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1, Report #914047
Jul 18 2012
04:11 PM
We Buy Ugly Houses JIG Management Lied, Theft , deceiving virginia beach, Virginia
My husband and I found this company on craigslist as a rent to own home. The guys we met seemed friendly and helpful until we moved in. Our 50 LG tv was stolen three days before christmas after the home owner sent his contractor to install some outlets covers ; as we had a growing 9 month old. We called the owner and he never contacted us until about one hour later. After we spoke to hime he said to call jerry his contractor to aske hime some questions and to tell hime that someone video taped the robbery. This was all a scam from the beginning. We later found out that the house had mold and a roof leak. After filing the police report during the investigation we were told that the number that Jerry gave us to his electrican belonged to the owner of the house. Our case was later closed ; just recently on Friday we we burgurlize again after the owner changed the locks our 37 inch tv , dell desktop with the monitor and two hard drives were stolen after the locks were changed.
Entity: virginia beach, Virginia
2, Report #264294
Jul 31 2007
01:22 AM
This company is the biggest scam in history. They rip off home sellers, investors, contractors, and everyone in their path. They have no soul. This company has managed to rip people off out of hundreds of thousands of dollars through: a) Misrepresenting property values to out of state investors b) Taking money for repairs that are never made c) Having a corrupt collusive relationship with a hard money private lender known as Tred Holdings, or Homvestors, or Investor Lending Services (based in Texas). The private lender makes loans on homes that are worthless. d) Corrupt Inspector Ed Nicols -- works for the thieves, Steve and Mecca Brown in Mobile, AL. He okays work they claim to have done even though it's never done. e) Not responding to renters who are trying to rent houses f) Constant lie after lie and lie, misrepresentations about the state of the houses. Investorsfriend San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
3, Report #721169
May 03 2012
11:18 AM
We Buy Ugly Houses Homevestors, WER Group Promises to buy your home for cash. SCAM Richmond, Virginia
Do not use them!! They advertise they will buy your home for cash ....but after they come to your home and make an offer and you except. They wait 10 days to call you back to say there boss declined to buy your house....oh but wait! we can still get this done! they claim to have a hudge network of investors and they pull out all the stops to get your house sold! So being at there mercy you agree. So they relist your home on the MLS for 40,000 more than they offer you. hoping someone will buy it. What???? I could have done that with a realtor!! and came out with more cash in my pocket paying the 6% commission.! But remember if they sell you will only get the low ball price they offered you in the begining!! and they have  40K !!And believe me it does not take 40K to pay closing fees and such has they offer!! They never intend to buy your home themselves they are nothing more than scammers who use a high profile name to take advantage of desperate people! It is false advertising when they say we will pay cash for your house!! LIE they do not buy your home they relist and get someone else to buy it at there jacked up price!! So how can they say WE pay cash.? And they will try to use the 45 day grace period for a feasability study to hold you to the contract....after they have already declined themselves to buy the house!!! What??? They say they can change their mind before the 45 days is up and decided to buy??? Ok now im confused....did they not decline??? I can see me now dealing with a realtor who is selling a home for a seller, make an offer, then decline, and tell them they have to hold the house for me for 45 days in case I change my mind!!!???? i would be laughed out of the office! They waisted my time, doing the same thing I could have done myself!! so do not give them your money! Just lower your price of your home so it will sell fast and try to keep as much of your own money in your pocket!
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
4, Report #872420
May 03 2012
10:56 AM
We Buy Ugly Houses HomeVestors Broke contract, lied, wasted 2 months of our time Midlothian, Virginia
We contacted we buyuglyhouses.com and were contacted by a representative named Don Reid. Mr. Reid came by and assessed our house and made us the cash offer of $57,000.00. We agreed and a contract was signed. We were to be payed on May 15, 2012 no matter what. After the contract was signed we did not hear from Mr. Reid. He would not return phone calls, except on rare occasion after 9:30 P.M. He would not answer any of our questions. We were then told that he would be having an investor come by to see if they wanted to buy the house (from him) to which we agreed as per our contract. Speaking of contracts, he would not give us a copy of the contract we signed with him. We left many messages about this. In the contract it stated that the only people that would be coming by were for termite checking and removal if needed. Also that no Realtors were involved. We had a surprise visit my a realtor named Justin Toney of Austin Properties inc. ( whom said that he works with Don Reid all the time) With him was a man by the name of Carl Dunn. For 3 about 3 weeks they came over daily, nit-picking every part of our house until i finally told them that we had already sold it to homevestors c/o webuyuglyhouses.com and that the repairs were not a part of the contract. We had already agreed to sell the house to homevestors for $57,000.00 and that the only people mentioned in the contract who should be over here were the termite removal people. After that 3 weeks went by with no more contact from Don Reid, the man who agreed to buy the house. The man we already signed a contract with who is contractually obligated to pay us $57,000.00 on May 15, 2012. Today we finally got a call back from Don Reid who statet yeah im sorry but im not going to be able to buy your house and I'm going to have to get out of the contract. We told him no, that we had already made our agreement and that he must pay. He was very rude. Also, his lock is still on the front door with our house key inside. This man has been doing alot of illegal things and the fact that a company like homevestors has people like this working for them basically makes them the worst business I have ever dealt with. Never use we buy ugly houses for any reason. They have wasted our time, resources, lied to us multiple times and caused our house selling situation to become a nightmare that i would not wish on my worst enemies (if i had any).  I was able to get a copy of the contract if anyone would like to see it. Especially a lawyer.
Entity: Midlothian, Virginia
5, Report #1455311
Aug 06 2018
02:49 PM
Bigger Equity - We Buy Houses Scammer Eden Sade Didnt Pay for SEO Services Preformed Fort Lauderdale florida
Eden came to our company and asked that we create him mulitpule pages for lead generation and collection of data,    We told him we would establish a project plan (something that he could give to any developer)  We also told him we would speed up his site ( for the generous amount of $250) All of which was paid. The other part of the project was $700 to create his pages and lay them out properly on the website Since this is thousands of pages we needed to use a page duplicator plugin. Because of the type of website theme it's very difficult. After we spent more than $800 in development costs to our company to get his theme working we informed Eden that we are ending the project.    Then the problem happened. Because The client's website frameworks were coded improperly we explained the issue to him and told him that we can continue the project and that it would require an additional $1000 budget, he received the invoice and agreed to pay it, but we still didn't get any payment for the project. After multiple attempts to get him to pay the invoice, we told him that we were ending the project and not to worry about the remaining $1750 balance to bring his website up to code.       Eden is requesting a refund the whole project including the planning and website speed which were completed. He agreed to pay $1700 to get the project completed but then never paid the invoice or funded any of the milestones.    Not only is my company out the over $800 in development costs were also out another $750 if we give him a refund on the work we completed.    This guy is out for himself only.  Beware of Eden Sade of Bigger Equity.    He also tried to extort me and say he was going to give me a bad review on UPWORK.com if I didn't refund him the money, I have a 100% profile feedback rating.   
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, florida
6, Report #836478
Feb 09 2012
11:03 AM
Real Estate Investor ianotti butler's we buy houses usa marketing Moon Township, Pennsylvania
I too fell victim to this couple. Please do your homework before making any investments with the Ianotti duo.
Entity: Moon Township, Pennsylvania
7, Report #271637
Nov 29 2008
04:49 PM
HomeVestors - Cash 4 Houses - We Buy Ugly Houses - Steve Brown - Mecca Brown This franchise and all of it's employees and officers are knowingly engaging in illegal Real Estate practices Mobile Alabama
A brief outline of the illegal stuff- Assigning Contracts without a real estate license. Running a property management LLC and managing property that they do not own without a real estate license. Marketing property they do not own without a real estate license. Discriminatory advertising- violating the Federal Fair Housing Act. Lying to home owners about who really is buying their house and what the actual process is. I agree completely with the other report. These people are as crooked as they come. Avoid like the plague. Naomi Mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
8, Report #333622
Dec 08 2008
06:20 PM
Homevestors UG We Buy Ugly Houses A Waste Of TIME!! wasted my time thinking they would buy my home Redford Michigan
I contacted the UG We Buy Ugly Houses company, you might may recognize their clay like cave man signs throughout your city. I am an investor in Detroit, MI and I own quite a bit of property and I had a few houses I wanted to unload dirt cheap just because I wanted to free up some capital. So I contact them and it took them a tad bit longer than I had expected to get back to me but they did. The woman gathered some info from me and after doing her research told me that they are only buying homes in my area for between $10,000 & $15,000... I was no happy with the numbers but on one property I hppen to be exactly $15,000 into it investment wise so I said what the hell, I dont mind breaking even on one property, so we schedule for them to come out and evaluate the houses. I meet the guy who I will not reveal his name, lets just call him JT at the house and i will say JT turned out to be a real cool guy, he was just doin his job when he told me that Homevestors would only give me $3000 Cash for my house. Lets keep in mind that when i purchased the home i paid almost double that and it was fire damaged, so i sunk another 10-12k into it with all new windows, plumbing, electricial, paint, doors, the works, and here I am being told hey they will offer you $3000. And this house a year ago had an $80,000 mortgage on it. My advice is for anyone thinking of selling your home to them you wasting your time and your better off selling it through an agent, I did a tad bit more homework on this company and it seems they give you more of the run around more than anything else, and if you do sell them your home they are gonna turn right aroung and sell it for 20 times more than what they give you for it all along telling you they can sell your house for alot but once the papers are signed they are asking for more than what they told you they could even put it on the market for. STAY AWAY FROM WWW.HOMEVESTORS.COM Dreperry08 Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Redford, Michigan
9, Report #514982
Oct 26 2009
11:43 AM
DRIVETIME - UGLY DUCKLING Dont buy their cars montclair, California
People please read this before you consider to buy a vehicle from these people.  I purchased a vehicle from them less than 2 months ago and I spend more time without the car than I do with it.  It has had problems from the day they brought it to my house.  The day I got the car I noticed the breaks were squealing really bad.  they would also make this grinding when I stop.  It never goes away and I'm told that is normal noise for metallic brakes.  A few days later, I had a huge puddle in my driveway.  The water pump went out.  They did replace that since I had owned the car only 5 days.  The next week I took it back because of all the noises coming form the engine.  They again tell me it's normal noises.  I'm not the only one hearing them either.  It ended up being something with the suspension and something else I just can't remember.  The next day my blinkers quit working.  Now I have no working blinkers.   Yesterday I noticed some fluid under the car again.  I took it to the shop today and the radiator has gone out.  Lucky me, it's not covered under warranty.  I go to drivetime and speak with the gm, Sue.  She was no help.  She has no authority to do anything.  I explain that I have 3 kids that depend on me to get them to school and back and to take them to football, baseball, etc...   I have cancelled a vacation to Northern Ca.  3 times because I'm scare dto take the vehicle out of my general area in fear that I'll break down with my kids in the middle of nowhere.  All I wante dto do was swap out my vehicle for a safer one.  They wouldn't budge.  They don't care that they sold me a lemon.  The warranty dept. speaks to people as if the are uneducated idiots that can't understand, when all they are doing is running you in the same circles so they can pretend they are helping when they are laughing at you the whole time.  Yes, it's my fault for not doing my homework before a purchase.  I hope I can help someone before they make the biggest most expensive mistake of their life.  Do not buy a car from Drivetime.  I promise you will regret the decision.  I have and now I'm stuck.  There are dealers out there that will finance you even with bad credit. 
Entity: montclair, California
10, Report #542871
Dec 21 2009
07:27 AM
We Fix Ugly Pools BRIAN WADE MORRIS No Customer Service! PEORIA, Arizona
We choose We Fix Ugly Pools, to build our new pool, because their big selling point to us was We build them right the first time.  So after having our pool built we started seeing dirt and rocks in our pool.  We just thought it was the area we lived in, but after a day of cleaning the pool debris, I noticed the water fall was deteriorating.  After doing some investigating, I found out they had made it out of surface-select boulders.  These types of boulders are used in landscaping and being crushed up to make decomposed granite, not waterfalls.  Even the employees that came out to look at the problem said it was wrong.  It took OVER a year to get it replaced, but yet still today; I am getting debris in our pool from the water fall.  Even after getting it partly replaced with solid granite boulders. When we bought our pool, one of the biggest things we wanted, was an in-ground cleaning system.  We paid the extra money for it which included a Lifetime Warranty on the pop-up cleaning heads.  As of today, I have not heard from We Fix Ugly Pools.  I have called four times in three weeks, with no reply. I was told, by a We Fix ugly Pools employee, that during December 2008, they had to shut down, due to no business.  Then, when they did start operating, the owner, Brian Wade Morris, laid off most of his employees and subcontracted out most of his work.  I feel this greatly shows in the lack of quality in the work that they do today and customer service. Coming from someone in customer support, I will never use or refer anyone to this company again, because once they get your money, they forget all about you.
Entity: PEORIA, Arizona
11, Report #914048
Jul 19 2012
07:47 AM
We Buy Ugly Houses JIG Management Lied, Theft , deceiving virginia beach, Virginia
My husband and I found this company on craigslist as a rent to own home. The guys we met seemed friendly and helpful until we moved in. Our 50 LG tv was stolen three days before christmas after the home owner sent his contractor to install some outlets covers ; as we had a growing 9 month old. We called the owner and he never contacted us until about one hour later. After we spoke to hime he said to call jerry his contractor to aske hime some questions and to tell hime that someone video taped the robbery. This was all a scam from the beginning. We later found out that the house had mold and a roof leak. After filing the police report during the investigation we were told that the number that Jerry gave us to his electrican belonged to the owner of the house. Our case was later closed ; just recently on Friday we we burgurlize again after the owner changed the locks our 37 inch tv , dell desktop with the monitor and two hard drives were stolen after the locks were changed.
Entity: virginia beach, Virginia
12, Report #1361754
Mar 14 2017
04:27 PM
Aragon Investments LLC -DBA- “We Buy Ugly Homes David McLennan swindled My 73 Yedar Old Moms Home Mesa Arizona
My mother Sharon Coyle has had her house swindled out of her hands by Aragon Investments LLC (David McLennan).  She called “We Buy Ugly Homes” to get an estimate on how much she could sell her home for and David McLennan came to her home and told her it is worth $60K-75K, the house apprised for $180K. Mr. McLennan told her to sign some documents to see if he could sell her home (she was unaware she was signing a sales agreement).  I found about this transaction and we immediately (2-3 business days) called Mr.  McLennanto meet and stop this transaction.  Mr. McLennan met with us at Starbucks and said she signed a contact and the house was his.  My mom was unaware that she even signed a sales contact and Mr. McLennan admitted by his own omission to be a lack of communication (only communication was the initial visit).   I want to add that my mom is an elder (73 years old) widow who has never made these types of decisions before because my dad made them.  She is on prescription medication that dose cloud her judgment and her doctor (Dr. Stoffer of Metro Internists) has stated that she should not make complex decisions without some assistants.  I/we advised David McLennan of this and he would not budge on his stance.  Mr. McLennan has advised us Via legal representation that if we want the hose back we must pay him $20K.
Entity: Mesa , Arizona
13, Report #1376930
Jun 03 2017
11:27 AM
Entity: Houston, Texas
14, Report #114528
Oct 25 2004
03:23 PM
Metro I Buy Houses - James Brian Cosper ripoff defaulted on contract Watauga Texas
11/03 - We were relocated from Texas with very short notice so we needed to get out of our house quickly. We weren't looking to make a profit, just to unload the house. We decided to sell our house to a land trust for what was left on the mortgage. A brief search on the net turned up nothing suspicious. Brian Cosper came over, did an inspection, agreed the deal could be made and we signed all the forms to transfer the house to Metro I Buy Houses. They assured us that they have had no problems with the process, ever. They were slow making the first two payments, but from January through August all payments were made on time. They did not, however, pay the real estate taxes as promised in the land trust. The last payment made on the mortgage, which remains in our name, was in July. I have tried to contact them, but the phone number is disconnected. Upon further research I find that the company was sold, I don't know to whom, and there are court cases against someone. Jeff Daleville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Watauga, Texas
15, Report #363437
Jul 10 2009
12:06 AM
Homevestors rip off misleading Oklahoma City Oklahoma
i called homevestors a week ago and they came out today and i was upset at the guy that came out.David Sapper told me that my house was not worth buying basicly.David told me that he needed to look at everything so i thought no big deal. David then turned around and started making sure my walls and door jams was level i thought to myself i didn't call them for a inspection. David then looked at my heaters and said he would like some of the hearters i have because of the ice storm we had a year ago. Then David looked at my power box and saw everything in my power box was up to code.Then David looked at the rest of my house and he said he was going to go outside and put some numbers together and give me a good offer on my house Afew minuutes later David came up to me and he said that he couldn't come near the price i wanted to sell the house for.David then had the nerve to say my house needed central heat and air and that would take $11,000 to put it in and $10,000 for foundation work and $9,000 to flip the kitchen and that i was looking at getting nothing for the house.i told him No deal.Bascily he wanted me to hand him my house I DON'T THINK SO. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO USE THE PEOPLE. THEY ARE CROOKS. Mike connelly okc,ok, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
16, Report #1285407
Feb 05 2016
02:07 PM
Paul Bush Real estate investor scam charlottesville va
Paul Bush, owner of WeBuyHousesVirginia.net, gives FAKE offers and has NO money. He tried to buy a house from us and he totally screwed it up and had NO idea what he was doing. He's dumping his stupid We Buy Houses signs everywhere in Central Viorginia and does not give a damn about his dumping and unsightly bandit signs. Albemarle, Culpeper, Greene & Orange Counties make Paul Bush pay $200 a sign for this dumping. He can be found here at his place of work: http://www.grappling.com/academies/culpepper-va Tell Paul Bush to stick to jiu jitsu! And stop dumping bandit signs all over Virginia.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1352256
Jan 26 2017
09:28 PM
Mike Cox Quick Fix Real Estate LLC, Fair Cash Now LLC scam, fraud, wholesaler, real estate scam, we buy houses roanoke, thief Roanoke Virginia
Mike Cox contacted me from sending me a bunch of post cards saying he wanted to buy my house.  I called him and we met and he seemed like a very nice guy at first. He told me that my house wasn't worth much money and that he couldn't give me much money for it. So we agreed on what he said was fair. I'm elderly and trusted him so I agreed to sell it to him. I never had any idea he was trying to rob me of my equity.Then it was no longer than 45 days when Michael Cox had a lawyers office contact me saying that they were ready to close. I found out after the closing that Mike robbed me as he sold my house to another person making over 40,000 off me the very same day.I feel like I have been taken advantage of.I later found that he owns both fastcashnow.com and quickfixrealestate.comAnd that this is very common for him. He sells almost every house he buys from someone the same day and everyone looses 10's of thousands of dollars. He doesn't even do anything to fix them up as he is selling these houses to other investors that turn them into rental property.Beware to everyone who sees this. Michael Cox is a con man and he deserves to go to prison for life for what he is doing to people. He acted like he was a licensed Realtor but he is not! I lost my inheritance to this man. 
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
18, Report #1371534
May 05 2017
01:07 PM
 WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! CROOKS AND COSTING ME TONS OF MONEY TO FIX THEIR SHADDY WORK!!I Gave it one star because I had to to write a comment. This company should be ran out of business by the city or state. In flipping the house I bought they burried all tile,glass,mirrors,steel,curtain rods,garbage,insulation in the back yard and put a inch of dirt over to camoflauge it! I have two dogs who have been hurt by this not to mention I can't use my backyard now! They put tile in drains now I have to pay huge bills for that.They put a parking stump in my garage a commercial one and said it was code, Lie again which they promised to take out after closing which they renigged on! They admitted to the backyard and said they would clean it picked up some racked over it and I said there was still tons they wouldn't clean in! In listing it said fully fenced in yard was not I have to pay over 1K! WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! Have TONS OF PICTURES TO PROVE EVERYTHING!! The list goes on and on... I have 100's of photo's and emails and text to prove everything
Entity: Tampa, Florida
19, Report #859884
Mar 27 2012
07:47 AM
We Fix Ugly Pools Created additional damage to equipment and charges over 200% of actual material cost! Weatherford, Texas
We had We Fix Ugly Pools come to our house for warranty work on pool equipment.  They caused additional damage to the existing equipment and then provided a material cost marked up over 200%!  I made one simple phone call and was given a cost of $155 + tax for the new pool equipment compared to the $390 that was qouted by We Fix Ugly Pools.  Exact same equipment (model #, serial # . . . )!  Would not recommend this company to anyone at all.  Completly untrustworthy and unethical in providing professional service.
Entity: Weatherford, Texas
20, Report #1219753
Apr 01 2015
02:11 PM
We fix ugly pools/Brian Morris Lie/cheat/steal Peoria Arizona
We as all consumers checked on contractors. Brian Morris seemed most knowledgable and said his company self performed all thier own work. Not so he used multiple subcontractors, my pool doesn't drain,amazing no code for the pool to drain,his verbal commitments did not happen ,his price went up 6 k over original quote,as far as scheduling forget it they come and go as they please and do not speak English.   He is rude and verbal after he gets you into his contract.  Do not use ,,I do not understand how he stays in business.  
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
21, Report #18217
Apr 15 2002
12:00 AM
UGLY DUCKLING I need Help In Fighting these ripoff crooks. Ugly Duckling Lied, cheated, and are now harrassing me Van Nuys California
In May of 2000, I was in the market to buy a car. I didn't have very good credit, and I thought that I would go to Ugly Duckling and try and get a car. I ended up purchasing a 1992 Jeep cherokee from them. I am not totally naive, though but what happened in the dealership was that they had promised to fix certain things on the jeep that were broken, I even got it in writing. And then I asked the manager of the loc what was the history of the car, he told me that there was nothing wrong with it, that it had a excellent engine, and all this stuff. Then he told me, in front of witnesses I might add, that if I ever have any problems with the car, that all I had to do was bring it in and the mechanic on site would fix the car for me. All I would have to do was pay for parts. I asked him if I could get that in writing, cuz I was a little hesitant about buying a car as is blindly. He said that he couldn't, but he gave me his word and told me that a verbal contract was just as valid as a written one, so I agreed to purchas the veh. Well the first thing I attempted to do was bring in the car and have the stuff fixed that they had promised to fix, like the missing antennae, and misc stuff. Well at first they kept telling me to come back tomorrow, and after a week this got old, and I told them that I wanted this fixed, today. They told me they couldn't and if I had a complaint that I had to file it with some other department. Nothing was ever fixed on the veh. So then about a month after I got the car, I noticed that it was making a funny noise. Something wierd, I didn't know what it was, so I brought it back to the mechanic on site directly and asked him to look at it. He told me that he was not able to under any circumstances to any work on the veh. I was furious. Well it turns out, that the engine was cracked, and leaking oil, some chain in the transaxel or something was broke, and the transmission went out after I went to another place to get it tuned up. Then the fuel pump went out, the water pump went out on it, All the brakes were bad, need I say more. So I took it back in, and spoke with the manager(a different one) and she told me that Ugly Duckling soes not do repairs on vehicles, it was my responsibilty to fix these things. End of Story, and if I had a complaint that I had to contact some other dept. Which I did, and nothing to my knowledge ever was done about it. Then I found out that they had my incorrect social number on file, and none of this was being reported on my credit report. Which is the whole purpose of buying from them, so I could establish credit. Well I of course went in and talked to every person that I could possible talk to. They told me I had to fax a copy of my social sec. card to them, and call all these depts for a mistake that they made. Well I did all this, and my social security number was never corrected. In Feburary of 2002, My transmission started to act funny again, almost 1 year after I got it repalced, and I was told that my rear differential was going bad. At this point I simply refused to put anything more into this veh. I went into the office and gave them the key and told them I wanted nothing more to do with them. So now they are calling me, harrassing me, and I really do not know what my options are. I am looking for other people out there who know of any class action law suits or anything that can possible help me. I think there next step is to attempt to garnish my wages. I mean the blu book value of the car is 3000, I paid 19,000 for the car(I know I am stupid) I already put in 2 years of payments at 400 a month. They are saying that I still owe them 6,000. I do not want to pay this, and I do not want to have my wages garnished. Someone with any info/advice please contact me. Thank you. I do not want them to get away with this. Charles Walnut, California Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ugly Duckling Car Sales
Entity: Van Nuys, California
22, Report #319968
Jun 09 2009
02:36 PM
Peter Chabot, Home Vestors Realty Real Estate Rip-Off Artist North Providence Rhode Island
Has anyone out there heard of this person? He advertises in the Providence Journal about how to make $5,000 up front on real estate deals. He then uses your good credit to purchase bogus real estate properties with the idea that he will flip them within one year to make his money. He then backs out of the deal within that year and leaves you holding the bag for unpaid real estate taxes and insurance. He has stiffed me for close to $10,000 to this point. He is currently being investigated by the US Postal Service and Rhode Island State Police. Please contact me for further detail. Gary Fairhaven, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Providence, Rhode Island
23, Report #258646
Jul 04 2007
11:13 AM
Metro I Buy Houses - James Bryan Cosper - Tanya Cosper - Franklin Dean Lusk They robbed us of our $120,000.00 home. ripoff Abilene Texas
The purpose of this letter is to explain how we were intentionally robbed of our house by a homebuyer / lease-to-own company / individual. We have been working with an attorney to reclaim our investment but it has so far been an expensive uphill battle with no results. Our focus is to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Either the house or remainder of the balance and to make the public aware of this scam we have become victim to. We purchased 7833 Blossom Dr Fort Worth, TX 76133-7911 in July of 1991. Its a two story 4-21/2-2 approx 2300 sq ft beautiful house with 2 living rooms (2 fireplaces), spacious kitchen, crown moldings and other custom trim, wallpaper borders, wanes coating, built-in alarm, full sprinkler system, and other extras. The sale price of the house was $109,500 it has a current Tarrant Tax Appraisal of $121,000. After nearly nine years of scrimping and saving, never going on vacation, spending every extra penny on extra principle on the house, we paid-off our mortgage at the end of 1999. We had to literally work day and night to accomplish this, clocking massive amounts of overtime in the process. Leah and I started saving money for a down payment on a new house in a nice gated community. In early 2003 we put $10,000 down on a new house in a gated community. This house is custom tailored to our specific needs and is the first house weve owned in which we had a say in most of the construction. Leah initially wanted to either lease our Blossom house or leave it vacant. We were not very receptive to the idea of selling the house using a regular realtor because this would have meant a commission to the realtor of 4-6%, closing costs up to $5000, and other miscellaneous expenses such as appraisals, advertising etc. I did not like the idea of leasing the house because this would mean we would still be responsible for the property taxes of nearly $4,000 a year, the insurance (which would be higher for leased house than a house you reside), and all the repairs which could be difficult and expensive. Despite these odds, we ran an ad in the Star-Telegram to lease the house just to see if there would be any takers at $1,200 a month in rent. While the ad was in the paper we received calls from people who immediately sounded less than desirable, I had a person call me that wanted to rent the house with section eight government help (and about a half dozen children and pets). The amounts of calls were very meager, and it seemed as though we may be stuck with what to do with our old house which is our nest egg for the future. Then we received a call from James Brian Cosper who has his own company, which at the time was called Metro I Buy Houses. He presented us with the idea that he would lease-to-own our house to one of his potential tenants. Brian would be the middleman between us and people, who would at first lease the house, then, buy the house once they qualify for a mortgage. I was at first a little leery of the deal so I called a few known sources just to check him out. I called Austin and his tax ID checked out, I called the Better Business Bureau and there were no pending complaints, I went on-line and checked Tarrant and Dallas counties court dockets and there were no pending cases against him. So we proceeded with the deal with James Brian Cosper. At the end of May 2003 we had the closing for our 7833 Blossom house in our dining room at our 6901 Vista Ridge Dr W home. The only people present at this meeting were: James Brian Cosper, my wife Leah, and myself Charles, there was absolutely no one else present in the house. It was bad enough we received no down payment at closing, but then we had to pay Brian over $1,300 for the pro-rated property taxes for the first five months of 2003. A seller paying the pro-rated taxes is normal so I didnt think too much of it but we still had a bad taste for not receiving a down payment. On the upside, the mortgage and promissory note was written in a beneficial way for Leah and me. The Blossom house was amortorized for 30 years at 7.25% with a ten-year call. We were / are to receive $1,091.48 per month for the next ten years and then we had the option to either continue with the loan as is or the new owners would get their own mortgage and we would be paid-off. Mr. Cosper pays the payment to us and if he is late we are to receive a two percent late fee. If the loan goes into default Leah and I are to foreclose on the property and reclaim it. The first half-year or so from the first payment due to us in July 2003, there were no problems. We received each monthly installment of $1,091.48 just like were supposed to without tribulation, nonetheless; I decided to make copies of every check before I made a deposit. Around May of 2004 we started getting our monthly payment late. Concerned that we may need to seek professional help to foreclose on the property, we went to an attorney for advice. Around the beginning of this past July of 2004 we received a report via an attorney, which was a title search for 7833 Blossom Dr. Thats when we came to the realization that weve been scammed. James Brian Cosper was very crafty in his documentation of the sale of our house; in fact there are flaws on his part of how he wrote it up. The legal description for 7833 Blossom Dr is block 31, lots 9 and 10. Brian had only lot 9. This was corrected on the county filling, but not the original paperwork. Also, there was no Notary at the closing in our home the day of the closing, all pertinent paperwork was notarized afterwards, outside of our presence. Probably the most gut-wrenching revelation in the title search is the fact that Mr. Cosper did not file the loan, the mortgage, and the promissory note with the county deed of records. There was no mention that James Brian Cosper and Metro I Buy Houses owes us anything for the 7833 Blossom Dr property. To make matters worse, Brian used our property to secure a loan of $80,000. Then the property changes hands a few times, Mr. Cosper is released of his loan of $80,000 and then the house is used to acquire a loan of $146,700 from a person Ive never heard of. The house had been in the hands of trustees since about March 2004. Up to about May or June of 2004 I had remained in constant contact with James Brian Cosper, if he didnt return my calls I would go to his house at 5524 Milford Dr Fort Worth TX 76137 in the Northeast part of town. Im not sure if it was because of me alone, but Mr. Cosper, his wife Tonya and children moved to an unknown address perhaps even out of state. The trustees: Scott Alpert, Michael Young and presumed new owners Dean Lusk and Ken Eldridge are near impossible to get a hold of. Only if we use a phone with a number theyre unfamiliar with, do they answer the call. The phone number for James Brian Cosper and his new company name is (866) 311-5446 his email address is houses@myibocs.com besides the Milford address there is also his P.O. address: Brian Cosper 8436 Denton Hwy Suite 208 PMB 281 Watauga, TX 76148. The phone number for Scott Alpert and Michael Young is (972) 671-9324 (the company name is Preferred One, so far). The phone number for Dean Lusk is (214) 629-3003. I have never met or called Ken Eldridge yet he is one of the past property owners for 7833 Blossom Dr if you look it up on tad.org; I visit this web site regularly. Leah and I make constant calls and leave numerous voice mail messages, but to no avail. All total we received 18 monthly payments up to January 2005. There have been no payments or correspondence since January 2005 (a little over two years now). Needless to say we are very upset that we may have lost everything. Payment from our Blossom house was supposed to help us with our current house and it is our lifes savings, our nest egg for the future. When James Brian Cosper used our house to secure a loan Im sure that he did not disclose that he owes us money and thats an outright fraud. Fraud is a criminal offense, and I believe thieves like Mr. Cosper plague our legal system. People like him mar free enterprise and are the demise of our economy. He must be stopped and make restitution with us. Through an attorney we filed a complaint with the Tarrant County District Attorneys office and gave the investigator copies of all the paperwork involved. Our attorney has also filed a Public Notice with the Tarrant County Deed of Records making our presence known for future inquiries. Neither of these efforts has helped. The DAs office sent us a letter saying there was insufficient evidence to pursue James Brian Cosper. Cosper is still scamming people of their properties and their property equity. The bank that foreclosed on the property was still able to sell it. Thieves like James Brian Cosper cannot be allowed to defraud people of their property and lifes savings! Deviant con artist such as him must be stopped! Why must we be a nation of victims to people with ulterior motives? We are willing to do whatever it takes to fight this! Charles (chuck) Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
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Mar 05 2014
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We Fix Ugly Websites charged us $699 for our website SEO service and did nothing once they received our payment.  It's your classic high pressure sale with a lot of promises.  The benmark for measuring the service is vague and, no surprise, doesn't do anything to protect the consumer.I could go on into great detail regarding our interaction with We Fix Ugly Websites (My Phone Room, Instant Increase) but I'll save you all the pain.  Suffice to say, not only would I not do business with this company, I would not recommend that anybody attempt to utilize their services.  I'm fairly certain it's a high tech rip off operation.  You've been warned!Thank you...
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Mar 06 2017
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We Fix Ugly Websites failure to provide service arizona Internet
Have spent several thousand dollars having them build two websites and host on their server. No response from them now that email doesn't work and the websites have been hacked now for two years. Convinced me to use word press which is easy for hackers to get into. Tom San Diego CA
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