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1, Report #1403082
Sep 29 2017
06:56 AM
White Feather Interpreting, LLC Julie K. Balassa, MACI and CT, Federal and State Court Certifiedjkb1200s@gmail.com Owner defamed my father's name Paisley FLORIDA
Owner of this company, Julie K Balassa publicly defames the family members and individuals who makes business with her. She does not respect signed contractual documents... She stated my father is a dishonest person and slezy bully...  Whatever you sign with her... be careful... Regardless of the content of the document she will not respect it. Avoid this individual....   She knows how to get your money and still screw you.... 
2, Report #1423784
Jan 18 2018
10:26 AM
Feather Lover Farms Feather Farm Lovers is a fraud. They do not seel pure Ayan Cemani. My chilcken has two white toes Rocklin California
I purchase 3 Greenfire Farms Line Ayan Cemani Straight Run. When I open the box, they had added two additional chicks as fillers. They were dead. The Ayan Cemani appear ocka on initial examination. However, shortly after, I noticed that two of them had failure to thrive. They did not make it. I contacted them. They were revy rude and unprofessional. They only communicate via e-mail. They do not have phone numbers or provide names of the individuals who respond via e-mails. They told me that I was responsible to pay for shipping. They reduced the cost of shipping from $55 to $40 and I agreed. They sent me two Ayam Cemani and a third chicken of an unknown breed. I later contacted to show them pictures of a Chick that has two white toes. I asked them to please replace that chick for me and to please not send me any more roosters. Two out of the three are roosters. I asked for only one female Ayam Cemani. I ask that if they are to send me filler to be another breed because I don't want the posibity of getting another Ayam Cemani rooster. These little roosters are very agressive. Their response was that they will only send me the replacement after I send the chick with the white toes. Another option they gave me was to pay another $40 shipping for another chick otherwise they say If you don't want any of the 2 options then we hope you enjoy raising your chicks How sarcastic is that. This is what they wrote WE cannot garantee every chick will turn out perfect. All Aya Cemani are not perfect and you must cull to improve your flock.
Entity: Rocklin, California
3, Report #1009276
Feb 06 2013
12:15 PM
Deco Interpreting, LLC A fraud company, Unfortunately, we are one more company being hurt by Rx-Medco Transportation and Translations. As they usually do, they called us requesting our services on the year of 2007 and start Internet
We are an Interpreting Agency servicing our community for a little more than 15 years and have provided our services to different companies and had never had an experience like the one with Rx-Medco Transportation and Translation. They owe us the total amount of $10,878.35 for services requested by them on 2007 and 2008. We provided Interpreting services to many of their clients on those two years. Rx. Medco started paying for our services on 2007, so we kept providing our services ,but then no more payments were received. We tried to contact people who had called us and customer service representatives started to say that those employers were not longer working with them. After sending  a few letters we got them to make two more payments of about $2,500.00 leaving the debt of $10,878. We never heard from them again. We called them without having luck to speak to someone, sent letters, An attorney sent letter to them and we never got a response. We tried to file an small claim, but it seems it was to late to do it because the stipulated time to file one had already passed. In conclusion, this people practically came hurt our economy and run away. Our company will do whatever is necessary to prevent other people or companies to be in a situation like this. We work hard and it is very unfair that companies like RX-Medco are doing this to many of us.  I hope all people or companies in our same situation can make a complaint against them and get them to court. 
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1188841
Nov 14 2014
10:04 AM
Jeffrey Bohn AKA International Translation & Interpreting Failed to provide the full book White Hmong - Grammar, History, and Culture, but kept the money. Internet
I went to http://www.hmonggrammar.com/ and saw that there is an excellent looking book that will help me learn the Hmong language and culture.  So I ordered it through that website on May 9th, 2012.  On May 22nd, I haven't received anything so I e-mailed him via the e-mail address I recieved from the Paypal payment receipt.  I asked if it was on it's way or if he had a tracking number for when it would arrive. On June 4th, I still have not received a response, so I created a dispute on Paypal, to get some help on the issue while it was still available within their dispute timeline.  And I sent him another e-mail, asking for the book or reimbursement.  He responded that same day, saying he I am coming out with my next printing and have added some chapters and ran into a problem. My laptop was stolen and I'm reconstructing the chapters so I can go to print.  I'm offering the book (first 200 pages) in a pdf form until the printing at which time you will get the hard copy.  If this is agreeable to you I will send you the pdf today.  If not I'll refund your purchase.  Thanks and I hope you choose to enjoy this singular book. I agreed to that, expecting to get the completed book once it went to print.  So I gave him some time to do so, and closed the Paypal dispute.  June 27th, I got an e-mail saying, The Hmong Grammar Book is going to print within two weeks.  How many copies would you like to reserve?  I immediately responded that I only ordered one and thanked him for the update.  Things are looking up! August 6th, I still have not received the book, so I e-mailed him again saying I haven't received the book yet, and offered my address again if he needed it. August 24th, he sent out this e-mail, My next printing of the White Hmong Grammar, History and Culture will be shipping on Sept. 7, I am accepting preorders now with a free Teacher's Copy for orders of 10 or more at www.hmonggrammar.com.  Good so the books will finally be arriving next month! September 26th, I still have not received the book, so I sent him an e-mail saying, I still have not received my copy of the White Hmong Grammar book that I purchased from you in May. From my understanding, the last shipment was September 7th, but I have not received anything in the mail, or any status since. Please send me my copy of the book to: ....   October 8th, I still have not received any more responses from him, and still have not received a book.  I sent another reminder that I still have not received the book yet.    December 15th, again, I still have not received any responses from him or a book or a reimbursement.  At this point if I didn't get a response, I was planning to report him.  I just didn't know how, until I just found this website.  Perhaps others have received his book, I don't know, but this is my experience and I am extremely unhappy about it. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #790986
Oct 20 2011
05:49 PM
Wondept Feather (Wondepot Feather) Feather Hair Extensions misleading advertisement, ordered 5 bundles only sent 5 individual items Luohu Zone Shenzhen, Internet
I ordered 5 feather clip in extension bundles from this company, who claim to be a wholesale company. They advertised a picture of 5 clip in extensions & the price for the bundle. I ordered 5 bundles. Meanging I should have received 25 clip in extensions.  They require you to spend a minimum before accepting your order.I received only 5 clip in extensions. I emailed them to inquire where the rest of my order was. They required me to take a pic of my order. I did so & they circled the 5 clip ins & said that was my order. Offering no other help or explaination. I emailed them again stating that is not what they advertised and to please honor my order. I go to my account on their website and even my account & order history has been deleted. I cant even access it. What a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a small online company I use among other stay at home moms & they purchased the clip in from me and now I cant deliver to them. Not to mention I under charged my customers, causing me to lose money after I paid out of my pocket & now cant deliever to all who ordered, forcing a refund & bad customer service :((
Entity: Luohu Zone Shenzhen, Internet
6, Report #1347113
Jan 02 2017
01:51 PM
Feather river hospital Adventis health feather river hospital. Lied to generate income Paradise California
 20 years ago I had an epigastric hernia repaired. I went to the doctor because I was having pain in that same area and suspected the the problem was getting worse or the mesh had failed on my initial surgery. My doctor scheduled a CT scan to find out what was going on. After my first scan results came in I received a call from my doctors secretary late on a Friday afternoon. She didn't say anything about my hernia issue but told me that they found growths in my liver that could be cancer. This was devastating to hear because I was only 41 with 3 young kids to raise. Obviously I had many questions but the doctor had gone home and the secretary didn't know anything. After a brutal weekend thinking I have cancer I got a call on Monday from my doctor explaining in fact I might have cancer! He told me the only way to be certain is to perform another CT scan concentrated on my liver and it'll be six weeks before we can get it done. I spent six weeks thinking I had liver cancer! I met with a hernia specialist (all doctors I saw work under the adventis health umbrella) a week before my final CT scan. He told me that he had no imagery that told him anything about my hernia and that an epigastric hernia CT scan shouldn't be performed lying on your back because the hernia is hidden. He gave me a physical exam on my hernia and told me something was wrong and my hernia was a problem. He said I would have to do a different type of scan to get the imagery needed. I then told him what the original scan had revealed about my liver. He proceeds to lecture me about god! He tells me this is gods way of telling me I need to make it right with god! I'm not a religious man. This was terrifying and offensive! So, after six weeks of thinking I had liver cancer and no answer to my hernia (only reason I went) it was time for another scan. After hitting an all time low, depressed, and terrified it was time to hear my final results. I was prepared for the worst news when they said there was no cancer and I had natural growths which 10% of the population has. I was completely relieved to say the least. The hospital, and doctors charged my insurance over $40,000 and left me with a $2,500 deductible. I never got any results associated with my hernia. I was told I might have liver cancer. I was lectured about my place in the world and my relationship with god. They used me to generate thousands for the hospital. After calling the hospital to try and work something out they threatened me with collection. I just wanted Answers about my hernia. I have the money to pay them but will not out of principle. These people made me suffer greatly and where not willing to work with me. I'm now in collection and my credit score has dropped drastically affecting everything I do. This has been the most devastating and bizarre experience to say the least. Each Ct scan exposed me to 7yrs of radiation. What damage did those cause? I will never pay them now and wonder if I could sue them for this!? The hospital just laid off 16 employees so it's obvious they're in financial trouble. I can only assume my whole situation was intentionaly created to generate money at my mental and physical expense! If anyone can help me at least get my charges removed it would be for the greater good of our healthcare system.
Entity: Paradise , CA
7, Report #505789
Oct 07 2009
01:18 PM
White Smiles B22 Health Systems LLC White Smiles are scam artists Internet
White Smiles - Trial offer is a scam. The companies listed on my credit card statement were B22 Health Systems LLC (187-7217-6243) Germany and Res V Light (188-8638-0853) Germany even though the White Smiles company and the web site is listed as USA. At first I did not even know who the companies were and the product(s) I supposedly purchased. The web site trial offer is not forth coming on the terms on the initial purchase page. I found out the hard way that you only have 10 days after the shipment date (not arrival date) to cancel otherwise the so called free trail just pay shipping charges will cost you the full purchase price of the product (CA$101.63 each month). The package arrived after 12 days so I could not even cancel the trail offer even if I wanted to. I was informed by customer service that after the submitting the order, an email was sent stating the terms of the trail which did not arrive. Although that is probably due to my email spam filters. Otherwise I may have been able to nip this in the bud. They also they tack on a Health Tracker web page CA$7.51 monthly subscription charge. After waiting 15 minutes for the first number (187-7217-6243) and 20 minutes on hold for the second number (188-8638-0853), I finally got through to the customer support line. I was able to cancel the subscriptions but since the trail period was over I have to accept the charges. I will never buy another trail offer again. Hopefully this will stop others from being taken advantage of.There should be a law that prevents these companies from false advertising. A free trail in my books means just that, not having to cancel within a short time frame or cancel a subscription(s) or have many other charges to services I did not order nor want. I hope my next month's credit card statement does not have any of these so called subscriptions on it. Otherwise I may need to change my credit card number.Wish I found this site first. Thank you Ripoff Report for providing a site for posting rip offs.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #231886
Jan 22 2007
01:05 AM
Feather Farm, FeatherFarm, Feather Farms, Thefeathefarm, Parrots, Bird Talk, Birds Feather Farm Lies Cheats and sells deadly parrot cages on ebay Napa, California
Feather Farm Sucks! The Feather Farm sells parrots and parrot cages on ebay as well as through their online website called featherfarm.com. WARNING! The Feather Farm sell's cages on ebay that are deadly to parrots. When the feather farm failed to send me my parrot cage, I attempted to contact the Feather Farm by email, But the Feather Farm never responded to my fruitless attempts. Then I attempted numerous times to contact the feather farm by phone, leaving message after message but the feather farm again never responded. Again, I searched for more information about the Feather farm on yahoo and google and wasn't surprised to learn that the feather farm has done this to other parrot and bird owners across america. The feather farm obviously sells cheap imported parrot cages imported from china. The feather farm also claim's that they designed these cages after years of parrot breeding (ref: feather farms website, featherfarm) yet, every other person is selling the same imported cage on the internet. The feather farm also sells parrots and pretends to know a lot about parrots and birds but all that the feather farm knows - is how to rip people off and ignore their customers. The feather farm operates under several names on the internet. They operate under thefeatherfarm on ebay and and under featherfarm on the internet. The people that run the feather farm could care less about their customers or parrots for that matter. The feather farm is only interested in a quick buck. The feather farm is more of a fly-by-night person than a real parrot cage dealer. It is ashame that the Feather Farm continues to go around selling cages that most parrots and parakeets will obviously die in but could care less. The Feather Farm will certainly sell you a parrot cage but when it come's time to contact them regarding a problem or a question, The Feather Farm is gone. If you purchased a cage from the Feather Farm - you should certainly file a complaint with paypal as well as ebay and tell them that you don't want a deadly parrot cage and ship the cage back to the feather farm and demand a full refund. Hopefully when you purchase a parrot cage - YOU WILL OVER LOOK THE FEATHER FARM on ebay! - the feather farm has numerous post up on the internet about their deadly cages and how the feather farm refused to stand behind their product. The feather farm should be banned from the internet and from the market place. Anyone that loves parrots should hate the Feather Farm! The Feather Farm is a parrots worst nightmare. The Feather Farm owners are, Arlyta and Jim Brown and the feather farm is locate in Napa, California. The people of napa sure got lucky when this bunch of crooks moved in and opened up the Feather Farm! On a final note.. The Feather Farm may have got my money and never sent my bird cage but the Feather Farm didn't kill my parrot with their cheap China made cage! The last email that I received from the feather farm, Stated, Thanks for ordering your parrot cage from the feather farm, we sincerely want you to enjoy your parrot farm cage and if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact the feather farm anytime. SanDE - Weeks past and I hadn't received my cage and I emailed the Feather Farm for weeks and still haven't heard anything. Hopefully others will post their message here about the Feather Farm so that other's can made aware of their terrible service and be aware of this. I am really sorry if my grammer is off and everything. I am just so mad at the Feather farm for ripping so many people off and thus far getting away with it. I contact others that had purchased from the feather farm and they said they liked the cage when they first received it and went ahead and left positive feedback. Only to have their parrot die within weeks or a few months later. Hopefully other would be feather farm customers will think twice. Michelle Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ebay
Entity: Napa, California
9, Report #1323026
Aug 17 2016
12:34 PM
Macor Foundation LLC Keith White Macor Foundation, Keith White, Wire Fraud Sarasota Florida
On about August 10, 2015, we G.P. Fountains(Margaret Chatman) signed a contract with Keith D. White/MACOR Foundation LLC to get a loan for our humanitarian project for children. He said that if we provided a $300,000 to him then he could get us an SBLC (stand by letter of credit) for $150 M dollars and we had one year to       repay it. We told him that we did not have the $300K to pay him and asked if there was any alternative. He said that some football player friends of his will put up $275K of the funds and we would have to pay them back 10 X their money. We agreed. He also said that a guy near him owns a bar and that he would put up the balance of $15K...same agreement of repayment. 10 times. He sent us the contract along with all the documents to sign the sblc over to him so that he could monetize it for us. (He claimed that he received the sblc from Deutsche bank /Germany who was willing to give a leased instrument to him for the sake of a humanitarian project. So we qualified. In the contract it stated that we would have at least  $100K in our bank within 10 days..it never came. He called us with an excuse and from then on there were excuses for NOT giving us the funds contracted for..even though he took the $15K wired funds from our G.P. Fountains account and has NOT returned the funds. He keeps saying that he was in a car accident, then he had to have treatment for cancer or he worked all night and was just tired, had to meet with the big bosses in Miami..just excuse after excuse. So now it is 6 months later and we haven't seen one dime from him and he has NOT returned the $15K which has caused severe hardship for us. I will forward you the entire transaction, emails and texts so you can see the true picture if necessary. By the way, this is the 2nd time we have done this. There is also someone else I (Margaret) referred to White because we thought that he (White) was authentic. The company is CarMichael Holdings LLc/Kevin White (NOT related to Keith White)
Entity: Sarasota , Florida
10, Report #1219121
Mar 30 2015
11:37 AM
rewardszone usa LLC Scam Victim ripped off white plains New York
 Hi I was advised that I was todays Facebook winner And was told I could pick one of 3 items 1. A PlayStation 4 2. And Amazon gift card ( sold out ) 3. A iPad air I picked my prize that I won witch was a PlayStation 4 I completed required offers that were never ending and impossible This is the third time this has happened to me and I never received My gift as I was told by this company that I had won. I am not very happy at this point of time and can only imagine how Other individuals that were told they were winners feel . Something has to be done about this scam so I decided that I will take action And do something about it . I will go ahead and get me a lawyer If I do not receive my gift I won
Entity: white plains, New York
11, Report #1411039
Nov 08 2017
07:38 PM
RewardZone USA, LLC took my personal information White Plains New York
I have completed all my required sign ups and they show up as completed on the reward USA page. I have submitted the form to claim my incentive on the sight. All I get is a pop up page saying thank you. I have not gotten any email response from them. I have repeatedly submitted inquires through the customer service page asking why, but have not received any response. The companies terms of service page states Once we have verified that you completed the requisite offers, we will send you a claim form via email or USPS if you prefer. Currently we use Adobe EchoSign to send our claim forms. Follow the instructions on the Claim Form. I would like reward zone USA to email me or snail mail me that form, or at least email me to let me know the reason for delay.
Entity: White Plains, New York
12, Report #1029020
Dec 04 2008
05:18 PM
White Moving & Storage LLC, Gary White, Propriotor Client,shipper, moving from CO. to AZ., however, storing furniture with White until home was finished being built in AZ. Denver,Colorado
We hired White Moving & Storage to move our possessions out of our home and into storage. White held our storage for two & one-half years until we a house was finished in AZ. White wrote us two months before the move and informed that they were closing and we would be taken care of by Pride Moving & Storage. They neglected to tell us they were being foreclosed on and Pride was removing our storage to their storage, however, they did say we were covered under the same contract. When Pride delivered our storage to AZ., we were missing several large items. Pride could not tell us where everything was and White was nowhere to be found. However, the driver told us White was also in business in MN. under the name Twin Cities Movers. We have registered a complaint with the Attorney Generals' in Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota as well as the Surface Transportation Board. We have heard from all four recipients. We sent letters to Pride, who refused our Certified Letter. We were unable to send one to White. We have notified Bekins as they were listed as the Carrier. We are interested in hearing from other people who are in the same situation as we are as we have been told that there were many people who had storage with White. Currently, we have contacted an attorney as our loss is significant. Please write if you have any information about any of these companies or have been ripped off by these companies. Pat, Scottsdale, AZ. White rippedus Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
13, Report #579835
Mar 11 2010
12:37 PM
Celebrity White teeth Avayo Media, LLC took my cash, and ran with it, Internet
On 02/18/2010 i ordered a fee sample of Celebrity White Teeth. I didnt see the terms of use they werent on the screan. On 03/08/2010 my bank called asked if i made a perches of $171.31. I told them no i didnt authorize this perches. I called the number the bank gave me i was on the phone for almost an hour. I talked to a supperviser Michael. He gave me an email address to send my refund request to and what info i had to include. Turns out the email was fake. I found the correct email with some research. I sent the same email to that address. I recived an automatic responce. I responded to the automatic responce on the same day. All this took place between 9:30am till 4:00 Pm an 03/08/2010. Today i recived an email responce that says your request was denied. So I decied to write on here my problem in hopes to stop this from happening to anyone else. I want my money back.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #424585
Feb 16 2009
09:00 AM
Tony White, Ground Hog Landscaping, LLC. Dishonest individual. Edmond; Oklahoma City Oklahoma
23-Oct-08: This individual's personal computer was infected with viruses and rogue software. His insurance agent recommended that he calls me, a computer specialist, to get help. It took more than an hour for me to install new security software and clean up his PC using remote support software. After the work was completed to his satisfaction, he said he will mail me a check for the services rendered. The total charge was $95. 26-Oct-08: Sent him my Invoice. 24-Nov-08: No payment so far and followed up with a Statement. 15-Dec-08: Still no payment and followed up with an e-mail asking why he refused to pay. He replied saying that he never saw my invoice and asked for another copy. I promptly forwarded a copy of the invoice to him via e-mail and he replied and promised to send me a check, in his own word right away 22-Dec-08: He sent me an e-mail saying that the check will be sent out that evening. 02-Jan-09: I sent him an e-mail telling him that the check he said he was sending out never arrived. He remained silent about the payment. 31-Jan-09: Followed up with another statement and letter via snail mail and e-mail. 16-Feb-09: Still no reply or any payment from this individual or his company. Accounting dept. Edmond, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Edmond; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
15, Report #826760
Jan 22 2012
03:23 PM
White Knight Logistics LLC Steven Posa Stay away from this company, do not book a load from them bellerose village, New York
they are a freight forwarder, I'm a broker. contracted with two carriers to pick up two loads for them. the first one was delivered 12/01/11. before I booked the loads with white knight logistics llc, I asked Steven Posa, how soon do you pay, he replied 48 hrs after I receive proof of delivery. On the 1st I faxed over the bills from the first delivery, he comes back to me, I need the originals in order for you to get paid. I had the carrier overnight the bills to me, in return I overnight-ed them to him, He received them 12/08/11. I asked him,  when can I expect payment, he said no longer then Monday the 12th.  Monday comes around, I asked him about the paying me, he replied, he's waiting for the guy who writes the checks to come in. That same day I overnighted two more sets of bills to him. I told him I will pay for the check to be overnighted to me, I sent him a prepaid label from UPS, I told him I would schedule a pick for Tuesday since I knew they would be delivering there. He got the delivery from UPS, he tells me that the driver left a note stating he would return to pick up the envelope, I find that hard to believe. He told me the check was ready, so I kept calling UPS to find out why their driver would leave a note and when is he returning to pick up the envelope. Didn't get a call back from them, so I kept calling. Finally someone did, this is when the girl from UPS told me Steven Posa told the driver the shipment isn't ready yet to come back later, now he has already told the check is ready. I asked him about what UPS told me, once again he was waiting for the guy who writes the checks to come in, that never happened, of course I promise, It will be sent out tomorrow. Wednesday comes around, I'm waiting for the UPS guy to come into the building, but I need those trucks in Olathe ASAP, I explained to him, if by 4pm I don't see where UPS has picked up the check, I will reload the trucks with other loads. About 3:30 he calls me and tells me that his partner has dropped the envelope in the UPS box and they pick up there about 7:00pm. I told him then the trucks will there first thing the next day. Well his partner never really dropped nothing in the UPS box, I sent him a nice email informing that I will no longer be booking loads with him, and I'm reloading the three trucks I was sending into Olathe. I had to hire a collection agency to go after this guy. I have bills for two loads that were delivered, he keeps sending me emails for proof of delivery, he will those when I get my money.  The collection company that i hired has uncovered that this company will change it's name once it has ripped of enough companies.  I found out that they rent a small office in the back of a bridal shop
Entity: bellerose village, New York
16, Report #1064603
Jul 05 2013
10:51 AM
Keith White / Trak International LLC Does not honor contracts and pay for work done Miami Florida
Trak International does not pay for services rendered to them.Trak International and I had a mutually signed contract on 03/08/2013. I was to evaluate and recommend 3 finalist companies selected by Trak to develop a mobile application.The contract stated my hourly rate and terms of payment to be 15 days after invoice submitted.I completed the evaluation, submitted a written report, made verbal and written recommendation of the selected company and submitted and invoice on 03/16/2013.Keith White (CEO of Trak, contact person) then visited the company in Ukraine for approximately 2 weeks during the period April 6 to April 27.I did not receive any payment by 03/31/2013.I received $500 on 04/10/2013, which he said had been mailed to me by accident and was intended for someone else. Subsequently, I received payments in $100 leaving a balance of $211.I made several calls to the person named on the contract, Keith White (who was the only person I had contact with in this deal). He has given me repeated excuses and has never committed to sending me a check for the balance due.  I have not received the $211 balance to date.Keith White now demands that I do not report him to agencies shuch as Ripoff Report, or to the credit bureaus. He wants a statement from me in writing before he will pay the balance of $211. 
Entity: Miami, Florida
17, Report #1076068
Aug 15 2013
10:35 AM
White Knight Logistics LLC A FREIGHT FORWARDER THAT DON'T PAY HIS BILLS / DON'T USE bellerose Village New York
This company does not pay their bills. We have outstanding freight bills close to $7000.00 that Steve hasn't even made any attempt to pay. These bills are from 12/12 to 1/13 and he has been paid by the shippers for these loads. We have made numerous attempts to collect and he still makes no attempt to pay down the bills. Do not use this guy unless you get your money first. 
Entity: bellerose Village, New York
18, Report #1406500
Oct 16 2017
07:32 AM
Importers and Exporters Be AWARE !! Please stay away from White Rays FoodStuff Trading LLC. White Rays Foodstuff Trading LLC headed by one Mr. Ashiq Ali Mohibali Nathani has been cheating Indian Exporters of Millions of Dollars. He takes goods against LC and refuses to pay afte receiving goods. Then he will come up with various fictitious stories and fake documents and manipulated statements to deny payments to exporters and many exporters are stucked with liquidity crisis because of his malicious business practices. His sole intention is to cheat Exporters mainly from India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. He plans to disapear once he is due to clear the payments for goods supplied. I myself have experienced similar situations and i am currently working with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce  and Industry to recover our Lossess and ensure that the CHEATER is punished and atleast some of the money owed is recovered. 
Entity: Dubai, Other
19, Report #1409264
Oct 29 2017
11:51 AM
White Mountain Herbal LLC Triad Services Online Messaging for drugs and health supplements Manchester New Hampshire
I heard about this from an electrician friend. I went to the Facebook page last May and it said it was open 24/7 the 'store'. However, excpet for a huge pot plant, there was no product/ price listing and it appeared the only way to contact the proprietor was by facebook messaging. Being an attorney, i looked up the business and discovered that it was registered to a residential address with .5 miles of 3 public schools and later that the facebook appeared to be down. Being registered in Manchester but protraying itself as a White Mountains business i was very skeptical as Manchester is the drug hub of New Hampshire, with drugs being run out of car repair shops, salvage and junk yards, and myriad private residences.
Entity: Manchester, New Hampshire
20, Report #770349
Aug 29 2011
06:09 AM
Leaders froze my business account after I called in regarding suspicious activity from them w/my business account.  When I researched (without the help of anyone there & believe me, I talked to nine different associates on several occassions) I found that the wireless termainal we had was cross refrencing w/another merchant # and dropping the sale, no receipt printed out & when we called Leaders to make sure transaction didn't go thru before re-scanning, we found out 4 months later that these invisible transactions were going thru.  Leaders never sent out any paperwork regarding the double charges that went on for months and when I called to inquire, Julie from the risk mgmt dept froze my account w/o telling me which then caused my bank to be overdrawn w/several overdraft fees, not to mention the ridiculous fees from Leaders for each charge back.  I called Leaders for 3 weeks straight, talked to several different associates, all of which said they'd get back to me, but never did!  I had to close my gallery for 2 days just to figure out what was going on w/my account.  I was super stressed going back and forth from my home office to the gallery searching transactions, firing my employee, several business checks were stolen and cashed for large amounts.  Talk about a domino effect.  Nobody so far has helped me.
Entity: Camarillo, California
21, Report #178139
Feb 25 2006
06:45 PM
Feather And Friends Ripoff kittens dead hookworm anemia Columbus Georgia
Hi. In 2003 we went to Feather and Friends to purchase 2 kittens. Both were about 8 weeks old. They were kept in the back in a nasty kennel that was overcrowded. I felt horrible for them. My previous experience with a kitten had ended in euthanization so I ready to try to get over it. We purchsed these for 20$ each. exactly 11 days later, they died. I went into the laundry room where they slept and found them stiff, surrounded by bloody feces. Imagine explaining that to a 3 year old child who adored them and was excited to get them. I called the Er vet and eventually found out through tests that they died of hookworm anemia and basically pooped themselves to the point of bleeding to death. What a horrible way to die! I called the company that sold us and they said they were sold as is and thanks for letting them know and hung up on me! I have told everyone I know NOT to buy animals from this place. It is a dirty filthy overpriced company. They have animals in there that they sell but won-t allow you to pet due to the mean nature of these dogs. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE.!! They need to step up and accept responsibility. It may have only been 40 for them and 85 for the tests but the sprit of a child being broken when both of her new best friends are found dead is priceless. I hope their business suffers. They don't deserve to hurt anyone else with their selfishness and irresponsibibilty. Also, Hookworm anemia is transferred from birth so I am assuming these came from a litter that was infested by the mother. So I'm sure My kittens were not the only ones infected by this awful horrific death. Thank you and my heart goes out to all those who have suffered. Amanda Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
22, Report #231256
Jan 18 2007
11:50 AM
The Feather Farm ripoff Napa California
The Feather Farm, Inc. in Napa California which is ran by Arlyta and Jim Brown SUCKS! (Their website is featherfarm.com) As a customer, you can request help and ask questions from the Feather Farm of Napa California, but if you ask something they don't like, they will close the door in your face! The Feather Farm of Napa California sell Parrot's and other birds which they breed that suck! You shouldn't pay a penny for a parrot or bird from them knowing it will die! The cages that the Feather Farm of Napa California sell are cheap cages which are built from poor metal using slave labor and imported in from third world countries. They claim that their cages were designed after many years of breeding. The Feather Farm of Napa California, didn't design these cages as they state on their website! As a matter of fact, the feather farm doesn't care about your parrot's or they wouldn't sell cheap cages imported from third world countries. These same cages are sold through other website's scattered across the internet. The Feather Farm of Napa California, is not concerned about you, The consumer! - They are concerned about taking your money. If your thinking of getting a parrot, parrot cage, parrot toy or anything dealing with pet birds - Think twice before you purchase anything from - The Feather Farm of Napa California! This is a warning to pet owners and parrot lovers across the United States as well as pet owners here in Napa California - If your going to purchase a pet, Stay away - Far Away from the Feather Farm of Napa California! Dwayne Napa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Napa, North Carolina
23, Report #847732
Mar 02 2012
02:25 PM
Feather Dusters Cleaning Service brings friend to burglarize my house while they clean Strasburg, Virginia
I selected Feather Dusters because they advertise being licensed bonded and insured....boy what a mistake that was!!! I usually stay home during cleanings, but due to the holidays, my cleaning was rescheduled on a day I couldn't stay home.  I let the cleaning lady's into my house, then left.  I didn't know it at the time, but the cleaning lady's brought a friend with them in the car, and as soon as I left, this friend came into my home and burglarized my house!  When I came home I discovered $185 cash, and my hand gun was stolen (along with all the ammo, holster, clips, etc.).  I also noticed a front, low to the ground, window had been unlocked--I believe somone intended to come back and burglarize my house again.  Living in fear, I immediately paid to have my security system upgraded (we live in the middle of no where, with no neighbors in site).  I confronted the cleaning lady's.  They admitted what happened, and told me they had brought a friend along with them that day who was supposed to stay in the car.  However, as soon as I left, this friend, came into my house, and began going thru my dresser drawers!!!  This friend stole my items.  Furthermore, the cleaning lady's stated they have taken this friend with them to help clean many other houses!  This man could have stolen items from multiple other homes, and the owner's not know it yet. The police have arrested this friend, and he admitted to stealing the ammo; he now has felony charges pending against him.  I also found out the lead cleaning lady has a criminal record 2 pages long!  Feather Duster's claims to background check all employees (as well as drug test); but clearly they did NOT background check the woman cleaning my house.  My true outrage towards Feather Duster's comes from how they handled the situation.  The police told me earlier this week that I could now contact the company and ask for their insurance to cover my losses.  When I called in, I spoke to Kim, the office manager, and sister of the owner, and was told the owner (Billie Jo Jarrell) was out of town.  Kim scolded me for calling the police before contacting Feather Dusters!!!  She then told me they would NOT be covering the theft because it wasn't their fault--it's not like we TOLD THEM to steal from your house!  I stated I wanted to speak to the owner, to which Kim replied I'm her sister--what I say goes.  I then asked for the name and contact info for their insurance and bond company and she HUNG UP on me!!!  I have since discovered that they are NOT a licensed company with the department of regulatory affairs (DPOR).  Upon calling our local town office, I also discovered that they do NOT even have a valid business license!!!  This makes me highly doubt they are bonded or insured either.  This company is falsely advertising themselves as a good standing business who is licensed bonded and insured....this should be illegal!!!  (As well as falsely advertising about screening employees) Shame on you Feather Duster's!!!  Because of you, my most personal and sacred space has been violated, and my home made unsafe.  I can't believe you won't step up and try to make it right. 
Entity: Strasburg, Virginia
24, Report #975808
Nov 29 2012
07:01 PM
Pacific Coast Feather pacificcoast.com False internet site product discount offering Seattle, Washington
On November 26 I was directed to this site when searching for new down or feather comforter.  Their site indicated first one at regular price but second comforter priced at 50% off discount will be applied at Checkout.  No discount was applied and when I handled via email to comfort@pacificcoast.com as directed by their website I received no reply. When I received order confirmation showing full price I again handled by email to orders@pacifriccoast.com and advised same:  It appears we need to cancel this order as contrary to what ad - listing showed, no 50% discount was applied to second comforter ordered!   Only reply I received was order has been canceled at your request.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need further assistance.  No offer to apply the 50% discount on second comforter as ad said or other offering for failure to apply discount!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
25, Report #1133980
Mar 26 2014
06:00 PM
Feather River Doors/Home Depot Poor Quality Tacoma Washington
I purchased Feather River Exterior Doors through Home Depot in Neshaminy, PA based on the recommendation of the sales person in May 2011.  Since I was having a great deal of renovations done on my home at the time rather than pay Home Depot to install them I had my contractor do the installation.  When he unwrapped the doors that were delivered he noticed that the brick molding on one side was broken.  Then he noticed that the doors were scratched and the finish was not even.  But at this point they had already removed the existing doors so we had no alternative but to install them.I contacted Home Depot and Feather River and sent in pictures.  They offered to credit me 10% or replace the slaps.  I unfortunately chose to have them replaced.  The replacement was done by Home Depot, I thought, but now I am told that it was done by a company that handles the warranty inspections UTS.  I noticed that my doors wouldn't stay locked and thinking nothing of it I adjusted the keeper on the lock and got it to stay locked.  This was my second error.  Because I kept looking and I could see the outside between my doors and they never seemed fully closed.After suffering through this horrible winter and feeling the air just flowing in from the outside I put a request into the Customer Service Department to have someone check the doors. A representative from UTS came out and told us that the installation was out by 1/4 on the side of the stationary door and there was a bump in the threshold of the operating door which is why my sweepers kept having to be replaced.  And he also said the operating door was bowed by 1/8.Feather River now says that there is an installation problem so the warranty on the doors is voided. When I asked why the person that installed the new slabs, by the way he dropped the operating door during the installation, I was told he was there to install them not inspect them.I have now hired an independent contractor to inspect the doors and correct them if needed.  I am also going to post this on every blog site I can to warn other unsuspecting consumers of this shoddy product.  It looks good but is not good quality.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington

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