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1, Report #418326
Jan 30 2009
05:33 PM
web-help247.com Credit Card Fraud None Internet
Two days ago I checked my credit card statement online and find a charge for $209.00 USD/$264.77 CDN from a company called www.web-help247 Dot com.I have never heard of them or have anything to do with them so i call my credit card company to solve the problem and they file a ''dispute on my behalf.After i call I Google this web address and find some interesting news.The website and hundreds of others are owned by Alexey Vasiliev who phish for credit card numbers.I call the credit card company back to give them the info I have found just incase it would help my case.While I am talking to a rep from the card company, he has my info on screen in front of him,a good thing because the fool tries to put two more charges through. BUSTED! The credit card cancels my card right then and there and reverses all charges.The info I found about Alexey stated that he is a criminal that will do anything to get his hand on your credit card numbers. Be carefull out there, they want your money. Ray Alida, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1384179
Jul 09 2017
10:04 AM
WEB*.COM 8003112707 FL web.com DBT CRD Florida
WEB*.COM  2 charges on statement 30 days after the unauthorized charges from web.com. Their Page never worked but their charges work perfectly 5 years ago. I don't even have an account with them over 4 years now. 06/02/17 $37.88 - 06/19/17 $41.90. No authorization whatsoever. 1st get your money back thru any means(any), 2nd Close your card. Most these internet company schemes charge you twice a month hoping you don't notice until the end of the year where you suposidly have no recourse but unfortunately for them you are more than authorized for any revenge you care to administer. 
Entity: Florida
3, Report #80021
Feb 11 2004
08:32 AM
Datesnow,com ripoff Internet
i was charged 79.99 for a site i never signed up for, the supposed date was a day when my entire family was home and my 5-year old daughter was on the disney web site.. Ron interlochen, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #100286
Jul 23 2004
04:35 PM
1T3.com ripoff 1T3.com Ripp OFF Cheaters
I also been just ripped off by http://1T3.com I ordered their 1000 MB hosting plan and they took my money through paypal and then they sent me a email of my hosting package. give me my ftp login and server addresses too. I loged in to that accout once and once only after that I could not log back in at all and thier web site was or has been down for along time now been at least two days and I got the server off them last weekend and could not access it at all after the first time I logged in. I bad mouth them by email and they laughed at me and I even got a email back from them stating that they will not refund my money back to me at all !! and they even said good luck on trying to report us in to the FBI or fruad department. cause I made a threat to them that I would do that and I did report them in to the FBI and to the BBB and fruad department too. But I did get one good info from them their ip address !! heres their ip now the FBI can have fun and trace them when ever their online unless they change thier ip!! Jamie Augusta, MaineU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1223428
Apr 19 2015
09:53 AM
coolhandle .com Web hosting REFUSED 747.27 REFUND Internet
COOLHANDLE WORKS WITH A WORK AT HOME PROGRAM AND THEY OFFER A FREE  PROFESIONAL WEBSITE I SSIGNED UP FOR THAT BUT IT IS NOT REALY FREE THEY HAVE A 197.88 BILL THAT GOES WITH THE SO CALLED FREE WEBSITE THEN YOU HAVE TO REDO MOST OF IT THEN THEY ALSO OFFER 5 ADDITIONAL WEBSITES YOU CAN BUY WHICH I NEVER RECEAVED FOR 286.61 AND SUPPOSE TO HAVE ADDITIONAL FEATURES YOU CAN AND ON FOR SECURITY FOR 262.80 . I PURCHASED ALL OF THESE OFFERS AND DID NOT RECEAVE I DID RECEAVE THE SO CALLED FREE ONE BUT WAS TOLD IHAD TO REDO IT SO I CALLED AND ASKED WERE MY OTHER 5 WEBSITES WERE WAS TOLD NOT MY DEPARTMENT so i sent in ticket like i was told to do never receaved a response so on 04/18/2015 i requested a refund and canceled all there services and on 04/19/2015 i receaved a email sayin they couldn 't give me a refund even thou i never got my 5 websites or used the so called free one or the add onsthey said they only give. Refunds if you use there other services why would you use there other services if you can't get the ones you paid for to start with.   MENT
Entity: Internet
6, Report #93682
Jun 04 2004
01:49 PM
Had a 41.40 on my cc, I never allowed Dating Playground to withdraw that... Upper Mount G was in the second line Peter EindhovenNetherlands
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #782615
Sep 28 2011
05:39 PM
1and1.com 1&1webhosting No MOney back! Internet, Internet
I thought I would try 1and1.com because they had the lowest advertised price on domain and web site services.   I tried to start with their started package, but the next day had to upgrade to a business package because the starter package lacked all tools and utilities that we needed to just get started.  The next day we tried the upgraded version and all available tools were add ons that had to be upgraded in order to make our website look professional.    Page widths was our number one complaint, second was our ability to create our own templates! Finally we decided to cancel and return to justhost.com,  we were told that we had lost the 3 month money back by upgrading our website to business package.   Save yourself a headache, flee for your life!   1and1 are crooks!
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #314911
Mar 05 2008
09:17 AM
Pay-lvent1.com con artist, fraud Internet
after getting an email telling me about this company i clicked on the link to find out more info. it said i needed to register and use my credit card as age concent, which i did. it even had a padlock at the bottom of my pc screen telling me it was a safe website. it said my card would not be charged but after getting my card statement. i found that not 1 charge but 2 .1 for 19.51 and the other for 20.16. i have reported this to my card company and also to you. i think people like this are the lowest of low Bill redcarUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1044042
Apr 17 2013
02:57 PM
mate1.com credit card fraud Internet
I was charged 49.99 after signing up for a 3 day trial. After realizing this had taken place i contacted my credit card holder. They informed me to go back to the mate1 site and follow directions for a refund. After doing this to the letter i have yet to receive my refund . Having met a girl from Russia on the site corresponding with her thru personal emails decided not to worry to much about the loss. Turns out the girl wasn't real and was a scammer herself .she attempted to scam me for 1700.00 more. Mate1 is nothing more than a bunch of scammers all trying to releive you of cash any way they can
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1302210
Apr 27 2016
02:23 PM
1and1.com Unauthorized Charge to My VISA Chesterbrook PA
Checked bank account online and was shocked to see Recurring Payment on Authorized on 4/20 www.1and1.com, 877-461-2631, PA. The amount was for $84.00   Having never heard of this company, and having NOT given them permission to charge my VISA card (I have no idea how they got my account number) I filed a fraud claim with my bank.   My VISA had to be closed (pain in the neck) and after a week, the bank refunded my money.   1and1com: There is a problem with this website’s security certificate. Good grief!   This company is out to lunch; I do not have nor have I ever had a web site.   BEWARE!!!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #427087
Feb 22 2009
07:49 AM
Web.com Thieves, gutless wonders Seatle Washington
By far the biggest thieves on the Internet. I cannot contact them, I can't change to a different hosting company. My e-mail doesn't work. The steal my money and they have put me out of business for months. I'll start a Class Action Suit or Group Action Suit if I see response. Richard Arlington, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Seatle, Washington
12, Report #455385
May 26 2009
12:33 PM
1and1.com 1and1.com is the worst Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
1and1 is the worst hosting service I have ever had the displeasure to work with. We have several hosting accounts across the Internet primarily due to the fact that 1and1 can't seem to keep their servers up. Over the last year they have been down for more than a week three separate times. We asked for a credit which amounted to a few dollars but never saw it. We joined their affiliate program three years ago and, regretfully, referred a number of people to their service but never saw a penny from their affiliate program. Needless to say we don't recommend anyone anymore. We have attempted to cancel domains to no avail as their system is designed to be so full of required processes that the cancellation never gets completed and as such you end up being charged for a domain you thought was canceled. If your looking for an affordable hosting service you would be far better off paying a couple extra dollars and be sure the company you choose has a good customer service department located in the US or Canada. 1and1 has their customer service in India and their personnel haven't got a clue except how to say We apologize for that but... Lopaca Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Chesterbrook,, Pennsylvania
13, Report #268739
Aug 20 2007
07:26 AM
1and11and1.com - Hosting 1&1.com - 1and1.com 1and1 horrible customer service and stealing money Ripoff Chesterbrook Pennsylvania
1and1.com had a deal a while back 3 months hosting for $59 so I decided to get it because it included a few domains and it had some coupons I needed. After signing up I registered a few domains that I spent weeks trying to find and are irreplaceable. When I went to use the coupons they didn't work because they where 4 months old yet advertised as working. That pissed me off because that was the main reason for signing up. So 3 months go by while developing other sites and working on those. I did not know that they would automatically sign me up for automatic payments and I get a message saying I was going to be billed within the next few days with no notice beforehand and its too late to cancel. So I thought nothing of it, because good registrars like godaddy, etc. wont give you the service instead of sending it to creditors. So money hog 1and1 sends it to a creditor and I start getting letters in the mail saying I need to pay or they will wreck my credit. So I call the creditor and ask how much it is and how much longer I have to pay it off, they say its $59 or $64(I forget which one). So I pay it off a few weeks before the deadline. When I call to pay it off they say I owe them $74 instead of what they told me the last time I talked to them. So I was very irritated now but because I have the valuable domains I pay it. And for no reason I decide to check my credit card balance online, to find that they charged $86! I called back and there was nothing I could do. So since I paid for another 3 months I figured I had a while before I needed to cancel the hosting, I didn't want to cancel it now because I would loose the 3 months. So last week, which should be the ending of month number 1 I get a email saying they are charging and its too late to cancel. I just called 1and1 and told them that I just paid less than a month ago for 3 months hosting and the guy says 3 months went by since I was billed last time and even though I had no access to my account or domains I was charged for that hosting. I politely talk to him and tell him about the situation and he starts talking really rude to me and says that I'm wrong and I have to pay them. I told him that I never got any info saying I was ever going to be billed or the status of my account. He said that they still billed me because they saved all my data, but I tell him I had no data stored and he keeps interrupting me saying yes its stored. So I'm asking him if he's saying that I was charged for storing nothing and he starts threatening me saying that they will give it to a creditor and I will have ruined credit. I recommend nobody buys from 1and1, they do not value their customers at all. They put the bill before you. I'm going to have to waste another $60+ trying to get those domains back. Big companies like 1and1 smash their customers and forget that they should come first. BOYCOTT 1and1.com !!! Jonathanr Davis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
14, Report #1190730
Nov 22 2014
09:46 AM
ericdress.com False discription on the web site Nationwide
BE AWARE IF YOU BUY CLOTHING ON WWWERICDRESS.COM    Do you buy on the internet? False discription on internet web site of www.ericdress.com I bougth a fur cape by the internet, $135.47 on my Paypal card, they said it was over $300.00 value  I was very desapointed went the order was shipped at my home .  The cape was not what it appear on the web site at all.  It is very ugly,  cheap  +++. I wrote to them many times,  and they offer  $ 15.00 compensation.  A real joke !!! Finnaly, the will refund me if I returned the cape at my cost to CHINA !!!!  Imagine this !!!  So,  I gone throw this cape in the garbages, nobody in my family and friends want this horror.    
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #147001
Jun 21 2005
05:22 PM
Op13.com Services Webhosting Company shut my account down for no reason Ripoff Internet
I signed up for this hosting reseller. They set up an account with me and ran this services for 9 days. All of sudden, they shut my account down without any warning or reason. I have contact with them and never responded any my e-mail message and 2 days later, I asked for a refund. Still got no responded at all. I filled a report against this hosting company with FTC and I filing my complaint here. B. privite, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #160760
Oct 14 2005
11:01 AM
Eroticy,com Several dozen attempts at member contact 0replies Internet
I joined Eroticy lookin' for a little side action. Had 2 messages total sent to my inbox. 1 just before the free trial expired and 1 shortly after. Over a ~3 wk period, I made ~50 attempts to contact members that I seached out. Many were in the same situation as me, ie married but looking. I never received ONE reply back! Thanks, but no thanks! I requested that my acct. not be renewed and now I can only wait and see if I do not get slammed for another $25 bucks! It's not so much the money, it's the Hours of time wasted messaging the disfunctional members/site hoping and expecting at least a Hi or Get lost! response. Once bitten, twice shy! Unhappy fun seeker Ltchfld. cnty.U.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #96610
Jun 27 2004
07:27 AM
1t3.com ripoff, liers, they stole my money British Columbia Internet
1t3.com looked like a great webb host, they had a great list of free services. They lie, the servers were down most of the time, my e-mail quit working within a few months, one time the password would not work, and if I tried right after; the server could not be located. The never respond to e-mails, the tech support was never available. I fought with them for a year and NEVER had a good viable server. DO NOT USE THEM! Prentice Tifton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #334930
May 26 2008
04:49 PM
Lvent1.comgagonmy****.com gay porn web site C d Nationwide
It says at this web site that you will not be billed that your credit card is only being used for age verification. This is a scam and a lie. They most certainly do and will charge you and your account and for multiple times. It charged me 3 times for the price of 39.97. I have been working with my bank to have this money refunded. I cant contact the company because the name is not there and the number given to contact is not a real number. This has been nothing but a frusturating headache. I am doing this in hopes that it does not continue to happen to others. Tyler Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #816104
Dec 30 2011
08:55 PM
mate1.com solicitation of web cam offers every one! Plattsburgh, New York
asked to try the tree day trial,for 1.95 and then it looks like they charge you full price before they open their offices again,and when you get to the trial offered so called dating service its nothing but people if even that trying to get u to pay for blackbook web cam  ,and not  one conversation out of ten has been different ,they all refer you to the same place ,and want you to get the webcam.
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
20, Report #678124
Jan 03 2011
01:33 PM
1and1.com charged me 150$ 3 day holding fee lake zurich, Illinois
i was using 1and1 for about 3 years paying 6 months in advance for 3 years well my credit card i was using for the site was stolen and i informed every place i have auto renew/ subscriptions that is was stolen and to halt all auto payments on it also informed my bank to do that also well now 1and1 charged me 150$ for my site that i told them i no longer what they said "we dont charge you if you want the site we charge you on holding it" they charged me about 2 years worth of websites for holding my site a week "not charged for usage charged for holding" 150$ for a site that costed me 14$ or less a month its funny i told the guy what happend the guy hung up on me now i have NCO that has called me 61 times in a 31 day period -Troy G  
Entity: lake zurich, Illinois
21, Report #733342
May 26 2011
04:56 AM
Allover247.com Gustavo Jimenez, Unable to produce results as indicated on Web Page Los Angeles, California
Allover247.com makes promises on the web page of turning a small amount of money into a large sum in a very shor time. This is not true--Gustavo Jimenez is not capable of doing this. I spent 3 weeks with him and he managed to loose money for on almost every trade. He would not return phone calls or text messages. There is no customer service! He claims to to charger 20% on the amount earned as commissions. In reality he is extremely overcharging. He is charging a commission on monies already invested and paid a commission. He is over charging and will not comment on that. False advertising is his fortee. He is making money on activation fees (advance fees). If anyone is compelled to go further contact the Los Angeles Consumer Affairs Office, The Attorney General of California, the SEC and the BBB.org
Entity: Los Angeles, California
22, Report #890754
May 30 2012
05:19 PM
Go Daddy dot Com Rip offs money grabbing c*nts lying cheating Internet, Internet
These guys are money grabbing c*nts. A few years ago I registered a domain for $10.00 + a year web hosting fro $24 a year for my website. Everything was good. A year went by My domain was to expire so I wanted to renew I picked the One year option and tried to buy but website kept giving me an error, I tried again and again I cuoldnt not buy one year I was forced to purchase a two year for my domain because their website wouldnt accept one year. Now my web hosting is almost over, I was paying $25 a year for economy hosting now their prices exploded now they are asking for $6 month economy hosting no extras $72 dollars a year. The have the special now for $4.24 a month so I tried to get but when you go to check out its actually $5 a month. And somebody keeps loging in into my account and switching my settings, My web hosting was set for recurring automatic billing every year I turned it off, logged in again this was set on again.  I try to purchase a 3 month hosting but the only options it gives is 12 months 36 months and 64 months WTF? these people are scum bags stealing money from customers and forcing extra long services by purposely manipulating their sh*tty site. I should have never registered a domain and gotten web hosting from these guys.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #958760
Oct 23 2012
10:08 AM
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #205860
Aug 13 2006
01:27 AM
mate1.com Suckered and they have my credit card Internet
So I joined Mate1.com to see if I could talk to a few ladies. I didn't give it much thought until I received -3- messages from different women on my email address. To be able to read said messages you MUST become a full member. Mate1 offers you a free trial. So I applied. The first thing that I didn't like was the fact they asked for your credit card. Well I have a personal one I don't use for many things, and completed the necessary steps. Once I did, the three messages where finally revealed in all their glory. They where all correspondence resquests. Identical requests. That got me curious, so I went into the profiles. Two of the ladies had 1 line profiles, that just added flame to my thoughts of set-up. I verified the third one, and that one seemed genuine. It had a small paragraph, maybe 4 lines long, and seemed nice. So I thought, this MIGHT not be a scam. Eitherway, I waited a day and logged on today. I had no replies from any of the ladies, so I went in to verify profiles again. I studied the pictures taken, ignoring the two I believed to be fake and studied the third one closely. It was a pose. The entire picture was some sort of model POSING for a camera. She was looking off into the distance in a classic miss clairol body statement. That got me to look closer at the profile when I noticed the kicker. The profile had not height, or weight or anything on the relevant fields. Also, the profile description did NOT match the photo. Boom, another set-up email, and I fell for it. I instantly canceled my subscription as I was still on the trial time, but I am very angry that people who tried to sucker me into giving them 50 dollars have my credit card information, my email (thank god I used the public one and junk mail wont be a factor), my name, everything. I strongly suggest never using Mate1. Anyone who is willing to sucker you into a paying subscription is probably more than willing to do other unsavory actions with your private information. Anonymous AnonymousU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #172570
Jan 20 2006
04:49 PM
1and1.com ripoff has the worst customer service and billing departments on Earth. Internet
I'll start with the conclusion first...Do Not Use 1and1.com for Any of your domain names or hosting accounts. Here are some stories for you to read. I'll let others do the speaking for me: http://namepros.com/registerindex.php? http://www.1and1faq.com/forums/showthread.php?t=312 http://ryanduff.net/archives/2005/0...-vs-bittorrent/ http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Q_21255548.html http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,14281692 http://www.kylemanning.com/?q=node/25 http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week...103/167654.html http://www.searchengineforums.com/a...:webmaster-101/ http://www.welchwrite.com/blog/2005...and1com-web.asp http://nukecops.com/article3098.html http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/...d1-com-p-1.html http://www.searchengineforums.com/a...members-lounge/ http://www.sauria.com/blog/2003/Dec/16 This is just the juicier posts on 1and1.com and only five pages of google. I'm sure I could post a thousand links if I wanted to waste any more time on this piece of crap company, but you get the picture. I hope I save at least one person from buying from 1and1.com Blah Anywho, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide

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