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1, Report #672845
Dec 17 2010
08:06 PM
Xlibris Scam Xlibris Corporation Fraud Bloomington, Internet
Quite simply, Xlibris is a fraudulent, dishonest and incompetent, disaster zone. Xlibris is nothing more than a quick-buck scam printer, posing as a "print-on-demand publisher", and it has one of the highest complaints percentages for a small business of it's type - with numerous civil legal proceedings for fraud and libel - including one major one that is currently in the Indiana courts and when the judgement is made public in Spring 2011, will likely make the Rebecca Brandewyne/Authorhouse saga look like a walk in the park. (Word is they're going to need to remortgage a few houses to cover the damages on this latest libel case) Xlibris was started in the late 1990s in a parents' basement, and was previously run out of a garage/home office in Philadelphia, but in the last year moved to the Author Solutions call-center with partner frauds, AuthorHouse (which has a long legal history - just Google "Authorhouse Scam" to find out) and Searchforpublishers.com - the quintessential Author trap. As of December 2010, Xlibris owes huge back taxes to the IRS and is currently carrying huge liabilities that Mr Princeton CEO Kevin Weiss has strategized to rescue with disturbingly dubious "publish 2 for 1" / "publish for a buck" coupon deals which any writer, however good or bad, should stay well clear. Their book production is dogshit like their customer service. Piers Anthony, one of the website's English owners, one of the swarming flies who still fronts this scam, is a failed British "published author" and part time con-man who lives in Florida, and has a few skeletons of his own - including a 20-year old criminal record in the UK for serious sexual misconduct, fraud and theft. Yes, Random House does still own a percentage - but let's be clear folks, Random House has a sleeping stake much the same way that Microsoft partially owns the adult services site, Ingenio/Niteflirt and don't they keep that very quiet. RH makes VERY CLEAR that Xlibris books have nothing to do with RH. The Xlibris website contains inept, vague material which is more confusing than helpful, and makes wild inconsistent boasts about how the company has "600 staff" on one page, yet, on another page mysteriously has "300 employees". The company actually has 3 full time employees, (including Mr Ivy League Kevin Weiss), and at any one time up to 10 part time workers, most of whom are part-time college students who know virtually nothing about publishing except high school english and how to make a greasy $10/hour. The problems with printing at Xlibris are as long as Authorhouse's scam history, they are a disgusting company and I'm sorry they ever crossed paths with my work.
Entity: Bloomington, Internet
2, Report #977031
Dec 02 2012
07:43 PM
XLIBRIS Publishing Company SCAM Publishers Bloomington, Indiana
After spending 2+ years putting together my late stepfather's WWII memoir, including photos, captions, dialogue and researching other unit members who were motion photographers during the Italian Campaign and served with him, I was very happy that the promise I made to Burke that I would publish his book I was able to fulfill.  THAT was my dream. Now for my nightmare -- From start to finish, dealing with Xlibris! We purchased the top of the line package deal which pretty much included everything. Their editors can't spell and we spent HOURS correcting their edits! The quality of the paperbacks -- we ordered hard cover and paperbacks -- was despicable!!! Pages torn, stuck together, words missing, the cover was urine-yellow -- they misspelled the author's names on the binding as well as the front cover, no returned phone calls, being brushed off constantly by their manager, we had to send boxes of our books back several times with post-it notes showing where they screwed up -- we still have boxes left of books we're too embarrassed to sell or even GIVE away because the quality of their publishing and printing STINKS big time! Like the other complaints against Xlibris, my royalties wouldn't even buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks! Meanwhile, Xlibris, Amazon, online book sellers and other venues have made mega bucks and I've seen next to nothing in any royalties. I recently received a check for $3. Whoopee!!! As an author who spent over $5,000 from start to finish at Xlibris, I haven't even come close to half of what I paid.  Dealing with Xlibris was a total nightmare!  I reported them to the Better Business Bureau a few times but never got anywhere. So author beware...Xlibris is only out for themselves!
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
3, Report #1376582
Jun 01 2017
02:05 PM
Xlibris Publishing upsell scam, residual ripoff Bloomington Indiana
I published a book through Xlibris publishing in Nov. of 2016. Prior to the physical printing and publishing I purchase an upsell package for 1799.00 that quaranteed 100% royalties from every book sold.I was shocked and insulted when I received my first royalty check of 49.50 for the first quater. I realized my quarter was on 6 weeks long. But I also researched my sales and they were between 80-90 books. I have since spent 3 weeks going back and forth with every person at Xlibris that I needed to talk to. I asked for my full royality payout, I even asked for a refund of the original 1799.00. Although this was the least favorite of mine due to the obvious limitation of any sales in the future. It doesn't matter anyway as my claimned was flat out denied. Not only was this policy never explained to me on the phonbe, it also wasn't in writting anywhere. Im informed Xlibris that had it been an original discussion I would not have signed or paid for the package.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
4, Report #809997
Dec 15 2011
04:31 PM
XLIBRIS Publishing XLIBRIS SCAM Underperforms and Underdelivers STAY AWAY from them! Bloomington, Indiana
Xlibris Publishing is nothing they tout themselves to be.  There is no personal service, no sense of urgency, or compasion to your book publishing.  Yes, they take your money and run!  It has been a nightmare having them as my publisher for my treasured book.  Here is what I wrote to their customer service department: TO CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION DEPT. (Dec 15, 2011) I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your overall performance in processing and publishing my book Camels to Caviar. the editing was the most poor performance of all. Shoddy and incomplete. Your editor did not even finish the full book of editing per the beginning of the book comments and suggestions and punctuation. That was the beginning of the lack of interest and professionalism by your company. I give you an F: in this category On the proofing (the galley). After receiving the second proofing of the book, your department did not even finish the book for proofing and I was sent a 3rd and 4th copy to proof again. It was obvious whoever was correcting the proof did not have any personal or professional interest in making these corrections per my requests and in a timely manner. I give you an F for performance in this category. You continually lie as to when shipments were sent out including today when Maricar said she just sent out a copy of my book for authorization yesterday. I received an earlier email saying it was sent and giving the tracking number - not advising whether it was UPS, USPS or Fed Ex. Just sent out. More lies as to time frame to receive my shipment of books when it is already available on the internet. How do I know these books are correct if you have not even sent me a copy yet? No sense of urgency to get this out to me by Christmas for gifts or for other potential interested parties to read and purchase in numbers. Your IT department is obviously self serving in changing formats of your web page where newly released books give only 25 books. MINE is not one of those and only out as of Dec 1st. How am I supposed to create momentum when you cant even order the book through ebook when this is part of my package? Obviously whoever re did your web page is not a BOOK READER as it is not user friendly or complete. You cannot even pull up previous author book previews with this new format. F in this category too. Your press release is useless as your webpage shows no information available on my book. You mean to tell me you could not think a little further and write what the blurb is on the press release as well as the information on the inside of the hard copy book? We have to wait for the IT department to do whatever....absolutely NOT an answer I can work with when this is the KEY TIME for momentum in sales of my book. What kind of people are you? Complacency, non urgency, no problem solving skills and overall shoddy work is all I have received from Xlibris. I fully intend to write on the internet about your poor performance overall from beginning to end. The only person that has worked with me adequately is Vance in my web page set up. The rest of you are all USELESS. There isn't any sense of pride or trust from any of the other people I have had dealings with. I would NEVER suggest anyone using your company again after this STRESSFUL ANGERING experience with you. You couldn't care less about your clients and it so shows. With all these failures I feel some sort of refund of my payment for this package is due back to me. I will be talking to a lawyer about this as I feel you are instrumental in stifling potential sales with these important failures at the last of the process of this book succeeding. I expect a response............................lets see how long that takes!!!!! Katherine Whitley International Tour Manager Author Camels to Caviar The Exotic Adventures of a Tour Manager Stay away from this company, bad news, bad performance, inferior in everyway  STAY AWAY!!!
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
5, Report #852564
Mar 12 2012
12:05 PM
Xlibris Corporation Author House (parent company) Fraudulent Sales Reports - All Around Ripoff Scam Bloomington, Indiana
 When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I found a company in Indiana ~ Xlibris Corporation.  I did my research and from all accounts, the company appeared reputable.  My representative was extremely helpful in getting my process up and running smoothlyor so I thought.  Once the company had my money and there was no turning back financially, I was no longer able to reach anyone that spoke (or understood) proper English.  Suddenly everyone I was connected to was located in the Phillippines and working from a script.  None of their responses had anything to do with the questions I was asking or the reason for my call.  None of the people I originally dealt with in Indiana were available by phone. It wasnt until after they had my money that I learned nothing would happen with my book unless I paid more money, and lots of it.  Stores wouldnt purchase the book unless I paid another fee for insurance; no marketing would be done to sell the book unless I paid another fee for marketing services.  All of these fees were thousands of dollars.  None of my phone calls were being returned when Id call about suspected sales that werent being credited to my royalty account.  Then a friend told me she purchased my book in October of 2011 and another said she bought it in December of 2011, both directly from Xlibris Corporation.  I am holding the receipt from her purchase in my hand as I write this report.  It is dated October 14, 2011.  Unfortunately for me, my Xlibris account shows no sales since April of 2011.  No one at Xlibris will tell me what is going on.   For over a month now, Ive been trying to reach someone in Indiana about the fraud being committed against the sale of my book.  Every time I call Indiana, I get transferred to the Phillippines.  I demanded an audit of my sales and was told one would be conducted immediately and I would receive a call back in 2-3 days.  Its been ten days and no call every came.  So I followed up with another call to Indiana today, and again was transferred to the Phillippines.  The woman I spoke with, who I was informed was an attorney in the companys legal department, says she is only a customer service supervisor and knows nothing about an audit on my sales.  Butshe would look into it and get back to me in 2-3 days.  Click!!! Do not do business with this company.  They will take your money, sell your book and steal your royalties out from under your nose.  Youll never get the same person on the phone twice.  Who knows how many copies of my book they have sold and havent paid me on.  Theres no way to get that information either because no one understands you when you call or calls you back when you leave a message. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
6, Report #1147107
Jun 02 2014
04:27 PM
Xlibris Corporation RIPOFF! NOT PAYING ROYALTY CHECKS! SCAM!! Philippines
In seven years, I only recived one royalty check for $7. I know many people who have brought the book. Called Xlibris. Company is located in the Philippines. They won't send me a statement. Total scam! I did all the work for the book. Getting nothing from it. They call me and want me to pay huge amounts of money for marketing, but they know nothing. I would love to join in with others and file a lawsuit. Please email me (((redacted))) 
Entity: Select State/Province
7, Report #1091653
Oct 13 2013
01:13 PM
Xlibris Scam/ripoff high pressure tactics and refusal of refund Bloomington Internet
Do not use this company to publish anything you write unless not making money is in your business plan.  They will promise you just about anything for your money.  I was smart enough to record all my conversations with the sales person (Grace) and her promises were not honored.   I was was told I had a grace period for refund of all money, I was dumb enough to give them nearly $8000 and i requested a refund a week later because I found out the company is running a scam.  They will tell you that you can charge anything for your books and they would only take $3 for printing.  The example she gave me was:  if I sell a book for $15, I would make $12 and Xlibris would make $3.   They told me I would get 100% royalties but if you look at the contract you get about 25% and Xlibris get 75%. PLEASE do research before using this company, they will give you sales pitch after sales pitch, like they are owned by Random House Publishing or they publish very well known authors but they will not tell you who those authors are.  
Entity: Bloomington, Internet
8, Report #1141263
Apr 24 2014
06:21 AM
Xlibris Author Solutions fake publishing, publising, scam, vanity publishing, vanity publishing scam Bloomington Indiana but also New Zealand and world world
My father paid nealy $4000 to Xlibris to publish his book. They never even printed it. They promised a refund minus $85 in their contract but they never gave it to him. They pretendied they sent a check but he never got it. They kept lying and saying he must have lost it or they world look into it They kept saying they would look into it' and they kept saying that his point person had changed and he had to ring someone else. Bascially they just gave him the run around in a delibrate scam. He is 73 years old and so he got confused. He forgot that in his thirties he was published by real publisers. He forgot that real publishers don't charge authors anything only pay them. He forgot vanity publishing is just a scam for losers, because he is old and Xlbris con men exploited him because of his age.
Entity: Bloomington Indiana but also New Zealand and world, Select State/Province
9, Report #743471
Jun 21 2011
09:02 PM
xlibris Author Solutions, Kevin Weiss; Bertram Capital Management LLC; Victoria Strauss A likely scam on public and investors Bloominton , Indiana
Xlibris now aka Author House, et al, has significant complaints. The CEO Kevin Weiss has his own peculiar approach to customers including hiding behind his call centre in the Philippines. This fact was verified in writing to me by a WSJ writer: they quote $90 [and up] as the cheapest rate to ship a book to any major Canadian city, including Toronto Ontario. They have not reported sales from their wholesalers such as Amazon to authors and have not followed up promises to audit the royalties or to identify the various PODs which also print the authors' titles. They had attempted to extract additional fees from me before publishing my 4 books but backed down in the face of my firm reference to their contractual arrangements. Later, they then tried again by asking me to pay $50 per title [$200] to maintain the listings at sales sites such as Amazon. Describing this CEO and outfit as reprehensible is not overblown. WSJ's writer who  VERIFIED  the fantastic shipping quote in writing to me will hopefully follow up the peculiar activities of Xlibris, Kevin Weiss and his new partners. You can pass this constrained report along without fear that the facts are disputed.
Entity: Bloominton, Indiana
10, Report #798658
Nov 16 2011
12:11 PM
Xlibris Xlibris - Danger - Buyer Beware Bloomingdale, Indiana
Unfortunately - everything written about this company, is also my experience to date. I am trying to work my way through things with them when they answer emails.My representative is Roy Andrews - bless. Or is this a ploy. I have had a bit of good cop - bad cop response from them.But maybe we also have to play them smart. Keep a record of everything. In time when there are enough people ripped off maybe we can be a collective and get our own back. I am working on a strategy.Maybe this company could put us in contact in some way and build up a momentum.Alone and divided we fail, united it might be possible to fight back.Buyer beware. Does anyone know of any senor person from Xlibris in the UK with a contact address / details?
Entity: Bloomingdale, Indiana
11, Report #969760
Nov 15 2012
02:03 PM
Xlibris Corporation Charlie Duke, Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris Publishing, Xlibris Write Your Own Success Charlie Duke, Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris Publishing, Xlibris Write Your Own Success Bloomington, Indiana
Charlie Duke, a person working for Xlibris Corporation contacted me recently to offer a deal to publish my book. I said no because I was deceived and ripped off by Trafford Publish, which is a sister company of Xlibris. Without knowing what I went through with Trafford, Mr. Due said I'm pretty sure that Trafford remedied this situation; I just wish to help you publish your book. No, do you think I'm that dumb? I asked. I made it clear that I didn't want to publish Xlibris as a sister of company of Trafford Publishing. Here is what Charlie Duke wrote me back: On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 11:09 AM, Charlie Duke <Charlie.Duke@xlibris.com> wrote: Mr. Sanchez,   First of all I do not think you are dumb. I never known someone who writes that have the attribute of a dumb. All companies always have haters. All companies have shortcomings. Xlibris, is one of the pioneers of the print-on-demand publishing services industry, and still leads the way today. One of our founding principles, dating back to when we were newly incorporated and making books out of a basement office, is that authors should have control over their work. This principle still stands today as we help hundreds of authors every month publish their work in the manner and form that they envision.  Xlibris has been publishing books for more than a decade. Now with over 40,000 titles in print for over 35,000 authors, you can count on Xlibris' extensive experience to provide dependable, long-term, individualized support through the publishing process and in the years that follow. We wont be able to exist this long if we are doing something wrong. I am aware that there are unsatisfied authors due to honest mistakes, but nonetheless, these mistakes are unacceptable and they rarely happen in our company. I am not aware how Trafford do their thing but I know one thing, that Trafford is under Author Solutions but Xlibris does its business separately. The bigger the company grows, bad bogs will also follow. Xlibris is a member of the better Business Bureau and with that alone I am proud to be working for the company. However, we cannot ignore the fact that you have been a victim of Internet Thievery, But I dont have the power to undo this. But as a Customer Service Representative for a Publishing company, I can help you start over and get your book out in the market. Sincerely, Charlie Duke Did  he think that calling me dumb and insulting me was going to make me change my mind. These people are rude, unethical, and thieves. Authors beware. Don't publish with this people, they are the type that would use a shotgun to ask you for a favor.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
12, Report #615591
Jun 20 2010
07:44 PM
Xlibris Corporation they too $ thousandsand never produced a finished dbook, refuse to correct errors,the backcover was embrassing,I made them stop production.See Norma1944 Blog on worldpress.com. They are a scam, no roy pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Xlibris publishing, aks: Xlibris Corporation. Refused to send me copy of contract. For two years I tried to have xlibris to correct errors, bookcover front & back was in-correct, the wording was incorrect.  They placed my book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Knoble,THE INCORRECT MANUSCRIPT, and they added words I never said, it was embrassing. I received a $10.00 royal check. They refused to give me AN ACCOUNTING OF SALES. I STOPPED PRODUCTION ON MY BOOK.., And now I plan on a lawsuit against Xlibris and their deceptive ways of practice. I worked hard on this book, This Generation of Unbelief. I ask for a list of who purchased my book so the monies could be returned, I never received it. They are liars and the most difficult publisher I have ever worked with. Absolutely a nightmare! They published the wrong Authors Biography and Incription. The book was in memory of my two daughters who are deceased and they were not capable of printing this correctly. Each time I called, I was connected to another employee, and had to start from the beginning. This is a game they play, and nothing is ever corrected. They are a fraudlent company with deceptive pratice and extremely rude when I call. I paid therm thousand of dollars and I want my monies back plus pain and anguish they caused me. Go to this web-site: Wordpress.com and search for norma1944 Blog, regarding Xlibris Publshing and how they do business with the public. Click on archives I believe for the month of June 2008, or year 2009..
Entity: pittsburg, Pennsylvania
13, Report #955853
Oct 16 2012
04:31 PM
Xlibris is the biggest fraud of a company that I ever had the misfortune to engage. In the past nine months, I have been shuffled between Author Services Representatives all promising that my books would be published soon. My first ASR Cherry Bates left the company, and no one even notified me until two weeks after the fact. The next ARS Gregory Ellis failed to return my phone calls. I was then assigned Glenn Bryce who did not return my e-mails or calls for some time. I was simultaneously told that he had left the company and was out on leave!  When Mr. Bryce did acknowledge my e-mails and eventually call me, he told me that the pdf file to my first novel had been lost and that we should go ahead and publish my second novel first. I was unhappy about this but agreed. In the meantime I sent a copy of my first novel to Mr. Bryce with corrections that I wanted made. I assumed that since Xlibris had lost my file for the e-book, they could at least make some changes gratis. The e-book was created, but some idiot wiped out all the italics from the manuscript, italics that were there for a reason. After several attempts, I thought the Xlibris technicians had got it correct, but I was wrong. However, Xlibris posted the e-book on their website and secondary sellers websites. I asked it to be removed, but it wasnt. I was eventually assigned Ken Barnes as an Author Services Representative who promised me that all the changes to my first e-book would be made. He also assured me that the corrections that I asked to be made gratis to my second novel would be honored due to all the trouble I had encountered. I had already paid $250.00 for post-productions corrections, which involved some minor punctuation and the use of the correct book cover, so I was happy about that. When Xlibris technicians created the e-book for my second novel, a flawless product could not be created without mistakes being made. I again asked for some minor changes to be made gratis considering the work had to be done any how to correct Xlibris mistakes!  I sent letters of complaint to Xlibris managers Raymond Chin, Michelle Postrano and Elaine Jerome-Headley, but nothing was ever done. Neither Mr. Chin nor Ms. Postrano could even acknowledge my e-mails.  At this point I was given a rash of grief that I had to pay another $125.00 to get these corrections implemented. This was the straw that broke my camels back! I canceled my business with Xlibris and sent out signed Letters of Intent to the appropriate Xlibris managers with a carbon copy to everyone I had dealt with in the past nine months. Rey August sent me an e-mail stating that my account was cancelled. Then a week and a half later Matt Evers called me and said that it was his understanding that I wanted to cancel my account! I went ballistic. This was just another example of Xlibris incompetence!   I should also add that one of my book packages (I paid for four books to be published) included single item accessoriesbookmarks, posters, business cards, and postcards. After sending detailed notes and pictures regarding the font and pitch size for the text and the book cover I wanted used for each product, it took Xlibris technicians six tries to finally get it right. Each time a new version of the items arrived, it looked like my instructions were completely ignored, and the techs did whatever they bloody well wanted! The 50 SEO clicks that I received in my first book package were used when the incorrect version of the e-book was published, and Xlibris refused to give me another 50 SEO clicks to replace them. All in all, it has been an expensive and frustrating nightmare working with Xlibris. Although I lost a good amount of money, the thing that angers me most is the time I lost from my life dealing with these incompetent, lying b*stards. I discovered too late that I'm not the only one who has encountered problems. There was a lawsuit against Xlibris in early 2012 by the State of Indiana where the company headquarters is located (Bloomington). Obviously, the problems with Xlibris are far-reaching and go way beyond the customer service department in Cebu, Philippines.  After reading all the consumer complaints about authors not receiving their royalties, should either of these books had been published, I doubt I would have seen a dime in royalties. Bottom line: Do not deal with Xlibris no matter how much you want to be published! BTW, Xlibris also operates under the name iUniverse.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #824078
Jan 17 2012
02:44 PM
Xlibris Do not use them! Internet
Hello.  We went to different sites for reviews when we were looking to publish a book.  We selected Xlibris based on those reviews.  This is our first published book.  Xlibris did an excellent job on the book itself.  That's about all the good I have to say about them.  Here's the bad..We waited to publish the book until June so we could get all the bugs out and so it would come out just before Christmas.  After getting all the bugs out, we were ready for a October/November release.  Xlibris' website went down and we were flooded with frustrated clients not being able to order the newly released book.  To this day, Xlibris cannot give us an accurate accounting of our sales or royalties due us.  Our first sales started in August.  We have not been paid a dime.  They will not return our emails/calls or if they happen to, they do not act upon our requests.  We were promised a leather bound edition, which we never received.  We paid them $10,000 US dollars and as soon as we paid them in full, they did a complete reversal in support, which is now nil.  We call or email them daily and all we get is a run around.  We are considering contacting other authors who have hired Xlibris for a possible suit action. 
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #904329
Jun 28 2012
03:50 PM
Xlibris HUGE RIP OFFS!! Bloomington, Indiana
Beware!!!  Anyone looking to self publish PLEASE BEWARE of this company.  They are unprofessional and do not deliver as promised.  All of the business I did with them was with people in the Phillipines.  None of them speak proper english and these are the ones putting together your book descriptions, press releases, etc.  I paid for these services, yet the grammar, spelling and punctuation was so bad that I ended up re-writing every bit of it!  They are supposed to be publishers???????????????????  Just go on the website and read some of the book descriptions on there for other duped authors-you will laugh!!  Grammar, mis-spellings, etc etc.  This is how they represent an author?  If you are contemplating publishing a legit book, you are intelligent, and want a professional job-DO NOT use this company.  I wish I had found all the negative information out about them before I signed on.  Also, if you want to get royalties for the sale of your book once it's published, Xlibris is NOT the publisher for you!!  You basically pay them for the publishing and they get to keep your royalties too!!! What a deal!!!!! Currently, several authors have a class action suit working against them. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
16, Report #971478
Nov 19 2012
03:24 PM
Xlibris marketing services , Internet
While the publishing of my books was done in a satisfactory manner, their marketing service was a huge ripoff. I paid them over $1,000, and they promised to send out one million emails advertising my book. I never even got a list of who they sent it to. Stay clear of their marketing service as it sucks! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #789615
Oct 17 2011
06:36 AM
XLibris Publishing XLibris Book Publishing, XLibris Corporation POD publisher, vanity publisher, self-publisher Bloomington, Indiana
On 5 July, 2011, I began discussions with a representative of XLibris Publishing to  produce my third novel, Twisted Key. In the initial discussions and before paying for any services I made it clear to the consultant that I needed a cost-per-unit of around $6.00 before shipping costs are figured in for each copy I purchased. That price allows me to make a decent profit on each sale,  since I wholesale to indie bookstores at $12.00 per copy and retail to customers at $15.00. I was NOT given a cost per unit  but was assured it would be reasonable and until they calculated their setup and production costs any figure I was given would not be accurate. I liked what they had to say about what they could do for me and going with XLibris would put copies and promotional materials in my hands for the Fall selling season. So I signed their agreements and paid the $1050.00 fee to have the work done. It was only after the money changed hands that I was given a cost per unit of $13.00 for me to purchase copies for sale, and everyone I spoke with at XLibris said that is their Standard fee. Before the shipping charges were added, of course. Each of my novels requires 2 years of research, writing and editing. I cannot make a profit off of this novel. I cannot even make my $1050.00 back. I cannot afford to purchase copies of my own novel to sell, since nobody in his right mind is going to buy a 6 x 9 paperback for $20.00, which is what I would have to charge to make any money from a sale. On 27 September I sent an email to their Customer Service department laying out my concerns and their several failures to comply with the terms of the agreements for services (including the provision of an LLC# for the novel. I gave them 10 days to reply to the email. They have not chosen to do so. I am posting complaints and writing blogs to warn others away from doing business with XLibris Publishing.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
18, Report #1124366
Apr 18 2014
11:59 AM
xlibris publishing, no royalty , keeps annoying me ringing up for more marketing when no money has come through from royalty nsw sydney sydney
in november 2012 i was contacted by xlibiris to start publishing a poetry book , after paying for 500 books , then been contacted for a book fair in frankfurt germany for marketing , which i went ahead and payed for .after some month went by the marketing people rang me , i said no more marketing cause there is no money coming in , then got harassed saying if you wont let us help you we wont help you anymore , i passed the phone over to my mother as she is the one investing in paying for this for me. mum said yes and we paid for kirkus review.all this has been done now and no money is coming in 20 000 dolllars for nothing in return no money coming back my way .
Entity: nsw, Select State/Province
19, Report #799129
Nov 17 2011
08:31 PM
Xlibris Xlibris Self Publishing Took $8000.00 for publication of book. Do not pay royalties of proven sales Internet
I paid over $8000 for 'Platinum Services to get my book published. The services were to include editing which was hardly done (they made 5 corrections and two of those were wrong). Almost everyone I spoke within the company to had English as a second language and made me wonder about their English proficiency to be competent to edit or work with books in English.Anyway, I am complaining because not only did they take my $8000 and not fulfill the terms of the agreement for this $8000; they are not paying me the royalties of sales that I know were sold. In Canada I have at least four people (that I know about) whom purchased the book but none of these sales show up on Xlibris Website under Author Royalties. I also have over 1500 friends within the united states whom have sent me emails telling me how wonderful the book is...yet they do not show up in the royalties statement. According to Xlibris, I have sold only 5 books! I have well over that in sales and thus can only conclude that this organization either breaches contracts or are out right scam artists.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #804379
Dec 02 2011
08:15 PM
Xlibris Xlibirs ripped me off and don't take my calls, Internet
Xliibris will kindly take your money and then they don't deliver what they promise.  You will never see you royalties, because they won't report your sales to you.  I had a least 50 family members and friends purchase my book on Xlibris website and they sent me a royalties check for the quarter for a litte over a $1.00.  They are excellent at calling you up asking for you to purchase extra services and then they not deliver as promised once they have your money and it almost impossible to get someone on the telephone.  They over priced my book and then told me I had to pay $1,500.00 to bring the price down and then they said because I dropped my price my royalties would only be $1.00.  I had to pay another $1,700 to get my royalties back up to 25%.  Now that they have all my money I can never reach anyone there.  I am out of almost $25,000 and I will never see my royalties from them.  My only chance to recover is to buy a ton of books from them and sell them on my own and it cost to become a vendor to sale your book on your own.  Stay away from Xlibris they smile up front and take your money and then lie and disappear.  They will turn you over to someone who speaks very little english and won't understand your complaint nor follow up.  I put my life savings in Xlibris and my book and I'm stuck and Xlibris doesn't give a d*mn.  How in the h*ll are they still a legal business?  They need to be investigated and shut down after they pay their authors their royalties.  Please email me at (((email redacted))) if need me to elaborate, I will be happy to save you $$$$$$ to not do business with them.   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #803711
Dec 01 2011
11:41 AM
Xlibris Incredible inept book self-publishing Bloomington, Indiana
Xlibris is best at self-promotion, not self-publication. Call are not returned; emails not responded to; all editors have trouble understanding requests. Marketing is non-existent; production, embarrassing; editing, totally inept. The entire process...from beginning to end...was met with incompetence. What is supposed to be an enjoyable outcome is a mess and it still is not over after 7 months.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
22, Report #860459
Mar 28 2012
10:23 AM
xlibris No one can buy my book website sucks, Internet
I wrote a book and purchased their package. Now the book is for sale. No one can buy it because their website is down 85 percent of the time. I call all of the time and no one can tell me how many books I have sold. You call and speak to someone in India who can barely understand you. When I joined up the people were all american and I haven't spoken to an american since.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #948591
Sep 29 2012
10:32 PM
XLibris they want money to fix their mistakes! Bloomington, Indiana
I'm just trying to get my book published. I would use Lulu, but I'm not technically proficient enough. I paid these people at Xlibris, who are supposedly independent publishers, to publish a children's book.  They offered a deep discount.  (red flag #1) So I sent them the text and illustrations, they emailed me back the galleys, and the text was pretty much unreadable. Parts of words were missing, the misspellings were numerous,  (yu instead of you, for example) just crazy, like the person copying my text had never heard of something called English. So far, I have sent them four sets of corrections, twice through regular mail, since they claim they couldn't read the first set I sent them. They claimed the envelope was wet, so the writing was illegible. Like they would know from illegible! Now, they want more money for the corrections.  I emailed three separate people there, informing them that there are no corrections,  they just need to fix their mangling of the text I sent them, and that I absolutely will not be swindled out of any more money. I told them they need to send the correct galleys with the words I wrote spelled correctly in a timely manner, or I will be forced to seek legal action.  Anyone who's dealt with these people please let me know how it turned out.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
24, Report #1150297
May 28 2014
01:19 PM
Xlibris Refund request minus $150 ,Set Up Fee, Bloomington Indiana
Sent email about cancelling my agreement before the final payment, due to poor customer service. I asked for an revised agreement with the correct payment schedule and it took over 5 days for a turnover. However, i had to request it several times.. Now it's been about a week and a half and no reply...   
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
25, Report #1252573
Sep 02 2015
05:29 PM
Xlibris Will not give me back my refund Bloomington Indiana
Xlibris publishing company will not refund me back my money. I asked for a refund because I felt all they was thinking about was money. I informed them that I was using my card from work and had lost my job and therefore it doesnt no longer work but they insist on keep trying it. I also wanted my money back when I read all the negative reviews. The lady ther name Erica Twain gave me this lame excuse about the agreement that I signed stating that there was a nonrefundable fee because the card was decline and that the about of money I sent them was the agreement if I didnt follow through was just enough for their fees. I sent them $196.00. and in the agreement it states that it will be a non refundable fee for $30.00 if I would ask for a refund. It makes no sense to me. She couldnt even explain it herself. They took almost $200.00 from me. Now I'm left with no money or no book published. I dont think it's right for them to take all my money like that. These people needs to be put out of business.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana

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