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1, Report #1238966
Jun 30 2015
01:57 PM
Superlative Websites deceptive and unfair billing Nationwide
Superlative is trying to collect money that I do not owe them. After I cancelled the website, they continued to bill me for services that I was not recieving. Now they are trying to damage my credit with false charges. They turned the non-existent account over to a collection agency. Now I am geting calls from a debt collector. I do not reccomend these vindictive people to do any kind of business with.  Read all the fine print and then avoid them like the plague.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1185902
Oct 30 2014
03:23 PM
Superlative Websites Real Estate Websites and Design Irvine California
My experiences pretty much mirrors the other post I read.  I have been with Superlative since 2010, paying them a monthly $30 fee for a real estate website.  Without getting into the pros and cons of having a website or having Superlative do your website, my issue is with billing and the method of renewal.   Superlative makes it easy to pay them via automated draft, though cancelling is another issue.  Beware that you are signing a contract which renews automatically with absolutely no notification whatsoever that you are coming up upon your renewal period or window of opportunity to cancel should you want to do so.   Now this hasn't been an issue for me since 2010, but now that I want to cancel, I wrongly believed that I could give ample notice to avoid continued billing in November.  Not a chance says Superlative.  One must cancel at least 30 days prior to the annual renewing period and mine not until March.  I was told that I need to contact my sales rep, Kelly Olayvar, and I did just that, leaving her a detailed message, but I never received a phone call, nor do I expect to receive one.  If I do and this is resolved to my satisfaction, then I will post an update explaining their resolution.  I have a feeling that people will be reading this report, as is,  for years to come unfortunately (if they even remain in business).  Superlative is just one of those companies that is happy sitting back, doing minimal work, with 99% of it being at the beginning of your contract as they help you with a template design.  They then sit back and collect the revenue, making it difficult to break free of them.   So for those of you considering a personal real estate website, please give it some considerable thought and realize that the way consumers are receiving information has changed and is still changing rapidly.  For real estate, 3rd party websites such as Trulia and Zillow are leading the pack, so a personal website is no longer a source of lead conversion for you.   And steer clear of annually renewing contracts, especially when they deliberately make no effort to notify you of upcoming renewals.  Is it illegal?  Perhaps not, because they put it into their contract.  Is it ethical?  That's an entirely different issue and one which you should ask yourself before deciding to give Superlative your hard earned money.  Our industry is difficult enough, so we don't need to compound issues onto ourself.    
Entity: Irvine, California
3, Report #548411
Jan 01 2010
11:18 AM
IDS Websites Promises Custom Website, Delivers Nothing Useful! Internet
A salesperson from IDS contacted me and offered to design a custom website with unlimited changes, and web hosting. She assured me that it would be a one of a kind, unique site. A few weeks later, they published a very amateurish version full of misspelled words and incorrect grammar, as well as descriptions of our company that were completely incorrect. I contacted the company and spent another hour going thru their mistakes, and I was promised they would make the changes right away. After a week of waiting for changes that were never made, I did a little digging. I quickly found TEN other sites that were nearly exact copies of the so-called custom website that I bought. There could have been more, but I quit looking. When I took a look at my invoice, I found charges I never agreed to pay, and instead of billing for web design service, they billed me for some sort of fee that I don't remember agreeing to pay. I believe they did this intentionally to avoid having to give a refund for their lousy design services. Of course I contacted and demanded a refund of all money that I paid (nearly $300) for what I consider fraud (by promising a custom site and delivering copies to several customers) and breach of contract. They have REFUSED to repay the funds. At this point my recourse is to ask for Visa to refund my money and to contact an attorney for damages we have suffered from their fraud. Regardless of what business you are in, STAY AWAY FROM THESE CON ARTISTS! I already own what I consider a decent, revenue producing website and only considered the offer from IDS as a way to increase our web presence with another site. They wasted my time, my money, and have caused our business to suffer by their amateur efforts and by copying another company's website.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1121613
Feb 06 2014
07:51 PM
Ultimate Pet Websites pets Saint Louis Missouri
I paid this company a thousand dollars to design and create a website for my business.  They promised to have it up and operational within 8 weeks.  It's been a year and 3 months and it is not complete.  I have contacted them several times and when they were answering their phones they would tell me that it was almost completed.  They told me that for a year. I requested my money back and that is when they stopped returning any phone calls or emails.  i'd like to take them to small claims court, but I don't have the time or any more money to put toward this venture.  I would like to file a lawsuit against them.  I'd like my money back.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
5, Report #163241
Nov 03 2005
04:10 PM
Tower Websites ripoff Internet
I was searching the internet for work from home data entry work and came across this website, They promised that after my initial payment of $24.95 they would send me a ton of different data entry jobs with all these companies to choose from. Being very eager to work at home, I paid the $24.95 fee only to receive a bunch of bull!!! They told me in order to activate the site I would have to subscribe to a bunch of things and then email them and they would send the list of jobs. Needless to say, I, being very naive, subscribed to maybe 2 things, ya know, stuff like, win a grocery shopping spree by entering your email address etc. I then emailed them and let them know and never heard back from them. No list, no nothing. I then gave them a week or so, and sent a second email, still to no avail. I finally contacted my bank and had them do an investigation and credit back my $24.95. My bank was unable to locate anyone as the number listed always rang busy!!! I did receive my money back from my bank but its very frustrating to be promised something and not receive it. It shows that they are very unprofessional and liars because they didnt offer what they advertised!!! Dont give them a dime of your money or a second of your time!!! are scammers!! Tonya Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #526583
Nov 20 2009
05:38 PM
Intuit WebSites, Homestead, Trial Websites Scamming Internet
I signed nearly four weeks ago a trial for a website design with Intuit. As a journalist I'm interessed in knowing new technologies and ways of doing things. And I signed because somewhere they gave the ideia that if you wanted to give-up it would be easy, also if you did pass somedays after the trial period ended.Conclusion: for nearly a week I'm trying to cancel this trial. I don't find any selecction, buton, nothing where you can do that. After that work, sunddenlly it apears a Cancel somewhere with no relation with anything. I select and appears a windows that says you must phone to a toll number! And that you must pay the time in that number till their services attendes you!!!I believe that's America in his best. But as I found a so good site to tell my story I like this way of putting these scamming stories to public. It's not good reputation for these companies and not good for an internet service that should be reliable. I hope american authorities react to these situations. Credit card abuse in trial software is scamming.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #370866
Sep 08 2008
11:48 AM
EMerchantsclub Websites Took my money and never OPTIMIZED! Simi Valley California
I have been fighting with this company for a year that something was wrong with my site. Everytime I changed the layout or inventory it would always go back to the default. My sight never came up with a search not even on the 20th page of a search. Only if you put in the exact website address. I brought every problem I had to the attention of the support team and they kept telling me I am changing things internally. ? I finally asked to speak to a manager and was told one was not available. Finnally after arguing for a while they gave me to Cory (thats what she told me her name was), She told me that the problem was my sight was never OPTIMIZED! And she would give me a free OPTMAZATION and 3 months of free hosting, BUT that was what they were giving everyone. So I really wasn't getting much. And the free optmazation I already paid for so it really wasn't for free. I wrote them a letter for a refund of the OPTIMAZATION of $499.00 that they never performed and a year of hosting. They told me I was declinded. And the website set up fees would not be refunded which is not what I asked for. I sent my letter to the CEO of the company and I got my reponse from the tech support dept. This company is a big ripoff all they do is take your money and blame you for all the problems with the site. I sold ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! Micki Hazlet, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
8, Report #370955
Sep 08 2008
03:20 PM
EMerchantsClub Websites Charged outragouse money and didn't complete on their end Simi Valley California
Here is a letter sent to the head of the company Armen Bedrossian,Director at eMerchantClub, LLC and President On August 8, 2008 I made a phone call to your company about a charge on my Discover Card of $199.00 which was not authorized by me. I was told that I signed a contract to upgrade my website from an 8 to a 9 which was untrue. I spoke to one of the tech support people and ask him to send me a copy of the contract and he told me it was he didn't really have a signed contract, and I said I wanted to speak to a manager. He told me one was NOT available but I could call back and ask for Mike. I asked him for his last name and he told me he didn't have to give me that information he was the only Mike in this room. I told him then I wanted to speak to someone over him. He told me there wasn't anyone but asked me to hold on and Cory came to the phone. I explain to her everything that has been going on since my purchased my website. 1).My site was never optimized! I paid $499.00 to have this done I filled out the papers in October of 2007 but it was never submitted on your end. I explained that when I contacted tech support I was told that we deleted the door way page and I don't even no what that was. 2).I explained every time I changed they theme of my site for the holidays, 3 weeks later it was changed and items were deleted. I was told that it was an internal problem and my site would be put back the way it was. Never happened had to re fix the site myself. 3).I called about a search problem that it doesn't matter how or what I searched for my site never came up. Other sites came up but mine never did. I was told to search the address. Now if you have the website address it will come up! ANY SITE WILL. I tried to explain that and I was told that my site gets put into the search engines every 30 days, which Cory told me that was not true it is only inserted ONCE. 4).I explained to Cory that I tried to put my website into Google myself and I had a problem. Google told me that there was a block on my site and couldn't be inserted and I called tech support and was told that was not true, but Cory looked into this and told me the optimized paper work was never submitted for my website to the search engines. So I have had this website for 1 year, paying $29.95 for you to host this site that was a dead site. I paid $499.00 for the optimization that was never performed, $1396.00 for a website that has been dead for a year, $199.00 for an upgrade that I never asked for. Please except this as my cancellation notice of my website. I am asking for a refund of the $499.00 which I paid you for and was not performed and the hosting fees for the year. I am calling my Discover card to dispute the charge for the upgrade that was never authorized by me. I was DECLINED for any type of refund. Due to I only had 3 months after signing up for the website and 6 weeks of that time when your site is being optimized it's down so really you only have 4 weeks to see if it's right for you. But if your site is not optimized you will NEVER know. This company rips people off who just wants to make an honest living. Micki Hazlet, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
9, Report #681519
Jan 11 2011
11:40 PM
key design websites they dont do what they say boise, Idaho
i can see now why my website never got finished like promised, and i can also see why my changes never happen as promised. as i look back over the keydesign website i see why, according to thier blog their own website is still not finished and has been incomplete since january 26 2010, 12 monthe ago where they say whatch this blog for uodates and fun stuff, updates and no fun stuff. And thier twitter account, not updated since march 18 2010, 10 months ago and thier facebook page is the same not updated since febuary 8 2010 and all it talks about is miss spellings on thier website which was pointed out by a Wendy Warren (probably another upset customer). And to beat all the latest news on thier home page is nearly a year old? I guess it's my own fault for not looking closer and letting thier slick talking telemarketer convince me that they are a top notch company hahaha....what a joke! all i can say is BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE when key design calls save yourself time and money and hang up or you will have a unfinished website like i do, and well like they do too.
Entity: boise, Idaho
10, Report #911522
Jul 13 2012
11:22 AM
Websites Fast Audra Hayes Website design, Scammed money DID Nothing , Internet
Audra Smith called my company several times at the beginning of June 2012.  I finally returned her call.  She and expressed to me she was a website designer and knew I did not have one and wanted to offer her services.  She told me she had just relocated and was trying to build her buisness in the area.  I set up an appt which she called me 2 hours earlier and said she was in the area could she go ahead and stop by.  I said yes.  She was at my door within seconds.  She showed me some websites that she said she had setup.  It was very impressive.  She told me she would do my site for $150.  That would cover the domain name and everything.  I told her no I would not pay for a domain name I had all that already.  She told me she would do it for $100.  I agreed and paid her $100 in cash.  She wrote me a receipt and promised to have my site within 3 days.  I waited 4 days and nothing.  I called her left messages after message and no return call.  I finally called and left message that I was reporting her to the police.  I received a call back almost immediatly.  She told me she had been out of town on an emergency.  I told her it only takes a phone call to your customer.  She said she had done my site and I told her no she had not because I had changed all the passwords.  She ssaid she did it thru a different site and asked me to look at it.  I did look at it and it was full of misspelled words and offered stuff that I did not offer.  I called her back and one number had been disconnected and the other one was no answer so I left another message.  I did find another company which she did the same thing to.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #585135
Mar 24 2010
04:35 PM ripoff websites Internet
This is my second attempt to warn people NOT to use this service.  They do not follow through but WILL withdraw money from your account
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #831030
Jan 30 2012
07:57 AM
Key Design Websites LLC Tom Young Key Design Websites LLC is currently advertising his Business opportunity & taking money with very little return. Boise, Idaho
Key Design Websites LLC is currently advertising his Business opportunity with 430 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654Telephone 800-223-5417  Tom Youngs ad:Key Design Websites, LLC specializes in: website design, top search engine optimization (SEO) and hosting for small businesses. Start your own website design company under our banner; offer extremely affordable custom designed websites and hosting, make an incredible 50% commission on every sale and 20% residual monthly income. Free Compaq laptop and all documentation and training provided.Total Capital Investment $1,500.He e-mails a business like contract requiring witnessing of signature stamped by a notary. After mailing back with a bank draft, he sends out some very well written e-mails, with a lot of promises, and then his actions are very slow or non-existent. When asked about his tardiness, he makes a lot of apologies, with no explanation. Very poor at returning telephone calls or addressing issues (sent via e-mail).During a 30 day period, I received an e-mailed Training Manual (a joke), 1000 business cards & some printed material with a value of LESS than $200. With his performance, I feared for how my clients would be treated and made Tom aware of my concerns. (Again apologies with no optimistic explanation). I told Tom via a telephone conversation that due to the fact that his performance was very poor, that with concern for my prospects and my reputation that I did not want to represent his company in Canada. When asked to return my money, he became verbally abusive and refused a refund.Beware of this man. He takes & gives very little in return.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
13, Report #266257
Aug 08 2007
07:19 PM
Mark Warren Websites Ultimate Internet scam Ripoff Akron Ohio
My story is the same as everyone else. You will not make any money on this site. I used over 75 descriptive words as meditags and could not google the site. You have to actually have the name to find it unless you pay extra money to advertize on one of Mark Warren's affiliate sites. I ask for the refund of my money on day 3 after one of the con artists working for Mark Warren called me to ask for another $3 to $6 thousand dollars for a coach. I said no and he got angry so I hung up. Do not try this scam. You won't make any money. As I am typing this I just received 2 more emails from Warren wanting me to pay more money to advertise. Betty LINCOLN CITY, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
14, Report #31789
Oct 03 2002
11:52 PM
Free Membership Adult Websites ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Florida Internet
You will see free trial access to adult sites everywhere on the net. Be aware you are required to enter your credit card number for age verification. You are told there will be no charge. You are charged the minute you press submit. I did this 7 times and was charged each transaction. No I was not charged because I exceeded the trial period, I was charged at the time I signed up. This directly contravenes what is clearly stated on the sign up pages. Hey this is not just for one website, it's for 99% of the Adult sites. Is this not fraud? Why do they get away with it and why do the credit card facility's process the cards. Phil Perth, Other
Entity: Internet
15, Report #351316
Jul 14 2008
10:14 PM
Websites Of America Takes your money and runs, its a total rip off! Phoenix Arizona
When I first got a phone call from these salespeople, they were very rude and pressured me into purchasing their business opportunity before I had a chance to research it. They assured me of the money back guarantee but I still told them no several times at first, and they would not get off the phone. I finally gave them my credit card number for the $99.00 website to get them off the phone thinking I could cancel and get my money back later. Then several different account managers called me within the next week, and convinced me that I needed to spend another $1100.00 to get my business off the ground. I was promised first page search engine rankings for my website, google adwords ads and targetted traffic. Now, two months later, when I do a search for my website on google, it doesn't come up in the first 35 pages at all (I stopped looking after that point), I asked them what keywords would be used to show my google adwords ad, and I searched and searched, and again, nothing is coming up. They won't give me any information on how to see the stats for my site so I can check to see if their even sending the traffic I bought either. About 3 weeks ago, after zero results and plenty of headaches, I called to cancel and get my money back, and have been calling almost every day since. Whenever I call someone take s a message and says they'll give it to Harvey because he is the one that handles all of that. I'm starting to wonder if this person is even real, because I have not gotten one single phone call back. Other times, a woman will answer and say she'll get it taken care of, but then never does. My account still has not been credited, and theyre giving me the run around. All I want is my $1199.00 back. Sure its a business opportunity, and most people get upset when they sink money into something and don't get a return on the investment, but thats not why I'm upset. I'm upset because they took my money, then never even bothered to fulfill the advertising that I paid for!! Daynarogers Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #1369033
Apr 22 2017
10:33 AM
Placester Real Estate Websites Placester Parasite, fradulant,deceptive, Boston, Massachusetts Nationwide
 I cancelled their service over a year and a half ago and they are conspiring with my credit card company and still billing me even the the credit card number has been changed. Avoid their websites are weak at best and the charge a fee every month which my credit card company has continued to bill even though it is not legal or approved by me.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #520473
Nov 06 2009
09:25 AM ripoff Internet
Stay away from this design company unless you want to spend thousands of dollars for sub par work that you could get elsewhere at mugh higher quality for literally hundreds or thousands less. I purchased some web design from this place and received what looked to be the quality that my 12 year old son might throw together in his spare time goofing about. I also later learned of places that have much higher quality work at less than half of what I had paid!  I also believe that they simply outsourced my work to some cheap designer and pocketed the rest.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #440509
Apr 03 2009
10:39 AM
Gdstarlightpdas BEWARE!! Internet
I have stumbled across several reports on this company today and felt I needed to add mine to the long list of stories. I too, have been scammed by this company. I noticed a charge for $4.79 pending in my online banking screen. Once it cleared and provided specific information on the company that charged the ammount. I tried to call the company to find out why they were charging my card. The phone number goes automatically to a recorded message saying to send an email to the company. I tried to pull up information on them online and when I searched for the company's name, I stumbled across several complaints filed on them. I immediately called my bank to cancel the card. A note to others out there... Pay close attention to your bank accounts and if you see a charge from gdstarlightpdas contact your bank immediately!!!!!!! Birdie Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #752448
Jul 13 2011
01:46 PM
Do not sign up for this free trial they will charge you a pathetic amount right away! BEWARE
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #781890
Sep 27 2011
11:05 AM Complete Scam, Internet
On September 24, 2011 I made a purchase totaling just under $20.00 from a website is a website that claims to sell virtual items for a PC game Diablo 2. The website promises delivery of the virtual items within 2 hours after payment is sent to their paypal address In the past I have used numerous different websites that promote the sale of virtual items for this game and have had no problems what so ever. It appears my luck has run out. After making payment I patiently waited my two hours, yet there was absolutely no contact from the seller. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went to bed. The next day I woke up to check my email hoping they would have contacted me, but no they did not. I sent an email to two email addresses listed on the website: & In my email I outlined my concern that I have not heard anything from them and to please make contact with me and advise me of my delivery status. I also sent the same email to the registered paypal address that I sent the money to Since then there has been no response what so ever from this company. There is also no phone numbers listed anywhere to contact anyone. I know I should have known better than to use an untrusted site, but I am writing this to warn any other unsuspecting Diablo 2 fans out there and in hopes that I can help at least one other person from getting scammed by these folks. Luckily I only lost $20.00, it could have been worse. I am in the process of reversing the charge with my credit card company. Luckily I used a charge card, I wouldnt be able to have done it with a bank account or debit card. After some more research and asking around I have found a ton of other people who have been scammed by   as well I have also found two other scam websites run by the same folks. They all go to the same paypal address They are: & Please save yourself the trouble and DO NOT purchase anything off any of these websites. And if you have been scammed by them, don't let them get away with it. Report them to paypal so they can have a track record. Also attempt to reverse the charges through your bank or card company. Lastly, please report it here; as well as any other internet related crime.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #729179
May 14 2011
05:18 AM Advertising Fraud Internet
The company is  This company is fraudulent.  They do not provide their customers with what is advertised.  I purchased hacks from them but was unable to get them to work.  I asked them several times to help me to get their hacks to work but they did not help.  I asked them to refund the money but they refused.  This company is fraudulent.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #926676
Aug 13 2012
03:27 PM banned , Internet
doug will not be fired...hes the owner i also was banned for attempting to create 2nd acct.  i read the terms & rules first & nowhere did it say that accounts were limited to one per user.  i did not try to lie & apologized.  the response i rec'd was please find another service. i had left a 5star rating along with comments about my reading & stated i would definitely be a repeat customer...they were removed, which is unfair to the psychic. what IS in the rules tho is no free readings as the psychics are there to earn a living...i pointed out to doug that his banning ppl due to something which is NOT posted is limiting their income.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #915374
Jul 21 2012
09:45 AM
SkyAuction careful , Internet
  As promised a new forum on Skyauction. I'm not looking for any response or comments.My sole purpose here is to educate hard working good people.So that know one falls prey to the white collar crime that happens every day via Internet.       Let's start off on a positive note for all those that feel they would like to bash my opinion and my personal experience.My very on brother loves them, he is a local police officer and shares with anyone he meets that this is a legit company, and the friendly officer even warns them the only down fall is, there is no way to make phone contact with them. Its all done over web site then through email.(later in my personal experience this order web site then email a lot can happen).   So YES  the company is real, can and do people get good or even great deals YES .In fact, I got a great deal myself ! Please  Just Take Your Time And Read All The Extra Fees and Set A Limit For Your Self  During The Bidding And Be Patient.   On to the negative... My great deal came with way too much stress!!! But Law enforcement runs deep in the family genes, And truth and justice would not allow me to stop until they made good on their end of the contract.(also this word contract plays a role in how they rip people off to put it bluntly.)   Here's how, it has been a while since I've looked at the contract, so don't quote me but in a nut shell it makes reference to  THIRD-PARTIES and how Skyauction is not responsible you think it means ... for their behavior,dirty rooms,bad food,flight delays etc etc....which if you think like me, that would be completely understandable.   Now, what you are completely unaware of is, Skyauction own's none of what they are selling you. It all comes from Third-parties.And here's the kicker even your reservations and flight arrangements are made by a third-party so, guess what that means ....long layover (too bad) not skyauction fault. My personal experience was one of our 7 guest, name was misspelled, on a child going out of the country and a simple name corrections on the child was all I asked for so we would have no issue's coming In or going out of the country and since 911. They flat out refused to do that !!!!! What really....??   Well after months of back and forth. What I found out through the airline was (I tried calling them directly to make the name change myself ) but they said, the only one that can make the name changes is the company that made it begin with.... well I explained I bought this trip through skyauction  but they are refusing to do this. They said sorry, you need to go back to Island Resorts Tours. I said skyauction is not playing nice! after hanging up, the name Island Resort Tours jumped back into my head WHO's Island Resort  well low and behold they, are a third -party..... buddies of skyauction And they have a phone # yeah now where going places   But,not before some more unnecessary added stress. I called, stated that they had made some plane reservations for me. He said what makes you think so?The airline said so. (Skyauction was who charge my credit card).He stumbled with his words and stated that they (skyauction) weren't most likely out of bed and had their coffee yet and he would have to get back to me.But not before asking me some questions as to how this misspelled mistake could of happened?   So back to the beginning..... (web site to email) officer friendly(my brother) also warned me. Since it was airline tickets involved with my winning bid, make sure all passport numbers and full names are filled out correctly! Very carefully I follow his advice . On their web site I dotted all my I's and crossed my T's and tripled check myself.  I was the responsible party, for 6 other's vacationers (my winning bid said I could take up to 8 with the same $.) I then hit send....My Advise to anyone TAKE A PICTURE WITH CAMERA BEFORE HITTING SEND, YOU HAVE NO PROOF OR WAY TO HARD COPY WHAT YOU DO THROUGH THEIR WEB SITE.   After hitting send. Was my first email. They replied to me, stating I needed Three hotel rooms and who would be rooming with who?  with children involved and one having a hyphenated last name I shortened my response to them, having no worries that the stress of the airline tickets was behind me.This was the first and only time I was asked about names and guess what? The evidence showed ME not fully spelling the name right!     Now panic struck I fumble through months of emails, realizing I had no hard copy of flight info.but what I did find, was that very same child in two different emails was two different ages HA! I was only asked their date of birth once, during all of this, proving now someone on their end, tampered with my carefully, properly, correct info which they were refusing to make right!    Now back to their (third-party) buddy down the street that know's there coffee schedule. Once again, after hanging up, I wondered Why would he want to know how it all happened? If he is just hired to make reservations then simply fix this simple mistake. I tried calling him right back and now he is no longer in the office. I thought .I don't have any evidence on our conversation, on what was said.So I quickly, while it was fresh in my head, jotted it down in an email and fired it to him. In less than 5  min after receiving my email  he was calling me back explaining  to me, sweet heart  I will be correcting this issue soon but it's a holiday weekend and the airlines are closed. After hanging up closed?? the airline??   After work, arriving home in my email was a return to sender no such recipient. To the man that called and said I just got your email.... Ok wow what the **ELL.this was just one of many, that I went through But the best one of all was .This one was great   Finally after all I went through it was coming to the end of months of computer trickery and torment.Was this final email stating your trip is processing. I clicked link which put me on their web site where this rotating hour glass was going round and round as though the process was ticking away and any minute I would  a proud  owner of a great vacation deal..... drum roll please....the only way off or to exit  that page was hit this (cancel) button.....You tell me what would have happened  had I.....I guess, we'll never know cause I just decided to shut down my computer instead .  Now Where going Somewhere   This was just a fraction of my real life experience with Skyauction.    Looking them up on BBB seeing horrible reviews even some reviews where people have found a phone #  I guess this might be why my bother never made detective.All the stories are true and horrible.just be grateful you were not one of the chosen few. This businessman friend of mine explained it this way to me, when I asked why do they do this? He said if they can rip off one out of ten, then they can afford to sell things cheaper to other's. This is why most have good experience and a few crazy people post things then get slammed by those of us that think, what idiots they didn't read or do there homework first.or think well you can't please them all. Now hopefully we can all do less judging and learn from others.Just because your reality isn't like there's doesn't make it not so.   I can't wait to see how someone from skyauction will pose a one of us(good people) and comment on this.   Anyone have issue's with fraudulent charges on credit card after using them?
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Mar 01 2012
06:52 AM Complete Ripoff! Internet
Ordered two items off of this website and never received either! No one ever answers Customer Service number or responds to messages. Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and SaveMore did not respond to them either. I cannot believe their website is still up and running! Beware!
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Mar 14 2013
12:58 PM discriminates Internet
I subscribed to Meetup(dot com) to start a social group so my customers would have a place to meet other people with the same interest. About a week after subscribing, we received an email saying that we had received a complaint that we had violated a term condition which involved the promotion of a company. They also said they will refund our fee that we have yet to receive. Will update on this issue as time goes on. I sent an email saying that our intention was not to promote a business and if they hadn't removed my account I could have explained more by examples. They would not reply. No return phone calls as well. We sent another email with several page links (evidence) of two competitor Meetup groups in our area, the were identical to our Meetup group that was terminated, asking why I was terminated and why they were not. The only reply I received was that they will not discuss other Meetup groups. Again, I asked why I was terminated and the other two were allowed to remain. I also asked what the difference was in our group than the other two. Received a reply with only a link to their terms & conditions. I copied and pasted their terms section about the promotion of a business and again asked why they were not terminated as I was. Reply... we can not discuss other groups! We have researched other complaints about meetup(dot com) and found similar complaints. They are in violation of their own terms and allowing a competitor to use their site while choosing who not to allow for what ever reason. That is clearly unfair business practice. I recommend strongly that any of you who may be considering subscribing to Meetup(dot com) look for a alternative source! They are a Ripoff!
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