And now I am out over $600.....
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1114133
Jan 09 2014
07:05 AM
Vine Vera Skin Care Vine Vera Representatives Are Cons and Desperate for Money Madison Wisconsin
While shopping at the West Towne Mall in Madison Wisconsin, I was stopped by a sales representative at Vine Vera. He handed me a free sample and when I had accepted the free sample, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his kiosk to tell me more about the product he had just handed me. I was a little nervous because he was holding my hand and started his selling strategies. His name is Refael, he was foreign, had a nice suit on, but also had on some dirty sneakers. I thought to myself, huh, how can you dress in a suit and tie, but wear some torn up tennis shoes? It started out with a demonstration of how the product works, then he said that I would love it after I tried it. I explained to him that I was afraid of trying products that I knew nothing about, for him to let me take a brochure and I'll do some research before I make a decision on buying a product that would cost me $149.00. So, I was like, what the hell, I'll come back and have my boyfriend buy these products for me, so I told him I didn't want to buy it and I needed to go. I had my 6 year old son who was pulling me to leave because we have been standing there for over half an hour. When I had mentioned that, he quickly changed the price and said that I would be saving50% if I bought if from him. I thought about it and said, no thanks. Then he said that he would throw in a free gift, Exquisite Manicure Set. Thats when I gave in. When I decided to buy these 2 products, he said that if I took just the Facial Peeling product, it would cost me $50, which was $100 less than the asking price, but if I took both, it would be $70 together. Not only that, but he didn't even stop. He kept on pressuring me to buy the Cell-Renewing Night Cream and said that he'll give it to me for $40, a $149.00 product. After handing him my card to pay for this, he some how messed up the register and needed to re-ring my purchase. I was a little upset because he didn't know what he was doing, and he was still holding my card. Another one of his colleague stepped in and the two of them re-rang my purchase and showed me that they had credited the first charge and was going to recharge me for this. I really just wanted to run away from their booth, but they had my card. After it was all paid for, Refael had asked me, what do I use for body wash. That's when I realized that con artist wanted me to buy more. I quickly cut him off and said, I really don't have time for this, I need to go. When I had left the booth, I called my boyfriend to see if he could come to the mall so we can get a refund because I didn't feel good about the entire experience. He was at work and could not make it. So I went back home and told him that I wanted to go back to the mall to refund my $120 skin care products that I didn't want. Before leaving to the mall, we realized that the receipt printed, No Refunds. Exchanges only within 14 days I was so mad, I couldn't get over it and wanted to go back to yell at them for not telling me in advance that if I'm not happy, I would get my money back.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
7, Report #1201657
Jan 14 2015
12:49 PM
Vine Vera Vine Vera scam Vernon Hills Illinois
Complete rip off. The sales people are pushy and lie to get the sale. Then when you come back to ask about the term of sale that they had agreed to they tell you that their company will believe them and that they never said that.  They don't have a customer service, huge red flag. I mean i guess they have someone who responds to emails but its far fro m customer service. I have never been talked to and disrespected as a consumer. Do not buy from this company. It is over priced and there are many reports like mine. They will force you into buying with false promises, unlimited refill...oh no I never said that and If I did it's your word against mine. Really?
Entity: Vernon Hills, Illinois
8, Report #1217488
Mar 22 2015
10:05 PM
9, Report #1385133
Jul 12 2017
10:36 PM
Vine Vera Vine Vera is a ripoff Puerto Rico Nationwide
I was on a cruise and at port in Puerto Rico. We went to a mall and some person stopped me to give me a free sample of some day cream. She asked if she could put some cream on my face to lesson my laugh lines.  I said ok. She put it on, I could feel it tighten and it did look a little better. She said use it each week and it will get better. She quoted me $700 but I could have it for $400. I said I couldn't afford it. In the end she said I could have the Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Non Surgical Syringe (value $700) and the Vitamin C peeling (value $176), for $235. I bought it. An hour later my face was the same as before. Too late, we were back on the ship. Do not buy this product!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1341539
Dec 05 2016
04:51 PM
Vine vera Vine Vera 1 Vine Vera selling at malls! Are they really selling the products they advertise? Fraud! Mayfair mall 2500. N. Mayfair Milwaukee, wisconsin Nationwide
 My husband purchase 2 products from the Vine Vera kiosk at the Mayfair mall location , Xmas of 2015. On the receipt it states after 6. Months I am entitled to 1 refill of the products before the date of original purchase. The kiosk is no longer at that location and I called the customer service number on their website! The woman was dancing with her words. Stating that the moisturizer isn't a vene Vera product. I said what a scam. She said that they are independent sales people and are selling other products at their kiosk , what? Isn't this Vine Vera? The second product she said that the facial peel was their brand, and that there should b a serial number on the bottom that was engraved. There was a number but not engraved. She stayed it wasn't in their data bank and it must not be their product! She had just told me prior to that , that the product was theirs! Again I stayed scam! That the kiosk is selling off brand ( black market product) because the serial number was stamped not engraved and didn't show up in there data bank! They ( vine Vera) stated that they aren't responsible! Isn't this your product that is being sold with their name attached ? Then who is responsible ? A kiosk that isn't their? And they promotion of 1 refill is a promotion of the kiosk owner. So I would have to find that person to get my product. Not any Vine Vera representative can help me! Scam, scam , scam ! And they say their customer service! I'm reporting this through every way can! I worked retail for 27 yrs. and this is the worst company I've seen ! Buyer beware!!
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1105742
Dec 09 2013
09:37 PM
Vine Vera Vegas Poor Product Las Vegas Nevada
I went to Vegas and with much persuasion was talked into buying their cover-up skin tightner.  The original price was $300.00, but after much haggling the price went down to $100.00  I only wanted to buy the one product not the whole line of products. One I returned home I found the product had separated, so the oil part wasn't mixing properly with the cover up product.And they told me, this product would last 2 years.What a joke.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #1102934
Nov 29 2013
08:07 AM
Vine Vera RIPOFF!!!! DAMAGES YOUR SKIN Las Vegas Nevada
Very good sales people.  This product is completely a scam.  It actually did the opposite to my skin.  I even told them what another product had done to my skin and they assured me this was completely natural.  I have left 2 messgaes for a return call but nothing.  They do not stand behind their product.  I stopped using it as the red bloches started getting redder and larger on my face and I started developing wrinkles under my eyes.  Buyer beware!!  $400.00 later and all I got was red blotchy skin.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #1147016
May 15 2014
02:13 PM
 I regret ever stopping at the kiosk at our mall.  I was talked into purchasing $530 worth of skin care products only to be double billed.  I immediately contacted the sales person and he assured me they would credit my credit card back.  I intially recevied a letter from my credit card company saying they applied a credit and then two months later they reversed it saying the company provided back up that I made 2 purchases which is not true.  They have you sign with your finger on a computer screen and then they duplicated my signiture for another transaction.  I have battled with them and they assure me they will make it right.  I think I was totally scammed and want people to know not to purchase anything from them using a credit or debit card. 
Entity: Kennesaw , Georgia
14, Report #1197356
Dec 23 2014
05:56 PM
Vine vera Whistler Walk away from they are good in ripping your money Whistler Nationwide
i went up to whistler for a few days visit. my third day in whistler, i was walking from greyhound bus station going to library i past vine vera store and the guy is handing me a vine vera cream sample free and he said can i show you something then i said sure...i get in the storeand he is introducing me the product and telling me the effect. He said vine vera is the most effective thats why its expensive. And he said he will give me discount and i recommend my friends to him. While giving me the night and day cream he is adding more product like the cleansing and toner because i need to use the cleansing before applying the cream and he is giving me 50percent discount Because i am a nice lady. He told me not to tell to my friends the discount he gave me because this time he wrote the product under his name just for me to avail his discount After paying he  gave me another product ( peeling) and he will give me 70percent discount for this because he want me to come back after to him after 1wk with a nice skin face. when i receive the receipt i found out that the price of the product and the discount he gave me was not printed in the receipt. I ask him why? And he saidbecause i gave you the discount in whole and that is the total outcome of all the product. after leaving the store in a minute, it came to my mind that i dont like peeling esp on summer time so i went back to return but he said no return. When he sale the product he fail to tell you that there is no return..... So he change with daycream. But before he change with the cream he said i need to talk to my manager.  And he dial his phone but it is a lie because at the end he said he is the manager. The night i am home i use the cleanser, in few second my face become red and i feel hot on my face. The following day i went back and tell him the reaction. So he change to day cream. The following day. I use the day cream , same reaction with the cleanser. I wash my face with cold water as i cannot tolerate. At night i try the night cream but its also the same.  Then i text the guy but he never reply. So i head back to whistler but he is not in the store . I stay overnight just to meet him the next day as the other guy told me he will be back tomorrow.  The next day i meet him in the store. I'm making a deal with him because he said he is losing money on the product he sale.  its a lie business people dont want to sale while  losing money but to make money.  My deal with him is to sale the product to him in half. I paid 403Dollar and i am asking him 300 or 200 dollar and give the product to him. But he said he already have the product . I gave him another option if i could sale the product to the lady working with him in low price but he said no because she had already.  And he gave me an option to exchange all the product i have on hand with a facial mask. And he ask for my receipt telling me that my receipt is only 403 dollar in fact the facial mask cost 1500 dollar. And i can use this for 18 moths same as the cream because only using tiny bit so i get big saving.  I sadi how about if i give you this product for free as your gift. And he is excited....... Oh before i forgot he even told me i will get free facial treatment. He choose to put up the store in whistler because he knows that whistler is a place for local and foreign people wherein after hey buy the product and leave the place its too far for them to go back for any complaints or any favor as the manager told me he is wasting time standing with me negogiating for nothing Without making money. Don't just walk away from this store but run away. They don't care your side as a customer but they care the money they're taking from you. He is using sweet words to sale his product in once but not getting a regular customer.  I believe he has no sale thats why he is doing that strategies. A piece of chocolate is nothing. Better go to dermatologist than this company as people have different types of skin.     
Entity: Whistler, Nationwide
15, Report #1186986
Nov 05 2014
01:07 PM
Vine vera- Be very wary of these products! Lahaina Hawaii
Be very aware when a salesperson starts their jibber jabber. . .and starts applying products on your face. This is a super sales job aimed at , hate to say it, the customers vanity and desire to get rid of this wrinkles without plastic surgery or fillers, et al. At no time did the salesman talk price until I asked point blank cost of products. I left half way thru, could see thru this pretty quick. Hey, I earned my wrinkles, why try to hide them! 
Entity: Lahaina, Hawaii
16, Report #1194721
Dec 11 2014
12:06 PM
Vine Vera 2 Refusal of refund after allergic reaction - hiding behind no refund poliVVVcy. Wauwatosa Wisconsin
Sales man was inaccurate about products telling me they were hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, and frangrance free.  Used prodcuts that evening and had severe allergic reaction.  Was then told they couldn't refund the money I paid for the products and could only do exchanges.   I contacted customer service several times, customer service is useless.  Doesn't reply back to emails or calls in a timely manner.  Will tell you someone will be contacting you in three days, which after a week later you have to recontact them only to have them answer any of your issues.   This company is a fraud, has no signs displayed stating their no refund policy.  The sales man will distract you as you are signing so that you don't see that it is on the slip.  They hide behind their policy like you did something wrong and refuse to any refunds, regardless that due to an allergy exchanges are not a possibility.   This is by far the worse experience I have ever had dealing with a company.  I now have $200 worth of product that I am unable to use.  
Entity: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
17, Report #1067851
Jul 17 2013
02:47 PM
Vine Vera fine beauty cosmetics Total liars Las Vegas Nevada
Beware of girls giving you free samples of moisturizers at a kiosk upstairs in caesar's Forum shops. They tell you anything to purchase. I was told it had appeared on Oprah and Dr. Oz.  in vacation mode, I fell for the 30 day money back guarantee. We called back in 20 minutes when I noticed no refunds on the receipt. Told not to worry. Within hours, I had an allergic reaction. Called the salesperson and corporate office and given the run around. Marched myself up to the kiosk, was told that was not the kiosk that had sold it to me. BS. How many kiosks are there at the top of a curved escalator outside an Ugg store? I pointed to the chair I sat in and the register that took my credit card.  Out of nowhere came a young man who said he was the manager who promptly refunded me. I don't think they wanted me telling all the future customers about my problem. My advice is to stand outside their kiosk and loudly, but politely, demand a refund. They'll want you gone.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #1079043
Aug 26 2013
07:16 AM
Vine Vera Total Scam! Las Vegas Nevada
 I was on vacation at the Paris in Las Vegas...on my hurried way to the registration desk to change my room, a very, very pushy young man offered a free sample, then propelled me into the little shop, labelled as a perfume shop. He tried out eye lotion, and then proceeded to put three different containers in a bag for me. I said fine, but that I was in a hurry. The receipt had no commas in the dollar section, and I thought I was being charged $162. I didnt' look at the stuff until two days later, and when I looked at the receipt, $1620 had been taken from my acct!! I promptly marched to the store (that had just opened for the day), and told them in no way would I pay this much for any kind of skin care. They ended up giving me two more items for a total of 5, and took off $1000 from the bill. I am still seething over the pushy and obnoxious behavior of this company's reps. There's no way a product is that good. I still haven't used the products because I am still so very mad. My advice is to avoid these people at all costs. they are pushy and don't tell you how much the items cost. I feel like a fool for not checking closer at the receipt, but they prey on people. Good business people don't treat customers this way. Beware of them at all costs!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Select State/Province
19, Report #1279495
Jan 11 2016
07:04 PM
Vine Vera Vivo de lei, Dead Sea minerals Sterling Heights Michigan
 See the description please. I'm new to this site. That was my second time writing that and I'm using my cell phone.*As I waked through the mall I got pulled aside to the kiosk with this again woman she applied this face peeling mask on my skin and then moisturizer on it. She told me that they are both 100$ each and that she'll give them too me for just 100$ I can have the buy one get one free price since I am a college student. She then started putting them in a bag and asked how I will be paying for them. HOLD UP I never said I wanted them. YOU approached me. So I said I was going to wait and think about it and come back. She then said she'll throw in a hand lotion bottle for free as a gift from me to you she then said to me if I don't see a change I can get full refund. She pulled out receipts that I believe now are fake just to show you how much people love it with 1500.00 and 3,500.00 dollars on the order total what I also realize is that her covering the bottom of the receipt was on purpose. So I bought them and thought I can return them if I decide it's too much money for me, I am currently unemployed and going to school full time after all. I went on to a job interview and noticed that the scent on my hand from the moisturizer smelled strangely familiar. I am a frequent shopper at the app and half of the time I am receiving refunds for products that don't match the pictures of what they claim the item is. The smell of each item in the packages I receive from Chcins all have a similar scent. The one on my hand that I was smelling. I wanted to return it cause it because it was like a warning that it was linked to this site I'm always getting refunds from because they send you a much cheaper laughable product than they advertise. But atleast they refund you. I checked the receipt and noticed that what was hidden in the bottom behind the purposeful fold reads no refunds, exchanges only I was never informed of this when she was selling this to me. In fact she said I could have full refund if I did not see a change. How is that possible if you don't do returns? Out of curiosity I went to the site I placed above to check the origin . Just to connect the scent and see if they are from the same place. I ended up seeing something else very infuriating. The 100$ face peel was 48$ and the 100$ moisturizer was 48$ so I literally gave them a 2$ profit when in reality I was supposed to be receiving one of those for free. *
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1277133
Dec 30 2015
04:55 PM
Vine Vera Mazal Enterprises Consumer fraud at the mall North Hills California
Someone needs to do an investigation on a company call Mazal Enterprises who sells a line of skin care products under the name of Vine Vera and sells mostly through mall kiosks.  They have highly-trained salesman who snag you while walking by and hand out free samples, then coerce you to sit down and give a free facial with a lot of fast talk and claims for the product, all of which are untrue.  They have you sit away from the register, which you later find out has a small sign that says no returns, and it is usually covered up by a bag of products and sanitizer bottle at time of purchase, during which time another salesman suddenly appears and with just a few words and hand signals from the other guy, seems to know what price you were promised, but then when you get home, you see that you have been robbed because you were charged 3 times the price promised.  You then also see with a magnifying glass on the tiny receipt they give you that it has in small print their no return policy.  If you go right back to the mall and try to get a refund on unopened products the very next day, they just show you the tiny print on the receipt of no returns and give contact info for their customer service, who just reiterate their strict no return policy and say all they can do is an exchange.  This company goes from mall to mall all over the country, spending a few weeks in each, just long enough to rob a bunch of people out of lots of money, then pack up and move their little gypsy wagon on to the next mall to victimize new customers.  They also use the ploy of promising they are opening up a new spa in your mall and that you can get free refills on all products, which is completely false.  Also many other lies to get you to buy their overpriced products, which they price whatever they think they can get away with and making you believe they want you to have these so much they will give them to you half price.   Apparently  I seemed extra gullible, because they bilked me out of $1000 more than promised.  What kind of company gives no returns ever?  If I had known this or that all their claims are false, I would never have purchased anything.  When the salesman started filling the “sexy bag” with products before I had decided if/what I wanted to buy, I was so taken by surprise that my normal reflex to say wait a minute, combined with his charm and con game of “wanting you to have these products to treat your rosacea before it’s too late,” caught me off guard and then it was too late.  I don’t even have rosacea most likely, but they know how to use fear to motivate you to buy, whether it’s acne, wrinkles, or rosacea that these products supposedly cure like no other product.  They also claim these products are formulated by professional dermatologists and that Dr. Oz endorses them (also lies).  This mysterious Mazal Enterprises located in North Hills, California, needs to be investigated.  Who are they and why so little info known about them?  Are they Israeli? Italian? Middle Eastern?  ISIS?  The salesmen all have probably made up names like Giorgio, Fabio, Rafael, Tamir, and mine claimed to be Israeli and Italian.  Please expose this blatant consumer fraud and stop them from robbing unsuspecting shoppers who have no intention of buying their “miracle” products and believing they can get “free refills” at the “new spa opening here soon.”  Lies, lies, and more lies. 
Entity: North Hills, California
21, Report #1230454
May 20 2015
01:11 PM
Vine Vera Whistler Very expensive products! Whistler
Very expensive products, they don't give samples to try at home their expensive products,  I bought the eye serum for $350 and they said it will last for two years but I finished it after 6 months, they didn't agree to refill the serum 
Entity: Whistler, British Columbia
22, Report #1210061
Feb 18 2015
04:32 PM
Vine-Vera Beauty cart con artists Los Angeles California
I was new to LA and looking for apartments to get out of my parent's house. I had stopped at the grove for food and maybe one or two outfits (didn't want to spend more then $100.) Then the french lady working the counter offered me a little packet of body lotion. I was trying to be couteous and excepted it (big mistake). She then dragged me over did a demonstration and I thought to myself how much is this going to cost me? She assured me that I was getting 75% off deal and showed me what the price would be. It was only a little more than I wanted to spend so I figured I could shift my buget around a little. Then locked my credit card in the drawer (which is when I caught on) and didn't let me have it back until I had pretty much boughten the entire Kiosk. Anyway, I'm pissed and going to have to move back to Ohio with my parents because I can't afford a f****** appartment now.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
23, Report #1404533
Oct 05 2017
10:33 PM
Vine Vera Pressured my husband into buying stuff and kept changing prices Oklahoma City Oklahoma
 Was 9 months pregnant walking through a mall in Oklahoma City with my husband. We were stopped by a man at a Vine Vera kiosk, who offered a free sample. I said thanks and looked away. I know better than to deal with people at kiosks like that, however my husband is Japanese and is not used to scammers. He had only lived in America for less than 2 years at the time, and we had moved to OKC from a small Midwest town. He didn't speak English all that well at the time, so I feel like that made him an easy target for these guys. When I reached for the sample he grabbed my hand, which I immediately did not like, and said would you mind a free demonstration of some luxury skin care products? I said I was fine (in a very polite, smiley way), when my husband said, I don't mind if you don't, we're not in a hurry. I wanted to say no, but he was already rubbing the Dead Sea facial peel on my inner forearm. He had me and my husband feel the arm that had nothing, and then the arm that had been treated. I admit, it was softer, but it also felt gimmicky to me. But my husband was supper impressed. Japan is known for its nice skin care products, so I guess he assumed they would be long lasting like they are back home. I had a feeling that this was just temporary. Anyway, I felt super uncomfortable standing there, and I felt like everyone that walked by me getting the demonstration thought we were suckers. I just wanted to end this and leave, but the salesman said that his wife is actually Japanese and started using some basic Japanese with my husband, which made him feel like he could trust him. Then he started telling us how amazing these products were, and asking me how I liked it. I didn't want to be rude and insult the products or the man, especially since it had worked. I said it was nice, and he was telling my husband how he should get me something nice since I was pregnant, and how I should be pampered and relaxed, which of course my husband already thought, so he was buying into this. I told him I didn't need it, and that I appreciated how he wanted to do something nice for me, but that I just didn't need it, which I think made my husband think that I actually wanted it, but was just to nice to ask directly. But actually I was just trying to politely leave. The salesman kept talking to my husband and basically said that if he didn't buy the stuff that he didn't care about me and how much I am doing by carrying his baby. They haggled over the price and he said it is originally $150 for the Dead Sea peel, but because he was Japanese and the mans wife was Japanese, he would give us a special discount of $50 and foot cream for free. I couldn't believe the price, but my husband is used to high skin care prices in Japan for quality products, so he didn't bat an eye. I tried multiple times to say, no, it's fine, I don't want it, but my husband agreed to get it, thinking he was giving me a special present. It's honestly, so sweet of him, but I wish he had done that for something I actually wanted, or actually good skin care, lol. But, he proceeds to pay for it, and up until that point there had been nothing that actually made me feel bad, except for the instinctual it's a scam! screaming in my head from just being at the kiosk in the first place. I mean the products *seemed* to work, so although I was uncomfortable, nothing proof-worthy jumped out at me until he went to pay. The price was in the $80s. I said, that wasn't the price we agreed on, and he fiddled with his cheap calculator, and then told us that it was the correct price with the discounted facial peel and the foot cream. I said, I didn't even want the foot cream, you said it was free. He played with his calculator some more, and then said, okay, this is the price I can do, and showed us the calculator and it said $65. My stomach dropped and I KNEW this was a rip off, and that my gut instinct had been correct. My husband pulled out his card, and said that's fine. I think me arguing with me man had made him uncomfortable, and I knew that there was nothing I could say to him at this point, because he was now determined to prove that he cared about me by buying me something luxury and special. So I just accepted my fate. We walked away and my husband was happy that he thought he had made me happy, so of course after he had spent that money I acted happy. I didn't want to make him feel bad, he only wanted to do something kind for me. I was hoping that it was just the salesman that was the scammer, and that the products would be at least a little decent. But the foot cream was super watery, which I immediately knew would work well on feet since the skin is tough and needs a heavier formula to penetrate the skin. But, I was determined to use the two products, so I mixed it in with my gold bond foot cream (which is amazing btw). I didn't notice any difference from using it. Now, the facial worked decently enough, except it dried out in a month! I always put the cap on fully, but it seemed like having it off for any amount of time dried it, and I noticed each time I went to use it, it was stiffer. It ended up getting so tough I couldn't use it, so I had to throw the rest away. My husband asked me a few weeks after that how I had liked the stuff, and I told him I did, and how nice he was, etc. I told him I had used it all, and he asked me if I wanted to get more, and I told him that I liked it, but the Japanese is better, so let's just go back to that. He seemed pleased. So at least I was able to get through it without making my husband feel bad or feel like an idiot. And I don't have to deal with those greasy, sneaking, manipulating Vine Vera jerks again.
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24, Report #1192130
Nov 30 2014
12:02 PM
Vine Vera Vine Vera Resveratrol Skin Care Shady bait and switch with no ethics Las Vegas Nationwide
My husband and I recently took a trip to Las Vegas and came across the Vine Vera booth in the mall.  Of course we were given a free sample and as we were in no hurry to be anywhere, we both sat for the amazing transformation demonstration.  The Promoter and his assistant quickly established rapport with my husband, even exchanging phone numbers and adding one another as Facebook friends. After purchasing the Chiani Collection, Merlot Collection,  and the Pinot Nori Collection along with the free gifts of hand soap, lotion, and salt scrub I was sure I was going to be in heaven looking younger in no time.  Our Promoter assured us the instructions would be in one of the bags.  He was so friendly, I had no reason to doubt him. After coming home and unpacking my treasures, I did not find the instructions as to when to use what when.  No problem.  I went online to find the instructions.  After printing out the instructions for my purchases, I found that at least one product was missing from each collection, two from the Merlot collection. I asked my husband to go through all the product with me to verify I was correct.  He text messaged one of the representatives asking if this was an oversight.  The response he received was that he was texting the wrong person but he would get the information to the Promoter.  We have not heard back from either. I have not used the product long enough to leave a wow comment on how it has changed my life.  I am hoping that the products we did bring home will be worth the thousands we did spend.  I am more concerned with not receiving a response and missing products.  It feels like what started out to be a good  experience quickly turned into a bait and switch and as there are No Refunds, I have no option other than to use what I have and warn others to check their bags carefully before they leave.
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Aug 23 2015
11:40 PM
Vine Vera Vine Vera are pushy but not all of them are deceptive and not all of their products are bad Las Vegas Nevada Nationwide
I have read numerous reports re: the Vine Vera line of products. Some were lied to. Some were coerced. Some has allergic reactions to the products. While I have no doubt that all these people had these experiences, mine was a little different. I stopped by a Kiosk at a Hotel in Las Vegas. I ended up with a sort of facial and I think I sat there about 1 1/2 hours. She was very pleasant and I believe very sincere in her belief in her product. She sold me 2 products at a greatly reduced price off retail. I know that for sure because I looked up the retail cost of each of the items I received and they were considerably more expensive retail. I would say she was no different than any other really good sales person who knows how to close the deal. I am happy with the products I came home with. What I have used so far has been quite nice. Having said that, I doubt seriously that I will ever purchase it again because the cost of the products are, for the most part, OUTRAGEOUS!! Sell them to the movie stars. They can afford. So I don't have any complaints per se, but I can see where it could go very wrong in many other situations as I read about here. In my opinion, it is a good product (as long as you are not allergic to it) but the price point is really unreasonable for the average middle class person.
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