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26, Report #1211980
Feb 26 2015
04:03 PM
Vine-Vera Resveratrol Best In the West Harrah's Las Vegas Vine Vera Skin Care Bait & Switch in Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada
My wife and I were in Harrah's Hotel in Las Vegas and were given a piece of chocolate candy and ask to review some wrinkle cosmetics.  We were introduced to a very outgoing young lady who was easy to converse with.  My wife has been having some eye problems and had bags under her eyes.  The representative quickly demenstrated their Shiraz Syringe product and we were amazed that within 15 minutes there was a dramatic reduction and she looked much better.  My wife said she could feel her skin tighten.  We were told that it was powerful stuff and only had to be applied once each week.  We were then presented with a package of products (Shiraz Syrinbe, Eye Serum & Mositurizer) at 74.4% off list.  The makup the representative applied lasted quite well until the next day but certainly wouldn't last for a week.  We left town early the next day so when my wife applied the product later the next day she immediately said this doesn't feel the same.  Sure enough we don't think we got the product demonstated as it only lasted for about 3 hours.  If appears that we were part of a bait & switch sceam. I have called the number listed on the sales receipt and was told that we have to use the product longer.  If it only lasts a few hours using in longer will serve no purpose.  When I suggested that we were victums of a bait & switch she asked for the Invoice # and she would check to see if there was a difference.   So far we have not heard back so we will call again.  Please beware that this product is an overpriced rip off.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
27, Report #1369227
Apr 23 2017
10:32 AM
Vine Vera, Refaeli, Sagi I was duped by the salesmen from Vine Vera. . They mesmerized me with talk, pressure,shuffling bags switched products after purchase Bakersfield California
 I was duped by the salesmen with Vine Vira. I had no idea I would be so stupid as to buy this product. I was mesmerized by the salesmen, young Israel boys, and bought some product then they started showing me more and shuffling bags adding free gifts', and I spent so much money my husband would kill me if he knew. They even walked me to my car. Half way home it hit me to what I had done, and now I can't sleep, cry, and am so depressed. When I checked my purchase I found they has switched products. I don't know how I am going to pay my credit card bill. PLEASE PLEASE stay away from this people. Don't get sucked in
Entity: Bakersfield, California
28, Report #1383542
Jul 06 2017
11:30 AM
Vine Vera per lei Vine Vera eye cream SCAM! Albuquerque New Mexico
 Went to Cornado center with my mom and my son. Was walking through the mall when the guy gave samples. Then pull my mom in to their booth/kiosk. He took advantage of her face wrinkles and crows feet. She sat there for almost 30 mins to an hr. He was pushy and touchy/feely trying to make her feel comfortable and try and get her to buy their crap. She kept telling no and i can't afford it and i have to talk to my husband. he kept asking why she had to talk to him. I noticed his accent and i think he was trying to come off as Italian but he sounded middle eastern. It reminded me of the movie don't mess with the zohan. There was another guy there that bought two of everything. My mom's face didn't change at all after using that stuff. It looked worse. And the no refund crap is BS. I told her not to do it not to buy any more of their s*. She only ended up paying $162.00 for something that they charge on line for $700.00. Thank God but still total scam.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
29, Report #1432474
Mar 05 2018
06:32 AM
Vine Vera Hired me to sell vine Vera told me to lie to customers Glendale California
I was hired to sell vine Vera skin products at a kiosk in the Glendale galleria The first day my boss put a lot of pressure on me to sale. They are very pushy and deceitful to their customers. They prey on little old ladies and pressure them to buy their products and charge them a lot. The girl who was training me told me to lie and make up whatever I wanted. She said I could say that I am a skin care specialist and say whatever to make them buy the products. They told me to sell it at the highest price and if the customer couldn’t afford it to lower the price till they buy it. I felt bad like we were taking advantage of people. They are horrible con artist and all they care about is making money. They don’t care about customers or their employees. They rip everyone off and won’t let them return anything. After a week of working there they let me and everyone else they hired go. No warning or anything. They sent us home in the middle of our shift and told us new management was coming in. They need to be stopped. It’s a scam and it’s unfair to the people buying the products and the employees.
Entity: Glendale, California
30, Report #1117704
Jan 22 2014
03:34 PM
31, Report #1142833
Apr 29 2014
08:50 PM
Vine Vera Mazal Enterprises, Vivo, Vivo per lei, Dead Sea Minerals Make you buy and hide no return policy til your out the door Milwaukee Wisconsin
This company is a total scam.  Offer you a sample then grab your arm and take you over to their kiosk.  Start talking really fast in thick Israeli accent (all staff at kiosks are Israeli's on a Visas-promised big money off stupid American women for Mazal Enterprises).  Can barely understand.  Before you know it you have somone applying magic creams and told this is the same as botox and lasts 24 months.  You can say no but they will continue and continue until they get the sale.  I'm not a confrontational person and when I said no and the guy started yelling at me I started to panic.  I don't want a scene.  Never give your credit card or debit card.  They hide the no return at the bottom of one receipt that is folded up.  Like a magic trick, they tell you to look at the transaction number at the top because you will need it.  If you think you can take it back, think again.  No returns.  Lots of lies and promises though.  This is a deceptive company that after researching has gone by many names and products.  These kiosks are popping up in different cities and malls.  If someone walks up to you with a sample and tries to grab your arm, run fast.  The products start at $1500 and they will add on if you pay the $1500.  They will negotiate down but not let you leave.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
32, Report #1184987
Oct 25 2014
11:52 PM
Vine Vera Deceptive, high pressure,overpriced,scam Santa Barbara California
Two young women tag teamed false claims of vine Vera beauty products in kiosk in mall in Santa barbarba. Eye cream guaranteed to take out wrinkles in day's supply was enough for two years. Also sold neck cream and thru in a couple of other creams for $600. Stay away from this kiosk and mall should throw them out. Located right outside of front door to Nordstrums and gives it a bad name. 
Entity: Santa Barbara , California
33, Report #1298660
Apr 08 2016
03:09 PM
Vine Vera skin care Buyers Beware of Lying, Pushy, Decepgive Las Vegas Nevada
 Was immediately scammed by the sales people. I was at a trade show in Las Vegas when I was stopped by the sales person at the booth. She went on and on about how good my skin looked for my age, etc etc etc. Was so pushy and wouldn't let me leave without a sale!!! Even after I purchased $300 in product she proceeded to try and sell me more by telling me my own skin care products weren't working (this after she told me how good my skin looked) and try to sell me $200 more worth of product. I was apprehensive to buy what I did and didn't fall for her trap!! I immediately Googled the company, that's how I found this website. Apparently this company is notorious for ripping people off with no recourse for the consumer who was dooped. There is a no refund policy that wasn't posted anywhere and was not disclosed before the purchase. Every number I call tells me there's nothing that can be done and even my own bank won't stand be me!! WTF!?!? I know others have filed with the BBB in Las Vegas but this company is still in business and still ripped people off.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
34, Report #1159420
Jul 03 2014
02:28 PM
Vine Vera Can't get a refund and I'm afraid to use it after hearing others who it has damaged. Nationwide
I was pressured into buying the product and I was led to believe I was getting product for free. After buying it I looked it up on the internet and saw that it could do damage to my skin and I cannot return it and can't use it. 
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1410938
Nov 08 2017
09:43 AM
Vine Vera Quoted different prices and stated Dr Oz recommends this product. Strongsville Ohio
Walking thru the mall, second floor,I was approached by a young lady, who was selling skin care and offered me a free sample.  I took it and as I went to take it, a young man approached me with a full sized product in his hand.  He asked me to take my glasses off and he would show me what a miracle product he had to make your look younger, around the eyes.  I said no, I was in a hurry and he continued to talk and took my hand and applied the product.  I was stunned, especially when I didn't even offer my hand.  He continued to speak about the product and said he would give me a deal...and to watch my hand as the wrinkles disappeared.  Then he did said it would take 5 or 10 minutes and I said I can't wait, and he said I will give you a deal $900 for the eye cream.  I was floored. $900!! Then he goes I will give it to you for $870!!!  He goes I know you have credit cards in your wallet, come on just buy it.  I walked away and said I may be back, just to get him to leave me alone.  He said Dr Oz endorsed this product. I went on the main level and the same company was selling skin care...same exact set up.  I walked up to a young lady and pointed to the product and asked the cost.  She said $130, same EXACT product!!  Then a young man came up to me and wanted to try it on my eyes and I said no.  He goes I have a great deal for you...$179!  I was shocked again!!!  I said I was just quoted $130 by the young lady and he said she is new and doesn't know prices and I told him the cost at the other kiosis. He said they are allowed to make their own prices!!! I go at a price difference of $691.00!!!   I then walked away.  Is this even legal?  How can a mall have a business (2) that are so unfair to the public?    
Entity: Strongsville, Ohio
36, Report #1105108
Dec 07 2013
05:00 AM
Orogold Cosmetics Vivo Vine Vera AVIV name of salesperson Sunvalley Mall CONCORD CA 646 463-4435 high pressure sales for Vivo and Vine Vera products marked up 80% compared to Amazon Concord California
DEad Sea skin product sold. An aggresive sales scam to sale skin products at 85% increase or greater. Scammer was Aviv in Sun Valley Mall heavy set woman. Her number is 646 463-4435. Super aggressive sales people at these kiosk doing the same scam all over country. Dead Sea scrubb, red wine dark eye cream, etc. Too humiliated to elaborate. See San francisco Dead Sea scam. Buy product on Amazon under $20. They were selling them for $85+. Preying on desperation of women. Non refundable.
Entity: Concord, California
37, Report #1190156
Nov 20 2014
08:25 AM
Vine Vera Park Meadows Mall Denver Co Marta from the Ukraine Vine Vera employee liar and a thief!!! Lone tree Colorado
It is hard for me to describe the feeling of being lied to and ripped off. I was in Denver with some friends for the weekend. We went to the Park Meadows Mall. This girl Marta was handing out samples and asked if I wanted a free facial. She put some stuff under my eyes and showed me before and after pictures of women with this product. She said the entire line including this product was PURE COLLEGEN. And after 5 minutes she showed me in the mirror. It appeared tightened because the product contains an ingredient like glue that contracts your skin.the lighting is special so that it looks different.  she then put on a mask that made the forehead wrinkles look smaller. It is pure trick lighting and the product is a filler that is not to be rinsed out. She then started pushing all the products telling me they all retailed for $1300.00 each one and I was going to get multiple products for free just because she liked me. All the while telling me I wasn't to tell anyone that she was giving me a special deal. So pretty soon I have 10 boxes of stuff that was supposedly buy one get one free.  she was great at the hard sell and told me how she hadnt seen her parents in 5 years  because her ex husband had her passport. She was 22.  Another lie.  Although she mentioned her mother had been using this product line and she looked amazing.  Must have good cameras because how could she see her with no passport. I finally asked her how much it all would be because with the lighting it did look different. She said all of it for $1200.00.  She said all the boxes had giant jars that would last me 4 years guaranteed!!! she said $300 a year was an amazing deal for literally $5000.00 worth of Pure Collagen. I didn't have my glasses on and signed the credit card receipt at the bottom. She said products were guaranteed etc.  when I got home and unpacked I noticed the sales slip said $1600.!!!!!!! She stole 300.00 that she added to my bill! Since then I have done research and the skin cannot absorb Collagen.  If it could, the molecules are too big and the body cant absorb it. Lie no.1.  The jars are not 4 years worth. Lie no.2.  All the so called free gifts aren't even an ounce.Lie no.3 .when you get home in the real lighting there is no difference in your skin. Lie no.4 and especiallly getting ripped off $400.00.!!! Try calling customer service.  Won't return phone call. Called Marta and she said she'd talk to manager and call me asap. They DO NOT stand behind their products or make things right!!!!!!! Do not be scammed by these high pressure sales women and flattering lighting. I am trying to dispute the charges. Someone needs to let the public know to stay away from these sales people and ordinary products certainly not worth thousands. 
Entity: Lone tree, Colorado
38, Report #1390321
Aug 04 2017
06:01 AM
Vine Vera Mike, Dino, and the rest of the female sales ASSociates are complete scam artists! They over charged my CC CARD. They used switch and bate techniques to get me to buy Vine Vera products! San Francisco California
 Walk-On-By if you happen to stroll by 60 Grant Ave. SF, CA. This company has no scruples and will do anything to scam you. Beware of two guys Dino, Mike, and the rest of the female staff. They charged my CC Card and I have to dispute the charge. They High-Pressure you on the sidewalk by giving a free sample then test the product on your hand. The product seems to work at first in their store but when you get home you can tell that the skin changed back to its original condition. I found out that each locations are franchised and don't have to follow a standard protocol. Their protocol is to Rip-U-Off/Scam Artists Delight. I now have to dispute the unauthorized CC Card charge. More time wasted on these thugs. This whole operation is a SCAM! Please report this company on Yelp & your local BBB!
Entity: San Francisco, California
39, Report #1184685
Oct 24 2014
08:17 AM
Vine Vera Resvoratrol Skin Cream High Pressure sales; sold me $1300 of facial creams & would not return for credit in 1-2 hrs. San Antonio Texas
I was presured to buy costmetics for thru high pressure techniques, putting cream onmy face & not letting me go to my appointment. I am 74 yrs. old & repeatedly said I was not interested...but the sales person kept on...Finally, I purchsed the cosmetic creams for Approximately $1300. thinking I could return them.  I was never told they were not returnable. then about 2 hrs later after my appointment, I called them at their kiosk & said i wanted to return the order. They said No. products were not returnable.. I was not aware of this..I called my credit card to dispute the bill then cancelled my credit card. I called them back & told the salesperson. They continued to say i should hae Known. Upon inspecting my sales slip i see in tiny fine print at the bottom it states.NoRefunds Exchanges within 14 days.this was stapled to my receipt on the back side of bill. I called the Mall but they told me to file a report on the Vine Vera North Star Mall Kiosk. Please stop this hard sell rip on group of merchants. Help me refund for credit.  
Entity: San Antonio , Texas
40, Report #1050170
May 11 2013
03:37 PM
Vine Vera TOTAL SCAM! Overcharged! Pushy, lying salesperson! Santa Barbara California
Walking past the kiosk at the mall, the very persuasive salesperson gets me to sit down so he can show me this great line of creams for the face and body.  He then proceeds to tell me how much I would normally have to pay for each product - $159 each - but he eventually sold me four products and charged my credit card $131.70, telling me what a great deal he was giving me because tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  I'm so stupid, I bought into it (even though I did have misgivings).  He then tried to sell me two more products that he claimed sold for over $200 each (eye treatments).  He's very, very persuasive, and it was hard to get away from him.  I finally left.  I came home and Googled the product to see how much it sells for on the web.  OH MY.  I could have purchased all four of the items I purchased for a total of less than $50 on!  I admit that it's my fault for getting suckered into this . . .but this should be stopped.  The salesperson said he was an owner (and that's why he could give such great deals).  I believe he's preying on older women.  I will definitely be checking my bank over the next few days to ensure he did not charge my credit card more than the receipt shows.  BUYER BEWARE!
Entity: Santa Barbara, California
41, Report #1140184
Apr 19 2014
07:32 PM
vine-vera a total rip off...lots of pressure and no way refunds and change the price with every minute that goes by. RUN palm desert California
Vine-vera...a hard sell -high pressure cosmetic/line of skin care?  Sucked in on ElPaso Drive in Palm Desert.  Seroiously could not get away...$600 later / They wanted $3000. (and I'm going to try to stop payment) was the most high pressure sales job I've ever experienced.  RUN don't not talk to these people.  Should have gone on line to check out...shame on me.  Won't happen again.
Entity: palm desert, California
42, Report #1249719
Aug 20 2015
07:21 AM
VINE VERA I was on vacation in Vegas & was approached by a woman from a kiosk with a sample then led into the kiosk for more samples for my puffy eyes.Las Vegas Nevada
 Next thing I know I'm in a chair getting my puffy eyes worked on & then a free facial. The men persuade you to buy by means of deception & flattery (INVEIGLE) but do NOT tell you there is a no return policy. The cost is way too much & the product doesn't continue to last as long as they say it does. I called & cancelled my order the next morning (BEFORE SHIPMENT) as it read on the pink order slip that orders could not be cancelled if shipped. VINE VERA proceeded to ship the pkg at 6 pm that evening when I had called & e-mailed my desire to cancel shipment at 9:45 AM that morning. The customer service office claims they can not do much to help because they are not affiliated with private retail locations? WHAT? Yet this customer service phone number & e-mail address is listed on ALL paperwork & receipts. This company is definitely a scam but where do you go for help? I have filed a claim with BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF LAS VEGAS & my credit card company. Next step may be lawyer-I would rather pay a lawyer to discontinue this practice than pay for these products that are bogus! While on vacation in Las Vegas, NV I was approached with a free sample from a kiosk employee, then led into the kiosk to get another sample for my puffy eyes.  I was then given an eye treatment with Vine Vera products and bought the eye cream at an inflated price but thought it would be worth it if it truly worked.Then the employee got another employee to give me a facial free of charge while awaiting his soliciting the products at the Bellagio later that morning.  These men definitely fit the description of the word inveigle- meaning pursuade someone to do something by means of deception or flattery. After purchasing these products that I was pursuaded heavily to buy I called the next day to cancel my shipment (the pink slip said you cannot cancel shipment after products had shipped).  I called both the sales person & e-mailed the customer service address & told them to cancel shipment.  This was at approx 9:45 am.  They still shipped the product (per Fex Ex at 6PM that same day) even after they were aware I did not want the shipment.  All receipts except the one I signed for the credit card purchase said no returns but this policy was not told to me in any fashion. I received a response from the customer service e-mail saying they are not affiliated with any private retail locations yet their e-mail address is listed on all paperwork - this is definitely a scam of some sort. I have refused shipment twice, contacted customer service with no resolution, contacted the Better Business Bureau of Las Vegas, & contacted my Credit Card Company.  Vine Vera shipped the pkg again & I refused shipment again.  I would pay a lawyer to resolve this before I will pay for this product which I do not want.  Vine Vera solicited me & did not make me aware of their no return policy at any time.  If you sell a good product you do not have to fear that people will return it unless of course this is a scam.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
43, Report #1206582
Feb 04 2015
06:05 AM
Vine Vera Facial Products Charming charletan.. sweet/fast talked me in to deal & with 30+ yrs. in sales that's not easy.. BEWARE, STAY OUT OF STORE Nanaimo BC
I had never heard of Vine Vera products and was surprised to see a store in the major mall in town... The fellow called me in with the lure of a sample .. don't go near them when they try to hand you a sample .. they are there waiting to pounce !  I have been in sales a LONG time and thought nothing of at least looking at what this new line was about.  I have sold skin care products and thought this should be interesting if nothing else.  WELL, the young, good looking man was incredibly charming .. and Too SMOOTH... I felt every word he said was a lie, he talked about my beauty & this and that... just talking to butter me up and my defences WERE up beleive me, but I also really felt if they were in a major mall and not just Nanaimo but all over - they must be OK.  In the end I bought an eye cream... supposedly almost $300,  said NO, I can't do that, he said OK $100 but I need to call my partner... I was talking to the other young lady (new to the game, not groomed well yet) I realized he wasn't calling anyone and why would he have to , he said it was HIS franchise - he said he had Victoria, Nanaimo and West Eddm Mall.  I wondered why he wanted to be in Nanaimo with this expensive.. lots of mature women but not speanig that kind of money regularly.... Victoria maybe, Calgary would've been a better location than Nanaimo... in the end I took the $100 eye cream and he threw in lots of little 'goodies'.  I knew I had been 'had' but at the time I didn't care, I went in and I didn't have the strength to put up that big of a fight and they were NOT letting me out without buying something... if that makes any sense.  Sometimes just don't want to make a scene and don't blamed me for getting me in to this predicament ...  I am not working right now, so this isn't a good time for this purchase but I have it, hopefully it will work somewhat -- I will NEVER set foot anywhere near that storefront.  Oh, and like another post in the US said... they are Israeli's - that rang true because this was Israeli's as well.   Live & learn... but I wonder how many people go in and say the same thing or can't get a refund because they abssolutely refuse to refund... SHYSTERS IN A STOREFRONT MALL  - look out!Stevie,Nanaimo, BC
Entity: Nanaimo, British Columbia
44, Report #1309923
Jun 06 2016
08:15 PM
Vine vera Paid over $6000 for 2 yr. supply. Got a hodge podge of mismatched products. Age defying eye serum out after 1 yr.. Cost $290 at mall Ohau Hawaii
Vine vera sold me 2 yrs. of products, for over $6000. I received a hodge podge of products. After 1 yr. I have mismatched sets. Age efying serum is great but , after 1 yr. it is used up & cost $290 at a mall.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1388203
Jul 25 2017
05:37 PM
Vine vera The saleswomen told me the skin care care product was 99 dollars but it showed up 108 on my card. The two products that I bought at the kiosk burned my face! They also never informed me on their strict no refund policy. Cerritos California in the Cerritos mall. Nationwide
The saleswomen at the vine vera store in Cerritos charged me more than what we agreed on for the skin care product. This took place at the Cerritos mall in California at a mall kiosk. She told me the product was 99 dollars but came out to be 108 on my debt card.  She also had me sign my name on her tablet without telling me what I was signing. I signed a strict contract for a no refund policy. She was singing to me the entire time trying to distract me from what she was doing. I feel abousulty terrible for getting scammed and I feel ashamed of myself.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1088145
Sep 29 2013
01:05 PM
vine vera Aggressive, Deceptive, Scam Victoria British Columbi
I was taken in by an aggressive salesman at a mall kiosk....most embarrassing to admit!  That being said he talked me into buying product which is grossly overpriced.  He suggested the products were guaranteed.  Once my credit card processed I noticed the No Refund small print. I left awkward and humiliated for being duped in the middle of busy mall!  Once home I noticed the product did not resemble the container he used so I called the kiosk and he assured me that it was the same but he had a different container for samples.   All said, I went online to research and uncovered several reports linking this company to OroGold products and citing illegal activity and unflattering affiliations.  I then emailed he company as per their website to request a refund and inform them of my dissatisfaction.  Within 30 minutes I received a text Smishing Scam requesting information on the credit card  I used to pay for the items with....this seemed like more than a strange coincidence. A phone call to the 1-877 number on the website leads to a strange voicemail of a teenager....I think??? I then contacted the salesman who kept trying to divert the conversation, assuring me that he and the company were very reputable, that they had my best interests, etc.  He said he had to talk to his boss.  I followed up my complaint with an email to him.  He asked that I let his boss call me and I told him that I would communicate in email only. I have contacted the mall administration and hope they research the company further.  I have contacted my credit card company, cancelled my credit card and reviewed the Consumer Protection Act in my province.  I am hopeful that a full refund will be granted and that I can put an end to this saga but I am not optimistic that will be possible. In my opinion this company and its products are a scam!  At the very least their business practices are unethical, if not illegal.  And if their practices are such then, very likely, their product is well below acceptable industry standards. Either way I would recommend you run when that sales person accosts you in the mall!
Entity: Select State/Province
47, Report #1077094
Aug 19 2013
01:35 PM
vine vera they hide important refunds so the credit card company cannot protect you. they will not let you out of the store to think about the product and not let you leave unless you buy something. even credit card company thinks they are a scam. las vegas Nevada
 we were approached with a skin care sample to try.  asked to return 5 minutes later to see results.  it seemed good, so we sat in the chair.  the production was 299.00 each.  we wanted to leave to think about it.  salesperson wouldnt let us.  then he tried other products on us,  even showed us receipts of sales that day.  one was for $1000.00 another for over $4000.00.  somehow we were suckered into purchasing the products totaling over $600.00.  we figured that if we changed our mind, we could return it.  so we signed the credit card receipt and was given a receipt.  when we returned home, we checked the internet about vine vera.  found many unfavorable reports.  so we decided to return the product.  when we took out the receipt, we noticed that the bottom of the receipt had a little fold across it.  so we unfolded it and it read no refunds.  so, we contacted our credit card company to dispute it.  called vine vera's main number and was told by a lady on the phone that they deal with 3 different companies, that we need to return products to las vegas store. called their number, no answer and no message unit.   looked online for vine vera store in yellow pages....none listed.  then we looked for their headquartes in northridge, CA, and not listed either.  also found some very interesting and unfavorable facts concerning the owner. so, to make a long story short, the credit card company tried to help us but they cannot because of the no refunds printing at the bottom of the receipt.  so....buyers...beware of being scammed.    
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
48, Report #1341279
Dec 04 2016
11:28 AM
Vine Vera Alderwood Dead Sea, Merlot facial peel Benjamin tested facial peel on the underside of my right arm showing like dead skin to be rubbed off from the prodict, later that evening I tested it on the exact same spot, expecting different result, but no it looked exactly like how Benjamin the manager did on my arm. Lynnwood Washington
 On Saturday December 3, 2016 at 7:22 PM Benjamin the manager handed me a sample which I accepted he then he grabbed my hand which startled me, took me to his booth and began asking me questions to some personal questions. He pulled the product and began to test his facial peel product on my arm, he tested it on the underside of my right arm which is always generally the softest part of your skin on your arm, began to rub the product on my arm and some like product began to show which looked like dead skin from my arm. Later that evening I tested it on my skin (I have already bought the products of 1 facial peel and 1 facial moisturizer and two free items just a secret give away given from Benjamin the manager). The result looked exactly the same from when Benjamin tested in my arm from earlier, I immediately knew from the looks of it and the smell that the product does not do its job. It's suppose to act like a facial peel, it smells like rubber and it feels a gel but hardens after leaving the container.
Entity: Lynnwood, Washington
49, Report #1039711
Apr 01 2013
11:21 AM
On 03/30/2013 I purchased product from the Vivo Per Lei Cart #1 at the 651 Paseo Nuevo Cart #1 Santa Barbara CA 93101.  The sales representative introduced herslef as the owner of the company and she introduced me to the line of products. I purchased two Facial Peeling and two Moisturizing Day Cream.  The charge were $299.00 for each set and the information provided by the lady (owner) was that the priced given was a disocunt due to the fact that she was going to put my pictures of before and after on her web page.  I went to Santa Barbara to be able to see the Santa Barbara Mision and to be ablet to go their mass in the afternoon.  After debating with the aldy she stated that the original price of the itmers were $980.00 and that she was giving me already a big dicsount but that if people asked me I had to tell them that I paid full price.  She explained to me how to use the products and informed me that since I was living in West Hollywood that i was able to go to the store in Century City Mall and that she was going to give me a paper so that the representatives there will alwasy charge me the same amounts and not the original price of $980.00. When i got home I completely forgot the instructions for the products and decided to search the product in order to retrieve how many times i have to use it.  She even told me that this products should last me two years sine theya re so concetrated i had to use really minimal amount. To my surprise the cost of each product that I purchaserd on their own web apge at was $69.95 with a $7.00 cahrge for shipping, that been said i was supoused to paid only $248.00 instead of the $658.00 that she charged my card.  Inmediately I called my bank and reported it.  I also called them at 877-554-1777 and at 818-709-6997 and compelte the contact us section of thier wb page and send them two emails.  No response from them.  Saturday night I went to the Cnetury Mall looking for thier store of cart and I found nothing.  i went back to the Century Mall on Easter Sunday looking for the store and once again ther was none.  The lady gave me a receipt with the phone and name of someone called Ray and a tel #818-913-7170.  I left messages on taht phone also and no response back.  The representative (owner) fraudently overcharged my credit card $358.00 extra knowing that i was not going to be able to go to any store at the Centruy mall to confront them since it doesnt exist and based on all the reviews of the company they really dont respond to anyone grievances or llok for a solution on the matter.  Due to that effect I compelted a formal grievance through the BBB and also thorugh the Department of Consummer Affairs.  I am willing to take this matter as formal legal litigation.  The standard of service from this comapny is to steal form customer and overcharged them.  At one point this needs to stop.  I want a refund for the amount overcharged. Please dont allow any of the sales representatives from this company to even come close to you.  This sitatuion is happening with them in Vegas also according to the customer complaints posted. The prodyuct may be a good one for the company will not grow by ripping off customer and making fraudulnet charges.
Entity: SANTA BARBARA, California
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Jan 30 2018
07:13 AM
Vine vera Reversalife I was in the mall just arriving to the city as i am not from there but had to stop to pick up shampoo from the salon in the mall. The mall was closing and trying to make the salon hoping it wasnt closex as salons usually are open later. The vine vera caught me in the hallway stood in fromt of me and would not let me by as he was insisting i try this skin cream becaise of my eyes.  Grande Prairie Alberta
I was in the mall just arriving to the city as i am not from there but had to stop to pick up shampoo from the salon in the mall. The mall was closing and trying to make the salon hoping it wasnt closex as salons usually are open later. The vine vera caught me in the hallway stood in fromt of me and would not let me by as he was insisting i try this skin cream becaise of my eyes. I was embarrassed. I am bery self conscious about my crowsfeet and under eye wrinkles. The salesman claimed thus would be fixed and.i was promised a money nack guarantee. The stuff did $550 the would not refund when i took back their product. I didn t have the money to waste buy this was a guatantee. I lost.all the cash i had because they wouldnt give me back my money and the junk they sold me.never worked. I guess they like ripping with the lies that they call promises. I want my money back but how can i get them to
Entity: Grande Prairie, Alberta

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