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1, Report #1354610
Feb 07 2017
12:45 PM
Wilber and Associates No Proof cannot answer questions
Wilber and Associates have called me twice regarding a car wreck.  They are unable to tell me what kind of car that was involved when wreck happened.  I have told them I was not involved in any wreck and if they can tell me the kind of car that was involved.  This time they told me I owe over two thousand dollars and that I am close to losing my license.  Both times they have told me they will remove my name from the file.  They are unable to do this successfuly since tney continue to call me.  
2, Report #947546
Sep 27 2012
02:25 PM
Wilber And Associates Wilbur & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law Scam artist!!! Normal , Illinois
This company is a law firm that says that they send out regular mail versus certified like other normal law firms. The problem is that you never receive the mail that they claim was sent and since it wasn't certified there is no way to track or verify that it was actually sent. They tell you that they sent it though you never received the mail in question and then if you need it recent to you since you never received it the have the audacity to charge you $100 to resend something that you never even received in the first place. It seems to be a scam because after talking with the supervisor he claims that it happens all the time. maybe it's not the people calling you to complains fault but your own if this is seeming to be a trend. They will not rectify the problem unless you send them that $100 dollars and don't dare ask them to fax because then they will request an additional $50 on top of that $100. I feel as if they are claiming they mailed your legal documents and not actually mailing them so that you have to give them money to receive what they never actually mailed in the first place. I googled their name and low and behold there are many others with this exact same story or worse. Beware of Wilber & Associates and their quite possible mail fraud! they should have sent anything this important certified then there would be no excues on anyone's part just like other reputible firms do.
Entity: Normal, Illinois
3, Report #821381
Jan 11 2012
05:49 PM
Wilber and Associates Mail Fraud Bloomington, , Illinois
In 2009 I was living in an RV in San Francisco. I left my vehical parked in the same place for more than 48 hours. An agency called Auto Return towed my vehicle. They contacted me and told me that I owed $3,200 in towing and storage fees. My lawyer struck a deal with them that they would drop the $3,200 if I signed the title over to Auto Return, which I did. I received a box of paperwork including vehicle transfer and release of liability forms. I kept the paper work for a year and then threw it away. About 6 months later, State Farm contacted me and said that the RV had been involved in a hit and run accident and the DMV identified me as the owner of the car and I was liable for damages. I told them I had signed the title over to Auto Return 18 months earlier and no longer lived in San Francisco. They told me I was responsible for the damages to the other car. I no longer had my release of liability form or any proof that I woned the vehicle. A few months later a company called Wilber and Associates contacted me and said they had a $4,000 judgement against me because I had been involved in a hit and run incident. I argued with them  I knew it was bullshit, but I couldn't prove it because I no longer had the release of liability documents on the RV. Over the next few months Wilber and Associates continued to harass me by phone and mail asking for $4,000. I told them I did not won the vehicle and I did not live in San Francisco, the city where the accident occured. I smelled a fraud. A few days ago, I contacted the law firm where my lawyer worked. The secretary sent me a copy of the release of liability form, proving that I no longer owned the vehicle. I faxed it to Wilber and Associates. I do not think there was ever an accident and I think these people are predators who prey on innocent people. They should be in jail.
Entity: Bloomington,, Illinois
4, Report #721233
Apr 23 2011
12:44 PM
Wilber and Associates P.C. Phony insurance claim scam Bloomington, Indiana
Received a letter from Wilber and Associates P.C. claiming that they are collecting on a debt for State Farm Insurance as the assigned colection agency. The amount they want is $3012.40. I guess they add the forty cents to make it believable. LOL  I immediately googled these people and found numerous reports of their fraud and deciect here on Ripoff Report. I wrote F&*K YOU on the return reciept portion and sent it back to them. Monday I will be at my attorney's office and draft a more professional letter to send to them and the Michigan Attorney General.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
5, Report #675793
Jan 13 2011
01:30 PM
Wilber & Associates The Wilber Lane Law Firm harassing me to pay for an accident I was never in Bloomington, Illinois
Why have I been gettin harassed by Wilber & Assoc. for a car accident that I have never been in; with someone elses car that I have never driven? I have recently received a letter from The Wilber Lane Law Firm, stating that I owe then$828.82 for an accident that they have not given any information on. I don't know what car I hit, where the location was, and how they got my information. They do not have any information on me except my name and address but calling the other party threatning to suspend her liscense. I am not able to get any information about anyoneinvolved in the accidentexcept the suspisous insurance company that I am supposed to send the money to. How stupid is that, no way am I sending them a thing, I have not ever been in an accident I think in 2008,I would know and especially my attorney, he would be the first to know. I reported this agency to the Better Business Bureau and found that they are not even an accredited business. Please beware of this rip off scam.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
6, Report #1212208
Feb 27 2015
02:46 PM
Wilber and Associates has been harassing me since December 2014 about an accident that happened in 2013. They were very rude and demanding.
Threatening to place a lien on my license if I did not cooperate with their payment plan. As I continued to grow curious and inquisitive, they began to grow more and more impatient with me. Unfortunately, they did get a first payment out of me. However, they will not receive anything else from me. I hope that the sharing of my story helps someone else. Normal IllinoisWilber and Associates have been harassing me since December 2014 about an accident that occured in 2013. They have been very rude, demanding and threatening. They threatened to place a lein on my license if I failed to make payments. I have yet to gain a clear explanation of why it is they are contacting me. The more questions I ask, the more impatient and rude they become. They been a true inconvenience to my life and I hope this post helps someone else who may have been harassed by this company. 
Entity: Normal, Illinois
8, Report #1114348
Jan 09 2014
06:20 PM
Wilber & associates Scam of a company Illinois
This company is purely a scam. They harrase you over and over again. No matter what information you request you will not get. They will lie to you and threaten you with a suspended license unless you pay them a certain amount of money. However they will not ever send you an itemized list of what you are paying for. Nor will you ever be told the truth. They talk to you like you are a horrible criminal and only will settle or be nice if you give them a bank account information for the amount they tell you. However they will tell you there can be more charges later. My mother had a minor accident. She was at fault. We have offered to pay the amount if they would just send a list that was notorized of what we are paying. After four months and nightly phone calls from them they will not do it. They will lie and tell you that your states DMV is on their side and going to suspend your license. However after five phone calls to the states DMV I was advised not to give them any information and that they are not pursing anything with the DMV. They lie and just try to scare you into paying some ridiculous amount of money. That you are never to know what your paying for. Please please contact your DMV office, attorney generals office, and BBB before you make any kind of payment or give them any information. FYI when you start stating the legal facts and what DMV has told you they start cursing at you. I have also recorded four conversations with them and on the last one when I told then he was being recorded he called me everything and hung up. Don't fall for there scare tactics or your bank account will be empty when it didn't have to be.
Entity: Illinois
9, Report #1278215
Jan 05 2016
05:16 PM
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1217656
Mar 23 2015
05:12 PM
Wilber & Associates, P.C. Wilbur and associates it's charging me $6810.73 for an for an accident I never had. I never called them and won't. ... Normal Il. Illinois
Hi this letter came in the mail from wilber & Associates, P. C. and there client USAA Casually insurance Co. is claiming on 6/14/14 that I was in a car accident. Wilber & associates is trying to get $ 6,810.73 from me. why?? I was'nt in a car Accident on 6/14/14. I have not called them or reponded to them at all. 
Entity: Normal Il., Illinois
11, Report #1393550
Aug 17 2017
04:09 PM
Wilber and Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law Phishers of Men, Women and Anybody Naive Enough to Answer Their Questions Normal Illinois
Received a non-certified letter in the mail with claim numbers and Wilber File Number and other assorted numbers and dates. The date this letter was received was at the middle of the month of August 2017. The Claim Date on the form was listed as 10-xx-2016, nearly a year after the supposed claim event. The amount being pursued and listed as the Current Claim Amount (current because they probably add more fees as the process drags on or as their NON-CERTIFIED correspondences get lost in the mail) was close to $1000. Knowing that my wife and/or myself haven't been involved in any collisions I decided to call my insurance company first and advise them that someone had either filed a false claim or that an unscrupulous law firm (probably really located in Nigeria and related to some prince, heh) was fishing for information to shake down potential victims to support their champagne wishes and caviar dreams, heh. After calling my insurance and advising them of a potential scam, I decided to call the firm (after dialing *67 so caller id would appear as unknown on their end) and get some of my questions answered. Immediately upon conncecting they asked for the Wilber File Number. I advised them that I did not wish to offer that information, but instead wanted to know why they did not correspond with me or my insurance company via certified mail. The service representative told me, intermittent the sound of sucking her teeth, that she didn't have to answer that question. I laughed out loud and asked her if she just said that she didn't have to answer that question. She confirmed as she continued to suck on her gums and teeth. I asked her to please connect me with her supervisor. After 2 to 3 minutes of ringing, the phone finally connected to an answering machine asking for the Wilber Claim Number and a phone number where I could be reached. I chose not to leave a name or number (my concerns later validated by seeing people's complaints regharding harrassing phone calls from the law firm) as this was obviously a shakedown of some sort. This is the Information Age, why should any of us give anybody our information if they haven't paid us for it? After looking online, it appears as though there are several complaints regarding the mishandling of mail correspondence and the exorbatant fees associated with the firm re-sending mailings that they never send certified (and probably haven't actually sent at all), like ALL legitimate (and even most illegitimate, heh) law firms do. Please do not give these scammers ANY information. This is an example of everything that is wrong with our country right now. This is a group of lawyers (more accurately described as criminals) who are able to get away with theft and interstate felonies on a daily basis, because they know how to steal without getting caught, by intimidating those who willfully give them their money out of fear. I hope they piss off the wrong person soon and pay a big price for their crimes, something tells me they soon will, heh. The following is a word for word copy of the letter I received ommitting only personal information with all additions in bold and in parenthesis: Dear xxxxx, Be advised that our client's claim (what client? the client's name isn't mentioned once in the mailing) has been referred to this firm. Our client had to compensate it's (their client is an it not a they, that's weird) insured for the loss which occurred on the date referenced above. We are now investigating your responsibility (which we will establish solely through our leading questions and your admissions made under durress) for this loss amount (and the amounts which we arbitrarily assign to you for lost mail and re-faxing), and we would like to discuss this matter with you. We are attempting to resolve this matter in an amicable fashion (wasn't so amicable when I called your office and asked my own questions), but your cooperation is required to reach a complete resolution (guess we won't be reaching a complete resolution anytime soon then guys, heh). If you had insurance on the claim date, please advise us of that information immediately (immediately? the supposed claim date happened almost an entire year ago, HAH! don't hold your breath for any information from me). Otherwise, if you did not have insurance, you may use the enclosed envelope to remit payment for this claim. You mat also contact us at 800-313-5169 x3191 for payment options or to provide us with your insurance information. IMPORTANT: Make checks payable to: USAA Mail to: WILBER & ASSOCIATES, P.C.
Entity: Normal, Illinois
12, Report #1273009
Dec 09 2015
08:46 AM
Wilber & Associates Watch Out For These Snakes In The Grass Narmal Illinois
Beware of this company! Like so many other people we have the misfortune of being on this company's target list. From day one I has been a nightmare dealing with them. We dealt with a woman named Mrs. Galuzi (if that was her real name). She was rude and an absolute bully on the phone. She threatened to have our drivers license suspended if we didn't pay for an accident my son caused. We told her that we have no problem paying; we just wanted to see a copy of the claim verifying the amount. We asked 3 times for a copy of the insurance claim. We have yet to receive it. From reading all the other reviews, I suspect they will not send us a copy of the claim because the amount they said that was paid on the claim doesn't match up with the amount they are trying to get from us. It seems they are complete SCAM artists.They want us to pay some dollar amount without providing us with any documentation to support that amount. Can you believe their tag line is Wilber Faithfully Serving. Who are they serving...Satan. Their core value is: We treat others how we would like to be treated, whether client, vendor, tortfeasor, or coworker. Scam, Scam, Scam. It just goes to show you how anyone can put anything on the web. We are in Texas and we are not going to roll over and let them bully us. They have bitten off more than they can chew with us. We have a legal plan for them and they are playing right into our hands. We are going to legally fight them to the end. If your license gets suspended because of this company, get all your documentation together and SUE them for damages. People before you send them any money, ask for documentation supporting the amount they say you owe. Do your research on this company first and find out what law(s) they are breaking; I assume there are many. Then report them to the proper authorities in Illinois. Turn the tables on them. Don't be a victim of theirs. If the Illinois authorities gets enough complaints on this company they will investigate them. Know your rights!
Entity: Narmal, Illinois
13, Report #1384962
Jul 12 2017
11:34 AM
Wilber & Associates, P.C. Fraudulent Claims/Demands for Money Normal Illinois
I received a quite bitter letter claiming I owe for their client's loss in the sum of $1024.58. I called the number listed in the letter and the first person I spoke to became agitated very quickly when I told them I was never involved in any issue with their client to cause a claim. The phone call began with them asking me information from the letter such as file number/incident number. I gave the information and they proceeded to read off my personal information, that they had obtained by unknown means, also stating I was in a rear-end collision with their client and then immediately asked what method I was going to use to send them money. I explained they have incorrect information as I do not owe for a claim and I was not in a rear-end collision with anyone. I told them if they paid a claim to anyone and did not investigate the claims then they need to take that back up with the person they paid a claim to.  They repeated they are collecting for an accident, which I never had. I repeated it was not my responsibility that they, or their client, paid a claim for an accident that was not thoroughly investigated. My vehicle was never examined, looked at or anything to see if I was even involved in an accident. They told me it was not their responsibility to investigate anything. As they proceeded to talk over me I tried to ask how they got my information, how it was possible they had no requirement of due diligence, I studied law, and there is something fraudulent going on and they proceeded to disparage me, claim I was irresponsible, I needed to pay the claim and would not answer how they obtained my personal information. A rear-end collision with their client, which would obviously cause damage to my vehicle, would be very easy to prove or disprove and all they need to do is look at my vehicle.  They continued to claim I was not cooperating and that they will file with my state, Texas, against me then hung up on me as I was still speaking. I called back two more times and the same situation occurred. Mind you, I did not speak to the same person twice, so this is a systematic issue with this company. At one point, as I am explaining the previous situation, the woman said, you can call us back when you've decided to be professional and then hung up on me. I am through the roof agitated by the complete lack of due diligence on their part. The rampant, systematic unprofessionalism, and aggressive tactics this company displays. If they, or their client, paid a claim without actually investigating that an accident even occurred, that is beyond irresponsible on their end. They cannot just pay out claim, or claim they did and demand reimbursement when someone says, this person hit me without investigation. A simple visual eye on my car and looking up in the State of Texas registry for car repair reports would have cleared this up from the get go. And then to send nasty letters, be horrible on the phone, and demand payment is just beyond professional. This is as crooked as it gets! This is just sickening. And until they actually do their job and investigate what their claim is I'm afraid their harassment is only going to get worse. This just sickens me. They have no claim against my credit, license, or etc. and should cease all claims, and most certainly cease all contact!
Entity: Normal, Illinois
14, Report #579938
Mar 11 2010
03:10 PM
Wilber & Associates P.C. ,x-ref: MTS/Veolia Transportation Svcs Kenneth L Wilber; Christine Chance; Lauren Carroll; Matthew J Davis Conspiracy Company Schemes Wixom, Missouri
San Diegans have been used abused and beaten down by big money and small minded politicians for so long that it is not at all outside the scope of reality to find contract companies literally strangling every aspect of life from carwashes to homeland security right in front of our eyes everyday, holding eachothers hands, taking this city and its residents as corporate hostages. The city's own representatives embezzeled every dime from the retirement funds, city allocations, federal grants then used our money to hire lawyers to defend THEM against US....and although I haven't noticed any flagrant abuse of power in our courthouses per se, the police departments do indeed have to meet those quotas, no matter how many insignificant citations they have to issue knowing that people assume that they are just appearing to be fined $50 to $450 and get on with their lives, none of them considering how many paid fines a day are collected. No one has any fight in them around here, and it's just too easy to disguise exactly what these handholders are hiding. How many documents or files have disappeared or been modified without confliction. Why are companies required to provide whistleblower hotline information, but the whistleblowers never maintain anonymity? Around here businesses change names like their dirty drawers, usually the changes occur as the drawers become soiled and someone notices. Wilber & Associates are attempting to stick me with a $868.63 demand for payment in which their 'clients' (AAA Ins.) 'client' (insured motorist) was involved in a vehicular collision in downtown San Diego at Petco Park following a ballgame, wherein the driver collided with a 40 ft city transit bus - he tried to beat the bus on the left side in a turning lane coming from directly behind the bus. A supervisor arrived on site and filled out the necessary paperwork, and although the collision was his fault, I was later held responsible for the accident. No big deal, I know it wasn't my fault, but after 2 months had passed, MTS Veolia's insurance company was ignoring the claim. I received bills and demands for payment from Wilber & Assoc., and delivered them to the bus company wanting to know why these people had 'come into my home' (so to speak) holding me accountable for the payment. Veolia told me that they had 'let it slip through the cracks' and would resolve it immediately. I spoke with Wilber agents twice before that, and was SHOCKED to have made the discovery that apparently AAA's clients report failed to mention that the other vehicle was a VERY LARGE BUS. The agents admitted to me that that fact appeared nowhere in their files. I gave them Veolia's telephone line directly to the Safety Officer, and Wilber's guys said thank you and goodbye. 3 months after the accident I received a letter of suspension imposed on my drivers license. I had to shake up several of the Upper Middle management where I worked because the issue was unresolved. In California, drivers and companys have 10 days to file reports of accidents with the department of transportation and/or the department of motor vehicles. 3 months is longer than 10 days. The Safety Officer of Veolia must not be taking his new promotion seriously, or is grossly incompetent. The bus company incurs a minimum of 20 accidents monthly, yet my paperwork was the only one not processed.....I received a letter of reinstatement for my license and was shown the onboard drive cam clips of the night of the accident, and was told that Veolia was charging me with the accident. Drivers are limited to two accidents in a 24 month frame a third constitutes grounds for termination, depending upon the managements opinion of the driver or the severity of the accidents. Since I was being subjected to all of this crap because my supervisors couldn't get it together, I spoke up at the viewing of the clips. 8 windows of camera angles were placed on the computer screen, but the camera which was located at the rear of the bus was the one that would have cleared me. It was pointing directly at the asphalt, even though you could see headlights accelerating to the left of the bus. I was told that that camera isn't what I was supposed to be looking at, and that it didn't matter because I wasn't paying attention to the other angles. The assistant safety officer was agreeing with me that the window with the incriminating/exonerating view was indeed the only one not properly positioned. So I demanded to see a copy of the supervisors field report from the actual accident site, and was informed that the safety officer Shawn Brewer 'tossed' it because it was wrong. At the end of 5 months following the accident I was terminated for non-compliance. And that was when the billing statements from Wilber & Associates starting showing up in my mail again.
Entity: Wixom, Missouri
15, Report #1039028
Mar 29 2013
08:25 AM
Wilber & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law Kenneth L. Wilber (CO, IL), Christine Chance (FL,GA, IL) $1,755.43 to pay for a parking lot dent on a 2012 car. Normal, Illinois
Wilber & Associates called me stating I must pay $1,755.43 to a parking lot dent in a 2010 Mazda6 i Sport 4 DR sedan, on behalf of their client, State Farm Insurance Co.  The driver and I came to an agreement and I paid the driver $500.  I was told that the Driver would use their insurance and that I would be okay as I 'd paid them the $500 which is stated in records. Now I am being harassed to pay the claim of State Farm insurance: Claim # 22-077Q-695 by work done from Whitney's Collision Center West on 5984 Jackson rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103.
Entity: Normal, Illinois
16, Report #1397309
Sep 01 2017
11:56 AM
Wilber & Associates, P.C., Attorneys at Law kenneth L Wilber, Christine Chance, Marc Lane, Patrick Light, Nicole Messamore, David Churchill Scandalous, Practicing out of state, False incidents, Liars, Scam Artist, Working in Volume from internet info Normal Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**  
An out of state attorney called me a few month ago alleging I had been involved in a car accident the previous October and owed $1001.03 to their 'client'. They did not have the name that my DL is under, my car, my job, etc, all they had is the last name associated with a short marriage 20 years ago. They alleged the incident was in Tempe, a nearby city I do not ever go to. They had no make and model of my vehicle, or the alleged victims, no reasoning of how they got their number, and just nothing. Now I have letters with the same BS, just a date, city name, and amount to send the check for. Problems with this are 1. When I do drive, I drive insured, and safely, I have not been in a car accident since 2003, and that was the other driver's fault. 2. I have not been to or through Tempe in years. 3. I do not like to drive, so my husband drives and the car I travel in is his. So how did I cause damages to a car when I was not driving, not in Tempe, and why would that person only have a name that internet SS knows me by but is not anything I would use as proof of identification. Who is this mystery, person? What did they drive? Where is the damage? What was I allegedly driving? They have NO answers to these questions. ALso, all their listed 'attorneys' and the states next to their names, well NONE of them are listed as being licensed to practice law in my state, AZ. a complete resolution will be achieved if you submit payment for the current claim amount listed above. Not falling for it. 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #628722
Aug 03 2010
04:54 PM
Wilber & Associates P.C. (x-ref: MTS/Veolia Transportation Svcs n/a constant harrasment on payment on a no clue situation Bloomington, Illinois
I have been called 4 times now by this joke of a company saying i need to take care of this claim againts me, and when i ask what claim, they say the police report says that i punched out a old girlfriends window at a bar 15 miles away.I told them that i have not had a drivers license in 18 years, and i doubt if my wife would take me to a bar, so i asked why didn't i go to jail and get charged before you you started harassing me for money.They read me my correct social security # and date of birth and said that is you isn't it, I said yea but why wasn't i arrested? Do you people understand English, it was not me.My wife looked up the town they said this happend in and no such warrant or report was made as far as she could see, so when i got another call today, I told them to stop harassing me or i would get a lawyer, and i hung up.My dad told me years ago, if you did not do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Yea i do (harassment from hell). they just keep saying to me that- How can we get this resolved? I said i am on anxiety medicine and I cant believe that you say you got a police report and all my info and yet there was not a arrest and most of all not any criminal damaging charges filed in court, and you are calling me to get this resolved. I thought that was up to the courts to decide (restitution) Sir this is you correct, reading back my ss# and d.o.b, yea but how come i was not arrested? I wish the people behind all the scams and harassment will get seven fold come back there way. Any help will be appreciated, because some people exspecially ones with disorders like myself dont deserve this kind of torture ya know- thanks for the fight against these people....
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
18, Report #1067619
Jul 16 2013
11:52 PM
Wilber And Associates Wilber Extortion, Blackmail, Discourteous, Scam Artists Normal Illinois
When you enter into an agreement with another party, it should be just that, an agreement.  Not so much if you are dealing with these chuckleheads.I have a recorded phone call with one of their employees stating that I was already entered into a payment agreement and there was nothing else for me to do.  Then I asked for a letter from them for a government agency (DMV).  Now it's Oh, you have to talk to xxxx about that and she's at lunch but I can have her call you right back.  Yeah, sure.I fianally cornered the person that I had to talk to about 5 days later (2 days before my driver's license was to be revoked) to an extremly rude and abrupt woman.  Things escalated with her because she insisted on talking over me and not letting me actually get a single word in so I was transferred to Mr Wilber himself (supposedly).  Again...rude, abrupt, condescending and refuses to let you get a word in.  He hung up on me when I stated that if he interrupted me again the discussion was over.  Real professional on his part.Anyway, what he did say was If you want us to write that letter, you will have to give us $1000.  Not that I have to say it, but I was outraged.  This has now become flat out extortion/blackmail.  I think when I stated that was when he hung up on me.  Maybe it's just a case of, in the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, You can handle the truth!.  I don't know.  Maybe he's just not a people person....wrong friggin line of business then.Since then I have filed a complaint with the BBB (generally a joke because as long as the business explains it's actions they will close it as resolved) and saw that they already had a C+ rating.  This alone is a big red flag because like I said, the BBB tags everything as Resolved so very few drop below a B.  I have also filed a complaint with the IL State Attorney General.  All these headaches.....I really don't need.  I thought that I had an agreement and that should have been the end of it.   Nope...you're gonna have to wallow in the mud if you want to deal with these chumps.After filing the complaint with the AG I did finally receive a singal phone call, loaded with attitude from the initial person that refused to call me back as she should have.  It did not last 30 seconds before she tooo hung up on me because I had to shout to get a word in.So in a nutshell, I am screwed.  I either submit to their extortion or deal with not being able to drive legally (which is way beyond difficult with 2 teenage daughters).Any companies that use these scumbags as their legal muscle, I will not conduct any sort of business with and I WILL do my research from here on out.  (Unfortunately this interaction with them was/is not voluntary)  I urge anyone else that runs into them to NOT enter any agreement with them as they will catch you from behind and they are not gentle about it.  They are essentially the legal equivalent of Cousin Vinnie carrying a baseball bat only a lower form of scum.  At least with Vinnnie you know what you're getting into...
Entity: Normal, Illinois
19, Report #509643
Oct 22 2009
02:39 PM
Wilber And Associates Beware of Wilber & Associates--false claims for collecting debts from innocent people!! Bloomington, Illinois
Wilber & Associates sent my husband a letter/demand for $500.00 referring to a company we have never heard of, stating that if we did not respond within 30 days, they would place a judgment against him.  When I contacted them by telephone to inquire what this was in regards to, immediatley they were so rude and wouldn't let me talk. Ms. Pacheco stated we did not have insurance--which we do have!  I then saw the scam.  They then stated that they are a collection agency and represent a car rental company for an accident we were in and since we don't have insurance we are responsible for the deductible for the rental car.  The only truth to there story is that my husband was involved in a car accident with someone driving a rental car, however the driver of the rental car was at fault and cited as the violator on the accident report.  We were already in contact with the car rental's insurance company, as they were handling the claim & damages to our vehicle; as we did not want to make a claim under our insurance as we were not at fault for this accident. I then asked Ms. Pacheco if she had the police/accident report.  She stated she did.  I then told her that if she did, then she would find our insurance information as we do have insurance and furhtermore, she would see then that the driver of the rental car was at fault for the accident.  I knew then they were pulling a scam. They continued to be extremely rude to me over the phone.  I insisted on speaking to the attorney, Christine Chance, which was listed on their demand letter, as she is on the bar association for the state which I reside.  They refused me contact with the attorney and put me into the voicemail of a Mr. Stimpert, who states he is an adjuster at the law firm.  I told them that I am not speaking with the adjuster at their law firm, as I have been in contact and am dealing with the adjuster at the insurance company!  The continued to be rude and made me very upset. Shame on them for trying to collect money from people who are not at fault for something and for the attorneys who use their names and no nothing about the cases....they are putting their bar licenses on the line.  I ended up reporting ALL the attorneys to the bar associations that they are affilicated with, along with reporting them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and to the State Attorney for the state I reside in. I sent a certified letter to Christine Chance, one of the attoneys who's name was listed on their demand of payment.  The letter was signed for on 10/02/2009.  She then tried reaching me by telephone on 10/07/2009, and I stated to her that I have been informed not to talk to her over the phone.  She then threatened me by saying, Fine, I will see you in court and she hung up.  She was just now trying to get the contact information for the car rental company....I thought they had that information since they stated to me they represented them!  To this day, I still do not know who they really represent, but I will not let them bully me and I do not want them to do this to other people!  Nobody deserves to be treated like that.  They are practicing law unethically and trying to use :their power & authority to collect on debts (just as their advertisement states).  They need to be reported to all agencies-we can all put a stop to them.     
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
20, Report #432367
May 22 2009
07:28 PM
Wilber And Associates Collection Agency Mail Fraud misrepresenting collection agency as attorney and claiming to collect money for Automobile Club Bloomington, Illinois
Received a letter from above company asking for over $250 to be sent to them, payable to AAA. Don't have the letter anymore, as I turned it into the local postal office to be investigated for fraud. Contacted the number on the letter and gave three different people the reference number on their letter. After waiting on hold, they disconnected me all three times. I called back a third time and asked for a physical address where I could bring them the cash. They would not give it to me and eventually hung up the phone. I received a phone call a few minutes later that went to my voice mail to call them, which I did. I finally got through to someone who said he was Mr. Wilber. I asked for any evidence to prove to me that there was an accident claim (which there is none according to my insurance company who never asks for money to be paid to AAA Mr. Wilber could not give any evidence about a claim other than to say that there was no police report! Duh! There was no accident! This is mail fraud and should be stopped! Alex Pine Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington,, Illinois
21, Report #354933
Jul 23 2008
10:00 PM
Wilbur And Associates Collection Agency Bloomington Illinois
On Friday of the past week, I had received a letter from Wilber and Associates stating that owed State Farm Insurance $3005.61. I was floored. First off, I don't have insurance through State Farm. Of course, I called the phone number provided so that I could find out what this was about. Wilber & Associates contact answered and transferred me to (I guess) collection department. He asked me for the File # and looked up the case. He stated that I had a hit and run out on me and that I owed State Farm this large amount of money. I told the guy that I had NO idea what he was talking about. The man didn't care and all he wanted was to give him the money. He was very hateful and didn't try to help me at all to solve the situation. I told him that I hadn't had a hit and run. But he still didn't listen...he keep insisting that I give him the money. He kept saying that they had a case against me and pictures to prove it. I keep telling him that I didn't do this. He continued to be VERY hateful and threatened to take my liscense away and that I would probably face criminal charges. At this point, I really started to get angry and upset. When I asked questions on where this hit and run occurred, he was very vague and wouldn't give me any info. Again he was very rude and continue harrassed him with paying the money and putting on a credit card. I stated that I was getting a lawyer and the man hung up. After days of consulting a lawyer and calling State Farm Insurance Company, I finally found out what the situation was about. There was a claim but Wilber & Associates had found the wrong person. The wreck ended up occurring in Nashville, TN. State Farm Agent informed me that a call had come in and it was in the process of being settled. However, Wilber & Associates still called and tried to get me to pay out $3000. I was treated like a dishonest person and a criminal (me knowing I hadn't done anything). I was harassed and just treated horribly. This is a collection agency that state they are law firm. All they cared about was getting the money whether it was from the wrong person or not. I have never been so mistreated. Alfie33 Nicholasville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
22, Report #23241
Jun 22 2002
01:04 PM
J D Marvel Products and Gardeners Choice fraudulent ripoff business Champlain Hartford New York, MI
I too ordered the clearvue mini-dish from this dishonest company, I sent my check on June 1,2002 and have not received my dish as of yet, and after reading the reports from others, I am sure I won't be receiving it. This is also a warning to anyone ordering the Flowering Royal Paulownia trees from Gardeners Choice. This is also a fraudulent company. My check has been cashed but no trees. I can't believe this has happened to me 2 times in the last 3 months. Luckily it wasn't for a large amount. Someone has got to stop these fraud cases. I won't be ordering anything from a paper or magazine for a long, long time. Peg Wilber, Nebraska
Entity: Champlain, New York
23, Report #1384637
Jul 11 2017
09:09 AM
The Wilber Group Wilber Lane Law Group Harrassing phone calls regarding unproveable claims of liability for property damage Bloomington Illinois
THIS story began when a neighbor to a rental property that I own claimed that a shingle fell off my roof and damaged her new car. The neighbor has never liked me, probably due to the fact that she is a section 8 renter, and I was a homeowner at a very young age. She had previously accused me of several ridiculuos transgressions, including putting nails in her tires, violating noise ordinances while fixing my home, and accusing her sons of stealing. (Which they did, when they took steaks off my grill when I was inside) All these issues were settled in my favor by the local Police. When she informed me of the damage to her new car, and asked what I was going to do about it, I asked her to provide the shingle that hit the vehicle. She could not do so, and I also noticed that her landlord's roof was in a serious state of disrepair. I then informed her that since she was undoubtedly making payments on said vehicle, (she couldn't afford to buy a bicycle with cash) that she should contact her insurance company, which she did. Several months later, I recieved a call from an insurance company regarding the situation. I told them my side of the story, and they apologised, saying that they would no longer be calling me. By the way, she parks at least 20 yards from my roof, and right under her own. Later that month I recieved a call from a subrogation firm in New York claiming that I owed their client money. Once again I told my story, recieved an apology and went about my business. Yet another firm contacted me a few weeks later. This firm was conveniently located in the same building as the first. When I pointed this out, they became very rude and threatened a lawsuit. This is all over $1100, by the way. I told them that I would be happy to refer them to my lawyer, and they hung up. A short time later, I was contacted by the Wilber Group. The first caller was very rude and demanding, saying that I didn't understand how serious the situation was. I asked the person's name and position. They refused to state the capacity in which they were employed by the Wilber Group. To this, I responded that I completely understood subrogation and its subtle nuances, as they had tried this crzap with me before on another occaision. Then it got weird. The legal clerk that I spoke to took on an attitude usually reserved for a middle school debate team! he asked me if I wanted him to sue me, and I responded, Yes! Send me the paperwork. He followed this by repeating several times, Is that what you really want?' to which I affirmed my admonition several times before discontinuing the conversation. I have recieved calls weekly in the amount of 5-15 since this happened. No letters, other than simple demands for money have been sent to me. Every time I feel like yelling at them, I remind them that demands are not the same as suits, and hang up. Now, back to the REAL beginning...  In 2011, my construction company recieved a call from a client stating that she had water coming through her roof after a severe series of snow storms in northern CT. She informed me that the insurance carrier had told her to have the roof professionally cleared and to have the exterior damage assessed. We got there on 2/2/2011 to clear the roof. I informed her that the new roof that she had installed was not done properly, leading to the ice dams getting into the home. I asked her if she had filed a claim, to which she stated had been done on 1/15/2011, and the adjuster was the one who told her to have it cleared. I looked at the claim adjustment and told her to contact me if she needed further assistance. She told me that her son's friend was a contractor, and she would probably have him make the repairs, at which point I submitted my bill to the insurer and went on my way. In August of 2011, I was on my way to a vacation when I recieved a call from the Wilber Group. (At that time, Wilber Lane Law Group) The rude woman I spoke to told me that I owed $8000 in damages for a roof failure, but wouldn't tell me an address, client name, or even a date of loss. Now, as a former business student who has studied business law amongst other things, I told her that I would not speak of ambiguities to which I was not privy the details. The next call was more of a plea, her stating that it was only $8000, and it was in my best interest to just pay it. I told her that the money was not really the issue, but I needed proof of fault and more details regarding the situation. She reluctantly gave me the original claim number, which I assume she thought would do me no good. However, I hhad made a copy of all of the adjustments that I had seen over the course of the prior year due to the excessive number of similar claims in my area, in order to keep them all straight. After reviewing my files, I tracked down the correct address and client and attempted to make contact in order to get to the bottom of this. Now, it gets interesting. The client, who lives no more than 2.5 miles from me, wouldn't return any messages I left. In the meantime, I still was recieving demands from Wilber for the money. I tracked her down to a phone number at her vacation home, which apparently didn't have caller ID. When she answered, she was obviously shaken, apologetic and very nervous. She informed me that the Wilber Group, as an agent for her insurer, had told her that if she spoke with me regarding the claim that SHE would be responsible for the $8000!!! I assured her that CT law does not allow for third party legal groups to admonish anyone to do any such thing. She confirmed that the damage could not have been my fault, as the claim was filed a full two weeks before I was even on the premesis, and that if necessary, she would sign an affidavit to that. I thanked her and called my lawyer. I told my lawyer that I thought he would find their threatening letters, and the situation itself amusing. He, like most lawyers, is very serious, and didn't initially agree with me.... until I showed him the letters! He laughedd out loud and told his legal secretary to draft a letter to these fools, as he called tham. They apparently recieved the letter and forgot about me, until the car thing... This series of unfortunate events has led me to become an advocate for the poor, unsuspecting and undereducated people upon which the Wilber Group and its like, prefer to prey. Several other contractors told me that they had been scared by tactics like these, and had just paid what was demanded to avoid a problem. I was truly shocked by this! Why would anyone agree to pay for something if they knew they weren't responsible? Especially when the demands weren't delivered by a court of law or other state authority? I put up flyers in several locations frequented by contractors in the area, informing them of the scam and giving my contact information for support. I advised several to seek legal representation, while also telling them that a good, F off! works fine if they don't feel like talking to these people. My reseearch on this company has led me to believe that they are in the practice of using collegiate interns to make their harrassing calls for them, and refusing to let any of their marks talk to a real attorney. When I did get to speak woth someone in charge, they refused to answer my questions of when did you pass the bar, and in which state are you licensed to practice law? Shady doesn't even begin to describe these behaviors. My suggestion is to add their number to a blocked call list on your phone, don't say anything affirmative about their questioning, and letting others know to be aware of people like this.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
24, Report #1094795
Oct 26 2013
12:48 PM
wilberand associates p.c. christine chance, patrick light, kenneth l wilber trying to make me pay for someone destroying my car while i was pregnant! normal Illinois
 christine chance has called me on several occasions. she tries to inform me i have a debt of 1700$ from a crash that nearly totaled my little camero. this womans front tire was level with my passenger window. then the woman come back and hit me again. christine continually called me until i switched my number. due to this i have lost alot of valuable customers for my buisness and missed dr appointments for my pregnancy. i lost my car and my house because i had no way to and from work anymore. i just didnt have the money. now i get my first letter from them and in their letter it states, THIS CASE HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED BY AN ATTORNEY AT THIS FIRM. AN ATTOURNEY AT THIS FIRM IS AVAILIABLE TO REVIEW THIS CASE IF YOU REQUEST IT. what a rip..... i spent 3 days in the hospital after this accident because i was pregnant and the drs were concerned. these people are rellentless and are not remorseful. im just glad i wasnt fooled by them into giving them my bank account number. they could have taken everything me and my daughter have and i would not be able to take care of her. its hard being a single mother.
Entity: normal, Illinois
25, Report #882854
May 15 2012
08:56 AM
WIlber Lane Law Firm Blaming me for 2011 Hurricane Irene water damage to apartment; I moved out in 2009! They say it's caused by leaking shower. Bloomington, Illinois
They've sent me numerous letters and harassing phone calls. I called them after I received the first letter and told them there was absolutely no factual basis for their scam. The letters and calls keep coming.I moved out of the apartment in July of 2009; they say the tenant below suffered water damage from a leaking shower above in August 2011, and they want me to pay for it!Guess what Wilber Lane, in New Jersey in August 2011 in the county where the apartment is, there was a record 19 inches of rain, including 8 inches in one day at the peak of Hurricane Irene.Not a very smart law firm either: someone probably got them to fall for bogus claim that it was water damage from a shower. Now Wilber Lane is probably trying to get anyone who ever lived there to fall for their deceptive tactics so they can get a legal judgment.Don't fall for it! Respond in writing clearly stating the facts, deny they have any factual basis for their claim, and tell them to stop harassing you.These people are unethical, devious, and dishonest scammers.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois

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