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1, Report #169656
Dec 29 2005
09:29 AM
Detroit Work Place ripoff Detroit Michigan
i have report people trying to steal other people job search work to the instructor and the insdructors are not trying to stop the infractions of these people these people are using disgusting tactic to steal like putting a pampaxs in their virgina and urinating on it and sending a order or scent in the air to give you a headache or strip throat and to get you to move to get your job search infromation when go to the restroom then men are getting to the act urinating on their dirty underwear and also a senior old cacaussion woman is act like she is seninel and asking you can she help you when don't need help to steal your internet job research of jobs you have fount job searching on the internet the program is a fraud and people are really not looking for jobs but trying to scaming people to help them to get jobs for them could you investagate these infractions and aligations and claims of fraud tampering to thank you for your time Otis detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
2, Report #790415
Oct 19 2011
07:07 AM
Retirement Housing Foundation Gold Country Retirement Bullies at Work- Bullies Leave Work Internet
Between 2006 and 2007, I worked in Dietary, and while there formed friendships with some of the residents. While there I was bullied on a daily basis. I complained to my supervisor who did nothing about it.  After leaving, I was told not to come back , even though my friend said it was okay that I see them.  The company has harassed me daily since my leaving. They never apologized to me for treating me badly. Not only that, but my friend who still lives there is showing signs of dementia and needs to be in skilled nursing. She is no longer able to live by herself in her apartment. Her family doesn't come to see her very much - once or twice a year.  I want to sue Gold Country for Defamation of Character. 
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #84384
Mar 18 2004
10:35 AM
Target ripoff Austin, Texas
I love stealing customer's money and ripping them off. It's store policy. Chris Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin,, Texas
4, Report #627887
Jul 30 2010
11:17 PM
JCPenney Senior Citizen Ripoff, Internet
I am almost 69 years old and have been taken advantage of by JCPenny Vision Center. I purchased 4 pairs of glasses approx end of May or beginning of June 2010Within one month I returned to the store six (6) times because either the frames broke or the lens fell out! The sales clerk stated it looks like the the lens were made too small for the frame when asked why the frames kept breaking he replied They seem to be defective, we'll probably have to remove them from the display. During my sixth visit, while he was replacing the lens back into the frame, the pair I wore around my neck fell out while I was standing there in front of him! At that point I said Enough! and he called corporate (for the Vision Center - Marilyn ) and they refused to do anything about it saying I could use my paid warranty (cost $ 40 ) to replace the lens and frames - which would have cost me $12 and $24 per pair of glasses each)I didn't think I should do that as their product was obviously defective.  So I called JCPenney Corporate offices and spoke to Laura in charge of customer service and told her of my problems and how the Vision Center would not take any responsibility.I reminded her, when I entered the store I saw JCPenney's name out front - so I feel I am dealing with JCPenny, not someone who rents space from them. Apparently she called Marilyn (Vision Center manager - 1 866 435 7111) and eventually Marilyn called me and  she told me I had no recourse and they would not replace either the defective lens or the defective frames. I am having the hardest time seeing at the moment as I am using glasses I had previously bought at the Drugstore and their strength is 250, while the glasses I was tested for at JCPenney was upgraded to a 400 strength ( the drugstores do not sell this high a magnification) and without the  distance glasses driving is very perilous for me. I tried calling the Better Business Bureau  Bet Tzedik Legal Services 323 939 0506 but they are not returning my calls. I called my congressman Brad Sherman's office but they do not handle these problems. I paid about $247, unsure of the actual amount ( and an additional $40 for the warranty), For a senior living on a fixed income. very fixed! It is impossible for me to go and get another set of glasses without getting either this problem resolved with J.C.Penney or getting my money returned so I can go elsewhere. ( Medicare does not cover this expense ) Do I need mention the headaches one gets from squinting and using the wrong glasses? I have macular degeneration in one eye and cannot see out of that eye therefore I an dependent on the sight in my good eye - for which I need desperately  need glasses. What is a senior citizen to do? Who do we turn to for help? I did nothing to cause this problem and yet am being penalized for their defective product. Can you help me? I intend to pursue any and all avenues opened to me both as a consumer and a senior citizen who has been taken advantage of. I did nothing to cause this problem and JCPenney should recognize its culpability and honor its obligation to its customers. Sincerely,
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #603955
May 17 2010
09:01 AM
Freddie Jones Freddie J UNPROFESSIONAL STYLIST Internet
Looking for a stylist, DO NOT go to Freddie J a.k.a. Freddie Vannessa Jones a.k.a. the lady from Dallas, TX that lost the Bronner Brothers Convention in the theatrical documentary Good Hair.  In general I went to her for a trim and left with an actual hair cut.  In detail I wanted change of hairstyle, so I started looking for beauticians to cut my hair.  I ran into a bad one (besides Freddie) that razored my hair instead of cut it correctly.  After asking multiple people I was referred to Freddie with the additional comment from the person of referral stating I heard shes snappy. First warning.  I contacted her and asked if I could come in to see her work before scheduling an appointment and she quickly stated: I teach classes, I was on Good Hair and I have a website you can check out.  Note to all in any situation in life He who speaks the loudest is the quietest in battle, anyone who feels they need to throw their accomplishments or things of the like is covering something up.  I viewed the site and because of being tired of searching for a beautician, scheduled an appointment and went in.  I understand beauticians are not magicians, but if I give you a good palate to work with make it great, not worse.  I asked her to style my hair cute and out of my face.  She instantly began complaining saying my cut was bad and suggested that she do curlswhat she basically did on the two previous clients before me.   She insisted I get a shape up and I agreed, pleased not elated I, left the shop.  A month later, which is present day I scheduled an appointment for a trim.  Additional note, if the stylist starts guessing on what to charge you be mindful (for example you say how much for a,b and c and they say ummm, what did I charge you last time or uhh what was it you said you wanted), take the hint.  I went in and while under the drier viewed another stylist in the shop, liked what I saw and asked Freddie can she do my hair like the other stylists client and she began with her excuses; your hair is cut different, its too thin, her hair is coarse and cut different etc. So I told her I wanted a trim, nothing to serious because I am not ready to go too short.  Again she began with excuses stating I need more than a trim I need to get this cut and that cut. Again, I told her Im comfortable with my length and am not ready to go too short.  I told her Ill do a trim this time and consider the additional cut later.  She started cutting not trimming my hair, after she finished, I specifically asked her was it a trim or a cut, of course she said trim.  Pleased not elated about my hair I left.  After looking at my hair multiple times and asking the opinion of a friend I noticed my hair was shorter than intended.  The following day I contacted Freddie and stated I wanted to discuss my hair and that I respect her as a beautician, however I feel my trim is more of a cut than an actual trim.  She stated no it isnt and after listening to her background she stepped into a quieter area and became disrespectful.  She continued saying she strives to please her customers and what did I want her to do, I went on to say that I was seeing if she had a solution for the situation and she began to get irate.  I expressed that she is coming off that way and that that was not the goal of my call, she laughed and I told her that I was not trying to upset her, however I am disappointed with the fact my hair is shorter than what I intended.  Freddie went on to say that she has the right to refuse me service and that I do not fit the type of customers who she usually deals with.  I ended the conversation and told her that was fine and to enjoy her day.  For her to become disrespectful alone is unprofessional and for her to make that comment was the ultimate disrespect. 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #618098
Jun 27 2010
01:36 PM
Five Guys prejudice , Internet
I once worked at this five guys not too long ago and a couple of the spanish managers here are very prejudice towards black males. I don't know if they are like this towards most males who work here. but as you can see and if you look very closely you will not see one african american male working at this five guys for a reason. Many of the assistant managers think they can talk to you anyway and expect you to not stand up for yourself and when you do stand up for yourself by telling them to please not talk to you in a rude tone then they fire you. I was recently fired because I told a couple of managers that i will not put up with being disrespected or rushed when i am already working hard. The food is great and the employees work very hard but their is definitely a lack of respect for black males and this should not be tolerated at all. I tried to make this job work but it was very difficult working at this five guys when its okay for a manager to disrespect you and talk to you as if you were a slave and still smile at customers and perform your job well. If your a black male then you may want to consider a better job with nicer people who have your best interests in mind because the spanish managers here will not welcome you with open arms.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #815987
Dec 30 2011
03:45 PM
SINGSNAP - eatsleepmusic corp - singsnap.karaoke,trevor,eatsleepmusic Ottawa, Ontario
The staff at, the struggling karaoke site, has bought up the domain and is using it to try and get positive comments and replies from it's members in hopes of cushioning the hard blow it has taken for banning many many members and pissing off many many more. After the domain was purchased, Singsnap created an open letter suggesting there were a small handful of disgruntled members who conspired to create and maintain a hate campaign against the fabulous and wonderful karaoke and social network site. In reality, there are hundreds of dissatisfied ticked off customers and the number continues to grow.  The word haters was created by none other then Singsnap's owner Trevor McGuire himself.  McGuire, a self proclaimed guru of this little rainbow world, never allows any kind of negativity or any type of criticism whatsoever and will ban any member that wished to simply be a satisfied customer.  The fact is no one hated singsnap at all.  They simply hated intimidating, unprofessional staff, mentally ill volunteers and the loss of their right to speak.  The concept of the site was always thought of as fantastic.  Unfortunately, the entire concept went down the toilet as soon as members realized what was really going on. Does Mark Zuckerberg have the right to call Facebook a social networking site?  Absolutely.  Does Myspace have the right to call their site a social network as well?  Of course they can and do because it happens to be true. Not only is Singsnap NOT a social network, but the same small handful of people are the only repeat members who even bother to post on the message boards anymore.  In a bid to up membership and boost it's fast deteriorating group of members old and new, Singsnap purchased the domain. Singsnapsucks? It sure does.  Former banned members created the open forum where people could go and say what was on their mind regarding Singsnap because on the singsnap site itself, that was not allowed.  Any negative remarks concerning membership, money, or raising one's eyebrow at a concern would get you a warning and/or a ban from the site. If you pressed the issue, you were permanently banned from the site.  Singsnap is the ONLY karaoke site that bans members constantly for wanting good customer service.  Their message boards are for positive posts only. Freedom of speech is unwelcome and the volunteers and some staff used to maintain this cult world of smile and just take it up the a** regimen are mostly groups of people with severe mental capabilities which are all self admitted. Singsnap, so desperate for glory votes, needs to condemn others and attempt to boost their ratings by slamming other and posting false statements and untrue information on the open internet.  A true and last ditch attempt to make the truly crappy karaoke site something it's not. Go to the singsnapsucks,com site.  You'll see a letter from singsnap posting there.  It asks you to decide for yourself. Thing is?  You're not allowed to.  If you decide for yourself that singsnap is a lousy business and has horrid staff and stupid volunteers, you will not be allowed to enter your opinion in their reply box below the letter. ONLY POSITIVE REPLIES ARE KEPT.  ALL NEGATIVE POSTS ARE DELETED.  There is not one site or store, or business for that matter that has 100% positive remarks, comments, replies or feedback. ANY web site or business comments contain a slew of criticism.  Sometimes constructive.  Other replies will contain raving reviews while others tell you to go f**k yourself. So, how does Singsnap grab a former forum's domain, make sad attempts to use it for control and good press? Easy.  Only keep positive comments and replies.  Those comments consist of members who helped create the letter and/or created false accts to add their replies to make it appear to be a numerous amount of good wishes and cheer. Several have attempted to decide for themselves and had their replies/comments abruptly deleted.  Cult leaders will remove anyone who seems smarter then them.  More intelligent.  Strong personalities with helpful suggestions.  Anyone who is healthy.  Cult leaders will use the weak including the mentally ill to do their dirty work.  Anyone who attempts to create the perfect utopian world, will remove anyone or anything that threatens that existence. the karaoke site is nothing more then a bad singing site that should have closed a long time ago when it decided to hold back good customer service. Now?  It is using any means possible to appear wonderful and wholesome.  Many can't stand the site of that place and will always express their personal views of that asshole McGuire and his worthless web site. Yes.  I think quite a few have decided for themselves.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
8, Report #681017
Jan 10 2011
01:43 PM
The Boulevard Toni, Internet
I have worked for TBE off and on, and I have never been bullied anywhere else before TBE. One bully in particular is Toni. Toni is the night shift supervisor. One particular night he/she came on accusing me of not showing up for a shift. Toni said," You better have a good reason for not showing up last night, or your contract will be terminated right now!!!!" Well, I worked the day shift, not the night shift. I tried to tell another supervisor, but they made me look like the liar! Toni terminated my contract, even though I was telling the truth. I tried to get on with T.A.N., but Toni told yet another lie, saying I was cursing and arguing! So I couldn't start with T.A.N. I Would work for TBE again because of thehourly pay, but Toni makes it difficult to work that particular shift. The grave shift manager is much nicer. The managers should be trained to treat their agents with more respect that what Toni is giving the agents.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #739744
Jun 11 2011
08:47 PM
CPI Ex Employee St. Louis, Missouri
I am an ex employee of this company.  I worked at the CORP office in St. Louis and was offended how many people back stabbed you at this company.  When I was hired on I was a single mother and  was always worried and being bullied at this company which nothing was done.  I was afraid to loose my job because if you didn't get  30 calls a day you had a warning, If you were late  30 sec you had a warning and  3x like that in a month you got fired.  I was never fired I was laid off but I saw people that would cuss out associates on the phone who called in for help, deleted people's online info for the online pictures people go to see in the SPS studios and nothing was done.  I hope this places goes under they allow about to go wrong and yet the hard workers they treat like crap. 
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
10, Report #172728
Jan 21 2006
11:56 PM
Safeway ripoff Willcox Arizona
Mr. Steve Byrd Safeway Stores Fax # 925-467-3230 While employed with Safeway Stores, I was injured and deceived by Safeway's lawyers into closing my Industrial claim, resulting in loss of benefits and ten years of pain pills and reduced ability to work. I cooperated in a formal undercover investigation targeting Safeway management and fraudulant pricing practices; I have forwarded 60 pages of internal memos from that investigation conducted by the Attorney General's Financial Fraud Division to ABC News in New York. Safeway has accordingly discriminated against me as a whistleblower. My two year old son was killed in an accident on a tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning I called the store manager and informed him of our tragedy and asked to be excused from the four hour shift scheduled for that afternoon. his response? you will show up for work if Hyou want your job. I showed up for work at the scheduled 2:00 P.M. and was told to face shelves on the sales floor, I tried but, mainly I stood in the aisles and cried as customers tried to console me. The pain in my heart, mind and body reminds me everyday of Safeway's cruelty to me and my family. Sir; my question to you is: How is it possible that I get overcharged by your electronic checkout system when I shop at your store? I have posed this question before but, I have not received an appropriate response. I do not communicate with Safeway attorneys due to the fact I was deceived in the past by Safeway attorneys. I would appreciate a personal response in this matter. Very Truly Yours, Enness Please fax Mr. Byrd and ask him how Safeway could be so cruel to make me work less than 24 hours after my son was killed. I couldn't bring myself to return to work and notified the store manager I couldn't return. They now have me listed as a 5, unfit to work for Safeway, even though I was considered an excellent employee by others I worked with and reported to at Safeway. Safeway never apologized for their treatment of me at my time of loss. I still have nightmares. I sued Safeway for 3.7 million dollars in federal court but, the clerk of the court gave me wrong information and I lost my case before it got started. Enness Willcox, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Willcox, Arizona
11, Report #1150814
May 30 2014
08:27 AM
Spherion Unfair fireing Hagerstown Maryland
My boyfriend worked for them for five weeks.  Last weekend he feel down the steps at our home and broke his arm.  The company told him no problem let us know when you can go back to work.  On Thursday May 29 2014 they told him he was fired and not to have any contact with any body  at the company at which they sent him, this inclues any friends.  The owner of the company where he was working told him he wanted him back and not to worry that his job would be there for him.  We have come to find out this temp company fired some one for taking time off because of deaths in the family.  This temp company acts like they are doing you a favor by putting you in a job.  I think there needs to be some kind of class action lawsuit against them.  Their hiring and firing practices are wrong.  I have worked for several temp companies and I know if you get hurt they are suppost to put you as inactive and once you can go back to work list you as active.  But these people don't do that.  I wouldn't recomend anyone to work for these people.  I hope they lose there contract with the company.
Entity: Hagerstown, Maryland
12, Report #1058231
Jun 11 2013
10:38 AM
These people really truly discrimante against folks that they do not like or they think will not fit into their little chic clique or trendy clique. The job I was to be hired for is a really easy soft sell sales representative. It isn't really a sales job. It was a job asking people who qualified to sign up for a free telephone that the governement pays for. A social program for the poor indigent. It was to be approaching potential clients to sign them up with one of the free telephones with a company called Assurance. It is really easy to do and anyone can do it. But they discrimanted against me and set me up with a drill sargent type of discrimanator and hater. A hispanice fat guy who starting reinterviewing me out in the hallway outside their office. I was suppose to go out on training . But their tactic is if they don't like you or if they don't want to hire you they set you up to go out with one fat chubby Mexican and he begins he interview out int he hallway to find a reason to not accept you. But you see the job is really easy and anyone can do it. It doesn't take no rocket scientist to do the job. I really believe they discrimante against white people. Out of their whole staff I saw one white guy. That was out of 20 staff managers.  They discrimante and they hate. Beware of their hiring and firing tactics. Oh yes one more thing, they had me come in for a second interview which was on Memorial Day. They seem to not care about Memorial Day. I assumed they didn't have any idea what Memorial Day was or they didn't have anyone in their families server in the Armed Services ever before. They only want to loose looking chicks.
Entity: dalals, Texas
13, Report #1278305
Jan 06 2016
06:33 AM
Roadrunner Transportation Dishonest Practices Nationwide
Casey Bellman- Operations Manager at Roadrunner Transportation Is a lier and very dishonest! She tells people what to do and if she doesn't like one little thing. She destroys your deal. She is petty, very dishonest and even when you do what she wants,if it's Not exactly to her liking, she will destroy a contractor's deal with Roadrunner! She is a B**** and a Bully! Plus, you report to Roadrunner what she does to their Contractor Liason, he does nothing!!!! Roadrunner Transportation are untrustworthy and very unethical. Do not Lease Purchase or have any dealings with this company! Especially, Casey Bellman not a honest person. You feel like your back in high school and she's the mean girl !!!!Consider this fair warning! So not only does Roadrunner Transportation hire dishonest and untrustworthy people! But, they pay lousy too! Just FYI People stay away from this company. If these are the type of people they hire to negoiate with potential contractors! I feel sorry for the people already with them!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1229645
May 16 2015
01:00 PM
Publix Publix abuse Nationwide
 Submitted 5/16/2015 Published waiting PUBLICpublished review 5/16/15 Wow I have Read a lot of the comments everyone wrote and I believe every single word that has been written I have seen and lived through it for 28yrs. If your in good with the boys and kiss a... Then you get what you want..I started in Fl in 88 and was in good w the boys and I couldn't be touched....let's say they let me get away with murder since I was liked....I beat up 4 associates at my first store and even slammed my assistant store manager down to the floor by compacter...One clerk I fought on sales floor and Another I ripped his shoulder out of its socket and he was out three months and me nothing happened I was liked. Never any paper work filled out ever...I also had the store raided by the DEA and the store and lockers searched and I was arrested and nothing was done I was liked. So I moved to GA to buy a home and to improve my life and my first store has a cooler go down and the product was a loss so I told the assist manager that it was trash and since this was his second time and the first time he lost product so he wanted to protect his job. So he made us refreeze them. So I called corporate and let them know the product was not up to Publix standards. Well nothing done to him and since he was liked it was my turn to pay cause I wasn't liked and didnt plan to be...I wanted my work too show people the I was the best ...So in retaliation for me calling Publix they let him do my eval And not my Dept Manager who should have! and he gave me All bad scores and dogged me hard. So don't report product out of danger zone which can make people sick or very ill lets just freeze it to save money and his job and he is now a store Manager from all the a... Kissing he did. In Fl he would even be a stock Clerk. But in Ga the idea of good worker is not the same as Fl...In Fl you work hard you get where u want to go....In GA it's not how hard you work but who's a** your kissing and at first I thought I could beat that way of life here in GA without kissing a** and boy I was wrong...I fixed more shrink focus stores then any PM in GA! I promoted more asst. produce managers then any other PM in GA..,I was one of a few stores in Atlanta that hit 1m in net profit up from the 780,000 it was doing before I came. My scores for AVS was perfect 100% in every question and I did it twice at 2 diff stores and no manager in Publix has one. I have 2 and nobody thought it was a big deal why? Not kissing a** so not liked. steritech Mostly 100% rarely 98% and mystery shop my score for years were higher then Atlanta and the company but since I refused to kiss a** it wasn't good enough. I have all the records for my bid for supervisor which those numbers alone should have gotten me and interview and I didnt get one..My DM tell me days later that my RIS wasn't pushing for me. So I called my RIS and he said he pushed and I said if I have to kiss a** to get it I will never try again if my work and numbers don't speak volumes then o well. I can live with that but I never sunk down to kiss anyone's a** for a position. I have watched asst managers carry out DMs brief case to the car and buy him coffee and guess what guys he's a store manager now.....So those who still work for Publix Fire those lips up and sky's the limit. I also want to give you guys some bad news open door policy is now closed. I brought some views up in a meeting in Ga with produce RBU and he said great questions and then 3 days later I'm in office with my DM and Terry told me to keep my mouth shut. When I walked out of that room that day the assistant store manager called me black list and we laughed cuz we both knew what was coming retaliation. The first part of the abuse was the DM coming in each week degrading me and looking for issues in the dept and he could find nothing wrong so he would use were not Detail enough to lower our moral constantly. I beat the highest store in my division in Valentines sales and they hid the numbers from me and would not acknowledge my work with my store being the lowest volume and no weekend business its was a miracle but to them another day in the Park. So next 2 stores came open for PM and I was the best candidate and I wasn't even considered. Blacklist. So my father is sick in Jan2014 and I use my vacation and bereavement to care and bury him so from Feb2014 to Feb2015 I had no time off ever to really breave or rest in Nov and Dec of 2014 my body was stressed and I could only work 45hrs a week....So after New Years and Valentines I put a request in to rest and it was denied and three days later I got sick out 3 days bronchitis. So my Dr. Tells me to put in next time of request and have it say per Dr's request and guess what it was denied. So the DM and Store manager kept up on the pressure on me even being down 40hrs and given a guy the DM promoted who wasn't even ready for full time to me only made my stress so difficult to handle especially with so much fatigue. So on ST Patrick's day my new assistant failed to order clementines and watermelon and it's a I tell store manager to have my asst to get the product knowing I'm only one in dept and he tell me no and has me driving around all morning to get it. This gets good when I get back SM and DM are standing across the dept and DM John Clark is raising his hands asking me if I was ever going to get it! Not thanks for working through your vacation or thanks for getting the product our asst missed but the words Am I ever going to get it?sent me into a nervous breakdown and I resigned that day I could no longer take the abuse and was sick of the process of getting on your knees to move up. So I called HR to tell them my story and he had excuses for everything! What good are they if they don't protect the worker? They'd shit bricks if a nuetral company heard both sides and made the desicions..Funny that DM once told our hot Deli assistant manager that her dept looked like s*** but if she gave him a ohug it will be ok! Human resources had the nerve to ask my what was wrong with that? I talked to him a month later told him you had to ask me what's wrong with that DM behavior? Is he that stupid what's next? A blow ---? So I finally got my vacation a life away from a company that has dumped Mr. George's Mission and let people run there divisions like a Mafia that works on the buddy system. So managers are leaving every week and what they replace these good managers with are not hard workers but their buddies I saw it everyday for the last few years the good have hauled a** and the Brown nosers are spreading like the flu but they are held to a different standard..My DM always said I'm not detailed enough I think he must have gotten contacts when he came to my division cuz I did resets in his old division and every store was dirty all prod depts were dirty and looked like a run down flea market and it's funny all managers that know that division knows it was a dump hole. What's detail there no rats? Or maybe just small areas of flies? Or is it the cute scotch tape they use all over the coolers to hang don't know what he was seeing then but I guess it's good he can see again and now if he only knew how to follow the Mission Statement?Im sure if you pull the video from store 601 you can see john in action with the staff stories are bizarre. But who cares he's liked...for all of you Managers that are afraid to leave life is to short to be underappreciated always told you suck and nothing is ever good enough plus manager Til 6 everyday and LMAO now salary a week? So you work for free after fifty ? That's just more abuse..that one guy who posted on here life is too short to kill your self for nothing unless u kiss a** your gold.....I still respect Mr. George and feel bad with what they have done to the associate that he worked so hard to take care of and they in returned took ycare of him...I'd love to see these past AVS scores..if anyone wants proof I have documents and pics to show all my proof! I even kept the eval with lowest scores of my career for calling in bad product with the customers health and quality in mind..when klondike ice cream leaves the wrapper from the corners and is dripping to me is not sellable but boy I was wrong...Publix the only thing I can thank you for is that I would have let you abuse me for 20 more years...but you saved me I now realize too that life is too short to not have a life and you do take that away...and guess what other chains 40rs over that overtime and unlike Publix they don't micro manage or walk around the store all day to push your buttons.,..instead of letting everyone just do there job. Peace.. And hey Fl thanks for my time being liked and nothing ever done to me for my actions but I think about it now and I feel bad about the people I hurt or fought. We did have good times I remember my boss using raid bug spray to kill the flies on the tropical roots, wintergreen scented and when steritech came that was the usual plan..gotta love it.....Sad cuz I came because of the way Mr. George treated his people and now people like my DM don't breathe Publix he'd rather give hugs and promote friends to positions they have no clue being in. BTW sorry for telling RBU that You DMs think that every ballon in the store shouldn't be displayed knowing we did 12mil in balloons sales last year! DM and RD grow some balls if you can't handle Me telling Lakeland RBU that Atl is on there own page with standards on balloons. It sux when someone is trying to increase sales I guess! But poor John got his panties in a knot. I'd love to see him again I have a lot to say and I'm sure the time will come.....Game Over
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1243616
Jul 22 2015
04:32 PM
Entity: Mondovi, Wisconsin
16, Report #1159770
Jul 05 2014
05:08 PM
wildlifeinneed.comTerrible Owner! Charlestown Indiana
My mother-in-law, wife, and three year old son visits Wildlife in Need, Inc. on July 05, 2014 only to be greated with a terrible male owner. I'm not sure of his name but he publically saying I don't have a shit about your kids! not to just my son but to everyone in the vacinity. He constantly cursed up a storm and treated my family disrespectfully. I would highly recommend not going there, it's overly priced with terrible ownership that will treat you like garbage.
Entity: Charlestown, Indiana
17, Report #733360
May 26 2011
06:53 AM
wis international This letter is concerning WIS International, inventory counting, 110-420 Rue Des Meurons, Winnipeg, Manitoba - (204) 669-6505 On December 22, 2010 I attended a training seminar-interview and i was truely disgusted at how the training was conducted, by one Shane Newton using threats and bullying employees. On jan 4 2011, spoke with rob daliwater head of human resources head office for wis canada, and he confirmed that the 3 hour presentation from 9am-12noon was in fact considered as work. Under employment standards canada, only training is not paid, spoke with don at employment standards and he confirmed that yes they have to pay people for the work presentation. 1. We were told the reason we were brought in is because he was firing 10 people, do we really need to know he was firing 10 people, this to me is a scare tactic, and bullying to intimidate new employees. 2. Then he went on to tell us about one girl who called and text messaged him on his cell, asking for a friday off for a special event. He goes on to say how he checked her schedule and saw that she wasnt on lunch or break, and he texted her back telling her, she has every friday off from now on and that she is fired. Again humiliation and embarassing fellow employees, and trying to intimidate the new employees in training. 3.Also he said that he will kick people out of his work room, if he feels that they dont belong,this person is mean and sadistic, and cant even have the common courtesy or decency to wait till after the work presentation to tell people that they are not hired. 4.He told us how he likes to embarass and redicule people who are few minutes late for his workshop and how he embarassed a gentleman the day before and rediculed him in front of the whole workshop class. Then saying how he was disapointed that no one was late today ,so that he could humilate and embarass that person today 5. Also he told us how he will be watching us, and spying on his workers from hidden locations and that we wouldnt even know when he would be spying on us, this to me is intimidation. I have never heard anyone else saying how they will be spying on their employees like this before. 6.He told us hours were given on performance, saying that if you werent one of the fastest workers you barely got any hours, but he told us that he posted 38 hours of work available on the canada govt job bank, he is using lies to bring in new employees. 7.He told us that we couldnt go home, when our shift was done and that we had to go to the other stores and help them finish, alot of people have children, and this is not fair to them to have stay longer than their schedule, again no respect for people or thier private lives. I myself was humilated and embarassed during this group workshop, even though i was helping the lady beside me with her scan gun, i forgot to write down the numbers of the row during a scan, rather than just point out and explain the minor mistake, he told me to get my stuff and leave the building. I was insulted, humiliated and never felt so small in my life. He could have had the courtesy to talk to me after the workshop class wait 15-20 minutes. Instead he felt he needed to show his power of intimidation. Is this how a workshop class manager acts? Tuesday May 17, 2011 spoke with the labour board, Michele Zyla, said she spoke to Rob Daliwater and Rob apparently changed his story and lied and now claims it was a traning session,and also wis even had an employee who was in the training session to go against me, but this employee was not on the phomne with rob daliwater, i was. On Jan 4 , 2011 he told me on the phone  it was work, it has been sent up to the supervisor Donna McDonald who will look into it, but cant over turn the decision of her worker. Why is it the labour board takes the side of big business and doesnt beleive the job seeker. Wis is a crooked lying company spread this letter to all your friends, lets make this letter reach 1,000,000 people, let wis know we wont be bullied or threatened by shane newton
Entity: WINNIPEG, Manitoba
18, Report #596639
Apr 25 2010
08:59 PM
Cash Call aka Delbert Paul Reddam, Andy Coffe, Star Silverone, Sean Bennet Abusive work place bullies -civile rights violators Anaheim , California
I have never work in such abusive, unfair environment - management is trethening our jobs based on their personal agenda.  Cash Call now Dilber has a bed rep with unemployment office - they are trowing under the bus employees to cover up for filthy scam business- shame...To keep the job - we have to work each end of the month 13 days in the row - no time/day off! We have no sick time - people are afraid to call medical leave, several employees with chronic illness (such as heart problems and blood preassure) were taken out of the building in emergency car. Even they have a life treathening condicion needing immediate medical care they still got write up for unschedual time off??Management is also in favor of preassuring employees to break FDCPA -when is convinieient to any manger/supervisor to get to their bonuses...there is more to say about abusive employer and civil rights violator. The write place to talk about is AG office!
Entity: Anaheim, California
19, Report #110344
Sep 27 2004
11:53 AM
Fire Specialist ripoff Houston Texas
I started at this company as a receptionist, and then my manager convinced me to become an office manager. First I had to pay the $60 FEE for background check. After I paid the $60, (which is non refundable). I asked him if there is ANY THING ELSS I HAVE TO PAY FOR?. And he said NO. Then he asked me for another $95 for the training kit that he never mentioned before. I started the training and the big managers came and they talked to us about being millionaires and how we can make lots of my in such a short time. Then they asked me to sell their products for a minimum of $1000 in one month I couldn't do it so I bout it my self. Then another $1000. I thought if this what it takes I will do it.. No problem Then I got the final interview before becoming an office manager. And that's when I found out the money people pay for their back ground check goes to the managers above them so $20 for the office manager and $ 40 for the big bosses Not only the $60 fee but also the $95 and the money the get from selling the products. So it was kind of a commission and sale job. And also I found out that in order to become an office manager you would have to pay for all of your expenses such as office rent furniture bills everything. And on top of that you had to rep people who are in need for a job. Then I one day I was talking to one of the people who are just starting with this job and I kind have mentioned some of the stuff I found out. Then the big manager know and he fired me . Knowing that what they tell you is that you don't work for anyone you are an independent worked. That was my story with this big scamming company- if you want my advice never pay money for job. You get a job to earn money to spend money. smsm houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
20, Report #82500
Mar 02 2004
07:29 AM
Stephaine Andrews selling sex, beware Winchester Virginia
I work at a kmart,and i am a shame to say it is not a good place to work, you would think it was payton place. stephaine sells sex on the side.and lord knows that the older male employers walk around with there tounge hanging out. hoping at break time they are getting to go to lunch with her. only to know they are the lunch, mangement seem to do nothing about this matter,who know maybe they are slipping her a few bucks on the is not a good place to shop any more. i have always supported my work place, but now i looking for another work place. we are there to give good customer service, but that is carring it to far. i sure wouldn;t want to carry the name ( THE KMART SLUT) i have been there many years but i thing it time to move on. N Winchester, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Winchester, Virginia
21, Report #85154
Mar 24 2004
08:19 AM
Churchs Chicken dishonesty, treatad poor Oplocka Florida
let me start off by saying i was with churchs for five years with only one raise no vaction time working in very poor condtions with are horroble. then we had a black company name ajacc holdings that took over that was badder than the first company they had a dm name jason levy who is very rude talk to you any kind in front of the customer and even at one point chagnne me to come out side like hie wanted to fight. the manager there will sell spoil chicken to the customers and cliam sha doesnt smell it the are very cheap on getting things fixed in the store we had someone break in drivethru window in it still is not fix.they are nasty and i would never work there are ask someone to work there! cherry oplocka, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Oplocka, Florida
22, Report #48831
Mar 11 2003
07:20 PM
Robinsons May ripoff Montclair California
Ok i just got back from RObinsons May where i purchased a pair of L.E.I jeans on Sunday when i get home i come to notice they're torn from the i go back to the store to try and exchange them for another pair... they tell me i have to pay a difference cause when i bought them they were on sale and now they aren't so it ticks me off a bit but thats not even the problem. So i say ok and thought im gonna buy something else so i will keep looking around. Finally i go back and go to a different cashier cause the other wasnt there anymore... She says she can't exchange them because apparently they aren't on the receipt.. and I thought they have to be i only have one receipt...and she says yea they wont even scan and so she says whoever rang you up must have made a mistake we can't exchage them. So im like but it was your mistake i want my money back or to exchange she says oh i dont know what to tell u sorry. SO she calls up some guy in a suit and all he does is stand and smile he says yea i cant do anything for u, gets a phone call and says excuse me i'll be right back NEVER came back again. So ive been there for about 30 minutes arguing with the cashier for my money.... they bring another cashier... again NOTHING. So im holding about 100 dollars worth of clothes im about to buy and they're pissing me off. Yet at no moment i lost my temper but inside i was dying. SO robinsoms may made me take home a torn pair of jeans i paid for with proof of a receipt.... (apparently they punched the wrong numbers in) but according to them its my fault i dont know why so they did nothing for me so i lost my money and made me take home a pair of torn jeans. No one offered me anything no help nothing. So if anyone out there has a number i can call I NEED IT BADLY. oh wait almost forgot the guy in the suit says to me so u dont have another receipt i say no he says oh ARE US URE U BOUGHT THESE???? WAS HE TRYING TO SAY I STOLE THEM???????? Adriana California, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Montclair, California
23, Report #508447
Oct 13 2009
07:33 AM
Amerifirst Direct unafraid of NCDOL Internet
I worked briefly for Amerifirst Direct and can support Tommy of Atlanta's contention that Bob Neely and Jordan Cain, the owners are completely unscrupulous. I read another report, later retracted, that spoke to the bait-and-switch tactics of advertising.  I'm glad that situation was resolved once the report was filed, but feel certain, from what I learned while their employee, that for this one resoved case, there are many who have not filed a report. I was cheated out of wages.  I took my complaint to the NC Department of Labor and following an investigation, NCDOL issued a citation against Amerifirst Direct.  It specifically stated that Amerifirst Direct was guilty of failure to pay all wages, failure to pay former employee and unauthorized withholdment of wages.  Bob and Jordan said I would have to take them to court before they would pay a dime, regardless of what the NC DOL said.  I figure if these guys were so stingy as to refuse to pay what they had been told clearly they owed, even though they knew my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and would not be able to work at all for several months, -- well, they could keep the little bit of money they owed me.  Maybe that's how they afford their multiple homes, luxurious vacations, fast cars and South American wives.  I just didn't want to have to be around such human garbage any more and dropped it. Now, I still don't want a dime of what they still owe me, but I would like to see more runtled clients and former employees who got cheated file reports like this.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #389789
Nov 10 2008
02:51 PM
Patterson Services Prospective Employees BEWARE ! Mableton Georgia
My husband took a job with this company on 11-3-08 as an experienced roll-off driver. His scheduled start time was 5am. He accepted this position from Mr.Patterson and agreed to a daily salary of $135.00 per day. On his 3rd day of working there he was informed by another employee that he was only making training pay of $50.00 a day for the first 4 days of employment and then after that he would be on his salary pay. With traffic my husband got home at 7pm the first night and 6:30pm Tues & Wed night. So for a little over 36 hours worked in 3 days he is now informed he only made $150.00. When he questioned Mr.Patterson he was told it was in the 8-10 page application he signed in small print near the end of the application. Yes, I understand my husband should've caught this but this is extremely immoral on the companys behalf and on top of the fact they aren't even paying the federal minimum wage during this period. This is unethical and sneaky whether he signed or NOT! He was also informed that if he didn't complete the first 4 days of this training period (take in mind he has more experience than anyone there and din't need training) that he would not even receive his $50.00 per day. Well needless to say, he didn't return on Thursday. We figuered if they were this shady his first week it would only get worse. He was also informed that the employees there get treated worse than dogs and get cursed quite often by both of the owners. One of the owners, Cynthis is now calling wanting their Nextel returned. I told her it would be returned when he recieved a check from them. She therefore told me they would be charging him with theft.We are now in the process of having the Department of Labor, Minimum Wage & Overtime Division investigate this company. Yes, we could use the money they owe him but please dont consider working for these people unless you're ok with their fine print and how they treat people. 36 hours for free...must be good for payroll Patterson! Dakotarae1 Kennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Mableton, Georgia
25, Report #480906
Aug 17 2009
06:10 AM
COVENANT TRANSPORT Life After Covenant Crestview, Florida
It's been nearly 9 months since being layed off from Covenant Transport. They layed me off because they said I quit. The Unemployment Court didn't buy their story and I won weekly payments. After a break I found another job and am really over the experience. The administration as a whole are a terrible group of individuals. To sum up my time there: My first trainer was a pervert who tried to convince me that he was a former homicide investigator. He was demoted from Master Trainer, but that was back in the days where some of the administration still had a bit of decency (2001). The second trainer was great. After leaving for a few years I returned. My first trainer was a pervert who claimed to have gang raped women over seas during his Navy career. He owned a big home near Florida beaches and was very popular with dispatch. When I got off the guys truck they stranded me in Iowa and cut off my Comdata Card. After spending two weeks up there I spent my own funds to get to a new trainer in TX. This lady ate veggie hotdogs out of a can and multitasked by talking on one phone; texting on another and working a laptop at the same time she drove. Drive it like you stole it was her motto. Shortly after leaving her truck I heard she rolled it. Then I had to drive with a whiney lady that had no mental stability. Later I ended up on a truck with a prostitute codriver; a former butcher who refused to drive and hit a driver in a parking lot; a guy who fought with dispatch over every little thing; then a few other short timers. I've got better stories about driving than most people I know. Training was a trip too. I had one perfect student who was born to drive; two who were never meant to drive; and two that took alot of work, but learned how to drive quite well. Tommy Whitecotton is the biggest jerk in dispatch and if you ever learn how to piss him back off the veins stick out in his neck. Jimmy Shields and Paul Allen are incompetent, spineless idots. And Jessie Goodman was spawned straight from hell. Anyone stupid enough to stay past getting their basic experience are either a bit off themselves or will end up with equally interesting stories. Our government is broken for resolving such issues or they would have shut that place down long ago. Their drivers kill people and the company gets away with it by firing the surviving driver. Their training program is a joke for both students and trainers. If a student is not able to test out legitimately the trainer finds a Master Trainer to pass the student. If they don't wreck during the test, all is well. I've done plenty of complaints and finally realized that if I'd listened to others I'd have seen the pattern sooner. Nobody is special there and as long as drivers believe the lies that it is always the other person, they will thrive. It's a major head game they are professionals at playing.  The best I can say is that they taught me to stand up for myself and to recognize bulls**t when I see it. If you don't like it there move on, your sure to find something better, anything better. Don't worry, they will find more where they got you! 
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee

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