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1, Report #1357244
Feb 20 2017
05:05 PM
Entity: Internet
2, Report #205349
Aug 09 2006
06:31 PM
The Work At Home Company WORK AT HOME SCAM !!!! Ottawa CANADA RIPOFF sent 69.85 Cheque..they never sent PROMISED materials, just cheap photocopies of the ad. I dont make alot of money so with a newborn and a wife 69.85 is alot of money ! Don't we pay high taxes to pay for policing to catch these deadbeats. Kenny Grimsby, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1273226
Dec 09 2015
11:40 PM
4, Report #76998
Jan 14 2004
12:38 AM
Michelle's Work At Home ripoff, fraud Romeo Michigan
What a bunch of bull! They asked for $15 to set up an account/help desk. When they do send the work, they want you to put ads in free papers to get more people to join. This is your so called paid two weeks. If you get people to respond, you keep $5 and send her the rest, You need three responses in two weeks. Then you be evaluated for a so called list of jobs available from them or their distribution center. BULL!!! Diane Hercules, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Romeo, Michigan
5, Report #35779
Nov 20 2002
11:24 AM
Work at Home Typist rip off, false promises, deceptive company Internet
They offer jobs, requiring light typing skills. There are no jobs. They offer a today Money-back offer. Only if you can prove that you tried their system and failed to make money. They charge $25. You get a download that you have the right to resell. This is junk information, anyone can get the same. Oh, yes - the typing job, it's typing your own ads to sell this same ripoff! Linda Salem, Oregon
Entity: Internet
6, Report #649086
Oct 09 2010
06:00 AM
DCA Dcademyirect Commerce A Work at home business , Internet
I am disabled and was looking for something to do as a work at home job, I found this site DCA and it said they would send you a packet to work at home for 2.95. Well I put in my information and then changed my mind and backed out.Also there was nothing saying you would be chaged 139.95 after 5 days.I don't have a extra 139.95 to spare.  I was charged the 2.95 then I was looking at my checking account and saw a 139.95 charge for a DCA company I called my bank and they said to call them, they said they were a web based company where you could sell your item on the internet.  I told them I did not sign up for this and wanted a refund,they said they would but I have called 4 times sence and now my bank is going after them.This has been sence 9/14/10.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #423898
Feb 13 2009
04:24 PM
Home Cash Course Ripoff Home cash course work from home scam Internet
Home cash course is a total rip off. Once you signup for the $49.99 package to get your making millions you will be immediately bombarded with taking out the VIP members only package which will help increase sales. Cost is another $20. Once you start to go through the step by step guide which is pretty useless, you will be shown a video on how to setup. Here is the best part. The video only displays the upgrade to the Pro package which is of zero use to you if you want to take advantage of what was on the sale board i,e the free web site. Oh buy the way to go with this Pro package is another $140 down for your own domain name and hosting. None of this is up front before you buy. I can buy a domain name from godaddy for $10 so why would I want to pay $140 for one, total nonsense. So I got through and setup the free site and do what the tell me and 10 mins later I find that my so called free site appears down - 404 errors. Ah yes but they advertise free LIVE support - total lies - there support is not live it is email based - so I send a scurry of emails and wait. Several hours later I get a email saying to email the web support people. Do that and wait...... Eventually I get a response with a new url to try and I have access. Then they will bombard you with the Traffic generator software this will increase sales and make millions or for a measley $97 / MONTH in the small print --- WATCH OUT ! Folks be very careful if you buy this product there are hidden costs and what is up front on the tin is not what is inside. I have asked for my money back and I am waiting to see if this is going to happen. Makemoney Evergreen, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #495306
Sep 15 2009
02:56 PM
West Work At Home Agent, West at home -RIPOFF EMPLOYER, Internet
OH geez...ok I started in Feb 2009 excited as I have worked for another at home job. Well after training (promised bonus when finished) I worked exactly 1 week, something happened with their server and I did not actual work till 6/2009. I attended as many webinars as I could to make money and stay active. I kept getting we are waiting on your passwords. Ok...worked for Citi Service/Sales. By end of July it turned from regular customer service job to HARD CORE SALES job. Oh yeah no bonus for training paid. After getting a new Team Leader Kerry Queen (lets just say she is a major Bi**H)she proceed to tell me that I need to shut down process on my computer. Did that my computer went to memory dump. After working 2 months trying to sell I couldnt do it any longer, not a sales person I inquired how to end skill but keep lines open with West for future assignments. Well that was the nail in my coffin. This Bit** Kerry Queen went on a tirad I went from good customer service  rep to being accused of falsify records. Then I explained to solve phone problem I was told by Kaleb to keep track so I went into my phone(Yes I bought this phone it is mine) to check my history because they had me registered as taking like 100 calls a day which I knew I wasnt. Well now after giving my 2 week resign now I am blocked>  Now I am being accused of changing my phone settings. Unbelieveable. I called PALS which is a help for people at home and complained when she told me what was going I called KERRY QUEEN  a lying bit** and I never said I was changing settings only looking at my history. Well that was the icing on the cake. Not only am I reporting the FRAUD, LYING and out and out mis management I will gladly contact CITI BANK...they need to know that employees of WEST are treated like lowly slave ratts. They lie to us and want us to lie to customers. KARMA WILL GET KERRY QUEEN....LIAR LIAR it is so sad that West has allow this THING to lead/manage people...but we all know Management is always right.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #59425
Jun 03 2003
11:56 AM
Work At Home Typist ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Internet
I was looking for a job at the time and thought it would be different to work at home, since I love to type, I thought that this might be a way to make a few extra dollars while looking. I found this site and supposedly purchased the software to download and nothing happened, I did not receive anything and have not been able to contact anyone about this. I have sent out numorous emails, and have gotten no response, so I am out 25.00. I feel that this is a scam and urge no one else to purchase anything from them. Diane Bradenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
10, Report #798004
Nov 14 2011
06:13 PM
Home Riches Kit scam Internet
Home riches kit is an outright FRAUD and a SCAM, its suppose to be a work at home business, however,on their website they tell you that you can purchase INFORMATION about their home business for $2.99, so I did, then a few days later they charge my card without my authorization or permission for $139.99, I tryed to get in contact with them about my money and they gave me the run around, so I tryed again and they told me that the website clearly stated that the home business cost $139.99 and there is NOWHERE in their website where it says that, the person I spoke with was very nasty and unprofessional and told him that I will be reporting the company with the Better Business Buearu, so beware folks, this company is full of THIEVES that need to be reported and put in jail, there are other people that I have encountered on the internet that have had the same thing happen to them with this company, my bank at the disputing dept.said that they can get my money back but they couldn't do nothing to stop it while it was processing, I would have to wait till it posted, some other people I spoke with on the net with the same experience I had weren't very luck to get their money back by their bank.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #144558
Jun 02 2005
02:02 PM
James Raymond Disciples Cross Work At Home ripoff work at home scam raymond disciples crosses Slidell Louisiana
John Raymond, Disciples Cross is making money off people who don't have any money to begin with. They charge for the starter kit which is about $70 for 10 crosses with the promise of getting your initial cost refunded after sending them 400 crosses. To make 400 crosses it costs $400.00. The problems are: First, they reject every cross you make for some reason or another. This is because they are making money off people who buy the kits, which they never refund. Second, They have a MINIMUM 10 WEEK turn around for inspection of any crosses you send to them. Which come back to you unbought. DO NOT BELIEVE IT WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL BUY THEM. Thirdly, Their shipping rates are about DOUBLE what the usps and ups charge. Best Method 7.78 which will take you a month or more to get your order filled and shipped. 17.59 for 2nd day air 37.99 for next day air Even if you decide to pay the outrageously exorborant prices for shipping, you will still have to wait a month or more to get your items because they won't ship them out before that. Sure! You might get next day delivery for 37.99 but that's next day deliver AFTER THEY DECIDE TO SEND it from there. Preacher Raymond is using a nonprofit organization to make money scamming people! Oh! I kept the autographed photo I got in the starter kit.....We're using it for Pin the Cross on the Jack Ass Don't be taken by this so called Christian. Him and his group are anything but CHRISTIANS. They are SCAM artists and using a church to not pay taxes. Cheryl brooklyn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Slidell, Louisiana
12, Report #730052
May 16 2011
09:58 PM
Medline Plus MedlinePlus Work-At-Home Scam Internet
I responded to a work-at-home ad on craigslist. They sent me instructions to conduct an on-line interview via yahoo messenger.Information about the job included the necessity of purchasing software for $320 from a company vendor, which would then be loaded on a free laptop and shipped to me to begin training and work.When pressed for a telephone number to confirm the offer and conditions of employment, I was given the telephone number of another individual in the middle of their on-line interview who had been instructed to pretend to be a director of the company and confirm everything that I asked.When exposed, this person told a story about being a young boy in Nigeria who needs money. This is not a legitimate work-at-home opportunity. When I googled MedlinePlus Jobs, there were MULTIPLE on-line employment sites which carry their ads. I have reported this scam both to the director of the National Library of Medicine who is responsible for MedlinePlus (which is a really great website) and also to Craigslist.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #489037
Sep 02 2009
02:04 PM At Home Typers Buyer beware, they will steal your money Internet
After reading through the website and paying close attention to the Refund Policy, I sent my money.  After that, there was no one available to answer any questions as to how to get started.  After two weeks, I requested a refund using the email I was given when I first signed up.  Three weeks later, it was returned to me unread.I have tried to get in touch with this company several times to request my money back but no one will answer emails and there is no phone number or address available.I am reporting them to the BBB and anyone else I can think of as they are stealing money through false advertising.  Hopefully, others will be smarter than me and check more thoroughly before sending money to Sam Mason or At-Home-Typers.  It's just a shame they can get away with thievery for so long with no reprisals or punishment for the harm they have committed against others.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #122214
Dec 10 2004
01:18 PM ripoff work at Home Scam Nationwide
In October, 2004 I answered an add in our local newspaper for The salesgirl made this an opportunity of a lifetime for extra cash. Just send in $30.00 dollars and you would be sent your first secret shopper job in 15 minutes. If you were not satisfied, a refund could be requested for all but $9.00. WRONG. No job came and I have tried and tried to request by e-mail as well as to call and all you get is more numbers to call of one time I got the excuse that they were not available because of the hurricanes. I want them reported as a SCAM! Pat Keokuk, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #637310
Sep 03 2010
09:49 AM
ICMWeb Work at Home scam, Internet
This company is such a total scam.  They advertised information which would be mailed via USPS for $2.95...then before I even received that information they took $139.95 right out of my bank account!  I called to complain and was put on hold forever, and then just as the so-called trial period was conveniently over they said they would not refund my $139.95.  When I tried to actually use the service, it no longer existed!  I never did receive any information in my regular postal mail.  This was something I only wanted information on, and ended up just throwing money in someone else's pocket instead.  I'm a mother of four young children who has been displaced in the workplace...and was only seeking answers to my situation.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #192428
May 20 2006
04:49 AM
Fastcashathome work at home ripoff Internet
fastcashathome Ripoff work at home fastcashathome charged me and would not return my emails to them for help getting started in the email processing business! They did get back to me when I wanted a refund. Stupidly they talked me into giving it another try and have not heard from them since! Stay away!! Mad Rangeley, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #901975
Jun 23 2012
09:20 PM
Online Business Systems Online Business Systems, Herba Life Scam work from home scheme Internet
i was browsing for work from home companies and came across Online Business Systems. i signed up like the web site told me and it said 9.95 shipping for the starter kit and i used my credit card to pay. i got my kit this week 6/22/12 i looked it over and one of the coaches Dan Shown called me and we set an appointment to talk about getting started. he called me today 6/23/12 with another woman on the phone. she told me her story how she got started and she makes 4,000 dollars a month and she going to transfer me to a young lady thats been in the business a while. it turned out to be a recorded message that asked me to purchase a packet offering two options being option 1 69.00 in which i would have to sell products to friends and family and option 2 399.00 the best option the woman says to start my business a 100 dollars for my website and 50 dollars to maintain it. the other woman i previously spoke with and dan came back on the phone and asked me if i wanted to get started i said no i dont have that kind of money and when i signed up it was stated that i would have to purchase anything. then she went on about some bs that i am going to be making big money and i could get on a payment plan and i said no thanks maybe i will call back.. now i am scared they will charge me 39.99 for the kit which i just found out by doing research. i should have done that in the first place. dont trust this company its a total all ive lost is 10 bucks! im going to cancel my prepaid debit card asap!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #624315
Jul 17 2010
10:29 PM
income at home online business herbal life work at home springs, Colorado
please don't order the 9.95 packet from income at home it's not worth or they will charge you 39.95 if you forgot to return on time  i had order this 9.95 packet form  from work at home i watch the dvd it didn't descibe what products that you are going to sell i heard the testimony of people making money  this  is a scam! please avoid online business system, income at home herbal life  etc or you will be sorry.
Entity: springs, Colorado
19, Report #1431915
Mar 01 2018
11:58 AM
Alorica at Home Work at Home Rip Off Omaha Nebraska
ALorica at home is a complete waste of time. They promise big money and offer only min wage . I was on a home shopping proget after the holidays were over they still required you to work so many hours a week or face write ups/ The way you get your hours is have t be at your computure for 2 hours a day mon- fri and hope the hours will post. This is UNPAID time and either you do it or don't get any hours. Then they say things like be thankful you have a job . What is the sense in having a job if you have no hours or pay check. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE BACKGROUND CHECK!!!!!
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
20, Report #720774
Apr 22 2011
09:36 AM
Drawmade LLC Work from home scam Internet
I rec'vd this email on April 21, 2011Dear <,A large international company, Drawmade LLC . is expanding and seeking new employees!We are now searching for independent agents who will represent our company in different regions. Two to three hours a day performing your duties over the Internet will be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of this position.The main strategic aim of our company is to provide quick, easy, efficient and secure ways for art lovers and furtherer, to fulfill their dreams by helping sellers and buyers find each other locally, nationally and globally.The goal of our company is to ensure both, the most reliable security level and simplicity of use and availability.We are happy to offer you the Payment Processing Agent position.Here are some of the job requirements:- 18 years of age or older;- internet access to promptly reply to emails;- availability by phone (1-2 hours a day);We welcome competent and reliable approach to work, responsibility and initiative in search of the most efficient ways of job implementation.At the beginning you will be hired on a probationary basis for 30 days. We also call it training time for at this time you will be guided step by step from your supervisor. Given your performance is satisfactory you will have a choice either you would like to be employed part time or you would like to work full time and earn more.Your salary during the training period amounts to $2,300 per month plus 8% commission from each transaction completed. Total income, given the current volume of clients, could easily amount to $4,500 per month. After the training period, your base salary will increase to $3,000 per month plus 8% commission.My goal is to spark your interest. In light of the present economy, we feel that our position is unique and desirable, as it offers training, support and a pay scale comparable to an entry level position that would normally require 40 hours per week. I hope you will explore, compare, and then contact me with your questions.If you would like to learn more, please email us any updated contact information which may have changed since submitting your resume to:job.drawmade.kamile@gmail.comOur human resource managers will contact you within 2 business days.Yours faithfully,Kamile Darrings____________________To make a long story short, they are a scam work from home site disguised as a art site.  The Payment Processor job is to use you as a mule for illegal check delivery and possibly to get you in debt to them or a third party.  It was not listed on Rip Off Report but it is listed elsewhere online as a scam, hope this helps anyone who gets this in future
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1209734
Feb 17 2015
12:07 PM
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1328932
Sep 27 2016
04:03 PM
1200 weekly envelope stuffing, work from home, work at home, work full time from home, work part time from home,how to run business, online business, stuffed envelopes, money scheme, money pyramid scheme, work from home scam, work from home scheme, make money online, earn money online, make income online, work at home for free, envelopes, make money from your home, how to work from home, work at home scams Nationwide
Work from home stuffing envelopes exposed, this compant claims to pay you more than $500 a week if you stuff envelopes from home.. they also make a claim to pay you in advance before you even who would take a risk like this right well to see if it was real I did I paid the 29.99 for the brochures that I never recieved from them they make promises but never follower they make refund promies.. that are dead ends all the way......So I had a friend tell me about a free ebook called the The Best Guide to Making Money at Home With Amazon FBA She has given me free infomation, where I do not need to pay for it nothing absolutely free this ebook is for kindle users, latptop, and mobile friendly 
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #800181
Nov 20 2011
02:21 PM
WFH International E Home Business Network Beware internet work from home websites! Phoenix, Arizona
I called for info and was told I would receive a packet and DVD, at no cost to me. A few days later, I received a phone call from a mentor. That phone number was 480 423 5091. During the conversation, it became clear there would be charges. I told her I was not interested if I had to pay. I explained I have no money to spend on speculation. She said she understood, and everything would be cancelled. On 11-18-2011 my checking account was debited $39.95 by WFH International. There was a phone #. 1-866-599-2657. I called the #, Mona answered: E Home Business Network. he took my information and complaint. Said she will have WFH call me. If I ever get a phone call, I will update this report. I intend to call my bank first thing tomorrow morning. (Monday)
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
24, Report #97025
Jun 29 2004
08:56 PM
This website advertised a mail order business that would allow you to make money at home. It gave options as to how many letters you could mail off and the amount of money you could make per order. The least you could make was $500.00 a week and they would mail you your check the next week. You would have to pay a fee for how many letters you would mail off with the lowest amt of letters would allow you to make $500 I think you would have to mail off 500 envelopes. I sent my money in and received a e-mail that stated my box of letters should arrive in 2 weeks I never received anything in two weeks so I sent an e-mail and they replied they were waiting to cash the check. This was in May 04. I have written them numerous letters and have not received anything. I pulled up a website where others have been scammed by this company. I would like to know who is behind it all. Cheryl FAYETTEVILLE, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #654888
Oct 25 2010
10:51 AM
DCA Online Work at home business Internet
This company states that they have been shown on all the popular news programs such as NBC and that they can show you how to make money online all for $2.97. Well, I paid the $2.97 and checked into what it was about. It wasn't for me so I thought nothing more of it. Well, this morning I find that they have charged (as of 3:16 AM) another $138.67. Again, at 4:29AM they charged it again. There was never any mention of another charge, I had no confirmation email from them absolutely nothing. How can companies continue to do this too consumers and nothing be done? I have since called my credit card company and had the card deactivated and a new one is being sent. Since this charge hasn't officially hit my card, I am hoping that maybe this will be the end of it. If not, I guess I will have to see what further steps I have to take to stop this company from ripping me off any farther.
Entity: , Internet

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