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1, Report #469442
Jul 14 2009
06:46 AM
Walmart walmart money card Fulton Kentucky
Ok i went to walmart and bought a walmart money card because i didnt want to use my bank card on line to buy some stuff off ebay well i first put the excate money on the card went home and tried to but my item well they took a dollar off the card for activate the card and i done spent 3 dollars just for the card so that made me short a dollar. So there for i went back to walmart took the money off the card and bought another one and purcased my item and went to spend the rest of the money at the gas pump and it declined the card so i called them and they said that they closed my accont for some reason and sent me a check in the mail..... Levi South Fulton, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Fulton, Kentucky
2, Report #1245440
Jul 31 2015
07:52 AM
Walmart Ripped off by Walmart AGAIN! Golden Colorado
Once again I was ripped off ($40.00)by an incompedent employee at Walmart who couldnt seem to put ALL of my bags from his carousel into my cart.   I returned to Walmart without my receipt(In the missing bag) and politely asked the Gentleman  who was my cashier if he still had the items that I didnt recieve.  He said Well what did you leave behind? What????  He then started looking through the large log book of items  left behind (as he calls it) there were 2 pages of listwed items just for that day.  REALLY??? How many people get ripped off everyday nationwide for items that the cashier/bagger fails to put into your cart?? The real kicker was they (Customer Service) wouldnt replace or credit the items I didnt recieve because I didnt have a reciept (in the missing bag).  I paid with a Walmart CC is it really that hard to find my purchase from 36 hours ago in thier system?  I usally put my own bags in my cart and turn that carousel myself to make sure I'm not a Walmart carousel victim.  But, when the Cashier literally puts the bags in my cart and says here you go your set I didnt question it.  In hind sight it's my fault because I trusted a Walmart employee! 
Entity: Golden, Colorado
3, Report #1355850
Feb 13 2017
05:42 PM
I ordered a replacement cell phone battery on because they had the best price and I thought they were a reputable company.  The email confirmation for my order from Walmart read in part, Thanks for shopping with us. I received the battery today.  It does not work and is apparently dead. I contacted's customer service department and was told that I had actually purchased the battery from a company called eForCity and that I needed to contact them! Walmart is now contending that I was shopping with this company, eForCity, not with Walmart.  If that is true then Walmart is admitting that their statement, Thanks for shopping with us, is A BALD FACED LIE!!!  Walmart is incredibly deceptive.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1314190
Jun 29 2016
11:49 AM
Walmart - Walmart Walmart keeping people unemployed Atlanta, GA Nationwide
 This is a joke. Walmart keeps 2 people on checkout lanes one at tobacco lane and one for express checkout lane. Walmart keeps the self checkout lanes always open because it's harder for people to buy in bulk and want people to do their own checkout. They have 15 lanes at this Walmart location in Atlanta, GA AND only 2 checkout people. I'm literally writing this as I wait in line. I fee sorry for those who are employed at Walmart because they are way over worked and ALWAYS understaffed. This is what America has come to and what a shame.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1328064
Sep 14 2016
08:13 AM
Walmart Walmart Care Plan Walmart Care Plan a scam Texarkana Nationwide
 Purchased a GALANZ mini fridge and the extended Walmart Care Plan Coverage in January of 2016. In May I called to file a claim as my refrigerator stopped working. I was told I'd have to contact Galanz directly, which I did. Apparently, this company is based out of China. I explained the situation and said I'd like it repaired or my money refunded. They explained they do not repair or replace as it's too costly. They would only be able to refund the purchase price, not including tax or the cost of the Walmart Care Plan I purchased. But, in order to do so I had to take the stickers off the fridge that have the serial and model # on them and mail those with a copy of my receipt and personal info to Indiana. After receiving the documents they would then mail a check within 8-10 weeks. I waited almost 3 months and contacted them again. They informed me they didn't receive one of the stickers off the fridge that they needed and could not process my claim without it. I explained that I sent both stickers that they requested and there were no other stickers to be found on the fridge. The Rep then said to check the fridge again. When I told her we had disposed of it because it didn't work, she said there was nothing more she could do. I proceeded to express my disgust with this whole scam they and Walmart have going and hung up. Walmart completely washed their hands and blamed it all on Galanz. But, I purchased the product and warranty from Walmart and think they should be responsible for living up to their commitment.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #858415
Mar 23 2012
01:24 PM
Walmart Money Card Walmart Held direct deposit hostage! walmart, California
Lesson learned: Do not allow anyone to direct deposit tax refund on your debit card.  I allowed my son to direct deposit his tax refund onto my debit card because he did not have one.  Big mistake.  Walmart money card froze my debit card with all monies on there.  I can understand somewhat since it was a different name.  The problem starts when they tell you to fax documents to verify this was authorized.  2-24-12 faxed to the number given copies of his ID, my ID and a signed statement from him stating it was his intent to have this deposited.  2-27-12 no record of fax.  They gave me another number to refax it to.  I refaxed and did it to both numbers.  Called back a few days later.  Still no record of any faxes.  So I fax again, to both numbers.  I immediately called them.  Yes, they found fax and are forwarding it to compliance dept.  I called back a few days later to see if any resolution had been made.  Oh, the fax was too dark they couldn't see my sons name (they couldn't call me days ago to tell me that??!!!)  So, again I refax it.  They say this one looks better but oh, by the way, you probably should have it notorized.  Ugh!  Why did they not say that in the beginning!!  Get it notorized, refax, again to both numbers.  Looks dark.  What??!!  Seriously!!  So I go to town yet again, lighten the copies and resend to both numbers.  Then I call immediately.  They can locate one and yes, it is dark but looks readable.  They can see on both ID's our addresses are even the same!  Ok, they still tell me it's going to be 10 more days.  It is now 03-23-12 and I still have not gotten a call back from them.  Everyday I call and they say they are sending an email to their compliance dept to let them know I called but that there is no way they can transfer me to them because they do not have a direct line to them.  Even with all the faxes I have sent they can still choose to deny that this is valid.  They have ID's from both of us, a signed and notorized statement from my son stating he intended and gave permission for this to be deposited into my account and yet they can still choose to deny this.  They are holding my money that was on my card and his money that is needed to pay bills with and it's been a month while only suppose to have taken 10 days.  I have had this same debit card for years and they think now I would choose to commit fraud???  Give me a break.  The absolute most frustrating thing is there is absolutely no way to contact the department I need to talk with.  I can only wait for them to call me and they are dragging their feet doing this.  I don't know what else I can do at this point but it certainly is bad business practices on their part treating customers like this.  They have no regard to what kind of bind they have put us in.  I could understand if I had not done what they asked in a timely manner, but I have done everything they asked immediately after getting off the phone to them.  I will most likely see if I can at least file a BBB complaint.  Other than that I don't know what else can be done.
Entity: walmart, California
7, Report #937532
Sep 06 2012
12:27 PM
Walmart Meat Walmart meat, recall, walmart meat sucks, walmart meat complaints , Internet
I am so outraged by Walmart's meat quality that I feel inclined to submit this report. On 3 separate ocassions both my wife and I have become deathly ill from Walmart's BAD MEAT. We live in Toronto, Canada but i have come to discover this is happening all over north america. This first incident occured after we bought their ribs and it had a funny smell. Not too alarmed we consumed them anyways and both spent the night vomiting our guts out. Thinking it was an isolated incident we continued to buy our meat from Walmart simply because that's where we do our grocery shopping. However over the past 2 years again on 2 separate occasions we have received food poisoning. Once from their ground beef and once from their chicken. That's enough to set off a red flag for us. After the last time we got really sick I went online only to discover that we weren't alone. Walmart has made thousands if not tens of thousands of people sick from their tainted meat. (and that's just from those who have reported it online remember it took us 3 times for me to write this report) Just go online and see for yourself. Search walmart meat in google and you will see thousands of complaints from people who have gotten violently ill from eating meat purchased from Walmart. It is no secret that Walmart sells cheap meat but to the detriment of their customers well being is unacceptable.  Mark my words if you buy your meat from Walmart like we did at some point it will make you very ill. It's just a principal of averages and a matter of time. From now on we buy our meat elsewhere. No use complaining to the company...they don't care about you or that you spent the entire night throwing up. They only care about their bottom line. So despite the tons of complaints that they must get they just keep on selling their bad meat without implementing any real change on how they do things because that would just end up costing them money.  If you have had a similiar experience with walmart meat please post your story here.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #459982
Jun 09 2009
09:17 AM
Walmart Walmart Visa rip off Findlay Ohio
Went to walmart to put $250 on a prepaid debit card.Loaded the money onto my prepaid card they sent to me in the mail.Went home to pay some bills online well that didn't work come to find out the prepaid card had expired.Even though I didn't have a problem loading it onto the card with a expired date.No funds is what the ATM printed. So I called the 1-877 number and they told me that they could refund my money within 7-14 business days, what the %&#* why do I have to wait, I just hung up on the person. So I went back to the same walmart I just went to even the same lady that put the money on the card was their. The ast. manager told me they could not refund my money because they didn't do that.I asked if they could put it onto another card they said no they don't do that.What fix your mistake.The cashier even said that if someone tries to use a outdated credit card it comes up with a error message.Why not for a prepaid card? NO answer to that question.Walmart did eveerything not to give my money back. So I called the 1-877 number again and if I wanted it fast I had to pay $20 for Fedex. Did that and still waiting for my money. Bigpapa fostoria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Findlay, Ohio
9, Report #434105
Mar 14 2009
06:06 AM
Walmart Store Findlay Walmart Debit Card Ripoff Findlay Ohio
Do not buy or get a Debit Card thru Walmart. The debit cards are a product of the Green Dot company which is one of the major suppliers of prepaid Debit Cards for stores, etc. When you get one of the debit cards thru Walmart they do not tell you any terms, etc. that you must meet in order to get your prepaid card that you already paid them for. Once you pay for a prepaid Debit Card at Walmart you must go online or call a number to activate the card. Warning, Not everyone is approved, they do not tell you this when you purchase the card that not everyone gets approved. Then the Green Dot company sends you a refund, they say within 7 to 10 days but I am still waiting on mine and its been a little over a week now. You would be better off to go online and get a Wiredplastic card available on their website for Wiredplastic. And they send you a card and you can put money on it at any Western Union place and a lot of the check advance and cashing places also. Or you can also get a Debit card thru Western Union by going online and applying and then they send you the card and you can put money on the card at any Western Union location. I already have both of those cards but thought it would be nice to have one from Walmart also as they can put your paycheck funds on it. But I would not recommend anyone getting a prepaid card thru Walmart due to not everyone getting approved for it. Does not make anysense at all, a prepaid card is just that, a prepaid card. Everyone should be approved for it as it has nothing at all to do with your credit, etc. The Green Dot company is a big joke, do yourself a favor and check the back of any prepaid card for the Green Dot logo before you buy a card and do not buy any from the Green Dot company. Borninohio findlay, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Findlay, Ohio
10, Report #541659
Dec 18 2009
08:04 AM
Walmart via phone, free Walmart gift card Bengonville, Arkansas
Received  a phone call last night from a so-called walmart representataive informing me of a free gift as a valued customer at walmart. Included in the gift $200.00 gift card and $200.00 gas card. They needed my credit card number that is used in the store to verify that I am the owner to received this gift, which I did. I had a feeling that this was not right as soon as I finished letting them have my card number. I immediately called my card company and ask to place a block on the card. I was lucky they did not have the chance to use it.  Please let everyone know of this scam that is out there this holiday season.  I was lucky, someone may not be.  Thanks        
Entity: Bengonville, Arkansas
11, Report #818213
Jan 05 2012
05:53 AM
walmart Walmart money vard thieving lying bastards Internet
First off don't ever get a Walmart card...Example 1- (Fraud) they don't care banks don't even take 2 weeks to give you back you money. The first time it happened OK no biggie 62.07 I can just call and it will be straightened out...eeeeegggghhh wrong you have to speak to half of India in order to make someone understand. They reversed it and not to mention they took it upon themselves to put a block on the card wthour even telling me.Example 2(fraud) not 2 months later another charge showed up on my card causing all of my money to be gone. 204.98 apparently I made it from Arizona to Pennsylvania in a matter of 1.3 hours they assured me that the funds would be returned along with a new card, all I gotta do is wait (2weeks) for it GREAT). OK THE NEW CARD comes in BAM a whopping 48. I was furious I contacted them and they flatout called me a liar. And I will no longer be able to carry any of there services...Example 3 (discriminatory, negligence, unhonest)My wife purchased a card early in the morning added the rest of her funds to it, as she Came home she had me call to activate the card. Come to find out it was a faulty card and was canceled immediately. Before even activating it the said thank you have a nice day ..... Aw hell no, now I can't get ahold of anyone in India to get my money back. I called Walmart to return the card it was a constant argument all day. The store manager claimed he could input 16 random numbers press pound 3 times and speak to someone, I told him that was a crock the only way he talked to someone is because his management position and he had a number that he was not giving it up. He laughed and said yea OK good luck proving that
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #818104
Jan 04 2012
07:17 PM
walmart Walmart money card thieving lying bastards Internet
First off don't ever get a Walmart card...Example 1- (Fraud) they don't care banks don't even take 2 weeks to give you back you money. The first time it happened OK no biggie 62.07 I can just call and it will be straightened out...eeeeegggghhh wrong you have to speak to half of India in order to make someone understand. They reversed it and not to mention they took it upon themselves to put a block on the card wthour even telling me.Example 2(fraud) not 2 months later another charge showed up on my card causing all of my money to be gone. 204.98 apparently I made it from Arizona to Pennsylvania in a matter of 1.3 hours they assured me that the funds would be returned along with a new card, all I gotta do is wait (2weeks) for it GREAT). OK THE NEW CARD comes in BAM a whopping 48. I was furious I contacted them and they flatout called me a liar. And I will no longer be able to carry any of there services...Example 3 (discriminatory, negligence, unhonest)My wife purchased a card early in the morning added the rest of her funds to it, as she Came home she had me call to activate the card. Come to find out it was a faulty card and was canceled immediately. Before even activating it the said thank you have a nice day ..... Aw hell no, now I can't get ahold of anyone in India to get my money back. I called Walmart to return the card it was a constant argument all day. The store manager claimed he could input 16 random numbers press pound 3 times and speak to someone, I told him that was a crock the only way he talked to someone is because his management position and he had a number that he was not giving it up. He laughed and said yea OK good luck proving that
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #813981
Dec 26 2011
02:05 PM
Walmart Walmart false advertising and misleading emails Internet, Internet
Walmart Guarantees shipment by Christmas BUT I was told BY A SUPERVISOR at that Walmart guarantees shipment by Christmas TO FEDEX NOT TO CUSTOMER...think they should put that on their website? This is fraud! Not only this but they also send out emails saying my item has shipped when in fact it has not...I have proof , dated emails, etc...they will be hearing from my lawyer! I still have not received my in stock item and I ordered it Dec 9 with a guaranteed shipment of the 17-22nd.....apparently (per supervisor) my shipping date changes once it goes from warehouse to FedEx and is NOT told to the customer for it is then FedEx problem.  My daughter got to open a piece of paper with a picture of her gift printed on it for Christmas thanks to Walmart and its illegal and very uncaring  greedy ways! I would have settled for a email simply stating I wouldn't get by Christmas and options to cancel...instead I got your item has shipped your item is on its way and will be there 17-22 THIS WAS ALL A LIE! I could have gotten her something else for I ordered on the 9th  of Dec.  I would like to be contacted by someone with answers...not just someone with sympathy because they have children at home too.        
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #714747
Apr 06 2011
04:40 PM
WALMART Owosso Mi branch Walmart rips off good customers. Owossoi, Michigan
Last  month I spent 85.00 at walmart. When I got home I could not find one item. It was not in the bag, car or house. I need this O.T.C. med for the next morning, so my husband drove 30 mi back to notify walmart. He called and they said bring your receipt with you.Upon arrival at  the service desk a manager talked with him and then told him to wait- 25 minutes later- she told him- the security cameras showed the item was placed in the bag. My husband did not review the tape. Even if this camera above the check-out revealed the employee putting this small box in a bag, that does not mean it made it into my cart. I believe what may have happened is it may have been left on the revolving rack and the next customer went home with it.My husband is in homeland security, I am a retired police officer and I would not have made this story up and he would not have drove 30 miles back to walmart for a pkg of prilosec- off brand that costs about 19.99My husband then purchased another box of the medication so I would have it the next day- I spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars at walmart and will never walk in there again- the manager should have used some discretions and common sense and refunded the money and kept a good customer.
Entity: Owosso Mi, Michigan
15, Report #920491
Jul 31 2012
05:08 PM
Walmart Walmart Automotive Unethical and Costly Winona, Internet
I took my vehicle to Walmart for a routine oil change. Went back to pick it up an hour later, paid for the service and was advised to have a nice day and away I went.  About 2 weeks later my oil light began to flicker (which had never ever happened before) and everytime I would turn right the oil light would come on and the engine alert would sound. Obviously concerned I went to the gas station and checked the oil, it was completely dry! Realizing that there's no way this should be the case I added oil to see what was going on, sure enough every drop ran right back onto the ground, again, none of this had ever happened and Walmart was the last one to touch my vehicle! I took my vehicle back to Walmart to find out what had happened and they advised the problem was beyond what they could fix, and that when I brought my vehicle in just 2 weeks before I had apparently already had an oil leak that I was never informed about. Needless to say after a nice long discussion with the manager (who by the way agreed that I should have been verbally advised of a problem), I advised I would be taking my vehicle in for repair and bringing them back the bill. The manager (Andy) advised that if it was their fault they would do the right thing and pay for the damage. Long story short I ended up needing to have an entire rear panel and valve replacement done to the tune of $650. When I brought the bill back to Walmart they advised the amount was more than what they can give and that I would need to take it to corporate. Well, big surprise, I took it to corporate and the Insurance people for Walmart advised that I should have read the purchase order and they didn't have to verbally tell me anything. (Mind you the oil leak was written in fine print, waaaayyy at the bottom in abbreviations!)  I told them that is a completely unethical thing to do, if someone brings in their vehicle specifically for an oil change, and there is an oil leak, the customer should be informed! They basically told me it's too bad for me and I am going to have to swallow the bill.  I am very disappointed that  a company would actually treat their customers this way. I visited Walmart at least 4 times a month and spend on average about $500 there and this is my thanks?  I will never and I mean never take my vehicle back there. I can only count my lucky stars that nothing serious happened while I was driving, I am 9 months pregnant and this vehicle is my only mode of transportation. Shame on you Walmart!!!!
Entity: Winona, Internet
16, Report #294098
Dec 23 2007
07:53 PM
WALMART Walmart didn't honor Black Friday Special Internet
On Black Friday I ordered a GPS that was on sale at $40.00 discount from their everyday price. Upon entering my credit card information I was requested to sign up with Verified by Visa (a service Walmart subscribes to). I signed up and the item posted to my Verified by Visa account. About 5 days later I received an email from Walmart that my order had been canceled because my credit card was not Verified by Visa. I contacted the Bank and they told me that the Verified by Visa did go through, that the problem was on Walmarts end, not on my card. I reordered a GPS several days later at their regular price and it also was canceled by Walmart for not being Verified by Visa, but also showed up on my account as a pending purchase. On December 5th I ordered a toy for my grandson from using the same credit card and I received a pop up screen for the first time asking for my Verified by Visa password. The order went through without any cancellations and I have picked up the item. I contacted probably 15 times. I explained to them, even did a cut and paste from my Verified by Visa account, that they had a technical issue in their IT department and would they please reinstate my order for the GPS. I received a considerable number of responses from but there was no continuity in dealing with the same customer service representative. I received emails telling me how to retrieve my Walmart password instead of addressing the situation of my canceled order or stating that they could not reinstate my order but inviting me to reorder at the regular price. I requested my email be forwarded to a senior customer service supervisor and to telephone me. It never happened. Walmart does have an order acceptance policy, they reserve the right to cancel orders for any and all reasons. Even if it's their problem. Great customer service, huh? In short, I was gyped out of a Black Friday special because Walmart's Internet Technology department apparently had problems communicating with Verified by Visa and the could care less in correcting or making things right with a customer. John Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1023724
Mar 05 2013
08:59 AM
Walmart Walmart is unorganized, out of control and chaotic Internet
Walmart, 10411 N Freeway 45, Houston, Tx. 77037 The lines to pay for your items are consistently long in the Evenings and weekends. I have gone to other Walmart stores in Houston and their lines are not long. This indicates deliberate understaffing and it seems you don't care about that neighborhood. This store has insufficient quality control by upper management. Please become a mystery shopper in the evening (9:00 pm) and you will discover how unorganized, out of control and chaotic your store has become.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1196913
Dec 21 2014
11:37 AM
Walmart Plum Struck Walmart does not always price match Internet uses Plum Struck to fulfill certain internet orders.  I purchased the Body Flex Body Rider Fan Indoor Cycling Bike at on 12-16-14 for $129.98 plus .99 shipping equalling $130.97.  Within one day I found the identical item on for $89.99 with free shipping. advertises a price match within 7 days.  I made my claim with Plum Struck on 12-17-14.  They refuse to price match.  
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1052556
May 21 2013
06:42 AM
Walmart Account Hacked! Walmart won't take responsibility! Internet
     ON May 17, my account was hacked, and Walmart won't take responsibility for it.  I received an email from on May 17 thanking me for an order that I never made. There were 2 charges for something that could be emailed online ($80), and one charge for a small cable ($4.40) to be shipped.  I received a second email right after that, telling me my account information had been changed, and to call immediately if I had not changed them      I did not make these charges or make these changes to my account.  These were fraudulent charges that I was not aware of, and contacted Walmart immediately. They reversed the charges for the small item to be shipped, and told me everything was cancelled, but could not cancel the $80 portion of the order that was my email. They did NOT tell me this, and as a result the charges showed up on my debit account.  WHen I called them to see what had happened, since I had been asured the order was cancelled, they told me to take it up with my bank.      Based on internet research I was one of MANY people who had their accounts hacked that day.  Walmart's website was obviously insecure since so many were affected. We trusted this company with our personal information, but they left it unsafe, for someone else to find.  Now, instead of apologizing for the lack of security  in the of their website and refunding us, we, the victims, are told to Take it up with your bank. I find it COMPLETELY unacceptable that Walmart is not taking responsibility for their actions.  The website was not secure, they left their customers open to fraud, and they won't do a thing about it.  This company is a disgrace.    
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1070246
Jul 26 2013
06:02 AM
walmart warranty logistics walmart refused to honer warranty. lafayette Georgia
 walmart refused  to honer warranty on my tv saying the lcd panel is damaged. we had a  power surge of couse the lcd panel is damaged walmart little warranty booklet says it covers power surge's normal wear and tear mechanical and electrical failure and more.need help might sue.  
Entity: lafayette, Georgia
21, Report #1076421
Aug 16 2013
11:41 AM
WALMART walmart screw customers WHAT????????????????????? bentonville Arkansas
WARNING;  something is going on at Walmart.  I think they are going out of business.  So don't buy any big ticket items from them.  Can't get ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE. I oredered a media streaming player from them, I have been waiting for four days for walmart to process my order.  they have a hold on my card. I called at least 4 times, emailed at least 5 times to no avail. On my online account it says I will get item on the 26th of august.  But when you go online to this item it says, 'if you order today you will receive item by 20th of august.   Also, walmart returns broken or incomplete items to their shelves.  I purchased a t-moble broadband jet 2.0 stick from them and it had no sim card in it. Buy the way this t-mobile stick sucks , I returned it myself the other day. I have gotten may broken or incomplete items lately. I am ending my relationship with walmart, including the $100 dollars per week plus that I spend on groceries at their store. I more people would dump walmart, they might do something to correct their problems.  
Entity: bentonville, Arkansas
22, Report #1369176
Apr 22 2017
08:21 PM
Walmart Walmart 2yr Repl Plan Worthless Stafford Texas
Purchased RCA Maven Pro December 2015. In November 2016 the screen display began flickering erratically and would not hold a charge. In simple English, this 2yr Rpl Plan is a worthless plan for electronic purchases. Neither RCA or Walmart honors their warranty. Walmart calls it an existing condition because after you call 877-968-6391 first, like they tell you at purchase, they will send you to the manufacturer first if within the manufacturers warranty this case 1st year. Manufacturer, in this case RCA gives you the email run around for months, does nothing. So if the manufacturer does nothing, then Walmart says its plan still does not cover existing condition. Why have you paid for this extra plan? So Walmart can have another revenue scheme to pad their pockets. Lets STOP buying bogus Walmart Warranty Plans Today.
Entity: Stafford, Texas
23, Report #1368881
Apr 21 2017
08:49 AM
Walmart Victim of Walmart care plan by Asurion Nationwide
I purchased a Laptop from Walmart on line. Had problems with the computer, called Walmart and was told that I had the computer more than 90 days. They refused to allow me to return the product.  I had forgotten that I purchased a Warrenty from Asurion sold only by Walmart. I was cleaning my files and came across the paper work. I called Walmart on line and they gave me the number of Asurion. They confirmed I had a warrenty plan covered by Asurion. They mailed a box to return the laptop. It was very slow and would not connect to the Internet.  They claimed that they repaired the problem. When I received the laptop it still would not connect to the internet. Thinking perhaps it was a cable problem or connection. I paid $60.00 to Comcast for the tech to come to my home and connect the computer to the system. The tech was unable to make a connection. I called Asurion and they requested I ship the computer back to them. I did and I received the computer back for the 2nd time and they claim, the computer had no issues. It still was unable to make a connection to the internet. I called Asurion and spoke with a very rude supervisor Natalie and she requested I mail back again. The people at UPS claims Walmart is famous for shipping products back and forth until the warrenty is exhausted. I will never again purchase a large item from Walmart or Sam's Club. We have 410 homes in my development and I am posting this on our website and I have told at least 20 people. Some of the people I spoke with tell me that Walmart / Asurion has never paid a claim.   Patricia, Vero Beach, Florida 
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1396305
Aug 28 2017
06:29 PM
Walmart Walmart Gift Card Fraud Bullhead City Arizona
I bought a visa gift card at Walmart near my home.  I was going to be laid up from surgery and I wanted to be able to do some online shopping.  Within the hour, someone 200 miles away, used the same gift card number at another Walmart.  I called the helpline and was told they would send me a new card, gave me a case number and had me email my ID and a copy of the card.  Fine, I wasn't feeling great, but it didn't kill me.  I receive the new card, go to register it and find that it still has the fraud charge on it.  I have to wait 10 days, just to get an answer.  I would think for fraud that is clearly internal, would be taken care of more quickly.  By the time I can use my care, if they decide, I hadn't used a transporter to go 4 hours away in an hour, to return my money, I will be up and around.  Thanks for the headache Walmart.  
Entity: Bullhead City, Arizona
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Jan 27 2004
01:34 PM
Walmart Connect ripoff Jacksonville Florida
On Dec. 4th, 2003, I called Customer Service at Walmart to cancel my internet service. I received an individual who was not very well versed in the English languarge and told him I wanted to cancel my IP with them when my months service was up, which would be Dec. 13. He said I wouldn't be billed again, and that they would like to give me one free month's service, in addition to the nine days I had left. I had trouble setting up my new IP, so I did it on-line through walmart connect since I was led to believe I would have it for the nine days, plus one month left. The last time I used wmconnect was on Dec. 5th, never after getting my new internet carrier. I did not get billed for December, but today I checked on my internet banking to see that they had taken one month's service out again. I called this morning to see why and they told me that since I used the service after I called and cancelled, even though they told me I was paid until the 13th of Dec., plus the free month, that voided the cancellation. Nothing I said, even to the Supervisor helped. She said that's the instructions they had to go by. I am on Social Security Disability and have a minimal check each month, and their charge caused me to have an overdraft, which will cost me $30. I told this to the Supervisor, Christine and she said she had her rules to go by and they wouldn't change it. David Bushnell, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida

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