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26, Report #48694
Mar 10 2003
07:48 PM medical work at home ripoff fraud business Internet Worldwide
I was sent an e-mail about a business that is a work at home business that you can process medical claims for doctors. They make you sign contact saying that you can process claims from your home they also tell you that you will be receiving a all in one printer so that you can use to process you claims. The BIG catch is that they tell you that you can pay every month. I thought this had to be good because most work at home jobs ask you to pay all your money up front. I signed up a month ago but have not recived my package yet.The contract states that you will recieve your package within two to three business days after your first payment is paid. I have also tried to call them and e-mail them but all I have gotten is returned e-mails and answering machines. I once got an e-mail that their building was being rennovated and that they would be back in two days but I have heard nothing since. DON'T WASTE your TIME or MONEY on THIS PROGRAM!!!!! Shavon 33054, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1140367
Apr 21 2014
07:54 AM
BSGNL.COM home business Las Vegas Internet
This company initial contact is through E-Mail Marketing.  It is proposed as a home business. They say there is no hosting, no learning curve. and no large start up costs. but when you get into the site it is a binary stock site and the investment they ask for to start is $500.00. This site is a total fraud.  Unless you want to invest in stocks using their system.  I did not spend $500. They only charge a $13 fee to get into a new video that leads you to the binary stock site that there is no contact available.  The telephone number that was shown with the bank withdrawal of $13 is not a working number.. You just get a busy signal. Don't waste your money it is a fake site & not legitiment . I have tried to get a refund but there is no response from them.  
Entity: Internet
28, Report #117796
Nov 14 2004
11:59 AM
Let's Travel work at home ripoff Misleading work at home job posting Birmingham Alabama
I am reporting this company also, partly because of a report that has already been submitted about them. The report I am referring to is located at I have to TOTALLY agree with the report referred to above. This company posted an ad at ( The ad stated: WORK AT HOME - Internet company needs support staff for accounting, customer service, clerical and sales support. Salary is $14.50 per hour and hours are flexible. No experience necessary. Must have internet connection. Now this ad was posted on Sunday, Nov 14, 2004. I responded the SAME, EXACT day, Sunday Nov. 14, 2004. I emailed them. The response I received back, like 3 minutes after I initially emailed them were: The customer service openings are filled. We have one other available. Please let us know if interested. My company is Let's Travel, Inc. We are a travel brokerage firm that sells discounted vacation packages via the internet. We started selling on on Ebay 7 years ago and this has proved to be quite successful. THE OFFER We are offering to pay you 10% of all cash collected from auctions placed on your ebay account and paid thru your Paypal account. The best part is, you get paid first. Customers will pay you thru paypal and you will send 90% of that amount to us so that we may send out the product. We pay the 2 day priority charge. YOU PAY NOTHING. WE PAY THE EBAY FEES AND THE ID VERIFY FEE. We will place auctions on your ebay account 2-3 times a week, and we will email you when the auctions are over. The following day you will withdraw the money to your bank account and then send us a money order for 90% of that amount. Your only responsibility after creating the Ebay and Paypal accounts is sending us a money order after the auctions have ended for 90% of the amount collected on the auctions. You will forward the notifications from paypal via email to us so we can ship out to the customers as you send the money order 2 day priority. All we need is for you to spend about 15-25 minutes establishing your ebay and Paypal accounts and we will do the rest. Every other week we will pay 100% of all ebay fees to ebay. You pay nothing out of pocket. Here is all we ask of you. 1. Establish an Ebay account, ( 10 minutes) 2. ID Verify that account, ( 5 minutes) 3. Establish a Paypal account, (10 minutes) We will provide detailed help in the ebay account portion. To establish a Paypal account, simply goto and follow the directions for an individual premiere account. We do EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! THERE IS NO FINANCIAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED!!!! All you spend is the 25 minutes above. Why are we doing this? Ebay will only allow 10 auctions of any one particular product at a time, and we have several vacation packages that we feature, thus the need for more than one account to market the packages. You can see our products at - free airfare, discount hotel deals, great vacation packages Each time we list auctions, your account will receive $1,200-$2,500 in cash collected so your part would be $120-$250 per week. Most of our partners earn an average of $700 - $1,050 a month for partnering with us. If this sounds interesting, please email me at and I will send you complete steps to getting all set up. Steve Rainey, CEO Let's Travel, Inc. Wow. What a coincident. So I took it a step further (just to let them know I was on to them) and replied back to them: I guess this article was right about your company.. Anyway, in regards to the offer, NO THANKS! They then replied back with 2 emails. One was: The BBB is for retail businesses, not internet companies. We never even responded to the 3 complaints we have had in 7 years with them. Then the next one right after that was: Oh, I just read the article. That was a person that got mad because the job was filled. When we run these ads, we only need one person and we get over 1000 resumes and emails so 999 are going to be mad or disappointed. So I responded back with: Ok whatever. I am not going to get into a discussion in regards to your work ethics. I just think the email response sent to me and that article is just TOO coincidental. The positions from your company was just posted on Monster today (Nov 14) and you already filled the positions? Right. Ok. Whatever. I am not mad AT ALL because I already have a full time and am a freelance web designer. I just thought this would be a nice little way to make even more extra money. Especially for the holiday season if the position had been as legit as it sounded. Maybe if you would be a little more honest in your ad people would not get mad at you. But your ad is VERY misleading. Maybe you should say that you only need 1 person instead of saying SUPPORT STAFF. The definition of staff is A specific group of workers. Notice workers is plural meaning more than one. But I don't need to go any further. You know exactly what you are doing and I know as well. I am a highly intelligent person who have come across businesses like yours plenty of times. Maybe if you post in the actual email reply you sent me you would get a btter response. You need to be more honest with people instead of misleading. Anyway, best of luck in all your future endeavors and with your business practices. :) And: Oh yeah.. One more thing.. You replied to me: The customer service openings are filled. Notice openings is plural. You said that you only needed 1 person. So shouldn't you have said opening? I don't care how you conduct your business because it doesn't affect me. I am in no way associated with your company nor would I have any dealings with it. But it is ashame when companies/businesses are misleading. And that you are. Anyway, just had to make that point. :) After sending those 2 emails to them I have yet to get another response from them. *laughing* I won't go so far as to say they are a rip off company, but I will say that they are VERY misleading. I don't know why they just don't be honest and state the REAL E-bay position they are lokking to fill. *shrugs* But I just felt it my duty to post about this because companies and business ethics like this need to be reported. I have come across so many companies who practice business this way and it is really ashame. *shaking my head* Tashia New York, New YorkU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Work at Home Scams click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Home Based Businesses
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
29, Report #976506
Dec 01 2012
08:25 AM
Business Logistic Group Sophisticated fakes Internet
The only thing you need to know about this company is that its web site servers are located in Kiev, Ukraine, and were established in September, 2012, according to WhoIs.  They should not be confused with the legitimate Business Logistics Group company.  The fake company lists an address on Madison Avenue in New York City.  The real one's only U.S. offices are in Alabama.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #133170
Feb 28 2005
02:36 PM
National Home Assemblers ripoff Work at home scam Mainseburge Pennsylvania
I sent in $47.74 via money order for assembling refigerator magnets. Unforgunately I did not check with the 'better business bureau' and now I have not heard anything about the company and the number I keep calling has been disconnected. I am unemployed and on disability and could really use the money. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. PLEASE HELP ME! Maria Central Islip, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Mainseburge, Pennsylvania
31, Report #160053
Oct 08 2005
10:43 PM
Home Stuffers work at home ripoff San Diego California
I just really want to thank every one who posted an ad about this company. I am a new mom looking for a way to make money so I am able to stay home with my baby. I recieved a letter stating I could make up to 17.50 an envelope, checks mailed weekly, sign-up bonus all I had to do was sen 45.00 that was fully refundable in my first check. My husband told me to research it because it just didn't sound real well, ITS NOT. Please don't get fooled if it sounds to good to be true then it is. I think I am on a public rip off list becase in the past few days I have recieved 3 other lettersfrom HBG publications, mailer profits. so watch out christmas is coming and all the slime balls are getting a jump on our pockets AGAIN THANK YOU! Autumn clinton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
32, Report #110037
Sep 24 2004
05:07 PM
Home Stuffers ripoff Kihei Hawaii Work at Home Scam
We saw an ad in the paper by Home Stuffers and thought it was a great idea for a home business we were excited to start. They wrote in their letter they needed 35$ for the material to start I should of known then it was a Hoax. It was all a lie and they need to be punished and repay all those who trusted in thier words. Tammie kihei, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Kihei, Hawaii
33, Report #116673
Nov 08 2004
09:52 AM
Home Stuffers RIP-OFF! Byron Peterson, hiring director. Work at home scam! Dayton Texas
I saw an advertisement on a local website our area uses for available jobs. I sent an email inquiring about the Home Stuffing company. I received a letter two days later from some P.O. Box in Dayton, Texas. It was from a Byron Peterson, hiring director. It asked for $45 dollars as an initial one time fee. I am so glad I found this site before considering this company. I looked today and the person that put the available home stuffers job on that website has deleted it. I still have the email in my inbox and will write a letter of disgust. Not that it will matter, but make me feel better! Winter Groves, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dayton, Texas
34, Report #203928
Aug 01 2006
08:59 AM
Home Stuffers ripoff Work at home scam San Diego California
Home Stuffers is a ripoff. They say that they will send you all of the materials in about three weeks after they receive your money. I havent received the materials yet. Still waiting. They have 2 numbers that you can call 1 for customer service if you havent yet received your mailing info and the 2nd for questions or concerns. Both mailboxes are always full and tell you to call back at a later time. And on top of that the numbers are 212 area code not San Diego area codes. So i went into the bank and got a copy of my check that i sent them and i have their account number posted all over the back of the check. I am going to file a police report so the cops at least have their account number to go off of. Cass Rancho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
35, Report #868836
Apr 15 2012
05:44 AM
HOME IT BUSINESS Australia Wide Home Based Business Group Scammers, Crapp Software Gold Coast, Internet
PHILLIP CROPPER, DARREN JANSEN, all scum who pay people to be directors to keep their names out of the newspapers to run these companies. Involved in drugs, ripping people off, try to get a refund, that will never happen..Have a look at their latest email scam campaign (lifestyle pictures deleted) Australia Wide Home Based Business Group Change Your Lifestyle Work from Home March 2012 Trevor Whatley made $7550 in 4 weeks! Thats $1887.50 per week as a 2nd income stream! He only worked for 90 minutes each day! Trevor Whatley owns 2 mechanic shops in the Northern Territory, when he signed up with Australia Wide Home Based Business Group, his lifestyle changed immensely! Trevor Whatley has swapped 14 hour days at the shop for: 90 Minutes work from home TAX FREE RETURNS Money paid to his account within minutes  He absolutely had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE Follow our link and allow one of our friendly, trained staff at Home Based Business show you a COST and OBLIGATION FREE TRIALof how the business works. It takes less than 15 minutes It has shown hundreds of Australians cash flow and lifestyle change It is free to look It could change your life Take it upon yourself today to better your lifestyle and take advantage of our FREE TRIAL! Yours in wealth, Australia Wide Home Based Business Group Testimonials Register Your Interes If you are no longer interested you can unsubscribe instantly. Click here to Unsubscribe Privacy Policy Australia Wide Home Based Business Group George Street Sydney NSW, 2000, Australia Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Adeliade - Perth - NZ YOURS IN WEALTH Bull S..T!!! Phillip Cropper, Darren Jansen you mean to say YOURS IN POVERTY,DIVORCE & FAMILY BUST UPS Remember Profit Performer, well I worked for them when Phillip the Scammer Cropper jumped out of a third floor building at Main Beach..He was in intensive care and on life support for weeks. He got his mates defacto Kate Novotny (not her real name) to run the business.. They even posted false testimonials on the website in that name. Cropper survived to scam thousands more people.. Then look what happened to his best mate.. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Ex-officer 'had 23kg of ecstasy'September 18, 2011 A former police officer has been arrested and charged with supplying 23 kilograms of ecstasy tablets.Mark Andrew Novotny, 39, was picked up by officers from the Organised Crime (Targeting) Squad on September 1 and appeared in Hornsby Local Court the following day.A police statement tendered in court said Mr Novotny was now a private investigator living in Queensland. The Sun-Herald has learnt he came to the notice of NSW police some years ago when he was named in an intelligence report as an associate of a notorious Kings Cross identity.Advertisement: Story continues belowThe statement said he had recently ''been [the] subject of physical surveillance making a number of interstate trips between Queensland and New South Wales''.It revealed that Mr Novotny was under surveillance when he arrived in Sydney from Coolangatta on the morning of September 1.It said he had hired a red Holden Commodore and drove straight to the car park of a Parramatta hotel.''The accused took physical possession of two cardboard boxes from an unidentified person,'' the statement said.He then allegedly put the boxes in the boot and drove to the car park of a liquor store store in Pennant Hills, where he was stopped by police who discovered the boxes.''Inside each of the two cardboard boxes were five resealable plastic bags containing significant quantities of pink tablets, 10 bags in total.''After he was taken to Hornsby police station, Mr Novotny declined to be interviewed.Police said the 10 bags weighed 2.3 kilograms each and that the tablets, believed to be ecstasy, were now being analysed.Mr Novotny was refused bail. Read more: They are all tarred  with the same brush. When they ring you tell them to get lost and hang up in their ear. If the software is that good they should give it to you for nothing and then you pay them for it out of the profits.. DON'T FALL FOR THE EXCUSE BUT WE HAVE TO PAY TRAINERS!!! HURRY,ONLY 2 LEFT!!!  THE TRAINING IS HOPELESS!!! Phillip Cropper hangs around druggies, conmen like Peter Foster, bikies, crims, ex coppers and is a police informant. He has very few friends and always hires young girls and tries to drug them!! Check out this report Peter Foster and Phillip Cropper!!!! Who Scammed WHO??? Stay well away from Australian Wide Home Based Business Group and Home IT Business!!! WHEN ARE THE FEDS GOING TO ACT!!! You guys have caused enough pain, in other peoples lives.. Time A Current Affair , This Day Tonight  or Four Corners shut you down..Bring on the FEDS!! This is an advertisement for telephone salespeople wanted at their Milton office in Brisbane that appeared on  the careerone website Home IT Business   Job SummaryCompanyHome IT BusinessLocationMilton, Qld 4064IndustriesBusiness Services - OtherJob TypeFull TimePermanentSalary3,000.?00 - 4,000.?00 AUD /?weekJob Reference Code1038869Contact InformationHome IT BusinessMILTON, QLD 4064TELEPHONE SALESAbout the JobTELEPHONE SALES Our company is looking to appoint two full time telephone sales executives. $600 weekly retainer. State of the art new products. Modern new air conditioned office. 30% commission. Fully qualified leads. Expected earnings of $3000 - $4000 p/w. John M. earned $8000! Harvey earned $7000! Only those with experience in Forex, Arbitrage, Index Trading, Thoroughbred Racing, Solar Industry, Stock Market Industry need apply. Only those with previous telephone sales experience need apply Please Call Denis for an interview 1300 136 547 If you give them $10,000 the sales person gets $3,000.. If the product worked why would they pay that much commission??..  Salespeople would be breaking the door down to get a job. Come on Fair Trading and ASIC and ACCC close them down. SAY GOODNIGHT PHILIP & DARREN!! Check out how badly the software has been written...A programmer wouldn't pay you $5 for it!!!
Entity: Gold Coast, Internet
36, Report #1101511
Nov 22 2013
03:24 PM
CONVERGYS Corporation Work at Home Bilingual Customer Service & Problem Resolution Rep. II Cincinnati Ohio
It's outrageous which this company is not fully professionalism nothing at all.These are the lists they are terribly...- Not Professional- Favoritism- Chatrooms (No respect; tell us to type English which Mr. David & Mrs. Ida Rendon Casarez are writing in Spanish) - I have spoken with the main manager for Roxie but he got after her but it turns out when she called me she started calling me a random name saying that my name was not showing correctly. It was right there on the screen but she was making fun of me as well. She started laughing as she thought it was funny. The name I carry is mostly my husband which everything that happened he was right next to me in hearing everything what was going on and he's really pissed off. - Roxie Morfin laid me off supposedly they were letting go of all Seasonal employees but it was false. She kept getting after me everytime for every small thing when it wasn't me. Since Mr. and Mrs. Casarez has been working there longer she prefers them plus since she has them on Facebook that talks a lot as well.  I got tired of it but I still show respect compared to her. When she laid me off sure sounded that she didn't care.- The company doesn't allow me much to login on my site since one of the team leaders call me dummy.- Mr. Halker told me specific if I ever get laid-off or fired that he would help me find a job which it's false as well. He barely returns my calls and emails until barely today he tells me that he can't help me since my application is denied.  If you're trying or about to apply don't believe what they all say because they won't help you at all!
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
37, Report #110887
Sep 30 2004
12:41 PM
Michelle's Work-At-Home Services Ripoff You don't get credit and paid if potential Associates DON'T mail to you FIRST Romeo Michigan
I had spent days and days advertising for Michell's Work- At Home Services. Finally, I had some interested parties who were truly looking for an legitimate work at home opportunity. After days and days of advertising on the internet at various FREE web sites, three people responded. One never got back to me in spite of my E-Mailing him several times. The other contacted me today. However, tho other one contacted me while I still was very gung ho about Michelle's Work-At-Home Services. Here's the problem: Michelle's wants us to advertise the web site in our ads so people can go and see what a legitimate work at home opportunity it is. However, they ALSO see that they can download and print the necessary forms to register, INSTEAD OF CONTACTING THE ASSOCIATE WHO PLACED THE AD. I found out that IF forms are downloaded from the web site and the interested party mails them in to register you DON'T get credit or GET PAID. Now, the person who did this, contacted me via E-Mail and even AFTER I had given her explicit instructions that I HAD TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING FIRST, she went ahead and downloaded the forms and printed them out herself and mailed them directly to Michelle's weith her $15.00. However, she WAS kind enough to inform me of just what she did. IMMEDIATELY after receiving HER E-Mail informing me of this, I E-Mailed Michelle-s Work At Home services at I placed MY message on the E-Mail this person had sent. In other words, I just forwarded this person's E-Mail with my own note included. I told them this person did NOT follow instructions and mail everything to me, FIRST. I was contacting them to let them know that when they DO receive the paperwork, to be sure to credit me so I will get paid. Well, I got an E-Mail back from telling me that it is their policy that if they're not received by me FIRST, they cannot credit me! Boy, they sure have human nature figured out. When the web site IS advertised, of course people ARE going to check it out. It looks ligitimate enough. AND they ALSO see the forms that can be downloaded, they can print them themselves and deal directly with Michelle's, inspite of WHAT they were instructed to do. They see the forms and think to themselves... Oh...I can get the forms here. So they do it and the Associate does not get credit or get PAID. I DIDN'T, even after the person was kind enough to inform me and them I forwarded the E-Mail the person had sent me, to Michelle's. I wanted to be SURE they'd credit me and I wesnt to the trouble to inform them. Now the further point is this: Out of days and days of advertising, ONLY 3 people responded to my E-Mail. I would like to know how many OTHERS went to the web site and downloaded, printed and dealt directly with the company, after seeing that they WERE ABLE to do that? After all those days and days of very heavy advertising, I can't believe that ONLY 3 people were interested. Just how much have the Associates been cheated out of, when it was THEIR ad a person responded to? Michelle's claims that their growth has been 600%. I wonder IF this 600% was due to the ingenius way they discovered to not have the Associate receive credit for most of the money they've received? Knowing human nature people ARE just going to get what they need from the web site and mail it off to the company. They're anxious to begin working! AND, IF THEY DO THAT ( EVEN IF YOU FIND OUT ABOUT IT LIKE I DID< YOU STILL DON'T GET PAID!!!) I forwarded the EXACT E-Mail I received from this person and I STILL was DENIED credit to be PAID!!! Boy, I bet they're REALLY raking in the money by finding this ingenius way to rip off their hard working advertisers. People are just being USED by Michelle's Work-At-Home Services for their own selfish gain. If they WERE serious about people making all the money they claim can be made, they'd REMOVE ALL FORMS OF BEING ABLE TO REGISTER AT THE WEB SITE, FROM THE WEB SITE!!! That way, people could still find out about them and IF they chose to register they'd be forced to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and contact the person who placed the ad, via E-Mail. That would indeed, keep the Associate from being ripped off by Michelle's Work-At-Home Services. But NO, they leave it there so, HOPING people would take care of the matter themselves, to make more PROFIT for Michelle's Work At Home Services and they get all these responses from people with $15.00 payments and they didn't have to pay the Associate who worked hours and hours placing ads, ANYTHING!!! By the way, the one who FINALLY got back with me TODAY, I E-Mailed her and told her to go to: , read the Rip Off Reports and IF she still wanted to deal with Michelle's Work-At-Home Services, that was HER decision!!! And, I told her what they did to me!!! Victim Any CityU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Work at Home Scams click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Home Based Businesses
Entity: Romeo, Michigan
38, Report #110551
Sep 28 2004
12:24 PM
E submit factor (work At Home Opportunities) ripoff, ignoring my complaints Tarzana, California
Hello everyone. I recently subscribed to (work at home opportunities). Little did I know, this company was a big rip off. This is one of those companies that says, If you could get paid $25 - $150 per hour just for working at home in your spare time, or $4,500 per month without leaving your home, wouldn't you want to join now? Of course you would! If you have realistic expectations, can follow simple instructions, and aren't afraid of a little honest work, then you have just stumbled onto the best work at home resource on the internet!. (This was taken directly from their website.) So, I jumped at the opportunity to make more money from home. I am a college student also, so this sounded great to me. Well I subscribed and they charged me $39.95 for the fee. They said this would give me access to to making this type of money. Little did I know, this access they were talking about was a list of survey companies that allows you to win gifts from taking a survey! And mind you, the gifts that you can win, require you to sign up for a whole bunch of other advertisements to get them! It is a complete waste of time and money! I am so angry! I know $39.95 is not a whole lot of money, but I am a student! I can use that money for something productive, and then it's the principal of the whole thing! This happened 5 days ago. Since that day I have contacted them almost everyday and still no response. So I dont know how to go about getting a refund or speaking with them. There is no phone number, just an address and email. Please, whoever is reading this, do not fall for this scam! Geanay Stone Mountain, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tarzana, CA, California
39, Report #87130
Apr 08 2004
05:41 PM
Global Homeworkers Association - Work At Home MailGlobal - Homeworkers Association ripoff San Jose California
Hello my name is Teneisha and I have also been a victim of the Global Homeworkers Assc. It has been several weeks since I have tried to get a refund after realizing that they only paid you if someone purchased a product you mailed out with a special number. I have emailed this company about 5 times now and no-one has responded. I also paid 39.45 and was guranteed a full refund less s&h if I wasn't satisfied with the program. Please do not become a victom learn from my mistake. These same companies offer a variety of at home jobs, so be careful! Teneisha Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
40, Report #84797
Mar 21 2004
08:33 PM
Michelle's Work At Home Services Ripoff THANK YOU Rip-off report!!! Romeo Michigan
I would like to thank everyone on this site that has filed a complaint against Michelle's Work At Home Services. I was contacted from a lady by the name of Teresa Edwards. saying she had found my resume and was offering me a work at home typing position. I kept sending email questions to her, and she would answer all except how much they pay, how they pay, and when I could expect first payment. I also noticed there was no phone number to ever call this staffing company in case I had any questions concerning the work. I have dealt with AppleOne, and Custom Staffing and Kelly Services (all staffing companies) and everything was revealed and no charges. I started searching the internet for scams and found this site. I was amazed to find so many had been taken by this person, and I'm really sorry for those that were. Because of your willingness to share your stories, it has save me $15, which I really couldn't afford to lose, and also a huge dissappointment. Thank you again !!! Marilyn Hoschton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Romeo, Michigan
41, Report #482816
Aug 20 2009
06:52 AM
the work at home authority She took my money but didnt give me access to the website Miami, Florida
on August 18th i vistited the work at home authority website looking for work to do at home. the website is 50.00 but if you try to leave the website they offer you a $10.00 discount so i paid 40.00 for access to the website. i never recieved anything!!. so i went to the clickbank website and requested tech support. they take up to 2days to get to you. but keep in mind they took about 2sec to take my money. so i waited the 2days. then clickbank sends me an email saying that i need to close my request or ask for a refund. so after some extensive research i found a clickbank cutomer service number and called hoping they could help. i was then informed that all i could do was wait for the vendor. WTF is that, so i requested a refund and that can take up to 5 days!! to give me my money back. They basically robbed me. they told me they would give me something in exchange for money. as soon as they recieved the money the are nowhere to be found. no im struggeling to track them down
Entity: miami, Florida
42, Report #169110
Dec 23 2005
02:37 PM
Home Processors International - Home Workers - Flexible Home Data Entry Work, work-at-home ripoff Newark New Jersey
FLEXIBLE HOME DATA ENTRY WORK. $420/PT-$800+FT per week. No Experience Necessary. Computer Required. Call Both of the above numbers have been used, yet the same lady answers the phone everytime. When you call you are told that you can make as much as 824.00 a week BUT you have to purchase their software, MediClaims, (which I have had two different amounts quoted to me. 299.00 and 279.00). The software is shipped from a FAKE company in California and one bank traced the address back to 2371 1/2 Edgewater Terr, Los Angeles California. This company doesn't exist! You will get a so-called coordinator who is suppose to live in Newark, New Jersey. The company is suppose to be based in Newark. A search of the DBA's and licenses in New Jersey records show nothing on this company. You will send letters to doctors who NEVER reply, you will never get any work and you will never get your money for the software back. If you have fallen for this scam file a report with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business bureau, and the Attorney General's office. BEWARE! of this company. DO NOT fall for their scam. Wish you well, scambusters columnist Scambusters Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, New Jersey
43, Report #133061
Feb 27 2005
03:16 PM
Home Business Systems Aka Green Production Different name, same scam work at home ripoff Fort Smith Arkansas
I recently received a letter from these folks. It seemed to good to be true so I started checking them out. A Google search on the phone number led me here. It looks like the company Green Production has chenged it's name to Home Business Systems, Inc. Other than the name it's the same offer...$10 per envelope stuffed, 4 income groups, $1 per envelope application fee Glenn Willits, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Smith, Arkansas
44, Report #198469
Jun 27 2006
02:32 PM
Capital Business Group Dishonest selling work at home scam Tempe Arizona
Contacted by Micheal Bianco to start a web page and sell advertising for an online pharmacy. Micheal assured me that this was a legal website. When I tried locally advertise it I found that it did not meet the criteria in Kansas of needing a doctors subscription and a Verified Internet Pharmacy Site Decal. I called Bill Todd and told him of the situation and he asked me to give him 48 hours and he would clear this up. I did not hear back from him so I reverse the credit card transaction thinking he had made an honest mistake in Kansas. He then hid behind the contract and reversed my credit card reversal. He knows that it is an illegal website but is not willing to make good on his employees promises of being able to advertise it. If you have been taken by this company the Arizona Attorney General would like to hear from you so they can represent a group - not an individual - to get companies like this out of their state. Send concerns to: State of Arizona Office of the Attorney General 1275 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007 Robert Newton, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
45, Report #137476
Apr 04 2005
11:24 AM
American Consolidated Exchange work from home ripoff work at home scam Deltona Florida
this was suppost to be a work from home business. making and sewing teddy bears. to sign up was 40 dollars. and then another 80 dollars for the materials. but they said after completing the bears you would get paid 8 dollars a bear. plus get back your 80. i called to ask a question but now number no longer in service. Michele tamaroa, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Deltona, Florida
46, Report #964862
Nov 05 2012
08:57 AM
Kimoodle Employment Kimoodle Home Employment, KHE Fraud Comapany,work from home scam Internet
Kimoodle Home Employment offered me a Social Media Manager position.I did all my work for the weeks and billed them for it but i never got payed. Their email doesn't accept any emails anymore so no way of getting in contact with them. Hope you had a great sleep. Are you ready for your first shift as a KimoodleEmployee? We sure hope so! Below you will find your tasks for the day. We promise it gets easier after you sign yourself up for the main social media sites. Today, you will be creating your very own Kimoodle ID. You will use this ID throughout your employment with us, and for all social media aliases. Today's training session will earn you a total of $16.50 toward your next paycheck. All work done after training is complete is billed at $16.50/hr. Remember to use spell check for all marketing and please re-read your updates a minimum of 3 times before you post anything online. Grammar and punctuation is a major section of your employee review. Below you will find your Daily Objective Title and Description. You will copy and paste these into social sites when required of you. It's a good idea to print this email.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Objective Title: Now Hiring | $16.50/Hr | Work From Home Daily Objective Description: KimoodleEmployment specializes in finding people at-home work placements. We offer various positions, such as Social Media Management, Print Marketing Management and Corporate Event Planner. Presently, we are hiring 54 people for Social Media Management positions. The application is simple and the opportunities are flexible. Apply now at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sign-up/Register for the Sites Below. Follow all instructions diligently. 1. GMAIL: Create a new Gmail email using the username Kimoodle107 Create a new Gmail email account by clicking this link: Make your Gmail username: Kimoodle107. Fill out the rest of the form information using your true name or alias. Remember to write down your password. It's a good idea to keep your Gmail account open at all times in a separate tab, as you will need to access your inbox often. Once your Gmail account is set up, move on to the next task below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. KIJIJI: You are responsible for all Kijiji advertising in Hamilton. Go to and change My Location to Hamilton then click go. Next, register for a Kijiji web account. Click     the register link at the top right hand corner of the page. (Remember to     use your new Gmail email when registering 'Kimoodle107').Fill in your email, password and     nickname. Unclick the two checkmarks and click Register.Go to your Kimoodle Gmail email account     and open the email from Kijiji. Click the verification link within the     email.Once signed in to Kijiji, click     Post Ad Free. Select Customer Service found     in the Jobs category. Next, under Job Type select     Full-Time. Copy and paste your Daily Objective Title     in theAd Title field. Copy and paste the Daily Objective     Description into the Description field. Leave the Website field     empty. Upload your Kimoodle image, which is     attached to this email in the Image field. Enter your new Kimoodle Gmail email     account in the Email field. In the Maps field enter the     word Hamilton.Click the square indicator box for     agreeing to the terms and conditions. Then Select Post My Ad.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CRAIGSLIST: You are responsible for all Craigslist Advertising in HamiltonGo to www.Craigslist.comSelect Hamilton by going to the right side of the page and finding Hamilton under cities.Once you have changed the region select     Post to ClassifiedsSelect Job Offered and click     continueClick I abide by these     guidelinesSelect Customer Service JobsUnder Posting Title enter     your Daily Objective TitleUnder Specific Location enter     HamiltonIn the Reply to field enter     your Kimoodle Gmail email address (twice)In the Posting Description     field enter your Daily Objective DescriptionIn the Compensation field     enter $16.50/hrThen click ContinueAgain, click Continue for the     second time.You MUST go to your Kimoodle Gmail     email and verify your email address. Craigslist will send you an email, simply     select the link within the email to ensure your post is live. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TWITTER: You are responsible for all Tweets under Kimoodle ID Kimoodle107. Go to the Twitter signup page by clicking     this link: in your Kimoodle ID for both name     and username, enter your password and Kimoodle Gmail email address.Click on the Create My     Account buttonThe next step is to see if your friends     are on Twitter. This will look through the address in your email if you     use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or another popular Internet email service. You     can skip this by clicking on the Skip This Step link just below the     Continue button. Continue through the start-up pages by either clicking     the Skip this Step link or you may decide to start following     members. Remember the more members you follow the better.Congratulations! You are done. Go ahead     and post your first tweet using the Daily Objective Description. You may     have to customize your tweet, as today's Daily Objective Description is     too many characters for one Tweet. Get creative, but be sure to include     your URL link.Change your twitter image to the image     attached to this email. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INSTAGRAM: You are responsible for all photo updates on Instagram under Kimoodle ID Kimoodle107. (If you do not have a Smartphone, Android or Iphone skip this step) Download the Instagram AppCreate an account using your Kimoodle     username and subsequent information i.e Kimoodle Gmail emailPost the Picture attached to this email as     your Profile photo and your first upload to Instagram. If you are new to     instagram please find help here You are responsible for all Facebook updates & posts under Kimoodle ID Kimoodle107.Sign up for a Facebook account using your     name/alias and Kimoodle Gmail email. Don't forget to write down your     password.www.Facebook.comFacebook will ask you to verify your     email. Go to your Gmail inbox, open the email from Facebook and verify     your email address by clicking the link in the email.Once logged into Facebook change your     Facebook photo to the image attached to this email.Post a status using your Daily Objective     Title/ Daily Objective Description. You can customize your status updates     as long as you do use appropriate language and ensure that some portion of     your daily objective is used. 'Later, you will start your search for     Facebook friends. For today, let's hold off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Blogger: You are responsible for all advertising under Kimoodle ID Kimoodle107 on Sign into Blogger using your Kimoodle     Gmail account.Then click New Blog.In the Title field enter     Kimoodle EmploymentIn the Address field enter     your Kimoodle IDSelect any template then click     Create BlogSelect Start Posting from     your blogger homepageCopy and paste your Daily Objective Title     in the Post Title fieldCopy and paste your Daily Objective     Description in the body of the post.When you are finished formatting and     editing your post to your likings, click Publish------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ***Now email and advise that you are on the final step.*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FRESHBOOKS: Create a Freshbooks account. This is the program used to log your work hours. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THE FRESHBOOK REGISTRATION EMAIL FROM US. WE WILL EMAIL YOU THE LINK ONCE YOU EMAIL JOBS@KIMOODLE.COM AND ADVISE US THAT YOU ARE ON THE FINAL STEP.Open the Freshbook registration email     that we sent and click the link to register.Fill in the Company Address     section using your name or alias and addressFill in the Account Details     section using your Kimoodle ID and Kimoodle Gmail account IDIn the Company Name Field     enter your Kimoodle IDIn the Login Page field enter     your Kimoodle IDIn the Profession field enter     Social Media ConsultantAgree to the terms of serviceClick Get StartedThen enter $16.50 under the     hourly rate. ***Tomorrow when you begin work, the first thing you will need to do sign into Freshbooks. Follow the steps below to start logging your work hours.Click Time TrackingSelect the lime green Start/Stop     Timer buttonIn the Project field select     First Day/ Sign-Up SessionIn the Task field select     First Day/Sign-up Session
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #77240
Jan 16 2004
08:34 PM
Quantum Tech @ Home - Future @ Home, Amy, Marie, Lisa ripoff, work at home scam, unprofessional, RUN FROM THIS COMPANY! Brandon and Seffner Florida
RUN FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! This company is a scam. I first sent my email requesting information to this company in July 2003, I then turned around and sent them $50 via ups. I called and actually spoke to a man one time and he told me that my case worker would be lisa and that she would contact me in 48 hours. She didn't!! She sent me these 3 disks that had cut and paste information and standard job list that I would be good for. When I told her which ones I wanted it took het 4 weeks to get back with me. but she did say that there were openings and that i needed to wait until nov to be hired by the airline. I sent letters and made phone calls daily. I even called the owner of the company at home (her name is barbara frost). When I mentioned being upset and that I was going to the BBB and FTC and would be filing a claim I never heard anything from them again!! If you have been scammed we should all file a suit against them. Run away from this company if you have the chance! Tiffany Katy, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
48, Report #504804
Oct 05 2009
06:34 PM
CBProAds ( Internet
When I contacted CBProAds, they indicated to me that I could make money without a website using their Clickbank Store Front website. All I had to do was insert my ClickBank ID into a form and then pay them to advertise the Store Front, which contained over 10000 items for sale. Their support said that within 24 to 48 hours I would get money in my ClickBank Account (Hits). I looked at my account after 24 hours and then after 48 hours. There was no money in the account. I emailed CBProAds support several times but there was no reply. The other thing of note is that my two debit card payments were made through I tried to get ahold of them about a refund through email or the website, but their contact information is for Vendors only. Getting In touch is like breaking into Fort Knox. I finally paid ASK.Com to get a refund from They haven't responded yet. If it is too good to be true it probably is!
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #537789
Dec 11 2009
11:37 AM
Payingclub Spam Internet
Two and half month ago I have registered to well reported website. According to addvertisement it should have been Paid-to-click work.Registration went smoothly. I begun recieving paid e-mails. Each was worth 10$.Paid-to-click links were worth 5$.What is more, they pay 100$ for a new registeredMinimum payment for free account was 5000$. In two months time I have reached that edge.After click it they said that I have been paid. I checked my online bank account. There was no transfer.I waited for a week. No results.To my dissatisfaction e-mail they did not answered.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #534580
Dec 05 2009
11:39 PM
pure2x2 The Let Down!! Internet
Dont feel too badly.. I joined and referred lots of people to this site.  In fact, when I log into the back office I see quite the downline! Most of all who are shown enrolled 2 and 3 people.  I joined Pure back in August of 09.  When I go back to my alertpay account and the initial $5 earnings I saw at the beginning, the total plugged into Pure's admin hovers around $45.  It is now December 2009 and I log in to see that my earnings are the whopping $2.90.  At one time a few months ago, I emailed someone who was sending out emails from the Pure admin, and in his short response, told me to just contact my upline.  What was my question?  I wanted to know how long it typically takes to move into the next level.  A simple direct question that this person conveniently blew off. This company seems to be sitting back and taking money.  The next startling revelation was that they decided to 'change' how they plan to do things.  The change now meant that people had a choice to move with it or not but they were now requesting the members to pay them $10 monthly.  The initial enticing factor to get into this program was the Midas Group.  This was apparently a group of wealthy beyond belief individuals who would help you, me and everyone who got in on Pure, out with their financial situations.  Now, even if this is not a get rich quick thing, which they post on their website, after about 5 months of being a member, I havent even made back my initial outlay.  Because I am not able to commit to a $10 monthly fee, I apparently have been left in the dust.  When I joined this thing, there was no monthly fee, it was based on an initial membership payment and referring people.  After a while, it seem to the admin that they had way more free members joining and it got to where this supposed Midas Group was not able to keep up.. They later came out with the fact that those that were still listed as free had a choice to make.. either pay or they would be let go. I can log into my back office and read all the conference call messages, etc.. and found one in particular.. an invite to yet another opportunity to earn money from the upline.  Great.  Just what I wanted, an invite to join another opportunity because this one apparently bites. Is it a ripoff? If you paid out  $45 and in 5 months time see $2.90 in earnings.. what would you call it.  Okay, so people come here and voice their opinions and their complaints.  What is their recourse of action once they post.  What ELSE can a person do to get justice aside from posting and exposing the website for what they really are... thieves..?
Entity: , Internet

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