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1, Report #1118332
Jan 24 2014
11:36 PM
Xlibris ASI- A PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE COMPANY Xlibris They will not stop harrasing you to no end,, for money American base
first I googled to find a publisher in Australia I thought I had found one but its Americon based in the Phillipines After a tacky sales pictch about a micheal Hill like discount and a one sided contract I said No they harrased continueingly untill I told them I would go to Fair Tarding this did not stop them continueing to email call me tell me I need there help and that my writing skills are No go Duh I know that Its a Body building book 31 pages anyone could help with it I would sujest DO NOT get involeved with this company if a govermenet agency does not deture them from contacting you nothing will I will be reporting them inAustralia to Fair Trading  Dear Craig,Thank you for your frank and swift response.Here are the things that needed to be pointed out with your words and actions:1. Your terms and conditions do nothing to support me I have written other books and printed sold them myself I am one for resaerch no one in there right mind would agree or follow your advise- We are assisting more than 45,000 Authors. They have agreed to our Terms and conditions. Keeping an open mind and thinking of positive things that will happen to their books brought them to success which is a total opposite of who you are and how you see things. Yes, you have published a lot of titles but are they selling? Are they popular? Did Traditional publishers took a peek at your books? Think about it. You are looking for a self publishing house for your book's publication because you have accepted the fact that publishing your book on your own did nothing to bring your book to stardom.2. I have advised you many times on my terms by telephone you continue to ignore my requests you continue with your sales techniques and pressure sales methods you are continueing to try to minipulate my words.- With your terms? Xlibris, a very big company, and an established one, will not change our Terms and Conditions that we have been using for 16 years just for you. I, on the other hand is not being manipulative, I am simply and slowly letting you understand that this is what your book needs in a professional way, not using words that will hurt your ego. Publishing your book alone will still not bring success to you. You have tried that and nothing happened to your book.3. I told you and told you many times do not try to justify your wrong to me Do Not try your cheap pressure sales technique on me I have advised you on my progress and what I wish to do your subject title Get Started! in the first instance is annoying and harrassing you have been warned about this your attempt on hi pressure guilt of your discount continuing harassment's statements refurring I am inexpirenced in this field and your correspondence will from this moment Stop- Again, we are professional people here and we deal with Professional Authors, I hope you are one of them, we will try our best to let you understand how worthy it is to invest on your masterpiece. The discounts are there to be offered to Authors and it is a must to tell them the truth about the offer and how they can avail with this.Yes, you are inexperienced compared to my end. You are good at what you do and that is writing. I am very knowledgeable about Publishing. This is my job and I have assisted a lot of satisfied Authors. If I will give in on what you want then what is the purpose of me helping you and guiding you and what is the use of looking for a self publishing house if you will not listen.4.Lastly, Please do check your spellings and your grammars you badly need an Editor.I will not force you on securing a publishing package with Xlibris when I know that you are not comfortable with it.On my end, atleast I did try to save you from doing the same mistake again.Goodluck with your book and with your future publishing house.Sincerely,Karen GonzalezPUBLISHING CONSULTANT XlibrisASI- A PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE COMPANYSuite 1A, Level 2 802 Pacific HighwayGordon, NSW, 2072 AustraliaP: 1.800.455.039 ext: 7426 (AUS Toll Free #)P: 0.800.443.678 ext: 7426 (NZ Toll Free #)Its just never ending what do you have to say to get RID of them 
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2, Report #782735
Sep 28 2011
11:10 PM
Xlibris Publishing Company Xlibris Publishing is a scamming company Bloomington, Indiana
my complaint has also been filed with the following: Indiana Better Business Bureau ID 7983707  09/15/2009  Arizona Attorney General consumer complaints RE: CIC-16764 Apx. Sept 2009,Indiana Attorney General RE: File No. 09-cp-60726  Sept. 26, 2009 ABC-15 ivestigator Joe Ducey Apx June 2010. The BBB accomplished nothing and I am assuming that it is still being investigated by the others.I've sense read other complaints regarding Xlibris through Writer Beware Blogs, facebook, and Ripoff Report and they all sound pretty much like my complaint.     Originally I contacted Xlibris for publishing information. They sent me the information in packet form through the US mail. From that point on they called me from one to three times a month checking to see if I was ready to publish. Eventually I sent them my manuscript and I made another book over the next few weeks. After a few weeks they called me,we discussed publishing packages and I agreed to go with one of their packages and sent them the manuscript for my other new book to examine. They seemed to know what they were doing and to be concerned about my books progress through their process. When my books were nearly through the publishing/printing process I began getting phone calls from their marketing people. I didn't want any additional maraketing packages but Miguel Guzeman kept calling and encouraging and influencing and promissing large book sales. He asssured me that he had people who were interested in my books and that he would have them in major book stores before the Christmas Hollidays 2008. He promissed that he would sale copies of my books to atleast three percent of the recipiants of a 3 million email marketaing campaign ad encouraged me to purch the returnability package as it would increase the chances of my books being in Book Stores. t this date Xlibris reports that Amazon sold 3 copies of one of my books. There were also some quality issues. When my books did not show up in book stores and there were no reports of sales Miguel Guzman of their marketing Dept kept calling and calling trying to get me to spend even more money.That went on for a lon time and finally I put my foot down hard to him eventually getting him to stop calling. However others in that company called frequently continueing to try to get more money out of me. Those calls slowed down but did not completyely stop untill I changed my phone a few months ago. Xlibris has 12,716 dollars of my money and it literely destroyed my plans for a somewhat better life style than what I have today. Their scamming has hurt me severely.    If you would like, I can put together a copy of my original complaint with my complete explanataion, and evidence to support my complaint and send it to you via US Mail.     
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
3, Report #852564
Mar 12 2012
12:05 PM
Xlibris Corporation Author House (parent company) Fraudulent Sales Reports - All Around Ripoff Scam Bloomington, Indiana
 When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I found a company in Indiana ~ Xlibris Corporation.  I did my research and from all accounts, the company appeared reputable.  My representative was extremely helpful in getting my process up and running smoothlyor so I thought.  Once the company had my money and there was no turning back financially, I was no longer able to reach anyone that spoke (or understood) proper English.  Suddenly everyone I was connected to was located in the Phillippines and working from a script.  None of their responses had anything to do with the questions I was asking or the reason for my call.  None of the people I originally dealt with in Indiana were available by phone. It wasnt until after they had my money that I learned nothing would happen with my book unless I paid more money, and lots of it.  Stores wouldnt purchase the book unless I paid another fee for insurance; no marketing would be done to sell the book unless I paid another fee for marketing services.  All of these fees were thousands of dollars.  None of my phone calls were being returned when Id call about suspected sales that werent being credited to my royalty account.  Then a friend told me she purchased my book in October of 2011 and another said she bought it in December of 2011, both directly from Xlibris Corporation.  I am holding the receipt from her purchase in my hand as I write this report.  It is dated October 14, 2011.  Unfortunately for me, my Xlibris account shows no sales since April of 2011.  No one at Xlibris will tell me what is going on.   For over a month now, Ive been trying to reach someone in Indiana about the fraud being committed against the sale of my book.  Every time I call Indiana, I get transferred to the Phillippines.  I demanded an audit of my sales and was told one would be conducted immediately and I would receive a call back in 2-3 days.  Its been ten days and no call every came.  So I followed up with another call to Indiana today, and again was transferred to the Phillippines.  The woman I spoke with, who I was informed was an attorney in the companys legal department, says she is only a customer service supervisor and knows nothing about an audit on my sales.  Butshe would look into it and get back to me in 2-3 days.  Click!!! Do not do business with this company.  They will take your money, sell your book and steal your royalties out from under your nose.  Youll never get the same person on the phone twice.  Who knows how many copies of my book they have sold and havent paid me on.  Theres no way to get that information either because no one understands you when you call or calls you back when you leave a message. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
4, Report #923379
Aug 06 2012
05:36 PM
Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris Publishing, Penguin Group, Sharon Lauta, AJ Barco Has been withholding royalties payments, underpaying me royalties, telling me they will pay and months and months have gone by with no payments received. Bloomington, Indiana
I have been an author with Xlibris since 1998 with two books self published through them. My second book is a premium full color picture book that costs $48.99. The book is in the distribution channel with Amazon with Light Source Publishing fulfilling the print on demand orders for amazon.com. My biggest concern in having my book title with Xlibris, besides not receiving royalties due me, is that the book continues to sell through Amazon.com with Light Source fulfilling the print on demands, and Amazon.com, Light Source and Xlibris getting paid their shares and me -nothing. It is quite disturbing to know that books are being sold and everyone down the line are being paid but me.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I have talked on the telephone with customer service, A.J. Barco a number of times and emailed back and forth with her and she has confirmed that I was underpaid royalties and that they were just waiting for Finance to cut me a check for the underpayment. Its been 8 months or more on that one. I have left messages even more times to Sharon Lauta, manager in the Royalties Department, who also agrees that there was an underpayment, and she would do more research and get Finance to cut me a check as soon as possible. And still nothing.   What recourse do we have from these people? Is Penguin Group going to pay me now? On my online webpage of book sales and royalties due that Xlibris updates supposedly regularly, Xlibris has not posted any book sales or royalties since March 2012, and they know what sales have occurred and what royalties are due for all of those unposted months. I was one of those people who was conned into a couple of expansive marketing campaigns, one of which was to send my book information out to 2 million email addresses. Supposedly they sent the emails out in batches of 1 million at a time, with an additional 1 million emails I was told  by Xlibris rep Chris Carlson, were sent because they were nt sent in the time frame I had requested. Okay, 3 million emails sent and nd not one book was sold from those 3 million opt in emails for a best selling book on health and fitness?. And they never even gave me a report on the campaign their representative Chris Carlson said, because there were no sales. Now that I have read the complaints here on Rip Off Report, I am sure that I have been lied to, scammed, had royalties due me underpaid and not paid. Again I ask of anyone in the know, what recourse do I and others like me have with Xlibris and now Penguin? And should I continue letting the books sell on amazon.com and hope someday to finally get paid? What can be done here? Please advise. Thank you. Respectfully submitted,
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
5, Report #648359
Oct 06 2010
10:41 PM
Xlibris Publishing Comapny Paid this so-call publishing company to reprint a revised edition. I never received a corrected copy. This comapny is a fraud. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Xlibris Publishing Company promised to publish a book that I had written. There were a constant problem. We agreed on a price, but they were extremely difficult to work with. When a correction needed to be made they could not/would not make the correction, or if they did it was inexcusable. They would constantly appoint a new person in charge, therefore creating havoc and intolerance. At The very beginning they used the original manuscript before the corrections were made and the wrong book cover I had specially chosen. I was furious. The book was a shamble, the back-cover, the acknowledgments, the Author's Bio, and the inscription were all incorrect, including the dedication to my daughters. They could not center the titles to a paragraph and the list goes on and on.... 
Entity: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
6, Report #977031
Dec 02 2012
07:43 PM
XLIBRIS Publishing Company SCAM Publishers Bloomington, Indiana
After spending 2+ years putting together my late stepfather's WWII memoir, including photos, captions, dialogue and researching other unit members who were motion photographers during the Italian Campaign and served with him, I was very happy that the promise I made to Burke that I would publish his book I was able to fulfill.  THAT was my dream. Now for my nightmare -- From start to finish, dealing with Xlibris! We purchased the top of the line package deal which pretty much included everything. Their editors can't spell and we spent HOURS correcting their edits! The quality of the paperbacks -- we ordered hard cover and paperbacks -- was despicable!!! Pages torn, stuck together, words missing, the cover was urine-yellow -- they misspelled the author's names on the binding as well as the front cover, no returned phone calls, being brushed off constantly by their manager, we had to send boxes of our books back several times with post-it notes showing where they screwed up -- we still have boxes left of books we're too embarrassed to sell or even GIVE away because the quality of their publishing and printing STINKS big time! Like the other complaints against Xlibris, my royalties wouldn't even buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks! Meanwhile, Xlibris, Amazon, online book sellers and other venues have made mega bucks and I've seen next to nothing in any royalties. I recently received a check for $3. Whoopee!!! As an author who spent over $5,000 from start to finish at Xlibris, I haven't even come close to half of what I paid.  Dealing with Xlibris was a total nightmare!  I reported them to the Better Business Bureau a few times but never got anywhere. So author beware...Xlibris is only out for themselves!
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
7, Report #1212084
Feb 27 2015
06:31 AM
Xlibris (Alan Bowers Publisher Liar!) So many: Ann Porter, Cherry Villa (refuses to answer my emails), Cherry Minoza, Jane Cole Xlibris is a dishonest, manipulating book-publishing company.  Bloomington Indiana
Comprising so many inefficient and ineffective officers: many part-time! Its main purpose is to grab and grab vulnerable first authors' money. There are so many examples of lies and unprofessional behaviour. I could begin with a Mr Alan Bowers (Publisher and Director) who contacted me on the 2st July last year. He said that the covers of the two books I was publishing should be changed (His idea) He wanted to improve branding.He said that he had asked for a sample edit, so that I can share with you what we see from a writing point of view. (Please note that Mr Yusner Daniels - an employe-had called me to say that Mr Bowers was excited about my books! Bowers in his e-mail said to me not to do anything till you (I) hear from me. In spite of several e-mails I have sent to him, he has not contacted me and not replied to any of my mails to him. In effect he has lied and deceived me. He has also left me in the lurch: pondering and disbelieving a senior person can behave in such an appalling way. Much is to follow. Staff said they would write or call. They did not. For example a Mr Carlsaid he would call meny times He didnt. Anwers to my concerns were either ignored or brushed under the carpet. It goes on and on. Now they have stopped sending me e-mails. They have cut me off without any explanation. For example Cherry Villa doesn't anr4 any of my concerns. There is business still to be completed. They have not sent me my leather-bound copy for my second book; they have not sent me complementary copies of the first book that Bowers wanted changed; they have not sent me my small items; they refuse to discuss royalties. At this stage I still don't know anything about my royalties. There is so much more about this rip-off company: a company characterised by lies and energised tenacity in ring out every penny one has! I have copies of all the gmails.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
8, Report #343777
Jun 24 2008
03:27 PM
ASI Great company to work For Overland Park Internet
First I would like to say that the report on Sheryl Caldwell is so far from the truth. She is a great manager for ASI and she takes great care of her team. She works day or night to help everyone on the team. No phone call or email is ever left unanswered. She offers her top producers Ad call that she has paid for from her own advertisements.(Out of her pocket) I have found that most of the complaints come from people who do not really want to work. This is a real job and needs to be treated like one. You do have to follow instructions also . I have been with the company for over 8 months now and it is a real work from home job with great advancement opportunity's. Sheryl Caldwell has been my mentor and has helped me every step of the way towards the Top!!! Patsy Knob Noster, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1019592
Feb 24 2013
03:38 PM
Xlibris Coproration Xlibris Corpoation publishing services is a Joke. Bloomington, Indiana
Xlibris Corporation Publishing Services is a Joke. I published a book in 2010. Since that time, I have had nothing but problems receiving my royalties. I was told on several occasions that my claim regarding my royalties is under investigation. This was more than 6 months ago. In addition, I recently received a 1099-T regarding my royalties. The 1099 shows me earning more than twice the amount of royalties I have received. In other words, I would be paying more than twice the amount of taxes on royalties I have never received. I have a different employee call me each time telling me my claim regarding my royalties is under investigation. What a rip-off. I would like to say the same thing someone else said about Xlibris. 'I could write a book on the service I have received from Xlibris.'
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
10, Report #716359
Apr 11 2011
01:00 PM
Blue Penguin Software Regzooka.com I purchased software, that doesn't work and can not receive any response from the company and contacts for a refund. DO NOT BUY products from these internet websites. Sequim, Washington
Do not buy products from these internet sites: cyberlab.com, regzooka.com, spyzooka.com, bluepenguin.comI bought registry software, that doesn't work, I can not get through to the company for a refund. The company lists that that there are in the state of Washington, but have Boca Raton, FL phone numbers.  This company has been removed from the BBB in the state of Washington as of 10/2010.Please file a complaint at the State of Washington Attorney General's website:https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/ComplaintForm.aspxGood luck!
Entity: Sequim, Washington
11, Report #431166
Mar 05 2009
02:43 PM
Penguin Windows Buyer Beware!!!! Ran as fast as you can from this company!!! Portland Oregon
I was almost one of their victims and have just heard of 3 more people with the same story! It's time to save another unsuspecting soul from losing precious dollars to this company. Remember this!!! We DON'T live in Antarctica. We DON'T need triple pained windows!!! At a Home Show I entered their fancy booth and fell for their chance to win scam. Their prompt call to come out for a free estimate, became a 3+ hour high pressure nightmare, similar to a car sales experience. $38,000 for the entire home, (my jaw dropped) down to 21,000 for the front facing windows if I signed NOW and agreed to place their sign on my lawn. To get rid of them I signed specifically knowing I had 72 hours to resind. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: My daily calls to cancel were ignored with every excuse until my last angry call informed them that my post marked, express, signature required, formal cancellation letter was in the mail. My additional estimates for 11 windows in my house were cut by 2/3's, which included a lovely garden window, and additional construction to add a window to a very dark area in my house. I bought from a small, Portland based company and the final price was $6926.36!! Google the companies and look for personal blogs, check out Angies List, Hinesight, FraudOregon.com. Shop prices, don't sign on the spot, and you will be shocked at amount you will save!! Smart Female Shopper Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
12, Report #1300311
Apr 18 2016
08:36 PM
Penguin Insulation Kelly Insulation Dishonest company and Salesmen Clearfield Utah
Wow, we were totally ripped off.  Door to door salesman came to the door back in 2013. He told us that he could offer a service that we didn't want or need and it would be no cost to us.  There would be a rebate sent to us that we would send to them as payment.  We did this.  Now 3 years later, out of the blue we received a letter from a collection agency demanding payment of 150.00.I tried to call and talk to the company about this and the unethical behavior of the sales person.  She was rude and said you can pay me now or deal with the collectors.Do not use this company for any reason. I am warning you.  I will be reporting this to the BBB also.  
Entity: Clearfield, Utah
13, Report #1087195
Sep 25 2013
09:04 AM
Disneys Club Penguin Site is unsecure and a ripoff n/a n/a
My son has had a club penguin account for years. Over the last 8 months his account has been hacked 4 times. Club Penguin claims their site is unhackable, which is pure BS. He would sign off and when he signed on the next day his igloo and penguin had been changed. Today they banned him forever. When I asked for info such as what was said, the time it was said and the ip address that was logged into the account, they told me it was none of my business. When I asked for my money back they hung up on me. I have disputed the charge with my bank. Disney should be a shamed of themselves for the rude and nasty customer service they provide.
Entity: Select State/Province
14, Report #835753
Feb 08 2012
06:40 AM
Xlibris publishing Company the rip off merchants of the publishing world Bloomington, Indiana
I had the tragedy of my wife dieing of cancer back in 2006 so to help me get over it a friend persuaded me to write down my thoughts and feelings. The set of thoughts became an idea for a book and unfortunately I chose Xlibris. To begin with they were really good. I was pleased with the cover and their work. After I had paid them a lotb of money for advertising and publishing things changed. They stopped answering my emails and pnone calls. They did not tell me how many books I had actually sold. One year on from publication and according to their Website I have sold 34 copiesand should be getting 55 in royalties i have so far got 16. I also know that I have sold a further 20 books over the last quarter but have had no contact from them since before Christmas. On one of the posters they sent me to 'sell' my book it clearly states that anyone wanting to buy my book could go to my local book store. I went to the biggest retailer in England 'Watertstones book store' who told me that my book does not exist!! They can not sell it as the isbn does not exist! The depressing thing is they want to sell it. I feel Xlibris have let me down and lied to me. It is not about the money it is about them conning me.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
15, Report #328046
Apr 22 2008
12:34 PM
ASI/ Affordable Services Inc. I received a paycheck from the company and it bounced. I contacted my bank after contacting ASI and the bank said that the check was no good to have the company redeposit it. I tried to contact the company several times and they would not return my calls or reissue the check. Overland Park Kansas
The company ASI says that it offers free employment from home. What they don't tell you is that they are a scam. Yeah, you may not have to pay any money to work for them, but you will pay with the pal cards you have to print and the work load for HR. They want you to push this terrible insurace to your friends, family and community. If you don't get anyone to sign up you don't make any money. Then, when you do finally move to HR, you are doing meetings all the time, and you don't get paid crap for all the time and effort that you put into it. After making all your calls and duping people into working for the company, you have to send out all these emails to people who didn't answer. Then, if you sign them up for their classes they don't show up half the time so you don't get paid!!! Then, you have to try to chase these people down to get them to go to class. So basically you waste all day trying to earn a living and the only ones who are, are the people who own the company! Don't work for ASI! It is a scam Laura Warrenville, SC Laura Warrenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
16, Report #778326
Sep 18 2011
09:23 PM
Xlibris Publishing Xlibris2 BOOK selling everywhere but NOT A ROYALITY IN SIGHT Bloomington, Indiana
My book was published back when Xlibris first started out. I paid over a $1000 to have the book published through them. In the past 10 years, I have seen my book selling everywhere.. Ebay, Amazon Used books section, UK and the list goes on.. friends and fans have personally contacted me to tell me how much they loved my book.. YET, I have probably made less than $100 in royalities after all of these years.. Many books selling and no royalities.. What's wrong with this picture? I've been scammed big time that's what's wrong!  I cannot say if Xlibris is responsible for the phishing and pirating scams selling my book.. I do believe they do a nice job of putting one's book together and getting it ready for Print on Demand. HOWEVER, as my Publisher, they did nothing to stop others from selling it on various channels. I had made Xlibris aware of this problem on many occasions and what did they do? They continued to call me every month asking me to put MORE money into marketing my book!! Really? Really? Are you fricken kidding me???  I'm over this book.. and Xlibris.. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
17, Report #1061828
Jun 25 2013
12:11 PM
Xlibris High prices, horrible customer sevice, and they call themselves a publishing Co. Internet
This happend to me last year when i published both my books through xlibris.  When i paid them, they were very nice, called promptly, and printed the 1st book within a month. I was so happy, i thought they would aid in selling, i quickly realized i was on my own.Publishing book2 was much different. Because i was all paid up i wasn't as important, i didn't have the internet at the time and my reps knew. they kept having me look at my corrections even though nothing was changed. The cover took a week and the interior took 3weeks with nothing edited.They stopped calling me i had to call them everyday to check on the book. it was finally finished but, they got the title wrong, and their serviceing sucked at the end. Even though i wasn't ripped off, it feels like i was. My book is 300pages and is $20 i do think the price is fair for a new book. but the price for the author is wrong it's way to high.I still get contacted from them every now and then, new reps asking me of my progress and if i'm going to buy more books soon. A few days ago a rep was trying to convince me not to give up. even though im not. I waited and searched for a publisher for a month and couldn't find anyone good. I didn't want a self publisher but it was all i could find, everything good is off the grid. I didn't know about this site at the time so i couldn't check them out.If your a new author and looking to publish, i know how excited you are to look at that finished title of yours, but my advice is wait. Do it the right way, or don't do it at all. These people know how to talk to you, they sell, they don't care about your dreams or how broke you are. Your just a dollar sign to them.I don't think theres anything anyone can do for me, i just don't want the same thing to happen to anyone else. Good luck and God bless!
Entity: Internet
18, Report #272068
Sep 14 2007
07:46 PM
ASI, NHCD, National Healthcare Discount, Premier, Govios, Natures Beauty Bar , Galaxy And The Vitamin Shelf Worker Beware Over Overland Park Kansas
There are many names that ASI go by. Some examples are: ASI, NHCD, National Healthcare Discount, Premier, Govios, Natures beauty bar , Galaxy and the vitamin shelf. It's not unusual for some companies to have different branches, but when you work for one you are aware of the other names of the company branches. Most businesses tell you this right up front. Like Wal-Mart's different branches, K-Marts, The Pantry Inc. etc... So why doesn't ASI? Well, ASI's other branches have bad reps, The ASI branch isn't as well known as the others and they keep branching out more and more everyday. During my orientation these other companies were never even mentioned. Somethings seemed fishy, like the fact that they needed a credit card, or checking account(i.e. check info). That I was told that it was just in case that I got their access code for their unlimited long distance and didn't actually do any work for them. I bought that excuse, it seemed reasonible enough. So, I gave them my credit card info. Well, I did everything I was suppose to. I attended phone classes, meetings, did the work I was suppose to, got about 30 ppl signed on and up within 2 weeks which was suppose to equal $150.00. Not all bad for part-time really. However when I asked about my paycheck and when would I be getting one, my manager informed me that they hold my check for 3 weeks. Something I was never told nor explained when I agreed to work for them. During orientation I had even asked about payment and was told that it was weekly. I was never told that they would hold my check(s) for 3 weeks. This now makes no sense. I have never in my life, have I ever had my check withheld by any company. While completing out my day of work, I interview a woman that said, Is this company the same as NHCD?. Because we were never told about our other branches I said no. That we were ASI. When I asked why, she gave me the short and gritty that matches every story and complaint that is posted here. Later, I emailed my manager and asked her about ASI and NHCD. I also included a link to this site. We are NHCD or National Health Care Discount. We are the work at home branch of ASI. We are also Premier, Govios, Natures beauty bar , Galaxy and the vitamin shelf. These are all affiliate names of our company. Nope, the Rip off report has been around forever! It is a gripe place for anyone who wants to lay blame. Everyone jumps the bandwagon and complains before they give us a chance. If you want, look up other companies like bellsouth, walmart etc. We have been dealing with this website and the complaints there for years. Most of what you read is not true and even more exaggerated. I never did get to actually talk to my manager, nor did I recieve a call back. I don't hold out any hope of getting paid for my work that I've done for ASI. Even after reading the reports of bounced checks, I doubt that I'd try to cash it even if they did send it to me. On top of that, NHCD took $20.00 out of my account. Despite the fact that I was told that it wouldn't be taken out unless I didn't work. However I DID WORK! And they STILL took money out of my account. A very fishy company indeed. I've since cancelled my card and am disputing the charge to the card. I will keep everyone updated. Trisha Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Overland Park,, Kansas
19, Report #309359
Feb 16 2008
12:21 AM
ASI Healthcare Buy there insurance so I could make $500+ a week Savannah Internet
I was contacted and told that my application had been reviewed for employment. I was told I would be doing human resources from home and you do not have to buy anything. That's a Lie. In order to do HR you have to first sell the insurance and then you may be hired. The only problem is that no one will buy it because they have never heard of it. I was told that I would make $500+ a week, and $7.00 for each medical sold and $5.00 for each dental sold. What a SCAM Amy Hiram, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #291483
Dec 14 2007
01:28 AM
Landy ASI Healthcare is a BIG RIPOFF!!! Tampa Florida
I was looking online for a part time at home position..When they contact me, I was very hype about being able to make extra money from home...Pretty much talking to people...I was asked to buy insurance that I have never heard of...I was also asked to give them about 25 of my closest friends email addresses...Once I give them the email addresses, I will get a company website....YEA RIGHT!!! I am so glad that I have about 25 free accounts out there in cyberland...I used all of mine...GUESS WHAT!!! I am still waiting..They had the nerve to send me an email about happy holidays and have your family give us a call...Bite Me!!! Landy tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
21, Report #1256833
Sep 23 2015
07:14 PM
ASI/Quicklister Corp ASI, previously known as ARP Company charged credit card several times and never delivered products after many months. Phoenix Arizona
This company has ripped off a number of well meaning, and believing individuals. Do not join this company!!! Don Glanville runs the company, and they have went from almost 4,000 people last year, and after launch, in just a few months they are down to less than 100 people.  They promise automated sales, but the CEO Don Glanville is a mess. After paying $1,132 to get in with promises of becoming rich and having an automated business, this compay has turned in to the Mother of all nightmares. Do not listen to anyone from this company! Don't join ASI!!!! The cost to get in is now being jumped up to $20,000. It's nuts! I live in a small community outside of Irvin, Texas. I was told by a number of people that Don Glanville is living in the past and is broke, and homeless, and taking peoples money just to survive with the promise of them getting rich with an automated business. Don't join this company!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
22, Report #288734
Dec 03 2007
07:57 PM
ASI - NHCD The last straw! My paycheck from ASI aka NHCD bounced! What a nightmare! Overland Park Kansas
This company is a nightmare to deal with! Whatever you do, do not buy anything from them or work for them until you read this completely! I have no reason to lie. I hope to warn others and keep them from going through what I am currently going through with this company. Well, let me start from the beginning. First off they made me buy a dental plan for $54.95 so that I could work in the HR Department instead of the Sales Dept. Then it took two weeks and more than one phone call and emails to get them to let me start work after I paid for the Dental Plus Plan! Next, I got a long distance code from my manager and it did not work! I tried reporting this to my manager as well as the person in charge of the LD Codes and it was a total waste of time! The Long Distance Code never worked! I was new and had a lot of questions. My Manager never seemed to be available when I needed her. I was pretty much on my own in learning the job. The classes that they give you are usually overcrowded and people mostly talk over each other so you really can't ask any questions during the training classes. They claim that you will make $200-$400 a week only working part-time hours. Do not believe it! It did not take me long to realize that I was wasting my time with this company. I worked over 12 hours a day, I put in at least 24 hours and only made $26! That is less than a dollar an hour! I am worth more than that! Needless to say I quit! Meanwhile, I was waiting for my Dental Plus Plan cards to come in the mail. When I purchased the plan I was told that I would have my cards within 7 days and that I could start using the plan immediately. First off, I never received the cards. Secondly, I called ASI and got the number off of the cards and re-ordered the cards because they sent them to the wrong address supposedly. Before I could get the cards I had a dental emergency come up. I took the card number to a dentist on their list and the Dentist never heard of such a plan! Needless, to say I had to pay full price for my dental visits and work! I never received the cards either! I tried to cancel the plan with ASI and get a refund and was told that I would have to wait 45 days for someone to review my case and then maybe they would refund me! I had to call my bank and do a chargeback to get my money back from ASI for the Dental Plus Plan! A month later I finally got my paycheck from ASI that I worked very hard for and and guess what it bounced! Now I am left responsible for the amount of the check and the fee for it bouncing! Wish me luck in getting my money back from ASI! I will keep you posted on the outcome. Andrea Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
23, Report #625150
Jul 20 2010
11:36 AM
Blue Penguin Software Inc Cancel out for a year ago, they still keep chargeing me fo an other year.. Very bad software!! Internet
Be aware of this Company, the software Spyzooka dose not work!!! Every time I try to use it, I have to reboot my computer. Contacted thier support, they sending me same instruction over and over by e-mail.. I finaly gave up... after 72 hr later, they send a ticket saying case closed..? You can not talk to a real person, no customer support over phone. In my opinion a very shadey operation, so folks be aware!! And not only that, they just keep on chargeing me for an other year suscription, without any form of notice or communication. And then they keep telling me I siged up for a yearly billing..? Bunch of BS, how stupid do they think I am..?  Signing up for a worthless piece of junk-ware like that. --- So be aware folks ! ---      
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #775059
Sep 10 2011
06:31 AM
Tropical Penguin Scuba Always lies with an excuse for more than a year and cannot get certification card. Permanently expelled from PADI Reno, Nevada
I took a scuba class and Tropical Penguin Scuba always has one excuse after another for why I do not have my certification card.  They blame PADI (the certification agency) and say they been sent in, but that PADI is slow and sometimes holds them up.  I called PADI and they denied this and said the owner Kevin Schwartz and Tropical Penguin Scuba has been permanently expelled and is not authorized to teach for them.  Apparently only 4 stores in the United States have been expelled and they are one of them.  I found this at (((link redacted))).  PADI shows the store owner as not being allowed to teach a PADI class at (((Link redacted))).  I know of other divers that also have the same problem and get one excuse after another.  Upon some research I have since learned they have been sued many times.  I will never go to Tropical Penguin Scuba again.CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
25, Report #734445
Sep 01 2011
04:46 PM
A&G Financial Solutions Inc Penguin Books Publishing House Sweepstakes and Promotions Inc. (Unclaimed Prize Division) Final Notification - We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners in the first category of the Penguin Books Publishing House Sweepstakes held on November 18th 2010. New York, New York
Your name was attached to ticket number 314587 that drew the lucky numbers 4 12 18 23 34 and 39 which ultimately won the sweepstakes in the first category.  You have been approved for a lump sum of $150,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars) payable to you by Certified Check and will be delivered by our special courier company. A&G FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC. has been contracted by PENGUIN BOOKS PUBLISHING HOUSE AND PROMOTIONS INC. to find winners who have not come forward to claim their winnings and assist them through the claiming process.  Previous attempts made to contact you directly failed, resulting in this final notification.  For security reasons, we advise that you keep this award from the public until your claims have been finalized in order to prevent fraud and double claims. All participants were randomly selected from consumer database directory system and drawn from a pool of 100,000 customer provided by various store chains and other institutions across North America.  Attached is a check for the amount of $3,450.00 available to you in order to pay the applicable taxes and processing fees.  The total amount to be paid is $2,800.00. Please contact your claim agent Janet Miller at 1-647-833-9526  for more details on how to process your winnings. The office hours are, Monday-Friday 9.00AM to 8.00PM EST. Saturdays 9.00AM-4pm. CONGRATULATIONS!! Anne Martins Vice President.
Entity: New York, New York

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