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1, Report #1388996
Jul 29 2017
10:38 AM
World book bolt program/ World book Charging me an earlier due date till finally took 2 charges in one month! Swagbucks offer company Internet
 I wrote them cause they are charging any day of the month, earlier every month, till finally I'm making 2 payments in one month! Is this illegal? Not sure but definitely unethical and I'll never buy again, never try World books! Here's my charges so far: January 13, February 10, March 10, April 10, May 8, June 5, July 3 and now July 28...payments will probably bounce since unethical and constantly moving UP my due date to earlier and earlier dates! I have another account where took payments January 23, February 21, March 20, April 17, May 15, June 13, July 10, and if they take August payment in that account I have no money now how IN THE WORLD CAN YOU BILL WHENEVER YOU WANT?! I'm gonna be so pissed off if i get a $30 bounce off cause one of these monthly payments hits my account and rejects as insufficient funds!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #618239
Jun 28 2010
12:03 AM bolt exspress, Bolt Express Recruiting, Rip-off Report, Lier's, Thefts, Scams, Corporate Theft, this co. should not be aloud to do business of any kind. raping the world Toledo, Ohio
Rip-off Report Wile the lies bolt express tells keep mounting ever higher, the drivers thy leave broke keep mounting ever so grater. the numbers of hard working Americana they leave in terminable suffering wile there greed riding pockets get bigger its a disgrace to the american way and dream. doing any business with those people at bolt is just selling your sole to the devil him self! its as if your giving up on the american way and telling the world to just lay down an let the Communist basters take over.. there money and wealth is gained by there ability to still from the hard working drivers of America. They line there pockets with greed and filth and try to make up for it with pittance of deeds. but the world sees there greed and they know you all at bolt express are dirty thieves just waiting on your next victim as number of complaints keep coming in about how you people at bolt find new ways of getting around the law and using bait and switch technique to continue you aggressive marketing campaigns and dirty counteracts that are lined with selfish disgracing ways of dirty take overs and way to allow you to still and plunder from the meek of the world as you laugh your way to the top wile taking advantage of other company assets and stilling from all the people that got you there you company will soon reek the Carma you deserve it sad how people in the coming world would even thank of doing business with you if only they new who and what you rely are dirty lying conniving that pray on the week and gain wealth by in slaving your drivers and there trucks to your abuses of contractual power .. if you sign on with this co. sell your sole to the devil first you'll come out better if you sign a load over to this co.bolt express, you mite as well forget being told the truth about your load, they take courses on how to finagle you and feed you a line of crap that your happy to eat.. there goal is to take your money not your load. read the contract you sign with them they own you and don't have to do nothing about your damages thats the bait and switch game they love to play.. now as a fleet owner well sell your trucks now!!! you'll thank me for that.. because the head game hear is if you sign with this company and your in for a big game of cat and mouse tricks.. that in the end will bankrupt you... why do you think the company has such a high employment turn around... in the trucking business.. well because there are fools like you borne every day.. like you and me that are willing for a bite of the wealth and the truth is you will only get enough to keep you coming back, out of pure need and frustration. like a bad drug.. they drag you as far as they can thin right as you start to go under! bam! you sell your sole to them to keep you afloat and now you belong to them and so dose your trucks back i n the old days the Cole mining company's use to do the same thing to there workers sell your sole to the company store and the Cole company's killed there employees one by one with out any recourse to there dollar and they ruined many family's lives leaving them home less... those people at bolt are no different they are the devil selling cheep freight to the driver and higher prises loads to the doc there wealth your misery
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
3, Report #428605
Feb 26 2009
02:50 AM
Bolt Express bolt-express Toledo Ohio
Bolt express is responsibly!!! they higher and have no policy against there company fleet owner for make them be responsible in paying the drivers they higher this is a cheep cop out for bolt this excuse is one in witch they cowardly hide under. But in reality the fleet owner could not higher me an lees bolt express approved first. when I ask to be higher ed. I had to go throw bolt they placed me with my fleet owner and thin put me throw there training curses they drug tested me and I could only take the loads they approve who did I really work for fleet or bolt not hard bolt express I did not know I would be interning in to a will pay you if I feel like it deal/job. That I busted my but to work for only to be lied to come payday you all now the game you play you all are thieves layers and cowering cowered and hide behind loop holes you found in the system you are all scam artist and the fleet owners is only there to be a smoke screen for your company a sick way of doing business you should all be ashamed of your self. you are the worst of the worst. and if you found these loop holes the truth of the mater is you'll fined others to when working with other company's on any matter bad or good your honesty level is foul to say the least..... and further more the world will continue to read about for years you all at bolt have no morels value or cooth, you cost me my house my truck and you stole from me the faith I have in honest companies along with thousands of dollars in hard working laboring work I gave to you in hopes to get payed for your a sick cowpony do not trust them Richard a farmer new albany in, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
4, Report #1313503
Jun 25 2016
11:33 AM
H2O Bolt Deceptive Advertising Nationwide
I purchased a 4G data plan.After a few hours, performance was so bad webpages timed out before loading. I used my cell phone as a hotspot to make sure it wasn't my computer or network card. Everything checked out OK. I called customer service and they said a 4G plan means I get 2G high speed data & 2G low speed data (low speed = 128Kbs). I had to reload to get high speed again. I was thinking another 4G plus the ~2G I had would last a few days because now I would have 4G of data to used before they throttled back to 128Kbs. However, because I reloaded, the 2G that was remaining did not rollover so I was back to 4G (2G fast & 2G slow). Technically, you get only 2G of usable data on a 4G plan.SCAM!!!  
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #386035
Oct 27 2010
08:25 AM
Raymond Aaron Group- Monthly Mentor Dificult Cancelation Richmond Hill Internet- Monthly Mentor Dificult Cancelation , High cost compare with other program Richmond Hill, Internet
I have registered this program on April, 2008. The program itself have several manual, to learn to practice. I learned quite a lot from that parts. and I paid for the half cost on that parts. There are another parts of the program, each month they send you a CD copy regarding a copy, the topic is randomly choosen, not related to the first parts of the manual modulars, which I found it is not useful for me, especially for my personal goals. And I also found for the serice, each month with a CD, it is difficult to follow up, so I am very disappointed on this service, especailly it called montly mentor, sounds very inividual, and personal and continuously on every month. But basically it is not. It is this monthly issue, whcih charged me about $147, per month, plus $6.00 delivery charge, plus gst, very annoying. It is a service not suitable for me, I am following the manual modualr every day, but what the monthly course for me to use it? it is not integrited with the modual. That's why I decide to cancel it. Besides, I spend $20.00 buy a book by brian Tracy, Goals, men, it is a great book. Consider the $2000.00 I paid on this program alreay, I think it is some kind of over over $$$$ spend on. Well, I am not going to complain on this, the problem is that, I wrote to Raymond mentor program, and Courtney send me a email, and told me I need to pay $500 penalty to canceal this program. If I don't agree with the penalty, she cannot canceal me from this program and will continuously to charge me until the program finish. It is this part very annoying, although I signed the contract, but the contract is based on the service they are going to supplied, and I did not know what kind of service they are, and after I spend around 6 mnths on this program and find it is not suitable for me, and I ask a canceallation, I have to pay a penalty, otherwise I cannot go very annoying me. I told her my reason, she told me that's by contract, the point is: their serivce is not good enought for my payment, $147/per month. So why I need to pay the penalty? If you hire some one to clean your place, you decide to stop to use her, because she did not do a good job, why you need to pay a penalty for those lazy job? Yes, it is a progam you can learn a lot of thing. But to anyone want to start, go before check it whether it is worth for that, or another way, whether or not this program should put more value into its monthly supply more integrated to it's key value. Reading Brian Tracy 's book, Goals! will be a lot help, Your dollar will be well spend. I have not take any Brian Tracy's course, and have no suggestion on that. Edward new westminster, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Richmond Hill,, Internet
6, Report #256417
Jun 23 2007
03:01 PM
Guitar World deciving Ripoff Hurlington California
Guitar World had a special where you could SAMPLE one free issue of their magazine and at your own decision continue to receive on a monthly basis their magazine at a set price. After deciding that the magazine was not what I was looking for. I thought that they would no longer bother me since it was only a free sample. I was wrong they continued to send me magazines and attempted to charge me for these magazines that I did not want. They never sent me anything to ask me if I wanted to continue the subscription or not they just assumed I did. When I refused to pay for the magazines I did not wish to have in the first place they continued to send my info to a collection agency. EVEN after all this they sent me another magazine, and another bill. Joe Diablo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1152393
Jun 05 2014
11:25 AM
Bolt Express Cabo Truck Refused vacation pay Toledo Ohio
I was very good to this company for over a year.  Answered phone calls from my boss Josh when I was off duty to help out with break downs and repairs, rarely missed any time off, and worked hard when I was there.  I even took on extra duties when the boss was on vacation to cover for him.  Most employees that leave screw them over and quit without notice and now I know why.  I was offered a better position at a much higher pay at another company, I was not even looking for work because I was content where I was.  I gave my written two week notice and continued to work as usual, the bosses even tried to get me to stay by offering more money and said they were sorry to see me go, also told me if it didn't work out I was welcome to come back.  A few days later when I asked if I needed to do anything to get paid for my EARNED vacation time because I had a week of unused vacation coming to me, I was told oh you don't get your vacation because you quit and then when I got upset about it I was told that if I did not like it I could just leave now, so I did.  I had every intention of completing the two weeks because I don't like leaving people in a bind.  The other mechanic quit 2 days before I gave my notice, but he just handed in his badge and left, no notice, no nothing.  I did not want to leave on bad terms and burn any bridges, but management evidently only cares about the all mighty dollar and doesn't have any problem screwing the little guy over.  
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
8, Report #1201729
Jan 14 2015
04:56 PM
h20 bolt rip off, scam wireless toys Nationwide
Made 50$ payment for unlimited 4g  service on12/31/14 ,service was suspended on 1/14/15,the reason they gave me for suspended my service was that I used excessive dada, and the only way to  on suspense service is to pay another 50$
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1208899
Feb 13 2015
11:36 AM
10, Report #1422023
Jan 09 2018
09:03 AM
Bolt Movers Theft of Services Auburn Alabama
In June 2016 Patrick Bolton of Bolt Movers purchased an ad spot to be featured on Re/Max Professional Partners presentation folders. The ad was printed, the real estate office receiver the folders, Bolt Movers received a copy of the folder with the ad printed on it. Mr. Bolton then proceeded to contact his credit card company and opened a dispute stating that the product was never printed. I am adding a photo of the finished product in order to prove that Mr. Bolton as a person and businessman is ok with Theft of Services. To anyone reading this please think about this, if Mr. Bolton is ok with theft of services for $399.00, how trustworthy of a company can this be?
Entity: Auburn, Alabama
11, Report #194133
Jan 01 2010
08:51 PM
Professional Education Institute - Carlton Sheets - No Money Down False Advertising - A down payment is still needed and we found similar information on the net for free = SCAM Boling Brook Illinois
False Advertising among other things A down payment is still needed. The material only gave general suggestions at creative ways to go about getting the down payment. We grew suspicious when at least half of what we saw on the DVD's was more of the same testimonials one would hear while watching the advertising. We read alot of the information and found that most of what we read was simple and general information that we found on the Internet for free. The forms were simplistic and again, can be easily found on the Internet. Many of the forms could easily be made on MS Word. When I called to return the package I was kept on the phone while being made repeated price-cutting offers if I would keep the program. I had to threaten to record the call and send a copy to the BBB before a return authorization number was issued. Bottom line in our opinion = SCAM We are embarrassed we fell for it! We hope you don't... Karl Escondido, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boling Brook, Illinois
12, Report #1359830
Mar 05 2017
09:51 AM
World Book, Inc. Bait and Switch-I order two books for $1.98 and they sent $100 book set Internet
 On 12/25/17, I ordered two World Book Bolt! Books for $1.98. They proceeded to send me their Welcome to Reading book set, which costs $100.00. When I contacted them and made them aware of their error. I requested a postage paid return label from them, and they told me to send them back at MY expense. I contacted my credit card company to block them from further charges. According to the letter that came with the books, they were going to be billing to my credit card $10 per month installments payments for 12 months. They keep sending me harassing emails, as if I was the one at fault. They sent me the wrong books, and I don't want them. I've told them that the books are still wrapped in plastic, and they can have them back.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1347984
Jan 06 2017
06:27 AM
VOYAGEMEDIA Sell Your Book tot Hollywood Program sell your book, hollywood, Internet
Complaint Sell Your Book to Hollywood Program.I pay'd bill 497 us dollar 05/23/2015.Voyage Media did not take actions. Only promisses.No access to my webpage dashbord. Ugly business.Many greetings, Ronald, Netherlands
Entity: Internet
14, Report #505951
Oct 07 2009
05:35 PM
WORLD WIDE READERS SERVICE world wide readers of lakewood This company drained my account Internet
I signed up to get 6 magazines for an amount of $32.00 a month for World Wide Readers of Lakewood. I authorized a one time payment off of my debit card. They ended up removed 39.95 three times that week alone. I called the number for World Wide Readers (which was the same number that was on my bank statement) and it went directly to a voicemail. I waited 2 months, then 3 months and after 6 months went by, I had still not recieved not one single magazine but yet they were still taking money. I left a message on their voicemail that I was canceling service since I STILL had no magazines and wanted my money returned. Instead my account was hit again the next day for another 39.95. I went the next day to my bank to stop payments from coming off my card when I found out they had just hit me for $600. They cleared my account clean. I had cut my debit card up and wait for a new one just so they didn't have access to my money. I was able to start a fraud case through the bank since they were also unable to reach World Wide Readers. I was told that when they tried to call they received voicemail is now full. Now mind you this is the same number for World Wide Readers that is on their website that also shows up on my bank statement. So this is not a case of another company pretending to be them. I was able to get my money back from the bank luckly. I have also filed a police report and currently have a lawyer who is helping since now WWR is reporting me to the credit agents as not paying on time. NOT PAYING ON TIME. I paid them over a $1000 in 6 months time and still never received one magazine.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1103911
Dec 03 2013
09:46 AM
Motor City bolt ons Faulty product Michigan
 This claim is in regards to faulty product from Motor City Bolt On.. I purchased a  set of wheel adaptors for my 3/4 ton pick up..after being on the truck for about a year I heard a rattling sound inside my center cap...I took off the center cap to find 3 of the 8 studs were broken.  After further investigation 1 on the other side was broken as well.  The part that REALLY irritates me is the VERY poor communication with this company..3 weeks of constant callingand emailing has produced 0 results.  My truck is still off the road and I cannot contact this business.  When I have tallked to someone I can't talk directly to the owner just some kid that answers the phone and told me he had the replacement parts in his hand and would ship them out that day..that was 2 weeks ago. Hopefully by filing this claim it might get some reults. I have pictures to substantiate the broken parts. Luckily nothing broke while I was on the highway with my kids with me.
Entity: Michigan
16, Report #1079371
Aug 27 2013
07:32 AM
Bolt Express They'll rip you off before you start working for them Toledo Ohio
At Bolt Express they will start ripping you off from the very first day, the orientation day. First thing, the drug screen. They ask you to take it, but you have to pay for it, not them. Then background check, they want it, but again you pay for it. And it's not a few bucks, it's $200 negotiable!!! Your vehicle needs to wear the company's logo - of course, you pay for it. It's only $250. The funny part is at the end, or should I say rear, on the vehicle's rear they'll place an advertise for Bolt, not a logo. Of course, they should pay you for doing advertisement for them, but that's in your dream! Now your vehicle must be equipped with an fire extinguisher. You don't have one? They'll give you one for double the price. You must have in your vehicle reflecting vest, eye protective glasses and a hard hat. You don't have them, they'll give you the pack, again for a higher price. You're done with the orientation, you want to work, but you don't have enough money for fuel, they'll give you cash advance up to 50% from the pay for the run they assigned it to you, but for what interest: 15%!!! In case you didn't get it, you asked for $300, you'll pay back $345. Now, how much they pay? Well, the rates are negotiable. At least that's what you believe. If you're fighting for a better rate, you'll end up not getting any more loads, or calling you only if they don't have any other options but you. If you don't negotiate, they'll pay you for the lowest possible rate. Still want to sign with Bolt?
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
17, Report #1096945
Nov 04 2013
07:04 PM
Bolt Express David Salyers, Salyers Trucking Wheres my paycheck?!?! toledo Ohio
 Mine is very simple....Bolt paid slowly and infrequently. How much of this was Davids Salyers fault, I'm not sure. But I am sure that David (who is a contractor for Bolt) absolutely stuffed my partner and I on our last paycheck. He was then hard to get on the phone, and when he finally answered, he produced wriggles worthy of a reptile and hung up. Nothing is ever his fault, and Bolt does share this attitude.
Entity: toledo, Ohio
18, Report #1344424
Dec 20 2016
01:09 PM
The Bolt Agency Premier Image Agency *BEWARE*Unprofessional, failure to pay employees Denver Colorado
 BEWARE**** I worked for The Bolt Agency 3 times and they have YET to pay me for my work! They also blocked my profile after contacting them several times regarding their failure to compensate I am no longer able to sign onto the site to check the status of my payment! The owner Patrick Brougham mailed me after hanging up on me when I called to ask them to confirm the address the check had been mailed to. Here is what he said to me: ******Steffany, You are a 1099 independent contractor, you knew of Bolt payment policies before working with Bolt and could not accept payment when paid on-time. You were paid on 11/30! You couldn’t figure out how to use a peer-to-peer payment system and check #9049 was then dropped in the mail, sent to 519 Swope Ave. Colorado Springs, Co. 80909. Bolt will gladly cancel the check and send you $75.00 right now via Chase Quickpay. You no-called, no-showed to an event that the bar owner then raised as an complaint to Heaven Hill corporate which obviously put Bolt in hot water and was a huge issue for us to diffuse based solely on your performance and neglect (regardless of what/who was at fault for your no-show, you should have followed the procedures in the Training Manual and contact a Bolt representative immediate, 24/7 Bolt Phone). Per your contract signed by you with Bolt, Bolt can recoup damages and losses for your malfeasance up to $250.00. Believe it or not, contracts are what hold up in the eyes of the law (EEOC and BBB). Take this issue to any lawyer and they would just raise their eyebrows at you.***** And might I add...I showed up to all 3 shifts I was scheduled for. I worked all 3 shifts, which were 1 hour each...totalling 3 hours of work at $25/hr. If I had no showed then why would they still be paying me for the full three hours of work? It's all ridiculousness and Patrick (the owner of the company) obviously doesn't know a thing about how to speak to people professionally. His last message to me basically said that they cancelled the check and if I am too stupid to figure out the peer to peer direct deposit then it wasnt their fault I didn't get my check...they are blaming it on the USPS now and refusing to accept responsibility for re-issuing a new check. Here is Patrick's text message response...letting me know that if the check got lost in the mail it was my problem not his: ****We dropped a check in the mail after the 7th, you've been paid since chase remitted payment directly to you, user malfeasance is not my issue but yours.*****
Entity: Denver, Colorado
19, Report #808581
Dec 13 2011
06:43 AM
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #284484
Nov 12 2007
09:28 PM
Integrity Program book sales door to door uses neighbors names Cypress Texas
i live in a gated neighborhood in cypress, tx -- a suburb of houston. our names are on the call box at the entrance, next to our address. although you need a code to enter, the gates were open to let in the school buses. a BALD 'man' rang my bell. i went to the door, and asked through the glass what he wanted. he said he was the son of one of my neighbors, linda. we only have 41 houses, and one street -- horshoe shaped -- with an two entrance/exits. he said my neighbor [by name] sent him down. he said he was a student at the university of houston (uofh) and suddenly, are you a couger fan?? i said not really. i asked again who he was related to. we often buy from the children in our neighborhood for school fundraisers, but soliciting is forbiden. he said he was linda's son (we have no linda), in between [he named two more neighbors]. i recognized one, one i didn't know. he went on saying that he was working toward something about sending books to students in england that would not be able to make it home for christmas -- and kept repeating that he was embarrassed because his mother made him do this. i kept on trying to pin him down on who he was, but he kept dropping names and fanned out several checks that had definitely been written by my neighbors. most were for close to $100, some over, a couple around $45 -- which was the lowest thing you could do. yes, we all feel obligated to buy from the kids. i then asked him to please get on with it, but he said he had to tell me everything. confused at how old he looked, i asked if he was the husband or the son? he jumped back laughing and said, I'M A KID!!! well, i'm 25 . . . i said 25 is not a kid. he kept on talking about my neighbors, said his mother hadn't been able to get to know the neighbor next door. i said she doesn't come to the get togethers and he said, yea, she's anti-social . . .haha. he told all my neighbors that he these books were being sent to children's hospitals. $45 books, please. i STILL wanted to pin down who he belonged to (i wasn't caught up in the scheme even yet -- just wanted to know!!). i kept asking about his mother, and he said you know her, she drives that mercedes [some number] (later, my daughter said that car is not even out yet), etc. i said i had to go tend to my girls, could he give me something to read and he litterally blew a gasket! as he backed down my walk, he yelled, it only took 30 seconds for [neighbor] to write me a check, and it only took less than that for [neighbor] to write me a check!! he became beligerent!! i told him too bad and to stuff it. that is when i knew i had been skammed. i called the neighbors whose names he was throwing around and sure enough, he had been written at least 5 checks over $100 +. one neighbor told him she didn't have her check book, and only had $40. he said he would just take that. and he did. most of them are going to stop payment on the checks if it's not too late. after speaking to them, i jumped in the car to see if i could find him and head him off before he got to the street outside of our neighborhood, but he was gone. a great day's payoff. all he had to do was get to the banks. the website is fake. i guess he had been picked up by then. i wish i had played along and called the police before he got away. i can't believe my neighbors let go of that much money that easy! they all said they felt obligated because he claimed to be somebody's son. he even spoke about our neighbor that had cancer like he knew him!! he had been told by the wife that her husband had cancer and she couldn't buy anything. that's how he got that info. as for me, my neighbor was on the way to acting class with her daughter. he then made himself a drama major, so she sent him to me wtih that story because my children are in to that as well. i have notified all the neighboods around me -- i would be more than happy to cooperate with any law enforcement that would take him down. Suse cypress, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cypress, Texas
21, Report #231509
Jan 19 2007
05:51 PM
Integrity Program - Jason Proveaux ripoff all the way around Lubbock Texas
My mother-in-law ordered several magazines totaling $138 almost a year ago. We have only received a couple of issues of one magazine and nothing from the other two. The guy claimed to have been from this area, but when we looked at his phone # (which is not a working number) it is not anywhere near here. There is no working # on the company's website and they do not respond to e-mails. They have an unsatisfactory report on the Better Business Bureau's website. Any ideas on what we can do to get our money back? Someone suggested contacting the consumer hotline from the Attorney General's Office. The BBB website says that this company in Nevada that we purchased from was sued in 2002. Lesson learned. Lindsey Lubbock, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
22, Report #280952
Oct 25 2007
06:37 PM
Integrity Program Door-to-Door Book Sale Scam Charlotte NC
I live in Charlotte, NC and the other evening, around dinner time, a young girl knocked on our door stating that she lived in my neighborhood, and was going to the Junior Olympics in China next summer for gymnastics. She said her dad told her as part of the experience, she needed to raise money for the trip, and she was doing so by selling books. She showed me a brochure of books, and when I said I wasn't interested in buying any, she said most of my neighbors had purchased childrens books and she was arranging for them to be sent to local childrens hospitals. She even had a laminated printout of the local hospitals to choose from. Unfortunately, I fell for it and let her in. She said she was working with a fundraising program called Integrity Program ( She had a so-called tax deductible receipt, brochures, and when I asked her questions, she had all the details down about the Olympics and when it would air and what channel we should watch. She even told me she would get extra points for the program if I commented on how her sales presentation in the comments section of a form. Needless to say, she was pretty convincing (other than the fact that she smelled like cigarette smoke - this should have been my first hint that the gymnast story was not legit). I wrote Integrity Program a check for over $50, but I felt really uneasy about the transaction so I started doing some research today. I called several neighbors that also were paid a visit from the girl, and one had a completely different experience. My neighbor asked the girl 20 questions and the girl fumbled, and couldn't explain the gymnastics studio she was working with, had no identification, and could not provide contact information for anyone who could verify her identity. After my neighbor became stern with her, she changed from innocent teen to vicious woman and left. Anyway, I now have read countless ripoff and consumer reports on the Internet about the Integrity Program scam, and have cancelled my check. Diane Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1305650
May 15 2016
10:08 AM
The Bolt Agency AKA Premier Imaging Marketing and Promotions BOLT AGENCY SCAM - RETRACT CHASE QUICKPAY BEFORE YOU GET TO IT! Denver Colorado
Throughout the four years I've been working promo modeling and liquor sales, never has an agency been as disrespectful and plain scummy as Patrick from The Bolt Agency AKA Premier Imaging and Design. I had no idea about the latter name until I ended up having to research these con artists online. It pains me that I even have to go so low to feel the need to report this agency. I have had my fair share of bad experiences in this industry.. But it is expected- to an extent. Patrick Brougham from The Bolt Agency (or Premier Imaging and Design) completely overstepped his boundaries and is a disgrace to people in management positions in this field. To make a long story short, I connected with the agency through some sort of social media (always networking). Spoke with Patrick on the phone for almost an hour.... Had a pretty good conversation- he even had me fooled!! When they say something is too good to be true, it usually is. He offered me 30$ an hour for a 3 hours promo for Arta Tequila in Brooklyn. Not only did I get harassed by the Russian account owners my whole time there, Patrick sent my Chase QP of 90.00$ and retracted it the same day. When I contacted him he refused to say anything over text or email (he thinks he's slick). Well I refused to talk on the phone with a piece of scum... Just to be harassed further like I've seen he's done to other girls? Google is a great tool. Anyway I lost out on 90$, Patrick and the Bolt Agency are moving on up with their scamming and money laundering schemes... karma will determine all. I'm just here to say happy spring and ladies don't get involved with The Bolt Agency AKA Premier Imaging and Design... and if you do, be prepared to work for free :)
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #229810
Jan 10 2007
04:06 PM
Integrity Program, Integrity PGM ripoff scam magazine & book subscription door to door Las Vegas Nevada
A girl came to my door four months ago saying she was trying to earn points for college. Her journalism class was going on a trip and she needed help earning her trip by selling books and magazines. What made me fall for this is that she told me she knew my neighbors well and that her and her family were moving into the new house at the end of our stret. I have emailed this company several times but I have never received my books or a refund. I've made a complaint to the Washington state Attorney general's office. April Edmonds, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Nov 05 2014
03:01 PM
Full Race Supply David Hitt Owner sold a new chevy motor with a bad oil leak at first start up and said to bad fix it yourself Yucca Valley California
Full Race Supply sold bad crate motors and not fix the problems David Hitt owner say to bad fix it yourself bad oil leak at first start up had to take motor out of car and fix pan gasket cost 600 dollars i ask for 300 dollars David Hitt owner hung up phone never called back didnot answer e-mail he did nothing donot buy from Full Race Supply Very Bad Company   Thank You Dave  Reno Nevada
Entity: Yucca Valley, California

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