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1, Report #1384969
Jul 12 2017
11:13 AM
Wallstreet Greetings Wallstreet Greetings or Tim Voss this company is a rip off they are rude and the quality of their product is poor. Would never do business with them. Wall street greeting card company KY 3265 Pinckard PikeVersailles, Kentucky 40383 wallstreet greeting company greeting cards versailles Nationwide
wallstreet greetings inc is a totally ripoff rude and they do a terrible job. the quality of their product is sub par. the owner tim voss knows nothing about customer service and his firm is just rude.  would never use this company for any type of business promo
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #632620
Aug 18 2010
06:41 AM
Wallstreet Photo Wall Street Photo Beware - this company is a scam! Internet
Purchased a Polaroid Camcorder thru Amazon.com and Wall Street Photo was the vendor. Received the Camera on July 17th, it would not work, it was defective. I contacted Wall Street Photo and they said to return it. I did and never heard back from them. I had to contact them 3 weeks later and asked for the status. They never answered me, so I had to contact Amazon and ask for my refund. Amazon stated that Wall Street said this camera was not bought from them and they were going to return it to me. They never returned the camera and Amazon will not do anything about it either - so much for Amazon's A-Z guarantee. Wall street Photo are a bunch of crooks who sell you junk and then don't stand behind their products. I strongly urge everyone to NOT buy from this vendor, they do not stand behind anything that they sell to you. Go to their web site - they have no phone number, no mailing address and the only email they list, you can't get an answer from them.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #205132
Aug 08 2006
04:43 PM
WallStreet Mortgage Funding ripoff Mortgage Broker lies Miami Florida
Firm advertises on sports radio (790 am--The Ticket) station in Miami and alleges they are underwriters who make credit decisions in-house. After initial consultation and credit check they will claim that you can close within 2 weeks or so. Next, I find out our credit was inquired eighteen (18) in a span of less than 30 days. Afterwards--they will provide mortgage brokerage business contract that states they are entitled to fee regardless of if you close or not. In fact the contract states you will be responsible for cost assoicated with any litigation that may arise from contract including all costs incurred (before or after trial. I'm ok with this, provided I recieve the same protection. They refuse to modify contract and make sure you have enough credit inquires so that it's more difficult to obtain mortgage with someone else. Alejandro Miami', FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
4, Report #412841
Jan 16 2009
10:36 AM
Yahoo Greetings With American Greetings Cannot cancel membership Cleveland Ohio
I got a free trial membership to Yahoo Greetings (which is actually American Greetings) 2 years ago and I've been trying to cancel it ever since. Membership is renewed automatically, so I've been between $13.99 and $15.99 per year since registering. During this time, I think I've sent exactly one card. The free trial membership says that you won't be billed if you cancel before your 30 days are up you will not be billed. There is nothing on the site's home page that tells you how to cancel a membership. When you click the help button, and go to All about my paid membership, there's a link that says Can I cancel my subscription you get a phone number to call. I have repeatedly called the phone number. It is an automated system, and the 4th or 5th choice instructs the caller to say cancel my membership if the caller wishes to cancel. I said the words cancel my membership but it didn't recognize my words. So I tried again. Same result. Then it said that since the voice wasn't being recognized, it will change to a push button system. I waited for the cancel my subscription option to come up, but it never did! The only way to cancel is if the computer recognizes your voice, but it never recognizes your voice! That astounded me. Then it kicked me off the system. I called back. I got the same result all over again. Finally, I decided to test the system by trying out the voice recognition system with another feature, so when the option to say technical assistance came up, I spoke technical assistance into the receiver, and unbelievably, it recognized my voice! My voice hadn't changed in the few minutes between calls, but the computer apparently can recognize people who want technical assistance but not people who want to cancel their membership. I've never seen anything quite like it. Finally, I was in the technical assistance menu, but I had to scroll through many choices before I got to the wait for an operator option. It consistently recognized my voice throughout those menu choices. When I did get to the waiting for the operator part, the wait took about 15 minutes, there was no music to let me know I was still connected, so I often thought the line had gone dead. After the 15 minute wait I finally did get an actual person who canceled my account and credited me with $13.99. This was the third or fourth time I tried this but was the only time I was successful. I looked online and discovered that many, many people have had the same problem. I hope something is done about this. Meg Madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
5, Report #409006
Jan 07 2009
03:05 AM
The Real Black Wallstreet Online Clothing Store Rip Off... Paid for 3 items and only recieved 1 Pitman New Jersey
On 8/22/2008 I ordered a total of 3 items from this website in two seperate orders and immediately paid over $100 using my paypal account. I recieved confirmation on 9/18 that one of the two orders shipped without any problems, because the items were custom made I didn't think anything of the delay. I contacted the company on 10/7, 10/22, 11/30, 11/18, and 12/11 to attempt to get additional information or tracking information for the remaining two items but have yet to recieve any response. I have contacted the customer at the follow invoice contact: The Real BWS 204 Cedar Ave Pitman, New Jersey 08071 United States Phone: 8562783873 Web site: http://www.therealbws.com E-mail: ask@therealbws.com At this point I do not know how to proceed... Do not do business with this company! Aaron Bellingham, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Pitman, New Jersey
6, Report #1000826
Jan 21 2013
07:38 PM
American Greetings americangreetings.com Deceptive business practices, fraudulent monthly charges Internet
I recently discovered a monthly charge on my credit account of $3.99 from AG, which I have been charged monthly since March of 2011. I did a quick internet search and found that the company was American Greetings, as well as multiple complaints from others who had been scammed by this company.  Supposedly I signed up for a free 7 day trial in March 2011 and because I did not cancel this trial I was bound in agreement to their contract and thus charged 3.99 monthly indefinitely. I question the legitimacy of this claim entirely as I do not recall ever even visiting their website and still do not even fully understand what they are offering or how it would benefit me.  Even IF I signed up for their free trial it is obvious that their full intention is to deceive people by putting somewhere in the small writing that if you do not cancel you will be charged x amount monthly indefinitely and hope people don't notice. Also the charge monthly is just small enough that it is likely to go unnoticed. I emailed customer service, but just received an email back stating how the charges we not refundable after the trial period, per the terms of agreement. If you try calling their customer service line again you get an automated message stating the charges are not refundable (seems they do a lot to cover their behinds.) If only they were so transparent when people were signing up for their scam.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1406783
Oct 17 2017
09:14 AM
American Greetings Ecard Rip off Ecard Cleveland OH
 I signed up over a year ago. I could not get it to work correctly fly on my cell phone. Part of the image was a Missing. I tried many times to resend them. I finally gave up & never used it again. Know, a year later, I see they charged my bank account again. I called them. They would only take off this year's charge. What a rip off. I would never recommend this site to anyone! Do not get tangled in their web!
Entity: OH
8, Report #299700
Jan 13 2008
05:53 PM
Rich Hentosh (black wallstreet) Glenolden Georgia
Hello, I place a order with black wallstreet on December 16, 2007, where my two sons seem some hoodies that they like and it costed me $98.98. This is something that they asked for a christmas ago. This company or person stated that the order will be shipped when they received the payment the payment was mail od December 17, 2007 and my bank clear the check on December 28, 2007 and believed this I still have yet to recieved these hoodies for my son. I have also mail this man a certify letter and he have recieved it and sign for it but I still have not received a refund or the hoodies for my sons. I have e-mail them on January 26, 2007 and the respond say:i will check on it! March 12, 2007 responses was:its going ona year? are you serious? you placed an order dec 29th we didnt clear payment on our end until after the holiday new year, its only MARCH (less then 2 months since you placed order) sorry they are backordered, when we get them you will get them. June 1, 2007 responses was:like i told you the order has been placed and they are on back order, not much we can do for you until the hoodies arrive. They were very ruled about it after they recieved the money. Now, it is 2008 and I can not get a response or nothing from them on this order that suppose to be a back order and it has been a year and month never hear of a back order taking that long. So, Please if you can help me with this problem my young sons will appreciate it because I am a single parent and ws try to reward my sons for there good grade, a $100.00 dollar is hard to come back . Thank you for your time Jennett greenwood, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Glenolden, Georgia
9, Report #1229940
May 18 2015
11:52 AM
10, Report #419331
Feb 02 2009
06:14 PM
American Greetings unnecessarily difficult to cancel membership Cleveland Ohio
This company makes it unnecessarily difficult to cancel your membership! I signed up for an e-card membership with them maybe about 4 years ago, sent a couple e-cards, and forgot about it, then set up a membership with another e-card company. I realized a year ago my credit card was still getting billed and looked into canceling the service. I thought I canceled it, but then I got an e-mail recently advising that my subscription is about to autorenew, and I would need to cancel if I don't want my card to be charged $15.99. So then I tried calling them a few days ago and made it through the automated system prompts and got on hold, then got disconnected. Today, I called again, and got disconnected after about a minute on hold. I called back and waited over 20 min. to speak with a customer service person. I told her I wanted to cancel, and she said she was turning off the autorenewal. Yipee! But why did it have to be so hard? The only way to cancel is by calling them during their customer service hours, which are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Cleveland time, getting through their automated system and waiting on hold for a while. They could allow you to cancel via their website as so many other companies do, but they purposely make it difficult for you to cancel. As another person on here noted, it's all a tactic for them to make more money! Kelly Barstow, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
11, Report #659746
Nov 08 2010
06:57 PM
yahoo american greetings Cannot cancel membership via web. web, Ohio
Attempting to cancel membership via web per instructions on their help site.  When you log in via yahoo it shows that you are logged in, but does not give you access to your membership pages.  When you go to help and select I want to cancel, the link does not work. I read here on Rip-off Report, where someone else repeatidly tried to cancel membership via phone and had a very difficult time. I have sent emails and did a screen shot showing that I was logged in, but there are no tools menu to select. Others need to be aware of this company and steer clear. 
Entity: , Ohio
12, Report #711895
Mar 30 2011
10:46 AM
American Greetings AG, Blue Mountain, Webshots SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, LIARS! Cleveland, Ohio
I joined American Greetings around December 23, 2010. After a week I decided that it really didn't have what I wanted and so I cancelled my monthly subscription with them. Fast forward to March 24, 2011. I received my credit card bill and found out that American Greetings has been billing me all along! I went to their website and tried to find out how to cancel my subscription. Good luck. The cancellation information is buried so deeply that finding the link to stop your subscription is close to impossible. The website is set up in such a way that you can only click on a link, you can't email the company or ask any questions. Then I tried to call them. I've have never in my life had such a difficult or a more frustrating time using the phone. American Greetings has an automated telephone system, one that just gives you options that you must repeat into the phone and then hopefully the system does what you ask. No such luck. It never recognized my voice, no matter how many times I repeated myself! Finally about the 6th or 7th time, I did get an operator but frankly I was better off with the automated system. All I got from this person were canned responses, no we will not refund your money for those 4 months, no you never cancelled your subscription before today (I did), no I can only issue you a refund for March. Fine issue the March refund. Today is March 30th and not only did they NOT issue a refund for March but they charged me for an additional month! I tried calling them agains today and no luck with the automated phone system. So people, notify your states Attorney Generals Office through your states Department of Justice and issue a complaint. Then go to the Better Business Bureau and issue a complaint with them. Finally dispute all charges with your credit card company. I have notified my bank that these were unauthorized charges to my credit card and will not be paying them.We'll see what happens next? Unfortunately there are many websites for consumers on the internet and ALL of them have disgruntled customers from American Greetings.NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AMERICAN GREETINGS!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
13, Report #856041
Mar 19 2012
10:11 AM
123 greetings 123greetings. inc counterfeit tiems New York, New York
this merchant sells counterfeit goods and advertises them as genuine.....
Entity: New York, New York
14, Report #1105213
Apr 03 2014
09:57 AM
American Greetings Being charged double and can't cancel Nationwide
I cancelled my American Greetings trial membership in September, during the trial period.  It's December now, and not only have I been charged every month since then, I'm being charged TWICE.  I could not reach them by phone, it conveniently cut me off when I'd reached no help.   They'd better be available when I call Monday morning.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1275009
Jul 20 2016
10:34 PM
American Greetings Constant spam since October 2015, plus auto-renewal coercion Internet
I have subscribed to American Greetings since 2002, but since October 2015 there have been constant emails from them saying my account is going to expire.  Since I am out of work right now, I do not want to renew.  If I had wanted to renew, I would have. American Greetings uses coercive tactics in that their spam does not have an unsubscribe link, and you must log in and leave a message in a form stating that you do not want to renew.  Requiring one to submit a form (even on the internet) that you do not want to renew is similar to the coercive tactics used by the United Way in the 1980's.  You had to sign a form stating  that you did not want to give to the United Way. American Greetings:  Get this.  I do not want to subscribe anymore, GET ME OFF THE MAILING LIST, AND DO NOT AUTO-ENROLL ME. December 18, 2015 Jan in Seattle            
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1143588
May 03 2014
04:46 PM
Doris Henriette Yembe Pereira/Aka Wallstreet Investing Group Also Panache Salons Panache, Brazil Gambase, soon to D'Antonio,Wallstreet Investing Group, WSIG, Wall Street Inevsting Group The articles shown talk for themselves Long Island New York
This animal has finally been caught and is being prosecuted as we speakhttp://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/florida-woman-1-million-scam-feds-article-1.1774274http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/04/18/67164.htm    
Entity: Long Island, New York
17, Report #507767
Oct 11 2009
05:52 PM
Blue Mountain Cards - American Greetings Interactive Free card - email ripoff, Internet
Do not respond to 'FREE email from Blue Mountain cards.  There is nothing free...  The fine print ties you into a revolving charge.  If you supply them with your credit card, they will bill you.  If you abort and do not supply credit card info, they have an arrangement with Bill Me Later.  Bill Me Later then creates an account in your name and begins sending a monthly statement.  If you ignore (because you know you ordered or agreed to no service), they continue to sedn  monthy billing statements which continue to acrue finance and late fees. Both of these companies take advantage of fine print to ripoff unsuspecting victims through their unscrupolous practices. Do not be fooled by Bill Me Later articles on the internet about their lucrative agreements with Amazon, etc.  This company is not only in bed with ripoff emails, they perpetuate the ripoff as well.  
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #431371
Mar 06 2009
08:12 AM
American Greetings Impossible to contact, aggressive billing bordering on fraud, useless automated phone system Cleveland Ohio
This company has obviously done their research. They know that most consumers will not be able to reach them while their trial membership is in effect in order to cancel it. They make it almost impossible to reach them in fact with a very frustrating automated phone system with no obvious menu item for talking to a human. I'm sure that there is one there but I couldn't find it until I tried technical support. Once you miss canceling your trial membership (and most will no doubt) they will bill you $15.99 for a full year membership which you don't want. If you're lucky enough to notice this on your credit card statement as I was - good luck getting anyone on the phone to complain! There are multiple instances of disclaimers saying that there are no refunds once this billing has taken place - it's just your tough luck. The sad thing is that I actually thought that I had cancelled this during the free trial. This company is clearly taking advantage of people with the type of billing that has been all but banned amongst cable and phone companies who used to try to do this - offering a service for free as a hook and then forcing the consumer to jump through hoops to stop this service from becoming a cyclical automated billing nightmare. DEFINITELY AVOID THIS COMPANY. Buy real cards! D. p. New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
19, Report #435900
Mar 20 2009
08:57 AM
Blue Mountain Cards - American Greetings Interactive No way to contact representative with problems or questions about cancellation Cleveland Ohio
This is a frustrating website. I signed up for a trial and found the cards and selection less than satisfactory. I cancelled my membership but apparently there was a second part that didn't get cancelled. When I tried repeatedly to contact a customer service there was no way to speak to anyone. Finally I researched the parent company American Greetings and got their customer service number. I asked them to check the phone service of Blue Mountain which she said she would. I would urge folks not to sign up for the service unless they are very clear about the agreement and know how to cancel. Otherwise the taped message says you will be charged without recourse. Janet Media, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
20, Report #823390
Jan 16 2012
09:14 AM
American Greetings Does not allow web cancellation of free trial accounts which require users to enter credit card information Cleveland, Internet
Once you have entered your credit card information to American Greetings, and try to cancel during the trial period, their web help portal indicates this cannot be done over the web. For a web-based service, this is clearly throwing up an obstacle that many people won't pass. It is impossible to determine this questionable business practice before signing up, since NO information about how to cancel a subscription is provided prior to entering your credit card information and signing up. Here's the help on how to cancel: http://www.americangreetings.com/help/onlinecancel.pd?Category=Membership%20Info&SubCCat=Paid%20Membership&QuestionID=2914My membership wasn't cancelled as should have been following a phone call to American Greetings. On the phone, there were also limited business hours and extended hold times. When I made an email communication regarding why the membership wasn't cancelled, American Greetings sent this back:Thank you for contacting AmericanGreetings.com Customer Support.Members are required to cancel trial memberships during the trial period. Since we did not receive any communications from you before the trial period was over, your account was billed only [$19.99] on 01/13/2012 for a full year of continued membership. Consequently, your membership is no longer refundable per the Terms of Sale you were given when you signed up.If one considers what must be thousands of people who try, but can't cancel trial subscriptions--this simply seems dishonest and designed to not really make it free trial.
Entity: Cleveland, Internet
21, Report #527000
Nov 21 2009
05:23 PM
Blue Mountain - American Greetings AG Interactive No way to cancel! In Bed with Bill Me Later! Possible Contact 1-800-711-4474 Brooklyn, Ohio
April 6th 2009-Signed up with Blue Mountain eCards for free trial.April 12th 2009-I went to the site to send an ecard. I was able to sign in but unable to send any ecards. After 45 mins of frustration I canceled my trial via email. Two weeks later I received a billing statement from BillMeLater. It had two charges on it. One dated the day after I signed up (April 6th) in the amount of $2.99 and one on April 29th again in the amount of $2.99. I did not feel that this billing was correct and contacted BillMeLater. The representitive from BillMeLater explained to me that in order to have the free trial canceled I have to CALL BlueMountain.com for security reasons even though their site states the following: We use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is the industry standard for secure commerce transactions. SSL encrypts all of your personal information, including your name, address, and credit-card number, so that the information cannot be read. We assure you that all of your transactions with BlueMountain.com involving credit cards and personal information are secure. I found the above info while I was searching for the cancelation number which I never found. All I found was a statement that said if you do not cancel in the alotted time there is no refund. After several days of no luck I called BillMeLater to see if they could help. They gave me the following number 888-254-1450. I called the number several times, entered the needed info and was hung up on. During this process I noticed something very strange. Whatever info I gave the system it always came back wrong.Example: Given 212-555-4567, the system came back with 723-437-9903. Not even close. After some time I received another statement from BillMeLater. It has another charge for $2.99 + $2.00 min finance charge plus $19.00 late fee. I call BillMeLater again. They took the charges of but not the original charges. I again tried to call Bluemountain.com with no results. Two month have now passed and I had to have the fees taken off my statement again. But I did learn something. The BillMeLater representitive to me a secret on how to get past the BlueMountain phone system: 1. Hit the number to cancel membership.2. say your phone #. When asked if it is correct say yes even thogh it will always be wrong.3.Repeat for all info. The system will say, info not found. Please wait for a representitive.4. Your in! By this time several months have passed and the standard answer from BlueMuntain is,You did not cancel in the given time and all membership fees are non-refundable. It dosen't take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here. To add insult to injury BillMeLater has paid BlueMountain so BlueMountain could not care less and they are now out of the loop. BillMeLater is just a bill collector hiding under the pretense of a credit card company who will ruin your credit and life by terrorizing you. As of now I have made the decision not to pay and welcome may day in court. I am also in the prosess of boycotting all companies involved with BillMeLater and am going to post them on my new website in a very short time. You will know and so will BlueMountain & BillMeLater.
Entity: Brooklyn, Ohio
22, Report #238956
Mar 15 2007
06:46 AM
BlueMountain - American Greetings online greeting card company with impossible to contact directly customer service when there are issues. ripoff Cleveland Ohio
I began to have issues with my Blue Mountain online greeting card account last year. The site would no longer allow me to log in and send cards saying that my browser was not set to allow cookies. I worked through all of the goven instructions to rectify this with no luck whatsoever. I tried to contact Blue Mountain via the only presenting way they offer which is email only to be run around for about a month with form reply emails only. I gave up, asked them to cancel my subscription, and just wrote them off until this AM when I received an email from them saying that they were auto-renewing the subscription and charging the credit card I originally used to subscribe. Contained within this post was a phone number which I called and spoke with an individual who basically was not able to hear what I had to say about their poor customer service, lack of providing any meaningful way to contact them, and refused when I raised the issue to process a credit for the time I have been unable to use my account saying that if I had followed some very obscurly placed linked information that I would have been able to contact technical support and get the issue resolved. In the end, all I was able to accomplish was to finally cancel the auto-renew on the membership, I hope, so that I will no longer be billed to extend the subscription I can't use anyway. Mike Douglas, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
23, Report #1009669
Feb 06 2013
06:41 AM
American Greetings They got address from card I was SENT & charged $2.99 per month for 7 months on credit card! Internet
While gathering info for taxes I found a charge for $2.99 and did not know what it was....searched internet and found company...remembered getting an ecard from a friend....this needs to be stopped but since it was for 7 months it is hard to justify time to deal with it?
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1327827
Sep 13 2016
06:26 AM
Nick Guarino Wall Street Underground Lightsoutusa.comClickbank SecureEMP Survival Guide EMP Survival Guide Wallstreet Survival Guide Nick Guarino Internet
Nick Guarino is at it again with spam emails that route you to Lightsoutusa.com and a host of other sites around the world in many differnet languages. He claims that the president is plotting to let Russia detonate an EMP device over America and create Marshall Law to stay in power along with Hillary Clinton. Of course he wants you to send money right away to get his latest EMP survival guide! I guess when wallsteet didn't work out, he sharpend his pencil and decided to come up with this plot! This guy needs to be put in prison! You would think that someone would have sued him to hell and back but he keeps on going! So I figured I would tell you all incase some smart ones decided to look into this clown and his get rich quick scheme that will make him rich and you with a book saying to put your electronic devices in a faraday cage and how to make one out of chicken wire and duct tape! You have been warned!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #299704
Sep 23 2008
07:45 PM
Rich Hentosh (black Wallstreet) I purhase two hoodies for my sons in 2007 for christmas and have not received them yet Glenolden, Pennsylvania
This company or person rip off my sons for $98.98 dollars and cents. I pay this price beause they had did good in school and I promise them a reward, so I pay for it nd never recieved it yet. this order was place on December 16, 2007 and mail to them on December 17, 2007 and the check was cleared through my bank on December 28, 2007. they say that the order wil be mail when the payment is recieved and I have yet to recieved this order for my sons for christmas and now this is the second christmas without the hoodies that I order for them. I have also mail this company or person a certify letter twice and still have not recieved this or or a full refund. Please help my sons with this issue which they riff off young mens that striving hard in life. Thank you jennett greenwood, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Glenolden,, Pennsylvania

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