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26, Report #891040
May 31 2012
10:38 AM
Corparate security affiliates CSA Scam ,rip off New York, New York
I paid 3524 dollars for a amored truck class only ended up taking 2 classes before they ended up disappearing im really frustrated because i want my money back.As a Veteran i think these people are just as bad as the taliban.Something should be done here.
Entity: New York, New York
27, Report #201546
Jul 17 2006
03:53 PM
World Traders & Wta Affiliates ripoff wtaaffiliates.com Nationwide
I started my company 3 years ago w/ this company world traders. I received this information from **(((ROR REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) magazine. I called world traders and like what I heard. I sent them a check for $ 6995.00 and I feel like I have been totally swindled out of my money. If you try and find their company phone # they are now giving you a number that is out of this country which will cost you almost $5.00 to place this call there new # is 101515800. I know that this is a fraudulent company and I will like to get some feedback on what other people think about getting justice from this company. Please some one respond asap. Thank you, Marilyn Marilyn Hughesville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #184092
Mar 30 2006
10:00 AM
USA Card Services And Affiliates ripoff, liars, cons Dallas Texas
I too signed up with USA Card Services in July 2005. When I first spoke with Mike Cooper, I asked him what guarantees I had with this company. He stated that at any time I felt like I was not getting the services promised the contract would be null and void. Within a matter of two weeks I began having problems. I spent months trying to get my problems resolved. I called Global Tech leasing and told them to take their credit card machine back. They stated they would if USA Card Services bought back my contract. Of course they would not. I have filed a complaint with the Dallas Better Business Bureau, The Texas Attorney Generals Office and am also trying to contact attorneys. When they responded to the BBB they had nothing but lies to say about me. They stated that I was extremely rude and offensive. I was able to prove that they are the rude offensive people. Paul Darby is probably the most offensive, arrogant person I have ever spoken to. My advice to anyone who is contacted by this company is to let them know what rip-offs they truly are and hang up! Julie Canon Cilty, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
29, Report #978632
Dec 06 2012
12:48 PM
Affordable Affiliates Can't get money back Aldergrove, British Columbia
I invested in Affordable Affiliates when it first started at the minimum amount of $100.00. I needed extra money at the time and it sounded legitimate.  I cannot get anyone to respond to me in any way.  I asked for the return of my money and they said it was not possible.  I am making no money on my investment and it has been three years at least.  Please do not invest in this company.  You will be wasting your money.
Entity: Aldergrove, British Columbia
30, Report #1202403
Jan 17 2015
02:26 PM
Remax Parkside Affiliates Possibly the world's worst real estate service provider tumwater Washington
My significant other--named Julie-- recently purchased a home through Parkside affiliates of tumwater WA.  During the negotiating phase of this transaction, I negotiated for several repairs including restoration of water to the house via well repair, replacement of heater/boiler system, and repair to plumbing. The plumbers that Julie's real estate agent were evidently the worst of the worst and shortly afte closing, it became very apparant that not only were these plumbers negligent and incompetent, they were criminal. The work that they did caused almost $30,000 usd dollars worth of damage to the house, including complete destruction of a brand new boiler system, damaage to a 20k well pump, and massive amounts of shoddy repairs that needed to be redone. Julie would have had an excellent chance at recovering this loss of almost 30,000 USD in court.  However, since Parkside affiliates refused to return so much as a single phone call post sale....she was forced to eat that staggering amount of loss all on her own. Evidently what had happened was that the broker/agent organizing these repairs threatened the plumbers with withholding pay until they pressure tested the system. As a result they became angry and destroyed Julie's entire plumbing system.  Because it was her broker/agent who arranged these repairs...Julie cannot even sue thse people as she has no idea who they are, nor does she have any proof of having hired them or paid them.  This brokerage is a complete insult to the real estate profession. She has posted  a video to youtube of the damage...search for New Yorker Boiler defective.
Entity: tumwater, Washington
31, Report #1045067
Apr 21 2013
03:06 PM
advance kash and affiliates Fake Company Adams, New York
Company is completely bogus. They send letter with your personal information demand outrageous sums of money. If you call the number they provide you can't get a straight answer. After several hours of research I found out that this company does not exist under the name on their letter head. Letters have a return address from New York but after researching the stamp code found it was mailed from atlanta and demanding that payment be sent to Arizona. BEWARE
Entity: Adams, New York
32, Report #1049175
May 07 2013
05:14 PM
Legal Affiliates Group Home loan modification scam Beverly hills California
They solicited me by phone and guaranteed a loan modification for $1995. They promised to refund the money if it didn't go through. I was denied based on the date of my home loan. The company will not call back or respond to emails.
Entity: Beverly hills, California
33, Report #1135949
Apr 03 2014
09:46 AM
Hutch Affiliates, Inc Jason Hutchison cell phones, cell phone wholesaler Fort Collins Colorado
I purchasesdseveral bulk handsets from this company for a total near or over 1$2,000.00 and over 50 percent of them were notas described.  He offers a return policy but then denies to honor it.  He advertises 70 percent backs and batteries and sends 90 percent without back and batteries and sticking substance all over the digitizers. When contacted he will tell you that his buyers who make large purchase get prime pick, and lower purchasers get leftovers. I would avoid this company at all cost.  He is a headache and he is never wrong about anything.  He will not refund anything.  He changes his rules as he goes.  I had to learn the hard way.  
Entity: Fort Collins, Colorado
34, Report #1344550
Dec 20 2016
10:57 PM
affiliates-network.com/buy-forex-leads/ Forex Leads Scam Internet
On 12/9/2016, I ordered forex leads that would sign-up for additional information on my affiliate website. I contacted Siera Seth over and over again before placing my order, to make sure that I would receive leads directly on my website, and not a list of email addresses. At the end of the campaign I received 0 leads,and an increase visitors by two! I paid $250 for 50 leads that should have signed up at my website, I got 0 leads 2 visitors and a worthless list. No refund, etc. And with the screenshots to prove it, this company is definately one to avoid!
Entity: Internet
35, Report #1306367
May 18 2016
02:26 PM
 Time Share Ownership scam and marketing scam, to make some more money out of you, even though they make it look like they are helping you to make some money. The tactics utilize are scared tactics and they are scaming Seniors and Veterans, as well as minorities making it looks like they are getting free Vacations, when you are not, because you still have to pay for the week or weeks you want to take and they vary in price by location. You also had to pay maintenance fees and RCI membership every year. Also, they told me that my extra weeks accumulate and this past month I found out is not true and I only have two years of this promotions and each week has expiration date if you do not take right away. I am finding out that all the information they gave me was incomplete or a fib. If the owner that started this was a Veteran and he is not aware of this scam, he need to know, but if he knows, he need to be prosecuted for fraud. I pay the down payment with credit cards and took a personal loan from USA A of 12,000 to pay it in full.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale , Florida
36, Report #1264817
Oct 31 2015
06:19 AM
quirky and affiliates Sold my invention ideas without my consent Internet
I submitted an invention idea that the quirky board members rejected a couple of months ago. Recently upon buying a new phone, I saw I found out my invention idea is being applied through an application on the new cellular phone. This application was never in existence for years and it is now being applied without my knowledge or consent. I have also come to learn that quirky sold the company probably to avert any lawsuits. What can I do as a consumer to gain what is rightfully my idea.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1135252
Apr 01 2014
04:12 AM
Wealthy Affiliate A REAL REVIEW OF THESE CONS Internet
Well, well, well. I was thoroughly convinced that this company was legitimate. Even after I spent significant time researching them, going 10 to 20 pages deep into their google presence, I was still game. This is the ruse: They are a very clever marketing company, and are everything they say they're not. Beware, and please read. They are smarter than most, which is why they have so many followers. They claim to have the key to training a person on how to successfully create their own lucrative work-from-home blog sites. They do claim to be a lot of work, require a lot of patience, blah blah swoon. You almost had me. I was told by Nathaniell, on a pretty good site that I thought was legitimate, that I could enhance my existing site by adding marketing for products related to my already niche field of Kitchen Design, and get paid for it! Silly me! I thought it was somewhat curious that I could go to a company like Design Within Reach, and ask them if I could market for them, and have them pay me. I didn't see how this could work. There was some kind of program partnership that wasn't fully explained. So after much resistance I signed up with a backup email to try it out for 7 days, and see if I could learn as much as I could. I had my Write Access Revoked by Admin almost immediately by Kyle, one of the 'founders', eh. It turns out that a lot of the first training courses had to do with setting up a site, blah blah I already have one. So I wanted to get right to the juice of it, because I'm trying to see if this is legit, so amuse me, OK? I repeatedly asked, in the general forum, for help on finding out how to do what I was led there to do. I had NO interest in creating a Wordpress blog page that would promote Wealthy Affiliates. And yet, this was all they seemed to cover. I kept asking questions and received several responses to just go through the training. For what? To buy into the gimmick? Tell me EXACTLY which training of the 10 to go to so that I don't waste my time. After all, you're selling yourself to me for me to buy into your membership at some point. I don't have time to la-dee-dah here. Just tell me where to go! If I feel that I need to take a few steps back I will. But no. Kyle HIMSELF made a rude comment to me. This girl suggested that I watch the Alphabet Soup section of the training, that it would help. I said this was for keyword help, and I don't need that. Kyle said that if I didn't know what keywords were for, then I had no business being on the internet. Excuse me??? I was simply stating that SHE did not understand, and led me somewhere I ALREADY KNEW ABOUT. He was rude. And within seconds revoked my ability to respond with his powerful finger. He didn't want me to write, but I just felt the need. So, here I am. No, I wasn't dumb enough to pay for it, but it seems that, unless you want to be a Wealthy Affiliate robot you are not welcome, and will be coaxed VERY tenderly into paying for it. In fact, I was told that the core of what I wanted to learn was in fact in the premium membership, lucky me! If I was some poor beginning I would've fallen, green money hard.  The ONLY way you will make money is by creating a 'practice' blog page (which becomes your sole purpose) that markets your affiliation with Wealthy Affiliates! In fact, so MANY pages have been created for this purpose that their SEO is AMAZING! It's genius really! They made it so that even if you look up complaints you will be hard pressed to find me, and instead only sites that are cronies just promoting themselves. It's the worst case of writing reviews for yourself that I've ever seen. You will get paid $22.50 for every person who actually buys the monthly membership, poor souls. $147 if they buy into the annual membership! Seriously? ANOTHER marketing scheme for you to harrass your friends with and beg them to work-from-home and make money by blogging about what they 'love', when they will really end up monitoring one blog, the one that pays them for every fool who follows that yellow brick to Wealthy Affiliates and the dope behind the curtain. If you know anything about internet marketing already, you will see right through this. Brainwashing SCAM Unless you want to be a robot and lose all your friends, then enjoy. Thanks Kyle. ;) 
Entity: Internet
38, Report #373871
Sep 17 2008
01:44 PM
Exclusive Advertising Affiliates exclusive advertising and affiliates is a fraud and a waste of your time Dallas Texas
I responded to an employment adverisement for exclusive adverising affiliates and was uncomfortable from the start. Their website is very vague about what they do and it is obvious that they are constantly looking for employees. I was told to stay by my phone because they would call if I was selected for a second interview. Of course they called to tell me that my second interview would be held from 8am to 6pm and to wear comfortable shoes. The second interview consisted of me standing outside a Sam's trying to sell makeup to people as they walked in. What a waste of time and energy. No compensation is offered for the long day outside because it is considered only an interview. Crystal dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
39, Report #453196
May 18 2009
11:47 PM
World Systems Affiliates - Arizona USA ripped off by World Systems Affiliates Arizona a.k.a. World Sytems, Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix Arizona
I joined World Systems Affiliates at a debit cost of AUD$14.16 and a conversion fee of 14c on 30/04/09. I was twice contacted on by mobile phone by them - Nicholas and Maggie, but had problems with their homepage with my password and signing in. They kept sending me emails about them contacting me to get set up and started. Then a second set of debits for AUD$53.52 and a conversion fee of 52c went thru on my account as completely unknown and unauthorised debits. Their homepage was no longer able to be found and they did not answer my email asking for a full refund of my money. I am reporting these illegal and ripoff debits to my bank to see if they can be recovered. Tim WoolloomoolooAustralia
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
40, Report #275557
Sep 21 2007
08:18 AM
USA Card Services - Affiliates USA Card Services and Affiliates, Liars, Cheats and Cons Dallas Texas
On July 6, 2005, I too fell victim to USA Card Services, Ladco Leasing, Colony One, and anyone else involved. The names and addresses of the companies seem to change. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau of Texas and the Attorney Generals Office of Texas. Obviously nothing has happened to these cons as of yet. If there is a class action lawsuit against these liars and cheats, I am ready and willing to jump on board. Julie Canon City, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
41, Report #1116008
Jan 16 2014
10:56 AM
Executive Affiliates Charleston Court Apartments DO NO WORK WITH EXECUTIVE AFFILIATES! DO NOT LIVE AT CHARLESTON COURT! Atlanta Georgia
Since I moved in this summer the items from my move in punch list have not be fixed. I have lived in the apartment for over 6 months and the property management office has made little to no attempts to fix the issues I've had. They say they maintain the washer and dryer in the unit, but you have to fight with them to send the tech to fix it.My smoke detector is still broken although that's a fire hazard they have not fixed it either. They expect to have access to your apartment 24/7 - meaning they will come in when you're not there, even if there is no emergency. They do not give you notice of coming in but trip your alarm and so the police come to investigate since no one was authorized entry. It's still unclear why they were in my apartment to begin with since they haven't fixed anything. There are numerous lights burnt out on property making it very dark. Parking is hard to come by because they do not regulate how many cars an apartment has. They allow all kinds of pets with little sound installation causing many long nights of listening to barking dogs and squawking birds. Again, the property management office does nothing.The gate to the property is constantly broken, although you pay for the gate service. The gym TVs do not work and many times the machines are broken.I've tried to contact the Home Office of Charleston Court- Executive Affiliates but no one returns calls. I have left numerous messages.In fact, if you look at other posts, people say you should not deal with Executive Affiliates because they are very evasive. I agree, they don't even have a webpage or emails you can send information to. I wish I had done more research on the landlord and talked with more tenants about the living conditions of the apartment before moving here.DO NOT LIVE HERE!Read more: (((link redacted)))
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
42, Report #520671
Nov 06 2009
03:01 PM
Wealthy Affiliate I am the Programs Director for a large investor association. I vet speakers and programs for our members, Internet
I had a similar experience in trying to cancel a Wealthy Affiliate membership as posted previously. I think its funny that some of their affiliates brag about how they have such a low level of refunds. Oh. Could it be because they dont offer one? They claim that its because of all the proprietary information that you are privy to once youre in. I really didnt see anything that isnt readily available elsewhere online and in many cases, free. Further, any tools that are available for their members can only be used while you are a member. Thats still not a terrible thing I suppose. They can have whatever policy they want. It is their company. Buyers just have to BE AWARE and not think that just because other reputable companies offer refunds that Wealthy Affiliate does too. THEY DONT. Nor do they make it easy to cancel and that is where it gets bothersome. Even after you find your way through their crazy time consuming maze and they acknowledge receipt of a cancellation request and a date that our membership would expire, they continued to bill us for 2 additional months. I received an email requesting that I contact Kyle and Carson personally via their forum to see if they could get me back on track LOL... I didn't know I was off track but in any case, I wrote back and politely asked that they simply cancel my account please. I still can't get a response so I decided to post on as many sites as I have time to until they do. Unfortunately for them, I do the speaker and programs vetting for a large and very active, non-profit association and this won't fair well for them if this isn't resolved soon. I don't have anything really bad to say about their products or services. I just think their customer services are stinky and that isn't an experience we can afford to expose our members to who depend on us to research quality products they can use. Thanks for your help BTW. We appreciate what you do.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #755052
Mar 30 2015
10:41 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Master Crooks and Thieves. Internet
For 3 years they have taken money from my credit card - I have begged and pleaded that they take me off their books - the do not have the common decency to even reply to my letters.I am 76 years old and my pension is all I have. Life is very difficult for me. They are downright thieves and should noty be allowed to operate on the internet.3 years of feees is a lot of money.I have written personal emails to the owners Carson and his partner, but they are clearly equally crooked.Take care not to use their web site as it will be a nightmare.They plausible scoundrels who prey on the unsuspecting potential clients thinking that they can learn something to help them along. My frst year I paid for and realised that I had entered and could not do anything about that years fees - however they have continued to steal my money nothwithstanding my repeated appeal for them to stop and repay me.Any help I can get to recoup my stolen money will be appreciated.Thank you
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #1268720
Nov 22 2015
03:28 PM
Wealthy Affiliate Carson and Kyle Scam, Thieves, Ripoff, Horrible Comp Plan, Censorship, Bad Info, MLM not available, Terrible Videos, Awful Articles, Learned Nothing, Crummy Website Host Internet
  I have now been banned from chat for over a month. You have not responded to my e-mails for further details. I will not be renewing my membership and I find it unjust that you charged me full price for this month when I am still banned from chat. I am requesting a full refund and immediate cancellation of my membership. I am taking my clients and referrals with me and will make all of them 6 figures for 2016. I started ThriftyPinky.com yesterday and I already have 13 full-time active franchisees and all of them are doing Pinkilocks Professionals as well. My current referrals/friends include Christopher Yohn, IveTriedThat, JohnCWS, PJLucas, JohnVB, BobTosh, Zoefke, TomTitty, simon1234bun, Ashiko, Tallton, and my other 250+ followers on your website. I will not refer any future business to you. In my humble opinion, you have treated me extremely unfairly and your business model is reprehensible. You are taking advantage of all your customers with your payment plan. I have found a website hosting company that pays $300 per referral - more than 13 times what you offer. Nearly every hosting company has a better compensation plan including Webs, BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, and many, many more. I think you and your partner are selfish, unkind thieves, and I will tell all of my 4K Twitter followers such. In addition, I am an online MBA student at St. Thomas University with a B.B.A. from USD and a M.Ed. from National University. I am a licensed CA Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Appraiser, High School English and Business Teacher, MSPA Gold Certified Mystery Shopper (10+ Years), Website and App Designer, Life and Business Coach, and small business owner of PinkilocksProfessionals.com, ThriftyPinky.com, JillianSorenson.com, and LearnMysteryShopping.com. I would advise you to change your compensation plan to be competitive with that which can be found with a simple web search Otherwise, I predict your business will fold within 12 months or less.                  
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1377851
Jun 08 2017
09:38 AM
Stephen McGouran AKA Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constaltly creates false reviews of products in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate - Internet
Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constantly creates false negative reviews on his website, in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get money from people joining via his affiliate link. Wealthy Affiliate actively teaches people to do scam reviews, and before they were sued by Mobe they had a list of 147 products to do reviews on in order to call them scams, and promote wealthy affiliate instead. I'm new to affiliate marketing, and the dishonesty of Stephen and people like him really gives a bad taste to this industry - i mean really, who can you trust?
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1269626
Nov 22 2015
10:45 AM
Downhill Money Rick Bell Charlie Bell, Commission Miner, Wealthy Afftilate Downhill Money Rick Bell posts lies about others on his blog in hoping to gain affiliates to his program. Lewisville Internet -Texas
Downhill Money Rick Bell posts lies about other successful marketers hoping to gain attention to his program Wealthy Affiliate. He contacted me Vic Hutchinson about paying me $5,000 for me to work with him one on one all year. He told me he had faile miserably at this online marketing stuff and needed help from someone that was already a successful marketer. I was able to quit work under the age of 40 because a friend and I over an 8 year period was creating niche products outside the IM(Internet Marketing) niche and simply had so many products up that the commissions we were making from the sales was enough after 8 years to quit work and go full time at online marketing. An example of one of our products was headache remedy. There is a way for you to talk to yourself that actually will make the headache go away. This is just one example of the hard work over the years we put into this marketing. I do give God all the glory and this Rick Bell from Downhill Money did not like. He even made fun of me for being a christian and saying that I was one. After quitting work in 2006 and taking the year of 2007 to travel, I got bored and then in 2008 I came into the teaching niche of Internet Marketing and decided I would give away my training for free to show others how to build websites the correct way and to get better conversions etc... I did not charge for this training when I first came out in this niche. I found out quickly that not charging made people not take it all that serious, so then I started charging $21 per month and started a membership all under my name Vic Hutchinson. Well, he spoke real nice to me and I thought he was someone I would want to work with and I accepted his offer. Next, I asked him did he want to pay the $5,000 he said he was going to pay me with a check or paypal. This is when it started turning a little weird. He said he didn't have the money and asked if I would take monthly payments starting the following month. Huh? How did he go from telling me he had the $5,000 and was ready for me to train him via a Facebook Post to not having the money. I then told him that he should just come into my $25 membership and learn a ton through that, but then he asked if I would take a used old motorcycle for trade. He even sent me pics. This was very unusual as I have never bartered before with trade for any of my trainings. I asked if he was serious? I said if he was then I was going to make him video explaining in detail what he and I would work on all year and that he should go on to do well from all of that personal training. Next, I said I was excited to work with him Rick Bell and that I could meet him half way as he lived in Texas and I was in Macon Ga. He said okay, that he needed to find a trailer and that he would get back to me. I said great and then he was really excited that I took his offer. Well, can you guess what happened next? Yes, the excuses started coming again and this time he said his girlfriend was mad at him and that he was crazy for doing this. I then said RICK, let's drop this. Just come into my $25 training and you will enjoy that. He said, no you now how women are and that he would be able to cool her off and would get back to me the next day. I again told him to just drop it, that this was not worth all this. Guess what happened the next day? Yep Rick Bell from Downhill Money Blog out of nowhere now started calling me a fraud and a scam and that I was all along trying to scam him out of his motorcycle.. I said huh? I now knew that I was dealing with a deranged individual and told him to please stay away from me or I would get the law involved. This was very disturbing to me. He then came back with psychotic emails making fun of me for calling myself a Christian and he even said I was never a soldier in the US Marines. I knew I was dealing with a psycho for sure now and told him to please leave me alone and for him to stop harassing me through these emails. He next said he had a blog that was really powerful and that he would smear my name all over the internet if I did not allow him to come in for FREE to my trainings and see if he could make some money with my trainings. I have ALL of this documented from his emails that he sent. I told him to please get away from me. NOPE! His emails started getting disturbing now saying he wished he could be there to see my face when he put up this site against me. ..and so he did. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and now he ranks for the #1 spot for my name and here is where you can go see the psychotic writings of Rick Bell from Downhill Money and you will also find that I am not the only one that he smears lies about. I now know that this person was simply a demon that loves to cause hate and pain to others just to get all the people that search for reviews in Google about successful people and programs and he simply tries to rank for those keywords to try and get people to come into his wealthy affiliate program.   I asked him to please take down those lies and that he knew they were lies and that picture of cash that he says is mine and that I make fun of all my clients from the money I make from them.   This guy is a psycho and now here I am trying to defend myself from this demon. Every time I emailed him asking him to take it down, he would say he would remove it if I would train him for free. I finally said YES  after realizing this guy had some major issues with his way as a human being. He then took it down and apologized to me and ( yes I have all this in an email ) where he said he made it all up only because I denied to train him. Well, this is when it got really cooky. I was on Skype with Rick Bell from Downhill Money around 3 times and each time this guy seriously was a wack job. He made no sense in the things he was asking me to train him on and then I asked it he would be okay if I had another one of my clients to help him. He said sure. Bad mistake. He acted even weirder with 2 of my clients and they both BLOCKED him from their FB and skype. They both said he was a wacko. I told them sorry and that I would try to tell him to just please go away. This is when he got even more violent with me and said he would love to come and punch me in the mouth in front of my family. This is when I DRAWED THE LINE with this guy. I took out a restraining order against Rick Bell from Downhill Money. I had no idea what this deranged human being is capable of. He put his site back up with the lies against me and now he will not take it down no matter how I pleaded with him that if he was a true Christian as he said he was then he should not make another human being feel the way he has made me feel and my two clients that tried to help him. I now know that this is what he does. He lies about successful people in order to try and get the search engine traffic from Google where people try and get reviews on them and he tried to get them to join his wealthy affiliate program. I emailed the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and asked them to please make this person take down the slander about others in order to sell their product that he is doing on his website. They would not return my email or private messages. I do forgive this guy. I have no idea how or why I got caught up in his very hateful world he has built around himself and I hope that one day God will make him stop the lies and hate he spreads about others. It really is painful to see someone write things about you that is not true and you not be able to do one thing about it. The bible says that we are not sue our brothers and I won't, but what if my mom was to search for my name one day and see this filth that he put online. You have no idea the hate you are building around yourself Rick, but I do hope one day that God pricks your heart and brings you to your knees and you ask for forgiveness from him and me and turn your hate filled world into a positive one. You will do so much better online if you do. No one likes evil hate filled people. I love you and forgive you, but the pain you have caused me does not feel good inside of me. Only you have the power to stop it. I forgive you and hope you get the help you need. I know you will respond to this and try and come off as some gentle person, but you and I BOTH know that is not true. I have THOUSANDS of successful and satisfied clients who have come through my training and some of it you can Make Money Fast. ( sorry wanted to put a link to one of my sites real quick to give it a backlink for a keyword I am trying to rank for..lol Good luck to you Rick and if you were a true Christian you would take down the hate and evil you are spreading about others and that is the end of all that or anything you will try and say to defend what you have done and continue to do on your hate filled blog about others. If you are a true Christian and love others as we are supposed to, then simply take down the site. Anything else you say means nothing, if you do not take down the lies about others. Now, BELOW is one of many emails I received from him after i told him I would train him for free. He was trying to extort me. --------------------------- Rick Bell's email below to me ( one of them. I have tons. ) One minute you think he is a sane human and the next he is a disturbing demon.. God help you Rick. -------------------------------- Yes, Your program softwares really caught my eye and that is why I was so excited to find you online before. I just knew my luck would change once I started learning and using what you use. Thank you for this. I want to also thank you for a second chance andpossibly a great friendship going forward in 2015. Thank You. ---Remember though Vic, I'm not a member that is going to flake out on you.--- I worked all of 2014 for $45.00.. ( see this PROOF guys, but on his blogs he says he has retired himself from being a trucker and that he has helped numerous people do well online. He is a scam artist )8 hours a day and most weekends. I'm willing to do the same here this year starting now.Now that I have you as my mentor,  online value, and programs to sell...I feel invincible. :) All I've ever wanted to do here is make a dollar online and be able to help my friends do the same. As far as the review, I just threw a bunch of stuff out there as I had no real proof of anything. I was trying to get passed the pain is all. Sorry. Ive never even been vengeful like this before. Normally I take the quiet way out. As I don't like conflict at all. It makes me crazy!Funny thing this online stuff. I've beat my head against it for 13 months now, not knowing even how to send an when first starting...and even though I've learned a lot of what doesn't work...I've never found anything that actually did work. At least that was worth doing the work for and being compensated. That is me, fair pay for fair work.I'm a much better promoter than you might think, even with my lack of success. Even though I haven't had success myself online.And I do write reviews telling others of good programs and ones to stay away from. But I would only call it a program a scam if I see hundreds of others saying this and I also check it out myself first. Yours was the one exception.That review was my first bad feedback review ever. -------------------------------------------------- Make Money Fast This is a story from Vic Hutchinson that I wished I didn't have to write, but this guy really has caused pain in my heart. All I wanted him to do is take it down, but he still today continues to write nasty things about other successful marketers as well. If he knew the pain he causes others, I would hope that he would remove them and just stop and start writing beautiful stories. Thanks for reading. Now, when he sees this he will come back like a lamb, but he truly is a wolf. Where do these people like this come from? What if he was writing lies about YOU and putting them online for the world to see and knew that they were all lies? Would it upset you? It did me. Bully Marketing is an old tactic and it is one that still today that does NOT work. I pray for you. Now, go ahead with your come back. You are a very disturbed person living all alone with your dog hiding behind a monitor with your hate. I hope you get everything in life you deserve. Karma can be a thing of beauty, but it can also be the opposite as you are true proof to that.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #65228
Aug 04 2003
06:11 AM
Roommateaccess.com Affiliates Program ripoff, false promises fraudulent ripoff business mistreated and ripped off BOSTON Massachusetts
Roommateaccess.com Affiliate Program - - -WON'T PAY YOU A DIME FOR LISTING- - - their [Roommateaccess.com Links] ON YOUR WEBSITE. - - -PLEASE DO NOT ASSIST THIS FRAUDULENT ENTERPRISE IN RIPPING OFF INNOCENT INDIVIDUALS- - - CLAUSE #4 OF THEIR IMPLIED CONTRACT STATES: - - - - - - - - - - Roommateaccess.com reserves the right to change this Agreement, including without limitation, the Links Guidelines and the Compensation solely at its discretion. - - - - - - - - - - This CLAUSE allows them to CHANGE THEIR MIND concerning payment of ANY KIND to ANY individual, corporation or entities thereof AND it would hold under any LITIGATION against them. On their FAQs, one of the questions psuedo-posed by a perspective licensee: How do I know how much commission I've earned? Through Reporting.net, you can access reports, which are updated daily, that provide information on impressions, click throughs, orders, shipments, and commissions earned. Reporting.net is a FICTITIOUS URL that REDIRECTS you to: Partner Gateway(TM)a location where they are not even listed as a participating MERCHANT. A GOOGLE(TM) search LISTS Reporting.net as a Partner Gateway ERROR a location where they are NOT LISTED ANYWHERE as a participating MERCHANT. I have not been RIPPED-OFF as this offer is an implied contract to receive a commission from Roommateaccess.com. However, this is an attempted method by a FRAUDULENT ENTERPRISE to spread their INFECTIOUS [modus operandi] and RIP-OFF yet more individuals of their $40.00 GO ACTIVE fee. Roommateaccess.com may or may not assist some individuals in locating housing. Nonetheless, BOTH parties must remit the [$39.99 GO ACTIVE fee] which makes their proposed service a gambling enterprise as it relies on the CHANCE that BOTH parties will remit the [$39.99 GO ACTIVE fee]. Roommateaccess.com ALWAYS profits from the transaction/s. Therefore, they should be subject to the GAMBLING LAWS of the State of Maryland and should be regulated, licensed and disclosed as such in ALL their advertising inclusive of any of their Web Sites. Eliphaz the Temanite (Job 4:1 KJV) MC MURDO STATIONAntarctica
Entity: BOSTON, Massachusetts
48, Report #30515
Sep 19 2002
01:28 PM
epenzio & affiliates customer servce website not clear enough no manual very confusing false promises Salt Lake City Utah
I attended the National Grant Conference and signed up for the website It has been almost six months. In April 2002, the Conference was in Myrtle Beach. I signed up and have had no success with the website. It is not clear on how to set it up, and I am very computer literate. I cannot download my files, pictures, or get customer support with enough ease. My account is debited 99.95 each month at no benefit to me. Penzpay was not a problem, but when I ordered my travel credit card machine, I was told there is no fee for the slips used, and I just received a bill for them. It is taking valuable money that could get my business increased. I signed up for it with good faith that it ws going to help me to expand my horizons, that has not happened. If epenzio signs a contract for business assistance, they should get what they pay for. Unfortunately, many of its customers are no. I would like to keep the credit card processing, but I DO NOT want the website anymore or the fees associated with it. That is not good business and I am not happy. I give my customers more than 3 days to change their mind on a purchase. Please let me know what I can do to help. I really want all the funds I have contributed back from this company. Grezelda Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
49, Report #215913
Oct 15 2006
02:24 PM
Cornerstone America Cornerstone America, Cornerstone Affiliates ripoff, They're Heeerre in New England anyone looking for a job - BE CAREFUL!! Ripoff Rumford Rhode Island
This company is now luring unemployed hard working people in Massachusetts & Rhode Island- only requirement is to be licensed. They pull people's resume's off the internet, that don't have any insurance training at all- nothing in my resume' suggeted that I was an Insurance Sales Rep.-but I was still notified by e-mail by this company(?). Good thing I already DO know some things about how the insurance goes here in RI. I heard the b.s. right away @ the interview, I was just hoping I wouldn't be right about this ?company?-but I was. Thanks also to Steve and all you others out there that heard it or smelled it, too! Jeannine Providence, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Rumford, Rhode Island
50, Report #455467
May 26 2009
03:25 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates Aka Portfolio Recovery Affiliates is trying to re-age an old debt Norfolk Virginia
I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) on May 22, 2009. They claim I owe $2,500 on an old MBNA account that was charged off. The account aged out of the statute of limitations (SOL) by a few months, but PRA applied a fake payment to the account they have listed on my credit report. The payment was posted in May, 2009. I know neither I nor anyone in my household made that payment. Obviously, the company is trying to get around the SOL. The company has made no attempt to call me, not that I would have spoken to them after what I have read here on the Ripoff Report. My letter claims that this account has been selected for arbitration review, but that I should call at my earliest convenience so the account can be resolved without formal arbitration. The company did not inform me of my right to a validation of the debt in the letter. They have not paid a registration fee to collect in the city of my residence, according to the law in Alabama. I have learned my lesson about dealing with collection agencies. I paid off an old credit card, but the listing is still on my credit report and another collection agency has purchased it. I have begun the dispute process with one credit bureau on both the PRA item and the other one. Next, I will write specific letters to each credit bureau regarding my claims. I have also sent a debt validation request, certified with return receipt, and I contacted two consumer advocacy attorneys that are listed on naca.net. One has contacted me for further information. I will never be taken in by collection agency sharks again. Never ignore a debt collector by pretending they don't exist. They are becoming more and more aggressive. Keep everything they send you and record the phone calls if that is legal in your state. Most importantly, contact an attorney if you think your rights have been violated. If the attorney thinks he can win a suit against your debt collector, the service may not cost you anything out of your own pocket. If you are having debt collection troubles, you can learn a lot by visiting debt collectors' websites to see how they operate, but also read everything you can find here at The Ripoff Report, naca.net, and at budhibbs.com. Anonymous Cuba, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia

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