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26, Report #277145
Oct 04 2007
05:48 PM
3DGirlz.com Www.3dsexcash.com 3DGirlz.com 3girlz.com FRAUD SCAMMER CON ARTIST Portland Oregon
The website www.3Dgirlz.com is run by a scammer , fraud , con artist that conned us out of thousands of dollars. Beware. Don't let it happen to you. COLTON BURGESS Addr 1 8269G SW WILSONVILLE RD STE 138 CSZ WILSONVILLE OR 97070 Country UNITED STATES OF AMERICA http://egov.sos.state.or.us/br/pkg_web_name_srch_inq.show_detl?p_be_rsn=1089850&p_srce=BR_INQ&p_print=FALSE More info found about this Fraud: http://www.neverwinpoker.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=42898&st=20&p=676255&#entry676255 Posts under several aliases/usernames including: cmoney69 Therealcomoney chef dandruffspenis cApTaInSaVe_A_hOe bharris troy powel Kursk Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
27, Report #344803
Jul 02 2008
03:17 AM
Crestview Lending Group Loan Fraud South Bend Illinois
Today is 6/26/08. I found other rip-off reports on Crestview Lending and felt it would be remiss of me not to include my experience with this supposed Lending Group. I received a phone call from from Patrick Reed on or around 5/28 stating that I had been approved for a loan of $5K and all I needed to do was supply four monthly payments upfront and the loan would be released to me w/n 24 hours after payment had been received. I sent the money, $900, via MoneyGram to a Caroline Weaver in Canada on 6/6 and awaited my loan. The loan was never deposited into my account as per my signed agreement. I received a call from a Jeremy Fenwick stating that the insurer of financier had re-reviewed my loan and in order to process it they would need an additional four months in advance. I explained my situation to Jeremy and he told me that I would be refunded on 6/27 of the loan or I could provide the additional funds before the the 27th and receive my loan. I was able to come up with the additional deposit a few days later and waited my loan again that he told me would be released w/n 3 hours. No loan. After several attempts to reach Jeremy he seemed to be concerned and said that he would speak with Accting to see why my loan had not been released at 3:00pm that Friday. When I called him back he said that the financier had backed out and that they were not supposed to do that and that they would be punished to the full extent of the law. He was able to find another loan for $8k and would work out the terms. When we next spoke he wanted me to send an additional $700 for a deposit to secure that loan which was supposed to be released immediately. I flat out told him that was not doable. If I had money to keep sending him, then I would not need the loan. I asked for my money back again when. He said I would be refunded still sticking to June 27th and that they would add an additional $200 to the refund. So I am supposed to be refunded $2028 per Jeremy which is the two payments of $900, the money gram fees and the additional $200. I expect my money tomorrow and will be calling in the morning to ensure the release of my funds to my account. CF Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: South Bend, Illinois
28, Report #337322
Jun 05 2008
08:41 AM
Anthony & Joseph Charles Doucette used My merchant account to Fraudulently dupe unsuspected customers out of their loot! Colorado Springs, Colorado
Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us) is a bottom feeder, a low life, flesh eating scum who has scammed countless unsuspecting immigrants from their hard earned cash from a call center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We went to work for Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us) back in October of 2007 for a company called Liberty Legal Services. After being on the phone in his call center for approximately one month, we realized that customers were not getting the service that they were paying for. Not long after that, a local news team (Channell 13) did a lead story on how Liberty Legal Services and Charles Doucette were ripping off people from their hard earned funds. At around that time, after countless lies from Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us) and multiple customer service calls about people not receiving what they paid for we decided to end our employment with Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us). From there we had opened our own, HONEST, company providing the same services. After our departure, our troubles began with Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us), who was now hiding from the news cameras in Colorado Springs. He began referring his very upset customers to our HONEST business. This tied up our phone lines with individuals who thought that we were the culprits who had taken their money. He also began placing fraudulent ads about our company having job openings using Craigslist. He placed ads all over the United States encouraging people to call and act as though they required our services. They would proceed to follow a step by step dictation of what they falsly required tying up our phone lines and taken up precious time. Another scumbag move by a scumbag individual! Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us) also sent letters and emails to customer saying that their funds were fraudulently handled through my individual merchant account. By doing this, the customers therefore cancelled transactions and unknowingly caused me serious hardship with my merchant account company. Charles Doucette's co-conspirator, Debbie or Betty or Betsy Stillson or Malstrom (libertylegalservices.us) (whatever she is going by at the time), is running the scams upfront while Charles Doucette hides behind his computer, smoking cheap pot, exposing his fumes to his employees in his am meetings and thinking up new ways to scam unsuspecting customers out of there hard earned loot. Charles Doucette (libertylegalservices.us) also EXPLOITS his pre-teen and teenage children to de-fraud customers at his office. He would remove his children from school and make those poor children take and make calls as early as 7am and during all hours of the day while they should be able to just be children earning a honest education. Who knows what type of an impact that this has had on them and their abitlity to know right from wrong. Also, the impact that this makes on their health and well-being. Their are more immigration consultants from Colorado Springs who will be negatively impacted by Charles Doucette's actions and inability to act as a responsible, honest, forth-right human being. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP CHARLES DOUCETTE (libertylegalservices.us) BEFORE HE HURTS AND DAMAGES THE LIVES OF MORE PEOPLE! If you believe that you may have been duped by Charles Doucette ,(libertylegalservices.us) please contact his call center (1-877-421-6678, libertylegalservices.us) in Colorado Springs and demand a refund or have an attorney get involved. Also, you may contact the Colorado Springs Police Dept and District Attorney's office. If there are any attorneys out there who think that we may have a case against Charles Doucette, please contact Joseph at 1-888-572-1822 or Anthony at 1-866-630-3604. Also, if anyone would like to send any documentation that they may have regarding Charles Doucette and his scumbag ways, please email (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Anthony colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Springs,, Colorado
29, Report #199377
Nov 26 2008
01:08 PM
Florida Wildlife Commission 0 Jefferson Company - Wacissa River - Aucilla River - Officer K. Harvey game Rangers ripoff, law enforcement corruption, abuse of police power Tallahassee Florida
Hello everyone, The purpose of this notice is to let everyone know about the low-down actions of some of the officers of the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission. On July 2, 2006 my family and I were at the Wacissa (also known as the Aucilla) River on a canoe trip. We had very little practice with a canoe and the canoe was brand new and we just wanted to try it out. The Wacissa River is one of the easiest canoe trails in the state of Florida, so we decided to start with it. It is a very popular spot with the locals, many of whom picnic, drink beer, and party there. On that day, my husband, son, and ex-husband were in the canoe, paddling around enjoying the scenery (alligators, clear water, fish, vegetation). About two hours in, a game ranger named Ken Harvey (we later were told he was a rookie) arrived and hung around, basically running everyone off, and being an all-around buzzkill. To make a long story short, he disregarded all the airboats, motorboats, and motorized fishing boats, to focus on the three in the canoe. He said that they were not paddling in unity, they were paddling erratically, and they were not going straight in the canoe. This gave him probable cause to give them field sobriety tests, which they all passed. Then he took them to the Sheriff's office in Jefferson County to give them a breath-analysis test. All three blew exactly the same amount, which is highly unlikely in any case. They passed this test, and then were given urine tests. In the end, they were arrested, and charged with Boating Under the Influence; each count carries a fine of $2500. The state of Florida depends heavily on tourism and I thought everyone should know how law enforcement officers abuse their power in this state, before making any vacation or outing plans. Above all, be aware that, if you are in a canoe, you and your passengers should be able to paddle like Olympic paddlers in order to avoid scrutiny by unscrupulous, lying game rangers on a power-trip. Thanks, Rhonda Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
30, Report #1062439
Jun 27 2013
12:28 AM
1&1 Internet 1&1 1and1 1 and 1 www.1and1.com IS REALLY Sedo sedo.com mail.com erblaw.com erb law firm united-internet.d 1and1 1&1 aka Sedo sedo.com The fine print is written to let them steal your domain names Chesterbrook Pennsylvania
1and1.com is also Sedo - the fine print is worded specifically so they can steal your domain names to resell, and drain your bank account, too.I haven't read fine print this evil since Quiznos drove franchisees like Bob Bader to commit suicide.Their fine print is different for other countries.  They're all German and they think it's okay to defecate on Americans.Go to their website and click on the thing on the bottom that says Terms and Conditions.  Compare it to other reputable companies' Terms and Conditions.  Print everything out and read it carefully.   Circle the really horrifying parts, and then call the Attorney General in your state and the Federal Trade Commission.Fine print can say whatever it wants, federal Judges don't like fraud, and to me this is looking more and more like RICO violations may apply.I work in the legal/investigative field and you're welcome to contact me.  P.S.  Be sure to read all the stuff on ICAAN's website about Registrar Accredation Agreement (RAA), Registrar Compliance, and check out 1and 1's attorneys at erblaw.com.P.P.S  Some of the corporate guys change positions more often than the Schadens at Quiznos.  A few key names are Oliver Mauss, Robert Hauffmann, Andreas Gauger, Thorsten Ziegler ... and check out the big spooky data center in Lenexa, Kansas.Here's a YouTube video on that.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxNqcHw1p48
Entity: Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
31, Report #11388
Jan 12 2002
12:00 AM
MRA Girls gone wild .com ripoff i want my money backFOX 6 investigative reporter John Mattes first broke the story how Girls Gone Wild was marketing videos for only $9.99 consumers found the company tacking on huge fees. Thousands of consumers called it a rip-off on ripoffreport. After our story aired an attorney sued calling it deceptive advertising. Video part 1 Video part 2
i ordered the girls gone wild videos and after i received the first one i was getting charged 28 dollars every month. I calle dthe bank and they informed me of the charges being made.I tried to call the number but it was busy all the time. I filed charges with the bank and they said they couldn't do anything about it.I would like the money back from the videos . Thank you for your concern Darryl Kenner, LA
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #103652
Aug 27 2004
10:47 PM
888.com - Poker Online ripoff Internet
I am being charged by this company for non use of their poker site. it says play for free, but have been charged at least 3 times. i have asked at least twice for them to stop charging. now the only thing that i can go is cancel my bank account so that they will stop charging and report to bbb and state attorney general Jonathan huntersville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #86323
Apr 02 2004
07:03 AM
Www.4cards.net ripoff, lied, stole, Internet, Russia
I ordered 3 software cds from this company. They sent one, with no official liscence, obviously burned on a home machine. The package had russian stamps on it, but I didn't notice a return address. After filing a complaint they promised to refund my money for the other two. After 4 months they were still claiming difficulty with the refund, and they now no longer respond to email, and their website is gone. Daniel Potsdam, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #360517
Aug 07 2008
05:01 PM
Www.365jobs4u.com Fraud Online Data Entry jobs India Internet
This website offer an online data entry jobs from home. One of the jobs offered required me to pay USD 50 and they will provide me with a server where I have to log in, type the scanned page (usually 1 paragraph of medical journal) and submit to them. I have to type a minimum of 15 assignment per day (for non-professional typist). The payout is USD 3 to USD 5 depending on the difficulty of the assignment. I recorded all the file number of the assignment. I did it for 6 weeks and during the 7th weeks the server will prohibit me from logging in. I even made an international call at that time to find out the reason the server prevented me from logging in. The is no reason whatsoever given by the receiver of the call, they can't even speak english properly. Then they emailed me saying that I did not achieved the target. But, from my record, I have submitted well beyond the required minimum assignment. Then, I registered for the second time (paying another USD 50). This time I recorded the assignment number and recheck if the assignment number will be repeated. Much to my suprise, the same assignment will reappear especially during the third and fourth week. And even if a different number of the assignment appear, some of the same paragraph will appear with different assignment number. After doing it for almost 3 weeks, the same thing happens, the server prevent me from logging in. This time with no apparent reason or whatsoever. I even send at least 20 assignment per day compared to required minimum of 15 per day. This website really have wasted my precious 2 month in hoping to get a job from home that can improve my financial status and giving me more time with family. I have read another comment regarding this website fraud, but this website is not listed on ripoff report, please include this website www.365jobs4u.com as one of your ripp-off website. Matjin IpohMalaysia
Entity: Internet
35, Report #771739
Sep 01 2011
06:12 AM
www.4rx.com Shipping fake and duplicate medications worldwide Internet
This internet pharmacy website www.4rx.com dealing with shipping of fake and duplicate medicines from India to differenet locations world wide. Mostly they do shipping and supply of Prescription medications to customers in USA and Europe.Few Canadian nationals are invoved in this racket and all the activities are controlled through a company there in Bangalore.These medicines not only effect the health of consumers also may they may loose their life.So,please do not fall in to trap of these false internet pharmacies.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #931872
Aug 24 2012
06:01 AM
24sevenpccare.com counterfeit software,24sevenpccare.com, Internet
Please be careful, these people ring you offering to download software onto your computer to make it run faster and more efficiently,then charge you 75 for a years subscription,they connect remotely to your pc and take full control of it,they downloaded counterfeit avg security onto mine,9 times out of ten the software they download are free products anyway, they use your own computers clean up system to make it run faster and you pay for it!!! I have the contact number and name of the manager for anyone who wants it, and I have given all the details to AVG,who are going to follow it up and act on it.
Entity: www.24sevenpccare.com, Internet
37, Report #1106583
Dec 12 2013
06:01 PM
www.2burberry.com Scam Site
It has ridiculously low prices on Burberry products, but it is a fake site.Displays non-linked trust seals for McAfee, VeriSign and Trustwave.No physical contact information is offered (name, address, phone number, etc.) to track orders or resolve complaints.The site was created on 12/11/13 (a day before this report was made). http://whois.domaintools.com/2burberry.com shows:Registry Registrant ID: Registrant Name: Jone leoRegistrant Organization: haoyuanRegistrant Street: fujianRegistrant City: fujianRegistrant State/Province: putianRegistrant Postal Code: 351115Registrant Country: ChinaRegistrant Phone: +86.18950745681
Entity: Select State/Province
38, Report #1198179
Dec 29 2014
12:04 PM
www.6nfl.com Credit card ripoff Internet Internet
It is a very flashy web page, where they promote as if they are the NFL shop. You fill out your information to buy something and they promis you will receive in 7-10 days (and they also charge shipping fee), and after that period of time, you receive nothing. Email is answered in very poor english, asking for patience and they tell you it has been shipped but you get nothing. Total ripoff.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1186851
Nov 04 2014
08:40 PM
www.0hire.com www.insideglobe.com Scam internet portal Connecticut Internet
I was looking for someone to develop our webshop, so I used freelancer.com, and I met insideglobe.com, saw there work they did before, and I was happy about that. He scammed me to use www.0hire.com as the portal instead, because as he said, they didn't charge as much as freelancer.com. I was stupid enough to fall for it, so I did. It turns out, they don't do anything other than giving you a lot of excuses, and I experienced, that www.0hire.com and www.insideglobe.com is the exact same company. You will not get any work done at all. I paid them 1.266$ and I tried to dispute them with no luck.    
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1042995
Apr 13 2013
11:08 AM
www/worldwidewhoswho.com SCarollo@worldwidewhoswho.com takes your money and runs! Internet
to cut a long story short..i was contacted through linkedin - which is meant to be reputable i was offered and outrageous prices ot be included in their 'whos who' with free airline tickets, whcih i know from experience are always a scam i managed to not include the tickets ad get a years membership for $99.00. I was promised a professionally written biography and a page for my business. Never go any of that i e mail them to see whats happening - no one answers me BEWARE - yet another scam...they get you to talk to a really nice sounding woman - foolish me.. i thought i had seen them all and now here is another scam
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #433611
Mar 12 2009
04:45 PM
DRI WWW Element 5 DRI WWW ELEMENT5 Rip Off Beware Internet
I ordered a Spyware product through DRI WWW ELEMENT5. Then just over a week later my Credit Card gets charged with over $7,500 worth of Charges. It was billed with Airline Ticket charges from all over the world over two days. I have filed a report with my credit card company and it is being dealt with. BEWARE TO OTHERS BUYING FROM THIS BILLING WEBSITE!!! Jellyman MORTDALEAustralia
Entity: Internet
42, Report #771797
Sep 01 2011
07:41 AM
www.1ssense.com www.1ssense.com copied all the content of www.ssense.com and isfrauding buyers guangzhou, Nationwide
It appears that a person from China with the following information retrieved from http://whois.domaintools.com/1ssense.com have stolen all the copyrighted content(text, images, design, functionality...) from www.ssense.com and is frauding users Domain Name ..................... 1SSENSE.COM Name Server ..................... ns1.998877.com                                   ns2.998877.com Registrant ID ................... hc855451812-cn Registrant Name ................. chen lin Registrant Organization ......... chen lin Registrant Address .............. xinshihuiqiaoxincheng Registrant City ................. guangzhou Registrant Province/State ....... Guangdong Registrant Postal Code .......... 510410 Registrant Country Code ......... CN Registrant Phone Number ......... +86.2086261721 -  Registrant Fax .................. +86.2086261721 - ASN:AS29550 IP Location:- United Kingdom - Simply Transit Ltd Response Code:200 Domain Status:Registered And Active Website
Entity: guangzhou, Nationwide
43, Report #557518
May 05 2010
11:35 PM
DRI WWW ELEMENT5 INFO Digital River One time purchase turns into ongoing charges! Eden Prairie, Minnesota
I purchased a one time download of software and they used my credit card information to charge more than 4 times the original amount one year later. When I traced back my original receipt it was only for the software I had purchased.WesCalgary, Alberta
Entity: Eden Prairie, MN 55344, Minnesota
44, Report #810852
Feb 08 2012
06:57 AM
WWW*TOCFORSALE*COM I went online today to order a pair of UGGS for my handicapped daughter for Christmas. We don't have much money and I hoped to find a deal online. I found this WWW*TOCFORSALE*COM and placed my order. Internet
I had ordered a pair of UGG boots for my handicapped daughter for Christmas from WWW*TOCFORSALE*COM. After I typed in my bank info it suddenly shut me out of the site with no confirmation number. I went to my e-mail and have received no e-mail from them as a confirmation. I went into my bank account and the money had been withdrawn. Well, no nice present for my daughter you creeps! 
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #170077
Jun 21 2006
12:00 AM
Specialty Merchandise Corporation - SMC VERY INTERESTING - They Decativated my Account! Chatsworth California
I am a member of SMC. I signed up in June 2005. Recently, I had a couple of urgent questions. But I was outside of the 60-day free coaching. However, I was assigned a different business coach. I had called her several times just to hear a recording that she, in her own words prioritizes, with orders being a priority. I left messages for her every day,twice a day for about four days. Got no call back. I e-mailed her, I faxed her, I even used the US POstal Service! Finally, I called her supervisor and complained. He said he would look into it and tell her to respond. YEAH! They responded alright! The next time I went on their NEW website to order something, after entering my logon and password, I got a red-lettered message saying that my account has been DEACTIVATED!! Luckily, I didn't pay them my full membership but chose the monthly option. I still owe them $200 +. Do you want SMC merchandise at wholesale prices? Jim Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
46, Report #477132
Aug 06 2009
04:53 PM
TLG*GREATFN26202303 Charged my Checking Account for $14.99. How the hell did they get my ckg. acct? Internet
In looking at my checking account on line, I found that I had been charged $14.99 for something I don't know about. What/who is this? Why are they charging me and for what? How the hell did they get my bank account number????? I am going to call my bank and let them know of the unauthorized charge and that it is a scam. I am a low income senior and this is the first thing/scam that's happened to me. There must be a way of stopping them. Do they have a phone number? Damn them. Can't put a second catagory in as there isn't one that says other or don't know. Nell Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #933917
Jan 20 2013
09:52 AM
Fifth Third Bank Shoe Box Operation Cincinnati, , Ohio
This is one of those credit card companies that make you an offer you can't refuse. 0 % intrest for 15 months. Okay, I took the bait. I sent my second payment in to them and they couldn't find it. I called them to make a payment by phone before I received a 25.00 late fee. I was told that they are not technologically advanced enough to take a payment over the phone or internet. My worry is are they advanced enough to protect your money from hackers, identity theft, etc. They returned my check a couple of days later with a letter that they could not find my account to put the payment on. They had my first and last name on the check along with my full address, my routing number, the name and address of my bank, and my bank account number. I also put the last 4 digits of my credit card on my check! I can tell you how many people in your household, their ages, and your income with half that much information. My guess is that they wanted the 25.00 late fee, or this bank is operating out of a shoe box with a rotary dial phone. Stay clear of this company.
Entity: Cincinnati,, Ohio
48, Report #350280
Nov 26 2008
01:09 PM
James Antista General Counsel Florida Wildlife Commission falsified information, lied to cover fwc officrs mistake, liar,covered fwc officers incompitency Tallahassee Florida
jim antista general counsel for the florida wildlife commission is a liar,fraud, falsifies information to cover his f.w.c. officers asses. i had a conference call with james antista and several other f.w.c. officials a while back. the f.w.c. officer seth wingard (moron) decided to give my $220,000 yacht away to another south florida moron named john evans key west. when have gave john evans the yacht he never checked to see if he owned yacht he just took his word. after giving the yacht away i called and complained and was set on conference call with jim antista. antista the bright moron attorney he is told me on a recorded call Officer wingards REPORT said there was a dockage agreement shown to him knowing this was a lie, and no paperwork was shown, i requested the officers report under the florida sunshine law. Days later I recieved a call from Darlyn stockfisch saying there was NO report NO dockage agreement shown. Jim Antista is a bull**** liar covering for a scumbag officer he knows did wrong. instead of correcting the officers mistake the scumbag lied and then dropped it. since then many florida police including monroe county detective wilkinson confirm evans commtted grand theft. These morons at the f.w.c. still ignore the law because they dont want the bad publicity. head attorney carlo oglo puts the M in moron. Please research carla oglo to read more on this idiot. oh yes and she even went as far as adding words to a state statute to favor the thieves. you can hear all the police departments confirming it was theft by googling copsconfirmtheft podbean Robert columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
49, Report #389073
Nov 10 2008
07:20 AM
magelas.com www. THIEFS Edmonton Alberta
Ordered iphone, sent money. No iphone. That makes them a THIEF!!!! Do not order anything from this website, you will not get your money back or your what you ordered. Will not answer phone, think they are in Russia. Filed complaint with FTC and IC3.com. Larry Palm Bay, Florida Newlife457 palm bay, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
50, Report #704922
Mar 14 2011
01:06 PM
VOICE123.COM Avoid at all cost! My company had project postings denied. We have hired voice models before but this time it was different!  During our search for new voice talents the projects were cancelled/denied/account closed. The only explanation was a hyper link. Phone cal went un-answered Voice123.com cost us big time. They do not deliver as promised. Voice123.com failed to use due diligence. Voice123.com is not dependable and very unprofessional. www.voice123.com
Entity: Secaucus, Internet

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