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51, Report #334289
May 22 2008
02:46 PM
Wachovia Bank Beware for hidden charges. Charlotte North Carolina
I have a checking and savings account, as time went by it continually and gradually decreased due to hidden charges and I called customer service and didnt get my money back. Im sorry for future victims of this RIP-OFF! i just want to prevent this hidden charges to anybody, beware of each charges they could pile up. Leo phillipsburg, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
52, Report #334243
May 22 2008
11:06 AM
WACHOVIA BANK plays the shell game to get your money Allentown Pennsylvania
After a litany of unbelievable screw-overs by Wachovia, I have closed my account after more than 20 years. I will mention four, the most egregious: 1. Closed my savings account and deposited the $ in my checking account. The next day I withdrew the $ to open a savings account elsewhere. The next day, i get their magic OD postcard. Ready? They did a bank sweep and moved the money BACK into my CLOSED savings account so that when I withdrew it from checking, it wouldn't be there and they could get me with OD fees. No one has been able to explain this. I did get the OD fees credited, as a one-time convenience they said. HA! 2. Got a home equity line of credit. My original mortgage was through Wachovia, and had been paid off for years. I had to show them proof of homeowner's insurance. I did. (It was the same as my original loan, but nevermind) THEY BOUGHT ME HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE OF THEIR CHOOSING AND AT THEIR RIDICULOUS PRICE ANYWAY!!! The card never worked. Every time I tried to use it it came back stolen. Every time from first attempt on. Which meant I had to use my debit card -- more OD fees for them! They replaced the card. It showed up as a new account AND THEY BOUGHT ME HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE AGAIN!! 3. I paid off and closed the home equity line of credit (as the card always comes up stolen anyway I couldn't use it). That was 3 months ago. I still get a statement with fees and have to call or go in every month to remind them I CLOSED the account! 4. So what was the straw that broke this camel's back? When, after numerous requests, they sent me my tax information -- postmarked APRIL 15th!! Laura allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
53, Report #381999
Oct 16 2008
04:55 PM
Wachovia Bank Finally got around to scamming me with NSF fees Las Vegas Nevada Nationwide
After 5 1/2 years of being a customer without any problems I guess it was only a matter of time before I was targeted for having a free checking account with a low balance. The first blow came about a month ago when they purposely held a cash deposit for an extra day causing a check to bounce. When pressured for an explanation I got 4 different ones, each of which I was able to refute using their own disclosure statements. After the branch manager made a few calls I was then told it was because my account was originally opened in Florida and that I didn't use a personalized deposit slip. I asked the manager to show me where in the disclosures this is mentioned, and he couldn't. But he stuck to his guns regardless. So even though my deposit was cash, made before 3 PM, and my receipt as well as the online site showed the money was available for withdrawal, it actually wasn't. Because I didn't use a personalized deposit slip. Um... sure... Now they were kind enough to reverse the $22.50 fee, but weren't going to pay the $30 I was charged by my rental agent for bouncing my rent check. I was then talked into opening a new checking account so that this problem wouldn't happen again. I should have known better. So I proceed to have all my auto-debits, monthly credit card billings, my truck payment and insurance, and my direct deposit all changed over to the new checking account. I also go into Wachovia's online billpay service and change all my recurring payments to the new account as well. Well lo and behold, when all those auto payments go out a few weeks later they all try to come out of the old account that had no money in it (I was leaving it open just in case my direct deposit came thru to that account). Cha-ching, $210 in NSF fees. A few days later, Cha-ching again as they double dipped for each payment charging me another $210 in fees. Adding insult to injury they then reversed all the payments they made, which in turn resulted in hundreds of dollars worth of late fees, returned check fees, and in some cases overlimit fees on all my credit cards. All in all I'm in the hole for almost $800. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Wachovia billpay today, and of course, they have no record at all of me changing those auto payments from the old account to the new one. You mean I remembered to change over everything else, but somehow forgot the credit cards? She then tells me she can see that on 9/22 I updated the amount and date of each one of those payments, but not the account. Ok, so I remembered to do that, but still forgot to change the account. Sorry, I don't think so. I very clearly remember changing each and every recurring bill payment from FREE CHK to FREE CHK 02. It's very plain and easy to see on the page -- you'd have to be a total moron not to notice it. And I am far from a total moron. In the 5 1/2 years I've had a Wachovia account I overdrew *ONCE*. Living on less than $800 a month on Social Security Disability I can't afford to make mistakes with my money. For them to have the balls to tell me they have no record of such an update, when I clearly without a doubt did indeed change them, simply reinforces I'm getting scammed. I mean think about it, do you really expect the guy that's framing you to give you proof that he's framing you? So it really was no surprise any evidence of updating my bill payments was wiped from their system. And since I can't otherwise prove I made the changes they're not going to do a damned thing. So as far as I'm concerned they can take their $420 and shove it. I'm not going to pay it. I'm going to have a hard enough time getting caught up on my credit cards (credit counseling here I come...) Let them try to get money out of me. I dare them. Com'n Wachovia, give it your best shot. The most heinous part of all this is that I'm clearly not alone. And despite untold number of people complaining here, and to the BBB, and their state banking regulators (I've done them all) we will never see any justice. It's just business as usual in the banking industry. And it's not like any of our government officials give a damn about us. It seriously makes me want to give up banking altogether. I'm trying to figure out how detached I can get. I have now opened up an account with another bank, but how long is it going to be before they start doing the same thing to me? I mean is this where we've come to in this country, that people are afraid to have bank accounts out of fear of being ripped off by the banks themselves? I swear I am so utterly disgusted right now I can't even describe it. Amvegas Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wachovia Bank
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #385899
Oct 29 2008
07:30 AM
Wachovia Bank Received notice that I'm overdrawn $354.91 as of September 17, 2008 Sebring Florida
I'm a 76 year old widow, living on a monthly disability check. I have been receiving overdraft notices from Wachovia Bank, at times on a daily basis. First came a fee of $55.00 and then it changed to $90.00. That seemed a bit high. According to my records I didn't owe them any overdraft fees. In fact my records showed that I had a small balance. Then came the shocker: a letter stating, According to our records, your account is overdrawn in the amount of $354.91 as of September 17, 2008. That is not only ridiculous, it's impossible. The stress this is causing me keeps building and I plan to switch to another bank as soon as possible. Gloria Sebring, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sebring, Florida
55, Report #357993
Jul 31 2008
10:04 PM
Wachovia Bank Unethical Charges on top of unethical charges and more charges Bethel Connecticut
Sadly, Wachovia is not the only bank that rips people off. Most banks that I've dealt with do the same, and there are banks far worse than Wachovia. However, this is what Wachovia did to us: One time, there was a lien put on our account. However, the lien was in no way legal. I went to a lawyer to explain the situation. He agreed, not legal, and charged me $300 to write a letter to the bank explaining that there was no basis for the claim (no judgement, no contract) and it was for an out-of-state alleged fee from 20 years ago. Wachovia immediately released the hold on the money and acknowledged that it was there mistake to put an invalid lien through. However, they refused to refund the $100 lien processing charge they had imposed on the account. If you admit it was your mistake, why would you leave the charge? More recently, on my husband's account, some unauthorized charges were put through. There was not enough in the account, so the charges were rejected-not paid, and he was fined $35 multiple times. He informed the bank that the charges were unauthorized, but they said the charges were still valid and that the only way to stop more unauthorized charges was to pay the fines, close the account and re-open a new one. Yeah, right. Jnlwriter Bethel, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Bethel, Connecticut
56, Report #358055
Aug 01 2008
07:25 AM
Wachovia Bank Charged Overdraft Fee When Money Was in the Account . Nationwide
I had written a check for a small amount less than forty dollars. I have direct deposit into my Wachovia account. I had a direct deposit into my account on July 30. I withdrew all the funds (all except $8 and some change) to pay bills. I deposit a check of $40 later that day(July 30) to cover the check that I had written (the balance was $48 and some change after the deposit). The check had not gone through the account at that time. On August 1st when I went online to check my account, I had a NSF of $35 for the check for $38. I called customer service to question the NSF and why I was charge when I had a balance of $44 at the time. The customer service representative said that the check had gone through on July 30th. I check my account daily and the check had not posted or was on hold on July 30th. I had enough money in the account on July 30 to cover the check that was written, but that customer service representative said that it must have been after the cut off time. The check did not post until July 31, but I was charged NSF for it when there was money to cover the check. I know that when I check my account in a day or two the posting will have changed completely from what it shows today, August 1. Wachovia is famous changing things to benefit themselves as I am learning more and more and that is evident of all the reports filed just with this site. I am sure there are countless numbers of other individuals who have had the same to happen to them. Rome Rome, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
57, Report #408157
Jan 05 2009
11:29 AM
Wachovia Bank Lying to Steal from your Account without Authorization Irvine California
In December of 2008, I received a call from a representative of Wachovia Bank. They asked if I would write a post dated check to pay for a payment which was behind by 15 days. I told her that I would mail the payment on the 1st of the month to bring the payment current and did not have the money in the account. The sent a request for the payment to my bank without authorization and caused me considerable fees for nsf, which I had already told them prior to them stealing the money out of my account. Prior to me seeing my statement I sent them the payment as promised. Now they are holding 2 payments and I have fees that should have never been charged. Is there a class action suit available and who is the regulatory agency responsible for these theives. Wachovia Bank is Gangster! Lowell Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
58, Report #370095
Sep 05 2008
11:42 AM
Wachovia Bank held a local check and cleaned out my account Charlotte North Carolina
I deposited a 4500 check to my checking account at Wachovia on 8/29. It was from another local bank 5 miles down the road, not a bank in Timbuktoo, but after I checked my account it said it would be Sept. 9 before the funds would be available. HUH? Couldn't they call the bank, would not have even been long distance, and verify the funds. So what did Wachovia do? Due to my own negligence I forgot to pay my property taxes so I did have a garnishment. That is why I deposited the funds, to pay that and a very large dental bill. I knew how much money I had in the bank before the deposit and had not spent anything out of it to avoid NSF fees. They also knew how much I had in there but took it upon themselves, without warning or notice to go ahead and make a payment for the taxes on Sept 3. Mind you I had a held check for 4500 in there. They could not wait 3 more days, so I get hit with a 35.00 NSF fee. I too have checked other banks and on local checks, they do not hold funds but 1 or 2 days. I was not asked to sign any form, I was not told that the funds would not be available for 5 days. And on the website it says that funds will be available within 2 business days, which should have been on the 3 of Sept since the banks were closed on the 1st. I have been a customer of Wachovia for over 10 years, when it was First Union, but as soon as these funds clear I will get all of my money out. I guess they are having to charge these fees to pay for the lawsuit they lost. I am on a limited income, I am over 55 and right now I have no money whatsoever because of this so I will sit home and drink water from the tap, can't afford the electricity to make ice, and stale crackers, and I will do without the prescription I just had filled for my blood pressure Darlene High Point, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
59, Report #371783
Sep 10 2008
06:00 PM
Wachovia Bank Unreasonable Insufficient funds fees Flemington New Jersey
Unbelievably Wachovia's posting priorities allow an 83 cent overdraft to a over 50 Seniors account to accrue $140 in insufficient funds fees! After speaking with 3 representatives over the course of an hour they reduced it to a meer $70! All for covering my 83 cent overdraft for a couple weeks till my Social Security Disability check is direct deposited! Sandra Frenchtown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Flemington, New Jersey
60, Report #442429
Apr 09 2009
08:51 PM
Wachovia Bank Allowed Illegal Access to my Checking Acct. Birimingham Alabama
I am the representative payee for a relative's Social Security account. On 3/27/09 I checked the balance on line and found a -565.00 balance. I have had this acct. since 1996 and it never once has been overdrawn nor have I ever had a debit card for this account. I immediately went to the bank. My relative is learning disabled and Social Security determined that he can not manage his own money. He is not to have and has never had access to this checking acct. He had his own acct. at Wachovia which became overdrawn, was closed, and sent to collections in November of 2009. After spending two hours at the bank I was told that in November of 2009 when his acct. was closed that their computer did a search for his Social Security number and linked his debit card from his closed acct. to the Social Security acct.. My relative just happened to call the bank to determine the status of his closed acct. and was told that he had a balance in the bank. That is when his spending spree began. I was intially told by the bank representative that I would get all funds back as the bank employee who opened up the relative's personal acct. in 2007 had made an error. She then called her manager and said she would get back with me later in the day. I was told that I would be responsible for all of the ATM transactions that my relative had made on the card which amounts to approximately $500. They did agree to remove the overdraft charges. I am on an extremely limited budget. I will never ever bank with Wachovia ever again. BEWARE! Angela Hueytown, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birimingham, Alabama
61, Report #417025
Jan 27 2009
06:53 PM
Wachovia Bank 6 Fees for 3 Charges?!! Why is that right??!! Nationwide
Wachovia's daily cut-over is at 2:00pm here in Georgia, therefore anything that happens after that time is considered to have occurred on the next business day. I am too upset to write in any great detail, but the long and short of it is that I had one item to be presented for payment and 2 pending before the 2pm deadline, was charged 4 overdraft fees of $35 each. This happened on a Friday, so I waited until the next business day (Monday) to call, with the expectation that I would be able to have the additional fee removed once everything had been posted and/or cleared; only to learn that I had received an additional 2 overdraft fees of $35 each. When I called to say that I received 6 fees for 3 charges, I was advised that this was correct, because of blah, blah, blah.... No one can make me understand how 3 transactions legitimately deserve 6 fees! This is not the first time and I am of limited means. I believe these banks make most of their money off of poor people and that all their practices are predatory in nature. Mary Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #544925
Dec 24 2009
09:43 AM
Wachovia Bank, National Association Outrageous Overdraft fees Charlotte, North Carolina
On 12/21/09 and 12/22/09 Wachovia Bank charged my account $315 in overdraft fees over a 24hr period. They put the highest withdrawal amount through first and then charged $35 for a $10.95 withdrawal, a $13.00 withdrawal etc. and also charged overdraft fees on pending debit charges that had not gone through yet. I was charged $35 nine times and despite three phone calls and an email to the bank they refused to remove any of the overdraft fees. I am a single mom and needless to say our Christmas was ruined. I would not recommend anyone to bank with Wachovia because they purposely set up the system to make money off overdraft fees. They consider it an important part of their profits for their shareholders. I deposited $460 in cash on 12/22/09 to cover the overdraft fees and any outstanding payments for the 21st and 22nd but they held the deposit until the 23rd therefore they could charge more overdraft fees. They will charged you overdraft fees on pending debit card charges and yet will hold cash that you deposit after 2pm until the next day, although any charges you make up until midnight that night will be charged overdraft fees. I also want to let everyone know that they had absolutely no desire to work with me and would not remove even one of the overdraft fees. They did not care at all that is was Christmas and I was left with absolutely no money for food for the rest of the week as my whole pay went to overdraft fees.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
63, Report #551755
Jan 09 2010
08:22 PM
Wachovia Bank - First Union overdraft ripoff Charlotte, North Carolina
I am also a victim of this overdraft fee by the above bank. i have lost easy 500 to them in overdraft fees. i want justice and my money back. other banks charge 35 dollars or less and the above bank is charging me 70 dollars per overdraft which is outragious
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
64, Report #195854
Jun 10 2006
08:32 PM
Wachovia National Bank ripoff Class Action Charlotte North Carolina
I have experienced the same problems identified here with my account. I am currently litigating with Wachovia Bank and will not be at liberty to discuss the details at this time. However, I want to be contacted and included in a class action suit with Wachovia National Bank. Please contact me. Thank you. Lynda Centreville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
65, Report #305346
Feb 01 2008
06:14 PM
Wachovia Bank holding a cash deposit Drexel Hill Pennsylvania
my husband went into the bank on a thursday morning and filled out a savings withdraw slip for $500.00, and he also filled out a checking deposit slip for $400.00. He was making a cash transfer. he went up to the teller and gave her the slips, she gave him $100.00 cash and a deposit slip for the $400.00 that he deposited into our checking account. i went online to make sure the money was deposited into our account, it wasn't there. I called the bank and talked to the branch manager. I explained what happen (which i thought was a mistake on their end and could be fixed). he told me that it went in as a check deposit. i said that it was cash and it should go in as cash. he said that it was not a cash desposit and it would be availaible for me the next day. I withdrew cash from my saving and desposited cash into my checking acct. they would not put it in as cash, they said it was not cash. i don't understand how they can do that. they sat on my deposit for and collected interest. i thought that was against the law for banks to do that. i would like to do something about this , but what can i do? Mbs20 drexel hill, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
66, Report #236543
Feb 19 2007
05:13 PM
Wachovia Bank Don't feel so alone and an idiot Charlotte North Carolina
I just found this site. I have been harrassed by Wachovia here. They push you to use the Web Site (Web Banking) You can't do this. It will cost you even though they say it's free. They are dishonest. Transactions are held back. If you have a deposit going in it will go in last so that they might be able to charge you NSF of $35!! You can be short by as little as $12 and they will charge you 3x$35 before posting the deposit or automatic deposit from my work place. They have no mercy. Too big to care. Afraid this is the future. I would change but I have my car payment, insurance and other items coming out automatically that would be a headache to change. Along with my automatic pay check every two weeks. I don't make enought to keep a lot in my savings account. Taxes are killing me. Beat up the middle class Wachovia. Karma awaits. Mary Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
67, Report #265506
Aug 06 2007
09:24 AM
Wachovia Bank Formerly First Union Abuses overdraft fees against cash deposits ripoff Savannah Georgia
Since Wachovia bought out First Union, I am continually hit with $35 overdraft fees on a regular basis. In June, a restaurant errantly charge $118 to my account instead of $11.80. Checking online, I found the error immediately and transfered cash from savings to the checking. I then contacted Wachovia and the restaurant immediately. Wachovia still hit me with two $35 overdraft fees although they could see the restaurant corrected the error. I spoke with several Wachovia representative, but the charges were never reverse. The restaurant reimbursed for the fees. Last week I made a $400 cash deposit in the morning, then made a payment to my cable company. Today I find Wachovia returned my cable payment and hit me with a $35 overdraft fee. Asking around I found several people who have since closed accounts with Wachovia because of Wachovia's overdraft abuse. A fellow employee said he closed his account after making a $600 cash deposit on Friday, but Wachovia did not post it until Tuesday. He was hit with a total of $105 dollars worth of fees for using his debit card over the weekend. My daughter says she closed her account after being hit with close to $200 dollars worth of fees, even though most were reversed she had to fight Wachovia constantly. When she went to open her new account at the other bank, they were quite please and friendly. They told her they get quite a few new customers from Wachovia. If anyone is sponsoring a class action lawsuit against please let me know. I have plenty of names to add. First Union used to be customer friendly, but since Wachovia's buy outm the bank is known as Walk-All-Over Bank. I am closing my account this week and going back to a more customer friendly bank. Mary E Savannah, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
68, Report #265066
Aug 03 2007
01:56 PM
Wachovia Bank Charged suspicious overdraft fee Ripoff Springfield New Jersey
I have been a customer of Wachovia Bank for many years, originally having started the account as First Union. I have been rather annoyed at them in the past, but nothing compares with the contempt I feel about the company today. While reviewing my last statement I found that I had accidentally overdrafted my account. There were two overdraft fees of $35.00. To find out what went wrong I re-calculated the transactions as seen below: 7-09 Cash Deposit $120.00 $120.49 7-11 Purchase $52.91 $67.58 7-13 Purchase (actual date of purchase 7-12) $14.99 $52.59 7-13 Purchase (actual date of purchase 7-12) $6.09 $46.50 7-13 OVERDRAFT FEE $35.00 $11.50 7-16 Purchase (actual date of purchase 7-12) $47.16 $-35.66 7-16 OVERDRAFT FEE $35.00 $-70.66 I realized that I had overdrafted by $0.66, but I could not understand the reason I was charged two overdraft fees, and I was panicked as to why a $0.66 overdraft now had my account at -$70.66. I went to the bank to ask why the error occured. The woman helping me was treating me as if I was not worth her time. She looked up my account on the computer and after a long time presented me with the fact that after my purchase on the 11th a hold had been placed on the rest of the available balance in my account. After I explained my reasoning that the deposit had been made in cash, and the fact that I would have had no knowledge of a hold on my account at the time, assuming that all was in order, how could I be held responsible for the first overdraft charge? After some stubbornness on both sides, she agreed to repost the $35.00 back to my account. Even though I had gotten what I wanted, the more I thought about the situation the more angry I became. I felt betrayed that the institution I had put my trust, was in fact, under the law, stealing from me. By using holds they could manipulate at any time to cause my account to become overdrafted, and it is somehow legal for them to do so. And furthermore, they made me feel as if I was somehow irresponsible. But how irresponsible is it to place a hold on an account without informing the customer, and then keep letting them make charges on a held account, only to further rack up more overdraft fees? Holds on accounts don't seem to make any sense. They protect the bank, not the customer. A true hold should be designed to stop the account holder from further withdrawing their account, in which case it does not, it lets them keep spending, unknowing of any hold, and only hits them with fees afterwards. The law needs to be changed, in order to protect account holders, not banks. They are in effect, robbing us, all under the law. Though I was able to fix this situation, it should never have occured. And now I feel afraid and angry for the rest of Wachovia's customers, who may have had the same thing done to them. I still have not had the $35.00 reappear in my account, but when it does I plan to never trust Wachovia again, and will be closing my account for good. Hinkypunk Springfield, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, New Jersey
69, Report #302617
Jan 23 2008
10:32 AM
Wachovia Bank Held up returning my mature CD money without any notice of why Roanoke Virginia
When Wachovia Bank bought out World Savings, they acquired my two CD's which were worth $10,000 each plus interest. One matured on Jan. 12, the next on Jan. 19, 08. As of Jan. 20, I still had no check on the first one and I had called to close it out on Jan. 12. When I called, I also was closing out the one on Jan. 19th and I asked where my first check was. After much time on hold, I was told it was not sent because I had a PO Box address! I could not believe it as I have that for safety. I was told my home address would now be registered and it would be sent. It would take 7 to 10 days to arrive! I asked about priority mail and told it was $15. I asked them to enter a complaint for my lost interest on this money as I have other accounts which I am waiting to put it into. I was told they would send it priority and waive the fee. I called again on the 21st to check it. Was told it went out first class mail instead of third class! In the meantime, this bank has had my money, interest free! I am loosing 6% with the Credit Union I belong to every day and have already purchased another CD with another bank so there is a lesser amount in my checking account now receiving the 6%. I think the Bank owes people to contact them immediately if they have a problem sending the money. I have had no trouble with on line banks, I would never do business with Wachovia again. I had a checking account with them in Florida for years. Goodby Wachovia. Nancy g Madras, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
70, Report #1032331
Jun 20 2007
10:07 PM
Wachovia Bank Multiple overdraft fees on one overdraft Severna Park Maryland
I've been a customer of Wachovia Bank for a little over a year now, and I rarely have over five or six hundred dollars in my account at any one time, so I have accepted that the bank really doesn't care about my business. On several occasions I have lost track of my account balance by a few dollars and have received over a hundred dollars in fees because of one overdraft. This last time, I had roughly a hundred dollars in my account, made a couple thirty dollar purchases and then several small ones (you know, coffee, cigarettes, ten bucks for gas). Monday morning, I checked the online balance and it said thirty dollars, made two purchases totaling twenty dollars, and came home to find that i had incurred 105 dollars in overdrafts that day. In fact, I had bounced by a little over a dollar, but ALL PENDING transactions were charged overdrafts. Honestly, and maybe i'm just an idiot here, if only one transaction went negative, wouldn't you assume that I would be charged ONE overdraft? I ended up with yet another overdraft the next day when one of the check card holds went through(even though it had already been added in to make my account negative). I can see the logic in making the penalties severe to prevent abuse, but isn't the 35 dollars to cover a few dollars enough? why do they need to overdraft things that NEVER OVERDRAFTED??!! It's a slightly different problem from the one you are discussing, but I think that if you're going to talk about legality of fees, these ones are more likely to arouse SOME kind of response from the people who regulate banks. Devin Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Severna Park, Maryland
71, Report #258820
Jul 05 2007
11:23 AM
Wachovia Bank, N.A. Wachovia Bank Overdraft Policy Paying from Largest to Smallest is Deceptive Saginaw Texas
The week I opened my account in May 2007 I went into a Wachovia branch on a Friday afternoon. I hadn't yet started using my account and there was only $50.00 from the initial deposit. I asked about buying a $50.00 graduation gift certificate. She said they were $1.50 and could only be deducted from my account (they couldn't be purchsed with cash which was what I had intended) so I'd need to deposit a couple of dollars. I deposited $10.00. She sold me the card. Since it was Friday after 4:00 the purchase drove my account negative since the deposit didn't post till Monday morning. They charged me $35.00. I asked for my overdraft fees to be refunded the service rep did it but her attitude was an omen of what was coming. On July 2nd 2007 my balance was $400.00. An electronic transaction of $500.00 which made my balance approximately $900.00 was wired to my account at 3:00 pm on July 2nd 2007. The same day (presumably at midnight) Wachovia posted the amount and also posted the same days transactions. The highest of which was $492.00. Five smaller transactions also posted that day. Since Wachovia Bank's policy is to post the highest transaction first, not the order these were issued in, the $492.00 drove my account negative. I was charged $210.00 in overdraft fees. I called in on the night of July 3rd when I saw all the OD fees. The service rep said that as a courtesy he would refund $105.00. He said that it was his call and this was it. I asked to speak to his supervisor who said that it was also her call, and that she had no intention of reversing the previous offer as it was a very gracious offer. This left my balance at $127.50. The morning of July 5th I saw another posting of $2.50 for July 2nd and I was charged another $35.00. I am leaving Wachovia while I still have $65.00. The issue is that they choose what to pay first and it is what allows them to assess the most fees. If they posted what came in first (l;ike most other banks that I've researched) the fees would have totalled $35.00 even if they didn't choose to recognize my deposit until midnight. Joe fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Saginaw, Texas
72, Report #104469
Aug 19 2004
01:48 PM
Wachovia Bank ripoff Wachovia charged me overdraft fees when the money was in the account to cover it. Durham North Carolina
Wachovia has held on to checks, debit transactions, etc. I have had several situations in which Wachovia charged me overdraft fees when the money was in the account to cover it. Nicole Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Durham, North Carolina
73, Report #68359
Oct 06 2003
03:00 PM
Wachovia Bank Wachovia screws first-time home buyers my a*s still hurts Newport News VA-Raleigh North Carolina-Virginia
I used to bank with Wachovia, so back in July 2003 while I'm in the branch I inquire about mortgages for first time buyers. I'm told to go to the mortgage office in Newport News and talk to Donna. She is great and can help me out! I go see Donna, she gives a great Interest rate of 3.75% with 3% down on an FHA loan. I'm thinking, great. So My wife and I find a house, write up a contract, now we have a month before the closing date. I give Donna all the info she needs(W2's, bank statements,etc)and remind her that I work for our family business. I dont own the business, I'm just an employee. So after a few weeks, of course my wife and I very excited because it's our first house, and in four days we move in. WRONG!! 4 days before closing I get a call from Donna,Peter, we have a problem. Seems that because you are employed by your family business, we have to deny the loan, I'm sorry. Needless to say, I hit the friggin roof. After almost a month and four days before closing you morons tell me this. After I spend $350.00 for an appraisal, $200.00 for an inspection,plus all the other crap I had to buy like furniture etc. Well I lost the $550.00(thanks Donna)but was able to get money back for all the furniture I bought. The house went back on the market because the seller was furious. I can't blame him. The house was sold in one day....TO SOMEONE ELSE! Now (early October)we find another house, and I find a mortgage company that will deal with my job status. BUT, I need 6 months of bank statements, which I no longer had. I go into the Wachovia branch I used to bank at and tell them which months I need, a total of three months. They tell me I need to pay $5.00 per statement. Ok, you've screwed me enough, now you want 15 more bucks, I suppose that's the icing on my ass-screwing ,huh? This was 8 days ago, I still haven't gotten my statements, and I have to close in less than 2 weeks because the seller of this new home we found is in the Navy and is getting shipped out. Now I don't want to screw this poor guy who is trying to sell his house because he's got orders to to some God-forsaken part of the world. Bottom-line...stay away from Wachovia. They are an awful company to deal with. They only care about making a few dollars off of you regardless of how they ruin your life. F*ck you, Wachovia! Pete Yorktown, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #381690
Oct 15 2008
08:53 PM
Wachovia Banks In Easley SC And Pickens SC Wachovia Bank Stealing Money....ONE CUSTOMER AFTER ANOTHER! Easley And Pickens South Carolina
I am yet another Wachovia customer that has been a victim of having them STEAL my money too. $140.00 in over draft fee's stolen from my account! I KNOW that I had money available in my account to cover my purchases. BUT because Columbus Day was on monday, and you know....banks are CLOSED.....I now realize how they can be so lucky as to have holidays off, they will just STAEL from their customers! I was offered a courtesy refund of 35.00. WOW....that is a COURTESY? NO, that is an INSULT. This is the SECOND and FINAL time that this bank will STEAL money from me and my two small children. I am willing to join the band wagon if anyone wants to file suit againts these heartless inhumane idiots, please by all means include me. I know that I had funds in my account to the tune of 196.00 and suddenly everything decides to clear at once and throw me in overdraft? This bank is rediculous and the employees are just as quilty when they STEAL from customers! This is the bank blameing me because they decided to steal money from my account and cause me to go even further in DEBT. I hope that EVERYONE who works as a part of the Wachovia Family will get what they deserve! You are nothing more that SCUM,stealing from HARD WORKING people who can barely make ends meet as it is. For anyone who may be considering banking with Wachovia.....PLEASE run as fast as you can. KEEP YOUR MONEY....DO NOT BANK AT WACHOVIA FOR ANY REASON! Look at this site......need we say more? WACHOVIA and the RUDE HEARTLESS EMPLOYEES of WACHOVIA will STEAL YOU BLIND! Rachel Pickens, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Easley And Pickens, South Carolina
75, Report #375151
Sep 22 2008
06:19 PM
Wachovia Bank received a loan release from wachovia 6month later they repo and sale vehicle Roanoke Virginia
wachovia bank released a vehicle loan stating that wachovia bank.n.a no longer has a security interest in the vehicle ,it was on wachovia letter head noterized from assistant secetary recorded in the state of oklahoma where vehicle was titled for a loan 05/02/2001 ,in 2006wachovia came back recorded a new loan saying 70000 was loaned on the same vehicle witch i never seen any money was taken to court sured for loan paper because the bank dont have neither set 2001/2006 they repo the truck that they release and sold it and there suring me for86000 for a loan in 2001 witch they recorded a release state of oklahoma hASevery thing on file how can they sue me on a contract that released and to record a new lean in 2006 dont they have to show where the 70000 they say they loaned and provid a contract or some kind of paper work for the loan .all i know is wachovia bank has ruined me and my credit,oklahoma title dept is confused how wachovia can repo a truck sell it using a contract date that they realed and they cannot find buryers contract Anonymous merritt island, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia

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