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1, Report #1398259
Sep 06 2017
01:46 PM
Vivian Osal Vivian Osal is a Fraud Toronto Ontario
Vivian Osal lies about having healing abilities in order to take advanateg of people who are sick and suffering. I had the misfortune of getting an angel reading from her and it has horrible. She kept asked me questions instead of giving me any information. Then she proceded to insult me to my face. She also arrived 14 minutes late and did not apoligize or make up for it. She made me feel so sick, it was opposite of the healing I had paid for.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
2, Report #206002
Aug 14 2006
08:14 AM
Vivian Brown ripoff Cusseta Alabama
I bought a USED refrigerator from this lady. I offered to pick it up because she told me when I inquired about it that she did not deliver. I called her 3 days after paying for it that I wanted a refund because I could not find anyone to pick it up for me since she did not deliver to my particular town. She told me then that she did not give cash refunds and that I had six months to pick it up or pay the delivery charge. The same delivery that she said she did not do to my town. I then said that considering I had not picked up the refrigerator, why was it not possible to get my money back. She stated that she had already spent the money so she could not give it back to me. I had a hand written receipt by someone at her business and at no time did they say that there was a no refund policy nor did they write it on the receipt. Initially, she told me that if I had stayed in Auburn, AL, which is a majority white town, she would deliver. When I told her that I stayed in Tuskegee, a predominantly black town, and only 12 miles away, she said she didn't deliver to Tuskegee. Discriminatory practices all the way around. Also, she told me that the refrigerator would be clean and running. When I looked in the regrigerator, it has old dead bugs and had been off for some time because it smelled moldy. She needs to change her business practices or face many lawsuits. Ensa Tuskegee, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Cusseta, Alabama
3, Report #17857
Mar 30 2002
12:00 AM
VIVIAN KUBYOMA Nightmare LIAR East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
This is a person with a mentally unstable condition that if she acceptsemployment with you will cause trouble amongst the other employees andsabotage a business. When strange things in the office start to happen, it will never be her. When money is missing she will blame it on other employees and actually fabricate the story. When you fire her, she will contact newspapers, federal agencies and create total havoc for your business. SHE TELLS TERRIBLE LIES. This happened to me with my company. It was printed in the newspaper that a source who was a former employee told them that the company lied to the customers concerning documents that a customer would request ,we refused to give them. This was far from the truth. Every customer we had was accomodated. The newspaper reporter investigated the many other personal statements that this person had fabricated and found her to be uncredible and Thank GOd did not print a fabricated story about my private life. I fired this person because of crazy bizarre occurances in the office all relating to her. She was employed as a receptionist for only 5 months. She claimed to the newspaper reporter that she held an inportant position. She was hispanic and cried discrimination to the unemployment clerks. I will never hire another person until I check previous references. Her resume' should have been an indication to me that she was hiding something as her former employers were out of business and she claimed that she was in computor school for two years and she did't have any references. Her computor skills were nonexistent. IF ANYONE OUT THEIR HAS HER IN YOUR EMPLOY PLEASE E-MAIL THIS SIGHT. BE VERY CAREFUL. SHE IS A DANGER TO YOUR BUSINESS. SHE WILL CAUSE YOU LEGAL PROBLEMS WHEN SHE LIES TO THE AUTHORITIES. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE SHE IS EMPLOYED, PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE. YOU HAVE RIGHTS. IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO BRING LEGAL ACTION AGIANST HER MALICOUS INTERFERENCE WITH A BUSINESS ALL YOU WILL GET IS HER BLACK BEAT UP JEEP BUT ALOT OF SELF SATISFACTION. SHE WILL FLEE TO FLORIDA AS SHE HAS RELATIVES THAT LIVE THERE. At this point all I can do is warn other employers about this liar and hope that you head my warnings. If things start missing around the office, her car gets scratched and she claims it is a longtime empoyee, if telephone messages misteriously get lost and your customers start to complain about unreturned telephone calls, and if she states that other employees are sabotaging her work then you have a VIVIAN KUBYOMA WORKING FOR YOU OF COURSE THERE ARE OTHER WEIRD THINGS TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST HERE. BEWARE Ritzi USA, Pennsylvania
Entity: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
4, Report #670817
Dec 12 2010
04:35 PM
Vivian Wague Art Fraud NA, Internet
Here are sample emails of the scam: Hello ..., Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website (...) and I will like you to get back with more details if they are still available for purchase including their prices. ood to hear back from you. Yes, I will like to proceed with the purchase of  (painting) I think it is for the asking price ($3,500) and i hope to give it a good home. I am presently away in Barcelona for my twin sister's wedding even though it comes at a time when I was preparing for a big move and also expecting a baby but it means so much to her. I should be back in few days. Meanwhile, I will like you to forward your mailing address and phone number so I can inform my husband still shuttling between our home in New Jersey and Dublin, Republic of Ireland on where to forward the payment by (Classified Cashiers Check). He has just been transfer to head the IT section of their head Office in Dublin. I can also forward your contact info to the local cartage company that will be moving all our house decors so they can get in touch with you to arrange shipping details as soon as you fully receive the payment. They can arrange DHL or FedEx pick up of the artwork from your studio.Please let me receive the payment information as follows immediately PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Cheque payable Name...... Street Address...............City...............................State..............................Postal code........................Phone #..............................I will look forward to hearing from you so i can know how best to proceed. Cheers.Best Regards,Vivian.
Entity: NA, Internet
5, Report #376178
Sep 26 2008
09:12 AM
Vivian - vivian L - Angel -Jarvis home wrecker, adultress, immoral Beaver Pennsylvania
doesn't matter if he is married to another, engaged, she is married, with another, nothing matters. she will go after whatever man she wants and she will go again and again and again. anyone is free game to her. watch out. any man considering her, she cheated on her first husband, her second divorced her without a seperation, and she cheated on her third. she has been with one married man over and over and over, regardless that he has remained married with children, she makes the contacts and is a predator. do not be fooled. think hard, look past what you see. read the other report too. something is wrong in this head. no one could care so little for other human beings, no one.Livid and over it Winston Salem, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Beaver, Pennsylvania
6, Report #102418
Aug 06 2004
09:49 AM
Jack Walls Aka Vivian Everheart ( FRAUD! Rip-off! Blytheville Arkansas
This is in regards to an individual who is committing internet and mail fraud via auction sites. They are listing expensive electronic items - many of them. Even if you cannot help me personally, I would hope that you could stop them from committing crimes and draining other people of hard earned money. I just lost $1060 of very hard earned money. Auction# 16721 ( The address listed for me to send the Money Order(s) to is: Jack Walls 112 Park St. Blytheville, AR 72315 I sent the money on July 26th - USPS, Postal Money Orders, Certified Mail, with return receipt required Express Overnight Delivery. The money was signed for on July 27th at approx. 12:30pm EST. I am unsure as to whether this is their real name or not. If not, then I also have a case of forgery, since I possess the return receipt with a signature. USPS Tracking #: ED182926198US USPS Money orders: 92225693103 - $265.00 92225693092 - $530.00 92225693114 - $265.00 I have paper copies of all documents and all emails. I have also filed money order inquiries. Everything seemed fine until the night of July 27th when I was contacted by a Vivian Everheart saying that I contacted her in regards to her auction for 4 Sony Laptops (I did not). There were many similarities between her email and those of this Jack Walls person. Jack Walls stated thet he need to get rid of the computers due to insurance purposes by Friday 7/30 and Vivian Everheart needed to for mortgage payment by Friday 7/30 - I wouldn't have thought way too much about it if I had not done a reverse address search on the Arkansas address and come up with the name Vivian Everheart the day before. The seller on this site ( is using the names: lenor bayarea2000 I am a web designer and can read HTML, so I decided to check the properties of the auction items. The auctions listed under both names are copied HTML from various expired ebay auctions as you will see for yourself if you look at the properties of some of the pictures. Unfortunately I did not think to look at these factors since I thought this was a reputable site. Here is an example: I have already contacted the owners of these businesses. After going back and forth to both persons at thier email addresses (47 emails within an hour and a half), Jack Walls: & Vivian Everheart: Other email addresses: They also may use the names of Tammy Rodgers, Jacklane Walls, Alexia Engloff and Nancy Harris With both saying they knew nothing of one another, Jack Promised to send me a UPS Tracking # 1Z AY5 678 12 9185 905 8. He did. Unfortunately, he never shipped anything. He is still insisting the UPS messed up. I contacted UPS today after he sent me the printed receipt of shipment, which was only a confirmation that he placed billing info on the UPS site. Additionally, the address listed on the UPS account is one of an Alexia Engloff in Miami FL. UPS verified that nothing was shipped. I made a mistake by buying these items...but I am not an idiot. I have already alerted UPS, who is keeping an open eye. Today, after investigating the email headers of the emails sent to me by these 'people' - I have proof that they are in fact the same person... all three email address IP's (, and point to the same servers. Additionally, I recently have found a couple of posts online from other people stating that this Vivian Everheart (Incidentally - this person admitted that this was not their real name and that they got it from a directory) is a fraud. Lovella Blairstown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Blytheville, Arkansas
7, Report #557699
Jan 21 2010
12:00 AM
Patrick Vivian - DECEITFUL CALCULATING THIEF Vancouver, Lower Mainland, British Columbia
Patrick Vivian's income is from taking people's money! And guess what I doubt he pays income tax on his ill gotten gains. I have also had the misfortune of being conned by Patrick Vivian, In my opinion and the opinion of my bank account, Patrick is a deceitful con man that has absolutely no shame or regard for anybody other then himself.  Patrick Vivian is after only one thing your money and he will not even blink an eye or miss a beat while he steals from you.   I too have heard the numerous excuses, lies and the quick answers he has for everything, but to no avail, my money has never been paid back to me. The message posted on this site January 05, 2010, suggests that Patrick Vivian is some poor soul that has been misunderstood and is capable of dispensing funds, I believe that Patrick Vivian himself penned this message.  Do not ever give him money, instead call the RCMP.
Entity: Vancouver, Lower Mainland, British Columbia
8, Report #545534
Dec 26 2009
04:40 PM
Patrick Vivian May be a mentally ill person Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada
 He weaves a crazy web of lies and then gets angry and personal, name calling and accusatory if you question him on the discrepancy of his statements .  He does not seem to understand the unethical, or illegal aspects of his actions. Please contact your local RCMP and take him to small claims court if he owes you money.
Entity: Coquitlam, British Columbia
9, Report #848345
Mar 03 2012
09:37 PM
I purchased a few items from this company and the items were indeed shipped as per USPS tracking, however the seller forgot to include my apartment number on the shipping label. So the post offices returned my package to the return address on the shipping label which was a location in California. I contacted the seller by e-mail several times @ The seller is located in China and responses to my e-mails claim express has not received items back. I sent the seller a copy of the USPS tracking info showing the items were indeed returned to return address indicated on the package. Still the seller continuously states that this express claims not to have received the package:. I explained to the seller I did not purchase the items from express but from him and his company and that it is his responsibility to either get me the items I paid for or to return my money'. After I informed the seller of this my e-mails are no longer being returned,. I was given a phone number to call, however after repeated voice mail messages, my calls have yet to be returned.. Below are three web sites that this same seller operates;.http://www,.wholesale-sexy-lingerie|.com/shop/index,.htm ordering from this company be sure to use PayPal or some other protected form of payment and do not try to work with the seller for long. I tried to long and by the time I filed a claim with PayPal it had gone past the 45 days in which they will assist you. BEWARE OF THIS SELLER AND COMPANY!!! 39725e2
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1242045
Jul 30 2015
12:04 PM
1. Vivian Dimas and her THIEF co-horts (Licensed by HR Connects a.k.a. (HR CONNECTS) solicited money from us to bankrupt Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. 2. They promised us huge profits and returns if we sent money to Mintz and Partners Limited out of Toronto, Ontario. 3. Vivian Dimas works for HR Connects (HR CONNECTS - Toronto) and HR CONNECTS approves of Vivians actions. 4. She calls himself a Licensed HR CONNECTS Advisor....HR CONNECTS NEEDS TO BE CLOSED DOWN! 5. We left at least 10 messages with both HR CONNECTS and Vivian Dimas in the last two (2) years. 6. NONE OF OUR CALLS WERE EVER RETURNED!! Inclusive of at least 3 calls in the last 10 days!! 7. Vivian Dimas is a Director (Inspector) in the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. 8. There are more than 500 Location merchants in Canada, US, UK, 300 + Investors in Canada, US and UK, totaling $16,000,000.00 in investments, who are waiting for Vivian Dimas (and Mintz and Partners Limited and their liars/lawyers) and HR CONNECTS to report and update them on the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. and where the Investors' money is, where the investors' ATMs are and what's up with the investors' location contracts. 9. Vivian Dimas is a LIAR, a CHEAT and a FRAUD! 10. HR Connects endorses and promotes herWHAT A SCAM!! 11. Don't give your money to these people or HR Connects!! You will never get it back!! 12. Here are the Facts, as best as we know them: Entrepreneur Expansion Corp was petitioned into bankruptcy by: Sam Beninato a.k.a. Plumbing Mart (Toronto), a.k.a. Renovation Capital Acceptance Corporation, a.k.a. Renosystems International Inc., email, a.k.a....too many trading names to mention...Bankruptcy Petition on or about April, 2004....THEN... HELL was unleashed upon ALL ENTREPRENEUR EXPANSION business interests (and many others) locally and over seas. 13. Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. is currently being run and managed by Vivian Dimas a.k.a. HR CONNECTS, the Trustee Hartley Bricks a.k.a. Mintz and Partners Limited and the Inspectors to the Bankruptcy. (See Below). 14. Many ATMs in questions (at least 21 to 100+++) are unaccounted for and are with Key Biz Tactics Corporation (Welland, Ontario), per Tim (Mark) Lickman admissions, under oath. 15. The names and contacts of EVERYONE IN CHARGE are: a) Vivian Dimas: HR CONNECTS: Executive Partner: Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. Tel: (416) 444-4060 Fax: (416) 285-8969 Email: Website: I refuse to return phone calls-emails from these [Entrepreneur Expansion] idiots., Talk to my lawyer....I am an Inspector for the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. but I don't want to deal with creditors' calls. b) Matthew Elmslie: RBC-Royal Bank of Canada-Investment Advisor. HE WON'T GIVE OUT ANY DETAILS OF HIS WHEREABOUTS AND NO RETURN CALLS... I work for RBC Securities. I am did you find me?,Talk to my Lawyer P: (519) 747-4926 F: (519) 747-1808 c) Petitioner: Sam Beninato (Photo Attached) RenoCanada 1534 Midland Avenue Scarborough, ON M1P 3C2 TEL: (416) 285-6798 FAX: (416) 285-1825 Email:, I sell RenoCanada Franchises..,...EEC?...oops...Talk to my lawyer James Klein!... oops... talk to the lawyer representing James Klein, LLP, against the Klein FRAUD allegations...Michael Kestenberg, LLP!...Ya that's it!!... Talk to HIM, but NEVER call ME again. I am the Petitioner [who caused and started the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp.] but I don't want to be the Petitioner any more. d) Trustee: Hartley Bricks (Photo Attached) Email:, The Kansas City Star, Mo., Gambling and Tourism column By Rick Alm, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Feb. 8 Canadian accountants and a gaggle of gambling and lodging industry veterans, including one indicted in the late '70s in an alleged kickback scandal involving a Las Vegas casino and the Teamsters Union. Majority interest in the River Falls effort is held by AL and HARLEY MINTZ, founder and managing partner respectively, of MINTZ AND PARTNERS LIMITED, a Toronto-based accounting and business consulting firm. Where's the E?, We have a lawyer now...Stop calling us ...EEC?...ooops..Talk to my lawyers...Sam Babe and Steven Graff... e) Don Hallam: HE WON'T GIVE OUT ANY DETAILS OF HIS WHEREABOUTS. ($300.00 finders fee offered for Don Hallam's whereabouts!!) f) THE LAWYERS: Sam Babe and Steven Graff...Aird and Berlis, LLP, 181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 2T9 Tel: (416) 865-7726 E-mail: I am in charge now. Don't contact ANY Inspectors for the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp.... ...Aird and Berlis will now answer ALL of your questions... ...You are not entitled to ANY public information on our activities surrounding the Bankruptcy of Entrepreneur Expansion Corp. g) Tim and Tracey Lickman, Ellen Vriend and Keybiz Tactics Corporation (holding ATMs and transaction fees in trust for the Trustee): Welland, ON L3B1A1 Phone: (905) 735-9791 Email: Trust me.... Want details...?...Talk to my Lawyer...The ATMs and the locations are OURS...the Trustee said so!... oops.. FRAUD?!....Talk to my lawyer... David Goodman, LLP, of Toronto... he will clarify??...,David, Where are you...? h) Larry Eggelton-Chief Financial Officer (CFO): HE WON'T GIVE OUT ANY DETAILS OF HIS WHEREABOUTS. That's not my did you catch me? to my lawyer... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY OF THESE PEOPLE OR THESE COMPANIES. They will STEAL from you. They will Cheat you. They will Defraud You. They will LIE to you. I don't know why Vivian Dimas and the directors of HR Connects are not in JAIL! (This is possibly...the largest FRAUD in Canadian History!) John Niagara Falls, OntarioCanada
Entity: toronto, Ontario
11, Report #650188
Oct 12 2010
05:45 PM
HR CONNECTS - VIVIAN DIMAS and MARIA LYRAS Vivian Dimas and Maria Lyras LIARS AND CHEATS toronto, Internet
These bottom feeding low lives will steal, lie, cheat and defraud you. DO NOT WORK FOR HRCONNECTIONS in TORONTO, do not submit your resume to them or go through them for a position. They are a racists, biased, sexist and they discriminate candidates and employees based on the color of your skin, your religious views, your culture, your beliefs. THEY RUN AN UNETHICAL RECRUITMENT PRACTICE that should be SHUT DOWN. They will employ you if you are like them, which is greek. Shortly after you have provided them with your services, they will terminate your employment with them, they have no compassion for you. They will withold unpaid wages even after your request payment from them. They only way to get your money from these racists BITCHES is to SUE THEM... they have no excuse for deliberately and premeditatedly cheating their employees out of legally deserved payment. THEY RUN A FRAUDULENT COMPANY.. Apparently MARIA LYRAS IS NOW WORKING FOR ANOTHER FIRM, SHE HAD TO LEAVE HER BOTTOM FEEDING PARTNER VIVIAN DIMAS>>
Entity: toronto, Internet
12, Report #1123282
Feb 13 2014
08:57 AM
Dr. Vivian Acevedo Mantente alejado, ella no paga sus cuentas Dr. Vivian Acevedo Stay away, she does not pay your bills Bayamon Internet
El Dr. Acevedo alquiló nuestra compañía para manejar una ley de impuestos de IRS de 100,000.00$. Después de permitirnos trabajar en ello durante meses, decidió que no quiso pagarnos. Ahora ha cobrado atrás todos los pagos hechos a nosotros y rechaza pagar. ALÉJESE DE ELLA. ES UN FRAUDE.Dr. Acevedo hired our company to handle an IRS tax bill of $ 100,000.00. After letting us work on it for months, decided that he would not pay us. Now it has taken over all payments made to us and refuses to pay. STAY AWAY FROM IT. IT IS A FRAUD.
Entity: Bayamon, Internet
13, Report #1235237
Jun 12 2015
01:36 PM
Paul Robinson; Vivian Lumpkins; Peter Alabi; Reverend Paul Robinson, Vivian Lumpkins Large Ripoff to the max Internet
It all stared in Nov 2012 when I Contacted puppy find about a Neopolitian Mastiff, what a mistake...I will not use again. I found the puppy and I received an email from Rev Paul Robinson who stated he would be willing to sell me a Neopolitain Mastif for $400.00 because he was on a mission in South Africa and his schedule would not allow him to care for the dog Quincy a female. Vivian Lumpkins was the one advertising on because only those people in the United States can advertise their puppies on the site. I should have followed my instinct and quit once I found out he was in South Africa but I continued on because it was a good price for a dog. The dog was suppose to be shipped twice and each time there was an excuse. He also told me that Quincy had 7 puppies and that I would receive them also...he didn't have any pictures and I have never seen the dog or the puppies. I have wasted a lot of timed, anxiety, effort and now humiliation with this and many more individuals on this puppy. Today is 12 Jun 2015 and I still have not seen the dog or puppies or the reimbursment. I did end up getting ripped off and his is asking for $15,000 more so that the bank will release the money so he can use it to reimburse it to me...what a lie. A big ripoff. I thought I could trust him as a Reverend on a Mission!! How stupid of me and now I regret every minute of my time that I spent trining to buy a dog from him.  Do not buy from him and I wouldn't use puppyfind to find a dog either.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #344841
Jun 27 2008
12:05 AM
CAPITAL Home Placement Center / Susan / Vivian You Will Be Cheated Out of Your Money!!! El Monte California
I found Capital Home Placement Center via a classified ad in the Penny Saver. My first visit with them was in January of 2008 and I was interviewed by Vivian, who provided me with the application and contract and was charged a total of $180.00, which would allow me to begin my process of finding a home or apartment (this consisted in receiving a list of available house and/or apartments. Every Wednesday, I would contact Vivian to fax me the housing lists for that Wednesday and for the previous Saturday, which she did. Needless to say, I never found any home or apartment that was neither affordable nor would allow my 3 chihuahuas. In the contract, as well as during the signing of such contract, it is stated, if you do not find a home within 90 Days, you will be refunded $125.00. My contract expired on April 25, 2008 and the contracts states you have 10 days after this date to claim your refund, which I did. I calimed my refund on May 1, 2008, by personally going to their office in El Monte, CA. I was then attended by Susan, to whom I said, I am here to verify how I go about requesting my refund. Susan proceeded to hand me a Refund Request Form as asked to see the copy of the contract I was originally given. I completed the refund form and Susan took a copy of my contract and informed me I would receive my refund in 7 to 10 business days, this is also stated on the contract as well as the refund request form. Well come June 3, 2008, I still had not received any refund, so I called Susan again and she told take the copy of the Refund Request Form and write out on the top of this form that as of this date, I have not yet received my refund, and I she asked I fax it to her. Instead, after work, I went to the CAPITAL office, since I didn't feel comfortable sending information by fax, because who knows who would receive it or even if they did. Once I met with Susan on June 3, 2008, she just had me write my name, signature and date the top of the Refund Request Form and she said she would submit it so that I could receive my refund and that she would call me to let me know the status. So June 12, 2008 comes around and I decide to give Susan a call since I never heard back from her and I still have NOT received any refund. After being placed on hold for more than 7 minutes, three time in a row, I was finally able to speak with Susan. I asked if she had any information for me regarding the status of my refund. She said. Well did you bring in your listings when you came to request your refund? I said, Excuse me, why would I bring in my listings and if this is a requirement, why was I not informed of this since the first time I called to ask how I go about obtaining my refund?! Susan responded, You should have known about this, it's in your contract, and I am not in your mind, like you are not in mine, so how would I know you didn't know about this if you've had the contract for 90 day! I was completely beside myself and I realized at that point, that I had signed up for a SCAM! I did not have my contract with me during this conversation, therefore I was unable to verify if what she was saying was true. I was so upset that I was not told about this when I was originally given the Refund Request Form to complete. This is their job, I would think if they had the faintest idea of what Customer Service is, they would provide the customer, (myself), with the information regarding all the requirements needed in order for my refund to be processed. It became very appararent that all they were doing was giving me the run around and avoiding reimbursing me. As soon as I got home I re-read the contract, and there is not one single indication on there, that states you must present all the listings you have been provided, when requesting a refund. I went back to the CAPITAL office on June 13, 2008, and I entered with a friendly attitude, thinking to myself, if I come in showing the anger I truly feel, they will continue to prolong my process even more or continue to give me the run around. So I sucked up my pride and anger, and I even apologized to Susan for raising my voice over the phone and she was friendly and said not to worry, it's just a job, she doesn't take it personal. I brought in all the listings I had... thank goodness that for some reason, I didn't throw them away, these lisitngs dated back to January of 2008. So now it is Thursday, June 26, 2008, (2) months have already gone by since the expiration of my original contract. I called CAPITAL Home Placement Center and asked to speak with Susan. First I was told she was out to lunch to call in one (1) Hour. I did, then I was told to call back in 30 minutes. So I ended up calloing back at around 6:30 PM, Susan answered the phone, I recognized her voice, but I still said, Hello, may I please speak with Susan? There was a pause and then I was told, Yes, one moment please. Afew seconds later, another woman got on the phone and saus to me, Susan is not here, she just left... Before she could finish, I said, That's funny, Susan just answered the phone, didn't she? Again a longer pause with a trembling voice said, No that was me, I went outside to look for her but she is already gone for the day. You can call her back tomorrow after 10:30. I said, OK, thank you. So I heade down to their office, just to see if what I though was true. To my amazement... guess who greeted me when I enterd by saying, Hi, can I help you? Yes, that is correct, it was none other than... Susan! Hmmm, thought she had left for the day. I replied, Yes, I am here to verify the status of my refund. The other two girls who were there, and I am certain it was one of them who has told me Susan was gone, were in schock! Susan tried to play it off and by make small talk by saying, I love the way you dress, your blouse is so pretty, can I touch it? I never told her whathad happened, since it was obvious she knew, that knew what was going on. So like all the other occasions, she took a copy of my Refund Request form which now has four (4) dates, including today's date on it, and said to me, Come on Saturday and I will have your refund here. I will make sure to tell them to bring it to me, but still call me on Friday and I'll let you know for sure! I told her I will call her tomorrow, Friday, but I am actually going in person instead. To end this note, I hope this situation is soon to be resolved. All I am asking for is what I am entitled to, which is what is also stipulated on thier contract. It is very unfortunate that comapnies such as these are in business. The main problem is, they have no accountability and the consumer is not even aware of who is running the place. This company mainly caters to the Hispanic and Latino lower income community, and their actions only lead me to believe that because they see we are Hispanic, they automatically assume we are ignorant. Some people may ignore their rights or may become frustrated with the entire experience that they just give up and feel it is not worth the time, the emotional and financial drain, especially in the times. Now $125.00 may not seem like a lot of money to many, but for us it's gas in our car, or food on our table, bills to be paid, etc. Mainly, it is the principle of the matter, the Golden Rule... Do unto others as you would have done unto you! Yvonne * Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: El Monte, California
15, Report #310851
Feb 21 2008
12:51 PM
Vivian Dimas is a low-life, bottom-feeding scam-artist at best! people foolishly fall for her smoke-screen persona of a caring, professional and experienced staffing consultant... Vivian Dimas and Maria Lyras in their sinister ways have cheated, lied and stolen thousands of dollars from innocent victims looking to work for them, you work for them for and then they steal from you. Their employment offer indicates that you wont be entitled to commissions until you have billed a certain amount (let's say 30k) once you have billed this amount, you are entitled to commissions, well guess what?? you are FIRED once you reach your quota. They provide you with no benefits because they are CHEAP and can barely afford to run a business. They have lied and cheated in so many Fraudulent cases, this is how they have the funds to pay their rent. They discriminate against people of certain cultures and will not present you to a client based on the color or your skin or your religious beliefs. I will be contacting every media avenue possible with the goal of exposing this reprehensible excuse for a human beings I encourage everyone who has been violated by Vivian DIMAS and Maria LYRAS to do the same immediately Lyrasocky toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
16, Report #54133
Apr 23 2003
02:35 PM
Credit Education Group--Vivian Fox ripoff consumer fraud Mississauga Ontario
Went online to search for a low cost or no cost credit card. Input information about myself including phone # then received a call from Vivian Fox or it was Amanda Fox representing Credit Education Group. I was told for $296.00 I would receive a credit card of not less than $2000.00 to $2500.00 and I would receive this in 3-10 days. I waited 12 days and called their toll free # that I got from my bank statement and was told by a representative that I would be receiving my package within 2-3 days with the credit application in it. I was to fill it out, mail it in and I would hear from the bank within 14-15 days (upon credit approval with my credit history) how much I would be approved for and possibly up to $2000.00 Needless to say I was very upset and had a very loud and angry one sided discussion. Paula Chelsea, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
17, Report #349763
Jul 10 2008
03:21 PM
Vivian Winters - John Walters - Delix Tech Very suave and believable, lied, no personal information Frederick Maryland
I received an email stating that they have received my resume and would I be interested in a work at home job consisting of Accounting, Bookkeeping and data entry. I agreed to an interview, but cautiously. We had the interview and then I start thinking to myself..check this company out. When I started my search I found that the number they gave, belong to a lot of companies also and the address they gave was bogus too! I found another report on Rip off. com and there they were, of course different company name and contact person but the same people and same scenerio!! Do not fall for their tricks. Luckily I didn't give them my account number or anything like that. Always do research on companies and now I will definitely use rip in the future!!!! I am so upset, they wasted my time and even had me make phone calls to actual banks...again luckily this is as far as it went. 2 days wasted on a scam. I am furious with myself!!!! Here is the letter: Subject: JOB OFFER(Sales/Customer service/Clerical & Administrative/Data Entry Operator And Others ) Hello We currently have a Data Entry position available. Details below: Job Title: Sales/Customer service/Clerical & Administrative/Data Entry Operator Primary Skills: Sales/Customer service/Clerical & Administrative/Data Entry Operator Job Industry: Finance Job Location: Online Salary: $28/HOURLY - $35/HOURLY Hours per Week: 40 Start Date: ASAP Degree Type: HSDegree Area: NA Duties/Responsibility Clerical and administrative knowledge Compile, sort and verify accuracy of date before input Locate data entry errors Must be able to work under pressure or deadlines Must be flexible to help around office with other tasks Be able to sit for long periods of time. Regards Delix Tech INc Vivian Winters 905 W. 7th Street Frederick , Maryland 21701 United States Phone :: (800) 436-0614 Fax (866) 866-7817 E-MAIL: and here is another one: Hello , Your resume was successfully received and is presently being reviewed by the appropriate department. Based on your resume, you possess the required skills that we look for in a candidate for this position. In the meantime, we need for you to set-up a Yahoo Mail Account and have this id : added to your Yahoo Messenger buddy list (Only If you haven't got a Yahoo ID).You would be undergoing an Online Briefing / Interview through the Yahoo Messenger that you would be setting-up.You are required to be online Tomorrow by 10:00am -3:00pm your time unfailingly. A briefing and interview has been scheduled for you online I would be online waiting for you. Your urgent reply to this Recruiting Process and your effective and timely response matters alot.As you are fully aware, the working schedule is very flexible and you can endeavour to work from home comfortably.Endeavour to get on line ASAP. Kindly get back to us as soon as possible. Kind Regards, John Walter Breezyangel Dawsonville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
18, Report #1108123
Dec 18 2013
06:37 PM
Vivian Swan fake spirtual healer / Psychic and her assistant Krystal Alfreds psyhic scammers galvelston texas, tupelo mississippi
This woman name Vivian Swan scammed me out of 375.00. She told me helps people. She said she was a spirtual healer and psychic. I asked her what need to do she told me she can help me for 125.00 be ause I have a curse on me I need to pay a deposit of 270.00 and when she is done with her work she will send it right back. I,shesaid send it to her assistant krystal alfreds because she has to do work for me. I spoor tohershe said she needs consentration to meditate and candles. So she stop answer my calls and texts. I all her from other numbers she would answer and once she would find out its me she would say at first still working. Then it was stop or I'll the police but sent me a text saying she was going to send mt money then. When I sopke to her again she said iam notgiving it back to you until my work is done and would hang up on me. She told me god sent me to her for a reason so she can help me. Her website says she fraud and scam artist she has scammed 14 other woman.If you have or ever been a scammed by Vivian Swan. Please contact us asap.
Entity: galvelston, Texas
19, Report #1114276
Jan 09 2014
02:49 PM
Vivian Sepe Rainbow Co-Op Facebook Group Co-Op Scammer on Facebook, Many people taken for $$ La Mesa Internet
Vivian Sepe is notorious now in Facebook groups for running a 'co-op' group called Rainbow Co-Op which is full of fake items, usually brought from overseas.I purchased what was to be (5) Monster High dolls from her. I understood these were to be ordered and shipped to her, then shipped to me so the wait time would be awhile. She invoiced me $22.38 on October 11, 2013 for Rainbow coop toy Buy She later invoiced me for shipping on 11/19/13 for $6.51. I was to receive five different dolls (A, B, C, D and E). I received (2) A's, (2) E's and (1) B. One of the dolls also had a completely broken off leg (the leg was not included, so I know it was not a shipping error). She stated I could resell the extra dolls. She should have let me know beforehand she was packing the wrong dolls and I would have refused the shipment and/or told her to not send extras. I have also never been refunded for the broken doll. She has blamed her distributor; however I blame her as she is the one who knowingly packed my package wrong.Aside from the toy problems, in November I purchased a makeup item from her for $4 which she never sent; I disputed with PayPal and won. It's these seemingly little amounts which add up and she is making a lot of money from these co-op purchases which never even happen!I have looked in to Facebook co-op groups which give reports and reviews - there are almost all negative reviews for this site.Her PayPal account name is listed as Vivian's Charity and there is no way to know how many people she has ripoffed! Megan, Payson UT
Entity: La Mesa, Internet
20, Report #13006
Jan 31 2002
12:00 AM
My mother is 84 years old and this co. JD MARVEL Products has ripped her off, she sent them a check # 8343 drawn on US Bank it was written on 11-5-01 and there co., cashed it on 11-16-01 the amount was $17.70 for Slippers,we have tried to call them and there Ph # is ,alawayes busy, she has written them 3 letters and the only responce she has recieved is 1 post card from there co. that sayes that the slippers were shipped on December 21 2001 and the order number is 754077, I have emailed ther co. and no responce,This co. is a big rip-off my mother has Never recived anything from them,I will contacted Comusmer Fruad, and the Attorney General of the State of N.M. and the Attorney General of Champlain NY ,and the NY, Lic. Com. and I will see what can be done about, these THIEFS, When any one Steals from my 84 YEAR MOTHER, They will have a REAL Problem Me Her SON, todays date is 1-31-01 they cashed the Check 11-16-01 This co jd marvey products is a group of Thiefs and Now they will be dealing with me,and I am PISSED OFF LARRY Laughlin Vivian Deming. NM Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on J.D. Marvel Products Inc
Entity: Deming, New Mexico
21, Report #789222
Oct 15 2011
06:36 PM
Vivian Bryson Hurst - Nathan Building Antique Mall I gave Vivian Hurst all of my antiques to help start her business. A large selection including furniture. After 3 years I got $88 and now she refuses to respond to me Eagle Lake, Texas
Three years ago, I gave Vivian my substantial antique collection on consignment to start her business.  I moved out of the state and did not hear from her.  I contacted her recently by email and she sent me a check for $88 with no explanation and no inventory list of items.  Nothing... just a check in an envelope.  I have attempted to contact her many times since, but she refuses to respond.  At this point, I have no choise but to take legal action as my collection was worth several thousand dollars.  One piece alone was conservatively worth $2,000.  I don't know Vivian that well, but I trusted her.  I would suggest that it's appropriate for her to either pay me for my items or give them back.  Ignoring me and hoping I'll go away is hurtful and lacks integrity. Thank you...
Entity: Eagle Lake, Texas
22, Report #288764
Dec 03 2007
10:12 PM
Slotland fool to have played here Internet
I started playing at Slotland back in 2000 and needless to say I it was the first online casino I had ever played at. I have played at real casinos before and I assumed they were the same. Wrong. I will be glad to give information to anyone who would like to know more about them. I have all the emails from them and the supervisor there. I will be glad to share with anyone who would like to know just how desceptive they have been. To say the least was when I found out 3 years later while still playing there that the VP games were not random and only found out through an online complaint forum that none of the VP games there are random. They were forced to make that info easier to find out after that. And they are not members of eCogra so you cannot get any help there either. If I can save anyone from playing what I played there without winning anything it will be worth it. Kim Vivian, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #51804
Apr 06 2003
02:47 PM
Simple Escapes ripoff Stamford Conneticutt
I was recently charged $134.95 on my credit card to a company named Simple Escapes. I have no earthly idea who these people are, and most importantly, how they got my credit card number. When I called the number on my credit card statement, they told me my husband had ordered their services and gave me his name. The funny part is that the credit card isn't in his name, it is in mine..I got no answers as to how everything transpired, but was told that they would remove the charges....I am still very worried about the fact that they used my credit card number and I rarely, if ever, use it for anything. STAY CLEAR OF ANYTHING TO DO WITH SIMPLE ESCAPES!!!!!!! Ina Vivian, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1372549
May 10 2017
09:44 PM
Vivian Markham Lincoln Pointe Lofts Vivian Markham, Silva and Markham Lincoln Pointe Lofts Low income housing with low standards Englewood CO
Lincoln Pointe Lofts is a slum.  The common areas are covered in feces.  The management is hostile and could care less about low income renters.  It's about money.In fact, they are represented by the number one slum Lord law firm in Colorado, who Sylvia Markham is in bed with. The contract addendum within the photos is a clear violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, stating negative credit will remain permanent.. That is also a deceptive trade practice.Silvia Markham should be ashamed to treat low income people like young mothers or older people with such a blatant disregard for anything other than money.  As a Section 42 tax credit housing, there are too many problems going on here that are not being addressed.  The tax credit must be safe, decent, and sanitary conditions, which the photos here prove Lincoln Pointe Lofts does not do. In fact, Vivian Markham has used her eviction specialist attorney, Karen Harvey, a scumbag attorney, to attempt to thwart HUD complaints.   LPL and Markham are both facing complaints with the State Attorney General of Colorado and Ms. Harvey shall receive a bar complaint for failing to respond to complaints.   DO NOT RENT AT LINCOLN POINTE LOFTS
25, Report #1114706
Jan 11 2014
06:15 AM
Rainbow Co-ops/ Glam Sugar Vivian A. Sepe AKA Vivian LoveAKA Vivian RamirezAKA Vivian ValenzuelaAKA Alex Valenzuela Sells knock off items (MAC, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Tiffany and many more) as authentic. Shady Scammer La mesa,San Antonio,El Cajon,Chula Vista,San Diego CA & TX
Vivian Sepe sure has made a name for herself in the Facebook co-op world.  I am writting this to let the rest of the world know about Vivian Sepe's bad buisness practices.Vivian Sepe is a super scammer.  She ran a Facebook group called Rainbow co-op, where she bought items at wholesale prices (some counterfeit) and then resold them on other facebook pages. On her Glam Sugar page, she sold those items as authentic. Her Rainbow Co-op and Glam Sugar Facebook pages have been deactivated recently, but its just a matter of time until she resurfaces and starts to steal from people again. Before she deactivated her Rainbow co-op page, she took orders for products from her group members and never sent the items.  She had some people who ordered items well before Christmas, waiting with excuses until they were past their allowable time to make a dispute through Wepay. So some people cannot get their money back for items they did not receive because she made empty promises that they were going to get their items and  unfortunatley her members believed her.  I tried to warn people through facebook, but she has a way about gaining people's trust. She starts her scam by conducting successful transactions and offering great prices on her itmes.  Then, once trust is earned, she starts to overcharge on shipping and upcharging on the items. After someone asks or points out her shipping mistakes, she blames it on her inexperience with the mailing process. Then she starts to stall on sending the products out, giving excuse after excuse as to why the items haven't shipped. Some of items that were ordered, were delivered to her home and stayed there for weeks until people threatened to report her.  Some of the group members recieved damaged items or items not as described in the description. Vivian Sepe has not a shred of integrity.  Please do not trust Vivian Sepe with your money, she cannot be trusted.
Entity: Select State/Province

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