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1, Report #544882
Dec 26 2009
09:47 AM
Shule Sun/Kauyps Korea Deal + Many More Names This Company Stole $1,000's From Myself & 14 Others For Electronics Ordered That Were NEVER Shipped! Beijing Internet
I was referred to a company named Kauyps  (they have a website of the same name-along with at least 16 other aliases) from a friend, or so I thought.  Apparently, this company has a way to hijack someones email account and send a fake message from them.  So, since I thought this friend had bought a computer from them, that they were a safe company.So, I contacted them, the website looked legitimate, the people I instant messaged were very helpful, etc.. The company seemed to be genuine and they said they could do dropshipments, so I would not have to keep an inventory myself.  It seemed a perfect way to supplement my ebay income.  So I listed 3 items on ebay.  Well, this started a frenzy on ebay and people were begging me to list more items, so within 2 weeks, I had sold Mac Computers, iPhones & Canon Camera to 14 different customers.The company had me wire money into their bank account from mine for every order.At first they supplied shipment tracking numbers, so I still had no reason to suspect anything was wrong.  Then they told me that 7 of the boxes were held at customs and I needed to pay a 40% tariff to get them released, so stupid me, paid it!This is when the lies started from them.  They said that three of my payments did not get to their bank account.  I supplied proof from my bank and still they said their bank had not cleared the funds.  They wouldn't give me the tracking numbers for the boxes that were supposedly already sent out.  They stopped responding to my emails.  I used their Instant Message system to trick them into talking to me but all I got were lies and more lies.Because of all of this, I am being thrown off ebay and PayPal, I owe 14 people A LOT of money and I have NO money to give them.  I am in BIG trouble now!I am starting with you because I don't know where to turn for help!  Is there anything that can be done to get this money back or at least part of it?  Can anything be done to this company?  What about the website getting shutdown?Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  If you know any other avenues I can try as well.  I want to make sure that these people can not do this to anyone else!!
Entity: Beijing, Internet
2, Report #1285915
Feb 08 2016
09:00 AM
Entity: Internet
3, Report #116750
Nov 08 2004
04:06 PM
9278.com ripoff from 9278.com on their calling cards Internet
Beware of the rip off from 9278.com on their calling cards! I bought a calling card ($100) on 10/16/2004. It worked for couple of calls and then stopped working with the Pin stating 'Invalid PIN'. I reported the issue with customer service (four times, after waiting half an hour or more every time before I can talk to one live person). Every time I go through the same process and get similar response saying we'll open a ticket and technical team will resolve it. They asked me to try after 20 mins, a day etc and nothing worked and still have the issue. They neither give the technical support correct number (one time I got a number which doesn't even exist in US directory!) nor I could speak to the manager/supervisor. I tried even contacting thro' emails and in fact the mails bounced back from ecommerce@9278.com. An email to customerservices@9278.com had no response. Beware of this scam from this company (9278.com) and never ever get cheated by this company! Suit Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #323618
Apr 04 2008
08:08 AM
DRI WWW ELEMENT5 INFO, element5.com charged my card for $167. . .Nationwide
DRI WWW ELEMENT5 INFO charged my card for $167. I have never heard of them, or authorized any charge for $167. Kevin from California ., CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #361486
Aug 11 2008
07:23 AM
I googled and saw this and it saved me. I wanted to enter my own comments in case it would help someone else. I was traveling and my wife was reconciling our bank statement and saw charges from: TECHASSISTSITE.COM - WWW.768SUPPORT.COM - COM-PAY.COM She was wondering what these were for so called the bank. The bank said they were affiliated with any number of XXX websites which I won't disclose here. The next thing that happens is I am a guilty of subscribing and searching these sites (talk about a nice experience with the Mrs.!) ....only problem is.....I am NOT. You wouldn't BELIEVE the headaches this has caused me. My bankcard has since been cancelled and I am filing fraud reports with my bank. I tried calling the numbers on the bank statement and get no one. I am about to change to Chase because I saw that they blocked these transactions, while my bank (Nat City) just let them slide through. In researching one of them, it looks like a Barnes & Noble withdrawal, but it only has Barne on it.... Bottom line is these truly ARE scams. We need to stop them so it stops anyone else from being a victim of these scams. The people (that is a generous assessment) NEED to be stopped. Wopper - CLE Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #474264
Jul 28 2009
02:42 PM
Www-buy-2009.com hacked my email contact list Internet
buy2009 hacked my email contact list and sent a email supposedly from me advocating that I bought an imac computer from then and that it was a good site to buy from. Gerry Monterey, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1197201
Dec 22 2014
10:56 PM
City Painting and Remodeling, www painting-and-remodeling com Sells Leads www painting-and-remodeling com Nationwide
www.painting-and-remodeling.com www painting-and-remodeling com www painting-and-remodeling com City Painting and Remodeling This is not a real paint company. They advertise on every large city on craigslist and simply sell leads to painters. They are not real and are a scam. They want $20 per lead to many painting contractors. Do yourself a favor and hire someone else do not waste your time filling out information on there website. All business is done via email/text you can never soeak with anyone with these scammers.  
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1151514
Jun 02 2014
01:39 PM
www. webs .com Webs.com Accessed $29.95 from my deibt card & I've never herd of the place, I have better things to spend $30 on silver springs Maryland
Never herd of the place nor need it , but by chance I caught it on my bank statement 29.95$ Bastard stole my money without me even knowing
Entity: silver springs, Maryland
9, Report #1101187
Nov 21 2013
10:21 AM
age121.com WWW.AGE121.COM , WWW. AGE MEDICAL.COM AGE RECRUITMENT.COM AGETRAINING.COM WWW.AGEENTERPRISE.COM fraudster, SCAM ARTIST , GUTRPAL and ANTONE hUSBAND, fake helathcare training £250 scamming job seekers london Alaska
www.age121.com www.agemedical.comwww.agetraining.com www.agerecruitment.comthe company is rip off and scamming people out of £250 for stupid CPR AND MANUAL HANDLING YTRAINING . ADVERTISING JOBS PROMISING JOBS AND CHARGING £250 FOR SOME THING THAT £60. I apply for one of their job advert they call and tel me to pay for training one day £250 promise me job after, and nothing . they didnt even interview me or fill application form it was a stupid idea.please dont fall for their trick  i investigate and find out that they have change their name more than 4 times.
Entity: london, Alaska
10, Report #784059
Oct 04 2011
08:17 AM
WWW. Vitasprings. com H &L WorldWide. Inc. This report complements two others that site this online company as fradulent Internet
On 28th August I placed an order for a herbal health remedy and paid $ 45 for it (including delivery). The international delivery time was estimated to be approximately two weeks.  Five weeks later there is no sign of the product ! My suspicions of a scam were confirmed when the US postal service indicated that there was no such tracking number as the one provided by the 'firm' Be warned !!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #708568
Mar 21 2011
07:30 AM
WWW GRANTASSIST COM I have no idea who these people are and was just cking bank acct and have an unauthorized charges Wisconsin
Was cking my bank acct on line and discovered and un authorized charge of $57.93. I have no idea who these people are, how they got my acct information as I have already had problems with buying items on line and ceased after more withdrawels were being made around Christmas 2010 this is the only information I have WWW GRANTASSIST COM SWIEQI MT  its not even a valid website this will really screw up my checking acct
Entity: , Wisconsin
12, Report #1082393
Sep 06 2013
07:13 PM
www policeabuse.org/com / kamau Diop/aka Don Jackson Watch Out! This is the real deal scammer. l thought l was hiring an investigator to investigate the murder of my brother while in police custody,at my most vulnerable state, he had me to send him $6100 and he did absolutely nothing but take my money. Be ware. Tallahassee Florida
be aware of the real scammer. he is the real deal. the policeabuse.org is nothing but a comlete internet/website scam. kamau Diop pretends to be an investigator that will investigate police misconduct. he did absolutely nothing but lie and take $6100 from me under the pretense of investingating the murder of my brother while in police custody in 2007. to this day, i have never been able to get my money back from this crook because the tallahasse, florida police is to lazy to investigate and i do believe they tipped him off when i was investigating him. dont be fool by this souless devil who promise you everything at your most vulnerable state. be ware,dont let him rip you or anyone else off. pass on the word about policeabuse with kamau diop.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
13, Report #1305031
May 11 2016
04:00 PM
WWW NEWTOYSZONE COM I have never heard of this company but they still managed to steal 9.33 from my bank account on march 28, 2016. I plan to file a report with the FBI on them for internet fraud. This is the second time they have hit me. Last time it was one of my credit ca New Toys Zone Stole Money From Me unknown South Carolina
On March 28th a company using the banking id www.newtoyszones.com stole money from my bank account. This is the second time they have stole money from me. The first time they charged a credit card I never use so I was able to prove fraud and prevent the loss. This time the same company stole $9.33 from my bank account .I plan to file a complaint for internet fraud and credit card fraud with the FBI and the South Carolina Attorney General so these criminals can never rip me off again. I still have the fraud documents from my credit card company. Those documents and this web site will make it very easy for the law to track these crooks down and toss them in jail for the next 20 years. I hope you are reading this New Toys Zone because when I am done with you you're going to be spending $150 grand of your stolen income to pay your fines for internet fraud just before you get free room and board at the federal pen for the next 20 years as that is the penalty for internet fraud.Say hi to big bubba and be sure to pack lots of soap on a rope. You're going to need it you lousey sleeze. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1017944
Feb 21 2013
10:09 AM
Gunbroker LLC WWW GUNBROKER COM Gunbroker Block Unauthorized CC Charges Internet
My issue is with gunbroker's claim to own your stuff once it's listed on their site, and the Big Issue is with Gunbroker's provision of zero customer service in the event of a problem. If an extenuating circumstance arises while an auction is in progress and the item has a bid, the seller has every right to cancel the bid and end his or her auction - however Gunbroker will not allow that, citing their unenforceable adhesion contract. Gunbroker will charge your card for goods that were never sold via their site because they refuse to end listings with a bid when the item up for auction has been lost, stolen, or has been sold locally.  To add insult to injury, gunbroker.com provides zero customer support.  File a support request on their site and wait several days for a response, or try calling their number 720-223-0164 and see how far you get. Unless you have an extension number gunbroker will terminate your call. Therefore Gunbroker's adhesion contract is unlawful because a company which provides zero customer service/support and asserts its intent to enforce an unenforceable contract has no standing to enforce any such contract. In the event the site attempts to charge you for fees not incurred, the suggestion is to block such charges by informing your finance company of the gunbroker cc charge code:   WWW GUNBROKER COM 720-223-0164 GA  I am very surprised that the gun owner community allows this type of  company to operate at the miserable level of existence it does.  Gunbroker reflects poorly on all internet commerce sites....  worse than that, Gunbroker's business practices reflect poorly on gun owners in general (as may be verified by reading the myriad of other complaints on this site) and tends to reinforce the popular notion that gun owners are knuckle-dragging nose-picking morons - what a shame.   Montoya
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1421822
Jan 08 2018
01:05 PM
uscoaforyous.com/ uscoaforyous http://www..com/ Cloned Coach website sells counterfeit Coach handbags
This looks like a legitimate Coach website - http://www.uscoaforyous.com/ - however without the information of a physical location of the site. There was some indirect hint on its location in Canada that appeared to be untrue. Ordered a couple of Coach leather bags and got ones made from low-quality synthetic material which looked cheap, poorly-made and completely different from those ordered. Both bags had the same tag in spite of the fact they were completely different models. When I scanned the tag, it appeared it belonged to a one more - different - Coach bag model. Bags were shipped from China and communications with the seller were via the third-party company. It seems very much as a Chinese website selling counterfeit Chinese-made Coach handbags.    
Entity: Internet
16, Report #23621
Jun 28 2002
06:51 AM
37.com web email service i cant get my mail. been questioned if they may be in with worldcom victimized many consumers
I have not been able to get my mail in four days. Been trying to consolidate bills and was to the final point on a few but was going thru internet, not the phone due to mu hours spent away from the house. And also going thru travel arrangements to Maryland, and dont know where i stand on that. I really need my mail, and they gave no warning either to the consumers by posting on there web site, nor a e-mail stateing they are having problems. No way to get a hold of them. What and How could I get results a.s.a.p. with out knowing where to go off the web page for help? I can't find a way to get them a note. They are the best web site for free e-mail when they are open for biz. I really hope they will be back, but they have all my addresses. Help!!!!! thank you for being here, glad to see the info on world com, my daughter cant even use her cell phone either due to that company and she is always being billed for using a aneiheim repeater, they knew where she lived, and she got a bill each month for long distance, (roaming charges) while she still is in pacific time zone which is the way she was hooked up was not a roaming area for her. terrible, just terrible what businesses do to us now a days. hank you once again for being here. lori salton city, California
Entity: www.37.com, Nationwide
17, Report #720696
Apr 28 2011
07:06 AM
nikefrees30.com 24sneakers.com airmax2010shop.com bestnikeblazers.com bestnikelunar.com nike-freerun.com nikefrees.com nikefreesale.com nikefreesrun.com shoxr4shop.com www.24sneakers.com www.airmax2010shop.com www.ai Sold fake nike shoes, no refund, no phone number Internet
I placed an order on 4/17. Hours after placing the order I realized I made a mistake.  Will not cancel/refund my order. I tried to cancel it less than one day after placing when I realized I made a mistake and was buying fake shoes. No info on their site about canceling. Then Paul offerered $53 dollars in poor english. I am demanding a FULL refund. No contact phone nember for website and visa masterpay never answers any of their three phone numbers or email. Other fake sites he is associated with are: (((ROR redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #652211
Oct 18 2010
08:43 AM
Ron Cody Dba PHD Pharmaceuticals www. phd10.com Theft of Product/Services Greensboro, North Carolina
Be advised that PHD Pharaceuticals is operating their company much like a Ponzi Scheme, using revenue to pay employees and operate while leaving vendors and suppliers in a state of non-payment. This company feels it is their right to pay invoices at their discretion if at all. Be wary that if you do business with this company their is a good chance that you are purchasing product that has not been paid for and enabling this behavior.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
19, Report #1076732
Aug 17 2013
05:40 PM
Home Buyers Resale Warranty www.2-10.com Denied claim with basis of pre existing but happened after move in Denver Colorado
We recently bought a house and had a very thorough home inspection done. I was here during the inspection and all utilities were on as the home inspector had to test all the appliances and check for any leaks with water, gas, drainage, and sewer. All passed. We closed on Wed July 30 2013. I had started moving stuff into the basement immediately. That following Sun I started smelling natural gas coming from the furnace/warter heater area. I called the local utility company to come out to verify and they did find a leak at the main line inside our home at the fitting that runs to the water hearter, stove, and furnace so they shut off the gas coming into the house. I called them to file a claim and they gave me the number to the plumbing company that they use. They immediately denied the claim to fix the problem that we have. We got this warranty just for problems like this. I immediately called my law firm as I am a member of Legal Shield, formerly Pre Paid Legal, to handle the matter. They wrote a letter demanding this issue get honored as they are suppose to according to what 2-10 claims to do. We also had to pay a $100 copay for a job that has not been completed. We have to bath using hot water heated in a rice cooker just like they do in 3rd world countries. Anyone buying a home I advise that at your closing look at the papers very good and make sure this warranty company is not onyour settlement statement. As of today, 8/17/2013, this matter is still not settled. If this matter is taken care of by the warranty company, I will write another report to as to how the issue is handled.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
20, Report #683058
Jan 15 2011
04:31 PM
1&1 Internet Inc. www.1and1.com Stay Away From 1and1.com Stay Away From These Idiots! They Can't Even Get Your Name Right! Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
Stay away from these idiots - they wont even get your name right! An IT employee from my company was terminated.He stole and registered our companys website domains under his own name.My company paid for the website with a company credit card.When confronted with returning the website into my company's name - the ex-employee refused. When 1and1 was requested to turn over the website into our company name - 1and1 refused. These people are worthless - they would rather side with a two-bit thief rather than investigate and take the appropriate action that was warranted for a medium sized business. When asked to speak with their owner - their customer service reps refused! Stay away from these idiots - you have been warned!
Entity: Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
21, Report #466912
Jul 01 2009
06:41 PM
FITH THIRD BANK, 53banking I changed to FIFTH THIRD BANK, 2 months ago, and I'm on disability, I've been overdrawn, for 2 months. CINCINNATI Ohio
I am on disability so I don't have much money to start with. The reason I switched Banks, is because I thought my other banks fees were to much, and I was told 53 was a reasonable bank. My daughter tells me that I'm to trusting, and I know a few of them were my fault. I could have understood paying overdraft fees, of $25.00 or $35.00, but FIFTH THIRD did not stop there, they also charge $8.00 a day over the $25.00 or more fees. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to trust any bank. I don't remember reading or being told about, the overdraft fees, and having to pay $8.00 a day until you get them caught up. At the rate they are adding up, they may as well take my whole disability check this month. I'll be lucky if I have enough money left to buy my medicines. I'm not sure if I'm writing a ripoff report or Just telling what is happening to me after reading some others reports. Meme Mount Holly, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: CINCINNATI, Ohio
22, Report #84752
Mar 21 2004
01:10 PM
Www.4cards.net ripoff Internet
bought Win xp professional cd it was invalid and can't use it. took my money for nothing! R I P O F F !!! Roseann Monroe, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #670600
Dec 11 2010
06:15 PM
www.110mb.com HOSTING SERVICE SCAM Internet
 WWW.110MB.COM ( HOSTING SERVICE SCAM )  It's just unbelievable what this company is doing on internet !!!!!!! I signed me up as a free member at first and I had serious problems because they mask their URL and they use dishonest tecniques to mislead their customers. After all the damage that they cause they explain their scam as maintenance problems. One day you acess your account from one URL the other this URL disappear and you just don't know where to log you in.  So I decided to take the final proof of the scam and I upgraded my account.  I believed I had paid them $50 to have my account upgraded. They created my upgraded account and since them I'd never had access to my account files anymore. All my images, and other stuff GONE, no way to access anymore. ISN'T THIS OUTRAGEOUS ???  Since then I have been e-mail them periodically asking for a solution. And they just don't solve any problem at all. They take your money and just laugh at your face saying YOU ARE A STUPID !!  BUT we have scams reports to report them and we'll always have email blasts to damage their credibility and say to the world what kind of business they are running.SCAM...SCAM..SCAM..        
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #179418
Mar 05 2006
01:25 PM
Www.7500credit.com ripoff - bank fraud Internet
the company promoting itself as www.7500credit.com has also apparently been involved in a loan scam. the phone numbers they provided to me were as follows: 1-866-250-8084x5990 (company name given at this message has changed at least three times since i began dealing with them) 1-310-425-4455 (emergency number that proved to be disconnected when i called it) 1-310-601-7638 (direct number) having left repeated messages at various of these numbers regarding the possibility of obtaining a substantial debt consolidation loan, i finally was contacted by the woman apparently running (fronting?) the company. trusting soul that i am/was, i gave them my debit card info over the phone. shortly thereafter, instead of the 39.97 debit that i had expected, i was treated to a debit on my account in the amount of $958, which someone not myself used to pay their sprint bill. (they also attempted to put through a charge on my account for $1000 for either golf equipment or golfing fees which my tremendously quick-on-the-uptake bank finally decided to block). i received a credit on my account (which i have since closed) to cover the charges and insuffficient funds fees levied by the bank. the feds better find these scumbags before i do. Roy montclair, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #394589
Nov 25 2008
03:44 PM
200CASH COM PREAUTHPMT WWW.200CASH. 200CASH COM Taking money from bank account without being approved for loan. Internet
I had applied for a cash loan of 200 from the following website: https://www.200cash.com/secure/member.html. Since I never heard from them regarding my loan approval they start taking money from my account ranging from $19 - $44. These withdrawals are being tacked on along with nsf feed from my bank of $34 each time this www.200cash withdrawls from my account and now I am almost $400 in negagtive. I have contacted my back and are looking into this website scam. For those looking at cash loans beware... of this www.200cash.com website. Nancy Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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