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51, Report #765606
Aug 15 2011
09:18 PM
Wells Fargo Financial Data security, Online banking Internet
Wells Fargo recently acquired Wachovia. During the acquisition, all users were required to convert their online banking accounts to the new Wells Fargo system. I have both personal and corporate (C corporation) accounts. When performing the conversion to Wells Fargo, I was informed that when I access my personal accounts online, my Corporate accounts will also be accessible.  As a Class-C Corporation, I am just an employee of my business although I have majority voting rights on its' board. I receive a paycheck just like any other employee would.  Previously, I had separate logins/passwords for personal and corporate accounts, as is standard data security practice. I was informed by Wells Fargo that they do not support this and my UNRELATED business accounts will also show up in my personal account login. I explained to them that this is potentially a huge data security issue and they stated that there is nothing that could be done. A few months ago, my PERSONAL online account was hacked and accessed from Mexico--Wachovia (before the acquisition) stopped the hack, and my business accounts were never in danger as they were separate from my personal account. Under this new better system, ALL of my accounts would have been breached. I am appalled that a company who should be as concerned about data security as Wells Fargo would conceive such an insecure system. I intend to close all of my accounts at Wells Fargo and transfer them to a bank that actually cares about data security. 
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52, Report #724136
Apr 30 2011
07:40 PM
Wells Fargo Reopening an account to charge fees , Internet
When trying to close my bank account with Wells Fargo I was told the bank had to verify my funds were in my account, funds that had cleared my account three-four days before according to my internet banking statement.  While waiting for nearly 3 hours I decided to call the customer service hotline to get some answers, because the banker and two managers were doing their best to avoid me. The hotline said there should be no problem and the banker would surely get back to me shortly.  About an hour later (2 hours 35 minutes in at this point) I rang customer service again.  This time i asked for a manager and was quickly transfered to one.  The manager said she did not understand why I was waiting for so long but it was possibly because I had pending transactions, but the hotline manager said that they were not an issue. She asked to speak directly with the bank manager over my cell phone.  However since they were blatantly ignoring me, she had to phone the bank herself.  Once she rang them I was addressed within 5 minutes, told all was well, my card was deactivated, account closed, and I could receive the funds. I asked for the $3000 of funds to be in the form of travelers checks.  They told me they didn't have that much but that they could phone a nearby bank and find out if they had some.  I refused to deal with the lady banker any longer and asked for the money in cash.  They determined the exact amount I had in my account and issued me the funds. I left the country the next day to live in New Zealand.  I was told by family that I got a letter from Wells Fargo about a month later that said I owed them $79.61 for two transactions and two overdraft fees.  The same two transactions that kept me in the bank waiting for 3 hours.  They had reopened my account to charge me overdraft fees. Being away I could not reach the bank myself to handle the matter, so I had family phone them and sort it out.  Apparently, it didn't get sorted out, and I don't know first hand why not, but I have now received a settlement offer from a collection agency on Wells Fargo's behalf.  Unable to find an email address anywhere on their site to reach Wells Fargo Customer Service, and since I refuse to pay international calling rates to call their hotline, I am unable to sort it out with the company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
53, Report #680518
Jan 09 2011
08:49 AM
Wells Fargo Bank Direct Deposit Advance Internet
I've used Wells Fargo Direct Deposit in the past and never had a problem until now. It states it is a direct deposit advance, so I expect them to take the monies back when a direct deposit goes in and not a transfer from one bank to their bank. I needed to pay some bills so I did a direct deposit advance and then I went into another account I have with a different bank and made a transfer not knowing that they would take it from that money and use it towards the direct deposit advance I had did. When I call the bank I asked this was not a direct deposit it was a transfer from one bank to another one. I was told no, to them it is a direct deposit and therefore they took the money, if I wanted I can make another request for a direct deposit and would be charged for it again. That made no sense to me and I did asked as a long time customer can they make a onetime courtesy and reverse it because now when my payment goes thru it is going to cause me to over draft. I was told they couldn't do it. I think it could have been done as a onetime and especially because I have bank with them for over 22 years and have never asked for a one-time exception. This has made me very upset and stressful so now once my direct deposit clears at the end of the week I'm making sure to go to Wells Fargo and ending my relationship with them. They should call it Direct Deposit/Transfer Advance and this would make it more clear to people who use this service.
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54, Report #851115
Mar 09 2012
08:05 AM
A treasured stock was sold by our inept adviser..and not an authorized sale..NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN..Our fault we never questioned it..for there was no reason to ask..we had it for years and years .. no one touched till this adviser..She cleaned out our account and put it ALL into another..Now Julie Lambert 901 East Byrd Street,Richmond Virginia 23219 said she could help..BE FAIR...she did nothing for us..just believed our adviser..100% no proof at all..NOTHING...we were ripped off..we pulled everything from them..  Our papers are now it the states attorney's office..we are seniors and we were ripped off...by our adviser Muneera Dawood...by Julie Lambert..and Wells Fargo..BIG TIME RIP OFF!!!
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
55, Report #843606
Feb 23 2012
03:24 PM
Wells Fargo Wachovia UN HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Internet, Internet
This stupid a** bank took excessive fees from my account ONLY when i deposited money. Then they have a nerve to say they can't reverse the fees because it's BULLS**T, they change the posting dates so that it looks as if their right. I spoke to TONY and supervisor JEN-didnt make matters any better. Don't leave money in your account or make card purcases-RIPOFFS just taking money from their customers!
Entity: Internet, Internet
56, Report #919126
Jul 29 2012
06:24 AM
Wells Fargo Wachovia- World Savings Predatory Lending Internet
Wells Fargo Formally admit No wrong doings in connection with their Pick-A-Payment loan affiliations and practices Im shocked and appalled at the millions of lives that have been destroyed by the loan practices of Wells Fargo AKA Wachovia AKA World Savings by using its position of influence, power and cloak of operating under the US regulatory acts, to deceive, misinform and mislead decent hard working Americans in believing that their Pick-A-Pay equity building loan was far superior to all other traditional loan options. Therefore an admittance of guilt would allow for fair and reasonable compensation to all main street Pick-A-Payment victims. I've been personally victimized by Wells Fargo-Wachovia who is now in default of my civil suit Case No 11-CA-014613 filed within Floridas Brevard County, Wachovia truly believes they are above the law and untouchable Your attention and support is desperately needed. Further details: I have a mortgage loan from world savings (now wells Fargo) that was sold to me back in 2005 as the best mortgage loan on the market due to its various modification and conversion options and flexible payment selections. The loan was even sold as an equity builder, but was really designed to self-destruct leaving the mortgage holder in ruins. I say this with conviction due to the fact of the loan, previously known as Pick-a-Payment has been removed as a loan option, the owner of World Savings bank and inventor of this loan option quickly selling out to Wachovia prior to the collapse in the housing market and the victims, due to the millions who were effected, received pennies on the dollar under of class action suit designed to exonerate Wells Fargo from any wrong doings, even though their bank acquisitions by law requires Well Fargo to be responsible for all loan products that were sold under both World Savings and Wachovia. What is even more shameful than the tactics used in selling these loans, such as: inflated income, inflated and inappropriate appraisals and deceptive loan selling practices that hide the facts that made this type of loan a self-destructing loan that leaves very few survivors, is the fact that Wells Fargo reacted expeditiously when given the opportunity to dole out a measly $700 to $2,000 per victim in exchange for a no wrongful ruling and terms that stated that no additional law suits could be filed against them regarding this matter, but for people who were fortunate enough to have opted out of the class action suit in time, Wells Fargo has elected to utilize the maximum  five year statute of limitations to hide behind, while further inflicting pain and suffering to the remaining distraught and financially devastated Pick-A-Payment victims If Wells Fargo has no concern or care for the lives that were destroyed,then maybe Rip-off report does, if not Rip-off then who?
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57, Report #184290
Mar 31 2006
11:10 AM
Wells Fargo Financial ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
When i filed bankrupcy, it made it very hard to comprehend that my auto loan payments were not being received at the due date and that once processed i would incur late fees and nsf fees from my bank when i know they have received the money but hold the check for three weeks before it is processed through my bank. I want out of wells fargo finacial,they lost my payments and giving me false info about my account. This has placed a big hardship on me financially because of ther incompatence. can anyone assist me with this. Sonya chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
58, Report #171729
Jan 14 2006
06:46 AM
WELLS FARGO ACCEPTANCE ripoff Minneapolis Minnesota
Back in october 2005 I bought my wife a Hummer H2 and we use Wells Fargo as our Finnance institution. Every thing was fine like any other finance company they send me there automovile loan payment book and I started sending them my payments on time, My payment is for 700.89 but I send $1000.00 dollars every month for the last five month, so I can finish paying this truck sooner than expected. My night mare started in Dicember three month after the purchase. I got a letter for Wells Fargo insurance saying that they place a force insurance to this truck because according to them I didn't have insurance that was the first letter I got from them. I immediately call them and I ask them why they haven't call me or mail me a letter requesting information on my insurance policy that I have at this moment, they reply saying that they had contacted me and mail me with out any responce something that I know were lies. they told me to contact my insurance so that they could take that insurance away and we did so the very next day. My wife contacted them and they receive the fax from my insurance company and they told her not to worry they got the fax and it would take 72 hours to by place on my account so I let it rest. (Wells Fargo has there own insurance company) on 1/13/06 I got a letter from Wells Fergo. thanking me for the last payment something that I found very odd, and on the letter was a bill for almost $600.00 for insurance. I contacted them they gave me the all kinds of excuses eg: your insurance company cancel your insurance something that I know is not correct, another was that they didn't got the fax from my insurance. alot of contradictions. but here is were I exploded with Wells Fargo as I mention at the biggining of this letter I send $300.00 extra a month to go to principal,(on your payment book there is a box on the paper asking if you want to put money in to principal, I always checked and add the $300.00. my wife ask them whent was the next payment and since she don't know it because I am the one incharge of bill paid, the customer rep told her in March was her next due date, My wife told me that and I got the phone from her, I ask the laddy about it and she said that I was sendind extra money every month thats why i was two month in advance I got so mad with this and told her that does 300 were going to principal not for monthly payment. This company takes advantage of there client and I will file a report to the better bussiness bureu, this is to much stupidity. They don't care and I am going to get another finance institution. regarles if you pay your car payment on time or not they step all over you as there custome. This has been the worse finance experience. I had use chrysler finance, ford finance, Mercedez finance, chase manhattan finance ect for other loans and by far this companies were 100% better that Wells Fargo. Carlos PLANTATION, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
59, Report #203416
Jul 28 2006
03:15 PM
Wells Fargo Acceptance ripoff Chester Pennsylvania
Hello, My name is Deborah and I feel ripped off by Wells Fargo. I did not know that there was help for me.Two years ago I was in a car accident and the other driver was at fault. The other driver was slow about responding to my claim so, unaware of the precedure of filing a claim, I called Wells Fargo's claim department and they sent an insurance adjuster to look at my car in case the other driver never responded. After a few days I heard from the insurance company from the other drive,Stat Farm, and they made arrangenents for me to get my car towed and fix, then supplied me with a rental. Several weeks later I discovered that the my insurance issued Wells Fargo a check for the damage of ny car and they never informed me, they applied the check to my amount due.I had spoken to Wells Fargo several times about the progress of my vehicle and they never once informed me that they had received a check. Once I called them on it they then applied the check to my account. Now that I am having a financial problem and I am late with my payment they are threatning to reposses my car, I feel that they were given money for my car and that money should have lowered my payment or at least be made to help pay off my debt.The amount of the check was $3.375.00 and the received it on 11/11/2004. If there is anyone that can help me let me know immediately. Deborah DALLAS, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chester, Pennsylvania
60, Report #180075
Mar 08 2006
03:51 PM
Wells Fargo ATM ripoff Los Angeles, California
After this incident I have no trust in banks. I was standing on a long line waiting to deposit my savings. A Wells Fargo officer advised me that he best way to not keep track of money deposits is to do them in cash. Since I have some problems at home and want to keep my saving private, I did just that. I opened a new account at Wells Fargo just for the little security I needed, just was it really secure? So I was standing on the long line with my little 3 years old daughter, who is very restless and always wanting to go here and there to explore things, and I was about to leave, go, and return to make the deposit another day. At that crutial time an officer, who assists the people on the like with whatever they want to do, approached me. He asked me what is the purpose of my visit today and I explained that I will be making a cash deposit. He told me that I don't need to wait on the like but I can depot the cash in the ATM machine. I was reluctant. I told him I have never done that and it seems it is a big amount of money; more over I was a new customer and did not know the bank and its rules and work habits well. I was scared. He insisted, and told me he will do everything. Promised and done. He completed the depots slip and asked me to put the cash into the ATM envelope. It was still sealed in my Washington Mutual envelope and he asked me to take it out. I did so and he counted the cash - $1100. I did deposit $200 check as well. All I did was to put my card in the ATM machine and input my pin. My daughter was going haywire, but I managed to keep an eye on the officer. All was done well, I thought After 3 days I received a letter explaining how I actually deposited only $900 cash and $200 check. I was enraged. How is that possible? I went back to the branch and talked to few people. They advised me it is not their duty but I have to contact the telephone number provided in the letter. I did so and there was just going around customer service and other numbers none of whom did provide me with a clue what to do. After the weekend I returned to the branch and meet with the officer who assisted me in the transaction. His name is Erik Martirosyan. He explained he is just hired and according to him ATM is save. He told me I can use his name in any correspondence, and he can testify that the cash was actually $1100, not $900. I spoke to the manager of the branch as well, but she told me I have no right to ask about testimony from Eric, and should go and deal with the telephone in the letter. I was really disappointed. The same person who was smiling at me while I was opening my account is now almost going to shutter me with words. What hypocrisy! At last, somehow I managed, after making one dozen phone calls to get to the right number and file a dispute. Few days later I received a letter from Andrea Villavelazques, Agent from Phoenix. I don't know what that location had to do with Los Angeles, but in the letter was a confirmation that she has looked into the physical evidence of my case and she confirms that there is no mistake in the amount entered. I called her, since there was a phone provided and asked her to explain to me what evidence she has checked. She told me that the evidence is attached to the letter and I looked it. It was EAPD Cash Substitution Ticket with imprint of what I have indicated as a deposit and what the actual amount was. I argued that this confirms their side of the story, but is not an actual evidence for me. I asked if there are security cameras, and she told me that they don't have security cameras, but the place where the cash is taken out is very secure and people don't even wear their own cloths. I replied that I don't know that for sure because if there are no cameras, even this argument is just on her word. I said that people working there in this case are not really monitored and anything can happen. Where else the taking of the $200 could have happened? She backfired that even Eric could have taken the cash, which for me doesn't make any difference since he is a Wells Fargo officer. She said she did her job well. Well I said, congratulations, you did well for Wells Fargo, but the customer is still $200 deprived. Then she became really nasty and started accusing me that may be I did not count my money right, she did have cases like that. I told her money were sealed in an envelope at the other bank. It took me 10 minutes to come from one bank to the other. I have the time of actual withdrawal. That was my savings for god sake. I was so scared that I did not want to take the money out of the envelope even when asked by Eric to take then out for counting. Moreover it was easy for play with the amount - $200 check, and $200 taken out by Wells Fargo easy argument to accuse me I have input a wrong amount. But the people who took the money out did not know one fact that Eric from Wells Fargo wrote the deposit slip and counted the money. It is so ridiculously clear that Wells Fargo's employees and the whole system is not professional, and I have paid $200 for that. I fallowed their advice. I could have used a check, but I took my money out in cash, moreover I listened to a nowise bank officer to put my money in their ATM machine, and paid for that. Am I supposed to know everything about the cons and pros in the banking to make just a deposit? Why this entire people working for this huge institution are well paid to extend that their comfort makes them not care for people they are supposed to work for? I want to close my account with this bank, but not before this is solved! Antonia Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A. 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Entity: Los Angeles, California
61, Report #179814
Mar 07 2006
01:14 PM
Wells Fargo Lost Deposit ripoff Austin Texas
Wells Fargo lost my deposit placed in their night drop 30 mins before they opened for the day on mid Dec. I have spoken to numerous representatives. All claim that they are investigating. 2 Months. No luck. I was able to replace one check which fortunately was over half of the deposit. But the cash is gone. The manager of the branch office said maybe a homeless person took it out of the box. All the other reps have not responded to any of my questions about checking security cameras or the personnel in the branch. I have gotten many official letters but in the end looks like I am out $180.00 cash because I used the Night Deposit - It was a first and I learned my lesson. I am also amazed at how smooth and professional Wells Fargo is on brushing you off. I would almost say they cared. But not enough to get security cameras or investigate themselves. I thought Banks were there to keep your money safe. Now it looks like my word against theirs. I was shocked to find out how little security there really is. Donna Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
62, Report #203716
Jul 31 2006
06:21 AM
Wells Fargo And Other Bad Banks Bank Ripoffs Davis California
I too had many problems with Wells Fargo. Please all of you that are having problems, join my group and let's take some affirmative action. Everyone complains, but nothing ever gets organized to do anything about the problem. We need some new laws to protect the consumer. I am posting the subscription address. I really hope you don't just chalk this up to experience and let it go. You know they are counting on this. By the way, if you are an employee, and want to offer putdowns, please just stay away! We have had enough of you! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Gail Davis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Davis, California
63, Report #193712
May 29 2006
04:27 AM
Wells Fargo Acceptance ripoff fraud cheat Chester Pennsylvania
About 5 month ago i got About 26 calls for 20 days from wells fargo stating they never got my auto payment i kept calling them to see if they got it they always said NO so i told them i will give them a check over the phone with late fees and go to the bank the next day and stop payment on the first check this call took place at 8.30 pm before i got to the bank at 9.00am the next day they cashed both checks and today they are saying again they didn't get the payment they are full of s***. I WANT TO KNOW WHY THE BBB OR ANYONE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY I READ HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS COMPANY DOING THE SAME TO ALL OF THEM. Wells fargo is no better then enron the only thing is that wells fargo is ripping off from the customers. SO TO THE BBB OR THE FBI FRAUD IS FRAUD AND YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A** AND STOP WELLS FARGO. Mark youngstown, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Chester, Pennsylvania
64, Report #194128
May 31 2006
02:52 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff Stockton California
On 5/1/06 Wells Fargo received an order from DMV to put a lien on my checking account, which they did, and charged me $75.00. Since I've told Wells Fargo numerous times that I do not use this account except for my life insurance premium, and I'm quite sure they were aware there were no funds in this account, at the time, as I've only used this account for approximately the past two years, for my life insurance deductions. Anyway I've banked with Wells Fargo for 24 years, and this is not the first time they've attempted these outrageous fees. $75.00 for order, $22.00 overdraft fee, and $5.00 continuous overdraft fee, totaling $125.00 so far. If this were me trying to access my account for $75.00 it would've been denied due to no funds, so why is it fair for the bank to do the same, and expect to collect those fees. Carol Stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockton, California
65, Report #207593
Aug 23 2006
07:14 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff Lagrange Indiana
I wrote some checks and lost my job. Ok it was my fault I tried to float a few checks. I was 300.00 dollars overdrawn. I went to Wells Fargo and asked them to close my account and send the checks back to the merchants and I would take care fo the checks from that point. Wells Fargo told me they could not close out my account when there was a negative balance. Wells fargo told me if I stayed negative for 60 days then they would close out my account. I had not signed anything to the effect that they could electronically debit my account. I also submitted in writing that I did not want them electronically debiting my account. I had a credit union at the time that debited my account twice by accident. They had me sign some papers because they had done that illegally and they did not want to be liable. The credit union told me there was a law that they were not to electronically debit an account unless they had permission. If they electronically debited after something had been given to the bank in writing it could put them in jeaopordy. Regardless to say Wells Fargo ran my checks through electronically over and over more then twice. My 300 dollar debt turned into a 1500 dollar debt. They have sent me to collection and to the checkcare systems. I have picked up every one of those checks from the merchants when they finnally closed out my account 120 days later instead of the 60 days the checks did then go back to the merchants. I am 52 years old and disabled. I just read in the aarp that these are unfair banking practices and they are trying to get these practices stopped. All of those charges are returned check charges. Their collection agency wrote once and tried to make a settlement for so much of a percent. That would have ended up having me pay around 460 I wrote back and told them I would be more then happy to pay the 300 that I owed them. I just received another letter from another collection agency on them. I lost the letter. I have to call them tomorrow to get the address of the collection agency so I can also dispute this one. I still have copies of all of the letters that I took into them asking them to cease and desist from the electronic debiting. I also asked them to close out my account. They said in 60 days but they left it open longer so these bogus charges could accumulate. Eunice Lagrange, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lagrange, Indiana
66, Report #184272
Mar 31 2006
09:08 AM
Wells Fargo Acceptance ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
in june of 2005 i needed an automobile because i had totalled mine. i went to carmax in laurel maryland and was given an interest rate of 15.39, which is very high considering my credit scores are 697, 659 and 660. i really was thinking because i had just bought a house and my credit was good. the salesman told me that because of my credit which he could n't let me see wasn't that great. well i tried to refinance and get a lower rate and was told that I didn't qualify because i wasn't trying to get money out of the deal. i spoke with jan in the maryland office on 301 486-0971. i then asked her for the number for volunteer surrender. she gave it to me and i spoke to a supervisor by the name of melissa (supposedly that was her name as they use bogus names) so that you can't call and ask for them. i proceeded to tell her that i was interested in a volunteer surrender because of extreme high utility bills and gas prices and carried on like a stone fool. she told me that if i could afford a house i could pay my car and that she had high utility bills and she didn't care what kind of hardship i had. all she was supposed to do was input my desire to volunteer return the car, yet she proceeded to try to intimidate me by talking boisterous and telling me what to do. i can't phanthom any company that would train their representatives to talk to customer any kind of way. i told her that if i din't pay the note that they would pick the car up and she told me that i was going to pay the note because i have never been late and i should refinance my house and pay off the car. i told jan in the maryland office that I had my credit scores and she told me that they use someone else for credit reporting. i thought that everyone use esperian, eqifax or transunion. they use some underhanded techniques to rip people off and this should be against the law. my credit scores don't warrant me getting a 15.39 interest rate. they actually lie to people. this is wrong and i am going to write my congressman and the better business bureau. something need to be done to help protect the american people from scam when dealing with car dealers. Lillie Hyattsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
67, Report #222862
Nov 29 2006
11:49 AM
I have read very similar complaints on this website which makes me realize how ruthless Wells Fargo is when they close your account due to insufficient funds. Of course they wait until your payroll direct deposit hits. On their website under their policy when holding deposits it states that the customer is informed in their message alert when you sign on to your account. I didn't receive any notice. Had I received a notice I would could have taken precautions instead of being left completely broke. I am still shocked that any financial instition would act in this way. They say the process of closing my account takes two weeks. I asked them is that so they have an opportunity to charge me as much as they can? They said that my money is locked that money wasn't going to pay any debits, so why couldn't they give me the amount that was going to be mailed to me two weeks from then. I realize I made my mistakes but for them to punish me by knowingly leaving me without a cent is not acceptable especially for two weeks. I work in a large legal environment so I am going to continue to do some research on this. To me their act was personal nothing less. Claire Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
68, Report #267102
Aug 13 2007
09:45 AM
Wells Fargo Identity Theft and Fees ripoff Victoria Texas
For the last several months, I and my husband Steven have been trying to clear up some identiy theft on our Wells Fargo bank account info that has been used to get numerous credit cards and other items that have been put into our bank account without our knowledge. We have tried calling Wells Fargo (this costs $2.00 everytime we call and we get no where), we have gone in person to speak to Kris, only to not be allowed to talk to her because she is busy with another customer--even though we are willing to wait, we have made many calls to the branch Steve uses all the time, but no one will return our calls. Finally last week, Kris called me back after I left a very irrate message. I explained about having documentation of Steve's identity beign stolen, my ATM card being stolen, and now we are several hundred dollars overdrawn at the bank and there are over $10,000 worth of debt on credit cards that were taken out in Steve's name, but not his. She said to come see her. Steve tried. He was not allowed to see her because she was busy with another customer and he was not permitted to wait. I am still battling Wells Fargo. They have supposedly put a stop on all activity on the account, but they still want all these fees and ofterdafts that we did not encure in our name. There were loans taken out in our name that were not ours. Direct payment for collections that were not ours. I am not sure where this will lead, but I refuse to pay for something we have been asking for them to assist us with. I don't bank with Wells Fargo. I use another bank now and they have been very helpful in getting me the information and numbers I need in order to get help with this. The DA's office says they can't do anything because they need further proof from Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo says they can't do anything. So what is a newlywed couple supposed to do when faced with identy theft? On my own, I have gotten our credit reports and found all the credit cards. I have been trying to work with these companies, but they are very angry and want thier money from Steve since we stopped the direct payments. Wells Fargo is in alot of trouble here in Victoria. The front page of the Victoria Advocate (our newspaper) just had a story where the bank misshandled $230,000. I am glad to know I am not alone, but I am upset that a bank this large doesn't have any control and keeps passing the buck to the next person and all I get is the runaround. Judy Coons Placedo, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Victoria, Texas
69, Report #268545
Aug 18 2007
07:56 PM
Wells Fargo Reported wrong credit report Indianapolis Indiana
Recenlty I was trying to get my car refinanced though Wells Fargo. The gentlemen in the office said I could. However, my mother would have to co-sign for me. He took her information but failed to explain the following. That is my credit was bad when they checked and it was denied. They would put that one her credit report. I told him my credit wasn' that great. Now my mother has a black mark on her credit report. She has worked hard all her life for Great credit. I think in all fairness they should take that off her credit report. It is on mine as well. And that is okay. Now here's the real problem I have with this. When my Dad was living he co-signed for me. They checked his credit report and mine. They cleared it with flying colors. Why didn't they do the same to my father. If my credit report was bad? I think it is terrible of Wells Fargo. What I like to see happen is for them to right a letter to my Mom. Telling her they are sorry for the mistake. Then tell her they reversed the report. They told me over the phone they could not reverse this. I think it's a bunch of bull...... if you ask me. Oh and get this the girl on the phone from Wells Fargo suggested I take it to BBB. How about that for being stupid. Janelle Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
70, Report #294768
Dec 27 2007
08:19 AM
Entity: SAN FRANCISCO, California
71, Report #294154
Dec 24 2007
08:42 AM
Robert Sayetta Wells Fargo Short Sale Rip Off Willmar Minnesota
I am purchasing a home and the lien holder for the second is Wells Fargo. The seller has sent all his paper work in on November 13th we signed the papers to buy on September 1st. Well Fargo has made arrangements to agree to the short sale and has been approved by the 1st manager and the second and is sooooo slow in sending a simple letter to our closing attorney that they may blow the sale by delaying this. We have talked to them daily (the seller and I ) and have had nothing but a run around. Our loan approval runs out on the 2nd of January and if it is not sone both us and the seller loose out as we may have to go through the loan approval again and credit as it is is so tough and we will also have to pay 40% taxes on the funds we removed from 401K to put down the down payment. They do not have to be so slow as they have agreed to let the seller make payment to pay them their entire amount back but over time which is a little longer than the original agreed time. Wells needs to look at what they are doing. Robert Willmar, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Willmar, Minnesota
72, Report #139609
Apr 20 2005
03:28 PM
Wells Fargo overdraft ripoff On Line Banking California
Have to admit that I made a mistake on my account that resulted in as overdraft. However I have two accounts with Wells Fargo and the mistake was transferring funds into the wrong account - had funds on hand within Wells Fargo to cover the transactions but customer service said since it was my fault they would do nothing to help with the overdraft fees. Not only that but they did what others have complained of where they take the largest payment presented and then bounce any other checks to maximize the amount of cverdraft fees they collect. Customer service was totally unresponsive and follow a strict company guideline to make no restitution if the error is not the banks. Maybe they are within the law but the practise certainly borders on the unethical (customer service rep told me I just was very fortunate to have recieved a high cost loan -- those were her exact words). Any convenience of on-line banking and being able to deal with multiple locations pretty much goes out the window when the company seems intent on extracting every possible fee they possibly can from their cusotmers. Highly recommend looking for other banking options and if at all possible find a bank with personal service. We all make mistakes at some point or another but Wells Fargo is going to be sure you pay for them big time. If anyone else is seeking class action help with this issue I'm game ... haven't been so upset with a company and it's attitude toward their customer in a long time. Bill Las Vegas, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
73, Report #124798
Dec 28 2004
08:54 PM
Wells Fargo Bank ripoff Torrance California
Wells Frago strikes again with the Merry Holiday Overdraft Fees......Excessive fees actually. Their habit of deducting the largest amount first to charge more overdraft fees is too much for me. They just lost yet another long term customer! Not only are they now charging me $264.00 in overdraft fees when my account should only have been charged the 1 overdraft fee of $33.00 for being overdrawn by $90.00, but now they are charging $5.00 a day additional. The $90.00 I was overdrawn should have only been a $33.00 fee, but not so due to the way my account was charged, largest to smallest dollar amount. I instead incurred fees of $165.00 the first day and when $300.00 was deposited on the following day it was not enough to cover the other items I had purchased AND the extra overdraft charges. My account is now at a negative $224.00 and I will NEVER do any business in the future with Wells Fargo. They are ripping people off. I am completely disgusted and find their practices utterly reprehensible. Pamela Redondo Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
74, Report #152559
Aug 04 2005
05:13 PM
Wells Fargo ripoff Desmoines Iowa
I have been living the wells nightmare for a couple years.From taking them over 30 days to post payments (that way they get late fees and mess with your credit so noone will refinance for you) I filed bankruptcy as a last resort,then the payments they recieved during the proceedings was never posted and I still dont know where that money is despite showing them the cancelled checks! I was told by one of their customer service repsand I use that term loosely that those checks didnt mean anything and she hung up on me... I have sent 3 financial disclosure requests to them and my attorney has sent 2 for an accounting of my entire history with wells fargo and they sent us a letter showing the 3 months before the date of the letter we sent my lawyer says hes never seen anything like that... Now their new scam is to send my payment back with a sticker on the envelope from the post office saying that fowarding time had expired. I never got anything from them saying anything about a new address (another late fee) now I have 4 addresses to choose from and noone at wells can tell me which one is right. I reckon that'll be more late fees!!! I now see a charge on my statement for 700.00 that noone there can explain. all they said is its corporate fees. I had another charge for 50.00 and was told that it was because they had someone ride by my house to see if anyone lived here!!! I am so mad with these people that I wanna ride up to desmoines and grab someone by the collar and get some answers.. Their customer service people are very rude and either they are well trained at giving people the run around or they are just dumb as a box of rocks.. I did show my neighbor who was gonna refinance with them all the crap they have pulled and he went else where to do his business.. thats one for the guys on the street getting ripped off buy these crooks.. pass the word if ya see wells argo on the door there are crooks on the inside.... Im going to keep fighting I hope everyone else does too.... Ron sumter, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Desmoines, Iowa
75, Report #1063326
Jun 30 2013
05:03 PM
Wells Fargo Forced Placed Insurance Tallahassee Florida
Refinanced my home with Wells Fargo in 2012 I contrated the insurance company I gave Wells Fargo the money the money to pay the insurance company at closing I paid my my house note PITI every month in full and on time every month. Wells Fargo did not send my money to the insurance company A full year later, in 2013, they charged me for a forced place insurance policy for 2012 when I was not insured at all in 2012. As I paid for insurance I did not know I did not have it. They notified me last April. They have been giving me the run around while charging me for forced place insurance. Last week I paid for insurance for a full year.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida

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