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1, Report #1373782
May 17 2017
11:36 AM
Wild rabbit publishers dont sent boudica foster a dime margaret foster publishing scam wild rabbit boudica foster, dont give wild rabbit publishers or boudica foster a dime ohio Internet
after contating this publishers wild rabbit run by boudica foster with my script she asked me for $500 up front before she even looked at it.   wild rabbit offers proof reading by boudica foster however after the initial $500 there would be a further fee which she was not able to discuss citing she would have to look at the script first i began to be suspicious when only direct payment to her or cash was suggested.   i have been to a few publishers and this was a first.  After dealing with them i have looked them up online and there are numerous complaints about her and wild rabbit publishers fake scam publishers beware never pay out any money up front to any publisher it is not the norm and this schlutz is a fraud look for yourself they are mentioned by a few who also approached the company genuinely with books how many others has this happened to?  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1366243
Apr 10 2017
06:56 PM
Wild Rabbit Publications Boudica Margaret Foster-scam dont pay a cent http://boudica.net/wildrabbit.htmlThe Wild Rabbit Name and Logo are trademarks of Boudica Foster.If you are interested in publishing, editing and/or proofreading services, please send an email to wild.rabbbit.publishing@gmail.com We will be happy t scam and con publishing company run by margaret foster quakersville Nationwide
boudica foster runs wild rabbit publishers usa which is a scamdo not part with your money!    a self publisher boudica real name margaret foster from quakersville ohio self publishers her own books and asks you if you want help to contact wild rabbit publishers do not fall for this scam! if you are serious about getting your books published without fees incurred then stay away from this con artist do not give over any money do not listen to the uptalk margaret gives potential writers do not listen to her about being top 100 amazon reviewer do not listen to her at al  this is a total scam run by margaret foster who calls hersel boudicalink where you can read more about this self publisher who is trying to make money out of people who genuinely want to be published by a Real Publisher google: wild rabbit publishing or boudica foster and see what a crazy deluded person offers youNOTHING unless you payyou have been warned
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1367082
Apr 11 2017
03:17 PM
wild rabbit publishers owner boudica foster USA boudica fostermargaret fostershenga ripoff publishers, boudica foster do not pay, wild rabbit publishing scam ohio Internet
paging DR Fraud fake or self publishers who offer you their services Wild Rabbit Publishers USArun by founder member of a group PAP Boudica Foster publishers offer you a service to look over your work; do not give a dime not even think about it.  Boudica foster built her own reputation on amazon as a reviewer which turns out she misses one important fact when scandalising the author however this turned out to be untrue and Ms foster pursued the wrong person.  The real author has stepped up and claimed her books however this fake pagan group PAP is just a beard for their other scams. Wild rabbit publishers born on the back of a group who called themselves coven of the fluffy bunnies; this to real pagan is one of the highest insults as it means a fake pagan or pretend pagan.   from this fake group the more professional name appeared Pagans Against Plagiarism which was set up by the founder administrators of the childish and scathing group the fluffy bunnies.  Having escalated herself with her cohorts to administrator leading pagans to rightiousness and to stamp out plagiarism, Ms foster has ruined her own reputation the information provided was incorrect.   When asked to prove herself through the main admin Lesley Jackson who simply runs away and can not provide back up for her blogging and self high status many pagans left this group as they saw young troublemakers and non pagans arrive into the group with one objective in mind to harm one person Boudica started Wild Rabbit Publishing where she self published her books and at the time was held in esteem by members of the pagan community however today that is all gone.    Attaching herself to a group to harm, setting up a self-publishing publishers who ask for money to look at your book     our apologies however her own reputation today has been dragged though the mud.   Many pagans are disgruntled at her behavior and know now the truth behind this group and we will not our names to be sullied by this publisher Wild Rabbit run by a woman who blatantly misled the pagan community in a group of fluffy bunnies.   disgusting behaviour.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #261846
Jul 19 2007
09:29 AM
Raymond Troy Chadly Beware! Dead Beat Daddy owes $28,000.00 in back Child Support but keeps breeding out of control like a wild rabbit Gresham Troutdale Oregon
Raymond Troy Chadly age 29 of Oregon has not paid one penny towards supporting his 5 year old son. He does absolutely nothing for his son, yet he continues to run the streets breeding like a f**k happy rabbit! Deadbeathater Milwaukie, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Troutdale, Oregon
5, Report #958089
Oct 21 2012
09:34 PM
International Masters Publishers, Inc. N/A Unsolicited Wild, Ferocious, Animal reports Montoursville, Pennsylvania
The aforesaid company illegally sends unsuspecting consumers unwarranted and unsolicited packages of wild animal photos and unwanted information. This scam began very simple. They sent me information about animals and that I would receive additional photo/info every couple of weeks.After receiving numerous packages, I realized I was sending this company money for Duplicates! Photo/Info which I already had and already paid for. I quickly sent them a letter and explicitly said DO NOT SEND ME ANYMORE PACKAGES. They ignored me and continued sending me more mail every two weeks and demanding to be paid.This is a scam of the highest order and a scam that must be and will be stopped. This is a company that is unscrupulous and predatory with no concern or feelings for the consumer. They will scam, cheat and do just about anything to enrich their bank accounts. This Company is the personification of EVIL.
Entity: Montoursville, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1305943
May 16 2016
10:01 PM
rabbit ratings rabbit ratings Kenneth Adams ripoff Strongsville Ohio
I selected a contractor for a home improvement project using the rabbitratings.com web site.  The name of the business is All Together Construction and its operating manager is Kenneth W Adams.  I selected this business based on its five star rabbit ratings for both 2014 and 2015.  Unfortunately, I was very unsatisfied with the shoddy quality of Ken's work.  Some of the problems turned up quickly and others surfaced about 6 weeks later.  Not once did Ken come back and make repairs despite offering a five year labor guarantee on the work contract. The rabbit ratings are not reliable in selecting a contractor.  How did All Together Construction achieve five star rabbit ratings when it can ony muster a Better Business Bureau rating of a D.  Why does All Together Construction have any sort of rabbit rating for 2014 --- its business filing date is January 12th, 2015. Morover, a recent look at the rabbit ratings site has many companies with five star ratings based on the review of a single customer.  How reliable is such a rating. A five star rating has little meaning.  In my case, a five star rating deceived me into selecting a quite shoddy contractor who refuses to honor his labor warranty.  Other customers are also reporting dissatisfaction as is evidenced by rip off reports along with BBB complaints all of which are unresolved. AVOID THIS SITE to avoid getting ripped off.  Instead use either the BBB or Angie's list.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1384464
Jul 10 2017
02:29 PM
Rabbit TV Rabbit TV Ripoff Report Orlando Internet
I am a current customer of Rabbit TV, and got numerous emails saying that my service would be cancelled, even though I had paid up front for the services. To keep the service viable, they kept sending me these erroneous emails saying that I had to pay more to keep my service. Each time they would say that if I did not upgrade I would be cancelled. So, to not be cancelled I upgraded and kept upgrading because they sent me these emails saying I would be canceled. I finally got an answer from a customer service rep who said no I would not be cancelled in fact I extended my program for another 4 years with every $10 extra I had spent. Now I understand, that Rabbit TV was only out to abscond my money from me because they have been recently sold to sling. So now my initial setup fee plus four different installments of $10 each, totaling at least $40 has been spent on a service that is now another company. Do you have the company says that there's services cost so much, and no money that has been collected through Rabbit TV can be applied to their service since they have bought out Rabbit TV. Rabbit TV knew full well that when they sent those emails to their constituents they would be forced to pay more money than what they originally had promised the constituents. This is outright fraud!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1294760
Mar 20 2016
07:22 PM
Rabbit TV Fake Offer Internet
I signed for: Save Today, Get 6 Free Months Combined Services: Netflix, HBO and More I didn't get any of these services!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1390635
Aug 05 2017
12:25 PM
Resume Rabbit Waste of money. Internet
Resume Rabbit Waste of money. I had been out of work for 3 months and thought this place could help bring more job leads. They have. I receive multiple emails each day from them listing jobs that I am not interested in nor qualified for. NONE of the job listings are new to me, they are the same ones I already see from my daily search. I would have invested my money better in a tank of gas to go to job interviews. Resume Rabbit makes no attempt to customize your results. If you have the word supervisor anywhere on your resume they will send you results for supervisor. It doesn't matter if it is a shift supervisor at a local fast food place, a supervisor at an HVAC installation company or an RN supervisor at a hospital. They will send you it. Basically the only thing signing up with them did for me was fill my inbox with useless crap to go thru when looking for responses to job applications.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #144561
May 31 2005
01:19 PM
Rabbit Scooters ripoff, unprofessional, disappointing experience South El Monte California
I bought my brother a scooter for Christmas from this Company. When we received it, the DHL delivery driver threw it in the garage because the package was defected and didn't want to deal with us. Then, the body of the scooter was NO GOOD. There were cracks in it and wouldn't last too long. I tried to call the company but these people don't work. They can't answer their phones at any time of day. I couldn't even return it because they said they would take off 20-40% because of something of NO FAULT of our own. If you try to do business with these people, you will be very disappointed. Try to go into a store to buy these products because they won't run from you. Rabbit Scooters is very unprofessional, rude people who probably sell used products. Rip off. Needless to say, my little brother was very very disappointed. Leanne Worcester, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: South El Monte, California
11, Report #877186
May 02 2012
12:27 PM
Resume Rabbit Did nothing but take my money Wilmington, Delaware
Company is a rip off. They ndo nothing for you to find a job. I might have gotten two jobs that I could apply for from them. All nthe free seveices provided hundreds of jobs. The man is a scam artist. He should be behind bars!!!
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
12, Report #1089091
Oct 03 2013
05:39 AM
Jessica Rabbit Jess RabbitCandy Bad Service Bad Hygiene Terrible Lap dance las vegas Nevada
Hi,  My name is Tom Hanks, I recently visited Jessica Rabbit at Club Paradise in Viva Las Vegas. This was not a great experience because I was really looking forward to meeting the REAL MOVIE STAR JESSICA RABBIT from the movie Who Killed Roger Rabit. It turns out I did! What a disgusting evening I had with her. Some friends and I took Jessica Rabbit aka Candy Rabbit along her dancer friends Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Betty Boop! We paid over 1200 dollars for 30 minutes of these characters time... These LapDances were the worst in my life! Jessica Rabbit had gas and kept quoting phrases from the movie Who Killed Roger Rabbit then she decided to play patty cake just wasting my money over and over. The Flatulence that Betty Boop, Jessica and Buffy had made us sick and we had to leave asap! We all yelled at the ladies We are NEVER watching your movies again! then the bouncer named BlockHead decided it was time for us to go! Never go see Jessica Rabbit!   Thanks, The Mad Strip Club Guy. 
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
13, Report #1048628
May 05 2013
05:08 PM
Killer Rabbit fake Fast and Furious music video production Studio City California
Came across an ad on filmgigs.com: models and actress's for new Fast & the Furious Music Video for new artist Beverly Hills Records Music Video please send pixs,modelmayhem,youtube, and website pixs to att Beverly Hills Records Pay $1000 Text the number and gave me an address for some club in Beverly Hills. Double checked with the club and there was no film going on, no production, no $1000. Total scam.
Entity: Studio City, California
14, Report #1080714
Aug 31 2013
09:36 AM
Jack Rabbit Chris Harris and Barbra Maning Ph# 321-327-4121 International Wire Fraud Melbourne Florida
This Company Claims to have USA Made Natural Male enhancement Product , Based On This Claim My Brother and I Entered in to agreement With Thsi Co represented By Chris harris and Barbra Maning To Have Exclusive Rights To Private Label Thsi Product and To provide all Legal documents , and They gave us samples For testing , we wired Them a deposit For $10,000.00 US Dollars , based on all natural Product , but when tested in The Labs of Qatar Goverments To Register The Product It shows a Pharmacutical Componant which is Sindanfil , and will not Be allowed In any country in the Middle East , We asked For just our deposit of 10k , even Though our Losses amounts a lot more than that , the Cost of attending The Arab Health as an Exibitor , Producing Labels and Boxes For Blisters and Shipping to US , and reputation as We Gave Many Reputable Co's samples as Natural Product and They Gave orders , and we have To Give Deposits And Loss of any Future Business That Took many Years To Build , The Damage is so Great Because Of Couple Of Greedy Liers , Chris Harris and Barbra Maning , They said we are Not Crooks we will Refund your Money But it was Just Talk , I hope someone will put a stop to thes Crooks , They are still selling The Product , There Were FDA Recall Of The Product , But They are still selling The Product , we have copies Of all Contracts And Email Exchanges With These Crooks , and Text messages Of Claiming the Product is all Natural We want To see A Hero That Can Stop These Crooks Once and For all Thank You (((email redacted)))
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
15, Report #1094965
Oct 27 2013
03:41 PM
rabbit tv usb program disabled because a of a fraud complaint to rtv customer support Internet
this complaint is on rabbit tv, the reason i complained, is they have a section which is suppose to allow you to watch free events online, for the most part rbtv werks fine, except on thursday nights, they have the nfl network listed among their programing for free thursday night football thru that netwerk. however, for several weeks now i tried to access the the suposed thursday night game, each / week time they change the format, or the nfl netwerk is taken off the list of web chanels, so i contacted customer support live chat, the message that appears when i try to access the netwerk,, is contact your local cable or satellite provider, which ultimately means that the games are not free. during the chat i expressed my frustration and that i thought they were doing false advertising, BECAUSE HANNA THE SPOKES PERSON IS CLEARLY DIRECTING PEOPLE TO THE NFL NETWERK FOR FREE LIVE THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAMES, the chat person then asked me did i try to login to my provider, i then advised him that they were suppose to be free viewed without a cable or satellite provider, according to the statements of hanna,and the free event listings.  i proceeded to ask the person for a copy of the chat transcript to be sent to me via email, they then abruptly disconnected and my rabbit tv module has not werked since that time, which now has been several weeks. i am in the habit of directing paid apps and programs to my live email address it is very secure as far s i know, and i keep all correspondence that i recieve from these vendors for my protection in case situations like this arise
Entity: Internet
16, Report #520182
Nov 05 2009
03:30 PM
Resume Rabbit ,resumerabbit.com, resumerabbit.com, resumemailman.com, rersumepostengine.com, Resume Rabbit is a huge ripoff and waste of time. Lee Marc is a ripoff Internet
Resume Rabbit, www.resumerabbit.com and the owner Lee Marc of edirect publishing are thieves.I purchased the service they sell online and was ripped off. The service is worthless and only gets you spammed. Do not waste your time or money with this website or company. They will steal your money and not provide service.Beware, Resume Rabbit, Edirect publishing and Lee Marc will steal your money and hide.If you have been ripped off by www.resumerabbit.com / edirect publishing and or the sleazy owner Lee Marc immediately call your credit card company and cancel the payment. You will not get the service they promise, you will waste your money and get spammed and there is no way to stop all the spam and rip off email you will get.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #1417892
Dec 19 2017
10:33 AM
Resume Rabbit eDirect Publishing Inc, Resume Rabbit, Resume Mailman, The Career News, JobSeeker Weekly False Representation of Services and Ease of Use Carlsbad California
I was looking for a job. I was filling out a lot of forms, profile information and I wanted a way to speed things up. I found Resume Rabbit (https://www.resumerabbit.com/) online and it said they could help auto submit my resume to 80+ sites. I paid for the service which was about $40.00 dollars.Well, they do submit your resume, and if you buy thier service you will start to get confirmation emails. How it really works is this:You start getting emails of confirmation.Problem: The emails are not in your email address, they are in an email address that Resume Rabbit creates for you so , you have to log into thier sitefind the site listed, and view the login information for that site. After going to that site and loggin in, you will sometimes find NO RESUMEAnother thing is sometimes your resume will be bunched up text with no formattings. Third, is a site I went to my virus scan warned me it had a virus. So, after you have to log in to each site, change your email and password to something that is rememberable to you. Also, upload a newer, properly formatted resume, because Resume Rabbit Parses your resume and changes your email address to the one they created for you, ensuring you will have to go to thier site.They also take your phone number out of the email or parse it as well and so no one is going to be able to calll you directly. Then, the fun begins. You will start to get massively spammed by tens to hundreds of emails a day. Soooo, you now get to start unsubscribing to alll the emails you are getting. What time you saved in profile/resume submissions are now spent unsubscribing and going to sites to cancel accounts.Resume Rabbit is a horrible servie, Sooo horrible that this is the first time I have been so Angry about a service I decided to create an account at ripoff report to report a sketchy service like Resume Rabbit.Thanks, Wayne
Entity: Carlsbad, California
18, Report #441740
Apr 07 2009
09:11 PM
Rabbit Hunting Beagles - rabbithuntingbeagles.com - Scott Wilson Beagle Hunters looking for dogs beware!!!!! Pendleton South Carolina
Just be careful, if your looking for hunting dogs, he will REALLY rip you off. DO NOT PAY those huge prices and not get your moneys worth!!!!!! Do not believe any thing his guy tells you he will tell you one lie right after another. His website says he does not sell his pups to bennifit his family, but yet he ALWAYS has puppy on there for sale.Take my advice and keep looking!!!! Beagle ..., South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Pendleton, South Carolina
19, Report #618348
Jun 28 2010
09:44 AM
Resume Rabbit Waste of money, computers are a wonderful tool until you run into trash like this but I'm respondsible for my own actions I should have known better Internet
At a time when so many of us out here are looking for work and I guess in some since hoping something good will come out of this then you go and do something dumb like pay $40.00 to resume rabbit to post your resume on multiple search engines which most of them you can't get on or don't have your information logged in properly now maybe I misunderstood what I was getting into but I thought things by there own advertizing  was going to be a little more professional than this I guess $40.00 doesn't get you much these days right now that's a lot of money to me I've been going through and re-logging into most of the sites that I can actually get on Thank you resume rabbit for the $40.00 list I'll take care of the rest if these sites actually are out there.     Richard  Phoenix, Az. 
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #221024
Nov 17 2006
03:39 AM
Sea Beyond International Rabbit Scooters ripoffs with their scooters and mopeds! South El Monte California
Back in October of 2005 I purchased a moped/scooter type of transportation from Rabbit Scooters AKA Sea Beyond International. This company advertised on their website that the scooters particularly the scooter that I was purchasing was street legal. Since I lived close to their city of business I decided to stop by their place of business and purchase the scooter that I was eyeing on their website. The Model name of the scooter was called a Tank 50. After I purchased the scooter I received a document from Rabbit Scooters stating that the scooter I purchased does not conform to U.S. Federal Specifications. The worst was yet to follow! After the purchase I used the scooter on and off and in December of 2005 I decided to take it out for a spin. The scooter had about 90 miles on it at this time. I tried to start it but it wouldn't start. Of course I went through the motions of contacting Rabbit Scooters and trying to solve this problem. They wouldn't even fix the scooter nor would they exchange it for the same type of model. Well, I know this Ripoff Report is kind of late but I figure better late then never. Besides, I had to get this off my chest. It's been nagging on me for months now. John South El Monte, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: South El Monte, California
21, Report #1203766
Jan 23 2015
10:16 AM
resume rabbit after paying for the service, i tried to go on the site, but couldn't because it was unsafe for my computer Internet
 I am very disappointed in the serivce i recieved from this website, I feel  as thought they just strong armed me and took my money!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1344038
Dec 18 2016
09:09 PM
Jack rabbit transportation Promised a service and guaranteed delivery time they clearly didn't keep Somewhere in California but my contact was in Oreg Nationwide
 I was told 3-5 days dropped shipped was 3 weeks to get picked up from Illinois to head to oregon, 3-5 days still no word, called, car in North Dakota, way off course, when car showed it was damaged, driver says damage was on chech sheet, called dealer while waited, had them email me chech list while driver waited, when I showed him he suddenly didn't speak English, wanna get screwed call jack rabbit!!
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1342537
Dec 11 2016
10:15 AM
Wild Tangent Wild Tangent is holding my coins hostage Internet
This company is obviously being run by thieves.  I have been a customer of Wild Tangent for a long time.  This past year for some weird reason I suddenly cannot access the 322 coins I purchased from them. There is some glitch in the sign-in process which won't allow me to use the coins to play or buy games.   I have been going back and forth with their Customer Support through email for months and they just say the same thing - it's something wrong on my end - which it's not.   I have tried to access my account in order to use MY coins to play games and cannot.  I have tried from many different computers literally across the United States and still cannot access MY coins!   The latest email I received from them said they had done all they can do and they closed my support ticket.  I can't even tell them what I think of their customer service in a survey they sent me because they totally closed the entire complaint process.  They shut my support ticket off!   Now they have my THREE HUNDRED and TWENTY-TWO coins that I paid for with real money and I have no way of accessing them and they certainly won't give a refund.   I've read many complaints about this same problem and people have no way to get satisfaction.  This should be illegal.  They have my money and won't help me.       This is the final email they sent to me and it's like they've never read any of the numerous detailed emails I sent them about this problem:   Dear XXX:  Thank you for taking those steps, and I am sorry you have experienced ongoing technical issues. At this time we have provided all of the steps to correct the issues you are experiencing, as they have been described.   We strive to make our service as accessible as possible for all our customers. However, due to the complexity of ever-changing technology (hardware and software), some games may not work correctly on all devices. Based on what you have told me, it looks like you are unable to use our service at this time.   I am sorry that we were unable to resolve your issue.   Thank you,   Laura WildTangent Customer Support     This final response is unbelievable to me after how long I've been with them and how much of my MONEY they still have and there's nothing that can be done - and they know it.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #399904
May 08 2014
09:52 AM
Resume Rabbit ripoff, false promises, misrepresentation Internet
I desperately need a job, so I joined Resume Rabbit after hearing of them from the internet. I joined, sent in my $59.95 and thought I would get some possibilities. I am a Quality Assurance professional with over 15 years experience, so I know my background and expected that type of response. About 3 days later, I started receiving some emails and was very excited. They were all telling me that if I wanted to be a secretary or administrator to an executive, I was in luck! After that, trying to get off all the home based business spam lists was a major hassle. That is all I have ever received from these people, secretary job info. Most of them are fake and when you call and speak to these people they are recruiters from other states and countries trying to make their quota of calls, never intending to ever actually speak to you. I am in California and need a job here. I would not recommend this company to anyone. The only thing I received was large quantities of spam messages (sometimes 10 a day) telling me that if I would send in $400.00 (an example) that I could start my home based business today! They say they reviewed my resume after receiving it from Resume Rabbit and that I would be a great fit for their secretary position. If they had actually even looked at my resume, they would know I am not interested in that line of work. That is all I have ever received from Resume Rabbit, junk. I have never received even one email relating to my actual career, Software Quality Assurance. At this time, I am a one man advertisement against anyone using Resume Rabbit. I tell everyone I can that it is a ripoff. Had I received even one QA related lead I would have felt somewhat like I had received some help from these people. I am not angry, I learned my lesson and lost my money. I will never again trust any internet company that claims it can help me find a job. And I will tell everyone I can to do the same, or I can guarantee them they will also loose their money. Sad that people like this are allowed to take advantage of us unfortunate unemployed people just looking for work. Resume Rabbit has never even remotely come close to helping me get a job. And everyone I speak to about it says the same thing. I wonder where they actually get their ecstatic, satisfied, excited people who testify for their site, because from what I have heard, there can only be 3 or 4 of them. Daniel Santa Clara, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #447694
Apr 30 2009
08:17 AM
Wild Blue false advertisement Internet
I decided to try wild blue internet service big mistake. Where i live at all i can get is dialup so i figured wild blue would be better since they stated that there service was a lot faster. Wild blue lied there service isnt any better than my dial up so i called them and said i wanted out. Well they said i had a one year membership which i was responsible for well i broke the contract and refused to pay them, they finally put me in collection big deal i really didnt care cause they lied to me and ripped me off. I changed my credit card info so they would not be able to charge me ,finally i talked to someone from there company and was told to write a letter and dispute the charges and i did and they finally left me alone and havent bothered me anymore. Bottom line is dont go with wild blue cause i promise you that the speed they say is faster than dialup is a total lie, im so happy to have my dial up back and also there customer service is so rude its unbelieveable, they are nothing but liars and just try to get you to sign up Anonymous lakecharles, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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