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26, Report #1371811
May 08 2017
10:16 AM
xlibris publishing author solutions publishing Author Solutions and imprint Xlibris continues to steal from authors, With so many complaints how can Xlibris still be in business? bloomington Indiana
How is it that Xlibris and Author Solutions can still be in business with so many reports of ripping off authors? Ripoff Reports shows years of negative reports about this company but they are still in business, what can be done to put an end to this? I have personally been fighting with xlibris for several years to get my simple 80 page book launched properly. It was issue after issue and now that my connection to this company is so close to being over they hit me again with one of their scams. I too have paid the $6,000 price for a complete package that includes the marketing. They built my book's website and now they want to charge me for bandwidth issues. This is the third time my site went down due to this issue and they want me to pay for their mistake. When the website completion date was set I had paid for a marketing company to do large scale and very expensive e mail blasts. Xlibris was very aware of the marketing strategy, the timing of the blast and the fact that I had paid a lot of money for this blast. Due to xlibris 'professional' web builders errors my site went down just as the blast was sent out causing me to lose over 25,000 customers. When I was assured by xlibris that the problem was fixed I sent out the second scheduled e mail blast to over 50,000 customers only to find out the site went down again losing me even more $. The first time the site went down I was not aware till friends reported problems viewing my site. I had to report it to xlibris and request compensation for the loss of $ due to their error. Marketing supervisor Vera Carter responded with an offer of 1 year free service of xlibris hosting the website starting in Dec. 2017. Why would I want them to host for an additional year when they can't get it right the first time? After consulting 2 outside tech firms I discovered that the bandwidth issue was something the builder would have known about when building the site. There have been no additions to the site so that alone indicates the builder, xlibris/author solutions must have created the problem while building the site. Now I have received an e mail stating that I must make additional monthly payments to keep my book's website up and working each month. Since I am not able to list e mail addresses, I am listing the people I have been dealing with regarding this issue. Adam Brillo who contacted me back when I first had issues with xlibris about 2yrs ago. At that time he was considered a supervisor in customer service so when this issue of the bandwidth started I cc'd him on all e mails requesting help. Vera Carter and James Aguilar are both supervisors of the marketing department so both were sent cc e mails regarding this bandwidth issue. Several years ago when I first had difficulties with this company, I discovered that there are no official overseers in the publishing world. I had taken it upon myself to create a class action law suit against xlibris and it's mother company author solutions. Now, I am furious with myself for not following thru with the class action law suit. Today is 5/7/17, I will give xlibis and author solutions one week to correct the problems they created on my book's website. If I feel their deceitful practices have not been addressed, I will be posting notice that the class action lawsuit has been activated again and all who wish to participate are welcome to contact me. 
Entity: bloomington, Indiana
27, Report #778326
Sep 18 2011
09:23 PM
Xlibris Publishing Xlibris2 BOOK selling everywhere but NOT A ROYALITY IN SIGHT Bloomington, Indiana
My book was published back when Xlibris first started out. I paid over a $1000 to have the book published through them. In the past 10 years, I have seen my book selling everywhere.. Ebay, Amazon Used books section, UK and the list goes on.. friends and fans have personally contacted me to tell me how much they loved my book.. YET, I have probably made less than $100 in royalities after all of these years.. Many books selling and no royalities.. What's wrong with this picture? I've been scammed big time that's what's wrong!  I cannot say if Xlibris is responsible for the phishing and pirating scams selling my book.. I do believe they do a nice job of putting one's book together and getting it ready for Print on Demand. HOWEVER, as my Publisher, they did nothing to stop others from selling it on various channels. I had made Xlibris aware of this problem on many occasions and what did they do? They continued to call me every month asking me to put MORE money into marketing my book!! Really? Really? Are you fricken kidding me???  I'm over this book.. and Xlibris.. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
28, Report #835753
Feb 08 2012
06:40 AM
Xlibris publishing Company the rip off merchants of the publishing world Bloomington, Indiana
I had the tragedy of my wife dieing of cancer back in 2006 so to help me get over it a friend persuaded me to write down my thoughts and feelings. The set of thoughts became an idea for a book and unfortunately I chose Xlibris. To begin with they were really good. I was pleased with the cover and their work. After I had paid them a lotb of money for advertising and publishing things changed. They stopped answering my emails and pnone calls. They did not tell me how many books I had actually sold. One year on from publication and according to their Website I have sold 34 copiesand should be getting 55 in royalties i have so far got 16. I also know that I have sold a further 20 books over the last quarter but have had no contact from them since before Christmas. On one of the posters they sent me to 'sell' my book it clearly states that anyone wanting to buy my book could go to my local book store. I went to the biggest retailer in England 'Watertstones book store' who told me that my book does not exist!! They can not sell it as the isbn does not exist! The depressing thing is they want to sell it. I feel Xlibris have let me down and lied to me. It is not about the money it is about them conning me.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
29, Report #655325
Oct 26 2010
09:54 AM
Xlibris Publishing is continuing to sell book after complaining that it needed corrections Bloomington, Indiana
     Xlibris printed and published book without my knowledge. Someone else sent in the book and I was never contacted.  The manuscript sent was not a final manuscript.  After receiving my start-up package, I notified them of all the corrections that needed to be made.  There were too many to pay per page.  So, I asked if it could be re-written.  For a price, they agreed.  I requested this book to be pulled until further notice.  I told them I would contact them with final manuscript.  Since then, they keep calling and I have continuously explained that revised book was not complete.  I have completed the manuscript, but have not been able to come up with the money to pay for it yet.  Meanwhile, I just found out that someone ordered our book online through Barnes and Noble.com. If someone were to read the book as is, I could have bad reviews before I get the real book published. This will hurt the future of the book.   
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
30, Report #641832
Sep 18 2010
07:12 AM
Xlibris/Authorhouse Not Reporting Royalties Bloomington, Indiana
I have a self-published book listed with Xlibris/Authorhouse, and according to their records my book is not selling.  Pertaining to this, I can accept the fact that my book might-not be selling.  But, what I have a problem with: is that a reader (outside the United States) made contact with me to express how much he had enjoyed reading my book.  For me, a red flag went up because-over the years-others had informed that they had purchased the book, also.  Yet, my royalty statement(s) did not indicate any sales.  Two years of this!  Finally, this year, I made contact with Xlibris to question my online royalty statement and I was told, What is listed online is the true amount of books sold.  With that, I asked about the missing $2.00 royalty that should have been posted as the result of the reader mentioned who had reported that he enjoyed the book.  Next, I was asked, How did he get the book?  I was asked this question because the rep did claim there was no record of the sale.  I did ask myself, If Xlibris is maintaining...no record of sale for that book purchased, how many other sales might there be that I don't know about?  On this same day, I spoke with another rep to request a sales statement.  (I was promised that the report would be sent to me via email.)  I am still waiting, Xlibris...  I-still-have the same email address. Two days later, something strange did happen.  When I checked my online royalty statement, there was that missing sale posted.  This spooked me to believe: all of the bad things I have read about Xlibris/Authorhouse might be true.  Stealing; changing sales reports and ignoring requests-as the request I had made for the sales report. The rep of Xlibris did tell me that they only handle sale-tracking for my book on Amazon.com. I did question who is in charge of tracking sales for the so...so many web pages my book is listed.  Xlibris said they would conduct an investigation because they didn't know about this, and it should not be.  (I did insist that they search the web to view what I did.)  My book is listed with the following book pages: E bay; E campus; Indiaplaza; QBD; Glendora Books; Abe; Books-A-Million; Tower; Nbcindia; CDWow; the Nile; Dealtime; Yasni; Play.com; Flipkart; Next Tag; Epinions; Buy.com; Books Express; Unread; Loot.co.za; Booksplus; Buecheride; Bol.it; Libreriauniversitaria; Biblio; Booktopia; Library Thing; Agitateur de Curiosite; Krisistomus; BookFinder 40; CDON,com; Scribbly Gum Books, and Book Army-just to mention a few.  I don't have an issue with my book being listed with these pages, but Xlibris is saying, It isn't so.  If there are no sales, why are used copies of my book posted.?  Is there something I am not understanding?  And according to Biblio, there are 30 new copies in stock.  Also, with Ecampus, my book is up for rent.  And the odd thing with that is: Xlibris is not listed as the publisher.  (Another publisher is listed.)  Xlibris, I am still waiting for that report... In conclusion, my book is listed on the web-threading from Japan; Africa; Italy; France and Ireland.  And Xlibris/Authorhouse is reporting not-one-single-sale!!!! I read a complaint-once-where the CEO of a publishing house had stated, We can't resolve these royalty issues, because the authors won't list their names.  They must be making up stories and that is why they hide.  Here I am, Baby...Darlene Black/Necromancy   It is..what it is!! *My book has several errors, but Xlibris created them.  When I had asked Xlibris to correct the errors, they wanted money to do so.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
31, Report #793186
Oct 28 2011
08:48 PM
Xlibris publishing I Universe Gave me the big runaround Bloomington, Indiana
Consumer beware of Xlibris publishinng out of Bloomington Indiana. They claim to be an honest business but after having dealt with them when trying to publish my book I can honestly say their customer service standards as well as their ability to follow the instructions and requests from their customers is terrible ! If you have concerns or customer service issues they try to trivialize them or just brush you off. You pay for certain marketing services yet you are the one that does 99 percent of the work in marketing your material ( not recommended for first time writers). They claim they will edit and make one free round of corrections to the material you send, but you have to point out each and every error. They do not even try to fix such things. It is very hard to find someone you can really understand and communicate with. They all have strong accents and often time like to do most of the talking while you try to explain something to them. they do not follow the instructions properly to the options they give to potential writers to customize their own books. Do not give them you bank account information or credit card numbers. If you pay with a prepaid credit card make sure you do not pay early as they will automatically try to extract another payment from the card depending on when your next payment is due. And you have to remind them constantly how much to charge you. They seem to have a great deal of trouble communicating with each other let alone their customers. If they give you a payment plan option they do not always honor the grace period or due date that your next payment is due. They will try to collect payment when ever they decide. And as far as how well they handle complaints from their customers, they are in no hurry to address such concerns. You have to stay after them about everything. To top it off, you only get 25 percent profits if your book seels at Their website. If your book sells at other online retailers you get maybe 10 percent profit. And no matter how big or small your book may be they charge outragious prices. Especially for a book that isnt as thick as a magazine. So expensive that most readers will not pay that price for a book. They obvioulsy get the majority of their profits from desperate people like myself who want a chance to have a profitable creative outlet for my writing instead of actually selling and promoting the books they do publish for their authors. I had to learn this the hard way not only in my wallet, but at the expense of all the time and effort I put into my story. Please think twice before using Xlibris Publishing !
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
32, Report #710521
Mar 26 2011
10:12 AM
Xlibris Sales consultant flat out lied to me and then Insulted my husband over the phone, Internet
Last Friday (March 18, 2011), I had an incident with my sales representative. I called corporate office and put in an official complaint on this particular employee for being overly aggressive in trying to convince me to sign up for an add-on to my current package. The package add-on was for the royalty increase which cost $1,599.00. I was told I would have to make a down payment of $533.00 right then. This price is the equal to the cost of a down payment on a car. Most people would not just throw that much money at something with out considering all of the options and mull over it for a day or so. He told me, I only had right then to decide on it because as of Monday the offer would no longer be available to me. He also told me I would not be eligible to enter this program after Friday March 18, 2011.     I sent him this email. I have thought things through. And, this seems like a lot of money to invest and risk. No one knows how well this book will sell. If it turns out to be a flop then I have only lost a little money, hang my head and move on. As it is now, at least if the book does well I make a little profit, succeed and move on. And I know better next time where to hedge my bets. I'm not a gambler and in reality that is exactly what I am doing. So, I would rather bet a little and win a little than bet a whole lot and loose everything. Lesson learned more or less. If this book does well and I decide to publish the next book that I already have written. Will this offer be available to me or is this a one time deal? Thank you for the call this afternoon. I do appreciate the opportunity that you gave to at least give me an option.He called my home several hours after I sent him this e-mail. I was not home when the phone call came in, but I did walk in on the conversation between my husband and my agent. My husband was flustered and very angry, which is hard to do because he is a very docile person. In order to get him this irritated someone has to do something major to tick him off.  This guy told my husband and this is quoted  So as I understand this you are refusing to give your wife $1599.00, you should be ashamed of yourself for holding your wife back from pursing her dreams. YES, he told my husband this.  My husband is very protective of me as any husband should be. However, since this is my project and my hard work he stood back and is letting me make every choice for myself. Now this is happening he has become fully involve with every aspect of my book. This is unacceptable behavior for anyone claiming to be a professional and work at any public industry. You do NOT insult the people who essentially are responsible for your paychecks. I did talk to a person higher up the chain of command that day. He told my husband and myself he would be in contact with me. Since March 18, I have not heard any word from anyone at Xlibris. Come to find out after all of this, what the sales rep offered was not a ONE TIME deal. I was told I may opt to enter the program at anytime. So essentially, I was lied to. Since then, I have not heard anything back on this incident. The man my husband talked to, did assure us a new technical adviser and sales representative would be assigned to me and would be contact me. I was told to forward the e-mails I had already sent to my current technical adviser to the Technical Advisor manager and he would look over everything. I did as I was told to do. As of today I still have not heard anything. I just received my welcome package with a contract. There are a few things of which have me concerned about it. Number one the contract that was sent to me is the wrong contract for the particular package I purchased and I have already made an initial payment on. The second concern is after reading through the Publishing Guide, I found a better package to better meet my needs. I feel the sales rep should have been more open with me on my options and should have explained things better. I signed for the Basic Package what I should have signed for is the Professional Package instead, he more or less pushed me to what he thought I needed. He never did ask what I wanted. The only reason I contacted Xlibris was to find out more information on what would be available for me. I did not intend to make a purchase at the time because the illustrations for my book are not complete. The sales rep told me I had to make a decision that day, if waited a couple of days to debate on this package, he could not guarantee the price quote he gave me if.  At this point I am very unhappy with the way things are going. I would like very much to stay with Xlibris to publish my book; but, if this is the way business is handled here, I will consider withdrawing my contract and sign with another publishing company. This is not a threat I am just stating what is going through my mind; I would appreciate a quick and satisfactory resolution to the problems I am having. Before I contacted this company I did check with the BBB and there were 214 official complaints filed with the BBB against Xlibris. I figured being a business to the public there is no way to guarantee 100% happy results from every client. This is just not possible. Now my big dilemma is what in the world do I do now. I feel like all of my hard work has been flushed down the toilet. Very dis-satisfied client.
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #863699
Apr 04 2012
08:39 AM
XLIBRIS Not useful at all, initially very nice then the bait and switch Internet
This company uses the usual bait and switch tactic.  Initially they are very interested and offer a discount for their publishing services.  Once you submit a manuscript and pay for the package, communication stops and it is difficult to get someone on the phone.  The book representative is obviously of foreign descent and at first it is an American who hooks you in with the speal.  I signed up for the 600.00 package payable in 3 months, pad the first month then cancelled the card so no more payments are coming to them from me.  I would suggest going through Createspace to publish, its free and cost nothing and you will be published on Amazon which is what I did.  These flim flam book publishing operations are just that...flim flam.....I am an ex Marine and worked for years doing honest work and never fell into these types of scams until I slowed down.  I feel like an idiot but if I catch em Ill be ready for em...gloves are off...
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #852564
Mar 12 2012
12:05 PM
Xlibris Corporation Author House (parent company) Fraudulent Sales Reports - All Around Ripoff Scam Bloomington, Indiana
 When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I found a company in Indiana ~ Xlibris Corporation.  I did my research and from all accounts, the company appeared reputable.  My representative was extremely helpful in getting my process up and running smoothlyor so I thought.  Once the company had my money and there was no turning back financially, I was no longer able to reach anyone that spoke (or understood) proper English.  Suddenly everyone I was connected to was located in the Phillippines and working from a script.  None of their responses had anything to do with the questions I was asking or the reason for my call.  None of the people I originally dealt with in Indiana were available by phone. It wasnt until after they had my money that I learned nothing would happen with my book unless I paid more money, and lots of it.  Stores wouldnt purchase the book unless I paid another fee for insurance; no marketing would be done to sell the book unless I paid another fee for marketing services.  All of these fees were thousands of dollars.  None of my phone calls were being returned when Id call about suspected sales that werent being credited to my royalty account.  Then a friend told me she purchased my book in October of 2011 and another said she bought it in December of 2011, both directly from Xlibris Corporation.  I am holding the receipt from her purchase in my hand as I write this report.  It is dated October 14, 2011.  Unfortunately for me, my Xlibris account shows no sales since April of 2011.  No one at Xlibris will tell me what is going on.   For over a month now, Ive been trying to reach someone in Indiana about the fraud being committed against the sale of my book.  Every time I call Indiana, I get transferred to the Phillippines.  I demanded an audit of my sales and was told one would be conducted immediately and I would receive a call back in 2-3 days.  Its been ten days and no call every came.  So I followed up with another call to Indiana today, and again was transferred to the Phillippines.  The woman I spoke with, who I was informed was an attorney in the companys legal department, says she is only a customer service supervisor and knows nothing about an audit on my sales.  Butshe would look into it and get back to me in 2-3 days.  Click!!! Do not do business with this company.  They will take your money, sell your book and steal your royalties out from under your nose.  Youll never get the same person on the phone twice.  Who knows how many copies of my book they have sold and havent paid me on.  Theres no way to get that information either because no one understands you when you call or calls you back when you leave a message. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
35, Report #929356
Aug 19 2012
07:00 AM
XLibris Took money multiple times for marketing scams and website and generated 0 book sales Bloomington, Indiana
I hired XLibris to self publish my book. That part was okay, however, then they started pushing their marketing campaigns. They convinced me 3 different times to pay for marketing campaigns which they claimed were always very successful in promoting book sales. I spent over $10,000.00 on their campaigns and they never sold one book. In fact every book ever sold was due to my own efforts. The first campaign was supposedly to have my book featured at a national book expo. Not one sale. The second campaign was internet marketing to over 1 million people who showed interest in my category. The third campaign was supposedly a newspaper & magazine advertising deal with them physically contacting book stores like Barnes and noble and actually placing my books in their stores with a return policy if they couldn't sell them. In addition, when the website came up for renewal, they never notified me, and then when I realized it was due, they told me I missed the deadline for renewal, and then instead of charging me the normal $79 or $89.00 to renew, they wanted to rip me off for over $300.00. They keep contacting me to spen more money marketing, and they keep assuring me that the new marketing techniques will definitely imporve my book sales. (Same as they had done the previous 3 times). I told them they were lying, and that the money I spent the 3 previous time produced nothing. Then, once again they assured me that it would work. I asked the question If you are so sure this will work, why did you charge me over $10,000.00 for 3 other campaigns that didn't? Why didn't you offer me this one first? Obviously this was another scam to get money from me. I told them that 3 strikes and then they were out.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
36, Report #1099598
Nov 15 2013
01:57 PM
Xlibris Publishing Ripped me off of royalties and book marketing costs Bloomington Indiana
 I was talked into a premium book package by Xlibris in 2011 and everything has gone downhill since.Their customer service is outsourced to the Phillipines and uneducated people who do not know the first thing about books even though they will claim otherwise.I sold several copies of my books and more than what they have said i did.They went and pocketed all the profits from what i earned on each book and lied saying the reports had not come in yet.I'd like any other authors who have had problems with Xlbris Publishing if interested join me in filing a class action lawsuit against them.If there is an attorny out there who reads this please email me so we can get the ball rolling on this matter.We as authors have rights and it is unjust to have them taken away by a publishing company who rips us off.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
37, Report #1147107
Jun 02 2014
04:27 PM
Xlibris Corporation RIPOFF! NOT PAYING ROYALTY CHECKS! SCAM!! Philippines
In seven years, I only recived one royalty check for $7. I know many people who have brought the book. Called Xlibris. Company is located in the Philippines. They won't send me a statement. Total scam! I did all the work for the book. Getting nothing from it. They call me and want me to pay huge amounts of money for marketing, but they know nothing. I would love to join in with others and file a lawsuit. Please email me (((redacted))) 
Entity: Select State/Province
38, Report #1091653
Oct 13 2013
01:13 PM
Xlibris Scam/ripoff high pressure tactics and refusal of refund Bloomington Internet
Do not use this company to publish anything you write unless not making money is in your business plan.  They will promise you just about anything for your money.  I was smart enough to record all my conversations with the sales person (Grace) and her promises were not honored.   I was was told I had a grace period for refund of all money, I was dumb enough to give them nearly $8000 and i requested a refund a week later because I found out the company is running a scam.  They will tell you that you can charge anything for your books and they would only take $3 for printing.  The example she gave me was:  if I sell a book for $15, I would make $12 and Xlibris would make $3.   They told me I would get 100% royalties but if you look at the contract you get about 25% and Xlibris get 75%. PLEASE do research before using this company, they will give you sales pitch after sales pitch, like they are owned by Random House Publishing or they publish very well known authors but they will not tell you who those authors are.  
Entity: Bloomington, Internet
39, Report #1046579
Apr 26 2013
10:07 PM
Xlibris book publishing rip-off, non-paying,people who took my book Internet
I would like everyone to know if you are going to publish your first book, or any book do not go to xlibris they are nothing but a total ripoff.  I get a small SScheck a  month it took a whole lot to get these people to publish my book. They messes up, they mis-printed a few things on my book. Also they did not tell me that Brooks and Noble or Amazon would take my book ifit was landscaping size.  So I had to change my book.  I am not happy the way it's been changed.  Also my book is not being shone at none of the book stores. My main complaint about this place is that my childrens book came out in July 2012 this is now april 2013 and i have yet got a single penny from them. I know that my book has sold but I guess that they think I always been poor I could that i could just stay poor.  It took me a whole lot to  publish my first book and then I  got treated this way.
Entity: Internet, Internet
40, Report #1061828
Jun 25 2013
12:11 PM
Xlibris High prices, horrible customer sevice, and they call themselves a publishing Co. Internet
This happend to me last year when i published both my books through xlibris.  When i paid them, they were very nice, called promptly, and printed the 1st book within a month. I was so happy, i thought they would aid in selling, i quickly realized i was on my own.Publishing book2 was much different. Because i was all paid up i wasn't as important, i didn't have the internet at the time and my reps knew. they kept having me look at my corrections even though nothing was changed. The cover took a week and the interior took 3weeks with nothing edited.They stopped calling me i had to call them everyday to check on the book. it was finally finished but, they got the title wrong, and their serviceing sucked at the end. Even though i wasn't ripped off, it feels like i was. My book is 300pages and is $20 i do think the price is fair for a new book. but the price for the author is wrong it's way to high.I still get contacted from them every now and then, new reps asking me of my progress and if i'm going to buy more books soon. A few days ago a rep was trying to convince me not to give up. even though im not. I waited and searched for a publisher for a month and couldn't find anyone good. I didn't want a self publisher but it was all i could find, everything good is off the grid. I didn't know about this site at the time so i couldn't check them out.If your a new author and looking to publish, i know how excited you are to look at that finished title of yours, but my advice is wait. Do it the right way, or don't do it at all. These people know how to talk to you, they sell, they don't care about your dreams or how broke you are. Your just a dollar sign to them.I don't think theres anything anyone can do for me, i just don't want the same thing to happen to anyone else. Good luck and God bless!
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1257297
Sep 26 2015
11:02 AM
Xlibris Publishing No draft after 3 years! Bloomington, IN Bloomington, IN
I began the idea of publishing my book with Xlibris on August 22, 2012!  I have dealt with five different submission representatives, and at least five other Xlibris employees in other departments concerning this project.  I am so frustrated with this process in publishing .  My contract started for one price and then a few months later the contract was redone to accomodate my workbook format which costed more.  It is done by credit card and payments are taken monthly.  So they were paid long ago.  (Beware!)  I submitted the almost finished manuscript by request of Xlibris by Kim Oliver for the 1st time in January of 2014.  She handed it off to a Mr. Lloyd Griffith in the Data  Entry service of Xlibris to convert it into an electronic format that would ensure the easiest processing of my book.   Marie Giles had sent me the first electronic data entry draft that resulted from that, by email last February which I attached to an email I sent to Kim.  I guess it got lost. Meanwhile I was sending all the chapters to Kim electronically in Word 2007 because no one could find out where my book or data file was.  It may have been because the contract  ID # changed  from 144169 to 603246 when the contract was renegotiated because, the new submission representatives realized it was a format different than a novel.  I was gathering all my letters of permission for reprints and information I used in the book and sending them electronically to Kim as well as my acknowledgments and thank you for footnotes and such.  I had a set back at the end of March into mid April when my computer hard drive completely crashed.  It took me almost a month to recover the information and all I had was a hard copy of what I had been writing to retype from to complete the book.  I asked for the data entry copy to work from, but no one ever found it.  I set a goal to complete the book to finish by year's end and I finished at the end of November 2014.  I Fed-Exed the FINISHED MANUSCRIPT with all my revisions again to Kim Oliver in its final format  for the 2nd time, on December 1st of 2014.  Again it went to Data Entry, this time for scanning.  Again it was sent back. On my third time I sent it by the US post office overnight express. However, when it was sent back, the dividers were not in place for the chapters.  I thought all the old data copies should have been destroyed or updated  at that point for the new revised and edited version.  Again no one knew where the material was at the beginning of January 2015!  I suggest you check with Lloyd Griffith.  I got an email from him in June 2014 with the data file still under the old contract # as an attachment.  Of course it is not an up to date one, because I sent the final on Dec. 1st, 2014.  But that copy is supposedly data entered somewhere also and hopefully under the correct contract #.  They enclosed no communication when they sent back the final manuscript, which is titled, What Do I Do Now? Tools & Tips to the Healthcare System for the Caregiver.  With each submission representative, I had to explain the project and the way it was contracted to be formatted from the beginning each time.  Even with Kim Oliver I had to explain it more than once.  There seemed to be no notes that were passed from person to the next person handling my case so that they understood or knew where the project stood and how it was being done.  It is clear to me that the departments have a breakdown in communication with each other as well as myself the author.  I do not feel as though they kept their part of the contract at all.  Now they say I can not get my money back to pursue another publisher.  I am not wealthy.  The contract money can only be returned within 90 days.  You can see why I am so Frustrated.  All in all I submitted this book either in hardcopy or electronically by email a total of 5 times.  We have spent over 2 years on this project and we have no first draft for me to review or any marketing or author help that was promised by your programs.  I essentially have been depending on submission representatives and they don't know what the next step is either and have to always research and get back to me, wasting time.  What I need is the name of who I contact to begin the process of cancelling this contract and begin the return of my money.  Please send me the information quickly.  I've waited for my project long enough! Robin Earp
Entity: Internet
42, Report #655179
Oct 25 2010
10:07 PM
Xlibris publishing E-Books royalty of over six months reported on Amazon E-books, but failed to be reported and not paid by Xlibris. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I have just published a book with Xlibris. The book is listed as E-Book. I looked on Amazon e-book, and the book is ranked top 100 paid on Amazon e-book for over  a month. The book is still in good rank on Amazon e-book. The unfortunate thing is that for over nine months since the book has been released, Xlibris has not acknowledge any royalty in myn account on the book. They just keep telling me that they have not recieved any data report from Amazon E-book. I wish if Xlibris would clarify if  the book is really part of the top 100, or part of the numbers of paid books on e-book, or paper back market in Amazon.com. Also, I wish they request Amazon company to clarify the validity of the reported data online, and pay me the required royalty due for this sales rank.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
43, Report #813717
Dec 25 2011
01:48 PM
Xlibris Corporation should be renamed to: Shyster Corporation I paid additional money for editing services which did not happen. This makes me look bad:Shame on XLIBRIS Bloomington, Indiana
Xlibris Corporation, advertise themselves as a self publishing company that will assist the writer with various levels of: Marketing, Editorial Services, Manuscript and Graphics Formatting. The services depend on how much the consumer pays. I paid for the Premium package concentrating on the Editorial Services.  The end product was short of being professional with various paragraph spacing that was not consistent.  While signing up for the service's I was promised several services that will be honored.  These services were not honored.  The end product makes the author appear illiterate and sloppy. The company did not edit the book at all. When I made my complaint vocal to the company and wanted to make an offical complaint, I was transfered to different departments and was told that I would be called back by someone that will handle my complaint.  This call never came, instead someone from marketing started calling me two times a day to solicit an additional $3,000 dollars for marketing.  My second book will not be with this company nor would I recommend them to any of my future author friends.  The only service this company did right was to debit my credit card account.       
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
44, Report #1140627
Apr 21 2014
10:49 PM
Xlibris Publishing Continuation of Charges Should Be Brought Against Xlibris for Practicing Cyberhacking and Cyberinsecurity. Bloomington Indiana
As I spoke of the young man at Xlibris assigned to work with me in producing my book,I forgot to say that after I spent more than four months sending this man emails,more than 200, he denied it. He probably was working with the same group who stole my first manuscript thinking that I would pull another completed book out of my 'hat' while he holds on to my emails which constituted another book.I will be waiting for the both of them to produce my material as far as Israel,but I still will be waiting.I wanted to emphasize the fact that this young man did exactly what the official from Xlibris' Headquaters had done on last year.He continued to asked the names of all of my email sites as we worked. I knew he was plotting. Surely, this young man went to every site and did not just pull certain emails back to him that had his name and that showed our conversations. He removed a whole month in one of my emails. Again, he not only removed emails from my three sites:yahoo,gmail,and gmx,he removed messages that I had forwarded to friends as backup. I am not indicating Cyberinsecurity in an international or broad way, but I believe we must punish our own for this type activity.
Entity: Bloomington, Select State/Province
45, Report #923379
Aug 06 2012
05:36 PM
Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris Publishing, Penguin Group, Sharon Lauta, AJ Barco Has been withholding royalties payments, underpaying me royalties, telling me they will pay and months and months have gone by with no payments received. Bloomington, Indiana
I have been an author with Xlibris since 1998 with two books self published through them. My second book is a premium full color picture book that costs $48.99. The book is in the distribution channel with Amazon with Light Source Publishing fulfilling the print on demand orders for amazon.com. My biggest concern in having my book title with Xlibris, besides not receiving royalties due me, is that the book continues to sell through Amazon.com with Light Source fulfilling the print on demands, and Amazon.com, Light Source and Xlibris getting paid their shares and me -nothing. It is quite disturbing to know that books are being sold and everyone down the line are being paid but me.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I have talked on the telephone with customer service, A.J. Barco a number of times and emailed back and forth with her and she has confirmed that I was underpaid royalties and that they were just waiting for Finance to cut me a check for the underpayment. Its been 8 months or more on that one. I have left messages even more times to Sharon Lauta, manager in the Royalties Department, who also agrees that there was an underpayment, and she would do more research and get Finance to cut me a check as soon as possible. And still nothing.   What recourse do we have from these people? Is Penguin Group going to pay me now? On my online webpage of book sales and royalties due that Xlibris updates supposedly regularly, Xlibris has not posted any book sales or royalties since March 2012, and they know what sales have occurred and what royalties are due for all of those unposted months. I was one of those people who was conned into a couple of expansive marketing campaigns, one of which was to send my book information out to 2 million email addresses. Supposedly they sent the emails out in batches of 1 million at a time, with an additional 1 million emails I was told  by Xlibris rep Chris Carlson, were sent because they were nt sent in the time frame I had requested. Okay, 3 million emails sent and nd not one book was sold from those 3 million opt in emails for a best selling book on health and fitness?. And they never even gave me a report on the campaign their representative Chris Carlson said, because there were no sales. Now that I have read the complaints here on Rip Off Report, I am sure that I have been lied to, scammed, had royalties due me underpaid and not paid. Again I ask of anyone in the know, what recourse do I and others like me have with Xlibris and now Penguin? And should I continue letting the books sell on amazon.com and hope someday to finally get paid? What can be done here? Please advise. Thank you. Respectfully submitted,
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
46, Report #602158
May 11 2010
03:13 PM
xlibris self publisher no service provided without a fight,complete sham from start to finish very pricey rip off Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
I had researched what I thought to be a pretty good gamble on getting my father's book published.  The sales and marketing people at xlibris absolutely are fantastic and they completley work out great deals to get you hooked.  I spent over 1700.00 and received nothing but a nightmare.  I paid for expedited service got extreme late service and had to fight tooth and nail for every tiny thing that was promised.   the simplest things that was included in the less expespensive packages took me literally on the phone four times a day with someone to just get them to do anything.  The process took over a year and i had to wait for the marketing materials and had to call them serveral times.  After the book was complete and published , we were supposed to get 10 paperback copies and 5 hardback copies.  I had to call on numerous occasions to get them to send the paperbacks.  I finally got them 2 and a half months after the first book ws bought by family members.   I have called at least 5 times this month and emailed twice asking about where are the hardbacks.  Finally today. i got told that according to their records i purchased the 899.00 package and i don't get any. I have a credit card stament showing where  over 1700.00 was paid to them.  Do they think that they should get a tip just for barely getting the job done?  I am soooo upset that I got that ripped off and my father, the author, is waiting to be stable enough to undergo a double bypass heart surgery.  I have been live on the book since March of 2010 and still not one single cent has been acknowledged to my accout from barnes and noble or amazon or the two businesses that set up invoiced accouts with them and those two businesses cannot get their order for our book filled.  caution to all. xlibris sounds good and talks a good sales pitch, but they are not.  If they were even partially as good as they advertise they are i would have been happy but the are not even close to what they claim they are.  My father that has worked himself literally to death just spent 1700.00 for a job that I could have done in artclass and junior high computer class then took to staples and had done.  I don't think that xlibris even has filed for my copyright that i paid extra money for them to take care of.    Ridiculous i do not see how they get away with it and if i knew how or has a lawyer or money for one i would fight them to the end of time not just for the money and time and anguish on my ailing father but because some one should be able to catch them and make it known to the world.  
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
47, Report #750942
Jul 09 2011
08:36 AM
xlibris publishing i was told my book is not selling but i know people that bought it Internet
 i got a book published through xlibris a year ago it has been for sale through amazon . i have no luck in getting any information regarding my royalties at one point i was informed unless i have proof of any sales there is nothing i can do. I asked how many copies where printed and sent to reselllers and was told i am not allowed that information only sold copies is my business and none have been sold yet . I then purchased a book of my own from a uk book store i also had other people purchase it . And i still have nothing in my sales report from Xlibris .
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #648359
Oct 06 2010
10:41 PM
Xlibris Publishing Comapny Paid this so-call publishing company to reprint a revised edition. I never received a corrected copy. This comapny is a fraud. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Xlibris Publishing Company promised to publish a book that I had written. There were a constant problem. We agreed on a price, but they were extremely difficult to work with. When a correction needed to be made they could not/would not make the correction, or if they did it was inexcusable. They would constantly appoint a new person in charge, therefore creating havoc and intolerance. At The very beginning they used the original manuscript before the corrections were made and the wrong book cover I had specially chosen. I was furious. The book was a shamble, the back-cover, the acknowledgments, the Author's Bio, and the inscription were all incorrect, including the dedication to my daughters. They could not center the titles to a paragraph and the list goes on and on.... 
Entity: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
49, Report #743471
Jun 21 2011
09:02 PM
xlibris Author Solutions, Kevin Weiss; Bertram Capital Management LLC; Victoria Strauss A likely scam on public and investors Bloominton , Indiana
Xlibris now aka Author House, et al, has significant complaints. The CEO Kevin Weiss has his own peculiar approach to customers including hiding behind his call centre in the Philippines. This fact was verified in writing to me by a WSJ writer: they quote $90 [and up] as the cheapest rate to ship a book to any major Canadian city, including Toronto Ontario. They have not reported sales from their wholesalers such as Amazon to authors and have not followed up promises to audit the royalties or to identify the various PODs which also print the authors' titles. They had attempted to extract additional fees from me before publishing my 4 books but backed down in the face of my firm reference to their contractual arrangements. Later, they then tried again by asking me to pay $50 per title [$200] to maintain the listings at sales sites such as Amazon. Describing this CEO and outfit as reprehensible is not overblown. WSJ's writer who  VERIFIED  the fantastic shipping quote in writing to me will hopefully follow up the peculiar activities of Xlibris, Kevin Weiss and his new partners. You can pass this constrained report along without fear that the facts are disputed.
Entity: Bloominton, Indiana
50, Report #857072
Mar 20 2012
10:12 PM
Xlibris Publishing Ltd Unprofessional, slow, shoddy work, overpriced end product New South Wales, Nationwide
I have doubts about the American-based publishing company Xlibris. Their work is shoddy, they have taken 3 years to do a job for me that was basic (since I had the job done and ready for them anyway) and which according to their contract would be completed within 2 months. After 2 failed attempts to do my picture book, I finally received the copy which was up to standard, but their recommended retail price was double what I would have expected, which renders the book unsaleable. The whole deal also cost me $1800, and now I have a product which is overpriced, and that took well longer than their contract stated. I would have expected the job to be straightforward, any high school student could have done the work. After the first embarrassing quality disaster, I had to scan the images for them again at my own expense, which they tried to bill me for the 'republishing'. The second attempt resulted in the colour being wrong, then on the third attempt, they finally got it right. During those 3 years, we had a world recession, so now my book is overpriced for todays market. What I got for my money was a few 'complimentary' copies, 2 posters and some promotional business cards. I have read of other people having similar problems with this company and as can be expected, no refund (part or otherwise) was given when these other people asked for a refund. It seems others have had a similar experience, I now have an unsaleable, overpriced book that cost me a heap of money. I was seduced by what appeared to be a great deal on the internet in a country where I cant fight their laws. According to them, they delivered the product (in the end) 
Entity: New South Wales, Nationwide

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