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1, Report #1403853
Oct 03 2017
09:13 AM
2, Report #1157538
Jun 25 2014
08:58 PM
garcinia slim garcinia Internet
I ordered what was supposed to be a free trial. $85 a month is being taken from my bank. I have called their customer service to cancel, yet I still get my money taken. Now the name withdrawing from my account has changed, their original website is gone and yet my money is STILL being taken. The phone number now goes to Farm bureaus insurance
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1336222
Nov 02 2016
11:00 AM
Pro Garcinia Pro Power Garcinia Pro Garcinia Trial Scam Internet
I ordered the trial bottle of this prodcut for $5.00.  I'm familiar with the markeitng ploys associated with Trial Offers so I was sure to read the fine print.  Unfortunately, after paying for the Trial, Pro Garcinia took it upon themselves to use my card monthly to charge my card for regualr bottles of the product and send these bottles.  I've called them sevearl times to cancel however  there is always an answering machine that takes the call.  Each time I have left a message for a call back and they have yet to return my call.  Ive also contacted my bank however Pro Garcnina has found a way to setup this charge in such a way that it cannot be blocked.  A new card would need to be issued to prevent the charges.  This is not acceptable and this company should be reported to the authorities. I saw that one member posted a comment stating that this company tired to threaten him for reporting them to the BBB.  I also saw  negative comments abotu this product on other websites.  Next time I will do better research but in the meantime the company should be investigated.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1300053
Apr 16 2016
10:51 AM
Fake Garcinia Cambogia Platinum Garcinia Scottsdale Arizona Internet
They pretended to be Garcinia Cambogia. They sold me a bottle for $4. 95 and i was supposed to get a trial. I then was billed $92 and i said no to all other offers. This was before my trial was up. There was no cancel number or anything. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1108304
Dec 19 2013
10:36 AM
Original Garcinia Strawberry Garcinia Weight Lost Pills Florida Florida
I ordered a the product in which I immedialty canceled because I really did't trust there website. I never received the product that was 2 weeks ago. I look at my account today and they have charged me 94.90 and 84.90 for what a product I never received. there is no contact information. the number does not work. its only a voicemail. please be aware of this scam.
Entity: Florida
6, Report #1104836
Dec 06 2013
07:15 AM
Garcinia Cambogia Beware of Garcinia Cambogia scam Internet
This site will promise great results, but all that happens is that you lose money.  When you order what is supposed to be a FREE trial of the garcinia cambogia, you also get a bottle of the colon cleanser as well.  The two main things they do NOT tell you is that your free trial starts the day your order it.  So by the time you get it,  you have a week to decide whehter to keep it or not.  So, you don't keep and send them both back.  Ah ha!  NOW you get to pay a $5.95 restocking fee for EACH bottle.  Do NOT believe the claims for this product or fall for this scam.  The only weight you will lose will be in your wallet!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1157775
Jun 26 2014
03:51 PM
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1119909
Jan 31 2014
01:24 PM
garcinia-cambogia 1000 Ripoff Internet is a total ripofff, they offer a free trial for $5.95 but charge your cridit card after 14 days for The full price and it is not refundable because you agreed to the terms with the click of the mouse. Do not go to thi swen site.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1279863
Jul 22 2016
12:22 PM
Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Is A Scam Atlanta Georgia
 I decided to try the free trial offer they have, all you pay is $4.95. Well this is clearly a scam as soon as I did that I was immediately charged almost $100.00 which I never signed up never authorized which the company automatically checks, signs you up without knowledge on. I immediately call upset, cancel, ask for my money returned was told not only am I not getting my money refunded but the product shipped out I was charged for not getting either. I have filed a complaint with t be BBB with no response them getting away with ripping me off.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1229863
May 18 2015
08:06 AM
Garcinia Prop Max Garcinia Pro Max scam Florida
Upon reading all of the awesome results for Garcinia Pro Max I wanted to try this product, rec'd it in a marketing email.  Hmmm $4.99 for a sample, 2 different products were needed.  OK $9.98 with guaranteed results (up to 30 pounds in a month). Recieving the product there were medication interactions that were not in their adds. There was no paper work in the package with the samples I rec'd and I could not find the website, just an toll free number to reorder the product. I rec'd several emails from the company to see how my weight loss was going.  I emailed the company and told them I was not interested in their products and to cancel my account.  Within the time stated in the contract.   Well they charged my account $89.57.  Seriously, I call the number on the charge and it was a call center whom could not help me.  I was given another 800 bumber to call.  Oh we can give you 25% refund, then 50% refund and finally 70% refund.  I asked for a supervisor and was given one.  70% was the most they were able to give.  Oh yeah no other lever of management were available to talk to.  I asked the supervisor if she was president of the company, she replied no.  I could not talk to anyone about a 100% refund.  My experience: Unethical practices Unfair Marketing practices (you buy a sample and they automaticall enroll you to revieve a subscription) Misleading Marketing No practical way to contact the company once you recieve the sample (no copies of contracts provided) Do not order samples from this company no matter how appealing it seems.   NMS
11, Report #1207449
Feb 07 2015
02:16 PM
here's the deal...don't buy into the specialty prices with slimming garcinia.  I paid there special price then was charged 2 weeks later for new supply which I returned by post office to which they are now stating must have a return #.  That would have been fine if their customer service rep had advised me of such when I cancelled.  I spoke to a rep in NV and of course couldn't get my refund they are adamant that the warehouse is so big that it wasnt recognized which in turn tells me that it was received considering my information was in the return bag and refused was written on it and my name was on the outside of unopened bag.  Then a so called supervisor came on the phone with the same spill and yes I over talked him advised him they have the product I want my credit finally offered me half money back.  I am so livid and it takes a lot to get me fired up and this was a sure way to do so.  these companies need to go out of business!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1109070
Dec 22 2013
02:43 PM
garcinia cambogia DO NOT ORDER ..
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #1202636
Jan 19 2015
08:41 AM
Garcinia HCT 18882944134 usa Nationwide
I received a call from a company calling ahout a free 10 day trial for Garcinia Extreme HCT - a new liquid formula and that there is money back for everypound lost over three months. They were suppose to charge me $4.95 shipping and handling and after 10 days I was told I could opt out by calling 1-888-294-4134. I was charged $9.95 on my credit card instead of $4.95 and after 10 days I did not even receive my product. I called to opt out but the guy on the phone said there was no free trial and that my credit card would be charged $99.95 for the bottles that were in the mail. There is no opting out? Nope. When I told him I was blatently lied too on the phone and given incorrect information he didn't care and said there was nothing that could be done.  After googling the phone number and reading reviews its a SCAM to get your credit card info and they will keep biling you $99.95 every 30 days. I have had the same problems with other companie who claim to have free trials and money back guarantees - they make it very difficult for opting out. When this did happen with another company they were kind enough to tell me to refuse the package at the post office and when the product gets returned they would reimburse my credit card. How can you be charged for something you didn't accept at the post office? If they have your credit card info they will do what ever they want - most people don't have the time to spend hours fighting with people on the phone and get billed againt there will. Beware anyone trying to sell you something thats a free trial, they will word it like a free trial but most of the time its not even enough time for you to try the product before your credit card get billed an outrageous amount - and it will keep happening every month.  madisyn, toronto ontario
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1193778
Dec 07 2014
10:33 PM
Simply Garcinia Free Trial Scam Internet
I saw the TV add for this product and then looked it up online.  It didn't indicate that there was a membership or that you would be charged for the first trial bottles sent.  I agreed to pay shipping and handling.  I recieved the bottles and never opened or  tried them.  (I have offered to return all the product.)  I recieved a confirmation that the order was placed.  Again no mention of a 30 or 14 day trial period.  I later realized I was charged around a $130 for the first shipment.  I later recieved an email on the 12.2.14 stating that my second shipment was ready to send.  I immediatly replied and said that I wasn't interested.  I recieved email confirmation that my membership was canceled.  I checked my bank account today and found the original charge and the second charges dated 12.3.14 and 12.4.14.  I tried to call their customer service and couldn't get past the automated system.  I eventually pressed 0 instead of 1,2or 3 and got a representive.  He told me there was nothing they could do.  I questioned further and let him know that I had already filed a complaint with the BBB and would be contacting the State of Georgia if we couldn't come to some sort of agreement.  I also asked if there were any law suits pending against the company.  After my continued questioning he eventually got authorization to reduce the second payment by half.  So as of right now I am only out $240.  I have sent a complaint to the state consumer protection agency and am going to talk to my back tomorrow.  I am guessing there are enough people out there that have been scammed that someone should pick up a false advertising class action suit against them.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1189965
Nov 19 2014
09:37 AM
Garcinia Cambogia Skinny Ripoff Internet
After many advirtisements on Facebook, I decided to try the new weightloss product Garcinia Cambogia.  Although the product did not work for me, my compliant is not about the quality of the product.. My compliant is about the extra charges they put on my credit card!  The introductory price was $5.95 for one product and $4.95 for the other.  One month later there was a charge of $87.47 on my credit card. When I called the company the representative was rude and said everyone else that had called that day about the extra charge just accepted it and was not demanding like I was.I concede that there may have been something in tiny print on the web site about this charge, but I did not see it, and I looked carefully because I know about this kind of scam.After a much heated debate and after I said I would have the bank charge this back to her company, she agreed to a 50% refund. I still feel that I have been taken advantage of.This type of sales technique must be stopped!I am filling this report to make the public aware, not so much to get a refund, because if what she said is true, that the extra charge was in the fine print, I am not legally entiteld to a refund.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1124928
Feb 19 2014
05:49 PM
Garcinia scam does not say
offered free trial, just pay shipping  After I was charged for shipping, a week after I got the pills, they charged me $78.94.  I called to cancel, they wouldn't refund my money and told me I would be charged the next month as well.  Wouldn't let me send product unopened back, finally gave me 35% back from one payment and that's it.
Entity: Select State/Province
17, Report #1249794
Aug 20 2015
12:20 PM
garcinia fulfillment huge scam Nationwide
 I tried the garcinia weight loss ad that was on the internet. It was free to try you just had to pay shipping costs of $4.95 I think it was. I got my pills to try and decided that they were not working so I discontinued taking them. A month later I received another bottle, then the following month another bottle. I then looked at my bank statement (I rarely ever do) and realized that they have been charging me every month for these pills. $26.77 for the one and $15.90 for the other one. I have not been able to locate that website again and I have no receipts from them when I get the pills. I have no way of getting ahold of them because they withhold all that information from you. I have no number to call them, no email for them, nothing. I have no way to cancel or stop them from charging me every month. This is such a scam and rip off and I want my money back for something that does not work.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1328143
Sep 14 2016
01:18 PM
Garcinia cambogia Sandy Utah
 I ordered a trial of Garmonia Cambodia I received a bottle of this plus feel fresh then a bill for each bottle 75.98 and 84.90 even though I cancelled and returned product then they took the money out of my account I came up short on my bills I have contacted them 4 times and they keep telling me they haven't received it I sent it back 2 weeks ago I paid with my visa debit card no one should use this company the product doesn't work
Entity: Sandy, Utah
19, Report #1233459
Jun 04 2015
10:00 AM
Garcinia Cambogia Recurring Charges Scam Nevada
I had four charges on my ATM card from Garcinia Cambogia. It appeared in my bank statements as a Recurring Charge, twice with 8552694263OFFICIAL, NV;  once with my phyto customer.serv; and once with GCACAMS.  All charges were for various amounts: $4.74, $89.74, $79.74, and $39.74.   (I'm not entirely sure if the phyto customer.serv is related to Garcinia Cambogia, but it said recurring charge.) I remember receiving something in the mail from Garinia Cambogia---It seemed like wrinkle cream and some pills. I threw it away, thinking it was an advertisement or promo product of some sort. I didn't order it. I called my bank to report the fraud. They credited my account with the money and filed a claim.  They also cancelled my ATM card and issued me a new one, so that there could be no more recurring charges.  
Entity: Nevada
20, Report #1315067
Jul 05 2016
10:24 AM
Entity: Sandy, Utah
21, Report #1168833
Aug 10 2014
01:54 PM
Garcinia Cambogia Scam Scam Scam Nationwide
I ordered the free trial plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Nowhere was the terms and conditions stated on the website when I ordered. I thought I was getting a free trial size bottle of this product.  About 10 days later I noticed a charge of $89.95 in my bank account. I called the number provided and was on hold for 30 minutes when I hung up. I called multiple times that day and finally a representative answered.  I asked him what the heck that charge meant and he said it was for the product I ordered and I was put on the list to receive the product monthly and thst was the fee. I told him I didn't want the product and to take me off the list and I wanted reimbursed $89.95 as it put me over in my bank account. He stated that I had 10 days(that day was the 10th day as I ordered it on July 24 and it was Aug 7). The Rep stared he could reimburse  $49.95 or I could send in the remaining product for a full refund. Sending in the product meant paying for shipping myself so I chose to do the partial refund.  He stated he would refund immediately but I have yet to see it in my bank account. I will be filing a complaint with my bank in the morning and will get my money back through their deception division. This company sucks and I would like to warn everybody about their deception. Be warned#!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1161194
Jul 10 2014
09:20 PM
garcinia plus Anet fraudulent activity Internet
I went on to the website they sent me an email stating that I would get one free bottle I'll have to do is pay the shipping and handling of $4.95. On my credit card statement today since June 11th I have been charged $89.99 every two weeks I only received the first bottle for the $4.95 and have not received anything else. I call Capital One they called them I talk to Annette  ( 3-way call) and she kept repeating term and conditions to me. She only offered to give me half off my next purchase I told her I wanted it cancelled being on the same line with Capital One with it being recorded she refused to refund , cancle and hang up with my credit card company and my self.  I had to hang up on her cause she wouldn't, plus there pills don't work. So now i have to wait and get my new credit  card so they can't keep charging me.  SCAM all way!!! 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1307198
May 23 2016
08:42 AM
Garcinia Internet
 I ordered the Garcina products and called to cancel still getting billed for these. Did NOT receive
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1218599
Mar 27 2015
11:15 AM
garcinia Cambodia, Internet
they stole money out of my bank account without permission.  took almost 90 out of my bank account without authorization from me n my bank stated that other people have reported in bout it as well
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1202926
Jan 20 2015
11:17 AM
DO NOT purchase anything from this internet site - - they allegedly send you a trial bottle of GARCINIA diet pills. What they do instead, with out telling you, is, they place you on an automatic credit card monthly mailing list for pills by mail, charging your credit card 79$ a month until you cancel.  Of course, they DO NOT MAIL YOU TESE CONDITIONS with your monthly pills. they don't even include a receipt with a phone number or email of the company in case you wish to contact them.  I had to do an Internet search to get their phone number, email and address in order to cancel such dubious subscription. this is mail fraud over state lines. They type that easily robs quietly, unsuspecting customers of money from,their credit card accounts.  It could be months before you catch the obscure payments you never knew, you allegedly, signed up for. I can see how this outfit easily can scam the most vulnerable populations of badly needed money - the elderly. The poor or the poorly educated, charging them unstopable un-agreed fees monthly, until here poor souls figure out how to contact this shady operation that hides behine the Internet with out contact information.  Shame on them!  They'll get their do.  I'm turni this to he Stare Att. In Florida for interstate fraud overstate lines.  Lizbeth Niezen
Entity: Santa Ana, California

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