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26, Report #518654
Nov 02 2009
05:35 PM
Westlake Financial 4727 Wilshire Bivd title loan gone bad Los Angeles , California
I made a mistake recieved a loan for 2600 on a car i owned out right I have been paying for 18 months on a 24 month loan Lost my job car is too old needs 1500 to get car smogged to re register so I told them after alot of calls calling my friends family that i couldn't pay this was also after false calls from repo people that were not  I finally gave in answered a repo agency call and the lady was lying She was at the finance company So I gave up the car and thought that was it after a real repo person contacted  Know i got a bill for more then the loan after paying for all those months So i Guess IM screwed no matter what beacuse in auction the car is not worth the new very large balanceTitle loans and payday loans should be outlawed
Entity: Los Angeles, California
27, Report #389685
Nov 10 2008
11:18 AM
Westlake Financial VERY RUDE,NASTY & UNPROFESSIONAL CSR Los Angeles California
OMG where do i start Westlake financial has been the worst experience of my life i don't recommend anyone to go to Westlake financial. CSR have been nothing but rude i couldn't ever get my point across to them and explain what's going on they would always say have ur car ready u can't afford it were coming for it and just hang up on me i would call back. Everytime i call they would ask for my customer # transfer me they would pick up the phone & hang it up or they wouldn't answer csr finally pick it up and said angelica i said yes she then told me stop calling and harassing us and laugh were going for ur car then hang up on me. I Kept calling back i must called a good 10 times to finally got someone on the phone i told the csr i wouldn't give my customer # because they know it's me calling and no one wants to transfer me to a supervisor. This whole experience with westlake financial has been really to much what do we do to stop ppl like this they really take advantage of us and it needs to stop. What top this experiance off is we still paid for my vehicle as we do every month i'm current and they still came and took my car. I spoke to a supervior on fri. gave her my confirmation # she told me everything is ok ur current don't worry and if there is anything else i could call her back. so at this moment were trying to get my car back westlake financial took my car for nothing we owe them nothing right now i just don't know what to do i can't even explain how i'm feeling right now and when i call them they have nothing to tell me, why because there is no reason why. There has to be something we can do. Westlake financial can't do this to ppl we work hard to try to make ends meet to have them make it more hard for us it's just really upsetting. Angelica Fresno, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
28, Report #424871
Feb 16 2009
08:58 PM
Westlake Financial ripoff artist, rude CSR's fraud Los Angeles California
I financed 7000 for a vehicle with Westlake october 2007 as of october 2008 i have paid over 3000 on the loan and according to there records i still owe over 6500 what kind of math is that. Then when i requested proof of how my payments were applied they CSR became rude and said they didn't have to provided that information. Since then my husband lost his job and we have not been able to make the last tow payments given we dont know when my husband will be going back to work i contact westlake to come and pick up the vehicle they where rude and refused. Needless to say that was over three months ago and they have not come to get the vehicle all they do is call 8-10 times a day they have caused me to have disciplinary action at my job for receiving personal calls on company time. There phone calls have escalated to threats of having law enforcement come and arrest us. Ibme Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
29, Report #529136
Nov 26 2009
04:00 PM
Westlake Financial Rude, Poor customer service Los Angeles, California
I purchased a car from some litte buy here pay here car lot.  Westlake is the loan company.  At the time, I was working 40 hrs making 20\hr.  Now my hrs and pay got cut. The car is crap, It wont shift the speedometer doesnt work and it stalls all the time. (once on the highway)  I called Westlake and told them about my situation.  After bein transfered 5 times I was finaly told that it is not their problem and there is nothing they can do.  It is not their problem.  I told them I can no longer afford the car and to come get it.  THey told me that I am stuck with the car (they WILL NOT repo it) Apparently I signed some paper (still waitig to see it) I was also told that they are going to garnish my wadges. THey called me 5 days before the paper work needed to be submitted and said that if i come up with $230 in three days that they will rewrite the loan to ower the payments.  I work part time there is no way that is enough time for me.  I askd them to take half now the other half in a week.  THey refused.  Ater reading these post I am glad I didn't give them money.  I understand that I owe the money but... These people refuse to work with anyone.  THey are just money hungry.  They called my grandparents the day after my due date EVERY month.  They have my phone number.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
30, Report #443950
Apr 15 2009
07:16 PM
Do these people at Westlake know what is going on with our economy ? They maynot be struggling to survive, but many of us are. The last thing that we need is for someone to harras, abuse, disrespect, and in general not even give a crap . I have never, never been subjected to such cretons . Most of the time, when they call I can not understand one word they are saying. At least give as the courtesy of speaking our language. I always get someone different everytime I call, and have to go thru everything all over again, and everyone tells me something different. I admit, I have been missing payments, but I asked them to re-do my contract to a payment I can afford. I was sent what they called an ammendment to my original contract - then they told me it was only an example . I paid one more payment of the full amount, and then was told that the committe , who ever they are, rejecteed the new contract but they wound submit it again if I made two more payments of the full amount. This has got to stop. I will pay the lower amount. I shall not respond . Wayne PHOENIX, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
31, Report #497218
Sep 18 2009
09:28 PM
Westlake Financial Wilshire Consumer Credit Poor customer service and harassment Los Angeles, California
When a payment is late they tell you that your vehicle is in jeopardy. They tell you that you do not have an ordinary loan - that you have a car title loan. They are incredibly rude and will not allow you to speak with a supervisor. They tell you that the vehicle can be repossessed if someone besides you drives it or if your insurance coverage is inadequate. They send letters asking your insurance carrier to verify coverage even though they determined coverage you needed to receive their loan. They know full well the expiration date of the coverage but send you letters that it will expire in one month so that you have to keep asking your carrier to fax them proof of insurance. Every bill you get is the same amount as when you initially financed the loan. I made a huge mistake with this company. Now I am afraid that I will never get my title back. I plan to make large payments but from what I have read they are totally unethical. I only hope to get out of this loan with my vehicle. There are so many complaints against them it is alarming. Before this is over I may need an attorney. I feel better reading their reviews and knowing that I am not alone.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
32, Report #391605
Nov 15 2008
02:14 PM
Westlake Financial: Customer Service: Harrassment, false and derogatory statements and plenty more... Los Angeles California
I unfortunately got stuck with this completely unprofessional company, because I had the need to transport myself and my child to my everyday errands and I was young I was not aware that this company only deals with individuals with bad credits etc. which under their assumption gives them the right to harrass; break laws and not have any type of professionalism at all my story is the same as many in this website as well as in complaints.com and many other websites that allow you to report business that are no good. The problems with this company started from the beginning not to mention my payments have always been on time and I was not behind until just recent, when the payment became overdue westlake CSR's took it upon themselves to contact anyone and everyone the could and notify them about my financial situation therefore disclosing everything that is meant to be private. This was so ridiculous that everyone but me knew they were supposedly repossessing the vehicle. When I contacted the company everyone was rude..... then when asked to speak to a supervisor I would just hear the dialtone, and everytime I spoke to someone they gave me a different account balance, I dealt with these people for a week straight and everytime I talked to them they said unless a payment was made they could not help me, to the point that even after the payments where made the SUPERVISOR said Im sorry there's nothing we can do, the order for the repossesion will remain on the vehicle you would not be in this situation if you would have made your payments on time!! Now the payments have been made and they're still trying to take back the car I dont know what to do. Finally after doing extensive research I found their history so I decided to stop wasting my time with these individuals and try to contact their corporate office but found it funny that everytime I asked for that information it was denied to me or they would just give me their own customer service number. I do intend to proceed with legal actions against this company the emotional distress, embarrassment, and harm to your credit that this company commits is something that no consumer should go through especially after years of being faithful to a company. Carolinm87 highland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
33, Report #557523
Jan 20 2010
04:51 PM
Westlake Financial Services tried to call and talk to the Superviser in the Call Center Internet
I just got off the phone with Westlake and I tried to make a compant to the superviser in the Call Center his name is Tony and he was rude and would not listen to me about what I had to say about the CSRs. All he wanted to do is to complane to me about paying my bill. I tried to tell him that the CSRs are calling me all times of the day and night. I had to put my phone on block to block all of the numbers that they have. Some are private too. When I call back to them to get the info on how much I owe I get the total and when I call back to tell them I paid my bill and give them the number on the money gram they tell me that I owe them more. I am at the end of my loan and yes I have had my truck repoed. It was on a Friday and I called them right away to fined out how much it would cost me to get it out. they told me that it would cost one thing then when u pay it then they say it cost u another, and when u pay it then they say that u have to give them 20 ref and phone and elect. bills too. They put to payments at the end of my loan. Plus they put the repo fees also at the end of the loan. I told them that i cant pay it all up front. So I send them 300 amonth to get it paid down. Now they are saying that they are going to repo it again. Its funny that when they frist did the repo they told me that they didnt want the truck anymore becasue that they made there money and they wouldnt make anything off of it. Well thats funny they made more on it then its worth.They are rude and they harrase u all the time. When I went to get my truck back they took out the battary. This company needs to be taken out. When I was on the phone with them tonight I told them that i was going to recored them and they said I cant and I asked them to not record me if i cant with them then they cussed at me and said that they are going to put me in jail and I told them that they cant because its a civil matter.  Im up for doing a class action .
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #776217
Sep 13 2011
11:07 AM
Westlake Financial Services Scam Artists, Liars, Criminals! Los angeles, California
Just called Westlake Financial to let them know that I traded the vehicle in this weekend and give them information on the Dealership doing trade.  Dealership Finance Manager also notified them that I they were paying off my vehicle and got the 10 day pay-off.  I called out of courtesy.  This is what I got: Transfered three times.  Had to give my info over and over again.  The third subject said he was handling my file.  I gave him the info that I traded my vehicle in.  He told that it takes dealerships 6 to 8 weeks to pay off the vehicle.  He then asked me to make payments to cover that time.  I told him that the Finance manager already called and spoke to his company, received the 10 day payoff and each day after per diem.  I refused to make such a payment.  I also owe several thousand less than the blue book of the car.  He proceeds to tell me that he is making a repossession order to pick up my vehicle at the dealership.  Unbelievable!  This is what we have to deal with.  People and companies like this.  I am so happy that I am no longer going to be dealing with Westlake Financial.  I also had to correct there credit reporting several times over the years because they do not keep good records.  No matter what, you will always pay more then what you originally sign on for.  Also, no grace period.  They attempt to repossess your vehicle the following day after payment is due.  Please avoid this company at all costs.  My lawyer has sued them several times and won.  I am going to seek his advise and start my process if they attempt to make false reports on my credit or balance.  Apparently, this company needs to be investigated.  They have over 2000 complaints in the last year on several websites. 
Entity: Los angeles, California
35, Report #731442
May 20 2011
10:23 AM
westlake financial crooks repo'ed my car 2 days before 1st payment due Los Angeles, California
I bought my car in the end of April from Cerritos Acura, and from the very start it was nothing but issues. I put over $2700 worth of work in the car, anything from tires, brakes, struts, transmission and a few other things. A few days ago Chuck Cruz from Cerritos Acura called me to say that he was told I'm in default on the car and haven't made my first payment on it. My first payment wasn't due UNTIL MAY 22nd 2011, TODAY IS MAY 20th, 2011 and they repo'ed my car. I called the police department, and was told its at Cornerstone Recovery in Bakersfield, CA. I called them because my wallet and everything is in there, they told me to call Westlake Finance, they were told not to let me have anything out of my car. I haven't called my family attorney, and called Cerritos Acura, awaiting a call back from Chuck now. They can keep the car, the hell with them. ....... Ok Chuck just called me back, he said that I needed to call Westlake Financial about it, he doesn't have any control over it. He sure was quick to call me about the payment 2 days ago, but he can't find out whats going on when they take my car 2 days before the payments due. I'm going back to our attorney in a little while, and filing a lawsuit on these lying crooks. If you buying a car, and are thinking about letting your dealership finance it with WESTLAKE.... DON'T DO IT!!!!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
36, Report #690016
Feb 02 2011
04:32 PM
Westlake Financial Threatening and Impossible Liars to Deal With Los Angeles, California
Due to health problems that left us with incredible medical bills we had to file for bankruptcy three years ago. This makes it very difficult to obtain financing. We were in need of a vehicle and the Ford dealership we went to did everything they could to help us. The were able to get us financing through Westlake Financial. We should have known from the beginning that they were not reputable company and would be nothing but a pain to deal with. It took me two days to make the first payment and a bunch of loops to jump through to get them to take the payment. First, they changed the due date for the payment, making it earlier than what is on the contract we signed. We have had a difficult couple of months with a very sick child and a new baby. This made working difficult and money was very tight. We have never not made a payment, but we have had a late payment last month, and our payment this month is late. Mind you that the payment isn't even 30 days late, it is 7 days late. Last month I had mailed out the payment, called and let them know the check number the date it was mailed and everything so that they knew the payment had infact been sent. They noted our account, complained that I had mailed a payment instead of doing it online (which costs more) or calling and doing it on the phone (which costs more) but they said that was fine, thanked me for the payment and that was the end of the call. Four days later we get a call from a Repo company telling us they are on the way to get the vehicle. I call Westlake back asking what in the world is going on. I had called given all the payment information, was told that it was fine and now I am getting called from the Repo people. This Westlake financial representatives tells me that because the funds are not on the account yet they are coming to get the vehicle unless I give them a payment over the phone "right now." I asked what about the payment that was mailed to them. I am told they will note the account and not process that payment, but the only way that I can stop the repossession is to pay right now or I will incur more fees once I try to get the vehicle back. Feeling trapped I give them our debit card number, pay the extra fee and ask what I am suppose to do about the check. They advise me to call the bank, stop payment on the check ($40) and they will not process the payment when it comes in. Two days later our checking account is hit with the check that they said they would not cash once they had it! They had already taken the payment so the money was not there in the bank. So we had the $40 to stop payment, were told by the bank that they couldn't guarantee anything if it came in because of the short notice, had to pay overdraft fees for the check PLUS a return check fee. This came to an additional $100! I called Westlake to ask why they had not honored what they had said, was told by a different representative that she was not sure why they gentleman I had talked to earlier in the week had advised me of the actions I should take because they process all payments when they come in. This month, we had made payment arrangements. Didn't even bother thinking about sending a check. Gave them the debit card information, the payment amount and the date, for this Friday. We were again told that was fine, they would run the card and everything was fine. Today (with two days to go before they run the card) I get a call from the repossession people again. I call Westlake back and ask them what in the world is going on. They tell me that because our payment is late they are taking the vehicle back. I again say, but you took our card and the date to run it and told us that it was fine. This representative tells me that they are going to take the vehicle if I don't make the payment right now. I tell them that the funds aren't going to be available until Friday, that is why we made the payment arrangements and gave you everything last Thursday so that it was all taken care of. We were told that it was fine. He tells me that the payment arrangement has been canceled they want the payment now. I asked why they do they accept payment arrangements and then turn around and right before they can follow through on the payment arrangement do we get the threatening phone calls. Again he says that if I want to keep the vehicle I need to make the payment now, the dealership wants the vehicle back. I am so mad and frustrated at this point that I hang up on the representative. I call the dealership. The dealership tells me that there must be a mis-communication somewhere they have no record of asking for or wanting the vehicle back. I highly recommend avoiding doing business with Westlake Financial. They do nothing but lie and make threats so that you feel trapped and helpless! They are frauds and bullies. This isn't about not making payments, this is about a company that uses threatening tactics to get what they want out of you after they have already agreed to something else.                                
Entity: Los Angeles, California
37, Report #927151
Aug 14 2012
01:06 PM
Westlake Financial PAyment History and Undisclosed Fees Los Angeles, California
What a huge disappointment.  I had to use this company.  After years of nothing but credit unions and prime lenders I was hurting and went with this company. Company harassed me all day every day.  Even when payments were not due.  Called for payoff today and get rid of them and they added $3k in fees to loan.  How did you do that? Representative tells me my vehicle was repo'd several times and they charged me fees each time. Surprised I advised her that was inaccurate because the vehicle has never been repo'd and I never was even 30 days late.  I asked for a copy of any fees charged to my account and they started telling me verbally.  I asked for it in writing and they said they were not permitted to send to me.  What??  You charge me monies and won't give me written statement of what you are charging me?  Come on.  That is just ridiculous.  The government made so many rules for mortgage companies but permits these auto finance companies to run amuck.  I called the customer service line asking for a detailed payment and fee history.  They agreed to fax to me.  Lets see if that ever happens.  I should have paid my account off in 3 months.  Now with the hidden unknbown fees I owe over a year.  THis doesn't make sense.  Somneone should class action this company and get the fees they extort from customers back.  Also willing to bet they double charge interest as well.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
38, Report #177045
Feb 19 2006
01:23 PM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff LOS Angeles California
Westlake financail services is the hardest company to do business with. I have been paying off a car that the sticker price was 4,000 dollars and after they were done with there charges the total was 10,000 dollars. My car was repoded in January of 2005 and all over 1payment and going on secound but they didn't want to take any part of the money I tried to send. It took 2 weeks to get my car back and 1,400 doollars later I tried to pay off early and was told it would be the same amount if I would just do payments. They are very rude and call even when your payment isn't even late to bother me. They call everyone used on my refernces and love to give everyone a hard time . My %is 27 and regret even getting this car a 99 nissan sentra. At least throw Westlake Finacial. Brandi Paramount, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: LOS Angeles, California
39, Report #175449
Feb 08 2006
10:45 PM
Westlake Financial Services Stole my truck, verified by audio tape ripoff Los Angelas California
Where should I start?? September of 2004 our truck was stolen from the parking lot of a law office. We had our own insurance through Victoria Insurance, but it had lapsed the previous month. However we were paying for insurance through Westlake Financial making our total payments $604 monthly for a 99 Dodge Ram. When we called them to tell them that the truck was stolen they asked if we had insurance. We reported the truck stolen and they said the insurance would cover. Then we started getting collection calls because we did not pay the following month because the insurance should have covered..(we never had a late payment). They then told us that we had no current insurance because they claimed they never recieved the renewel letter from us the previous June/July. Now, we know we sent it in and that is that. It was included in our payments. They then told us that the insurance premiums we were paying were from the previous year, which is absolutely ridiculous, nobody pays for insurance that is already paid. So we then got scared and I told them that we had insurance through Victoria so they would stop calling our family and friends(that by the the way were not even referances on our application). We got a phone call sometime soon after that (not sure about the date) telling us that Victoria had recovered the truck and was missing seats and rims, but said nothing about the stereo system that was in it, when I brought that up they said it was still in tact. So what kind of theif leaves the stereo system, a very nice, expensive one at that? So I contacted a lawyer. They did not want to get involved with such a big case. Then I recieved a phone call from the Attorney General of Arizona asking about the situation and asked us if we would be willing to make audio tapes. We agreed. On the audio tapes recorded at the Attorney Generals Office, they transferred me to Victoria Insurance. There was never a transfer because there was no current insurance through them. They pretended to be Victoria Insurance and claimed that they had the truck and was holding it in Tuscon, AZ. After much work they gave us an address to the holding facility. The Attorney General had several local authorities check the place out for the truck. It was an auction lot that the car dealership originally bought the truck from. Guess what..no truck. So we called them back on audio and they claimed that the truck was in fact down there, still pretending to be the insurance company and that if we made a payment the would repair all damages and return the truck to us. The A.G. said that they had been trying to bring down this company for years and that these tapes may pave the way for such to happen. They have now filed suit against us and we are set to go to arbitration in April of 2006. We have no legal representation and are going up against a company with overwhelming resources. Hell, they probably paid the arbitrator already to cover their behinds. I read a few of the reports and I know I would definetely want to get in on a class action lawsuit. Anything to get this ill-legitamate company out of business and our peace of mind and credit back together. They filed the truck on our credit as a repossession, even though it is a stolen truck that should have been covered by insurance. They also tried to bring charges of fraud against us saying that we had it stolen to collect the insurance. I mean come on, insurance only covers the cost of the vehicle, they were the loss-payees. We would have never seen a dime. HELP US if you have any information that could get us and others out of this (these) situations. Desiree Avondale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
40, Report #328477
Apr 23 2008
08:27 PM
WESTLAKE FINANCIAL Worst company to get a loan from. LOS ANGELES California
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California
41, Report #330871
May 06 2008
10:37 AM
Westlake Financial tells you something diffrent every time you call Los Angeles California
i have been with wfs for a year and five months now and i have nothing but problems with this company. i have paid my payments on time for the first year and then i switched jobs and was going to be a week late with a payment and wanted to let them know that i was going to be a week late and they said that they were going to charge my account a outrageous late fee and that they would take my car from me for being a week late for the first time...give me a break..i had asked to talk to a supervisor and they acted like they were going to transfrer me and hung up the phone.very rude!!! i didnt get a chance to call them right back and the next day while i was at work i recieved like 5 or 6 calls from them but they wouldnt say anything when i answered the phone. i called back and finally got it delt with by someone that was very helpful and understanding and i found out that there would just be a 5$ late fee..well four mnths later i needed to defer a payment due to being on a medical leave and they tried to tell me that i needed to make one more payment and then i would qualify so i did and the very next mnth wich is this month i called to try and defer my payment since i payed one more payment and the person on the phone said oh just pay one more payment and you can next month i got pissed off and hung up the phone. I called back a few days later and talked to a new person and they said that i could defer a payment but i had to pay an extension fee of 65$..this company will find anyway to get money from you and make your life a living hell..i have been half tempeted to refinance my car from my bank and just make payments to my bank just so i wont have to deal with wfs..i will never get another loan from them or ever reccomend this company to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unhappy937 fairborn, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
42, Report #234931
Feb 07 2007
03:55 PM
Westlake Financial Services Ripped off scammed left me with NOTHING Los Angeles California
Westlake Financial SCAM SCAM SCAM I bought a truck in Nov.06. have a good job, hoping to get a second chance and repair my credit.. Then suddenly unexpected health problems arose right before 1 payment came due. My husband called and explained and they said they would role the payment. . That didn't happen the retailer came and repossesed the truck and told us as soon as we make the payment we would get our truck back.. The next day we tried and they told us it was to late.. Which is a bunch of BULL.. I tried to contact them and completely been ignored and we put 3000.00down now we have NO TRUCK< NO DOWN PAYMENT AND ANOTHER MARK ON OUR CREDIT!! IF there is HElp out there with an angel of mercy please help us.. We have 3 little boys and I have no vehicle and don't want to lose my job.. We thank you in advance for your help... (((ROR redacted address, phone number, email for security purposes))) Amy Granbury, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on WFS Financial CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
43, Report #225762
Dec 16 2006
12:11 PM
Westlake Financial Strong Arm Tactics, FTC Violations, Harrasment. Ripoff Los Angeles California
The employees in the collections dept of this company are perhaps the most rude, unprofessional people that I have ever had the misprivelage of dealing with. After repeated phone calls to my place of employment, ( after they had been advised not to call me at work. ) They very promptly informed me that they didnt care, and that they would continue this practice. As I work for a Public Safety Entity. All Lines are Recorded and should prove compelling to the FTC. The CSR was rude and insulting, making very lightly veiled threats as to some future action. Never Once have I recieved written notification of an issue. Mail runs slow at this time of year and when I informed them that Payment was enroute, they demanded that I cancel the check and pay immediatley via electronic means. I am currently trying to obtain the intial records to see if any information was changed in order to secure the transaction, and if so will be proferring action under our states predatory lending statutes. Steve Dunnellon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
44, Report #223919
Dec 05 2006
05:13 PM
Westlake Financial Services Ripoff Los Angeles California
I have had nothing but non stop harrassing calls for Westlake Financial Services to my workplace, everyday several times a day, and they have been told not to call there anymore, and they continue. I got behind on one payment in July, they said they would defer that payment, but didn't honor it. I had a prepaid cell at rhat time and the continiously called it to where I could not afford to buy minutes to keep it going. but the deferral wasn't honored, and I did send payments when I receive my vacation pay to catch this up, they still kept calling, said they didn't get payment, and now I am told that they say my check payments were returned for insuffient funds, the bank say that they did push the payment through. Then, my manager at work said they kept calling and were very rude, he told them to stop calling that he was filing a report on their actions, on 11/21/06 they reo'd my vehichle , I was told by an agent < Mary that if I send them payment by Western Union , she would help me to recover my truck, I did as she said, and I called her like she told me to , but only to get a run around, and how much the charges were to get it back which at that had accumilated to about $1800, when I called her like she said to find out about getting my vehichle back that all is all she would say, didn't even mention about helping me. When they repo'd the truck , they wouldn't even tell me where and how to contact the repo service to get my belonging , I had important paper contacts and valuable personal belonging, work uniforms which I didn't have to preform my work criteria, every time I called them all I got was unprofessional business contact, that couldn't tell me anything, I had a rough time getting to work, mostly by walking 10 miles to try and aquire funds to sen to this comapany. They are very rude as far as customer relations, and they do have several aka's which was shut down for bad business . I have filed several documentations with the Better Business Buearu, and do plan on filing a suit against them. I would appreciate anyone who would e=mail me on this matter, and would like to file a class action suit, My e-Mail is (((ROR REDACTED E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))), I am so very unhappy about this mess, Please if there is anyone who could help, contact me, Thank you Sandra Sandra Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Los Anglese, California
45, Report #279668
Oct 18 2007
08:06 PM
Westlake Financial third party disclosure, threats of criminal charges Los Angeles California
i purchased a vehicle and was financed by westlake then one day i received a call at work from a company called system recovery stating that i needed to take all my personal belongings out of vehicle because it was going to be repossed and the payment was only 7 days late. when i asked about the grace period she stated there was none,another time the payment was due on the 30th they called me the same day it was due i asked represanative what date it was he stated the 30th told him payment due today and hung up on him,after that my sister lost her job and it was hard to make payments,but she tried,when the payments were not received 7 days after due date westlake would contact all my referrences and tell them that they needed to contact me and tell me that i needed to give the car to them my refferences asked them repeadly to stop calling their number that it was none of their bussiness and that westlake did not have to tell them the reason for the call. another time they left a message at my job after i asked them to stop calling myjob that i was not allowed any personal calls they gave a co worker my account info and told my co worker that she needed to tell me that my car was up for repossesion and i needed to call them,when i calld westlake finacial and told them that i was a debt collector and that they were violating fdcpa laws they stated they showed no notes on anyone calling my job or any refferences they would leave threathing messages on my refferences voicemails. today 10-18-2007 i received a call from a repo man who threatened to have me arrested for a class 3 felony if he could not find the car i explained to him i dont drive the car and have not talked to my sister in about 7-8 months when i started to cry my fiancee asked who was on the phone told him the repo man and that he told me that if i did not turn in the car i would be arrested in the morning i called him back to tell him i was trying to locate my sister so she can turn in the car he told me where did the guy in the background come out of jail since my fiancee was telling me not to worry that they could not arrest me since there was payments made on the vehicle for at least a year repo man told me we sounded like we lived and grew up in the ghetto i said excuse me and he hung up on me,i cd repo man back asked his name he told me my momma and hung up on me,i cd westlake finacial and asked for legal documents stating that they had filed criminal charges they told me no that it was at the charge off department i asked my account they would not provide i was transfferred to several extensions until i hung up westlake would not even give name of the repossesion company i told them fine but yes i was told that there is repo fees added to the account,ithey also stated they had no phone number which is not the case they have had a phone number for me since vehicle was purchased and they have called me at work when i have asked them not to. Gesenia & dalila arce chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
46, Report #1118794
Jan 27 2014
02:31 PM
Westlake Financial Liars Hard work to pay them & they dont report it!!!! los angeles California
West lake is a rip off i worked so hard to pay a car i purchased.. Wich by the way broke down a year aftr the purchase. Well point being i did everything to boost up my credit and at the end of the day they didnt report it. I called and i got them to report .. When i checked the amount they only reported $900  when i paid a little over $8000.00  .. Dont buy from them if you need credit they suck at this department.   With the payment and everything was ok but reporting  wise they are a RIPOFF
Entity: los angeles, California
47, Report #1173292
Aug 29 2014
05:18 PM
westlake financial service rip off Los Angeles Nationwide
If you get approve for a car loan thru Westlake Financial Service out of Los Angeles please don't accept. They is a total rip off. They will give you FALSE information. Please believe me I got a car financial thru them and I called and told them I would be late on my payment. But by the grace of God I'm glad I didn't moneygram the payment because the day I was supposed to pay it they had the dealship where I got the car to repo it n I was only 15 DAYS behind no months.They were going to get my payment and still have the car repo and for the reason I didn't pay the payment is they keep giving the run around about the dealship was responsible for fixing the car that I had only a month. I took it to the repair shop and it was going to cost 2300 to fix which I wasn't going to pay and I only had the car a month. So westlake put it on my credit which they lied and said it was up to the dealer which was a lie. They have trained their employees to lie as Well    
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1059987
Jun 18 2013
09:44 AM
Westlake Financial Title- run-around!!! Los Angeles California
I have financed many cars, and I have never gone through what I am going through by Westlake financial. I bought my car on February 14, 2013 and to date  6/18/13 I have not been able to register my car because they haven't supplied NM MVD with a title. My temporary plates expired on 5/15/13 and I'm now on my second temporary extension issued from NM. Luckily my original temps were good for 90 days, and I know in some states they expire 30 to 45 days after the purchase. Fortunately, my state has given me extensions, but I think that will eventually run out. I did buy my car out of state so I can understand some delays, but 4 months is ridiculous!! I'm starting to wonder if a title for my car even exists! Has anyone else ran into this same problem? What steps do I need to take? Today they called for a payment, I basically told them when I can legally register my car they will get a payment. Fair is fair- temp extensions may run out and I refuse to keep paying for a car that I cannot drive. 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
49, Report #302104
Jan 21 2008
02:30 PM
Westlake Financial Westlake Repo'd car and now they are telling me I cannot have it back! Los Angeles California
This is the short of my story. My Vehicle was repossessed today 1/21/08 by Westlake and since this morning I have been trying to find out how much and where can I pick my vehichle up, but no one knows what or where so I try back an hour later again...no one knows anything. I was holding forever! then someone gets on the phone and now they are telling me I have no recourse....I can't have the car back that I have only had for 1 month...I did not like what this rep stated so, i called back an hour later and again no help but someone does tell me i need to check with the dealership...I'm not getting anywhere and I am really frustrated with them. When i ask for a supervisor there is no one only voicemail. Why would they even repo the car when i was told by their rep. that It would be okay...I will make payment on the phone and it would be the 25th/26th of the month and to top it off i would be making 2 pmts. UGH! I really would like to take them to court along with the dealership that sold me the car...which is another long story. I really need to talk to someone and give the entire story. This is really frustrating, confusing and stressful. Larry d. phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
50, Report #677269
Dec 31 2010
11:53 AM
Edwin Westlake Westnyre Consultin Stole $250,000, fake investment scam Charlotte, North Carolina
Edwin Westlake is a scam artist. He stole $250,000 from me after we signed a contract for an investment that was supposed to be paid back in less than 30 days. He never paid me any money, and after numerous excuses (so many, I literally can't remember them all) I asked for my money to be returned, per the contract. He then said the money was gone. I have asked for numerous reports on where the funds went and he consistently ignores those requests. This guy is a total scam artist. He is fighting for custody of his child in a divorce and his wife (and the judge) should know the fraud he has committed. Do not trust him with anything. He needs to be put in jail.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina

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