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1, Report #519770
Nov 04 2009
09:08 PM
Westlake Financial Poor service from Westlake Internet
 My husband assumed a car loan with Westlake Financial in 2007. There have been a few issues that have transpired but not major enough to bring to your attention until now. I have three major concerns that have arisen recently and need them to be addressed and resolved.   First off, there has been a question about why we are financing an insurance policy we do not currently have with Westlake. A year ago I spoke with a representative who advised me that a signed contract was on file and when I asked for a copy I was informed that we should have one of our own. We were also told by a Westlake representative that an invoice of the insurance payments will be sent. This was over a year ago and no documents ever appeared. I am leading to believe that no one should finance insurance over the life of a car loan thus we are making payments close to one hundred dollars more than our contracted loan amount. This is an issue I would have to bring up in civil court if a resolution cannot be made.     Second, I have had several conversations with Westlake in the last two months regarding catching up on our loan. In the last conversation which was a week a half ago, a female representative advised me there were no notes on me making a payment on October 16th. I had specifically told a male representative in a conversation in mid September, I would be able to make a payment then and he said it would be notated so I would not have problems in October, which I did anyway. I am concerned that calls are not being documented or callers are not reading all of the notes or perhaps notes not be documented in your system. I am looking into Westlake practices being reviewed to assure representatives are doing their job properly.   Please also note I have spoken to rude collectors who have degraded and discriminated against me in conversation. One gentleman said it was because of people like me that the economy is the way it is. When I try to get the man to understand my situation all he said was get off your butt and go get a job. Stop taking your medication you do not need it was stated to me when I advised the representative of my mental health conditions. Many people are taking their lives over their struggles with their finances and this is the type of person Westlake has representing the company.   Third and most important, the truck has been damaged by the negligence of the recovery company that Westlake hired to come pick up the vehicle in late July. When I mean damaged, a costly repair with the transmission. We have evidence of the repossession man sneaking to our property in the early morning and sabotaging the vehicle so it would not move. In the morning when I try to get to work to make the money to pay our bills, the gear shift moved but the truck did not. While my husband was under the truck, it began to move and almost ran him over. My shoe was torn and he had to literally maneuver himself under the truck so the wheels would not crush him. The brilliant towman decided to unhook the transmission cable and broke off a piece in the process. I have pictures to prove injuries. Also the truck ran into ours and our neighbors fence as it proceeded to free fall backwards. I have pictures of the damage and my neighbor wanted to file a complaint. My other vehicle was partially parked behind the truck when the tow man proceeded to pull the truck off of our property while we were standing there yelling at him to drop the vehicle. Thus causing scraps and damage to my Ford Taurus and the Ford Expedition. My bumper was ripped and my driver side mirror was ripped off. His ruthless and negligence has been costly to my family and this is the type of people Westlake want to represent them. I have pictures of that damage as well. A police report is on file on the actions that the tow man took that day. I want to take up the issue with the tow company but Westlake does not give exact information on who the tow company was so therefore I am having to involve Westlake in the case of negligence on both parts. I know there are underlying laws that the tow company should not have acted so aggressively. They are supposed to peacefully resolve the issue, not tear everything up in the process.   There has never been a major problem with the vehicle and we fixed and maintained everything we are responsible for but we are not liable for the transmission repair that is needed. The vehicle would be no value to your company nor us unless this repair is performed. I have been hoping an answer would come so that the truck could be back in proper running condition but all I get is the runaround from Westlake unless it is about paying money.   Please know that I have physical limitations to walking distances due to a hip injury so this whole situation has been an inconvenience to me. Also my daughter and son have respiratory and asthma issues and due to this reckless act, they have to walk to school in forty degree temperature. Should something happen to me and/or my children, I only feel that Westlake and contractors of Westlake would be responsible for our illnesses. I do not have money for repairs nor will I pay for repairs done by someone elses negative actions. I will go to the commission who oversees your company, the better business bureau and court if need be. I just want justice and fairness served.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #926464
Aug 13 2012
10:11 AM
Westlake Financial NSF Fees Los Angeles, California
I have been dealing with these people for 5 months now trying to set up an automatic payment from my checking account, so far they are 0 for 5, there service dept sucks and it takes an act of God to talk to a supervisor. It started out by me being charged  $5 everytime I made a payment using debit card so I decided to use ACH singed up online and as far as I knew it was all set. I checked my account when payment was due for three days after and still nothing so I called them They said it was rejected due to NSF which I thought to be very strange seeing how I have overdraft protection on account, so I had her  read the numbers back to me they were missing the account numbers in the middle of my account, seeing how payment was late I again paid with my debit card and got charged $5 convenience fee!!! Then I get my statement and they charged a $25 NSF fee !!!! Another round of phone calls and it was supposed to be all set again but wait for it........ Wrong it was still screwed up and again a $25 fee.  How hard can it be for a Financial Institution to set up an automatic payment I pay all my bills online and never had this problem or been charged a $5 'convienance fee
Entity: Los Angeles, California
3, Report #199162
Jul 02 2006
09:04 AM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff Riverside California
We bought a truck with them a few years ago now, the total cost was 10,000, for an astro van, we have been paying 245 monthly, according to the contract if you stop paying for 3 months they can take the car from you and sell it to pay the debt, so we had some personal problems and were unable to make the payments for 2 months, one day a police officer stop me for not having my driver license and took the car away, I had to pay 800, since I didnt have the money they call the dealer. Westlake paid the money, took the car, and according to them they sold the 10,000 van for 800, which sounds pretty damn stupid to me, and this hasnt stop, they say we still have to pay the 3000 left on the account. I have not idea what to do, since they keep bothering, saying they would send me to jail. I hate so much this people, they are not honest at all, do not buy from them. Mabel RIVERSIDE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
4, Report #348908
Jul 08 2008
04:06 PM
Westlake Financial Services Westlake Financial needs to be shut DOWN!!! Los Angeles California
I have had to deal with this company for 2 years. I had a great payment history. Untill about a year ago. When I divorced my husband. That was the start of the Hell that I now see a lot of people have been going through. I have had calls at night .Calls to family memebers One of the reps told me he was going to send the Repo man to get my F@@@in Truck if I didn't make a FU@@@@ payment. I of course hang up and ask to speak with a supervisor. Well I went from bad to worse. This company is full of unprofessional workers(and I use that term lightly) from the TOP to the bottom. So that explain their problem. They have not a clue what professional means . I pictured un educated dirty people in a big room like a call center.Filled with smoke with the smell of cigs and BODY FUNK Our accounts be handled by these people who are more then likely using their pay checks to pay the dope man . Speaking to me like I was the CRAP OFF bottom of their cheap dress shoes. I gave them a payment one week go today they were going to take may truck if I didn'n make a payment today. I and a (X- Repo guy) (Family Friend)spoke with these fools with my premisson on the phone today. He x-repo guy, gave the rep a run for their money today. I got my extension and they did not get my truck. A small victory for the little guys. I learend today that the repo people get money right away for every car,truck ect... that they pick up. My friend owns a dealership he will no longer allow WLF to stay on their roster of comapines . Thats just the start. He spent the afternoon spreading the word and making calls. He could not belive his ears. The cuss words that were used. Women rep trying to pass themselves off as a diffrent workers,,,, the supervisor who we ask to speak to. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Marcy Mad in FL Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
5, Report #211743
Sep 19 2006
10:14 AM
WestLake Financial ripoff Los Angeles California
I thought that this company was a legit company but it isn't. I purchased a car in 2005 for $4000 with payment of 269.70 for 18 months. I allowed Westlake Financial to Automatically take the money out of my checking account on the 10th of each month. On July 5th 2006 I went on there website and signed up to make my payment on line and to cancel my automatic withdrawl. I spoke to Juan, Rosa, Carmen, and about 6 other agents before someone can tell me what was going on with my account. They stated to me that I had to send a written notice stating that I wanted to cancel the ATM withdrawl and I did so on June 18th 2006 but no one could find my faxes. So I refaxed it 5 times. Needless to say on 7/7/06 I received confirmation number from there own website showing that a payment via internet was received for the amount of $269.70 but on July 11, 2006 they went into my account and ATM withdrew the money again which put my account into overdraft. I spoke with 10 different agents and no seems to know where my money is or where it got posted too. I spoke with one of the Supervisors there name Rosa and she was rude as heck. I gave her the confirmation number her system generated and she stated that it was not a good number I even faxed it to her showing her companies letter head and they still said it was no good. now they call my house asking for payments and i told them that until they find my money that was taking out of my account without my permission they wasn't going to get a red cent from me. This company is full of Crap and the people there don't know what they are doing nor can they speak the language. So if you are in a bad situation and your credit isn't the best don't settle for anything because this is what anything will get you. Marisol bradenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #958103
Oct 21 2012
10:30 PM
westlake financial rip off el monte, California
i paid off my balance of my vehicle. over 15.000 dollars over the phone using my account number...they widrawled the money from my checkings. and now they are saying they did not charge the money...when i have the statement they did and spoke to a wells fargo rep. in 3 way with a westlake rep...confirming that the money was charged. and they still said. regardless we do not have the money and you need to pay now its been two weeks now that theve been calling me over and over.
Entity: el monte, California
7, Report #198782
Jun 29 2006
12:50 PM
I financed a vehicle through this company when I fell upon hard times and could not get a conventional loan. The original amount financed was $2500. Payments of $257 for 18 months. Very high. However, I got a good job and began in earnest to pay off this debt. I had a draft from my checking account of $300 each month. I paid a payment of $1500. in Dec 05. I then paid $300 each month until March 1, when I called for payoff. I was quoted $898 and some cents. I wanted to give my debit card but they would not allow me to do it that way. They informed me that I would have to mail the check or send it via Western Union. I sent a check for $1000 to make sure that would cover it and figured they would refund any difference. On March 10, I stopped the auto draft from my checking account because I had paid the loan off with the check for $1000. On March 17, 2006, I called the pay off dept to make sure the received my check and all was clear. I was informed by Ramon Ramirez that they had recieved my check and there was no balance. I asked when I would receive my title and he said in about 10 days. I asked him to fax over a copy of it so I would have it on file. He did fax that to me. I waited 15 days and got no title. On April 25, I received a check in the mail for $291.66 for overpayment. I cashed the check and then the bank told me they had stopped payment on it. This is when trouble began and no one can seem to understand or help me. They tell me that I owe $300 for the payment that I stopped after my loan was paid off. Well, the payment had never been $300. it was $257. I paid March's payment when I paid the vehicle off with the final check for $1000. This is the amount I was quoted and it should have included the amount due for March. The payment wasn't due until the 20th of the month and I paid this off March 2. I had paid the Feb payment. The last thing I was told by a person named Mary was that there was an underpayment of $6.00 when I paid off my loan. When I stopped the payment they consider this to be non sufficient funds in which fees and interest accrues. This would have ballooned up to $300 from March 10th to March 17, 2006. However, they are will to negotiate a final payment of $162.50. I refuse to pay another cent because I paid what I was told on March 1. Mary states that the stop payment occurred prior to the pay off. This is sheer idiocy. If I was sent a copy of my title on March 17, they obviously had my check and cashed it before that date. They state the stop payment was on March 13 and check for $1000 was received on March 16. The two have nothing to do with one another. I never owed the $300 to begin with. It was paid off on March 2. This company refuses to release my title until I pay $162.50 but I am receiving bills for $300 and then one for $280. I have even been called for collection at work for $301. This company needs help with their accounting practices. They need to send me my title so I can get rid of the piece of crap that will hardly run at this point. From a $2500 loan, I have paid $7230. I know I agreed to the contract but to do this when I intend to pay it off for what they claim is $6.00 is ridiculous. Brenda Clinton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
8, Report #200970
Jul 13 2006
07:32 PM
Westlake Financial big time ripoff Los Angeles California
I bought my vehicle in Jan. 2005 and will have my vehicle paid off in november 2007 so im like half way though my contract. last august i had the money to pay off what i owed on my vehicle and with other purchases ive made on credit if i had the means to pay it off early they were glad to accept payment and refund any intrest which would not have ultimately been paid due to early pay off. Not only were they not going to refund me any of the interest but i was going to have to pay a 500 dollars penalty for paying it off early. i understand the whole early pay off penalty but all my contract states is that i would have to pay 100 for anything over 1000 financed not 100 for every 1000 financed. and according to them i had a simple intrest loan meaning i paid off all the interest before i ever even started paying on the principle of the loan so i was not entitled to have the intrest refunded because it had already been paid in full. Mind you my inrest rate is 24.9% meaning that im paying like 2000 in intrest on a 5000 loan. i know i have bad credit but damn come on now. and the whole time i was trying to get to the bottom of why they were trying to rip me off they would never give me to a manager or even a supervisor and until i learned to speak spanglish i couldnt understand them that well to begin with. the csr s are absolute idiots. none of them knows what is going on and none of them can keep theyre story straight every single person will tell you something different and swear up and down that they are right.i dont recomend anyone do business with this company no matter how bad your credit is go to your bank and work something out or walk to work cause it just isnt worth it! Evie lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
9, Report #170944
Jan 08 2006
12:19 PM
Westlake Financial Big Ripoff Los Angeles California
I am currently with westlake and they are a big ripoff. I got behind one payment and they started threatning me and my family saying how they were going to have me arrested and come to my home and get my car even if I made a paymeny or not. My family just had a death in the family and also my fiance had just got locked up. I fell behind in my car payments because I had a choice to pay rent or the car, I had to choose rent because I didn't want to be out of house and home. These people are full of mess and I really wish I would have never got in with them.Also they are over charging me for my car, so what I am going to do is file a complaint against the company and also get a lawyer to look into them and have them sued for pain and suffering I had to go through with this company. They call my home all times of the night, they don't care about you, they care about their money. Carrie oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #259006
Jul 06 2007
03:04 AM
Westlake Financial Harassment Los Angles California
This company calls me at work daily, And calls me two to five times a day. Westlake called my work office, and one of my friends, telling them they are responsible for paying my payments if I do not. I have not even checked into the fees they charge me. If there are any Lawyers looking into this company I would appreciate if they call me. Mike salem, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angles, California
11, Report #1389102
Jul 29 2017
06:31 PM
Westlake Financial California Los Angeles California
 West Lake Financial Repo my car for a bank error of 1 payment they will not accept the payment worse night mare ever I only had my car for 2 months they have inconvenience me not professional at all
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #548243
Dec 31 2009
07:36 PM
Westlake Financial Westlake financial total lack of proffesionalism and respect Los Angeles, California
To whom it may concern. Beware of this nasty nonprofessional company. My cousin owns a loan with Westlake financial. He has been making payments of over 600 dollars on a pick up truck. Unfortunately he lost his primary job and can afford to make the payments anymore. He're where I came in this mess. I told him I will help keep the vehicle. He talked to a representative by the name of Julia Reyes who promised that if we made a payment to bring the account current she will then begin a refinance process. She said we would hear from her in a week and she collected all my information and according to her, submitted the refinance application.  A week went by and we heard nothing from them so I called and the rep who picked up said that there was no such thing as a refinance process on the account, and that in order to get help we should show we cared. She said I had to make another payment and then we could refinance. I hung up and then called again this time a gentleman by the name of Alfredo answered. He told me the same thing and promised me that by yesterday Wednesday 12-30 I would have an answer. Today is Thursday I called and someone by the name Rudy picked up. He said there is no such thing as a refinance process in the records. I asked to be transfered to Alfredo in extension 3025 and I was transfered  but it wasn't Alfredo but I explained the situation anyway. they said hold please then someone else picked up and said what's your account number? I said I already was talking to another rep and needed to talk to Alfredo. He said for what I explained and then he hung up on me. I called again this time the first rep transfered me AGAIN the second rep was Oscar who told me that all the other reps were doing was making sure I paid. However they didn't start any process. He said the process is called a rewrite and even now they can promise we will be approved. He said that there were some steps to the process and so far I have not made any progress. So here we are I already spent over 1300 in this vehicle and the truth is we may loose it. Westlake financial are A** HOLES!!!! 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #106387
Aug 31 2004
04:25 PM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff Townsgate Westlake Village, Los Angeles California
WFS (Westlake Financial Services) is a predatory lender, that preys upon people they perceive to be weak. The weaker the potential customer the more enthusiastically WFS pursues them. I am a single mother--my only income is $22,000 yearly. I am just the kind of customer Westlake Financial Services is looking for. I purchased an automobile from Westlake Financial Services, Inc. which provides 'sub-prime' financing for automobiles. People who would need a sub-prime lender are people like me - poor, with little or no credit. I was sub-prime because I had filed chapter 7. I signed a contract with pre-computed interest of 21.59%, including comprehensive/collision insurance, calling for 24 monthly payments of $354.04. These monthly payments represented almost half my monthly income; however, I needed a car so I decided to tighten my belt for 24 months and buy the car. I purchased a 1999 Honda Civic (4-door) from Dale Auto Sales in February of 2004. Included in my monthly payments was comprehensive/collision coverage with Westlake as the beneficiary. This coverage was required by the contract that I signed with them. After six months, my monthly payments were increased, without prior notice or explanation, from $354.04 to $402.48. In California a finance company is required to explain completely any additions to a pre-calculated contract. When I asked a company representative about the increase, I was told it had something to do with comprehensive/collision insurance and that it was company policy. Based upon what he didn't say I assumed that the insurance, which was supposed to be included in my monthly payments, was the cause of the increase in my monthly payments-so I went to an outside source for my coverage-but my monthly payments did not go down. Now I'm stuck. I'm trying to pay for the car, and having to pay insurance payments as well. I am drowning and I often have to choose between buying the clothing and things my children need and paying utility bills. I think this company engages in predatory lending. Maria Hope Mills, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
14, Report #393438
Nov 20 2008
05:53 PM
Westlake Financial Westlake Repoed my car over 90.00 and the day before it was due... Irvine California
this company made a agreement with me to pay my past due of 90.00 and then repoed my car the day before. they also explained all my acount information and problems to one of my references. I want in on this law suit..... Diamondaries74 phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
15, Report #339401
Jun 11 2008
05:22 PM
Westlake Finanical Services Screwing us too Irvine Internet
They are doing the same or similar to us and we never miss a payment. We have Progressive Insurance full coverage. We are tired of the harrassing phone calls and the calls to place of employment. And if there is a class action law suit it will serve them right for thinking they are above the law. Let me know cause I will stand up with yall one hundred percent! Aliceinflorida ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #400147
Dec 10 2008
11:26 PM
Westlake Financial Service Unneccessary Harassing phone calls! Los Angeles California
I have been a customer for more than a year. I have never in my life had dealings with a company so dis-respectful to customers. I will never, ever deal with this company again. I've had to report them to the Better Business Bureau twice. The BBB dosen't seem interested in pursuing a claim against them at all. This is one company that doesn't deserve to be in business. They have no sence of communication with customer relations at all. Close this company down. They don't deserve to be in business at all. Anonymous Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
17, Report #408939
Jan 06 2009
08:53 PM
Westlake Financial Services dishonest, harassive, unprofessional and illegal tactics Los Angeles California
Long story short, we made a $900 payment on December 26, 2008 after being told that repossession would be stopped if one payment was made. We made two plus added extra for fees. Repossession was confirmed stopped on December 29, 2008. We continue to receive phone calls from Westlake demanding payment with statements made that the person repossessing the car will be there in 20 minutes if we didn't make payment. I was also threatened with jail if I didn't turn the car over. The ATG in my state makes it clear that they cannot repossess the car if I refuse to turn it over and that even the police cannot force me to give up the car as it is a civil matter. I have VOIP for phone service and as such my phone company logs all incoming and outgoing phone calls with the date, time stamp, duration of the call as well as what number was called or what number called. As such I have proof from the logs as well as voicemail from Westlake calling me at 6:54 AM, 7:19 AM as well as spoofing various phone numbers including one from 509-718. The problem is that in WA state and specifically within the 509 area code there isn't a 718 prefix! They spoofed a completely FAKE phone number! I'm currently 14 days behind payment as I made my October and November payment on December 26 and still owe $455 for my December payment. I currently owe less than $5,000 on the vehicle and will pay it off within the next 10 months, why would I give up the vehicle after paying nearly $10K? My favorite part of the last conversation I had was the guy claiming he's coming to repossess the car tonight. I warned him that I have a BEWARE OF DOG sign on my property due to the fact I have a German Shepherd Dog who serves as a protection dog and that if he tries to sneak onto the property he needed to be aware that she is in the yard. He then starts screaming at me that I'm threatening him because I warned him! I said, No a threat would be if I said that I'm going to have her attack you. I merely stated that I have a sign up and a GSD on the property and if you enter the property you enter at your own risk. You're threatening me! I'll have the police with me when I come get the car! My reply to him was, And the police will tell you exactly what I'm telling you. Under WA state law I do not have to return the car to you without a court order signed a by a ______ County judge and that I must be served with a court notice of your intent to petition the court for the car back. When you do that I will then be able to show my evidence that payment WAS made as well as the voicemail left by your companies, the phone records showing the numerous State and Federal laws about the times your business has called. So please, by all means go to court. I'll see you there. He continued to scream for several more minutes that I was threatening him and that I was going to jail if I didn't turn the car over to him and that he can even remove it from my garage if they wanted. All of which is illegal to do. My reply to him was simply, Do what you need to you but please be aware that I have a dog on the property to protect me and my property. Enter the property at your own risk as the property is fenced off with warning signs. You're more than welcome to repossess the car if you have judgment from a judge in this county otherwise you need to stop threatening me as it is illegal. He hung up and left me speaking to another woman who continued to threaten me after which I became tired of listening to her and began telling my husband what she was saying, she got mad and called me a bitch before hanging up! Mon 12/15/2008 7:19 AM voicemail left from 323 (Westlake). Wed 12/17/2008 6:54 AM AM no voicemail left but caller log shows the number 18006416700 Mika Kennewick, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #827987
Jan 24 2012
05:17 PM
Westlake Financial The Scam To Beat All Scams Los Angeles, California
I, as well as many others, have had a severe issue with Westlake Financial. I would love to be a part of this class action lawsuit, as I have found some very interesting information while researching my own account with this so-called company. My story is as follows: I purchased my vehicle from a buy here, pay here dealership in 11/10. I was told if I made regular payments for 6 months to the dealership, they would try and get me approved through a finance company for the remainder of the loan to help build my credit. I made each and every payment before the due date of the 6th of each month and my account was outstanding with the dealership. On 4/11/11, Westlake Financial mailed out about 5 letters to me. All the letters and billing statements said I owed up to $1,500 on the vehicle, and the final letter said my account was ready to be sent for repossession. The day after I received those letters, I got a Welcome letter from Westlake, stating that they had purchased the vehicle loan from the dealership. I immediately called the dealer because I was not notified that the account was bought by another company. When I stated what was in the statements and letters, the owner requested I bring the letters to him. I took these things to the dealership, they verified that Westlake bought the account, and he verified that all my payments were in order. He also noticed that none of the amounts added up correctly or matched, showed concern about that, and promised to contact Scott who was their account manager at Westlake. I, in turn, went home and contacted Westlake myself, to be sure the dealer made his follow-up call, as well as ensure my vehicle would not be repossessed because of an error no one could explain. I spoke with a representative who stated that I only owed the payment for 4/11, but I would need to make that immediately or they would repossess my vehicle. I explained to her that I had already paid the dealer that payment, had the receipt in my hand, and that the dealer was on standby to verify that information. She then said that they could not contact the dealer, and it was my responsibility to pay Westlake immediately, then recover my payment from the dealer. I attempted to very nicely explain to her that I was not going to pay 4/11's payment twice, and that they needed to collect it or contact the dealer. I then hung up, and after several repeated attempts of calling back and speaking to a supervisor (which none of the reps would allow), someone finally transferred me. I spoke with an account supervisor named Veronica, and as much as I loathe about everyone in this company, I have to admit she was very kind and helpful. She told me my account was nowhere near delinquent enough to warrant a repossession, and asked me to fax her the receipt I had for the 4/11 payment. She said that she would retract the late fee that was applied, and be sure to credit my account accordingly the moment she got the fax. For the most part, that is what happened, however, she took a week to bring the account to current, and I received about 3 to 5 phone calls from collections reps requesting this payment. After explaining it once or twice when they called and them telling me I was lying to them, I quit answering the phone when their number showed up. I did have to call Veronica more than once to check on whether or not my account had been updated. Once those calls started coming from the collection reps, I left her a voicemail stating that if my vehicle was repossessed because of this, that they would no longer have to worry about whether or not I paid, because they would be the ones paying for my vehicle after I file a lawsuit. Within the next 24 hours, the account was corrected and the calls stopped. On 5/1/11, I was moving from CA back east to be near my father who is very ill with cancer. I mailed a money order to them, and never heard from them during that month. On 6/3/11, I decided I would start using the online payments, so that I would have a double record of payments. When I tried to log on to my account, the site stated I did not have an account with Westlake Financial. Confused, I called them. The gentleman I spoke to (his name eludes me, but he was fairly pleasant) told me that the account was paid off by the dealer on 6/2/11. I asked him how that could be, and he apologized, saying that was the only information they were able to give me. I then called the dealership, who told me they had no idea of what I was talking about, and they would check it out and call me back, but they never did. I attempted to pay again on 6/15/11, thinking that something must have been resolved at this point, but Westlake again told me they no longer held this account. Upon trying to call the dealer again, I got no response, nor have I received a response what-so-ever from the dealership since 6/3/11, when they told me they would return my call. On 7/1/11, I attempted this again, making an effort to pay on my vehicle. I got the same response from Westlake Financial, that they no longer had investment interest in my vehicle. No response from the dealership either. At this point, I gave up trying to contact them. I put a change of address in at the post office, and both companies had my correct phone number. I held the money, knowing that eventually this mistake would resurface, and I would be prepared. It is now 01/24/12, seven months since I have heard anything about the vehicle. I spent a lot of the money I had put away for the vehicle payment each month because of costly medications and extra expenses for my father. Now that my taxes are almost ready to come in, I thought it would be a good time to try to straighten this out again. I called Westlake, and am still told the vehicle was paid off by the dealer on 6/2/11, and that on 6/10/11, the lien on the title under my name was released from Westlake. Out of curiosity, I ask them to be sure, whose name is on the title. A very nice man in the Title Department named Giovanni told me the title was in my name and that he will mail the lien release paperwork for my records. So, I again try and call the dealership and get nothing. At this point, I am at wits end of figuring out what is going on, so I decide to call CA DMV and see what they might tell me. The representative asks me for the license plate and VIN number for my vehicle. Then she says, what was your name again? I tell her, and she pauses for a moment and says, you're listed as a previous owner of the vehicle, but not the current owner. At this point I make her repeat herself because I think my ears had some sort of nervous breakdown. She then asks if the vehicle is in my possession, and I tell her that it has been since the day of purchase, which confuses her more and she gives me more information to try and help clarify this slowly growing disaster. The information she shared with me I thought was impossible to be true.  She informed me that on 4/6/11, the very same day that Westlake Financial acquired this account, is the day the owner information was changed at DMV.  The registered owner is not the dealership, although they still show as the lien holder on the current title, and the owner is not Westlake Financial, but a private person just like myself.  This vehicle was transferred to another person on the very same day the Westlake bought the account. In my hand, I have my renewal registration that I paid for on 3/1/11, that was in effect as of 4/14/11 to 4/14/2012, which apparently a useless piece of paper now.   I have spent 9 hours today on the phone in an attempt to come to some type of conclusion or a step towards a resolution, only to continue to be empty handed.  I now have a vehicle that paperwork-wise I have no investment or ownership in, even though I have every agreement and document sitting in front of me, including the original dealer paperwork.  The interesting piece of information I was able to find out, is that it's not a simple error, such as someone putting my name on another vehicle, and someone else's name on mine, because DMV did a search for vehicles registered under my name and there are none.  In addition, I called a police department, (who really is not supposed to give this information over the phone, but when I explained the whole situation I guess they figured I had to be real because no one could ever make this up), and they confirmed that the vehicle has not been reported as stolen, so the person that owns my vehicle is riding in a vehicle with a VIN number that doesn't match.  My question is, does this person know and the entire transaction was illegal?  Or is this person an unsuspecting, innocent party who will get the news much later down the road and be as lost as I am? Keep in mind, I never knew Westlake Financial would take over my account, and I was never notified by the dealer that the account was under new ownership.  There is nothing in my paperwork even making a mention of the company, and once I brought all my discrepancies to the dealer, they began ignoring my calls and avoided me like the plague.  Do they know what's going on here?  Are they a willing part of it? I also wonder if this same situation has not happened to others.  I saw so many reviews stating illegal repossession and Westlake refused to return the vehicle.  These innocent people had already lost their vehicle, so they wouldn't bother to call DMV, most likely, and have the records checked.  I, on the other hand, still have possession of the vehicle, was attempting to try and set up a way to fix what I thought was the confusion, and had no choice but to contact DMV since my registration expires in just under 3 months. I wonder if I had stayed in the local area, and not moved back east, if the same would have happened to me as it did all these other innocent folks?  I never would have called DMV to check info if they'd repossessed my vehicle, I would have had no reason to. The point I am at now is waiting until tomorrow when a woman from the Special Processing Department of DMV follows up with me once she is able to pull the micro film of the transactions that took place leading up to my name being removed from the vehicle.  From there I should have a clearer picture of how this happened.  She also advised me to have an officer come out and Certify that the vehicle I have is truly the match for my paperwork.  An officer came out this evening, ran my plate 3 times through dispatch who then told him my tags came up under no one's name.  He did not run the VIN because he said I needed to request the theft department come out to check the hidden VIN numbers that are not so easy to change.  He said the police wouldn't bother me if I were to continue to drive the vehicle if this isn't resolved by 4/12, because I have paperwork that seems to match the vehicle and no one else's name is associated with the plate.  However, as of April, if something isn't done, this vehicle will be no more than a glorified lawn ornament. I think that everyone who has had dealings, especially if their vehicle has been newly repossessed, with this fraud of a company should call CA DMV at 1-800-777-0133 and ask them to confirm that you are the registered owner of the vehicle. If more people are found to be in the same situation I am, maybe we can finally put a stop to this. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
19, Report #188797
Apr 26 2006
09:55 PM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff, dishonest, lawbreaking company Irvine California
Dear Chuck; I have done everything you have for the same reasons you had to do them. I even have a payment summary from thier own company that shows I was not in default and payments were made and they are thiefs! Let's talk Class Action Lawsuit soon! Ask for my email addy to communicate. Alex Sacramento CA Terri North Highlands, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
20, Report #238709
Mar 09 2007
10:14 PM
Westlake Financial Rip-off, harrassment, threats, abusive Los Angeles California
We have been harassed to a point of tears. Not only are we being harrassed but they went around to our neighbors and got them in our business over being one month late. Even though we sent a half payment along with full payment to get caught up due to medical reasons. We were told we had one hour to give up our vehicle. Our place of employment was called to the point of almost being let go because of the numerous calls. Even after sending the letter that states the remaining payment would be sent with the next payment they still continued to tell us (with foul language)that they would be taking our vehicle. Oh exact words once were it's not my fault you have cancer, that's your problem. What kind of company is this??? Mary Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
21, Report #274296
Sep 12 2007
02:47 PM
Westlake Financial These guys can't get anything right!! Los Angeles California
My EX husband and I are joint creditors on a vehicle I bought at a local lot and financed thru Westlake Financial. It was an agreement between my EX husband and I, before we actually divorced. They called him to tell him the payment was late (after two years of never an issue) and the payment was NOT late. I always paid via western union, therefore have receipts. My EX paid a fee to have the payment changed. I was not told by anyone. I also stopped receiving the statement. I am assuming it is being sent to my EX's new wife. I have requested statements and I finally received one saying the payment due was $100 less than normal. Come to find out that instead of using the $160 to change the payment due date, they used it as a current partial payment. Then the next month, it was not changed and the statement reflected another smaller payment. I went and paid my usual amount. Then the issues began...I got daily calls, some threatening, they said they had a special Spanish speaking agent to speak with me. I am an english speaking American!! My last name is not spanish!! LOL. SO I call back to straighten it out and have everything in front of me and they say I am two payments BEHIND! Impossible. SO I make my next payment as usual and ignore their calls. Then I receive no calls until the other day when a person calls to verify the location of the vehicle so they can repo it. Ridiculous!! I am not behind. So I continue to get calls from account Manager - spanish speaker who needs to verify information. He says I have to call immediately or bad things will happen. These people need to get a clue. I am not late, I do not appreciate the harrassment and threats. I am going to change my phone number just to have peace... Diane Kingman, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
22, Report #108878
Sep 17 2004
12:08 PM
Westlake Financial Finance Company from HELL! Ripoff Los Angeles California
Beware of Westlake Financial. If they are the only finance company that will help you, you are better off WALKING! I purchased my car from a buy here pay (Mistake 1), with the idea that I would use my car to rebuild my credit. Sure my interest rate was 25% even after putting $1300 down (2000 Dodge Intrepid)). But the outcome was supposed to be worth it. WRONG! My car was purchased in February of 2003. June 2003 the timing chain broke, damaging both heads,all valves and just causing a general mess. The repair cost me $2400 and I wasn't able to get my car back until January 2004. All the while I maintained my payments. In March I discovered the car needed complete rewiring. Another major repair, this one set me back $1200. Repairs like that coming back to back were killing me. My last name has never been Winfrey, Trump or Onasis. I'm a single parent working for a small company with a small salary. I couldn't maintain repair and car payments at the same time, but I was never more than 1 payment behind. If missed April's payment, I included it with May. This went on until June. Then the phone calls to my job started. Every other day, I would have the same conversation with 3 or 4 different reps. In the final weeks before my car was ready, I was threatened with repossession. I got a call from some towing company that was hired to repo my car. They wanted to let me know that my car was to be repo and she wanted to help stop this process, please hold while I get Westlake on the phone. Maybe we can work it out. Tyrone gets on the telephone and loses his mind. I wish I had access to his personal information. I would just like his mothers name, so I could call her and ask how she managed to raise such an asshole. He starts right off with Ms. Edwards I see that your acct. is past due, what you do is send in a payment. I told him the same thing I told the others I DON'T HAVE THE PAYMENT I HAD TO PAY THE MECHANIC! He got down right rude & nasty. When you sign the contract you stated you would pay the payments What you are doing is default. Where is the car Ms. Edwards? I told him I didn't have the address of the shop but I could give him the name & telephone number. That wasn't good enough if I couldn't give him the address, he was going to file charges and Winter Park Police Dept. would be coming to my job to arrest me. Now I don't know if you have realised this but I am a black woman. Ain't nothing good gonna come out the police being called on me. So yes I was upset and scared. My coworkers at this time see how upset I am and hang up the telephone. Mr. Tyrone calls back and asks to speak to the President of the Company. He wasn't available. He called back 5 times and each time demanding payment or the authorities would be notified. When my boss came in I told him what had happened and called and asked to speak with Tyrone. Tyrone yelled and cursed the first few minutes of the conversation and then told my bosses that he was going to start recording the conversation. My boss asked to speak with his supervisor, he told him he was not available and hung up. My boss called back 2x and each time he was given the same response. After I calmed down, I went online to do some research and that is when I can across your website and learned about them. Happily I was able to resolve my issues without repossession, police involvement or my having to fly out to California. Do research before making a long term committment to any company. I am stuck with them for the next few years, maybe you will have better luck Gwendolyn Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
23, Report #115045
Oct 28 2004
11:14 AM
Westlake Financial ripoff theft, fraud, Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. Los Angeles California
While serving in Iraq my wife contacted westlake financial numerous times asking them to lower the interest rate according to the soldiers and sailors relief act, they refused. Not only did they refuse but they started harrassing my wife. I talked to JAG and they sent letters to westlake telling them to lower the interest rate. Instead they repossessed my van, leaving my disabled wife and 4 teenage kids without a vehicle. Then after they auctioned it off they called my wife asking for 900.00 more and they would give us back the van, they stole my van then sold it then offered to sell it back, somethings not right. David Bullhead City, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
24, Report #96462
Jun 25 2004
05:11 PM
WestLake Financial Service rip-off! Rude, Unprofessional, Ignorant Business Ever! Los Angeles California
This is or should I say was the worse company that I have ever dealt with in my life. Practically all the service Rep's were rude to me, and I'm trying to pay them money. You could never get a stright answer to your questions. Well I had paid all my truck payments on time and according to WestLake I had good credit with them. Then I had a problem with Identity Theft had to shut down my account after all my money was stollen. When I called to WestLake to explain, To my surprise they were putting my truck down for repo. Mind you this is my last payment, where I was not even a full Month late on. I had made arrangements with a rep for payment. The next day I received a call from a rep. at my job yelling at me, saying I need to give her the money. I explained to her that I had already made arrangements, and she said I knew I had this payment last month, and continued to yell. So I hung up. After that I received three more calls at my job in the same day harassing me. When I asked for a manager they would tell me all of them were in meetings. The next day I western Union my last payment, and will never deal with them in life. I hope others will not have to deal with them. Kim Lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
25, Report #217921
Oct 27 2006
07:24 AM
Westlake Financial Services Financed a stolen vehicle, then repossed it. ripoff Irvine California
This company financed a stolen vehicle that was sold to my son. The dealer is now in jail for this and other offenses. The loan form was obsolete, they did not catch the bad VIN number, niether did PennDOT. My son's g/f bought their own insurance on the car, despite the fact that the dealer said he would buy a year's insurance, using the trade in money. The money for the insurance was also included in the loan, so in effect he got his money back for the trade in, because he never bought the insurance. Westlake never sent a payment book, but my son's g/f called and got an address and name to send the payments to. They were never late, and in fact, made an extra payment in the 4th month after Westlake started calling. Westlake started calling in the 3rd month after the purchase, complaing about late payments. After many calls and faxes, they proved that they were actually ahead of schedule. After a month of quiet, the calls started again. We went over the same ground without being able to figure out what the problem was, and there were increasing threats of repo, until a repo man finally came knocking on our door. My son was at work with the vehicle, so they weren't able to take it then. We showed the repo man what we had sent Westlake,and he showed us the repo papers. It showed we owed on the insurance policy the dealer had supposedly taken out for us. We showed the repo driver we had our own insurance. He told us to tell Westlake, we did. They refused to accept the fact that we had our own insurance, full coverage, and continued to repo the vehicle. They somehow found the vehicle where my son works and grabbed it. When my son found it missing, he called the police. They ran the registration, found no repo report, and listed it as stolen. The next day we got a letter from Westlake saying they were repoing the vehicle, They said we had 30 days to straighten things out. We contacted the insurance company to report the stolen vehicle. That's when the insurance company told us the vehicle had a VIN number that did not match the vehicle. They had written to Westlake about it, and got no reply, so had gone ahead and approved the insurance. You'll notice, not only Westlake, but the insurance co, and the state agency, PennDOT, dropped the ball on this. The letter from Westlake told us where the vehicle was stored by the repo co. so we could go and get any personal effects from it. We called the number on the letter and they told us that we could come there anytime and pick up our things. 15 days from the day the vehicle came missing, my son was able to get a day off work, unpaid. We made an hour and a half trip to the vehicle storage. At first, the gentlemen we encountered said they new nothing, then a young lady came out and said our personal effects were in another location. An hour fromn where we lived, but another hour and a half from the storage facility. The faciltiy had a fenced in area behind it, but the building itself blocked any view of it, so we could not see if the vehicle was there. We called their office to make sure there would be someone there, and that they did indeed have our personal effects, then went there. They had our effects in a green garbage bag and charged us $25.00 for storage before they would give it to us. $5.00 a day before the vehicle was sent to auction, so it had bent sent 5 days after they had picked it up. I told them the letter from Westlake had said it would be held for 30 days, and they said PA state law gave them 15 days. I asked why they has sent it after only 5 days then, and they said they could that if they wanted to. I asked them if they new about the bad VIN nuumber, they said it was a clerical error. I asked if they had reported the repo, one lady said she had made the call herself. I double checked with the police when we got home, and they have no record of a repo report for that day. My son'd g/f's family has an attorney, during the course of all this, we made him aware of what was going on. He is now handling everything, and has found out a lot about Westlake, it's many names, and illegal practices. He is now handling a suit on behalf of my son. One of the things he has done is to try and trace the vehicle, it has disappeared. Personally, I hope that this suit does some damage to Westlake, but from what I've seen on the net about them, they probably look as any succesful suits as overhead, as are the many attorneys I'm sure they employ. Unfortunatly, we have once again been entangled with Westlake. My son's g/f financed a vehicle through another dealer, through Ameriquest, as the loan agency. Soon after we got a letter from Westlake asking for payments on the vehicle. MY son and his g/f thought there was a mistake, but sent the letter to the attorney. It seems he assumed it had something to do with the suit, and didn't really look at it. We just found out that Ameriquest had turned the loan over to Westlake, without notifying her. They claimed they could not do it because her credit was bad, althought the dealer ran a credit check and found absolutely nothing bad on it. I have since done research on the net, and found that Ameriquest is just as bad, if not worse, than Westlake. The attorney told us that this was not illegal. We have to try to hold on the the vehicle for 4 months until we can try to refinance. In the meantime, my son's g/f made 2 payments to Ameriquest, which they have kept. It seems to me that a finance company would routinely run VIN numbers to avoid financing stolen vehilces, and why would you approve a loan on an obsolete from, when it would be a simple matter to redo the paperwork? And why would you approve a loan for a person you ahd just repoed a vehicle from? My son's g/f was the contact person thru the fiasco, she lives with us, they had to recognize the name and address. I'm afraid they are in cahoots with Ameriquest, and did this deliberately. I saw a rebuttal on another report by a Westlake employee claiming that WFS Finacial was not Westlake. If she sees this, I would ask her, what does WFS stand for? She also listed 15 names for Westlake, why have they changed their name so many times, unless they are trying to run away from something? Probably more to come. William r Avalon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on WFS Financial
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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