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1, Report #1281472
Apr 14 2016
05:26 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Unauthorized Charge Internet
So, in the beginning of this month, I unfortunately realized I would not be able to afford Wealthy Affiliates reoccuring fee on my typical debit card, so I wanted to switch it over to a) paypal or b) another card. I was having trouble doing this so I sent Kyle an email with no reply, so my account was charged and overdrawn. My bank refunded me, but the charge came back again, overdrawng me again. I had not checked my account to realize this, so I am very overdrawn with the fees and such. So, I had to file a dispute with my bank. I'll be calling in a couple days to see what is going on.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1379548
Jun 16 2017
01:26 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Customer Shaming
 I read all their information and watched all 10 videos and read aot of reviews and I am looking for what they are selling but I'm totally turned off, not that they make their money by selling memberships but that they and anonymous others mistreat paying and non-paying customers when they don't like their questions. I saw that customers were told to re-watch the videos, even when they don't pertain, were blocked by the employees of Wealthy Affiliates, were shamef on complaont boards bu Wealthy Affiliates and anonymous persons (who curiously said exactly the same things).. like you're too good to re-watch the lessons you already know everything so what's your problem? You are getting this fre so what do you have to complain about? And You are too lazy to put in the time.. All in all, if no one can answer your question, you get abused. Not interested in Thos program even if they paid me.
3, Report #1339747
Nov 24 2016
10:30 PM
Wealthy Affiliate wealthyaffiliate is a scam. Internet
Wealthy Affiliate advertises as a free work at home opportunity.  In fact, they are not.  They will insist that you have back up software which you will download for $20 - $25.  They will not reimburse you.  Then you have to join if you want premium membership.  The lesser membership gets you nowhere. The people on the live chat are paid employees.  The chat reads more like social media than a live chat with real questions and answers.  It's more like, hi, how are you Jo, what's up?  Good evening Susie, welcome.  No real content. In other words, I would not join this site.  I am trying to get my money back for buying the software.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1289698
Feb 24 2016
12:31 PM
Wealthy Affiliate My blog was deleted without notification Internet
On February 20 wealthyaffiliate.com deleted my free starter blog without any notification, or warning. When I went to my blog the siterubix server said you are seeing this page because the webspace for this domain has not ben set up on this server. Seven Months of work gone just like that with no way to retreive the content. They said that I could keep the free starter blog permantley--They were clearly lying about this! It appears that they unofficially delete free starter blogs from their server after a certain period of time, especially when you don't upgrade to premium and pay $50.00 a month. That is bullshit! I quickly realized that Kyle and Carson are nothing, but a bunch of con artist. They are making money off of wannabe affiliate marketers, who are most likely not going to make any money doing affiliate marketing. In other words, affiliate marketing is a waste of time! I did this for seven months and didn't earn anything doing it. Of course there are people (a small majority), who got lucky and are earning a living wage doing this. However, you will most likely not earn a living wage, or any money at all doing this beacause affiliate marketing is no longer a relevant profession. It's no longer a relevant profession beacause there are way too many people, who have Addblock Plus. Most of the visitors that come to your blog are not going to see your affiliate links. I'm glad that I didn't upgrade to their premium features, and let them take advantage of me.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1356075
Feb 14 2017
04:34 PM
wealthy affiliate Scam Yes We Know it is. Internet
Well apparently I have fallen for the get two web pages free and then premium membership for the 19.00 ploy. And I know now of two people who have tried canceling thier membership to this so called wealth promoting business. I spoke with one last night who told me that when he goes to cancel his membership it just keeps sending him back to his home page there. I simply gave him the best advice. Call his financial instituion and have them blocked if they try the auto bill bull crap. Yeah it looks all nice and cozy with W/A with all these poeple joining all the time. But the key thing to remember is this Folks. KYLE & CARSON are both computer network experts. They can build code that will generate all those nice pictures we see on google. And they can also develop fake user profiles too.  THINK about it how many people have you seen in one day alone that join who are from some foriegn country  I counted 10 a day folks wherew is this leading? I will tell you where it is leading for them with me. A report to my financial institution too. Along with a nice fat blog on one of those free pages they offered me. With a link to this site on scams.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #594516
Apr 19 2010
07:15 AM
Wealthy Affiliate Bad Business Practices, Membership Not Canceled When Tried To. Internet
I signed up for an account at Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year. After about 6 months, I stopped using it. I used a credit card to pay. I knew I did not want to continue my membership. For a few hours, I searched online to find out how to cancel. I logged into my account, found where I could cancel, and pressed cancel membership. I was given a message that stated, Are you sure you want to cancel, your account will auto-cancel on 'Xdate2010X'. So I thought, great, it will cancel on that date. Today, I logged into my account to confirm everything was taken care of, and now it says my account will cancel on Xdate2011X. I called my credit card company to find a pending transaction. What? I still have received no emails from them regarding renewal of subscription, no emails from the company that charged my card, no type of receipt? Who does business like that? I logged back in, canceled immediately, and called the credit card. I will dispute the charge if need be, and have finally found a billing email, after assuming the only way to get help was email/pm the owners. There, finally, was a billing support email address. I did not have a bad experience while a member, why end your relationship with people on such awful terms. Could you possibly send an email notice of renewal, with a way to opt out? Any honest company would do so? I am requesting my pending credit card transcation to be canceled, and change your system to state that the account will auto-renew on Xdate, rather than auto-cancel.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1339846
Nov 25 2016
06:28 PM
Wealthy affiliate A most very clever scam, a whole lot of time and money down the toilet. Internet
 I just wanted to share my experience with the wealthy affiliate program. So, just like many others out there, I was looking to work from home, or at least supplement my income with some extra cash. After searching extensively online, for something that didn't seem like a scam, I came across, wealthy affiliate. I researched them and was hard pressed to find a bad review or evidence that they were a scam. So, I signed up for the initial 7 day free trial, I watched the videos,started working on my siterubix site etc, etc. I went for the premium membership for 1 year, I bought a website page. After following all the instructions exactly and after about 2 months of building the site, I messaged Kyle and the higher ups in the live chat to ask them why is it that I can't find my registered website on any of the search engines? The response was that I have to continue to build content. Ok, so I continue to grow the site. By around 9 months and many hours into putting the information in, still could not find my website!! By this time, my site was full of good info that many would go for. So I message everyone again, same thing, keep building content and other vague information. And then Lo and behold! One week before my membership was to expire, I get a email saying, congratulations your website is now registered on Google. Wow, what a coincidence, huh!! I go over to Google and try to find the site, and nothing, zero, zip, nada! What did they think, I wasn't going to check! So I message them, and, no response. For one week I tried, but nothing until I canceled my membership. Then I get a message saying why am I leaving? I answered and told them what they could do with their business , if you know what I mean. Far as I'm concerned, my website never was on any server, anytime, anywhere. The people behind this are very clever and deceptive. WA is absolutely a well orchestrated scam. All the time and money and effort that many have put in to a phantom website, In my case $400 bucks,only to have their hopes and money flushed down the toilet. So, please my good people, don't be a damned fool like I was, and buy into this false hope. Regards.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1414874
Dec 04 2017
10:05 AM
Wealthy Affiliate Carson Kyle Cancelled my membership Victoria British Columbia
I asked WA not to renew my membership that was coming up on Nov. 29th. Instead they cancelled my membership on Nov.26 not allowing me to transfer my website. When I asked them why they cancelled my membership primaturely they replied that I can renew my subscription to get access. I still had 3 days left before my membership expired. These people are very unethical in the way they run their business. I  would stay away from WA. They have an annual retreat rewarding the member, who as an affiliate, is able to sign up a minimum of 100 mew members on a annual basis. With thousands of members they are only able to fill a large boardroom with qualifying members. Their success record is dismal to say the least. Their reviews are another unethical practice that WA has become very good at exploiting. They knock SBI,MLM and anyone that will help the affiliatemake a sale. If you are looking to build a business on the internet it will not happen with WA.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
9, Report #520671
Nov 06 2009
03:01 PM
Wealthy Affiliate I am the Programs Director for a large investor association. I vet speakers and programs for our members, Internet
I had a similar experience in trying to cancel a Wealthy Affiliate membership as posted previously. I think its funny that some of their affiliates brag about how they have such a low level of refunds. Oh. Could it be because they dont offer one? They claim that its because of all the proprietary information that you are privy to once youre in. I really didnt see anything that isnt readily available elsewhere online and in many cases, free. Further, any tools that are available for their members can only be used while you are a member. Thats still not a terrible thing I suppose. They can have whatever policy they want. It is their company. Buyers just have to BE AWARE and not think that just because other reputable companies offer refunds that Wealthy Affiliate does too. THEY DONT. Nor do they make it easy to cancel and that is where it gets bothersome. Even after you find your way through their crazy time consuming maze and they acknowledge receipt of a cancellation request and a date that our membership would expire, they continued to bill us for 2 additional months. I received an email requesting that I contact Kyle and Carson personally via their forum to see if they could get me back on track LOL... I didn't know I was off track but in any case, I wrote back and politely asked that they simply cancel my account please. I still can't get a response so I decided to post on as many sites as I have time to until they do. Unfortunately for them, I do the speaker and programs vetting for a large and very active, non-profit association and this won't fair well for them if this isn't resolved soon. I don't have anything really bad to say about their products or services. I just think their customer services are stinky and that isn't an experience we can afford to expose our members to who depend on us to research quality products they can use. Thanks for your help BTW. We appreciate what you do.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #755052
Mar 30 2015
10:41 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Master Crooks and Thieves. Internet
For 3 years they have taken money from my credit card - I have begged and pleaded that they take me off their books - the do not have the common decency to even reply to my letters.I am 76 years old and my pension is all I have. Life is very difficult for me. They are downright thieves and should noty be allowed to operate on the internet.3 years of feees is a lot of money.I have written personal emails to the owners Carson and his partner, but they are clearly equally crooked.Take care not to use their web site as it will be a nightmare.They plausible scoundrels who prey on the unsuspecting potential clients thinking that they can learn something to help them along. My frst year I paid for and realised that I had entered and could not do anything about that years fees - however they have continued to steal my money nothwithstanding my repeated appeal for them to stop and repay me.Any help I can get to recoup my stolen money will be appreciated.Thank you
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1268720
Nov 22 2015
03:28 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Carson and Kyle Scam, Thieves, Ripoff, Horrible Comp Plan, Censorship, Bad Info, MLM not available, Terrible Videos, Awful Articles, Learned Nothing, Crummy Website Host Internet
  I have now been banned from chat for over a month. You have not responded to my e-mails for further details. I will not be renewing my membership and I find it unjust that you charged me full price for this month when I am still banned from chat. I am requesting a full refund and immediate cancellation of my membership. I am taking my clients and referrals with me and will make all of them 6 figures for 2016. I started ThriftyPinky.com yesterday and I already have 13 full-time active franchisees and all of them are doing Pinkilocks Professionals as well. My current referrals/friends include Christopher Yohn, IveTriedThat, JohnCWS, PJLucas, JohnVB, BobTosh, Zoefke, TomTitty, simon1234bun, Ashiko, Tallton, and my other 250+ followers on your website. I will not refer any future business to you. In my humble opinion, you have treated me extremely unfairly and your business model is reprehensible. You are taking advantage of all your customers with your payment plan. I have found a website hosting company that pays $300 per referral - more than 13 times what you offer. Nearly every hosting company has a better compensation plan including Webs, BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, and many, many more. I think you and your partner are selfish, unkind thieves, and I will tell all of my 4K Twitter followers such. In addition, I am an online MBA student at St. Thomas University with a B.B.A. from USD and a M.Ed. from National University. I am a licensed CA Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Appraiser, High School English and Business Teacher, MSPA Gold Certified Mystery Shopper (10+ Years), Website and App Designer, Life and Business Coach, and small business owner of PinkilocksProfessionals.com, ThriftyPinky.com, JillianSorenson.com, and LearnMysteryShopping.com. I would advise you to change your compensation plan to be competitive with that which can be found with a simple web search Otherwise, I predict your business will fold within 12 months or less.                  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1377851
Jun 08 2017
09:38 AM
Stephen McGouran AKA Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constaltly creates false reviews of products in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate - Internet
Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constantly creates false negative reviews on his website, in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get money from people joining via his affiliate link. Wealthy Affiliate actively teaches people to do scam reviews, and before they were sued by Mobe they had a list of 147 products to do reviews on in order to call them scams, and promote wealthy affiliate instead. I'm new to affiliate marketing, and the dishonesty of Stephen and people like him really gives a bad taste to this industry - i mean really, who can you trust?
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1398575
Sep 07 2017
06:54 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Un-Clear Classes. Only Members Opinions. Cannot get back into my member area since someone joined under me. Can't Cancel Internet
While searching for a way to make money at home, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. FREE to start. Then there is a montly cost. Classes are  hard to understand, answers to questions are answered from other members opinions No real Answers. I tried So hard to understand, but just went in circles.    When someone joined under me, I can NO Longer get into my site. There is NO Place where I could cancel My membership. I feel the only ones making any money with this are KYLE and JASOn. (If that is their real names.) This is A SCAM.    However, I was able to Block next months payment in pay pal  
Entity: Internet
14, Report #727789
May 10 2011
04:20 PM
Wealthy Affiliate ,CARSON AND KAYLE CARA NICHE MARKETING INC MARCUS The Co listed defraudet me by $400 not offering any service ,they are RIP OFF Business WITh No Ph # or Fax VICTORIA BC, Internet
This ie mail where ask for refund bieng sick Hi Cara, Your reply about No refund is OK for someone that use your software and mentorship program,and stay as member many months,!! not 19 days as in my caz, I DID NOT GET ANY THING FROM YOU for $400,I am over 75 yrs old and with some medical conditions I cannot use your program anymore,( you have NO PROOF that I use your software) You will charged with :GRAND THEFT  I will send proof of my caz to FTC in Washington DC, to General Attorney Office of CA-Ottawa ,General Attorney Office of BC( I have all add.) I will fill FBI IC#3 Internet Fraud form with all data .(it is Internet Fraud because I did not get any product from you ,NO website ,No housing, NO software ,No mentorship, from K&C) I will ask FTC to shut off your website as Internet Fraud and Grand Theft-you use 2 addresses in BC that send email to me from a name as MARCUS a WA expert ,NO phone # and No Fax #, when I checkup with BBB from Victoria I get NO SUCH Co. is in Victoria will send all to above Org .to start investigation. ALL other Co. with software more value that yours offer 30 days money back.( see thousand of software from CLICK BANK, that -offer 60 day money back )
Entity: VICTORIA BC, Internet
15, Report #596630
Apr 30 2010
07:07 AM
Wealthy Affiliate Niche Marketing unauthorized renewal and credit card charge Internet
I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to market my company's products over the Internet.  Since Wealthy Affiliate is oriented towards affiliate marketing, something I'm not doing, I realized -- too late -- that I'd wasted my money.  When I was contacted by them later, I explained that I wasn't getting any value, and that I wasn't interested in renewing.They don't offer refunds, including for unused time (first red flag), and the only available option now is Cancel.  I don't recall the existing verbiage being there at the time I informed them I didn't want to renew, and I've since read on Ripoff Reports that Wealthy Affiliates has changed their policy and web site in the past 12 months or so.  But, I'd sent them an e-mail stating that I didn't want my account renewed and there was no reply to indicate that I needed to do something else, or even an acknowledgment that my account wouldn't auto-renew (third red flag).After spending time learning why this type of affiliate marketing approach wasn't going to work for me (I did learn valuable lessons that have helped me gain share against my competitors, and that was directly related to why WA wasn't going to help me, so it wasn't a complete loss), I marked it up to School of hard knocks.As with other people who've been ripped off by Wealthy Affiliate, I didn't receive any notification of a pending renewal date -- they'd been told I didn't want to renew, so I wasn't expecting one.Yesterday (4/24) I received a call from my credit card's fraud department asking if I'd authorized a charge in the amount of approximately $360.  I told them that I'd not, and that they needed to deny the charge.I have sent private messages to both Kyle and Carson and have not yet received a response.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1288307
Feb 17 2016
05:50 PM
Ethan VanderBuilt Fake Scam Buster - Wealthy Affiliate Writes Fake Information About Companies For Profit Internet
FAKE SCAM BUSTER FOR PROFIT!  ETHAN VANDERBUILT IS A TOTAL FRAUD AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN. He uses FAKE REVIEWS to have all of us believe he is a crusader for the consumer.  This scammer is intelligent, writing negative articles about other companies and getting tons of traffic to his site so he can profit off of the negative traffic. This is his job. That's how he makes a lot of money.  HIS SCAM IS REVEALED !!!!!!!! Ethan Vanderbuilt is a DANGEROUS CRIMINAL because he is so CONNIVING and CALCULATED in his SCAMMING SCHEME!     PART #1 OF THE ETHAN VANDERBUILT SCAM!   Ethan will ONLY write a negative article about a company that is successful and has a lot of traffic to their website. WHY? Let me explain.  It’s all about TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC EQUALS MONEY. The more traffic you have the more money you make.  ETHAN VANDERBUILTS SOLE REASON FOR BEING A FAKE SCAM BUSTER.  The word “scam” is a great marketing word because it gets people’s attention.  Just think about how the news outlets use these kinds of words to get people to tune in and pay attention to the evening broadcast.  This is the same thing Ethan is doing.  Words like “scam” and “scheme” and “fraud” … they all elicit fear.  They grab attention.  And on the internet … these attention grabbing words help to drive traffic which is exactly what Ethan Vanderbuilt is after. He gets lots of traffic by grabbing people’s attention writing fake articles about companies. With this kind of marketing strategy he monetizes that traffic by placing YouTube ads in front of his YouTube videos.  He monetizes his website traffic by placing ads all over his website (some of these ads are from network marketers of all people … interesting!)  I just want people to understand that Ethan is not doing this as a selfless act to the world as he would want you to believe.  He’s running a business!  Make no mistakes about it.  Ethan Vanderbuilt is selling advertising space on his website and on his YouTube videos to monetize his traffic. So if someone is interested in a company and they do a search on google for that company, because of Ethan’s negative article about that company , Google will AUTOMATICALLY suggest the word Scam next to the company’s name when someone does a search. IT’S OBVIOUS THAT IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR DUE DILIGENCE, YOU ARE GOING TO IMMEDIATELY CHECK OUT THE SCAM SUGGESTION FROM GOOGLE TO SEE WHAT KIND OF SCAM THIS COMPANY THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN,  COMMITTED!!!!!! PART # 2 OF THE ETHAN VANDERBUILT SCAM!   What happens when you and all the visitors that are doing due diligence, click on that SCAM SUGGESTION LINK FROM GOOGLE ????  It brings you to the fake scam busters website http://ethanvanderbuilt.com - TRAFFIC EQUALS MONEY!!!!!!!!!  Ethan’s site now gets over 7,000 visitors a day from hijacking traffic. He has paid advertisement banners all over his site.  He wants you to click on those banners so he can fill his pockets with cash! So when you land on his site by clicking the fake scam link, you read the negative article on the company you were thinking of doing business with, you are now thrilled that Ethan the knight in shining armor has saved you from a scam. This is where his scam gets really sick and disgusting.  PART # 3 OF THE ETHAN VANDERBUILT SCAM!  Because Ethan has potentially saved you from the so-called scam, he is now your new hero. You respect him and trust him unconditionally, because everyone nowadays believes what they read.  Ethan will take that trust and start marketing to you with all of his phony, I am the savior of the consumer. He will make you sign up for his fake newsletter so he can build his marketing list and start selling your data and start profiting from your information. Every company is scam to Ethan that has traffic.  Ethan’s money making fraudulent business model is to ruin a companies reputation and have all that traffic go to his website to fill his pockets with cash, build credibility with his readers that he is a scam buster, then STRIKE. LIKE A SNAKE!! What credibility does Ethan have? ZERO - HE DOES NO DUE DILIGENCE ON ANY OF THE COMPANIES HE CALLS A SCAM. It's all just his opinion and hearsay.  Ethan is such a scam that he does not allow a company to rebuttal his false accusations. If the company tries to leave a comment to defend themselves of these false allegations, he will delete the post immediately.   If Ethan was a real scam buster, wouldn’t it be his obligation to be objective and get all the facts from both sides before writing a negative article about a company? The ethical way to do this would be to reach out to the company, interview the owners and have them give you full access to their platforms, products and services so that he can honestly give a real review. Ethan just writes negative articles form profit. Everyone is a scam in his eyes, because NEGATIVITY SELLS, MAKES HIM MONEY AND CAUSES CONTROVERSY!!  You should be ashamed of yourself and get a real job and stop being such a loser Ethan. You are a pathetic human being. 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1377849
Jun 08 2017
08:49 AM
 Scott Newkirk from aworkathomebusiness.com constantly LIES about good products in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Internet
Basically, Scott Newkirk runs an affiliate marketing blog, https://aworkathomebusiness.com/ where he actively BASHES other legitimate online businsses in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, who is known for teaching their affiliates this practices. Scott never buys the products he reviews, he simply bashes them, and refers people to the rip off called wealthy affiliate in order to earn affiliate commissions from them. Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching this practice for quite some time now, and up until THEY were sued, they even had a list of 150 programs to review and call scams, in order to (you guessed it) promote Wealthy Affiliate instead. Don't listen to Scott Newkirk or his recommendations, he's only out to earn himself more money and send more unsuspecting people to the wealthy affiliate scam.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1378368
Jun 11 2017
10:17 AM
DeRaj/Deroka (Suman Roka) and Ditiea (Zhang Long) from NewsOnlineIncome.com (More Lying Wealthy Affiliate Members) The Founders of NewsOnlineIncome.com CONSTANTLY Lie about good programs in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate - Internet
I think the subject says enough honestly.  These guys run their scam website, newsonlineincome.com/, where they do fake reviews of HUNDREDS of programs.The end of EACH of their 'reviews' results in 1 thing, and 1 thing only, they recommend you join the known scam, Wealthy Affiliate, via their affiliate link, and refer to it as their #1 ChoiceDo not believe ANYTHING they say - they've made a business out of calling other programs scams in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, which funny enough is what Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES in their Wealthy Affiliate University training course. Stay away from NewsOnlineIncome.com, and stay away from Wealthy Affiliate.Ted BakerHonolulu, Hawaii
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1277041
Jul 22 2016
06:31 AM
Wealthy Affiliate WealthyAffiliate.com Kyle A real overview of Wealthy Affiliate and the Scam that they are running! CON MEN! Internet
Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest con on Earth right now, and I just got wind that the FTC, FBI are now investigating this massive fraud. The way Wealthy Affiliate works is this:   >>You signup for a free training center to learn internet marketing.  You MUST setup a website and create a fake review directing people to your Wealthy Affiliate - affiliate link. Right from the start, there is fraud on Day #1 for everyone involved.  When you create a fake blog post with the sole purpose of getting people to click your affiliate link, you've committed fraud from the start.   >>Then to take it further, you create FAKE reviews of every program out there using our SEO template.  That way - you steal the SEO by creating a fake review on the company or program with the sole intention of getting people to click on your affiliate link. Continueing the fraud, you now have everyone creating FAKE reviews (because newbies and beginners have no clue about each program but they can easily copy/paste and fill in the blanks on each program).  They create a FAKE review leading people to Wealthy Affiliate link.   So the scam works like this: Steal the SEO of legit companies and legit programs by saying that they are scams.  Company Name Scam - example.   Right? The newbies and beginners will screenshot members area and use logos illegally ... and make up the review.  Most of it's made up on the spot because they spend a whole four minutes checking out the company.    LOL   So naturally, if you spend four minutes grabbing logos and screenshots, then you must be an expert on that company and their service.    Here's where they cross the line and probably will be going to jail or paying hefty fines:   >>>The terms on most of these membership sites say that they CANNOT republish the inside without their permission.  So ANYONE who signs and shares logos and screenshots is already in violation of their terms.   BUT they defend that by saying that they have fair use because of the review.   That's where they are mistaken again because these are FAKE reviews.  You can't give an honest review of a program by spending four minutes stealing graphics and logos and creating the same review for each program FOR THE SOLO PURPOSE of stealing the SEO and visitors to click on your affiliate link. That's fraud. ANY WEALTHY AFFILIATE WHO IS DOING THIS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!  THE FTC AND FBI ARE INVESTIGATING THIS - PLEASE GO BACK AND REVIEW ANY PAST INFO!   >>>Let me review:   Wealthy Affiliate is the number one scam out there and the owners will be go to jail for this. When you create a fake review for stealing SEO traffic for the sole purpose of making money through your affiliate link, then you have committed a series of crimes: SEO FRAUD INTERNET FRAUD EMBEZZLEMENT MONEY LAUNDERING These all fall into the category of what wealthy affiliate is doing...   Creating fake review sites... Fraudulent SEO traffic... Deceive users... to make money...   That's the truth!  It's out there... may you rot in jail, Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate affiliates. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #370555
Sep 07 2008
06:56 AM
enigmawebstudio.com - Armychiu@gmail.com Took $310 from me for a project then only did half. When I complained, he deleted my website and changed all of my passwords and deleted my memberships to various accounts. Phillipines Internet
In early July, I met someone on WealthyAffiliate.com, a forum to help internet business owners build their business. I put up an ad asking for a web designer. Army Chiu (armstrong) emailed me. He seemed like he had good credentials. So we made an agreement that he would do 2 sites for me for a total of $250. He did a good job on the first one so I decided to pay him for the other site in advance with an additional $50 tip for doing a good job on the first site. I then stopped getting emails from him as to his progress. He ignored my repeated emails. Then after several days he said I'm busy that's why I haven't responded. Then another week went by without him answering my other inquiries as to when the other site would be completed - again, no response. Finally, I emailed him and said I know you are busy but I paid you in advance and would like you to at least respond to me. He emailed me 2 days later and said I'm busy but I'll start your project Friday. I said ok. But I realized I needed someone who was not quite so busy and who would be available to me so I emailed him and said I know you are busy so I've decided to hire someone else please give me back my $125 for the site you didn't do. I didn't hear from him for 3 days. I emailed him again. Still no response. finally, I posted on Wealthy Affiliate complaining to the owners about this guy. I received no response from them. Next thing I know, I could not log into any of my accounts. I had given Army Chiu access to all of my passwords so he could work on my sites. He has deleted all of my files and my website is not working. He also deleted my account with Wealthy Affiliate (I paid $359 to join) and I had to rejoin. So far Wealthy Affiliate has not responded. I would like to sue Army Chiu (and Wealthy Affiliate if they do not give me back my money or make Army Chiu give me back my money. At the very least I would be satisfied if Wealthy Affiliate barred him from the forum). Now I have to spend more money on another site. Shalisha New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1347516
Jan 04 2017
07:20 AM
Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Internet
News Release Re: http://howtoavoidinternetscams.com/simple-cash-daily-review-scam For Immediate Release - Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Revealed! January 2, 2017 - It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their members to post fake reviews that are optimized with popular competitor company names + keywords like “scam” and “review”. When people use the search engines to find legitimate information about these competing companies, they are presented with fake review information that falsely makes their competitors look like scams. This is blatant slanderous activity and is liable under the law. Of course, at the end of each fake review is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. My advice to you is to not pay any attention to these fake reviews or any other review that has a monetary incentive at the end like a link to an affiliate program. Real reviews will have NO monetary incentive like paid ads, affiliate links, etc included in the review. If you are a company affected by one of these fake reviews, I highly encourage you to contact your attorney and sue the pants off of Wealth Affiliate for allowing and encouraging this kind of black hat, deceptive, and slanderous activity. If you are a victim of this slanderous scam, please contact the FBI internet crimes division and file a report today at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1374861
May 23 2017
09:51 AM
John Rico JMVRico John RicoWealthy AffiliateJohn Rico Internet MarketerJohn Rico Reviews John Rico Runs a False Review Site with Fake Reviews to Get Referral Commissions Wealthy Affiliate Internet
John Rico runs a fake / false internet marketing review site.   He's an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate and tries to get traffic to telling everyone that everything is a scam except for his affiliate link. 1.  I tested out three different of his reviews.   None of the information was correct.   He even borrowed fake info from other sites so he can get content for his fake blog.   2.  Then, he does the SEO to trick Google into ranking his blog for that product or service.  So now, when someone is trying to look for that product or service, his fake blog says it's a scam.   3.  Then, he is the worst by putting down other marketers and then, redirecting them through his wealthy affiliate referral link.  That's the bottom of the bottom scraping the barrel worst marketer on the internet.   Those are the worst scammers in the world - the wealthy affilaite scammers. Here's a description on his profile: Let me tell you, this is the best decision that you could ever have. I know right now that you are still hesitant to try Wealthy Affiliate. I was also in the same situation as you before. I am afraid to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. But then, I still joined in this program because in the first place, I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join. Right now, I am already seeing the results of my hard work and I want to share my success with you.Best Regards,John Rico   You can even find him on Wealthy Affiliate which he joined in 2015 and then, copied other fake reviews.  (which is also fraud)   STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER JOHN RICO!!!
Entity: Internet
23, Report #846061
Apr 11 2012
01:24 PM
Ive Tried That,ivetriedthat.com ivetriedthat.com scam,ivetriedthat.com review, ivetriedthat.com.ive tried that,wealthy affiliate,wealthy affiliate scam Internet, Internet
Beware of I've tried that Scammers Joe and Steve I've tried that is nothing but a couple of scumbag dishonest marketers  that try and tear down other companies and steal their traffic.BEWARE OF THESE 2 CRIMINALS! They go on to try and make you believe they actually have paid for all the hundreds of companies they talk crap about with  their own money when we all know it's a load of garbage! They haven't  spent one dime and why would they? All they're trying to do is make  money off of these people by selling them wealthy affiliate and then  their crappy little ebook. By the way wealthy affiliate is the exact  same affiliate marketing/home typing/data entry mumbo jumbo program they try to warn you off about. Their favorite answer to this one is oh we  just do  n;t like the way companies are representing the program, it;s not that we are saying it's a scam itself bla bla bla..  I've never seen a  bigger set of criminals in my life! somebody needs to get rid of these  thieves. All they do is list 100's of other companies that have a pr 3  and higher so that whenever someone does a search in the engines for  that company they find , the Ive tried that website of course trying to  portray the concerned citizens lol then saves the day.. They go on to  suck you into their crap about how they are just trying to help you.  This is what really gets me about these guys, first they say oh we aren't really trying to make money and we don't even make a lot off our little old ebook that is only $7, then in another article you'll find these jerk offs boasting and BRAGGING about how  they gets over 1 MILLION hits per month!! These guys are CREEPS.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! The companies that I've Tried That list are not the ones to worry about, Joe and Steve are the ones to worry about. They want you to buy the same program but from them and instead of paying only $35-$65 for a program they want you to pay $100 a month from wealthy affiliate and get RIPPED OFF EVEN MORE!!! BEWARE.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1150533
May 29 2014
09:45 AM
Wealthy Affiliate, Niche Marketing Inc., Carson Lim, Kyle Loudoun Revoked write privilege without any warning for no legitimate reason; lied to in print by Mr. Lim. Victoria, BC, Canada
On this past Memorial Day, I had my write access revoked without any warning or reason during a Live Chat session. The only offense I can even remotely think of is a hypothetical question I made about this countfy that some patriotic zealot couldn't even stand see written. Well, throudh today I have not had the privilege given back despite the following statement written by Mr. Lim:  Nonetheless, I can grant you write access back if you are interested Craig. Let me know.  Obviouly, neither co-founders can be trusted. What I really object to is that they are intent on charging me for a Premium Membership even after cutting off ANY means I have to communicate with them. It is very interesting and revealing to note that the City of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, was informed that the company was operating widhout a Business License back in 2012 and that all attempts by the Victoria BBB to contact the company by mail wers returned as undeliverable.  This is NOT a legitimate internet marketing company and I want to go on record about this. Thank you.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #443692
Apr 22 2009
07:59 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Once you sign-up, good luck cancelling Internet
I joined wealthy affiliate looking to start an internet based business. After signing up I decided that wealthy affiliate was not what I was looking for. I wanted to cancel. I wasn't asking for a refund (their policy states No Refunds...which should have been a red flag for me), just to cancel my membership and bill me for no further payments. I sent in a support ticket (no phone number listed) and the response I got was to go into my account and look under the help topics and I'd find out how I could cancel. Whattttt???? They won't take the time to cancel my membership? Another red flag. I found the refund topic. The only problem is, it's not as easy as clicking a cancel membership button. It tells you how to cancel any further PayPal payments. OK, I'd be fine with doing this myself just to get out of this crazy maze. There's just one problem.... I didn't pay with PayPal.... I opted to pay with my credit card (not through PayPal). I sent another message and informed the company of this and now I can't get them to reply. So buyer beware when dealing with this company. Scott long beach, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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