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1, Report #1405839
Oct 12 2017
11:46 AM
Vision Property Management, LLC lease to own home scam Columbia South Carolina
 my wife had to take off of work for unferson reasons that were out of her hands My wife and I found Vision Property Management from Craigslist and went to the web page and found a house 528 tenny ave campbell Ohio so we put 1,660 down on the house and were paying every month until I lost my job . at that point that told us there was nothing that they would do . Then we went on Vision Property Management, LLC Facebook and made a post only after that did they say they would help. So they put or house payment down to $570 it took them 7 months to do. we wanted got the money payed what they wanted and moved in had some fixing on the house to do but moved in it all went good for a year until my wife had to leave work on Medical Leave From Work she had called to make a payment to them and see if they would work with us by they time they told us we were a month behind but at that time we were not they told us they could not help us at all and would have to move and this was all after my wife had been trying to call them for four days. I have give a report to BBB but Vision Property Management has not come back and to say one thing I would just like to see something done with it all and have emails backing it all Vision Property Management should make it right because of all this we or now homeless
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
2, Report #1403003
Sep 28 2017
03:21 PM
Vision property management Kaja holding rip off company south carolina Nationwide
 Vision property management is a big rip off scam company. They get people in their homes. Say they will help you out with any problems and raise the rent. But they don't help out. They charge you a 225 dollar late fee. And if you call them about a problem or to get the help they say they can help with. Nobody ever calls you back. My bathroom on the first floor. The walls started to determine from mold mildew and asspectict. I clean the walls every other day with products to help with the problem. And I ended up getting breast cancer from the chemicals in the stuff I had to use to keep it clean. The ceiling fell in on my son and 2 dogs they never helped me with that either. We lived their for 4 and a half years. Thinking it would of been ours soon. But had to leave cause my health and my husband's health was getting worse. I think they should at least have to give half of the 4 years money back not just the down payment. Please if your looking for a house. Don't deal with these scam company
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1183276
Oct 16 2014
12:48 PM
Vision Communities Property Management-Plano, Tx President of Vision Communities misinforms HOA Board and property owners Plano Texas
Non-professional, accusatory remarks during Annual HOA Meeting President, Keri Kingsbery, is extremely prejudice, unprofessional and mis-informs the BOD as well as the community owners. She misinterprets the HOA ammendments and refuses to acknowledge she is doing so. When pressed for answers, she misinforms or disregards your questions. When told a real estate lawyer confirmed the meaning of amendments, she said he could talk to her because she read them and she knows what they say. She does not inform nor look for approval for items from all of the BOD members as our Documents state.  Instead she only looks for approvals from the ones who do not question her authority. She is condescending, rude and arrogant. She even accused one of the board members of sharing information (that was not confidential) in front of other home owners. Recently, she allowed a homeowner to lease her home despite the 30% renters cap in the amendments. When questioned, she always states that those matters are confidential and she cannot discuss. This woman is a horrible property manager and runs the HOA instead of allowing the HOA to run the community. Her responses to filed complaints against her is always that the homeowner has a grudge against her or the HOA BOD.  By mis-informing the BOD members, she keeps total control over the property like it all belongs to her.
Entity: Plano, Texas
4, Report #1239928
Jul 06 2015
08:41 AM
vision property management vision property management took her money and told us to get out they visited evicted us Columbia South Carolina
 Ron Crisfield, md Lane property management ripped us off. they told us that if we're late we still had 10 days to put in the payment but they lied. my husband pay rent from Wednesday to Friday and she keeps calling my husband at work. they keep calling me. they want to know where their payment is. we're going as fast as we can. I told her we're trying to fix the house up. she said they had contractors come by look on the outside if they knew we weren't doing anything and we're trying. I mean we need a lot of money to get in but when we got the house we were he was getting paid on Wednesday where the house for a while and now he's getting paid on Fridays so it's a couple days late. well it says on the contract you have 10 days and she called me and told me know if that's a lie and she says that were in the eviction. so if they don't get the money and we don't do the repairs we're going to be evicted. its me my husband and 3 kids. I don't know what we're going to do. we have no place to go. we have no money. can you help us? thank you
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
5, Report #1329930
Sep 24 2016
09:43 PM
Vision Property Management VPMAlex Szaderek Fired Due to Disseminating Chief of Staff History of Convicted Sex Crimes Columbia South Carolina
I was an employee for 4 years, and provided excellent services with a spotless record. I received multiple awards from the company for innovative ideas and great service. I also had significant positive relationships with the vendors and contractors who provided services to this company, and received multiple compliments from same.   Approximately 3 years into my employment, a young man (24) was appointed manager of operations, my department. He pushed my friend and colleague, an older female, out of the assistant manager position. He desired his recently hired young male friend (29) to be assistant manager instead. This young male assistant had no previous knowledge or education in property management, nor operations. He had a bad habit of taking credit for other's work, and talking a good game to upper management (all of whom are younger males, less than 35 years of age). This assistant accused me of lying and performing my duties in error during a meeting of the department. I responded by saying, in a loud voice, I most certainly am not lying, and if you bothered to check your facts, you'll see I am correct. I was written up for yelling at my supervisor. Fast forward to the following year, after 3 months of no management, another young man (26) with no education or previous experience in management/operations was given a Vice President position over operations. Several weeks later, there was a public meeting that included 5 members of my team that occurred on a Monday. On the following Friday, I was written up for being rude and unprofessional. The newly promoted VP, who had no education or previous management experience, much less operation experience, was not able to provide any details of how I was rude and unprofessional, not even specific words or gestures. After speaking with the other 5 members, none could provide me/him with specifics indicating that I was rude AT ALL, much less specifically to this VP. The bottom line was that the other attendees had no recollection of me being rude, confrontational, or unprofessional in any context.   By the following Tuesday, I was terminated. The Chief of Staff, who was in the meeting' where I was terminated, indicated that he was tired of my attitude and had spoken to me before about it. I would like to mention that the writeup for yelling at my supervisor never included this individual, be it attending the write up or signing the form. This goes double for the writeup of me being rude and unprofessional the preceding week. The fact that this Chief of Staff was convicted of having sex with a minor and that I had disseminated this information to coworkers and friends was the real reason behind my termination. The fact that was multiple years his senior may have had something to do with it, but it is my opinion, backed up by more than 10 other people in the same company, that it was my diseeminating his previous conviction for having sex with a minor that was the tipping point. In addition, said Chief of Staff made sure that I would be unable to claim unemployment benefits by stating that I was a negative influence on the business. It is strange, disturbing, and frankly unprofessional to fire someone for educating others on TRUE, factual, and proveable information, regardless of the information. I would like to mention at this juncture that I did not use company time or resources to forward said information. All communication occurred off the clock via my personal cell phone. In hindsight, it is unfortunate that several of the people I communicated with had a closer relationship to the Chief of Staff than myself, despite said Chief of Staff hiring my personally 4 years previously. The same company has been in the NY Times for it's negative business practices. It may be interesting to note that the Chief Compliance Officer is a disbarred attorney as well as the Chief of Staff being a convicted sex offender (with a minor!!). The NY Times article (Search NY TImes + Vision Property Management) was primarily focused on the business practices of Vision Property Management, and how it is displaying predatory business practices that are not legal in most states. From my own experience, the company purchases dilapidated and unsafe homes for pennies on the dollar, and attempts to lease them for thousands more (buying a $5k home to lease for $70k) to poorer families who cannot afford to rehabiliate the homes to a standard of habitability per local requirements. Most of the homes in question are condemned by their local governments, yet Vision still attempts to sell these unlivable homes. Additionally, there is an entire division within the company that evicts people from these homes, which are then resold to other gullible people. Sometimes, the same home is sold, evicted and sold again multiple times, yet is never brought to a habitable state!
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
6, Report #1331462
Oct 03 2016
08:52 PM
Valuation Vision Valuation Vision LLC Broker Price Opinion, BPO Servicing Company, Real Estate Carlsbad California
Valuation Vision is a BPO Servicing companys that outsources Broker Price Opinion assignments from the banks to Realtors in various locations of the country that sign up to receive BPO assignments. I actually signed up with this company a year or two ago never heard from them or received any calls from them until Spring 2016 when they called me and said they had an interior BPO in my area. I accepted my first assingment April 1st since then I completed 15 assignments for the company and have yet to be paid, the assingments that I have compelted eqaul $650 in compensation that is owed to me.  Everytime I call the servicing center I speak to several employees who seem so very nice and helpful over the phone yet nothing gets dones. They insist that checks have been mailed out to me yet I have not recieved any form of payment in the mail from my home address or my office address. The continuously contact me daily to take on new assignments yet I can not get a call back or anser to my emails regarding the payment for any work that has done. I have been told they were some changes in the accounting department, they were going to check to see if the supposed checks they sent out were cashed and reissue new checks. I have received no rectification from this company and there seems little to no effort to send a payment yet they still want me to complete assigments for them. At this point I am counting the money as a loss if I get that payment it would be a blessing but judging from past complaints I found on the web when googles the companies name I found many agents across the country have filed complaints for non payment of work completed.  Next time I will be sure to do my research before taking assignents from any BPO companies I should have done my research prior. 
Entity: Carlsbad, California
7, Report #1245425
Jul 31 2015
06:18 AM
Vision property management Vpm kaja holdings llcAmyChrisJoshZach Scam, deceptive, false advertise, gutted houses, misleading, crooks Columbia South Carolina
This people advertise rent to owm Houses. They provide combonation locks to get into houses, tell you there is nothing wrong with the houses. They do not provide keys to get into garages or basements so you can see the electrical boxes have cut wires or that the water pipes are all frozen and busted. They were told before we even went to look that it was over a 3 hour drive to their property. they knew before hand that the place was not liveable due to the cut electrical wires and broken water lines. They made me call to find out if there were leins or back taxes or even a well on the property. They are quite rude when you call to find out yhe status of things. They falsely advertised the house as 2 bedrooms, there is only 1 bedroom. They had a sign in front of house that was certain amount and then wanted to charge double that amount. Again false advertisement. i should get back my 2 wasted trips of 300 miles each plus the time to call the county, electric and home owners associatoon. i think i will put a lein on the house to recover my money. 
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
8, Report #1304350
May 08 2016
09:50 AM
Vision property management I got a home from them and now I am homeless because they are legal rip off artists. Natrona heights Pennsylvania
 I got a house from them and the sign said 750. 00 down but they made me put 1500.00 down. Then they would not pay off there water,garbage,or sewage bills. So we had to live with out those things. There also was no inspection done on the house. They had gotten fines for no inspection or garbage pick up and tried to make us pay them. We had to get a free lawyer but we ended up loosing the house and now r homeless.they r a total rip off. No one should deal with these people. I also had no heat all winter because there was no furnace and I had to put the electric in the house.
9, Report #1137150
Jun 09 2014
12:27 PM
Valuation Vision not paying broker for BPOs evr since started in 12/2013 Carlsbad California
Basically now that I have done 23 BPOs for this company I have yet to be paid. I am told they recently were purchased by another company and they will be catching up by the end of the month. Every month since 12/13. I emailed them this mornng witha  State Attorney general threat and class action law suit. I gave them unitl the end of the week to respond. If I do not get satifaction shortly I will deliver the biggest litigeous blow to a company that California has ever seen. I do not take lightly to being scammed for either the monetary aspect or the time wasted performing those services. Fellow REALTORS please do not work for this company until they prove they are legitimate and start paying for their bpo requests.
Entity: Carlsbad, California
10, Report #1302480
Apr 28 2016
04:16 PM
Vision Property Management,LLC Charged us almost twice the amount their sign said for monthly payments,now saying we owe them money from 3 years ago Columbia South Carolina
 We looked at a house that looked pretty good on the outside and the inside looked good except kitchen. First,the sign said monthly pymnts were $354 a month and $750 down to lease to own.We had to pay $1500 down and monthly started at $568. Before we could move in we had to gut and rebuild the kitchen because it had bad floors,walls and cabinets.In doing so found bad water pipes. Also found out there was what looked to be water damage to all the damaged items in kitchen. After moving in,there was a winter storm that made the roof start leaking into master bedroom.It caused $7000 of damage. The insurance check went to Vision Property Management.They withheld it from us until our insurance company made them release it 1+ yrs later. When we were finally able to start repairs we found mold & mildew in all the walls,ceiling & under floor.We have since discovered its in ALL the walls. We have also found out the roof is bad,beyond the storm damage,all the floors need redone & do to bad roof we have to redo kitchen walls & ceilings. We also are going to have to gut and rebuild both bathrooms & eventually every other room in the house for safety.They are all cracking & splitting. Even the front porch is going to have to be rebuilt. All the doors & windows need replaced also.The garage is in bad need of repair too,its falling apart. Our house payment is now $604 a month.They are also saying we owe $200 from Feb 2014,$200 from Dec 2015 & $50 from Mar 2016. The only reason we have not moved is we are under a 7yr contract.If we move before then we have to pay Vision Realty the buying price of $54,700. This is also why we had no choice but to move into the house.We started pymnts in Aug 2013 but had to redo kitchen 1st.We actually moved in in Dec 2013. We already have $5,000+ of our own money wrapped up in the property not counting monthly payments. Another thing.We have full coverage insurance on the house with our insurance company & Vision has full coverage insurance on house also. If the house were to burn down,Vision Property would get checks from both insurance companies which we have found out is illegal. The house is still listed for sale.We think Vision Property has a buyer which is why they are saying we owe the money mentioned earlier. If they can prove we owe said money,they can evict us without notice.I have proof we do not owe it but Vision Property is still saying we do.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
11, Report #1388439
Jul 26 2017
05:00 PM
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1374410
May 20 2017
07:23 PM
New Vision Real Estate Firm LLC Nikkia Holmes Dishonesty East Point Georgia
 Nikkia Holmes was supposed to manage my home rented to section 8 tenant and charge the management fees. She mismanaged it so much that I had to fly down to Atlanta to meet section 8 staff and take back the authority given to her. She received about $4000 ( not an exact figure) rent arrears in her account which were for the period she wasn't managing the home. She just would not deposit the money in my I account for more than a month until I threatened to go to GA Real Estate Commission. In contravention of our agreement, she ripped me off of $400+ when she finally deposited the money in my account.
Entity: East Point, Georgia
13, Report #1178553
Sep 22 2014
06:27 PM
Al Schollianos, Karla Schollianos-Pritchard, aka Vision One Hospitality, aka Vision Two Property Management, aka Castle Pines Golf Villas Vision One Hospitality et al Sets Their Sights on Money -- Ours! Kissimmee, Port St. Lucie, Miramar Florida
My husband and I have owned a rental condominium at Castle Pines Golf Villas at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida, since 2005.  Since 2009, it has been managed by Vision One Hospitality Consultants of Kissimmee, Florida (also doing business as Vision Two Property Management of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and/or Castle Pines Golf Villas in Port St. Lucie, Florida).  These entities are managed and/or owned by Al Schollianos, President, and/or his daughter, Karla Schollianos-Pritchard, Vice President. According to the contract with the owners, the rental manager has a fiduciary responsibility to pay owners all amounts due at least quarterly and maintain all books and records in accordance with customary business practices and generally accepted accounting principles. However, since January 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, we have received NO monies from the Schollianos's company, despite dozens of phone calls and emails (and, most recently, a demand letter from our lawyer). Moreover, despite our growing concern about this situation, we received a letter via email dated April 23, 2014, from Karla Schollianos saying: ...We will NOT be closing our doors.  Castle Pines Golf Villas will continue to service our owners and guests.  We are currently working out payment plans and we will contact all owners with payment of funds.  Please disregard any rumors being spread about your rental company. Note that this email letter was received just about two months before we received another e-letter dated July 3, 2014, from an employee (not even management!) indicated the company had closed its doors as of June 30, 2014 -- with no advance warning whatever and leaving us and other owners completely in the lurch. Worst of all, they owe us substantial monies:  a total of $14,620.16 + proceeds for Q2 (April-June 2014, for which they provided no rental records, despite the contractual obligation to do so) + legal fees of $500 to date. -- For 2013:  $5373.01 (Unit A) + $3563.91 (Unit B, a lock-off) = $8936.92 --  For 2014 (Q1):  $1284.79 (Unit A) + $1492.19 (Unit B) = $2776.98 --  Sub-Total:  $11,713.90 --  Plus monies still owed to us and not received per the 1099 for 2013 they sent us, which appears to have been issued falsely to the IRS ($2906.26) Note that these two amounts total $14,620.16, but exclude Q2 2014 rental proceeds and any legal fees we are due trying to get these monies owed us. Any assistance by RipOff Report readers in recouping the monies owed us and exposing the shameful and fraudulent business practices of Vision One Hospitality/Vision Two Property Management/Castle Pines Golf Villas is much appreciated. We hope others learn from our experiences without getting ripped off themselves, as we have been. What do we want?  Just to be paid the monies that have been owed us -- for almost two years!  These are: 1)  $14,620.16, including rental proceeds from January 2013 thru April 2014, and monies not received by us that were reported falsely to the IRS via a 1099 for 2013. 2)  PLUS:  Proceeds from April 1 thru June 30, 2014 (Q2).  The actual amount is not known by us because the mandatory reports were never provided to us.  The amount is estimated at $2500.00. 3)  PLUS:  $500.00 for attorneys' fees spent to date. Meanwhile, CAVEAT EMPTOR!  If you should cross paths with these unresponsive, unethical, dishonest individuals and their companies, here's our advice:  Be afraid, be very afraid.  
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
14, Report #1198313
Dec 29 2014
09:14 PM
Vision Property Solutions Slum Lords !! Endangered my family with a faulty gas unit, never repaired, never repaired water damage. Continued to charge me rent after they had been fired by the owner and replaced by another management company. Do not rent from them! carmel Indiana
I rented a unit from Vision Property Solutions on January 29 of 2014. Because the first month was free and the next month half off I took the unit even though it was several steps down for me and my taste. However I thought saving money was a great thing. No! There was no insulation in the home. The windows were paper then and it felt like I was outside in the winter and sweating to death in the summer.  No one answered when I moved in. No one could find the water main to turn it on because of the snow. Later I find out that the pipes under the house are bad and burst , flooding most of the house. No answer with matenience, several calls . Finally I left a threatening messege and got a call back while I actually called someone over to price the repair myself. They sloughtfully fixed it over time. Damage was done to my infant sons room. mildew had formed and he was having breathing problems, and had to stay with a relative until it was repaired.  Then there was the rent. Every contractor they hired to do work talked about them badly upon arriving at the home. Vision properties is known for being horrible landlords they said. My gas was cut off while I was out of town. I forgot to pay the bill. When I returned I immediately paid it but when the gas man came he said he could not light the pilot because it was unsafe. There had been a leak, and the unit was unsafely placed on the floor in the garage. This meant that from January to the following October, we were in danger. I was hospitalized several times for not feeling well never thinking that we were slowly being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Then it was October and it was colder than ever in the house. There was no heat or no hot water. Several calls went in to Vision Property from me about this emergency. They were all ignored. Finally the owner got tired of them and fired them and hired Garner Property. These stupid fools didnt even know they were not working for the owner any longer,  (or they were trying to be crooks and still collect rent) . They placed a judgement against me still charging me for rent and I have been gone since Sept 29!  Now I have to spend time taking them to court to argue about the charges. Garner property fixed some of the problems, but I still left because they never fixed the gas unit. It was horrible. Do yourself a favor and bypass them. There are better companies out there. These guys want the money and dont want to do anything to the properties.  This property was filled with crickets and water bugs and other insects after the flood as well. I tried to cope by spaying and getting the carpet abstracted, but it was ruined. Its too bad that slum lords are not punished by law. I think they ought to be.
Entity: carmel, Indiana
15, Report #1333708
Oct 18 2016
06:40 AM
Kaja Holdings LLC Vision Property Management Rent-to-buy scam Columbia South Carolina
   We unwittingly entered into a ripoff with Kaja Holdings LLC doing business as Vision Property Management in March of last year. We first got wind of the scam when they refused to pay a past due obligation on the property that was incurred before we took possession. Since then we have been in negotiations with Kaja Holdings (doing business as Vision Property Management, LLC, Phone: (803) 929-1117 Fax: (803) 929-117016 Berry Hill Rd Suite 200, Columbia, SC 29210) to sell real property located at 2646 Boone Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.    Vision Property Management buys run-down properties at fire sale prices in impoverished, depressed cities throughout the country and fraudulently induces naïve consumers with either compromised or poor credit ratings into unethical rent-to-buy agreements for more than the advertised price of the property and down payment, which they immorally boost on execution.    The Chief Business Development Officer has represented that all the monies we have paid to the company have not been fully credited toward the purchase price of $25,000 even though I paid $6,500 to date with a $1,250 down payment. But VPM has only credited $1,614.40, which prompts this ripoff report to forewarn other unsuspecting consumers. This is over the $15,000 I have invested in the property.    Now they expect me to take a ruinous bath at my expense - literally - without any discussion of how I am going to recoup my investment or, more importantly, the monies I actually paid directly to VPM with the expectation that it was being fully credited toward the purchase price. It is a scam - plain and simple. One that needs to be thoroughly investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Maryland and South Carolina Attorney General’s offices respectively, Baltimore State's Attorney and the Better Business Bureau Council (since the local Charleston office seems to have too cozy a relationship with the company to be an effective and impartial arbiter).    So let the buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, trust me, it is.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
16, Report #850796
Mar 08 2012
03:29 PM
Vision Property Solutions Vision Equity LLC Scamming Secuity Deposits/Illegally Renting Properties Indianapolis, Internet
This company is full of con artists and post via craigslist to scam individuals so becareful. They have different locations around the nation and there are laws and regualtions they have to follow that they are not following and people that don't know the laws in their city look them up. PLEASE DON'T LET THEM GET YOUR MONEY AND SCAM YOU INTO SIGNING A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT DOCUMENTATION. They are better known as Vision Equity LLC. or Vision Property Solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are extremly unprofessional and you can tell they haven't been in the business long. I went to view the property and the man that showed me the property seemed really shady and didn't seem that knowledgeable and assured me it would look different once I moved in and informed me of the changes. He advised all I had to do was pay a holding fee and the application fee. Red flags went off when he wanted to meet at the walgreens to exchange the application fee, holding fee, and money and didn't want to meet at the actually property so I took pictures just in case. He drove a tan colored blazer and even looked shady. Initially they told me they would fix it and when I went to the property to view it before I moved in, none of the windows worked and the carpet smelled bad, like dog crap. I informed the leasing agent about the issues and he sort of shrugged his shoulders. I advisd him, don't you know it's a fire hazard that none of the windows open. He never commented. After I finally went to the leasing company and communicated with the so called  property manager and so called leasing agents that communicated these things would be fixed. The property manager hung up on me and the leasing agent lied about telling me that they would make sure the windows would open.  They werent and said they were only going to make sure one window opened in the whole house, which is a fire hazard, that's illegal and now I told them I don't want the property I want my money back, they are saying they are not going to give it back. Which in Indiana is also illegal. Now they are going to be sued. Please be advised if they attempt to rent to you with a non refundable deposit after 48 hours disclaimer. I never signed a lease and never moved in , and they never explained to me their policy on the deposit. They are trying to rent homes in areas geographically marketing toward people with not so upstanding credit and might be desperate, but trust me it isn't worth it.  Which again is illegal.
Entity: Indianapolis, Internet
17, Report #1319271
Jul 27 2016
04:22 PM
Vision Property Management Lease To Own And Cash Homes - Vision Property Management I was in search of a rental property on craiglist and i came across a three bedroom fixer upper home located at 137 Auriles street Duqesne PA 15110 initially i was interested in the advertisment of 350 down 320 a month you fix up from the begining i was scammed. False advertising this property i talk to a sales person who told me i would only need 900.00 to qualify for this property i said great eventhough my income was well over $900.00 but we all like to save and invest! Columbia South Carolina
I responded to a craiglist ad of a three bedroom home fixer upper rent to own at 350.00 down $320.00 a month. I was looking for a rental property but the ad itself had me interested! Vision property management was misleading from the begining the company false advertised! They failed to tell you that they would run your credit the the down payment would be based off of your credit. During my first conversation they stated that credit didnt matter then lead me to believe if i was willing to fix the property i could rent the property at address 137 Auriles street  Duquesne PA 15110  with the amount of $350.00 a month with $320.00 a month. After having me interested the lady i spoke to then said we will need to run your credit to see what your down payment should be. I thought this was a red flag but knew my credit wasnt that bad that it probally wouldnt go up much. She said i could still keep the monthly payment which was 327.00 a month a seven dollar difference then she said my down payment did go up to $700.00 i thought this was not what the advertisment said on craiglist or on thte house. I still precided because i would be owning the house and 700.00 was not to bad but still fase advertising. I was told to complete a plan of action and state in detail of the repairs i was going to make. I was told to make sure i check if there was any taxes,liens or back utilities on the home. I was told since the house was built in 1930 to sign a lead waiver forum. I thought well another red flag! I spoke with the real astate agent and the closer on the property informing her this was my first property i tried to purchase so i was unaware of were to start to get this information. She told me to go to the county website which is Allegheny county and she told me to check the utility company to see if water and utilities were current. I completed these task i contacted the  utility company which was duquesne they told me the water was at zero balance and clear the county web site said 84.00 a year and current 4/2016. I went to the city borough building in duquesne and i was told since the house has been vacant since 2009 i would need the inspector to come out and i would be able to get my water on temparaily to complete work $50.00 inspector fee $50.00 work permit  i also inquired about the taxes and they said wants you obtain the occupancy permit and your home passes inspection we will provide a written number on your inspection sheet and your city taxes will need to be current. myself unaware cduquesne taxes diffrent from the county was thinking if i only had to pay $200 dollars-$500.00 ti would take care of it. Again informing my closer that this is a process and the inspector failed the property then i was informed there was over $21,000 in taxes in addition the inspector told me that Vision property management are scammers and they take your money have you sign paper work to the people who are first time home owners informing them that they could move into a property that they cant even get utilites on. The city inspector informed me they false advertise and sale properties with liens and Taxes on them. Myself i am still intersted in the property and looked for a solution to rectify this like first time home owner tax forgivness and asking Vision propertys to put me in a diffrent renal property and i was willing to pay monthly. Instead i was told to sand by and vision does not do that. myself with four kids and one stays with her dad stilll withought a home. I was told to change the locks, get utilities transfered and move into the property after they recieved my payment of $1077.00  I started fixing up the home cost paid out $1000.00 paid the inspector bought supplies and started moving my belongings in for the inspector to tell me i cant live their or get utilities i have been scammed! a woman with four kids and a dog homeless forcing me to put $700.00 for another rental property and $700.00 rental cost. while vision propertys did not try and rectify the situation they took my money without me being able to move in! not to mention i had so much stress the neihbors calling the cops every time my kid or the dog went to the property, saying there was no utilities and the house was unsafe i explained to them that we are fixing up the property, I went to the store and the police came and took my dog! i paid an additional $100.00 to get him out the pound again the neihbor stated you left the dog when the home has no I only went to the store and the yard with food shelter and water should not have been an issue, the police came for a second time and apologized and said the neihbors should mind their buisness and told me they see the dog is tooken care of that they did not have my telphone number! but this cost me another $100.00  This company by far false advertised took my money and made me believe there were no taxes total disaster! In addition the home has asbestosis all through the walls and if you purchase a home your going to tell me that your intention was not  a quick sale or scamm then why is it posted back on craiglist after my contract is still active?? I believe to scamm someone else! After reading how many times thes people have been in court i feel sorry for anyone who has had a run in with ACM Vision V, LLC also known as Vision propertys also known as vision property management      
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
18, Report #1350720
Jan 19 2017
01:00 PM
VPM3 vision property management Housing Scam, rent or rent to own or to buy a house / property. VPM3 Nationwide, Connecticut, South Carolina
Vision Property Managment 3, VPM3 has houses and moble homes listed on Craigslist to rent or rent to own. Nation wide and most recently West Haven Connecticut when they do not own nor are they connected to these properties. I don't know about all properties, but I became suspicious when I couldn't get a simple answer about a property or an agent to speak to in person or on the phone. Even then, I'm local to the property so I can go to city hall , or talk to neighbors and find out who owns it. They never got my money because I never let them get that far. I TRY to question them and then do my own investigation without giving them my real personal info- no social security number, no visual of my ID, not my real information so they can scam money out of me online without me realizing it. Tell them fake bank and job info. This is anywhere until you know their legit. Find out from the city officials office who really owns the property. Make these people show ID also, video record them and the information so they can't scam you. Don't just hand over a check. This is for any company because there are many scams out there.  
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1244043
Jul 24 2015
11:30 AM
Vision Communities Management VCM Condo Association and Home Owner Association Management Plano Texas
Our complaint would mirror the other complaints against Vision Communities Management.  They will tell you that they have only lost two communities since they have been in business.  But that is nearly impossible to believe given the growing number of visible complaints against them. Staff turnover also is a red flag. A COA or HOA should hire someone who looks out for the best interest of the HOA or COA.  VCM is out for what benefits them.  What they promised and what they did were not congruent.  They wanted full control of our bank account and our website so that it would be extremely difficult for us to fire them. They did not follow the governing documents of our association.  They do not ask  what can we do better?  Instead they deflect and go on the offensive blaming or attacking anyone who questions or points their mistakes and/or misdeeds.  An example of one of their mistakes: Our association lost money on dues because they sent statements with the wrong amounts. The amounts were less than what they should have been. But instead of sending corrected statements, they just collected the wrong amounts even after someone pointed out to them that they had billed incorrectly. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
20, Report #1408883
Oct 26 2017
08:56 PM
Letts Property Management Illinois
 The good reviews about this company must be from family or friends or the staff working here. They are fake The staff at Letts Property​ have very nasty attitudes and they are just very cruel and rude Im looking to rent a Unit.. they let you do self tours on places that you are interested in and then keep sending you emails  to fill out an application just so you can pay the application fee and once you pay the fee your application Just sit there they never get around to processing at least not for me They are discriminating but doing it in a slick way   There is no job or money in the world worth me lying or treating another human being different why waste a client time by letting them view places and pay application fees knowing good well that you all are not going to process the application Landlords find a better set of people to rent and manage your customers. My credit is over 660 good reference and back ground and housekeeping but you wouldn't never know that because these racist lying playing games people refuse to process my application U ppl play games
Entity: Illinois
21, Report #1267335
Nov 11 2015
02:29 PM
Central Property Management Agape Property Management Horrible Service!
 I am a property owner with two units that were under management with this company. Upon terminating their services the tenants were several months behind on rent. Both units needed thousands of dollars in repairs including holes in walls. Alliance replacement, paint, etc.... What makes matters worse is that they have not tendered the deposits or reserves that were being held by these units or an accounting despite many requests and multiple months passing. They will not return a call, text or email. Horrible!
22, Report #372838
Sep 14 2008
04:19 PM
Vision Management Services - PDI Management - Book LTD, Ponzi Schemes Tustin California
Vision Management Services is a trash-mouthed collection agency out of Orange, CA. Vincent G is the principal (PDI stiffed all its creditors a few years back by filing bankruptcy,, and have once again risen from the ashes to verbally harass folks). Makes money of Ponzi Schemes. Vg Tustin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tustin, California
23, Report #576273
Mar 01 2010
04:15 PM
Mashole Property Management Rude thieves Internet
This company is the worst management and a huge rip off!!! They are completely over priced!  First the apartment the offered had no appliances in them, and I was forced to what I needed.  The orginal manager they had was terribly rude and unprofessional.  The new manager was great though.  When I moved out I was charged $700 because they needed to paint the apartment! They lied to me and told me it would only be $500 and it would be taken from my deposit.  I called to confront the situation and yelled at and was told that what I was calling about was not an emergancy and was hung up on!!! Do not rent from these thieves they charge outrages prices for rent!
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1072173
Aug 01 2013
01:58 PM
Quality Property Management HORRIBLE COMPANY! Medford Oregon
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!! They absolutely screwed us totally in their little “who’s on first game”. They told us we were in first place, then somebody else was all of a sudden front. We got that squared away for a couple weeks, then when we checked back in, someone was miraculously in front of us again. I finally got past newbie Chelsea to Manager Amy, who was completely condescending bitch, but assured me that she had found our application & it was in first position. I swallowed my anger at the situation to trty & do what was best to get the place.  It was no surprise that when I showed up for the uncomfortable dog & pony showing, someone was again in front of us. When I questioned that with who I believe was Rob, he got Amy on the phone who again denied that we were in forst. As I questioned this some more, Rob told me to “Fuck Off”, & that he did not want to do business with us. That was certainly fine with me, as I would NEVER give them one penny of my money. I repeat: THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTE GAME PLAYING CROOKS with no customer service or grace whatsoever. Avoid them like the plague.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
25, Report #1235504
Jun 14 2015
06:21 AM
Qualify Property Management Rip off Medford Internet
If you value your cleaning deposit DO NOT rent from these people. If you expect what you will get back on time forget it. I notified them by email of the new address and asked for a response acknowledging they received it and was ignored. When I called it in they claimed it had been returned even though all my other mail was being forwarded just fine. They require you to use THEIR carpet cleaner which at $250.00 was twice the cost of other reputable companies. They require you have window blinds (not drapes) which can be easily cleaned, professionally cleaned which at $145.00 was both pointless and ridiculously expensive. No matter how clean you leave the place they charge a $129.00 minimal cleaning fee. We left the place spotless, even cleaning under and behind the stove and refrigerator. Then they add on additional fees for things like wiping down a hand rail. They even added a fee to fill in a nail hole from hanging a picture. They charged for batteries and labor claiming to have replaced all the smoke detector batteries even though they were all working fine. Out of my $1100.00 cleaning deposit they returned $361.00 of it.   
Entity: Internet

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