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1, Report #1404512
Oct 05 2017
07:13 PM
Wicked Herbals Guru Harley Skyberg never recieved my order or a refund san diego ca internet
I found the company wickedherbals.guru online, viewed their products and eventually made a purchase which was to be delivered c.o.d. The day that the delivery reciept was in my box, i visited the p.o. to pay the c.o.d. I was handed a priority type envelope which was supposed to be my ordered items. Enclosed within the envelope was a letter stating a thankyou for payment and a promise that id soon recieve my order which was to be mailed overnite upon recieving my payment.... this last part never happened. I have tryed to contact the company via email a couple of times unsuccesfully. I have not recieved as much as a response much less a refund.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1257945
Sep 29 2015
02:01 PM
Wicked Herbals/Harley Skyberg Mail Fraud-Advance Payment San Diego, CA 92171 Internet
I 've ordered from Harley Skyberg and his ever changing websites several times now.  I've always used USPS COD service, and never had an issue other than lengthy processing times.  I placed an order on 7/6/2015.  On 7/13/2015, I picked up and paid for the package with a USPS Money Order.  Upon opening the package,  I found only one of the seven items ordered was there, and it was the wrong size.  A handwritten note on my invoice stated Due to overwhelming fraud, we will ship your entire order once we receive sucessful payment. Thanks. My money order was cashed on 7/17/2015. My attempts to contact him via phone, e-mail, and certified mail on 9/21/2015 have been ignored. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1322669
Aug 15 2016
04:54 PM
Wicked Herbals Wickedherbals.guru. Harley skyberg Didn't send what I paid for. Product is a waste of money. Won't return an email. Phone number bogus Internet
 I ordered product from wicked herbal incense. I ordered from them due to having a particularly hard to find product. I paid c.o.d. so figured i wouldn't pay if my product didn't show up. My package arrived so I paid the 226.00 which included an overnight shipping charge of $50.00. When I opened the package to my disbelief my order was not inside. There was however some garbage disquised as incense with a note inside that stated I am a new customer so here is a free sample while we process your order I made my order 8/4/16, I recieved my order 8/16/16, again I paid $50.00 for overnight shipping. I was so excited to see my package arrived today, untill I opened it. Only 1 product of the 4 I ordered was inside. And I have my suspensions it's not the actual product. Inside was a note stating I had substitutions due to a world wide shortage that is expected to be cleared up in a couple of weeks. When I tried the email address it returned as failed address. When I called the phone number listed on the website wickedherbals.guru. a sales company answered and hung up on me when I asked for the shop. $226.00 may not be alot of money to some but to me and my family it is an electric bill, or diapers or a number of other things I could have used it for. I work hard for my money and all I want is what I paid for. I pay for what I want, I want what I pay for!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #942027
Oct 20 2012
09:58 AM
Wicked X Herbals and Party Pills Talimo Appolinaire Brice Never shipped products that I ordered. Asked for more money. $150 for shipping insurance. No response to refund request. Internet
First ordered with a credit card. I was told that their credit card processor was temporarily down due to a hacker so I needed to send the money Western Union. That should have been enough for me to realize that this site is a scam, but I was assured by someone who told me that they knew someone who had received an order from these guys recently. I find it hard to believe that they have ever shipped out anything to anybody. Hours after they picked up my money from Western Union they sent me a message stating that they would need an addition $150 to get around customs. THIS IS THE MESSAGE THEY SENT: ***************************************** Dear client This mail is to inform you that your package is set dispatch,but there is a little concerns which needs your urgent response....Due to ABUSE of this product by customers leading to many deaths and other deadly diseases,your package will not be dispatched due to strict laws levied on the shipment of such products. However,you are required to provide a permit or a license issued by the government pronouncing you as a legal dealer of this product.This document is very important and necessary for the shipment of your stuff Meanwhile,there is another way out,if you are not in possession of such document,we will help you by covering you up with our insurance and your stuff will get to you without any problem now and forever...But you have to pay a refundable insurance fee of 150USD,this insurance is just for formality of which 150USD is refundable when you receive your package and sign the delivery documents. You have two options,either to send us scanned copy of your permit or make available the refundable insurance deposit...We hope all is well understood and we crave your indulgence to treat this as a matter of urgency because we hate to keep our customers waiting...Besides,we wouldn't want to lose a potential customer like you. Get back to us soonest. Kind regards Management ***************************** Of course this document they speak of does not exist so I refused to pay them another dime and just requested a refund, then they sent me another message asking for the $150: ************************************* Dear client, Thank for the email,we understand your concerns fully well,we are here to satisfy our customers and not make them sad,don't think about the money at this point because its refundable when you get your package. We are wholesalers and not retailers,we supply many online shops you can't even imagine,our goal is to be in good terms with every customer.The insurance is a scheme we developed to cover customers that do not have a permit because we realised at a time that most customers do not have permit and when askd to bring one,it will cost them more and some never get it,so we now decidede to use our insurance policy to cover such a customer. It is just for formality,all we have to do is issue an insurance policy statelemt,which acts as an insurance cover for your package.This is a one time refundable insurance and will be valid every time you place your order in the future. Once the insurance is paid,you will get your tracking number to follow up your package.Shipment is 100% discreet and guaranteed with no exceptions.Please,do get back to us as soon as possible so we can proceed. kind regards Management ************************************* Of course no amount of money can get you past customs So I told them that I would not pay an additional $150 and I asked for a refund again. If they had  stated in the beginning that it would cost an additional $150 to ship the products then I never would have ordered in the first place. I have not heard from them again at all, I have contacted them six times since their last plea for more money and have not heard a word back from them. This website is a complete scam and nothing more. I never would have sent them money at all if it had not been for a trusted friend telling me that it was OK. The site has warning signs of a scam all over it.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #95314
Jun 17 2004
02:28 PM
Natural Herbals Internet rip-off! Robbing people blind. Internet Nationwide
These people sell almost every herbal product you can think of, they even sell non-herbal products. You place your order, they even call to verify, then they never send your product. They have two email address to contact and never respond. I just want to let people know to NEVER use this website. Amita Chicago,, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1207619
Feb 08 2015
03:24 PM
i also ordered a trial and was $85 twice and $87 once. Fighting with CC right now to stop these unauthorized charges!
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #453011
May 18 2009
02:15 PM
Leading Edge Herbals Misleading Guarantee Policy Greeley Colorado
I ordered a product for my wife with a 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee when I purchased the 60 day supply is spelled out below. Money Back Guarantee Please try our product for 60 days (2 bottles) and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the two empty bottles within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges. If you wish to take advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple bottles don't worry. Any unopened bottles returned along with your first two opened bottles within the 67 day guarantee period will also be eligible for a full refund. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with our product. Please do not ship any product back after the 67-day refund period has expired. Please feel free to try our products, but refunds are limited to one order per customer. When my order was received it did not come in bottles but came in cardboard boxes with foil packs containing the pills. Each box contained 30 pills. As she used the pills I tossed the foil packs and eventually the first cardboard box which had been torn open. She used the product for about 50 days and it was apparent it was not working for her so I sent the remainder back to them and asked them to honor the 60 day guarantee. They refunded me half of my order and told me because I did not return the other packaging that I was not entitled to a full refund. They told me that their return policy was clearly spelled out as below. OUR 100% MONEY BACK, 'NO QUESTIONS ASKED' GUARANTEE Please try our product for 60 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling. If you want to take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple containers, not to worry. You can still try the product absolutely risk-free for 60 days. Simply return the first two empty containers (your 60-day supply), and all additional unopened containers within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for each returned item. No questions will be asked. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with our product. Every single statement on this website is completely accurate and true. Please do not ship any product back after the 60-day refund period has expired, as we will not be able to provide a refund or ship the product back to you after the 60-day refund period has expired. Please feel free to try our products, but refunds are limited to one order per customer. So clearly they had now changed their guarantee to reflect the change in packaging. I forwarded to them the previous e-mail with their old guarantee and told them that I did not receive bottles and could not imagine that they wanted torn cardboard boxes and empty foil packs which could not be reused. So I thought the situation was unclear and they should refund the entire amount. They know that I only ordered a 60 day supply and I returned about 10 pills and told them that it did not work for my wife so what difference does it make if I still had a box at home, if it was thrown out or if it was sent back to them? She was supposed to have 60 days to try it and she tried it for close to that time and then returned the unused portion express displeasure with the product. So, since I did not send back a cardboard box, that was not useable, they withheld $49.95 of my refund? That's an expensive little box, that is similar in size to a Sudafed box. I think the whole send back the original packaging is put in their guarantee as an out for them. At least had it been bottles, as it said in the guarantee I purchased under, they could sterilize and reuse the bottles, but I see no reason for the return of packaging that can't be used when I did return the unused product. At any rate, I will not purchase from them again because my wife was not satisfied with the product and I was not satisfied with their tactics regarding the return policy. I think it is misleading, and if they were an above board company they would be concerned with customer satisfaction and not a torn cardboard box and some empty foil packs. Mike Joliet, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Greeley, Colorado
8, Report #1202629
Jan 19 2015
07:58 AM
lifeology herbals llc scam they'll charge more than they say lutz Florida
This is a scam when you order the free trial it dont say anything about a 14 day free trial then theyll charge you about 85$ per order. And when you call the monotone costumer rep will tell you there is nothing that can be done because the 14 day have passed. 
Entity: lutz, Florida
9, Report #1318361
Jul 22 2016
01:50 PM
Misty Mountain Herbals Robert Gulattt Wholesale Kratom Mitragyna speciosa Rip Off Scam Longmont Colorado
In Feb of 2016 we gave Robert a substantial amount of money (in excess of $60k) in agreement that we were purchasing wholesale product already in his hands and available to ship.  We clarified these terms and then proceeded to transfer the funds.  We were then told that Robert didn't have the product and that we would have to wait. We have now been chasing Robert and Misty Mountain Herbals for the balance for nearly six months.  Each couple of weeks there is a new excuse and new reasoning as to why we are not receiving a refund nor our order while Robert's existing wholesale customers continue to receive product. Buyer beware, Robert does not conduct honest business and does NOT have the funds to refund or compensate you should he incur a loss.  It appears that Robert has now sustained what could be several losses and is essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Had we known that Robert was simply acting as a broker and not an actual supplier, we never would have engaged. We strongly advise anyone considering using Misty Mountain Herbals as a supplier or doing business with Robert Gullatt to think twice and know that their money (like ours) may disappear and will not be seen again.  There are now over 250 emails exchanged between ourselves and this dishonest individual and shady company.  There also several Reddit threads and forum posts pertaining to other poor business practices conducted by Robert and Misty Mountain Herbals.   Contributing deception and theivery to an already touchy industry is unneccessary and shameful.  It should not be tolerated.  Do NOT support this vendor.  
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1209711
Feb 17 2015
11:09 AM
Lifeology Herbals LLC Total Rip off Lutz Florida
My wife sent for a free trial of Green Coffee Cleanse that she saw on the Dr. Oz show.  The free trial required a shipping cost of $4.95, and was charged to her credit card on 20 January.  On February 2nd the company charged her $85.98 for the bottle that was supposed to be a free trial of 14 days.  13 days after the first charge of $4.95, they charged her for the full amount of that bottle.  I have since closed her account when we had waited for 10 days for another package to arrive.  After calling the company, they tried to seel us more at a reduced rate, but i finally was able to close that account.  I also had my wife's credit card cancelled so no more charges can be made on that number. Bob, Round Rock, TX
Entity: Lutz, Florida
11, Report #894826
Jun 08 2012
01:20 PM
worldniche herbals AKA leading edge herbals my letters (orders) were returned to me unopened. I think they are a scam. Greeley, Colorado
  well, it's just like i said.      I mailed two letters (seperately, a month apart)     both were returned to me, unopened, with a postal label on them.    the postal label said unabel to forward to this address                                     return to sender     
Entity: Greeley, Colorado
12, Report #1204835
Jan 27 2015
05:08 PM
Lifeology Herbals They charged an outrageous price to my bank that was not okay by me and it was suppose to be $4.95 trial offer!!!! Lutz Florida
I ordered from them with the invoice stating on line and on the receipt when I received the order, $4.95 trial offer cost and then they took more money out of my account without my okaying that! It said $4.95 on both, nothing said they would be taking 85.98 and 87.53 more! This is a real rip-off and I am working with my bank to have it stopped! They made it seem like it was a trial offer in case I wanted to re-order, ok. Can't take them; pain is the result and it said nothing about that either. It was Pure Garcinia Cambogia andGreen Coffee Cleanse! But, it was all through Lifeology Herbals! Thank you!
Entity: Lutz, Florida
13, Report #749554
Jul 06 2011
06:39 AM
wicked lazers WICKED LAZERS..RIP OFF FRAUDS Internet
Rip off b**terds.Forket out $270, six and a halve months ago.For my hard earned cash i have recieved three e-mails of crap why they can't keep their end of the deal.If this mob of mongruels had any associations here in OZ,i would be knocking on there door.Rip off b**TERDS
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #297058
Jan 04 2008
03:02 PM
Wicked Buy Www.wickedbuy.com wicked buy San Diego California
I purchased an item from this store, I have left numerous messages via phone and email. This company will not respond. They have taken my money and will not send my item. Please be wary and do not purchase from this company! Bad customer service, well maybe I should say no customer service. Emily oakland, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
15, Report #1200339
Jan 08 2015
06:46 PM
Wicked Lasers Wicked Lasres Will Take Your Money Internet
I purchased a laser via the Wicked Lasers Website on November 1st 2014 for $139.96.  I was told to expect delivery of the item in 2 to 4 weeks.   On the 17th of November I received an email saying that the laser had been shipped.  The email listed a tracking number and an estimated arrival date.  When I entered the tracking number it listed a delivery address somewhere in the Midwest.  When I called wicked lasers I was told there was some kind of mistake and they would call me back in 48 hours with the details.  I received no call so I called back and asked again what the status of the shipment was and got the same response.  I called again 2 weeks later and asked, and the individuals have no clue what has happened.  They claim to not have any ability to track these orders or handle any kind of refund or re-ordering.  I have called and emailed several times since then and have had zero responses.  Order was placed on 1 November and it is now the 8th of January. This is completely unacceptable.  If this is not resolved using this forum then I’ll be disputing the charge on my credit card.     
Entity: Internet
16, Report #680858
Jan 10 2011
07:59 AM
wicked rocket wicked rocket ATV, 4 wheelers, cycles Wicked Rocket is a COMPLETE rip off!! Internet
Wicked rocket has proven to be an abolsute rip off in every way! I ordered 2 atv's for my small boys: 1) the Spidey 110 and a blue 125. Parts showed up broken. Gettign those parts was almost impossible as the rude phone person took the message and made it difficult to even call for parts. When the parts arrived, they were the Wrong parts!! I had to call back again for the correct parts. They will ship parts sometimes, but they will not pay to have them installed so if you are not mechanically inclined, do NOT buy from them. You will have a LOT of repairs! The first time the 4 wheelers were ridden, numerous things broke:110 ATV: The carborator was dangerously leaking fuel on the 110. The chain kept coming off even though it had been tightened several times during the ride. Come to find out, the read end had ZERO axel barrings and ZERO seals! I have called 3 times and still do not have the parts! 125 ATV: The muffler fell of of the 125. The 125 after being ridden for 20 minutes went dead and would not start!Battery went dead right away from the cranking while attemping to get it to start. It takes forever to get it started each day! These items should be sold at the dollar store! They are sub standard and the service...well, there is no service. They hold the parts long enough so you cannot return the items (only a 7 day return policy so they hold out on shipping parts to void that!) It has been 2 weeks since Christmas and My boys dont even want to ride the atv because it is so dangerous and frustrating to them and us! Please pay more and get other quality items!
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #718394
Apr 16 2011
11:43 AM
Wicked Rocket Defective ATV's, Junk, Poorly Made Indiana, Indiana
The kids ATV's they sell are nothing but junk. They come particially assembled which is fine except what is assembled is done incorrectly. Ignition wires were loose, sitting against hot surfaces, melting after a few minutes of use. Lousy carborators constantly needed cleaning and adjustments, even when check out by an ATV repair person.  Not worth the money. Don't purchase anything from them. They are very difficult to contact, you don't get a straight answer if you get an answer at all.
Entity: , Indiana
18, Report #206014
Aug 14 2006
08:59 AM
Wicked Rocket Stealing, ripoff, unprofessional, fraud Indianapolis Indiana
I started making layaway payments back in Dec. of 2005. I payed the four wheeler off in May of this year. $704.00. I waited 2 months for my daughters 4-wheeler that never arrived. When I made contact with this company they told me that they were having trouble with the shipper but it would be taken care of. I was told this by Becky at the company. (By the way she is no longer there) Still I did not receive the 4-wheeler. I made several other attemps to find out the shipping date and no one could give me a reason why it had not been shipped. All they would say is I dont know what has happen. I asked just to be refunded the $704.00 and that would be that. Now they are saying that cant find the records of my payments. Well I sent them copies of my bank statements showing the payments and they refuse to return my phone calls, or emails. Beaware that their phone numbers are all directed to an answering service where the calls are screened. Here is a phone number that was given to me that I was able to get answer from. Mr. Strickland at 317-946-0916. When he returned my call he was able to pull up my info and tell me he didnt know what happend, but then when he found out who I was and was calling about he told me that he didnt work for the company. ( Funny how he knew about my info but didnt work for them uh?) I am still waitng on a Mr. David to call me back, that is who Mr. Strickland said he would give a message to. ( Mr. Strickland got ticked off because he said that the phone number was his personal number, I say OH WELL) I would not recommend that you purchase ANYTHING from this company as I have been told that they are having lots of problems. If you do you cant say that you have not been warned! Mary Scotland, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Indiana
19, Report #1221341
Apr 09 2015
06:27 AM
Wicked Lasers No product, No refund Torrance, California
On December 20, 2014, I ordered a  laser from wicked lasers and on December 23, wicked lasers debited $297.87 from my account.  I had heard they took a couple months so I gave them a little time.  On March 4th I emailed support and recieved this reply taken from my email.  Here is the requested information. Your order is under processing. We're very sorry for the shipping delay. Our management was not able to anticipate the amount of orders that would be received for our final sale.We used to be able to ship our lasers to the US much faster, deliveries were within a few days to a week. However, due to some people who found it necessary to shine lasers at planes, we now ship our lasers from an overseas facility which is causing more time for the delivery than originally expected. Besides this due to long holidays at our headquarters and manufacturing facility in China from 12th to 25th Feb. it further delayed the shipments.Wicked Lasers guarantees 100% delivery or new item will be re-sent or refund issuedI was pretty upset that the order was still processing so I asked them to cancel my order on March 8, on March 9th I recieved this response (copied from my email) We are really very sorry to see you disappointed. As already explained this is an exceptional delay which remained beyond our control otherwise we were able to ship the products within few days to a week or so. However, we would certainly regard your request for the refund.I shall forwarded your request to the shipping department and will let you know when I hear back from them.On March 10, I recieved this (copied from email)Thank you for contacting Wicked Lasers.Your order 1***** has been submitted for cancellation as you requested. Please allow 7-15 business days for the credit to appear on your account.It has been 7 business days PAST the 15 business days and I keep getting the run around.  FRAUD is what comes to mind when I think about this company
Entity: Torrance,, California
20, Report #985749
Dec 21 2012
10:23 PM
Guru Script Guru Flippa Script Scam,Con,Ripped Off Internet
I had purchased the Guru Flippa Script for a new website auction market place 2 weeks ago. The site looks legit but when you receive the files you can tell it's not right. There are errors in the design and coding on EVERY PAGE. The auctions system is broke, users can't bid, get over charged on buying credits and a ton more. It appears that this guy ripped this code from another script but didn't do a good job of it. 2 years ago I had tried to purchase the same script but an earlier version and waited 2 months for my download after payment and still nothing. We had to hit paypal for a refund. I have advertising gone live, I built a new theme for this market place only for it to not work even 50%. I've contacted support and still no help and no refund. Do not purchase anything from these guys, their support is null and their software is half a**ed
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1244768
Jul 28 2015
06:01 AM
Wicked Motorsports Ripped Off by Wicked Motorsports in Van Nuys van nuys California
  I brought my car to this location about 8 weeks ago for a new engine. I was promised it would be finished in less than 2 weeks. 8 weeks later, I still have no car. I have been lied to MANY times by the owner, Mike, and they are forcing me to pay for the car without finishing the job. Please let this be a warning to anyone that thinks about using this company to work on their car..  PLEASE dont do it. You will be sorry.
Entity: van nuys, California
22, Report #1245745
Aug 01 2015
02:47 PM
Wicked Motorsports Scammed by Wicked Motorsports van nuys California
Well it has been 3 weeks since I dropped my GTR off for service, and I can confirm some of the other reviews about Wicked Motorsports. The craziness of trying to get your car repaired, the pathological lies from the owner, the mad prices they quote, and the lack of feedback. They have had ny car for almost a month now, have not even touched it, and do nothing but give me excuses. At this poont I fear I may never get my car back. DO NOT GO HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
Entity: van nuys, California
23, Report #197837
Jun 23 2006
01:52 PM
GURU ripoff Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
If you are any kind of freelancer be CAREFUL about Guru. If you employers be CAREFUL. They have practically ruined my writing career just because some clients used their dispute resolution center for its precise purpose - to settle disputes. Web design freelancer be CAREFUL Graphic design freelancer be CAREFUL Guru team: Stacy Norman, Customer Service Lead / Usability Analyst be CAREFUL people don't sign with GURU, they only know how to take your money, but not to server you. And if you think you going to get the money back, well think again, they will never give it back. They don't care about freelance and as well not for employers. I can tell you many stories about guru from client, freelancer that rips off by guru.com At that point, someone working there named Stacey, suspended my account because she was receiving numerous phone calls and letters of complaint. I found that interesting because their own Terms of Service states that they will only handle disputes by email. And no other client had spoken with me. All I have to say be CAREFUL using guru service, you better use Elance or any other, there is so many good companies out there. Eric Richmond Hill, OntarioCanada
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
24, Report #1320179
Aug 02 2016
06:08 AM
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1400242
Sep 15 2017
09:16 AM
Sale guru Do not buy!!!! Internet
 I ordered a styling iron and after weeks of waiting never received it. When I tried to contact USPS with my tracking number it couldn't be found. I can't get a response from anyone for a refund. Complete scam, do not order!!
Entity: Internet

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