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1, Report #791407
Oct 22 2011
10:56 AM
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo never gives same answer twice internet
I hope this ends up on the same page with the other people who have dealt with Wells Fargo.I just wanted to concur with them that Wells Fargo does NOT want to work with you to help you pay your mortgage when you get behind. You would think with all the foreclosures they are having to deal with and properties they now own that even they can't sell, they would want to work with their customers to help them keep their property and keep making some kind of mortgage payment.I too, got the run around every time I called Wells Fargo. My case was open; it was closed; they need more documents; they received them; they didn't receive them; I needed to send documents again. I was denied for a loan modification. I was denied for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. They never tried to work with me to receive any more mortgage payments from me. It's ridiculous that they won't even talk to you about getting behind on your payments until you 3 months behind. What kind of business practice is that?My condo is in the process of foreclosure now - or at least I think it is. I'm not even sure Wells Fargo is working on it. In the meantime, it's still on the market for 21 months now, I'm still the legal owner, and I just found out that even though I filed bankruptcy in May, I am liable for any homeowner's association dues incurred after my bankruptcy, so I am once again in debt. I fear Wells Fargo could take years to finally foreclosure on my property and I will have to keep sending homeowners dues for a condo I just want to get rid of.Ironically, after the bankruptcy was finalized and the foreclosure was started, I received one letter from Wells Fargo telling me they had reduced my mortgage payments and a month later another letter asking if my situation had changed and to please call them to discuss a loan modification.Right.
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2, Report #278751
Oct 15 2007
06:44 AM
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo stole my house Barrie Ontario
Back in Nov 2006 the phone calls started, saying that I did not pay my mortgage, as the person on the other end told me this I laughed, well apparently this was no laughing matter. I did pay my mortgage and I even have proof that I paid my mortgage; however they said that they never got payment. I faxed them proof, I spoke to managers, I did everything I could. They said that they would investigate this matter and get back to me. In the mean time the phone calls did NOT stop. Every day they would call, Where is your payment? i would tell them go speak to your manager as I have spoken to them and they said they are investigating the matter. The phone calls got worst, sometime up to 6 or 7 times a day, it got to the point where I did not want to answer my own phone. Dec 2006 and now they said I never paid Dec payment either. However again I had proof saying that I did. I went through the same thing again however now they are saying that I am two months behind. I faxed information showing that I paid; they said that they would investigate the matter again. Jan 2006 and it happened again, this went on from Nov 2006 to Oct 2007. I called Wells Fargo and yelled at them and said you need to find out where my money is going. I have proof several times saying that I have paid yet they kept saying that never received payment. So I decided to go refinance my house with a different company and get them off my back. Well When I did that, Wells Fargo decided to start legal action to take my house. So when I asked for a final payout from Wells Fargo they said that i owed $230,000.00 on house that was valued at $210,000.00. The new company that was willing to give me a mortgage only approved me for $217,000.00. So I was short $13,000.00. I asked Wells Fargo to please drop some of the interest charges and lawyer fees and they said, No I did everything in my power to try to get the difference, I could not. Wells Fargo foreclosed on my house as of Oct 10th 2007 and now my 6 year old son, my 9 year old son and my wife and I are homeless. My kids don't understand what happened, and they keep asking me to try to explain to them what happened, how do you explain to a 6 year boy why he is homeless? We where at the store yesterday buying some bread and my son saw a hot wheels car and asked me I could buy it for him and I had to say no because I have to save every last dime so I can try and find some where else to live. You know whet my son turned to me and said, oh yeah I forgot we can't buy anything any more because we are poor. It broke my heart when he said that, I'm not poor, I'm just homeless. Thanks Wells Fargo, and you know if i could I would you really foul language while writing this email however if I did that it probably wouldn't get posted. But I will keep it clean so that everyone knows what kind of company you really are. Wells Fargo, I wouldn't recommend you to anyone on earth even if you where the last financial company on earth. Michael Homeless, Ontario Michael Innisfil, OntarioCanada
Entity: Barrie, Ontario
3, Report #992253
Jan 06 2013
12:42 PM
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Refinance Incompetence Internet
I have been working with WF for 5 months to refinance one of my mortgages, which it owns. I have worked with 3 processors - none of which have been able to provide quality customer service and actually carry out their responsibilities to process my application. If I hadn't already paid for the appraisal, I would walk away.  I even emailed the President and CEO, which triggered the involvement of yet another representative. But it's been three weeks since that happened and I'm not any closer to closing. I have no idea how WF's refinance business can be profitable.  If you are in any way considering refinancing with WF, I hope my  message and that of others convinces you to work with another institution. 
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4, Report #157597
Sep 19 2005
12:20 PM
Wells Fargo ripoff Dallas Texas
Wells Fargo doubled two payments that have already gone through and posted and now they are charging me fees for their mistake. This is not the first time this has happened. I believe that I have spent over $2000.00 in fees this year alone and I have had it. They charged me $1.00 per call when I have a question for them reguarding my account. I have stoppped my direct deposit and I dont care what they say I owe them. To anyone who is reading this, keep very close watch over accounts at Wells Fargo. THey WILL rip you off. You will be charged fees that they will not take off, even if its their fault. They have forcedc me to ruin my credit and get into a debt that was unimaginable for me. PLease be very careful. Melinda dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #2665
Jul 15 2000
12:00 AM
Wells Fargo Bank (OF COURSE!!!)
I've been a customer of WFB for 15 years on and off. When I first started banking there, it was because my bank (Crocker) had been bought out, so basically it was banking under duress. I soon changed banks to Barclay's. It too was soon bought out by WFB. I decided to just keep WFB because of the many locations and the convenience. I don't like big banks. They are impersonal and don't care about their customers. They only care about the almighty dollar. Wells Fargo has now closed virtually ALL of its branches in my area. There are some supermarket branches, but the lines are long and you wait up to 25 minutes in some cases. WFB has taken all its branches and personal service away from us, the consumers; basically forced us to use ATMs if we are in a hurry; and then has decided on ridiculously early cut-off times with our deposits (RIP-OFF!), so that if we are short on funds and we make a deposit AFTER 4 p.m. (so it doesn't post until NEXT business day), we are virtually guaranteed an overdraft. It's time for a reality check here! Wells Fargo Bank used to have cut-off time for deposits at 6:00 p.m. I could ALWAYS make that time. Quite a few of us work 8-5. How come the cut-off time is 4 p.m. when the vast majority work 8-5? HELLO!!! It MUST be so that that WFB can GUARANTEE customers will overdraw their accounts. Therefore, WFB is generating a significant cash-cow at their customer's expense. They can say good-bye to my business. I'm headed for River City Bank where the tellers are courteous and know you PERSONALLY. I just hope they don't get bought out by WFB.
Entity: San Francisco, California
6, Report #3593
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
Wells Fargo treated like second class citizens
About 13 years ago, our bank was bought by Wells fargo. we decided to keep our account there since they have branches all over the country. we lived in arlington texas at the time. we moved to california, and once or twice had a bit of a problem with them because our account ORIGINATED in arlington. things like keeping deposits until they could be sent all the way to the texas branch, THEN finally credited to our account-usually a week or so-sometimes longer..so eventually we got around that by using the deposit slips they have inside the bank, instead o the dreaded ones we get that have that awful texas routing number on them. so, after banking there for 13 years, my husband tries to go deposit 2 checks received from the sale of stock-cut from a brokerage house/bank..e-trade to be exact. tho the people, manager were fairly polite-we weren't able to deposit them AND have use of the money for over 10 days. understandable if its from a private party-but a BANK? a BROKERAGE house? and the reason they give, is this is drawn on an east coast bank-even tho the stupid check was cut in sacramento!!! they got mouthy, too, and didn't or wouldn't understand why the brank written on our check was arlington texas..yes, we used the deposit slips inside the bank-which we always do since they freak out otherwise. We are tired of being treated like second class citizens for having a different branch name on our check!! it's the SAME BANK!! looks like they would be thankful to keep our business. We just opened up another checking account at a competitor today-so we will use them for some stuff..but having our check-DRAWN ON ANOTHER BANK-kept in their greedy hands for 10 + days-they can use our money but we can't-after banking there for 13 years, is totally unprofessional-and so is there attitude about the checks with another branches name and address on them!!! i'm very dissatisfied with wells fargo-oh, and they keep charging us a service charge, even tho we have direct deposit.
Entity: CA, TX
7, Report #534054
Dec 04 2009
06:29 PM
Wells Fargo Financial, Georgia
We are being charged $13,335.00 for a lemon vehicle that we tried to purchase. The transmission went out right after we took the vehicle home. We told them that the vehicle was a lemon and had them come get it. Now they are charging us $13,335 for a vehicle we never even got to drive! This is a ripoff!!!!
Entity: , Georgia
8, Report #345193
Jun 27 2008
07:53 PM
Wells Fargo overdraft fees Seattle Washington
Although I have had relatively reasonable success in obtaining reimbursement of overdraft fees, I have continuously inquired about the method and system Wells Fargo uses in applying those fees. Recently I was charged 3 overdraft fees for each of 3 separate transcations. As those transacations were still pending, I made a deposit to cover the total of the 3 transactions as one of them would have overdrawn my account once posted. However, the the fees were still imposed. I was informed by a CSR that although the transactions and deposit were posted the same day, Washington state law allows for all transactions to be posted prior to deposits and that is the method that Wells Fargo uses. In addition, I was informed that all transactions, per bank policy, are posted (reordered) from highest to lowest. The problem with this method is that, hypothetically speaking, if you have $100 available in the bank at 7 am and spend $40 at the grocery store, and then $50 at a gas statation at noon and finally $120 at a retail store at 8pm, and then are charged 3 overdraft fees, the bank has essentially retroactively taken your $100 and made it unavailable to you and then gives it back to you after they have used it to acquire 3 fees instead of the one fee you would have legally and rightfully incurred. Had I withdrawn $80 from he atm and then made a $120 purchase, I would have incurred only one fee. It appears that the bank is applying a non stated policy of retroactively making all of the consumer's money unavailable once the account is overdrawn by a transaction and taking advantage of this by gouging the consumer for fees. How can I have $100 to spend at 7am and because of their transaction odering policy have none to spend at the same time? This practice is clearly for the purpose of imposing usary fees and must be halted. Essenially, Wells Fargo is saying that ionce a transaction overdraws your account, you lose the right to the prior access you had to all of your money initially. If the consumer choses to overdraw their account, then the fee incurred must be accepted, however, if they chose to use the first $90 of their $100 for whatever purcheses they would like, this should be the case. This is the argument I have used with them twice and both times I was given back my fees, however, not before enduring the rude and evasive nature of the CSR's, who by the way, have emphatically insisted that there are no paper records to which I can have access to to verify the date and time transactions are being posted to my account. When asked if it were to become necessary to audit the banks practices how can it be done without a paper trail, the CSR informed me that only the processing department could answer that, but that they do not take calls from consumers and that the ordering of the transactions are not wrong because Washington state laws have made sure that the transactions must be posted before deposits and that Wells Fargo's policy says that transactions will be posted from highest to lowest. A class action suit must be started to stop this practice. Raejazindi aeattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
9, Report #165812
Nov 25 2005
03:01 PM
Wells Fargo ripoff Portland Oregon
I have a checking and home loan account with Wells Fargo. I use their online service. On 10/26/06 it became necessary to close one checking account with them and open another. Was informed at that time that that all Wells Fargo accounts would reflect this change. On 11/9/05 I made my monthly online house payment for November. (This must be done from a separate Wells Fargo website, one different from online checking. On 11/14/05 I was notified that this payment was rejected account checking account closed. I contacted Wells Fargo Home Loans to seek remedy. I was told that it would be necessary to change the checking account number on that web site and resubmit payment. If this was by 4 p.m. that day the payment would be drafted from my new checking account with no penalties. I did as instructed on 11/14/05 at 10 a.m. I received an email thanking me for the payment and stating that the funds would be drafted from my account on 12/1/05 for my December payment. When I called and inquired about the wront dates I was informed that the funds would come out of my checking account. On 11/25/05 when funds had not been drafted from my new checking account I called Wells Fargo and talked to numerous people, they would not give last names. I was informed that I was becoming deliquent on my account. To become current and to avoid not going 30 days past due, I would need to make payment by phone for $20.00 and would be assessed late charges of $68.00. In conference call to online Wells Fargo home loan banking and Wells Fargo Customer Service, it was confirmed that I had made a payment on 11/14/05, but it would only be applied to my December bill and not my November bill. I was also informed that I could mail the payment in or go to a local bank but that would be past the 30 days past due time limit by the time they posted. The only option I had to avoid going 30 days past due and being reported to the credit bureau was pay to pay the $88.00 charges and penalties. A total ripoff. WELLS FARGO, Shame On You!!!!! Shirley Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
10, Report #1146834
May 15 2014
05:49 AM
Wells Fargo Illegal Overdraft Charges!!! Spokane Nationwide
 So here's a new one.  I had recently and reluctantly re-opened a checking account at Wells Fargo (funny now they MAKE you also open a Savings Account).  Well about 3 weeks in, one of my recurring charges to Netflix came through.  I saw it online had money in there and still had a positive balance AFTER the transaction had posted...  This is where it got wierd..  3 days later I get a notice of an Overdraft Charge.. And for what?  Netflix?  WTF????  WTF????  These a-holes now were showing that the Netflix transaction came 2 days after it had already posted.. Then proceeded to charge me a $35 OD Fee.  The only way I could prove this would have been to take a snapshot of my transactions every day.  They actually changed it.  Like I wouldn't notice it or something.    I was able to call and get this one reversed... However now I've got another one.  Almost the same thing.  I transferred money to a brokerage account..  It posted.  I know it posted as the funds were in my brokerage account.   Then days later they say it didn't post and charged not only $35.00 for an OD Fee but $12.50 additional b/c they took money from my Savings...  Now my brokerage account is saying that Wells isn't honering the transfer and are taking the money back.  Funny thing is the money has completely disappeared from both my bank and my brokerage account...  That's a $100 for a bogus transaction... How the h*** does these thieves not goto jail for this kind of malnipulation?This company is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION!!!  ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL..OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT CAPITOL ONE (NO OVERDRAFT FEES.. PERIOD) TO H*** WITH WELLS FARGO.. I'LL BE CLOSING ALL 4 OF MY ACCOUNTS WITH THIS BOLSHEVIST RIPOFF, CRIMINAL COMMIE A** BANK.  I HOPE THEY ROT IN H***...
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1061936
Jun 25 2013
10:39 AM
Wells Fargo The Worst  Internet
I tried to call wells today and ask a question, they can hardly speak english and if they did not understand the question they just read from s script and placed me on hold for up to 30min then hang up. They did this 3x. A Supervisor named Anthony Binum said he would find out the answer to my question that Latisha Rowell & Latoya Farney could not find but its been 27hours should I wait by the phone?
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1330368
Oct 09 2016
04:17 PM
Wells Fargo Exorbitant fees Nationwide
Wells Fargo closed my checking account then took my access from my own records. Now they want to charge me $210.00 for a copy of my own records. Leo Uribe is the supervisor from call center that was very rude to me and insulted me for not being able to afford it.    This is why they are being sued...
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #379515
Oct 08 2008
06:47 PM
WELLS FARGO WANTS TO TAKE YOUR HOME AWAY?? Wells Fargo Wells Fargo USELESS!!!!! United States Florida
Well, I haven't been able to make a mortgage payment since last November - 2007. I have had my house listed for almost 2 years and have had 4 - YES 4 - short sale offers and I lost them all. I have a realtor who wants to scream every time she negotiates with Wells Fargo. Nobody seems to know what the correct protocol is in order to get this done. Each time we have provided everything they ask of us and each time they either ignore everything and actually tell us that we never submitted the necessary paperwork OR they deny it right away! I have lost every opportunity to make this house sell! When I call Wells Fargo to work something out, they hang up on me!!! I have literally been placed on hold for 42 minutes and never been picked back up, I have been hung up on countles times, I can never get a supervisor on the phone, and the people who seem to be nice NEVER know what's going on. I have literally been told this whole foreclosure thing is so new that we don't have procedures in place to be able to handle you. WHAT?!?! I am so frustrated, I have no hope to try to get out of this house in any way other than a foreclosure. Their most recent reason for denial of my short sale was that Wells Fargo didn't feel that my financial situation warranted assistance. Did I mention I haven't paid my mortgage in nearly a year!!!! My ARM went up from $1200 monthly to $3500 monthly. Who wouldn't need assistance?!? Somebody please let me know if there's help for us pending foreclosures! Alicos west palm beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
14, Report #609355
Jun 02 2010
06:20 AM
wells fargo home mortgage wells fargo wells fargo home mortgage Internet
i closed on my refinance at the end of january 2010.  i wAS SUPPOSED TO RECIEVE AN ESCROW repayment check in the mail an have never recieved it.  i have perfect credit and i made my payments faithfully.   there is no reason for the hold up of the funds except for the fact that the bank wells fargo is holding my money for their own financial gains.  they are earning interest on my money!!!!  it is now june 1st 2010 and i have not recieved the money that is owed to me.  i will not rest untill these pukes give me the money that is owed to me.  i will make major waves for these people if they do not come to jesus and pay me the money that is mine due to my refinance refund on my escrow account.  i have called them and they say the check is in the mail.  where i come from this is lie #1.....
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #740224
Jun 13 2011
02:15 PM
Wells fargo Wellsfargo home loan, Wells Fargo Financial Wells Fargo Stole our Home Internet
Wells Fargo Stole Our Home I was negotiating with WF Financial for close to 2 years, I paid the negotiated temporary payments according to the plans agreed with Wells Fargo well before the due dates, I have pages of documented log entries of contacts with WF representatives for requests for new financials and updates and kept checking back and was told your loan modification application is being reviewed and later Loss Mitigation informed us that the Foreclosure department sold our home at an auction, I found out about the sale after the auction, I was not informed at any time they were auctioning the house I was living in with my wife and kids for almost 9 years and at no time was given any information they were auctioning the house or even any notice of their intent, as a matter fact I spoke with a Wells Fargo agent 4 days before the auction and the agent did not tell me about the sale, and I thought the negotiations were successful and the loan modification was almost done, since they had approved my second mortgage for modification! This should not be happening since I was negotiating in good faith with WF and having paid all the payments they had asked for and every piece of information and financial documents WF requested for was sent to them, they kept asking for duplicates and paychecks and paystubs over and over again, I filled out all requested financial documents. But apparently this was only a tactic and their aim was never to honor their agreements. The executive office representative or specialist told us they will check but never informed me of their findings, kept telling me they will get back to us next business day. Wells Fargo stole my home and sold it to another company who will flip it and make money on it; I lost my house that I owned for almost 9 years and worked very hard to keep it up and remodeled it with care. I know I am not the only one who has lost a home because of WF they seem to be doing this to others, I am hoping to spread the word so others don't fall for WF scams, so we'll see how that goes, but we are afraid for the next family that is told don't worry your application is being reviewed and ends up, losing their home too.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #578260
Mar 04 2010
05:36 PM
Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wells Fargo forces foreclosure on me Fort Mill, South Carolina
My mortgage payment per month went up due to property taxes. At the same time my salary went down. I tried to work out a payment that I could afford. They would not help me unless I missed 2 payments. I missed 2 payments. They put me on a 3 month trial modification. The 2nd payment I sent them, they sent back. They claimed that amount did not represent the amount due. It is the payment they asked for.  They sent a letter telling me to do nothing while they review my account oh but keep making the payments. How can I make a payment when I don't know how much to send in? I get another letter stated they are not going to modify my loan. I tried numerous times calling them to work something out. The next letter is stating they want almost $14,000 from me by Feb. 9th. Once again I called them to work this out. The latest letter is they are turning me over to their attorney. This is fraud and I'm considering suing this company.
Entity: Fort Mill, South Carolina
17, Report #281367
Oct 27 2007
11:30 PM
Wells Fargo Finance - Wells Fargo Auto i was ripted off twice by wells fargo Cincinatti Ohio
I had a truck and a jeep financed through wells fargo finance. they changed my billing to wells fargo auto refinanced the autos and raised my payments. i tryed to get them to fix what i thought was a mistake. fought with them on the phone for several months. i owed more than i owed when i started making payments over a year of making payments of over $1200 a month. i finally told them to come get the jeep. they did. they sold the jeep and sent me a bill for moe than i paid for the jeep to start will. i owed them .$21,000 after they sold the jeep they say i owe them over $23,000 in the mean time they took the truck too it hasn't sold yet. but they havent sold it yet. i'm waiting for this to be settled . when they send me a final bill i have to file bankruptcy they have put me in the poor house. the call me everyday and night all hours after midnight and even holidays. i lost my job and they may be the cause. i hope someone stops them soon. Farley ABERDEEN, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinatti, Ohio
18, Report #1045594
Apr 23 2013
02:08 PM
Wells Fargo Wells Fraudgo Scam Artist, Internet
Wells Fargo are the biggest scam artist on the face of the earth.They are using all phony documents to foreclose on honest hard working Americans and they should have all there files investigated fast before they commit more illegal activity. Something has to be done now.I just don't know how these scam artist live and go home to their families and kiss there kids and eat the food that is robbed and bought from scamming people.Thats real bad.That is a sin.They know where they are going to go.I hope its true that they go there. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #536679
Dec 09 2009
02:52 PM
Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan Modification Ripoff Internet
Hello,My wife and I purchased a home in February of  2007 with Market Street Mortgage as our lender. About six months later we were sent a letter in the mail notifying us that Market Street Mortgage was going out of business and that our loan would be transferred to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. In January of 2008 my wife was laid off from her job and we started to get behind on our mortgage payments. We contacted Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for assistance and they told us we were eligible for a loan modification program. The modification program required us to make four consecutive payments at an escalated rate from that of our normal monthly payments, to show that we were able to make adjusted payments on time. We were told that once the fourth payment was made that we were to stop all payments on the account and wait for the account to be sent to a Wells Fargo  negotiator who would then draft a modified loan. This modification would consist of adding the past due amount of the current loan to the back of the new modified loan, and require us to begin making payments on a new modified loan. It took four months for Wells Fargo to reach a decision on our loan modification. This means four months of not making a payment at the instruction of our lender. We were told by Wells Fargo four months later that we were denied a loan modification because we did not make the last payment in a timely fashion. We were told to reapply for a loan modification and to start the process over from square one. The reason they provided to us for denying our loan was a flat out lie, and a sign of things to come from this fraudulent lender. So we applied for another modification plan and this time agreed to pay an even higher escalated rate of four consecutive payments because our past due amount had risen. Remember we were told by Wells Fargo to stop payments for four months. So we begin paying another four consecutive payments and fulfill this agreement on time. We called and spoke to a Wells Fargo associate who informed us that they had received our final payment on time and that we should be hearing back from them within three weeks on what the terms of the new modified load would entail. They instructed us to stop payments once again until the new loan was drafted and agreed to. Two months had passed and we hadnt heard anything from Wells Fargo so we contacted them. We were told that our loan modification was denied agian. This time we were told that the reason we were denied was because we never called them back to set up a modified loan. This was an outrageous claim rendered by Wells Fargo because all along we were told that they would contact us once the terms of the modification were complete. At no time were we told to contact Wells Fargo and request our file to be sent to a negotiator. We disputed this claim with several Wells Fargo associates but were simply told that we had to reapply for another loan modification. We agreed to try the process one more time in hopes of simply gaining a modified loan so we could start making payments on our home. By this time our home was  $15,000 past due mainly because Wells Fargo had instructed us to stop making payments for eight out of the twenty months we were living in the house. We started the four consecutive payments process once again and reached the end fulfilling all obligations. We called Wells Fargo every week to confirm a decision on our modification but no answer was given. We were simply told to not make any more payments and that our file was being reviewed by a negotiator. Finally, after two months we were told by a Wells Fargo representative that we were APPROVED for a loan modification and that we should be receiving the new terms of the modified loan in the mail within 7-10 business days. After a month of not receiving the new loan agreement we contacted Wells Fargo and were told that the loan modification was denied because we allegedly had a second/junior lien on our home. This is another false accusation conjured up by Wells Fargo to prolong our loan modification process and increase the amount due on our loan. I am ready to take legal action against them because enough is enough. Please avoid Wells Fargo as a Home mortgage lender at all costs. They will make it seem like they are willing and able to help you when you need assistance, but do everything in their power to throw road blocks in your way.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #507433
Oct 10 2009
07:24 PM
Wells Fargo Bank, NA - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Poor Business Practices Des Moines, Iowa
I applied to refinance with my mortgage company Wells Fargo. I wanted to refinish my basement so I applied for the 4.5 interest rate, and wanted to borrow $20,000. My principal at the time was about $110,000 which is less than half the value of the house. The agent told me my credit report came back excellent. My income was also good. She said there would be no problem processing my loan, and it would take a few months. I paid $356 for an appraisal. I called them for the next 5 months. They would only reply a few times to tell me my loan had expired, and I needed to resubmit my paperwork. I complied everytime. In the meantime I had to obtain a seperate loan to finish my basement. They finally contacted me 5 months later to notify me my loan was rejected. I would have never paid any money if I thought there was any chance my loan would be denied. I also would have not bothered to borrow money from them if I knew it would take 5 months. They sent me a counter offer for half the amount. I told them I no longer need the loan, but would like to refinance for the lower interest rate. They said this would not be a problem, but then told me I would have to pay 4-5 thousand dollars. I explained that I'm not a new customer. I'm not taking any money out, and Wells Fargo messed up the loan in the first place. I cancelled the loan, and asked for a refund of the $356. I work hard for my money, and Wells Fargo has no concern for its consumers. They promise you everything, and once they get their money they could care less about you.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
21, Report #553863
Jan 13 2010
01:16 PM
Wells Fargo Home Equity - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Home owner Internet
We had Five accounts set up by wells fargo on our equity line .Very confusing, with,different intrest rates.We had to file chapter 13,halfway through cap 13 we were sent a letter from WF stating we had 20 days to make arrangements to catch-up on the payment. The letter did not contain any account numbers and the dollar figures did not match any of the payments we were aware of.My spouse contacted a wf rep and tried to make sense of wich account it was and make a payment. The rep had no idea of what account was past due and told my spouse they will apply our payment to the MOST past due.My spouse checked on line the next day and found none of the accounts have had anything applied to them. Near as I can figure the rep applied it to one of the past due accounts that were being paid by the trustee.So next thing we get another letter with the pays us this amount or we will forclose on your property.Our lawer suggested some stupid idea of paying the past due as payments added to our normal payment .Now that would make over 1000.00 dollar payments on a house I originally bought for17,500 with the equity payments we were already paying 800 a month.Oh well I could go on&on.None the less if the payments would have been applied properly by the WF rep we wouldnt have had the problem in the first place.They will not help you or refinance or modify the loan to make repayment possible. I WILL NEVER GET A LOAN FROM WELLS FARGO AGAIN And now I have to move from my home of twenty years because some moron could not read his computer screen.Bottom line AVOID WELLS FARGO HOME EQUITY .
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #602403
May 12 2010
07:06 AM
Wells Fargo Bank, NA-Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan modification RIPOFF des moines, Iowa
I got involved becuase wells missed 3000.00 in escrow payments and blamed it on my taxes going up. They did not, but anyway i had to pay so i applied at there suggestion for a loan mod.also my current int. is over 6%, So the process takes over 9 months all the while theyre telling me not to pay monthly note while in program??? the temp. pymnts are 600.00 less a month than my reg. mortg. nice right, but at the end of process i receive a call from the loss mitigation dept. informing me idonot show enough income to be considered, 9 months later??. So being hourly paid i received o.t. 8 hrs. in 2 wks. sent the paystub in and 3 days later received my denial letter based in my new income... So while in the program i was paying only mod. pymnts. which added up to now being delin quent 6500.00 dollars, which of course they now want there money immediately,meanwhile they report you to credit beureus ruining me so i cant refi. somewhere else. they did offer me an inhouse mod. for 175.00 less a month than current pymnt. but add 15 yrs. to mortg. [ i said NO] the worst part here is ive been to pa. atty. general, treasury, my congressman, senator the o.c.c., h.u.d, and have had the same response. They do not have the authority to act against this co. i have to hire an atty.????? the atty. general needs multiple complaints before acting.They all tell you they only write policy they donot enforce them..  so i encourage everyone reading this to refi. A.S.A.P with someone else. not wachovia because wellsfargo bought them with gov`t bailout money...
Entity: des moines, Iowa
23, Report #598469
Apr 30 2010
05:25 AM
Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo Bank - WFB Flood Insurance Scam San Francisco, California
I was shocked when Wells Fargo Bank, my mortgagor, demanded a tenfold increase in my flood insurance premium from around $300 per annum to over $3000.  They claimed the flood zones had been revised when even the flood insurance company, American Banker's (Florida) admitted a mistake.  When I complained of this to the usual faceless Wells Fargo customer service rep, their statement was, The flood zone is what we say it is.I then realized something funny was going on, as with an education in science and some experience with the US Geological Survey's Water Quality Division, I knew full well the flood risk is almost nonexistent where my house is sited.  In fact, to my knowledge, the bay I live on has never flooded (local rivers do not have enough volume even when they spill over their banks).  The entire huge bay would have to rise by TEN FEET over the high tide to flood my home! Thanks to a report on Ripoffreport, I am now informed of the nature of this scam.One comment is that flood risk is determined by scientific information (stream, bay and ocean hydraulics) not the fiat of a bank.  Premiums in insurance are supposed to be set to balance possible losses.  A third comment is, The banks have not stopped stealing, folks, and we have to get organized to stop them.I am very interested in a class action lawsuit.
Entity: San Francisco, California
24, Report #577958
Mar 04 2010
11:01 AM
Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage No help at all Des Moines, Iowa
I have had some issues that are closely related to what I have read on this site.  We bought our home in April 2008 and our first payment was due in June 08.  As of July 08 my fiance found out that he was going to be laid off for an indefinate period of time.  We made a couple of payments ok but by Oct 08 we were starting to fall behind.  In Dec 08 we were 2 payments behind and I was very concerned that we were going to lose our home so I called to make payment arragements to try to catch up.  At that time I was told to pay roughly $250.00 extra a month (which was hard since we were having trouble making the normal payment)  but I started sending a little over 300 extra a month.  I was told in January to make the regular payment and start the overpayments in Feb 09 with my last payment to be due in Oct 09.  At the time of this my payments were $1097.59 but I was sending an even amount of $1400.  Which for anyone that has ever gone to school you know this is 302.41 over my payment.  I then received a Escrow Disclosure Statement which stated that I had a surplus of $923.12 to which they had deducted 87.80 in late fees from this to leave a balance of $835.32 and if my loan was current they would send me a separate check for this amount and that my payment was going to go down effective 04/01.  I continued to make the $1400.00 a month payment for 6 months which gave me an extra $1800+ that I thought would go toward my overdue payments.  I then sent a payment of $1360 in Aug 09 which was returned to me with a letter that said I did not have a written agreement with them and they would not accept my Aug payment.  In Sept 09 I called an spoke with someone in the loss mitigation dept and he said I had been removed from the repayment plan and he would set me up on another plan.  I then asked him why I had paid all of that extra money but my overdue payments NEVER lowered to which I never did receive any kind of explination. He did proceed to tell me that I had $712.00 in a suspence account and he would connect me to the CS dept after we were done.  I then gave him all of our information and made a payment by phone for $1200.00 to come out the end of Sept 09.  He asked me to pay $1600.00 a month starting in Oct 09 and ending Dec 09 and that would make me current.  I was then connected to the CS dept and spoke with a man named Richard who told me that after my Sept payment went though I would have appox $827.00 in my unapplied fund account and I could just add enough money to it to make my payment.  In Oct 09 I called CS again and was told that I did indeed have $827 in my suspense account and I made a payment of $800 with a check by phone.  I received a confirmation number and as far as I was concerned I had just made a $1627.00 payment as I had agreed to do.  A week later we received a call from Wells Fargo to inform us that we had been removed from the repayment plan due to we were late on our payment.  I then called CS again and explained what I had been told by another CS rep and was then told that I could not use this Suspense or Unapplied money to make my payment and that I had only made a partial payment.  I then was sent back to the Loss mitigation dept to discuss how to make my account current.  I then spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to explain to me where my extra payments had gone and the Loss Mitigation Dept told me they did not have access to view my payment history and that I would have to call CS to discuss this with them, but once I get on the phone with CS they say I need to discuss this with the Loss mitigation dept and they tell me to request an Audit on my account and for me to figure it out and call them back.  I have talked to at least 20 different people and still NO ONE can tell me where the extra payments are.  Why my overdue payments never go down. Why when I call in Sept 09 I have $712.00 in my Suspense account, and in Oct 09 I have $827 and in Jan 10 I only have $500.  So where is all of my money?  Is it in someones pocket?  Why do I have a Escrow Surplus of $900.00 but I can't use it to help catch up on my payment?  Why am I being told by one CS rep I can do one thing butI am being told something totally different by someone else in the same dept?  There is no way to contact just one person.  I was told the other day by the CS dept that I can call Loss Mitigation and ask to talk to a Sup and that they can get a copy of my payment history and they have a direct line, so while I was talking to the Supervisior I asked him this and he said No I could not talk to any one person.  he did tell me that he would look into it and call me back.  That was 3 days ago and guess what?!?!?  No return call.  I am at a loss as to what to do now.  If anyone has any suggestions I am in desperate need of some advise.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
25, Report #1075616
Aug 13 2013
06:52 PM
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Mortgage Company Illegal Foreclosure Wells Fargo took my home of 19 years by doing an illegal foreclosure! Hampton Georgia
I have lived in my home for 19 years and due to unforseen circumstances (the economy, illness, etc.) I fell behind 4 months on my mortgage.  I tried to pay 2 payments and was told that they could only accept all 4.  At this time I was aked if I would be interested in applying for a loan modification and after they explained it, I said yes.  After sending in an unbelievable amount of documentation for eleven months, on 8-6-2013 I received a phone call that morning telling me my home was being sold.  I told them that I was in the process of a loan modification and they told me it had been denied because (1) document did not have a letter head on it.  This was the 12th hour and they were just now telling me this.  I pleaded with the foreclosing attorney's office to let me pay the amount due and re-affirm my loan as I was a single parent with three children I had adopted (one that has Severe Autism) and we had no where else to go.  They said that Wells had to agree to it and called me back in about 20 minutes and told me my property had sold. I will be happy to provide my letter which goes into much more detail for anyone interested.  There is of course, much more to my story and it is astounding to say the least.  Illegal practices such as this have got to stop and it's time for us to stand up and fight for our rights!!!  That's exactly what I am going to do!
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