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51, Report #115617
Nov 01 2004
04:12 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Ripoff stole my money and didnt care Illinois
wells fargo bank charged outrages overdraft fees, so many in fact that i just got ahead. only to discover they were at it again. plus, i have my mortgage through wells fargo financial and i put a personal check in the account to pay for the mortgage only to get a letter in the mail 6 days later saying they are holding funds do to previous overdrafts. I already called in a mortgage payment 3 days after depositing the check. i had no clue they were holding this check until several days later. we just got payed (direct deposit) and paid some bills bought food ect. Now i have 18 pendings on my account (for 3 days) now and my mortgage payment will be going through. which tells me by expierence that the mortgage will go through and i will get 18 over draft fees and well you can guess the rest of this nightmare. I spoke with a lawyer and said that wells fargo bank was in the right and i was in the wrong and there was nothing i could do about it. well, while the lawyer is sleeping comfortabley in his house with his family and all the people at the bank are eating well, my family and i will have lost everything we have worked hard for, homeless and my children hungry. all so they can make a buck. amazing IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Illinois
52, Report #111977
Oct 07 2004
04:38 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Another Overdraft Fee Rip-Off Scottsdale Arizona
I've had two recent episodes with Wells Fargo in which I ended up paying exhorbitant OD charges because their policy is to put through the largest items first. For instance, in both my cases three items came in in one day, I had sufficient balance to cover two of them, but by automatically putting through the largest item first, the account overdrew and I was charged overdraft fees for all three items. Even though two of those items would have cleared if they'd been put through first! We're talking $33 overdraft charges on probably $7 items! When I called to complain they had the audacity to tell me that they polled their customers and were told customers would prefer that large items go in first... Please, even if I believed that, it defies logic unless you're out to rake in fees! How can this practice not be considered predatory? Signed, another fan of Wells Fargo and all banking behemoths Jerene Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
53, Report #55149
Apr 30 2003
03:29 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff victimized many consumers Des Moines Iowa
Wow--am I happy to find this place to complain! Long, long ago in a world far, far away, I was a proud, happy employee of WFB. Back where most people under 30 have never been. A place where the customer actually came first! This was before de-regulation. Wells Fargo only lived in California---and was almost computer-free. I was branch supervisor. I actually looked at each check before it was returned as an overdraft. It did not matter to me, I treated others as if it were my own. One customer in particular was always overdrawn. Each time, I would look to see if I was returning to a creditor that had previously been sent a NSF, I made sure utilities were paid, I would make sure I sent to banks that had more float time before being deposited a second time--you get the idea--kind of foreign isn't it? Today, I sit here, after closing ALL accounts with WFB looking at my credit report dinged up by WFB. Gee--I have a 360 months loan I didn't know I had. It is past due and not only that has been transferred to another lender? There are two other wonderful credit experiences putting me in the neg tool. What has happened? WFB has grown too big. I have gotten letters from Oregon, telling me to call Arizona about an account in California. Following up--or course, no one will know what someone in the other state is doing? Or my favorite-- I wrote a letter, and was told the mail room didn't know where to direct it, so it was most likely shredded? What--I have the certified receipt! You don't know who this guy is that signed it? My advise--find the smallest local bank you can. Even if they don't offer all the servies larger banks advertise. And even if you follow my advise, Wells Fargo may continue to haunt you giving you negative credit for loans you never had with them! Good Luck thanks for letting me vent! Yvonne Prunedale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
54, Report #95357
Jun 17 2004
08:26 PM
Seawest Financial - wells Fargo Bank ripoff, amounts never discussed Paramount California
I bought a car in 2001 in va. I got it through seawest. The amount I was told was 11000 for four years. After about a year I wanted to trade the car in, so I called and asked the amount to buyout the car it was 15500 for a car that was worth about 11500. So after not being able to get a dealership to buy the car out I decided to pay on it for a while I was paying $410 a month. So at the end of 2003 I was told I still owe about 11000 on a car that I have been paying on for almost 3 years . No I ca'nt trade this car in that has 130000 on it now. Now every time I call to ask the amount I owe now I can't ever get through and when I try to go on the website it always says the page can't be seen right now so I don't know how much I owe now . Now what can I do if my car dies on me and I still owe on it. I am in the military and don't have much money at all for this. Good thing I have a toyota camry or I would have been had problems. castalino baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
55, Report #32812
Oct 17 2002
01:08 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff overdraft debit card Saint Paul Minnesota
My debit card was charged by 3 different recuring charges - even though there were no funds available to cover the charges - yet Wells Fargo Bank STILL accepted the charges, then charged me $31 for EACH overdraft. Wells Fargo should NOT allow charges to be made against a debit card that does NOT have funds available. I called and spoke with Doris, a customer service supervisor at the El Monte, CA phone bank. She was very rude, and simply said that she could not (should have said WOULD not) reverse the fees. I have had nothing but trouble with Wells Fargo over the years, but this was the last straw. Dave Dave Redmond, Washington
Entity: Saint Paul, Minnesota
56, Report #34371
Nov 06 2002
01:09 AM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing outlandish ripoff late fees victimized many consumers Davenport Iowa
This bank is and has been taking my money that ive had in my accounts.For instance I have had alot of money missing from my account that I can not trace.Between using my Visa card and writing checks,somehow they have swindled lots of my money.I don't trust any of thier employees so i'm reporting this.I was going to switch banks earlier,but now thiers no use my moneys already gone.Is there anyway to get inside thier system to see the facts not some but ALL the records? Edward Davenport, Maine
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
57, Report #50247
Mar 23 2003
01:47 AM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff, overdraft fees, excessive holds on deposited checks abused & mistreated Houston Texas
Like other reports I have read, I also own a small business. Like all businesses, times are alternately and financially high and then low. When I had over $20,000 in my Wells Fargo business account I received all sorts of genteel treatment and attractive offers. However, my business became slow and I happened to become only $1.50 negative in my account. I deposited a check for over $2,000.00 after the negative balance of which I was unaware, and due to the VERY SMALL negative balance, and despite the fact that I had the account in good standing for many years with a healthy balance, they decided that from the moment I had that tiny negative balance they would subsequently hold all future checks in excess of THREE WEEKS before showing those deposited checks as cleared. Of course we wrote all sorts of outgoing business checks to cover expenses, since WE WERE NOT ADVISED of the lengthy holds that would take place. The day we received the letter from Wells Fargo mentioning how long the holds would be was the day we received our first of what would become many notices of bounced checks due to INSUFFICIENT funds. On the first insufficent fund notice there is a clause that states if you were not forewarned about a future, lengthy hold for a check you are to call a certain number. One would think the number the client would call would connect the client to a well-informed rep regarding such matters. Not so. The number turned out to be the regular customer service line where we would be bounced continuously from one department to another, all the while receiving the pass the buck treatment. We spoke to many agents explaining that we called that number to right a wrong as directed by THEIR company. They all turned a deaf ear saying And how would you like to pay for that negative balance? or When will you make a deposit to cover the negative amount? We were mortified for the aforementioned reasons, and did some research showing it is actually illegal to hold checks on an established account for that long. When we advised the reps of our legal findings, giving them one last chance to make it good, they all scoffed and retorted with anti-customer service comments. We don't know what to do. We are in the hole with them to the excess of $800.00. Naturally we switched banks but feel it is not only unfair but unlawful for them to post such an amount deficit on our credit report, which undermines us as a business. It is already hard enough for American small businesses to attempt to realize the AMERICAN DREAM without such entities further undermining our success. Legal counsel might be sought but we are suffering so much financially that we are trying to right our problem without further paying fees for services rendered. Any advice would be helpful. Thank God for this website, and thanks for listening. Aaron Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
58, Report #48010
Mar 05 2003
12:53 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Rip-off Fees for Everything Watch out! Torrance California
Watch out for this bank. They have taken fees to a new level. Call and talk to someone about your account and get charged a phone banker fee. Never mind the phone banker will not have the authorization to resolve your problem. This banks fees have fees. Just put your money in a pile and light it, and at least your will stay warm. Brian Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
59, Report #43489
Jan 30 2003
05:16 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Rip-off Illegal Overdraft Charges Deceptive Accounting Practices Sacramento California
What has been posted in here previously about the inaccuracies of Wells Fargo websites is merely the tip of the iceberg. What I discovered, when like Corri, I was hit for 600$ in overdraft fees, was that Wells Fargo was NOT following their account Terms of Disclosure. I followed the directions of the customer service rep who suggested that I read my account terms and disclosure and I did. Under use of the card as a 'Visa Check Card' - it stated that the bank would hold amounts 'authorized' for payment by a merchant until such transactions were 'presented for payment'. In reality, what was happening was the amounts were held for 1 business day, released back into the account; thus showing an inflated balance, then anywhere from 3-10 business days later, the amounts would be removed from the account. Now, like many customers, I was operating under the belief that the website and account information contained there was as accurate as any check register I would keep myself. WRONG. No where in the Terms of Disclosure was anything like the above described. I called Wells Fargo and was initially told that this was a glitch in the system and these would be reversed as a courtesy. When after three business days they were not reversed, I called back, I was told that the decision had been made NOT to reverse them. No letter was mailed to me or call was made to inform me of this flip-flop thinking. Numerous attempts to complain up and down to Wells Fargo resulted in the same results as Corri intially got - Keep a check register etc. I gave up. Wells Fargo still holds a debt of over 600$ in my name and I have given up attempting to resolve this. None of the customer service reps or supervisors I spoke to even understood the complexity of the issue at hand. Summary : Keep your money away from this bank. John Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
60, Report #217111
Oct 22 2006
05:04 PM
Wells Fargo Bank - America's Servicing Company ripoff Buckeye Arizona
wells fargo bank/america's servicing comapny broke in to my home befored forcloser paper was serve. David buckeye, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Buckeye, Arizona
61, Report #522503
Nov 11 2009
11:44 AM
Wells Fargo has gone too far!!  As if I haven't been disgusted enough with them, they really CROSSED A MORAL LINE!   I am very cafeful these days, given that WF has played games with my line of credit already. Last spring, they reduced my credit line just as soon as it was near the credit limit, then charged me over the limit fees after the reduction without notice.  When I paid what was now considered to be short they raised the interest to 30% for being past due 2 days, the difference.  This showed their true colors to me! But this time...I had enough and immediately went to Chase to open a new acct, pulling most of my money from WF right away.  I am still FUMING!!!!!! I was my mother's conservator.  She had an acct with them opened in Aug 2004, which was set up to care for her medical bills when Medicare would not cover her care.  She died April of 2008 and the bills were finalized, dispersed and lastly, the WF account was closed in June 2008. So yesterday, I check MY account online, and notice a right to setoff in MY account for $45.31 paid to an account # I do not have or recognize.  I called to find out what was going on and why.  Here goes people............ IN FEB. 2009, THEY CHARGED MY DECEASED MOTHER'S CLOSED CHECKING ACCOUNT 2 MONTHS AT $25 PER MONTH, MONTHLY SERVICE FEES, LESS $4.69 CREDIT FOR OWED AND PAYABLE INTEREST.  AND SINCE SHE HAD BEEN DEAD FOR 10 MONTHS, THEY COULD NOT COLLECT, SO THEY TOOK THE MONEY FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT AS HER CONSERVATOR!!!!!!  THIS 9 MONTHS AFTER THE BILLED HER AND 19 MONTHS AFTER HER DEATH!!!! Hello,WF...SHE HAD A BASIC FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT!!!! You want to talk about drummed up charges folks.  This has to be a first. I went to my branch after spending hours on the phone being transfered over and over again.  When the branch manager refused to discuss it with me, I gladly discussed my discontentment with the teller I'd known for 23 years of my business with them,,,and EVERY CUSTOMER BEHIND ME IN LINE!!!! Suddenly, the manager came up from the back of the room and agreed to discuss it.  I said no discussion...REVERSE IT>>>NOW!!!! I still haven't seen the money back today, and I doubt I'll get it back knowing how low they are stooping to rip the public off, but they will never see another dime from me! Beyond the very basic Chase account I relunctantly opened, I will now use my king size mattress as the bank. I CANNOT TRUST ANY BANK EVER AGAIN!!!!    
Entity: Internet, Internet
62, Report #385643
Oct 28 2008
12:38 PM
Wells Fargo Bank UNLAWFUL OVERDRAFT FEES Rohnert Park California
I agree to the woman with the file #379797. Wells fargo is making money off honest people. The bank says that they don't have to tell you anything about overdraft charges or when the cut off of deposit for the same day!! I have asked the employees of the Rohnert Park Branch, they say that they don't have to answer the consumers questions. I owe OVER $100.00 in overdraft fees, they don't tell you that when you use your ATM card for purchases that they can take it out TWICE!! Which is really unlawful, the merchant gets the cut and so does the bank! If i am going to use my ATM card to purchase one thing, i will NOT be charged fot it twice!!!!! Plus if they don't close your acct when you tell them to, they add on a $5 every day untill you pay for their mistake! THERE SHOULD BE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! HONEST PERSON Honestperson santa rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rohnert Park, California
63, Report #421151
Feb 06 2009
04:12 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Allowed $11,343.00 to be taken from Business Account Mcminnville Oregon
I have banked with Wells Fargo for years with not one issue with service for my personal or business account. Last month I was having separation issues with two partners and our business account and decided to open a new account. In the process, I saw the screen on the banker's computer that showed the signers and one of my partners who has never been on the account showed up. I was surprised to say the least because he was never on the account, and when I opened up the account I was designated as the primary account holder. As the primary I was the only one allowed to put signers on and off. So the banker took this individual off and I signed a form authorizing. I asked the banker can he get back on, no was the answer. I asked if the money would be safe yes was the answer. Then I said lets transfer all the money from the questionable account to the new account, which we did except $11,343.00, which she guaranteed me it would be safe. This was on a Thursday and on the following Monday the guy was back on the account and he took all the money out. The only reason I left the money there was because I had written a check for 10k and the banker assured me the money would be safe. So the security people from Wells called and said they were going to close the account, which I said great. Then I filed small claims against the banker and the manager. A week later I got a letter closing all the accounts. No explanation just a note in the letter stating it was not going to be a beneficial relationship anymore. This is going to be a real hassle setting up everything again. This is a typical we got the power you shut up attitude that most big businesses have. This bank can not even stand behind there employees word so if you have money in Wells Fargo get it out before someone else does. Craig Amity, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Mcminnville, Oregon
64, Report #381943
Oct 16 2008
02:34 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Wire Trasfer Screw up Eden Priarie Minnesota
They say something while you were doing wire transfer and lie about it from top down. I was doing an international transfer and the first banker doesn't even know how to convert currency if he has a converting factor. (If 1 dollar = y of other currency how many does does x dollars cost make in other currency). Believe me this he took 10 minutes to figure out. Then he screwed up the process and it was cancelled (which by the way I had to follow up and check as they did not say a word about it). I again had to go the other day. Again the wire is cancelled as the internal process did not agree with the conversion rate they put in. So it was changed and sent again on the third day, which they promised would go the next day and take at the maximum of 48 hours. It did not. SO when I ask the manager says the person who sent the wire is not in office and they would not have said 48 hours. I waited for 4 days and again the manager said she confirmed with her staff and apparently they did not tell me 48 hrs and I got confused. I was told 5 to 10 days. So I waited and then they say it wasn't sent on the day they said it was but 3 days later due to some holiday on receiving end and I was given an option to cancel which takes 5 days to get my money back). So I go the next day and ask why the delay and give my money back. Now I am told that the staff apparently explained me two methods of sending money and I opted for some reason the one that takes very very long time (even though I chose wells fargo to my 3 day delivery regular method just for the reason of money being delivered in 48 hrs). And the hightlight for today is they will not be able to give my money back and have to wait as long as it takes and as a consolation gave a 20 dollars put in to my accout. REALLY NEVER EVER TRUST THEM AND GO WITH THEM. Manojtraju eden prairie, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Eden Priarie, Minnesota
65, Report #454858
May 24 2009
04:24 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Loan Modification I can't believe this Minneapolis Minnesota
Started Loan Modification Efforts 2 months ago. I'm getting the run around as described by many others in their reports with the addition that after the first month, Wells Fargo started sending me Life Insurance direct mail indicating that in the event of an untimely death that my mortgage would be paid in full. I could not believe this. It shocked me that they would be so brazen! Their Loan Modification efforts are a scheme for them to capitalize on the opportunity. They third party out these services to a company called early resolution to work out data collection in the event they need to go after the debt. Early resolution is so disorganized that they can't event track the communication process they have with an individual, often calling about the same issue twice in one day, or sending the same letter in triplicate. Just imagine all the cost associated with the duplicate, triplicate mailings they send out. I went into the local WF consumer branch and could not believe how fragmented this organization is. The rep. started trying to sell me all of these consumer WF products, requesting all of my contact details to get me set up in their system, etc.. It was clear to me that their organization is not connected on a micro level. Very scary, that the bank I've entrusted to run the loan modification process can't even tell what banking instruments I have in place with them. Casualtyofmarketflux Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
66, Report #437666
Mar 25 2009
05:30 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Billing error nightmare Albuquerque New Mexico
I have had over 50 different credit account and I have never been late on any of my accounts for over 23 years till just November of 2008 with Wells Fargo Bank (WFB) had a billing error nightmare. Here is the whole story. I had purchase an RV coach for my father in May 2006, for him to travel and vacation with. The RV coach was New in 2006 and had problems with the over weight and was returned to the manufacture in July 2007 and I still made the payments on the WFB RV loan without any RV coach. The manufacture had built us a new 2008 RV coach in December 2008 and did a transfer of collateral to keep the same WFB loan. My WFB loan has a due date of the 26th of each month and my payment apply to principal and interest but if you pay after the 5th of the next month WFB will charge a $10 late fee. I setup my online WFB bill pay to pay my WFB RV coach loan on time and WFB bill pay had made a mistake and have adhere of the mistake but would not talk to WFB RV loan dept., So WFB RV loan dept. took my full $1,110.80 payment and applied the payment to interest only payment. That was BS I called so many times to get it this corrected and went into different WFB branches to correct this problem before my next payment was due and no one in WFB departments could fix the problem. So I told WFB that I was not going to make anymore payments on any of my WFB personal, business loans and credit cards till someone from WFB has the brains to correct this problem and I closed all 9 of my accounts and this was December 2008. Now there is no one in WFB departments that can correct the error made by WFB bill pay, at this point WFB has repossessed (Thanks ANDY) the RV coach and is now going to sale the RV coach in a private auction. Wells Fargo Bank wants me to pay over $700 dollar late fee for there own mistakes and if I don't they will sale the RV coach at the private aution and send me to collections for the balance.This is Fraud!!! This WFB LOAN IS FRAUD!!! What can I do??? Who can I Call??? If you have a car loan you pay a small late fee if your late, what kind of car or RV coach collateral loan is interest only!!!! Also I received a notice in the mail that Wells Fargo Bank is going to start charging me Insurance on the repossessed RV coach. I would like Wells Fargo Bank to correct the billing error and return the RV coach to me, my father, and I would be more than happy to continue making my payments as agreed or correct the loan structure. Thank you for reading my story and it feels good to send this out and try to do a little bid to stick it to the man WFB loan# 6************** Larry Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
67, Report #432496
Mar 09 2009
07:49 PM
Wells Fargo Bank will not issue a paid in full statement in timely fashion Seattle Washington
Due to WF policy of resequencing electronic debit transactions, I was charged an excessive amount in overdraft charges. I spoke with WF and it was reduced to half, however, I was unable to pay right away and the account was closed by them. When I contacted WF about payment, they said it needed to be paid off in one month in one payment or 2 at the most. My income is very limited; however, I made one payment which covered almost half the amount owed. Less than two weeks later, I returned with the final payment which was a check and cash. I asked to see a personal banker. Instead of taking my payment he proceeded to ask whether or not I would be reopening my account. When I answered in the negative he asked me to explain further. When all was said and done he then informed me that most banks have the same policies as WF. After taking up my time he then told me that he couldn't take my payment and I would have to go to a teller. The teller I went to asked if I had checks or cash and I had both. She said they were closed and could only take my cash. This meant another trip to WF. It ended up being two more trips to WF. On 06 MAR 09 I went to the branch where I banked for several years to request a statement on paper with the WF letterhead which states there are no monies owed on the account. Their big concern was who I was banking with and of course I had left my ID in the car and had to retrieve it. When I returned I was directed to another teller who took my identification and returned with a Post-it attached which had a phone number (888)-901-9589 OD Loss Recovery and said I had to call this number that I couldn't have a statement from the bank. When I asked why I wasn't informed of this my first trip in there she could not answer my question. This department was closed and I had to wait until 08 MAR 09 to speak with someone. Once again the over riding concern was who I intended to bank with. And once again I informed them the statement is for my personal records. I was then told I owe $12.00 to WF. The payment information was in front of me so I read this to her. She stated it had not gone through the system yet and once it did it would be 15 days before I would be given a statement. I called again and found the person I spoke with much more informative and while she was in Iowa, the person I had spoken with a few minutes before was in Portland. WF has some sort of adjustment to their system at midnight on Monday nights and that is why my payment hasn't shown and once it did my letter could be sent in a few days. I gave WF a call this afternoon and stated I needed a letter on their letterhead concerning the account as I would be banking with one of their competitors and Shelly was immediately interested and went over my information with me. Here's the glitch: the $12.00 will probably clear at midnight tonight and then I will have to wait 15 days to receive this letter and it should probably arrive around 02 APR 09. When I asked why the delay I was told it was because of the federal laws governing WF. It is at this point I wish to give many thanks to Ripoff Report and the consumers who contribute. I did not know my rights in dealing with debt collectors until I began going to this website. Wells Fargo had contacted Audit Systems about the money I owed them. The usual stunts were used-including calling my number at 6AM local time, letting the phone ring once and then hanging up; calling 4-5 times a day, etc...I sent them a cease and desist letter informing them if they did not stop I would report them to the Federal Trade Commission for starters. They chose not to believe me and I reported them. It didn't take them long to stop after that. Another great source of information I found thanks to people here is Bud Hibbs. I am not yet through with WF and the treatment I am receiving so I will be further using everything I am learning here. One more point-Wells Fargo is now the defendant in more than one class action lawsuit involving the resequencing of electronic debit transactions. In Seattle, a class action suit was originally filed 03 OCT 08 by the law firm of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP. I found this by doing an internet search for wells fargo class action law suits and found there are more throughout the country. I just want to say,Thank you, Ripoff Report! Pacific nw Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wells Fargo Bank
Entity: Seattle, Washington
68, Report #542482
Dec 19 2009
09:22 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Burlgary of Safety Box Contents from Bank's Vault Hawthorne, California
On March 3, 1980, I purchased 72 krugerands (I have a reciept) which were delivered to premises of Wells Fargo Bank. On the same day I opened safety box in which I stored gold.28 years later in January 2009, I found safety box to be drilled open and empty.For almost 30 years I payed regular yearly fee for safety box.Bank denies any responsibility for theft from their vault under their exclusive control.Thus I am joining Randy of Cathedral City who also suffered theft of his safety box by Wells Fargo. In another case, Wells Fargo Bank settled theft in small claim court. Presently I am sueing Wells Fargo Bank and looking for other aggrieved parties which may be in thousands to join action against stealing by Wells Fargo Bank.
Entity: Hawthorne, California
69, Report #757402
Jul 27 2011
10:49 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Predatory fees on a fraud reported to them Ottumwa, Iowa
I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for a little over 2 years and until recently had not had any problems with them. In January of this year I opened a new checking account and closed my old one as I was having problems with unauthorized debits from that account. I contacted their fraud department and was told that the offending charges were a result of me giving out my debit card number like it was toilet paper I use my debit card for my normal monthly bills ( gas, water, electric, cable, internet, cell, etc ) I occasionally purchase items ( physical items ) off of the internet from trusted sources that I have done business with in the past. I was instructed to close that account and open a new account with a new card ( made sense to me ) I went to my local branch and opened the new account, and transferred the remaining funds into my new account. The banker asked me if I had any checks or debits pending and I advised no. She then stated that the account was closed. I thought the problem was over and I could move on. I then started to check my statements and began to notice that every other day I was hit with a $35.00 NSF fee. By the time I caught this almost $500.00 had been removed from my account. I called the customer service number as it was after my local branches business hours. I was met with a rude representative who told me that I was irresponsible and that my old card was being used but the account had no funds thus the fees for insufficient funds. I advised him that the account was closed in January and that I wanted the fees refunded to my account as they were part of a fraudulent transaction. He stated that they would do nothing of the sort and asked if he could do anything else for me. I told him no and hung up and drove to the nearest ATM and withdrew the remaining funds in my account. I called the following day and asked to speak to a banker or a manager to explain the situation and to get the fees refunded. I was initially transferred to a personal banker and I explained the situation she then transferred me externally to the fraud department who after 15 minutes answered and advised that I would not be getting the fees refunded as they appeared correct. I then made contact with my local branch again and closed the 2nd account. That is when the fun began. Approximatly 2 weeks after closing the account the collection calls began to come in. First it was just  my home and cell phones, but after explaining that I would not be paying the fees as they were predatory they began to call my former employer. They called often per what the staff at my former employer had advised me even calling 5 minutes after calling them and advising the staff member that I had just called them ( Wells Fargo ) from that number. Considering that I hadn't used the phone there in over 3 months?? Luckily I have gotten the calls to stop here recently after retaining a lawyer and having him contact them. I recently called to get a copy of my statements as I intend to file suit to recoup my fees that they had charged me in addition to the complaint for their blatant violations of the FDCPA. Now they refuse to provide me copies of the statements locally and when I call the customer service number they want $36.00 to print and fax the statements to me to provide to counsel. As of today's date Wells Fargo has refused to close the other account as they say it has been reopened due to the card being actively used but yet it hasn't been swiped. I know this as it is in a box here on my desk as I type this shredded into about 12 neat little pieces as I have yet to burn it. Please stay away from this bank, it is no where worth the stress. I myself had been told to stay away by a friend of mine that is a former employee there, but stupid me didn't listen. I should be able to proceed with my case in early September 2011 ( as soon as I raise the rest of the filing fees ) If anyone has other advise please respond.
Entity: Ottumwa, Iowa
70, Report #761309
Aug 05 2011
09:14 AM
wells fargo bank made up false overdraft fees ridgeland, Mississippi
i have had problems with this bank with fake overdraft fees.. i go to the bank to make a withdraw a check my balance while i am at the bank the next day they till me my account was already overdrawn when i made the withdraw but if it was already overdrawn why was my all my funds there and no fees were deducted out of it.. once my direct deposit was put into my account i checked my balance at the bank then made a withdraw two days later they told me i didnt have enough money in the bank to make that withdraw but it was there i checked it through the bank teller and everything was ok the day i made the withdraw...
Entity: ridgeland, Mississippi
71, Report #831292
Jan 30 2012
02:36 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Has No Clue Except How to Make Life H*ll in Tacoma, Washington
I wanted to open an IRA. I told the representative I wanted to bring my husband back to look at documents before I signed anything.  We played telephone tag once and then no one returned my calls for weeks until the manager finally called to insist I come in that day to sign the documents. I told them I could not make it and would go in the next day...the representative and manager were not in the next day and no one could find my documents...after a bit of back and forth over the next few days, I looked online and they went and opened an IRA which was showing with my accounts.  I had had enough and I finally went in to close all my accounts and the manager had me sign a form for the IRA which stated premature disbursement of funds. I told her that did not seem right and I should not have to sign anything to close something I did not open, but she insisted it was what was required to return the funds to me and it would not matter because not enough time had gone by for anything to stick.  She assured me it would never even make it to the IRS.  She refunded me the money from the IRA (which showed in my accounts as having $5000.13 in it now) along with the money from my other accounts. I then received a phone call later from the manager stating that the $5000 they gave me was never mine and the IRA was never funded - they gave me their money and they wanted it back NOW. We were worried about the IRS coming after us and wanted something in writing stating the bank messed the whole thing up but she would not write a letter (because she may lose her job over this). We took the printouts she gave us and went to another branch and we worked it out and yes they gave us $5000 of their money. We told them we needed a few days to get it as the bank I was now dealing with did not have checks for me yet and they had us missing work etc. to fix THEIR problem so we needed a couple of days.  Shortly after, I was told that they were going to debit my checking account within a few days (had a little bit left in there to cover final checks) and so we scrambled to get the money in. They swore it would never get to the IRS as it was never funded (do have something that states that, along with a letter saying I never signed the documents to initiate the IRA), but now I just received a 1099 tax form in the mail which shows premature disbursement of $5, 000.13. I called the 2nd branch again and she swears she just needs to complete a form and send it in and they will correct it to reflect $0.  In short, I have a 1099 tax form that shows a premature disbursement of $5,000.13 that was never mine from an IRA that was never funded.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
72, Report #736758
Jun 04 2011
09:26 AM
Wells Fargo Bank lies about charges Santa Fe, New Mexico
wells fargo is one of the most crooked banks.they charge a fee to cash checks that are drawn on their bank.pressuring you to open an account with them. I spoke with the customer service representative at the bank.He assured me no monthly fees. He had them open a savings and checking account and charged me a monthly fee on both. I am in North Carolina now and the bank they took over(wachovia) tells me I must drive to Atlanta ,Georgia to close my account. They also charged $150 for paying a auto loan four months early which had no accrued late fees. Please be careful if you must deal with this bank
Entity: Santa Fe, New Mexico
73, Report #749764
Jul 06 2011
01:20 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Don't know how to follow instructions, Internet
Not sure what part of waiting 21 days to send payment Wells Fargo does not understand.  Levy from IRS and Wells Fargo got it and sent it right away, really hurting my bank account, plus it is in dispute and was dismissed in a BK. They received notice and immediately sent in the money, right on the front in bold writing stating the Bank must hold for 21 days then send the payment with interest.  And you violated the law by not notifying me of this request.  I received the letter and knew I had time to respond to the IRS. Now, I am going to be serving legal papers and suing you for the full amount, fees, and then some.  See you in court...  You need to read the notice, I am in the right on this one.  And when I am done, I will be finding a new bank.  Really you are charging me a 100.00 for sending in the payment, you are such a rip-off and unreal you can charge that much for a transfer. I loved Wachovia, they had their faults, but Wells Fargo you are one of the worst.  Does any one know where I would serve the legal papers, who's name to use when serving the papers.  You are not going to get away with this, really, time frame for response is 21 DAYS...
Entity: , Internet
74, Report #175561
Feb 09 2006
04:41 PM
Wells Fargo Bank Texas Branch ripoff probate policy is against indigents Borger Texas
Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Borger, TX., refused an indigent, disabled, hispanic widow,her right to claim her deceased husband's bank account of only $1,128.00. The Texas probate code, Sec. 160 says that she can claim the funds simply by asking for them. She presented a filed, sworn affidavit of heirship to the bank, along with her marriage license and death certificate but they refused her the money. She gets only $333.00 per month and is on food stamps. They didn't know what their policy was at the time and said they would have to contact their legal department. She contacted a lawyer who took the case Pro Bono. Their legal department said she would have to probate her husband's estate, he had nothing other than this little bank account. The widow's lawyer filed suit against Wells Fargo and they hired an expensive firm to keep her from getting her money. Her husband has been dead for a year now, and the court has not given her the money yet. Wells Fargo Bank may be in violation of the Texas Statutes which allows an indigent surviving spouse to recieve funds emmediately, simply for living expenses and to pay outstanding debts. She is the sole heir, the surviving spouse and unable to afford probate cost. I know the law firm that is representing Wells Fargo Bank is not working Pro Bono. I think there is an unjust enrichment on the part of the attorneys working for Wells Fargo, plus an illegal policy that is against indigent survivors that are entitled to their money under the Texas Probate Code. Maybe there is a class action suit brewing here? I would appreciate any legal advice that might be lurking out there, plus any help concerning a possible Civil Rights suit since they are illegally holding her money, which is her property. I hope this poor women lives long enough to get that $1,128.00, plus a huge award from damages and possible santions against the unethical attorneys and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Borger, TX. Mad in Texas Borger, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Borger, Texas
75, Report #186872
Apr 16 2006
06:16 AM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff San Francisco California
I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for several years. I am not a sophisticated bank client but an honest one. I have several business clients who regularly use my services and process between $20,000 and $60,000 dollars a year through My Wells Fargo account. In this day of electronic banking I would think that a check could clear in a matter of seconds, yet even though I have had repeat business with the same clients and they have NEVER given me a bad check, Wells Fargo bases the deposit availability on My current bank balance. At times they will process these checks in a matter of hours and other times it can be up to 10 working days. Being self employed I rely on the constant rotation of cash through my business yet Wells Fargo's random hold policies have cost me THOUSANDS of dollars in overdraft fees. They charge $30.00 per check regardless of amount of the check and charge twice in a 48 hour period costing me $60.00 per check written. They also will post debits prior to deposits which sets You up for a financial fall. I believe their policies are tantamount to robbery and also fall into wire fraud. When I first asked them about the delay in releasing deposits I was told it was because I used their ATM. Subsequent to that I would make my deposits at the counter and would be subjected to the very same hold policies. In addition the notification of overdraft would arrive by mail which takes an average of seven days making it impossible to know You are in an overdraft situation until You have of course written several checks each incurring a cumulative $60.00 fee. What happened to the days when a bank would call You and tell You to come in and make a deposit to cover checks? Another interesting way to create overdraft income for the bank is to allow You to Quick cash a $40.00 withdrawal which may or may not show Your balance, and will allow You to make this tranaction even if Your balance is less than $40.00, thus that $40.00 dollar withdrawal makes the bank a tidy and rapid $60.00 profit. Wells Fargo realized some time ago they could profit enormously from the delay in mail notification and in processing debits before credits. They also charge higher fees to the most vulnerable of clients which includes students, low income wage earners and the self employed business owner. If You are a business owner and as pissed off as I am at Wells Fargo, I urge You to write this website, Your Congressman and the banking committee to voice Your displeasure. I am filing a class action lawsuit against these greedy bastards and will watch Your posts on this site as a barometer of interest in this case. I also urge students and those of low income to submit complaints as well to better gauge how far reaching these overdraft practices are. I would like Wells Fargo to post to this site exactly how much they have earned in the past year on overdraft fees, if they have the balls. If they don't post which I expect them not to, a subpoena will help those figures along. Geoffrey Scotts Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco., California

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