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1, Report #1403605
Oct 02 2017
10:12 AM
Westgate Branson Woods Sales misrepusentation Branson Missouri
Westgate Resorts, Branson Missouri arrival was to a cheap motel accomodations.  We had to change to a similar room after arrival due to dog smells.  We agreed to a 2 hr presentation, which turned into a 6 hour presentation.  We were presented a presentation showing us we could have 8 weeks a year in the time share offered.  It was a deeded property.  We financially didn't qualify, so this sales rep. I'll call C went and got his dad who worked out a downpayment deal with us.  I told C I already owned a travel business, and I had stayed in Florida in a great condo, for $267.00 for a week, and even with 8 weeks, I could book it anytime.  He proceeded to talk to us about how we could bring all our family there and say...rent 2 at a time to use them up, and he brought out a sheet of paper, showing us all the people who couldn't use their 8 weeks and how  you could rent them, say when all the veterans came to Branson, and you could make money!  That's what got my interest!  Well the fixed us up a deal to pay $300.00 and we could Pay out the down payment.  We would also have home owner fees in January that would have to be paid and we would have to pay off the down payment before we could use them.  Well we did all that.  We paid off the down payment of $300.00, We were due to have it paid off in June of 2016.  It was Sept. 1, 2015.  We had been kept at the sales presentation for 6 hours of our vacation to be talked into this.  Believing what we were told and totally worn out, we just wanted to get out of there.  So after payoff, we were ready in June to book our 8 weeks.  $2500.00 later!  We called to book and low and beho, we only get 1 week per year!  I figured out, that C had kept our papers with his weeks he promised and sent us with a paper about the $ amount we would be paying.  We've been through all kinds or resources to see if the money they took was refundable!  We don't have that piece of paper c kept, and he never gave us a copy either of all the people that were making money renting out all those weeks they were not using.  We went to a service to see if they could help.  They wanted $6000 and a 2 year gate to Maybe get our money back  I contacted the attorney generals office to no avail.  They finally told us they sold the condo and we were out of it but they refuse to give the Money Back so my only recourse is to hopefully stop someone else from getting screwed, unless this has happened to people who want to tell their story, catch them in the act and do something to stop them.  As far as I'm concerned they are thieves and taking money by false pretensed. 
Entity: Branson, Missouri
2, Report #370458
Sep 06 2008
04:14 PM
Westgate - Branson Woods Resort Lies, Deceit ruines our Family vacationing place Branson Missouri
Our family was on vacation we were approached by a lady as we were leaving a restuarant. She said we would receive fifty dollars per couple to listen to this 90 min session. We were really getting ready to go home, but we went to the session. We were told if we bought this preconstruction it would be a great deal, but we could not use it until after April and that was okay cause we always take our vacation in July. They said no problem, so went bought the timeshare. We were told the construction would be done in April and there was also going to be a indoor water park in July none of this is true. We have paid all the maintanence fees and paid on the timeshare and tried to use our week and they stated there were no openings. Westgate is a scam and they deceive you in everyway. They will let you buy getaways to other places but not the place you purchased for. I beleive something needs to be done to put these people in there place and think a class action lawsuit should be filed. We need to get together and file as one to let these people know they don;t have the right to take peoples money and not give them any compensation. Tina Carbondale, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
3, Report #1243716
Jul 23 2015
07:24 AM
Westgate Westgate branson woods Lied to us Branson missouri Nationwide
 We bought a westgate timeshare a little Over a week ago . We were booked a room Thursday -Sunday .... We were put out of our room On Saturday. Then we called and they were very Rude. We tried to get out of the sale but after calling for a week and no return phone calls or hang ups they finally answered a week later and told is that we were past out time to cancel . They also didn't give is a copy of any of the paperwork we signed . They are a ripoff ... Lies lies lies and customer service is horribly rude . We can't use the timeshare we are still Paying for hotels
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #217161
Oct 23 2006
06:50 AM
Westgate Branson Woods Resort And Cabins - CFI - Central Florida Investments, worst vacation of my life, nightmare! Westgate lies to you! ripoff Branson Missouri
It took me five hours and 18 different individuals to get my room booked and our tickets purchased. We still had unanswered questions and discrepancies at 9:30 that night. The next day I spoke to a gentleman in the Florida corporate offices about all the problems, all the lies, all the conflicting information and details. He was hateful. When we arrived to a supposedly luxurious room with pillow soft beds we found instead a standard, run-of-the-mill type of hotel room. The beds hurt my back. We were supposedly going to rooms that were all ground level yet we had a room above us which apparently was hosting a stampeding elephants convention. There was no breakfast included with our room as advertised. Rather, we had to pay $4.50 EACH for an outside company who caters it on the property. Our discounted tickets to Dixie Stampede, which were purchased through westgate, placed us in the worst seats in the house where there was no room for your legs and narrow bench seats. Everybody else had comfortable seating! As it turns out, our tickets were not discounted at all, but full price. People who bought their tickets from the ticket counter received a souveneir boot mug and peanuts or popcorn. We did not. Oh, and you have to eat with your hands there. Not good for my manicure, so I didn't eat at all. This was one of those timeshare vacation packages where you have to sit though a presentation. Our 90 min. presentation lasted 3 1/2 hours! I told the sales staff that we had not experienced anything positive so far except for the presentation, and therefore, could not make a decision to purchase. We had nothing to base our decisions on from our own experiences. We were offered to stay our final night in a one bedroom condo as compensation for our bad experiences, but then they made us believe that we had to agree to try out their resort by paying $200 down towards a purchase of a timeshare. I declined. Only when I literally got up and walked out did it end. One thing after another happened to us this whole trip. Every time we turned around there was yet another negative surprise. We left early, not staying for the final night. Upon check out I find out that they charge you 75 cents per LOCAL CALL that you make! When I questioned this the front desk clerk said Oh, well, the information on the phone charges are listed in your information book. That is, the information folder that nobody ever bothers to look at and of which by the way was in the drawer under the phone! In total, there were 31 different problems within a 3 day period. The package we received was 3 nights for $129.00. This price was to include a two queen bed luxurious room with pillow soft beds and fluffy pillows. The rooms were to be all ground level. A 20 item breakfast was to be included with our room. Ammenities offered with the resort shuttle service to Silver Dollar City and other attractions, a video game room with free tokens for the kids, internet access, phones, microwave, and mini fridge in every room, a large outdoor lit playground area, activities for all ages. It was also advertised that there were numerous nature trails on property with a natural waterfall to visit. Included in this price as well was two 2 day passes to Silver Dollar City. These prices were made available as long as I agreed to attend a 90 minute presentation on the timeshares available at the resort. I agreed to pay the $129.00 based on all of this information. My stay was paid for using a credit card. When we arrived, we found that our room was not luxurious. It was a standard, run-of-the-mill room. The fridge was not even turned on! We had to wait till the next day before the fridge was cold enough to actually use! The beds were the firm variety, very firm I should add. So firm in fact that I had considered going and buying a blow up mattress from Wal-Mart. My back hurt both mornings and for a large part of each day after sleeping on their beds. Our room was ground level. However, there were rooms above us, which means that not ALL rooms are ground level. Other guests were booked in the room above us. When they walked the floor sounded as though it would cave in at any moment. There was no shuttle service available from the resort. Rather, guests had to call outside taxi services for this available shuttle service. The video game room with free tokens does not exist YET, but will four years from now. There are no computers anywhere on the resort for guests to gain internet access, nor are there any dataports in the rooms. There were phones in the rooms, but there was nothing anywhere to disclose to guests that there would be a 75 cent charge per local call to use it. When we checked out is when we found out that we had to pay $4.50 for our 6 local calls. The front desk clerk said Oh, well, that information was in your Westgate welcome folder in your room. This being the big folder nobody ever bothers to read all the way through. I couldn't go back into the room to check and see if in fact this was true since I had already turned in my keys, so for all I know this was a lie too. The only truth in advertising I found regarding the rooms was that there was a microwave and fridge in the room. The large outdoor playground area was not large. It was one average size piece of young children playground equiptment with one streetlight over it. The activities for all ages, for the most part, were available for an additional fee. If you wanted to use any outdoor sporting goods, even a basketball, you had to pay a rental fee. When we checked in we were told that two of the three nature trails were closed, including the one leading to the waterfall, and that the third was the more advanced trail. Our two day pass to Silver Dollar City, which was supposed to be an exclusive special promotion only available through them, turns out to be the standard way the tickets are sold. If an individual buys the tickets at SDC, they will pay for one day. But, if they buy those tickets anyplace else but SDC, even a standard attractions sales counter, they will get the 2 day pass. SDC asks that you use these two days within 7 days of purchase. Our 90 minute presentation turned into 3 1/2 hours. I told the sales team at least 6 different times that we had not experienced anything positive or truthful so far during our 2 day stay, so we really could not make a decision to purchase. We were offered to stay in a one bedroom condo for our last night as compensation for all the deception so far. Then, when we agreed to do this, the sales staff turned it around against us to say as if we were binding ourselves to a contract to purchase with them by staying in that condo. We declined to stay there after that! Only when I reached my boiling point and literally got up and walked out did the presentation end. I remained polite during the whole time, never becoming unpleasant, but when I felt I could take no more I got up and left rather than conducting myself inappropriately. In total, from the time I began the booking process for the room to the time we officially checked out, we encountered 31 different problems or discrepancies. I will gladly list and detail each and every one if you need me to. It will take me a long time to write out that novel, so that is why I am not doing so already. I will do so if need be. I very strongly believe for these reasons that the company failed the truth in advertising laws. They used numerous deceptive techniques in order to take my money and get me there to try and sell their resort to me. My husband and I are in fact in the market for a timeshare. We looked forward to visiting this location, in hopes of finding a new place to call home. We visited this resort, thinking that we would be able to try them out and then possibly buy from them. What we found were lies, lies, and more lies. Like a magician, they used glitz and glamour in one hand to cover up the truth in the other. Amy tahlequah, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
5, Report #281730
Oct 29 2007
06:09 PM
Branson Woods/ Westgate Resort they will turn you over for your maintence fees Branson Missouri
This comapny known as west gate resorts will not work with you on your maintence fees. If you buy from them they will not honor any thing that they tell you. Don't believe the sales pitch I found out every word was false but I got stuck paying for something that I couldn't trade or bank or rent. After I payed it off I wanted to pay my maintence fee by the month and they told me that was not the way you can pay it was all or nothing. Then they started billing me with late fees then they turned me over to a collection agency. All I can say is they should get the rippoff award of the century. They train there people to lie with the best. I don't think the devil himself could lie that well. When you pay off the timeshare they take for ever to send your deed. But they still expect you to keep paying your fees. Again I say don't purchase any property that is associated with westgate community you'l be sorry from now on. Dissatisfied sherwood, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
6, Report #410540
Jan 10 2009
03:14 PM
Westgate Branson Woods - Westgate Resorts, I purchased a time-share cabin in Branson woods in June 2007. Ihave been unable obtaina deed to the property. I paid cash and was advised I would recieve the title in one year. I have called and to no avail. Branson Missouri
I purchased a time-share cabin in Branson woods resrt and paid cash in June 2007. I was told I would recieve a title to the property in one year. I have called and used all of my resouces to have some reply from Westgate and have been unsuccessful. I am retired and wish to sell the property as I have to pay a mainteance fee yearly. They are taking unfair advantage of me. Will de quincy,, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
7, Report #1163025
Jul 17 2014
11:33 PM
Westgate Branson Woods Westgate Lies lies and more lies Branson Missouri
We purchased a timeshare from from an individual for Westgate Branson Woods in 2011.  We bought a 2 bedroom with a float week. We were able to use our week with no problem in 2012 and 2013 with no problem. We loved it, and it was perfect for our family.Last week July 13, 2014 we checked in as a regular non owner for a 3 day stay.  Upon check in I was asked if I was an owner at which point I informed them yes I was.  Big mistake.My personal concierge Makenzie informed me that since we had purchased our timeshare resale there was a letter mailed to our home we needed to sign.  Let me make it clear a letter was Never mailed to our home, and we have owned the property for 3 years now.He informed us that he needed to meet with us for about 5 minutes the next morning for us to sign this letter.  We said ok and agreed to meet and get this over with so we could continue with our vacation.Upon arrival out kids werequickly whisked off to a daycare room so we could talk about this letter and sign it.  After sitting down we were informed that since the property we purchased was bought from an individual and not Westgate we would not be entitled to the same benefits as other owners even though we pay the same maintenance fees and taxes as everyone else.Then another bombshell was dropped on us.  The property we purchased was originally part of Grand Vista and not Westgate so we are not even considered Westgate owners even though we pay our dues.  Additionally, we were informed that even though we purchased a float week it will no longer be honored as that is a privilege Westgate only offers to its owners.  We were told we can not sell our week since Grand Vista no longer exists, and that Westgate will not buy it back because they will not buy back Grand Vista properties.  He kept telling us Westgate only purchased the unsold Grand Vista properties and not the sold ones, which makes no sense.  I read that past owners had no problem with their ownership when Westgate bought out Grand Vista. We were then told for a low price of $14,000 we could purchase our same property through Westgate and become real owners.  Our property is paid for we hold the deed.  Apparently float week can not be placed on a timeshare deed so week 46 was on our deed, even though our purchase contract says float week.  He informed us we could only use week 46 from now on and that we would never be able to sell or exchange our week.He also lied to me and said all the other Grand Vista owners paid the same $14,000 to converte to Westgate so why should I get privileges if I do not pay the same money.  I researched it and that was a fat lie.  No one else paid to transfer their ownership to Westgate.  Bottom line is they are punishing us for purchasing our property from an individual instead of them. I do not think legally they can change my purchase contract just because they want to.  I plan to contact Ann attorney to find out what our true rights are.  On a side note  Makenzie called and texted my phone so much I finally had to block his number with my carrier.  Also, about the letter we needed to sign there was no letter that was just their was of getting us to their office for a sales pitch.  I took a picture of the letter since he would not let me have a copy.  It is just an offer to purchase our deeded property from them again. I am very disappointed.  
Entity: Branson, Missouri
8, Report #1173120
Aug 29 2014
07:03 AM
westgate resorts---Branson MO CFI Travel club Branson Missouri Nationwide
I was invited to Branson, Missouri to see about being a representative for selling their travel club.  I attended four hours of HR training. During the sexual harassment video I made a comment about the movie which HR didn't like so I was not hired ( said the video was like a stooge movie and should be more serious).   as I was leaving I was able to over hear guest talking about the travel club and how high pressured they felt and why they would want to pay $8000.00 to westgate only to buy AIR.  It appears the travel club is just a ripoff nothing more. I don't know about their timeshare but all the material I. Was given as. A hire person and what I read says it is in facts ripoff.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #404569
Dec 24 2008
06:10 AM
Westagate Branson Woods Yea, we know she lied to you, but hey. she got fired for it, we still cant help Branson Missouri
My wife and I were approached with a free stay in Branson in exchange for going to a siminar for about an hour. First mistake? Going. When we arrived at the siminar, more like a slaughter, they gave us a saleslady that was very good at her lying, hindsite. She tried selling us a timeshare for around 20,000, when we said no way, we are not spending that kind of monies, she misteriously came up with a timeshare she said had just come in because the people that had it decided due to health reasons, they did not want it anymore. By the way, now that we dont want ours, they say they do not resell anyones timeshare. How did that one come up? Another lie. She then proceded to tell us that even though we have week 7, thats not a problem, we could use it at any time, any where in the United States as long as there is an available room when we want it and there is ALWAYS somewhere to go. She stated that we could also trade our week in on a cruise for a small fee of 59 dollars. She then said, lets go see your deeded property, this is the one you own and will stay in if you come and use your week in Branson Woods. We went to the unit and she explained that we made a smart investment because we got such a deal we could sell it back to them for a profit. She them continued to tell us that they are putting in a indoor pool and many other things right accross the street from our unit. When that is done she explained, your unit will go up in price tremendously. Later when we tried to us our week, we were told you cant without paying extra monies. We then asked to speak to a manager, which took several days to get in touch with, when we finally got to speak to someone and got nowhere, he said when you are in the area come in and speak with him and he would see what he could do. So, we went to Branson and spoke with him, his response was, we are sorry you were lied too. We know your saleslady lied to you and many others, thats why she was fired. We cant do anything about it, but, I can sell you an upgraded package for several more thousands so you can use it. Needless to say, we have a piece of crap timeshare in week 7 that we cannot sell. When we were in the sinimar we explaind to our saleslady that we both drive buss and cannot get off our jobs at the same time, except for June and July, she said no problem you can use it anytime, anywhere. How, in the United States can a company of anykind tell you, sorry you were ripped off and lied to but we cant help you. Her being fired for lies and deception to customers is suppose to make us feel that her actions were justified. I hope there is such a thing as carma, if there is, this company is in for a rough ride. Lee Hermitage, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
10, Report #1232422
May 30 2015
03:23 PM
Westgate Resort & Timeshares a real bait and switch operation Branson missouri
My wife and I visited Branson to buy a timeshare and to vacation. We liked Westgate and went through the tour.We were shown a large single bedroom with balcony which we could use every year and it connected with another bedroom which we could use every other year if we had our kids along. The first year we came expecting the large one bedroom but were put into a motel-like room. When I complained they moved us to a handicapped room. Another complaint from me finally had us moved into the room we were supposed to be in (our third day).   When I finally talked to the manager he showed me our contract and it showed a small letter d by our timeshare unit which meant the motel room. I wasn't aware of this practice at the time of our signing, we just expected we would get the room the salesman showed us. That's the bait and switch. He offered us the big unit if we paid more. I told him to shove his unit where the sun don't shine. $10,000 gone! Never again will I visit Branson or have anything good to say about Westgate Properties.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #199308
Jul 03 2006
02:32 PM
Westgate Resorts - Branson Vacations ripoff compliatly messed my reservations and were very rude to me charged me more then actual quoted cost Ocoee Florida
I recieved a package to anyweher westgate is for $44.00 At the time my daughter was excpecting my 1st grandchild I have 4 girls rangeing from 29yrs/3yers so money is tight. I have not been able to see my family in 3yrs they have not seen my 3yr old or 7yr my other daughter is in the army and is leaveing for 2yrs in Korea. my family and I thought that we needed to get togeather. My mom thought it would be nice if we could meet in the middle. G.A. to Minn. We chosse Branson she said that if it worked out that she may perchuse at that spot so we can all meet more offten I beegain to make the arrangements for memoreal weekend. All seemed great my payment was made I called and confermid ect. 24hrs before we were to leave my husband called for directions they told him they had no rooms. I was so upset I was clling everyone at the last minut that I was to leave I was told that when I got there they would either get us all rooms at seperate hotels or give us our money back when we arived I was distraut. finely they called 2hrs before we were to leave home and said they had 1 more opening. The lady said that they would reimburse me $25 for my frustration but that they still didn't have the 3rd room. Then they told me they would give me a free childs ticket but I had to call before I left Minn they refused my call that evening. The conseiar told my mom that he would get her an appointment. For a tour then he never called when we arived they said because of the problems they would give us our tickets to Silverdollar city {not true$89 was added to my credit card} they charged 75cents a call with a calling card my room was never cleaned I had to ask for towls ( i was there for 5 days). I had to ask to get the room vacumed. Everything there cost includeing the $4.99 breakfast buffet that was served in a hotel room with a leaky roof. They didn't tell us about the 2 1/2 hr drive in traffic to S,D.City. Then when we left they charged me $13 for taxes they said I payed in my original payment then when I got my Visa bill there was another $104 charge $85 for tickets I thought was free $15 for use of my phone card on there phone. Kathy mankato, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
12, Report #1241989
Jul 15 2015
08:35 AM
Westgate Cruise and Travel club We were mis informd about unit rental,not lold thtat about timeshare Branson, Missouri. Nationwide
My wife and I were shown resort units in Branson, Mo. which were from 1 to 5 bedroom unit that we could call 1 months i advance and ren for 500$ for a full week.We tried to rent two 3bedroom units for June 2016.. We wer then that they were only avalble from timeshare owners.   Ithink that we se were misinformed and this is false advertismant I would like to get our money back or get the use of the units. I  do believe that we were ripoff.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #385957
Oct 29 2008
10:24 AM
Westgate Timshare: Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Vacation Dreams... Rip-Off Reality: Timeshare Chokehold Ocoee Florida
It was going to be a great Las Vegas vacation - my husband and I were off to the Planet Hollywood for the first trip without our son. As we walked through the casino we were literally accosted by some used car salesman (gum and all) trying to give us our free vacation goodies. I knew what the deal was, timeshare. I thought we were strong enough to get through the presentation, so we opted to go for the free $200 of gambling chips. WRONG CHOICE. We got suckered in. It was the demo room that did it. I am telling you, if you can manage not going into the example suite, you might be able to make it through and get your free prizes. We got through that, loved the suite and then was escalated to the manager, who made us this great deal. Then we got whisked into our closing agent who was there as an unbiased third-party to help us navigate this large purchase. We trusted our closing agent and handed over our credit card and $1480 for a down payment. WRONG CHOICE. We went through piles of documents and signed and signed. When we asked about what happens if we get home and want to cancel, he said very vaguely that we wouldn't want to do that. That it would be very costly and basically impossible. At the end of everything, he gave us two free tickets to breakfast, a huge brief case with all our exciting docs and handed us this Public Offering Statement that was required by law. He told us how boring it was and that we would never want to open it. He even flipped to a page and sarcastically read from some lame legal jargon. He gave us his personal cell phone and congratulated us on our investment. (The investment they say would go up in value 10-30%). Of course we stewed about it for a full day and then it hit us. WHAT THE $(@*# were we thinking??? We got off our flight and ran to the internet to do some research. We realized quickly that we made a bad decision...there were hundreds of people that were stuck in these $15k - $100k timeshare purchases. We called our loan agents cell and asked how we could cancel, he said he had no idea, that there has never been anyone that has wanted to cancel. BEST DECISION: I decided to open up the lame Public Offering Statement. Right on the first page in BRIGHT CAP RED LETTER: Consumer Should Read This Report Before Signing Any Paper. In on page 17 was our salvation: The Revocation Form. There is a Nevada law that protects people like us -- people who make made decisions on our trip to vegas. Nevada Statute 199A states: person may cancel this agreement without any cancellation fee or other penatly by hand delivering or sending by certified mail written notice of cancellation to your location...by midnight of the fifth calendar day following the day on which the agreement was signed.. By law they have to refund your monies (minus any free stuff they gave you (breakfast, shows, brief case) by the 15th day. It works, we got our refund! Here is what we did: 1. Made purchase Sat 2. Mailed via overnight and certified mail, a letter written and signed by both of us stating our desire to cancel. We also coped page 17 out of public statement and signed and dated that as well. I followed mail and got email confirmation of them signing for it. They sent the refund to my credit card on day 10 minus $80. $30 for two breakfasts and $50 for that stupid briefcase. THey tell you to mail back briefcase for the refund of $50. Now -- we wanted to cover our behind during all of this and we decided to scour the Public Offering Statement to find falsehoods in our purchase. So that if we had to go to court we were prepared (the document states that if you have to go to court and you are found in favor of, Westgate pays you back what they owe you PLUS legal expenses. Here is what we found they misrepresented to us: Page 17: Statute 119A (they didn't want us to know about 5 days and tried to confuse us and spin around the facts until after 5th day) Page 9.3d (after table of contents): Accural and carryover of timeshare weeks. You CANNOT carryover your timeshare weeks. We were told that if we didn't use one week, we could move it over to the next year up to three years. THIS WAS A LIE Page 10.8. It again states there is no carryover from one year to another Page 11 10.f: We bought a 2 bedroom suite every other year, which could be broken up into two separate weeks. One week in the one bedroom suite and one in the studio. We ONLY bought this because they said we could break it up and use the studio in one year and the one bedroom in the other year. This states that you MUST use both studio and one bedroom in that year. You can't split in your off year. Page 11 10i: We were told we could book up to a year in advance for our every other year timeshare. This says only book up to 120 in advance. Page 16 6: We were told that if the place was rented out and it became damaged by the renters we would not be responsible. That there would be HOAs to cover. THis states that we would be solely liable for any damage incurred. (so there goes the ease of switching weeks with someone in Miami for ours in Las Vegas) Page 2 of Exhibit 8: We were not told that the I.I program (the travel exchange) was voluntary. They told us it was part of the westgate program and that all dues were required each year. Hopefully this helps you guys. We learned our lesson and will NEVER go to another timeshare presentation again. Thankfully, we just lost 3 hours of time, plus ruined most of our vacation and about $100 in postage and that $30 breakfast. However, we know that there are lots out there who missed the 5 day cancellation and are stuck with $20k+ in debt. Mindy Woods Cross, UtahU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Westgatee Resorts
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
14, Report #628189
Aug 01 2010
12:48 PM
Central Florida Investments, CFI Westgate Resorts - David Siegel Owner Go to Branson and enjoy yourself but stay away from the sharks over at Westgate Resorts , Internet
A couple of years ago my husband and I went to Branson, MO for fourth of July festivities.  We went into the kiosk where all the travel information office is for the city in town and were told about several hotspots to check out and also about travel accomodations at Westgate Resorts next time we visit.  We did NOT know it was going to be a sales pitch for a timeshare or we'd have not gone.  Of course they loop you in thinking you are getting a show for free to go there.  We listened to a hard sales pitch and then next thing you know we are signing documents to buy a timeshare.  We are totally flabbergasted afterwards wondering what in the HELL did we just do?I put it out of my mind for the remainder of the trip but as SOON as I got home I went online to check this out.  When I found out what a rip off they were I went into the package and luckily found the paper hidden WAY UP IN THE BINDER (HIDDEN) to cancel within the time limit.  I rushed to the post office before they closed, made copies of my documents and sent them with a tracer.  THANK GOD!!!The next several weeks were tense because they knew we cancelled the checks we wrote but they ran them through anyway, crooks that they are.  It took my filing a report with the MO and FL attorney general to get them to refund my money.  Take my word for it: Enjoy Branson but stay away from the sharks over at Westgate Resorts!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #277590
Oct 08 2007
01:06 AM
Westgate Resorts Vacation Traveler Sales Department Sales Manager: wayne Thomas credit card receits not correct. sales manager called security when asked to fix.. was refused refund and cancellation of contract Ocoee Manager: Branson Florida
our 90 minute tour scheduled for 9:00 am Oct. 1, 2007 quickly turned into an all day , relentless attack by several sales managers. after each sales person was told no another would be sent in with yet more offers that were forced upon us. I was even followed and barely escaped to my room to retrieve my husbands medications. At about 4:00 pm i informed them that i was not interested and that i wanted my two show tickets that i had paid an extra $40.00 to upgrade from the original 3 day, 2 night package. I was then assaulted for another 45 minutes and agreed to purchase a 4 day, 3 night vacation and was rushed through mounds of paperwork. when i asked questions about the terms in the purchase agreement i was immediately bombarded with the sales person's mumbo jumbo. T he show which i had tickets and reservations too was to start at 4:40 pm so i was forced to rush through initialing this and signing that just so i would not be subject to a no show fee from the show. I was handed a stack of papers and a dvd package along with my credit card receits. My husband and i arrived to the show at 5:16 pm just in time to eat the meal...After the show we returned to the hotel room where i then sat down and tried to sort through all the papers i had received from the sales person only to discover that my credit card receits did not match the contracts and some were missing... i immediately dialed the #1234 that was listed in the hotel directory as the number to call for gauranteed immediate results to any questions or problems and was surprised to find out that the number was just a hotel operator who had no information at all that could help me. i instructed the operator to leave voice mail and email messages with the appropriate departments to contact me immediately upon their arrival in the next morning. I was not contacted by anyone and was told to go to the sales building at 8:00 am to talk with them. When i entered the building i was approached by a sales manager who was unwilling to even listen to what issues i needed fixed and proceeded to call security to have me removed if i didn't leave before the scheduled tours arrived. I finally got the salesmanager's name and ID number and was told to contact the main offices about the matter. The westgate hotel staff was very helpful with our check out and notified the operations manager of the way we were treated. I was told that the hotel would contact me by phone and email with a resolution. I have yet to be contacted in any way by the hotel and as a result was forced to shut down my credit card and checking accounts... The hotel itself and its majority of employees were actually very nice but unfortunately the tramatizing experience i am going through will keep me from ever returning to any of the Westgate resorts in the future!!!! Donna belleville, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
16, Report #294881
Feb 13 2009
11:09 AM
Westgate Resorts Woods Frauds promise's promise's lier's Branson Missouri
we bought a timeshare westgate resort at the woods. we was showed and promised the site where there will be a huge indoor waterpark. they even had a big billboard show what the park would look like we like it because of our grandkids. we always atleast 2 plus inotw with us. we could send them to waterpark and set and relaxe in condo. they would have fun and us to. we found out almost 2 years later threa word of mouth that they wasn't going to build the park plus the also took away the only other thing we loved there was a hike path that took u to a little waterfall where u could set a relax but they bull dozed that in to put a resturant that they know stop building it but no waterfall any more they lied to us about the park then took the waterfall from us and still want us to pay for there liessssssssss they promised us lies to get us to buy elena durant, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
17, Report #1243817
Jul 23 2015
01:24 PM
branson westgate time share they use a bulls eye as their logo-be careful--SAVE ON BRANSON scammers smooth operaters liars branson Missouri
we called after searching for show tickets for branson on internet- were told they sell the tickets two for one and we could pick two shows   were told had to see a 90 monite presentation so we went ahead.   showed up day of presentation at alloted place- Roark Road, and were there at 12:30-  since we only made 60K a year and minimum is 50K, eveyone ekse had their presentation first-finally at 1:25 they took us and the girl said she had to leave a pool party to help us- told here we had been there since 12:30 and we would have to leave at 2PM- she got angry-told us we HAD to stay to fufill our obligation for the show tickets, and then her mgr came out after we continued to tell them that was too long and i had just had open heart surgery- she said  -you came to a time share presentation after open heart surgery?-   I said that I heard Branson was a relaxing place!   the manager then continued the battle to try to make us stay for their presentation and when i told him it was a scam and people should not buy the product he threatened to call the police and said i would spend the rest of my vacation in prison!  these people lied about the time we had to stay there and also cherry picked everyone else ahead of us or we would have been out of there.  I am retired and my husband and i honestly thought the manager (a 300 pound gorilla) was going to put his hands on me This company deserves to go out of business as they act like you are doing this just to tour a facility for a short time to get a good deal on show tickets- which we payed half for-  we took the show tickets back wwithout a refund after this as we wanted no part of these bums
Entity: branson , Missouri
18, Report #1345856
Dec 27 2016
12:02 PM
Westgate juliano fernandes is mad at Westgate Nationwide
I did a time share consultation for westgate and they said it would be a quick 60 mins it was Three Hours!!! They push and push you till you give up.    Please becareful Juliano Fernandes
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #475178
Aug 16 2009
07:52 PM
Steve Woods Frank Wilde WGI Wise Guys InvestmentSteve Woods Frank Wilde WGI LLC Wise Guys Investment Private Placement Program and CMO's Branson Missouri
in 2008 and early 2009 Steve Woods and his partner Frank Wilde, have been talking to our group about CMO trading they told my partners and most of my clients that they can offer 50% return on the investment amounts weekly, HAHAHA insted they keep on getting CMO's sent to them and they never ever been able to prform or send our CMO's back, resently we give them a deal just as a test, we sent them 25M Euro of MT760 and they promist to pay us 10% in 3 banking day and 50 % every week, but after 15 days of waitting they told us they are having problems with the bank and they wanted to get Bond power on the 25M, HAHAHAH. if you are dealing with this clowns RUN RUN from them Santos RUSH CENTER, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Branson, Missouri
20, Report #386562
Oct 31 2008
02:43 AM
Westgate Resorts Watch our for Westgate! Ocoee Florida
I took my family to Orlando and we attended a Westgate presentation. I honestly can't say I was snookered but I hope I can help someone else. Every time we tried to leave the price of the timeshare dropped and eventually (after 6 hours) I took the bait. I returned to the hotel and later that night after reading reports on the company I decided to cancel my purchase. Under Florida law you only have ten calendar days so be sure you are in this window. I wrote them a letter to rescind the contract, attached a copy of my contract and deed, asked them to refund my credit card for the small downpayment I had given them and voila! The money was credited back to me two days ago. Here's the kicker....cc the following address and be sure you send everything certified mail, return receipt requested. The sales dept did call me several times trying to get me to reconsider. Don't fall for that! You will be out of the ten day window by the time you are through talking with them about a better deal and then you'll be stuck. You are protected under the law but you have to be a smarter cookie when you rescind than you were when you purchased! Good luck! Office of Attorney General Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes Bureau of Timeshares State of Florida The Capitol PL-01 Tallahassee, FL 32399 I also contacted my credit card immediately and disputed the charge until I was sure I received the refund. Document everything and make copies of everything and as long as you're in that 10 day window you're fine. They didn't tell me about the cancellation period during the presentation of course. Tigerpaw Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
21, Report #559327
Jan 24 2010
03:13 PM
Westgate Resorts Westgate Resorts Planet Hollywood Las Vegas timeshare ripoff OCOEE, Florida
I was recently on holiday in Las Vegas and this all started because I was offered some free tickets to shows when I was visiting one of the casinos in LV. I was told that a new hotel was built and maybe next time we come to Las Vegas we might want to stay in that nice hotel and that I would be given some free tickets to shows if I agree to tour the facility. I was never told I would be meeting with people who sell timeshares.   I was then trapped and was sold a timeshare unit under high pressure and distorted facts and other sales tactics you can think of were used in order to sell the unit to me. No one (the sales rep, the sales manager or the guy who signed the documents on behalf of Westgate Resort) mentioned the rescission policy to me. A day after I left Las Vegas, I started to regret the purchase and started to look for the cancellation policy but couldnt find any information amongst the legal papers I was given in a yellow envelope. Either could find anything useful in the binder and booklet that talks about the exchange company etc. I was still traveling at the time and didnt have much time or the convenience to deal with the issue. After I got home, I wanted to cancel the purchase, but the Westgate guy (he left a phone number and email address) who signed the legal papers with me would neither take the call, return the call after a voicemail was left for him, or reply to the two emails that were sent to him. All documents I signed were given to me in an envelope, but I could not find anything that mentions the rescission policy. By the time I finally found the piece of paper with the rescission policy written on it, I missed the deadline to cancel the contract. That piece of paper was hidden deep in a side pocket in the case they gave me, that pocket is very slim, almost invisible and tightly sealed. What a rip off.   Now it looks like even if I am willing to give up the entire 10% deposit, I wont be able to get my purchase canceled.   Is defaulting on this purchase an option?   Is anyone going to organize a class action again this company?   It was also so unfortunate that I only found this very useful website after the deadline to cancel was missed.   Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Entity: OCOEE, Florida
22, Report #753643
Jul 15 2011
09:36 PM
Westgate Resorts Westgate Bluetree Resort Worst vacation owner/birthday ever!! Interne
Have owned at WG Since 2004. At that time I purchased what I was told was the 2bdrooom deluxe. Arrived to Check in and given an Executive Room.. I informed that information was incorrect. No accommodations were made to rectify this I spent about 3 hours while the person at the desk, Christina then Thomas called the exceptional owner relations to verify what they had in the computer. They kept stating I owned the smaller unit and I told them I had my original paperwork from 2004 that said I owned a deluxe unit. They said they were at 100% compactly I informed them the smaller unit was not gonna work.. Stood there half the day on my birthday after I had previously spoke with them during scheduling that I needed the largest rooms which according to my paperwork is what I was suppose to have bought. The front desk on site had owner relations fax over pieces of my contract which had things on it that the weren't correct. The smaller units had no washer and dryer, queen size beds and I used 3 weeks at one time in to get 3 rooms I also asked for all rooms to be right next to each other.. My guest are down stairs and I'm up on second floor.. In the meantime I have driven by the deluxe size unit which I own and that building is not visually full to compasity. I overhear Thomas at the front desk tell a guest the deluxe rooms are an extra 50$ per night per unit. I explained that I have paperwork at home and had I know I would need to prove what I owned I would had been sure to bring it.. I am now forced to be squeezed in the smaller executive room and I can not wait to go home!! I came to celebrate my birthday but after all this with my room. I'm ready to go home. Westgate does not care about their owners. In fact on previous visits to other Orlando resorts I have been pressured to sell/ update my unit at WG Bluetree but I had not. I definitely understand why now!! Can't even enjoy a jacuzzi bath after all this cause the executive units we were stuffed in also does not have a jacuzzi. I may as well should have stayed home I would have had a better time. Do not buy from WG they are not selling you what they claim they are.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #853390
Mar 13 2012
04:36 PM
Westgate Resort Westgate Resort Vacation Package ripoff Ocoee, Florida
Two years ago I was scamed into a Vacation Package at Westgate Resorts,Florida after I could not afford the time share and paid $1200.00 until July 2011 when my husband and I could not afford to pay the final $390.00. In December 2011 a collections company called and I offered to pay $400.00 over 4 months but they refused. Today I received a call from Cheryl from Pinnacle Debt Collections in Alabama saying my balance is $623.00 which had an amount of $178.03 , her charges added to the balance. She gave me 2 options, either pay the balance in 2 payments or pay $190.00 and free myself of the contract and lose the $1200 already paid and to add to this she said that's how they get you when you sign the contract. I have been in contact with Westgate , time and time again to resolve this issue and today I was told by Maria at the corporate headoffice that she will have someone contact me by tomorrow and she is not aware of Cheryl or what she had to say. David Siegel President and CEO of Westgate Resorts said The success of our company is due to the fact that we take care of our owners . I consider our owners our most important asset because I know that when we do our job correctly , they are our best sales people. This would be my second vacation which they want to take away as well as the $1200.00 already paid and an additional $190.00 to free myself from the contract. Mr. Siegel, how humilating this situation is , a pure contradiction of your statement. Please Mr. Siegal , put things right and just for the ordinary citizens of this country.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
24, Report #898978
Jun 18 2012
09:34 AM
Westgate Resorts Westgate lies Ocoee, Florida
Westgate advertises on the internet about why you should own at Westgate.  It is all a bunch of lies.  The sales people lie.  We were ripped off by Westgate.  We owned a two bedroom villa and a 2 bedroom with a loft.  We were conned into trading those two villas for a 4 bedroom at the Town Center.  We had to pay extra for that.  The sales person lied and said that the town center would be a town with a restaurant, grocery store, movie theater, bowling alley, etc.  Since we traded to the Town Center our vacation experience with Westgate has been nothing but continuous horror stories.  After they have  your money and you cannot afford to buy anymore, they treat you terrible.  Owning at Westgate is the worst mistake you could ever make.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
25, Report #266928
Aug 12 2007
07:22 AM
Westgate Heritage Inn Ripoff, Westgate Williamsburg Ripoff Norfolk Virginia
I was referred by a friend for a $99 weekend stay in the Westgate Heritage Inn in Williamsburg, VA. The pickup on their website appears to be a very nice hotel. However, when we arrive at the Hotel, the registration staff told us that we had to go to another location about a quarter mile down the road. The other location turned out to be an Old Heritage Inn cottages and these are dumps. The rooms were filled with an old stinky, mildewy aroma, and the carpet wa flea infested. This was evidenced by numberous bite marks on my wife's legs. I filed an immediate complaint with the company within 2 minutes of checking into the Hotel room and was told that they could not refund the $99.00 dollars that was charged to my credit card. This is a classic false advertising using the bait and switch method. This company should not be allowed to treat unwary customers in this way. If anyone know how to combat this please contact me at the email address listed in this complaint. Robert Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia

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