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1, Report #799231
Nov 17 2011
04:46 PM
LocalOnline Yellowbook Scam, Fraudulent authorization to place advertising Internet
About a year ago I received a call offering to upgrade my current Yellowbook advertising.  I was busy, but since I had just renewed my phone book ad I listened to the spiel thinking I'd get a better value for the money I just invested.  Even though this company is NOT the same as Yellowbook telephone directories, he did not correct my misunderstanding and actively encouraged me to continue thinking that this was an upgrade to my current service.They offered to improve my internet listing with links to my webpage, and other enhancements.  I said I thought I already had that and the man said that I only had a word listing just like in the phone book, without the links.  Asked him if it would cost extra and he said this was a free offer, but I was skeptical and asked what the catch was.  He explained that it would be a free 30 day trial, after which I would have the option to continue for a fee.  I asked if I would be automatically signed up and billed or would I be called, sent a contract, or something before they'd continue the service - the man said that I would definitely be contacted before the service was continued, or I would have to call them to authorize continuation.  So I said as long as it was a free trial and I would not get a bill for any service without getting the authorization to continue the service, then go ahead with the free trial and I'd check the website to see if I liked it.  Then he quickly turned me over to his supervisor to ensure he had my information correct.  That's when I got that sinking feeling and should have hung up the phone, but unfortunately didn't.  The supervisor got on the line and verified the information in my Yellowpage phonebook ad, and assured me he'd send a confirmation in the mail so that I could review the program and what it would cost, and then I asked what the service would cost if I did continue and he said $549.00 per year, and I asked if that was in addition to what I already paid for the phone book ad, and he said yes.  I told him that I doubted that I'd continue the upgraded internet service because it was too high, and he assured me that I'd love it and get lots of calls.  I asked again that this was just a free trial and I would not be billed unless I called them and asked to continue with the program, and he said yes - or perhaps he said definately.I did receive a one page letter of sorts.  The logo was a copy of the one Yellowpages phonebook directeries uses, also the same colors.  It was signed by Lynda Pederson, VP Marketing, I thought it was confirming the proof of my phonebook ad actually, and quickly filed it.  I just went looking for it after receiving two harrassment calls for payment of $549 from LocalOnline Yellowbook, who now is making it clear they are a different company from the phonebook directory company.  The letter describes the things that are supposed to be included in my listing, including a logo banner, website link, photo gallery, and a way to check the number of hits my listing recieved.  After checking their website, none of those things are on the site, no one tried to get them from me and the address is wrong, e-mail address was wrong and no link to webpage and no logo banner.  Checked a few of the other listings under the Interior Design heading, such as the hairdressers and the home inspection service, and they have buttons to link to their webpages but they don't connect, phone numbers are wrong, and even the business descriptions were wrong (a flower shop was listed as a pool contractor) - and they were all listed under Interior Design! I never gave them authorization to continue the service and they didn't even try to put the trial listing together properly.  But, they are threatening me with collection agencies for the $549. plus interest for not paying after the first collection call.  The first collection call I told them that I had asked repeatedly, and was assured repeatedly, that I would not be automatically enrolled into the service and would not be billed until I requested to be enrolled.  I referenced the recorded message and he said he'd check the recording and call me back.  He didn't call me back so I figured we were done.  About six months later, today, I find a message on my phone with threats of collection agencies and mounting interest on the debt.  Called him back and he patronizingly kept insisting that I did indeed agree to the service, and then played back a conversation where you could hear a man very clearly spelling out the program, charges and automatic enrollment with my voice giving quiet, reluctant answers, all approving what he was saying.  It was not the conversation I had, but my voice was being used!  I told him I what I thought about that, and he continued with the patronizing tone now why are you making such accusations...?.Then he offered to help me out by sending me a cancellation settlement which would discount the charges to $250 and waive the interest acrued, but he wanted me to pay it right away with a credit card.  I told him no way was I going to give them my credit card information.  Then he offerred to e-mail the letter and give me 10 days to send them electronic checking information - again no way.  But I did tell him to send me the letter so I could take it to my lawyer!It has been an hour since I slammed down the receiver and I haven't gotten that letter from him.  However, I have found lots of evidence that other people have been caught in this same scam.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #903097
Jun 26 2012
11:59 AM
Yellowbook Sean Hankin Bait and Switch, Printed unapproved ads Internet
So my business was visited by a sales representative of Yellowbook back in late 2011.  We were a bit unsure about advertising with them as we were told many bad stories about them but offered to listen to his pitch.  He told us that our local area ad would be considered our home base ad and if we wanted to advertise in a town about an hours drive away it would be considered a foreign market and we could do that at a half off price if we signed up now. As a new business we thought okay well let's get our name out there locally first and then out to the larger cities that surrounded us.  So we signed up for local only with the option to go to the foreign market in the near future.  We give him a deposit check for 1/3 of the price and he leaves. A few weeks later we were presented with ana phone call from this representative telling us that we should be receiving a proof in the mail and should make corrections and sent them back in.  We made our corrections and mailed the proofs in.  We inquired about an ad with the foreign market and he tells us the price of that ad...well we ask does that reflect the half off price and he says that he can not give us a half off price for a foreign market.  We ask why he told us he could and he tells us we must have misunderstood what he meant.  Now three grown adults (myslef and my two business partners) misunderstanding half off in a foreign market is hard to believe.  Another few weeks go by and we receive an email from our rep telling us that he has our ads and for us to look them over and let us know if they are okay.  Well to our surprise we see that the ads he has are the original ads and not our corrected ones.  So we scan in our corrected ad and mail them to him telling him that the ones he had were not what we wanted and here are the correct ones and to please call us should he need any more info. Now another week or so goes by and he sends us an email saying okay these are the proofs I send off to the team for print, blah blah blah.  We look at the ads and oh yes you guessed it...still the original ads.  So we call the rep and he tells us that there is nothing he can do about it now since they have already been sent to the printer and then tells us that we had plenty of time to make changes if we wanted to and it was not his fault that the ads were in correct?!?  Really? So we talk to his manager and we ultimately explain the situation and send her copies of every email we had with him to her.  We are then told she would review the info and get back to us.  Never hear from her...we send another email to her and she says that she is turning it over to their investigation team and we should hear from them in 5-7 business days...nothing ever comes. Needless to say we never heard back from them since and now they want us to pay the other 2/3 of the bill and we have sent them in a refusal to pay letter until this matter is resolved...this was met with well if you don't pay your bill in a timely manner then you will accrue late fees and ultimately be turned over to a collection agency for payment...Really this all could have been resolved had thier rep been doing his job properly, not lied to us, and handled our account the way a professional should have.  In any event we have stood our ground and requested that their investigations team actually look into the matter and offer us some kind of solution as we do not think we should pay for an ad that was misprinted after we sent off multiple changes and because the ad was printed incorrectly it has not generated any business calls for us! Beware of Yellowbook!  Run as fast and as far away from them as you can!
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #911051
Jul 12 2012
11:46 AM
Yellowbook Beware of Yellow Consumer Fraud for Yellowbook Web and phone Advertisement! King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
We were solicited by Yellowbook representative in Chicago.  They promise to bill us only the calls that people call in asking for business related calls.  When it come to bills time. Yellowbook bills us with all the calls including them ones that do not relate to our business. At the beginning, yellowbook didn't even send us e-bill.  They continue charging us for over three months before we realized that the bill were too high.  We then requested them to send us the bills that we can check.  It took us at least 2 hours to check and listen to each bills they sent.  we the founded out that of all the calls yellowbook have been billing us with all the unrelated calls.  Of all the months from January 2012 to now June 2012, the legitimate calls they should bills us are no more than 2-3 calls per month, but they have been billing us more than ten times over that.  When we made complaint and we call the representative in Chicago back to us, he also was upset.  He helped to file complsint for us we got some refund back but not all.  In June they did not send us the bill.  I called an made complained with Mr. Daniel Bruno at the branch office in P.A. and informede him that I want to cancel the contract because yellowbook did not live, up to their promise.  He simply told me right in my face that it is too bad we cannot get out of the contract.  We need to stay and let them rip us off until the contract end.  What ever they bill us is at their mercy.  Moreover, from what I have been listing to the recording calls they send us for each month the3re at least two to four calls that one same person made the calls from difference3 phone numbers in order to charge us.  Bye the way from January 2012 we have been asking our clients that they came in to register with us, NONE of THEM came from Yellowbook calls.  Please BEWARE Of Yellowbook  advertisement on the web.           
Entity: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
4, Report #467178
Jul 02 2009
03:55 PM
JUNE 9, 2009 -PURCHASE AD FOR YELLOW BOOK - WRoTE CHECK FOR $180 JUNE 10, 2009 -Try calling 800 number on business card and number is disconnected. I'm concerned. JUNE 11, 2009 -CALL SALESMAN AND CANCEL. He says he will return check cause he hasn't turned it in. JUNE 11, 2009 - SEND CERTIFIED LETTERS TO CANCEL AD -Sent one to Lagrande office and one to Boise office JUNE 15, 2009 - Boise office calls and leaves message (click to listen on and verifys that - He received certified letter to cancel and Check and Order has not been turned in yet INBETWEEN -I call salesman and ask about check. He says it has not been turned in - he will get it back.-He even stops by to verify that he will get check and return it to me. JUNE 18, 2009 -Check is cashed by yellowbook JUNE 22, 2009 -I call about this check being cashed. I call and ask about when to expect my money back and am told a couple weeks. I ask for a faxed verification of cancellation and when to expect check - instead I get email from Boise that he is submitting for my cancellation - (finally?!) JUNE 25, 2009 -Send email asking about when to expect refund of $180 JUNE 26, 2009 -RECEIVE PROOF FOR AD - I call Boise office and ask what's up IN BETWEEN - CALL CORPORATE to confirm status on my account. Am told it will be July 14, 2009. JUNE 29, 2009 -Receive return email from Steve saying it will be a few weeks on refund Now I'm really concerned that things are fishy. I think maybe the ad will be run and then I'll have to fight for my money. JUNE 29-30, 2009 - Decided to fight it with honest fun. JULY 2, 2009 -Sent this email requesting immediate refund. JULY 2, 2009 - Get typical response that it's in Corporate's hands. Connie Wallowa, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
5, Report #440571
Apr 03 2009
01:58 PM
Yellowbook USA Cancellation is impossible...customer for life! King Of Prussia Pennsylvania
RE: Yellowbook, USA March 31, 2009 Upon completion of our initial contract with Yellowbook in 2003, we had renewed for a couple of years. After several years of no marketing response from the ads we placed, we called our representative to cancel the account. They instead showed up at our business and barged in during classes, insisting we downgrade the ad instead, which we did. Taking NO' for an answer is not in their vocabulary. Again, after another year of no responses from our ad, we notified Yellowbook of our desire to cancel any and all future publications. Verbal notification apparently was not enough. I then received another proof for renewal. I mailed back the proof, with CANCEL written on it, conveniently enough, Yellowbook said they had not received it. We were also told by our representative that the online portion of our account could be cancelled at anytime. Again, when we called to do this, we were told that it was an impossibility. I called several times to dispute the bill and was told that I cancelled incorrectly or not in time, that they had no record of my cancellation, and there was no record of my calling previously. I asked to see a copy of my contract at the very least, which I never received. **I have not received any phone or notification prior to an attorney letter this week. We, as a small business, stuck with Yellowbook for a reasonable enough time to give their marketing a chance. We then cancelled when their ads were found useless. They continued to bully us in person by sending representatives to our business week after week and by telephone. I am extremely disappointed in this entire matter. I guess there is no longer truth in advertising. Chaku57 Everett, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
6, Report #587362
Mar 30 2010
11:12 AM
Yellowbook USA Steve Crowl Failure to upkeep their end of AGREEMENT. Meridian, Idaho
Yellowbook USA=Integrity-free, corporate bully.  My story. I'm a small business owner in Boise, Id.  My business had been advertising with Yellowbook for a couple of years.  Although they had made a few mistakes with our ad, we stuck with them.  As the following year rolled up, our yellowbook rep, Jan Wilson, stopped in to renew our ad.  And as with what seems to be a common practice, she needed a signature within days to save us space in the book.  You know, high pressure to create that urgency.  I informed Jan that we hadn't determined out budget for the following year so I didn't want to commit to the same ad space ( a half page) and I wasn't sure that we would have an ad at all.  She PROMISED that if I signed I had a couple of months to decide if we needed to go smaller or pull out completely.  I fell for it.  After running our $$ projections, we as a business to go with the smallest ad size.  Funds were tight.  The following day, I placed a call to Jan and received her voicemail, so I left a message asking her to call me back about the size of the ad.  After a week of not hearing back I called and left a second message.  She called within a few minutes.  She informed me she was finishing a book in another area and would touch bases with me in a couple of weeks to work out the details.  No problem, right? Wrong.  I didn't hear back from her after leaving two more messages.  Well, the new book finally came out and there was no change to our ad.  I knew what I was in for so I called Jan immediately.  Voicemail.  Message left.  She returned the phone call fairly quickly to ask what I needed.  I informed her that I needed and tried (several times) to change the ad size 4 months earlier.  I then got the sad story how she had two deaths in her family and dropped the ball and she was so sorry.  I told her that being sorry didn't help my situation andwhy didn't someone step in during her obvious time of crisis??  She said she would call her higher ups to see what they could do for me.  About an hour later, she called with an offer to deduct 10% from our bill.  I was originally trying to go from a $600 a month ad to $200ish after we figured out our budget, so I wasn't satisfied.  Still remaining civil, I made that very clear.  Their response?  Sorry, we'll make it up to you next year.  I'm not renewing next year.  I ask to speak with somebody higher up.  I'm given a name and number.  Call is made.  That person gives me another name and number.  I then call that person and am given another name and number.  You see where this is headed.  What a lovely little game. Well, the bills start coming due and decide not tp pay.  After missing the first two payments, Steve Crowl (Yellowbooks fire extinguisher) calls to set up a meeting to see how we can settle this.  Great!  We meet he apologizes but firmly lets us know that 25% off is as much as they can do.  I'm then reminded that I've signed a binding agreement that I'll be held accounctable for.  Its true, I know. But what about integrity and ones word?  I've received several yeah, sorry, we screwed up speeches but no give.  Yellowbook USA claims to work with integrity and put the client 1st.  Sounds good on paper but thats not what really happens apparantly.  Its time to call these corporate thugs out for their b.s.  No more pushing this guy around.  If anyone has a story, I'd love to hear it.  
Entity: Meridian, Idaho
7, Report #777811
Sep 16 2011
07:36 PM
yellowbook usa Published incorrect ad, then wanted me to pay for it Uniondale, New York
In spring of 2009, A yellowbook sales rep walked into my office and started his pitch about how great and wonderful Yellowbook is and how they are the biggest in the country and have the highest customer satisfaction etc...etc...etc... as a new business owner I was looking for some advertising and thought that it may work, may not but I was willing to give it a shot. Right out of the gate the rep was telling me how he would get me a special tracking telephone number and I made it CLEAR AS DAY to him that I wanted to advertise my vanity numbers that I was paying alot of money for. He really tried the high pressure close about how they could trac all the analytical data for me and it wouldn't cost extra and my answer was the same I pay alot to have these numbers Lawrence and they are the only numbers i will pay to advertise My thought at the time was that if i bought the ad and it didnt work that first year, I wouldnt renew the ad the next year but i would still have the benefit of having my ad that I paid for in all those books that were published at that particular time and who knows? that book might be on someones coffee table for years. So he sent me a proof with my website address and my phone numbers that belonged to my company and i gave him a down payment of $746. When the book came out, it had thier tracking telephone # and thier website address printed in the ad and not a single one of my numbers. I called the sales rep and told him that he screwed my ad up and that i thought i had made it perfectly clear to him that i did not want to pay for advertising a phone number that didnt belong to me. I mean how stupid is that? I pay for advertising a phone number that belongs to you and then next year if i dont buy the ad then you go sell that phone number to an identical business... anyway, he tried and tried to re-sell me the idea of that tracking number and website and my answer had never changed. I wasnt the least bit intersted in paying for a number that wasnt mine. So,  he said he would have someone from corporate call me and we would get it straightened out. They offered me various degrees of discounts and my bottom line was i didnt approve that ad, im not paying for it, i want a refund they are now harassing me for the money and have been threatening to send me to collections. What a shady, shameful company. If you are reading this report because you are thinking about putting an ad in the book let me tell you this, nobody reads the phone book. When was the last time you used one? I dont care how many other people advertise in it, let them waste thier money. Heed my warning and save your marketing money on something else.
Entity: Uniondale, New York
8, Report #733639
May 26 2011
03:32 PM
Michael Moncada YELLOWBOOK * Unrealistic Income Expectations, Liar, Scammer, Cheat! Don't trust this Man ! He will ruin your career! Roanoke, Virginia
Michael Moncada will lie to your face about how much income you will make with Yellowbook! Don't listen to this man he will tell you what you wan't to hear about Yellowbook and it's all lies!  If you take a job with Yellowbook your making the biggest mistake of your life!  He claims the average rep will earn $65,000-$78,000 in Roanoke Virginia ( that is total BS!) The average rep is lucky to earn $35,000-$40,000 total compensation.  He doesn't tell you that you will spend close to $7K-$10K per year in fuel and car expenses to cover there riduculous territory!  Your expected to drive from Montgomery County to Lynchburg and back in the same day.  In the Roanoke office that he managed there has been close to 130 people that turned over in the last 5 yrs! In the last year they only have 2 sales reps that are still with company when I started here out of 15 reps!  This is the worst company to work for Michael Moncada will train you to lie to prospective customers over the phone to set false pre tense appoinments to get you in the door!  This man is a total Creep!  He drinks alcohol in his office, he takes valumes to get through the day, which is common for most employees of mine that are in here at this office.  Be careful ask alot of questions in your interview don't take his word for nothing! Ask to speek to other reps don't make the same mistakes as we all did, I can't even get an interview from working for this crap whole company! Look at there stock price (Yell) and se how much there stock has dropped in the last year!
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
9, Report #791915
Oct 25 2011
08:20 AM
LocalOnline Yellowbook Telephone Advertising Fraud calls you for free ad for 30 days pastes tape recordings together makes you say yes. Mahwah, New Jersey
     Today 10-24-11 at 2:00pm I received a bill on invoice # LOYB5005005 with a letter stating that since we want to cancel service we owe $549.95.  I called and spoke to a receptionist and to Janet John.  Their statement is because we didn't cancel with 30 days we owe for the ad we ran last year.       My company never entered into a contract with this bogus business.  There is no written contract and there are no initials or signature that we approved the ad copy.       I have searched for the supposed ad on their website and it did not exist.  When I told them that they said well I can see it and miraculously it is now there with an incorrect address.  Why would I approve an ad with a wrong address?       I've asked for a written signed agreement and they can't produce one.  It's all verbal they say.  But they don't know who or how long it will take to produce the evidence.  What I'm reading at other sites is that they patch together phone recordings to make you sound like you are saying yes.  I was told I was unreasonable for asking for proof.  The receptionist refers to people on her end as they and specific departments. 
Entity: Mahwah, New Jersey
10, Report #841924
Feb 19 2012
07:53 PM
yellowbook webreach this ompany makes lots of false promises will steal your money wont cancel you lies lies lies king of priussia, Pennsylvania
this company promisses  a great ad campaign  a proof   a video  and great reults they simply lie to you make major promises and in my case i canceled as soon as my terrible proof showedup they continue to steal from my credit card after cancelling  texting etc do not  do business with these crooks
Entity: king of priussia, Pennsylvania
11, Report #1023140
Mar 04 2013
09:04 AM
YellowBook Call tracking number is the sole tracking number, They also use your business phone number as a tracker. Grand Rapids, Iowa
I had taken a break from advertising with Yellow Book last year, I was afraid that it would be a huge risk but did it anyway. We have two phone directories delivered in Sheboygan Wisconsin, the other which is AT&T. I continued advertising with AT&T yellow pages last year, my idea was to see if business would be affected by advertising in only of the directories. It was a rather slow year last year, but it is hard to say that it was the lack of advertising with Yellow Book because the economy did slow down also.     In October I was contacted by a sales rep., from Yellow Book and I decided that I would advertise with them this year. The sales rep., presented me with the call tracking option which was explained that a special phone number would established and placed in the advertisements. I was hesitant at first because I believe when customers thumb through the yellow pages looking for services they are going to call the business with a recongnizable phone prefix first. I think that phone prefixes that are unfamiliar to a customer give the impression that the company may not be local and the services may not be fast and reliable.     So anyway I put my procrastination aside and went with the call tracking service. While online paying my bill with Yellow Book I noticed that they have the call tracking service logged on-line for advertising customers to review. These calls are logged their fullest extent, they even have the call recorded which you can listen to. I made a printed copy of the log and began reviewing the telephone numbers and to my surprise over 80% of the calls I received were customers that I have established over the five of being in business. Out of the 80% of these calls a majority of them are snow plowing calls and not related to my electrical business. I do not advertise the snow plowing business in any phone directory, this advertising is strictly done through the local newspaper. My determination is that Yellow Book is not only tracking the calls that come from the special assigned phone number that they place in their customers advertizement but they tracking the standard business phone also to make their tracking look good. I will never use this tracking service again, it should be tracking only the calls made from the assigned phone number that was placed in my advertisements with Yellow Book. This tracking services is good info in regards to the advertisements that I pay for with Yellow Book. There has to be something that can be done with this sort of deceptive sales pitch.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Iowa
12, Report #1174129
Sep 03 2014
10:55 AM
Hibu YellowBook electronic signiture Nationwide
A sale representative came to my business and I said I was not interested I renewing my contract with Yellow Book / Hibu. The sales rep convinced me to renew at a deeply discounted rate. I signed their computer pad and the salesman stated he could not print out a receipt, but would email me one at a later date. Month later I am getting billed for services I did not agree to and told that I signed a contract for them. The company would not accept my protest and continued to bill me for these services. They then sent me to collections for this amount. I wasted over 2 hours of my time for the $197.82 and finally paid them because it was not worth my time to fight it. This is a poor way for a company to make money and I certainly would advise against ever using any of their services or products. I hope others will be cautious of electronic signature since the company can attach anything they want to them and it is difficult to prove otherwise.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1432108
Mar 02 2018
10:18 AM
HIBU Yell, Yellowbook Total Rip Off! Big promises.........No Results
Big promises.....but they way under deliver!  This company is all about quoting contract, but not holing their end.  This morning I anylized their own reports and was able to prove to two of their agents that I am payin over $40.00 per phone call they are bringing in.....When I expressed my displeasure with what they were doing, they could only inform me that I was bound to them by contract!  They sent a salesman in 5 months ago with a real good song and dance.....when push came to shove they are overpriced, half of their services you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost, and they refuse to address their own issue.  As a business owner I haire a company like this to be at the wheel and to know what works and what doesnt.....Instead they collect your money and expect you to call them out when their campaign isnt performing........Kind of backwards I think!  The bottom line is they rooked me into a 6 month contract, I cannot decrease my budget, and they will not allow me to cancel.  2 customer service reps acknowledged this morning that my campaign was underperforming and that the situation wasnt right......isnt that a breach of contract on their part?  Small Business BEWARE!  This company is only out to make a buck.....and they do a shi**y job on your website!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #283991
Nov 10 2007
07:53 PM
Yellow Book Yellow Book USA Yellow Book deceptive trade practices Book distribution Birmingham Alabama
John Walsh CEO of YellowBook USA stated that every book would be hand delivered to every home and business where we publish a directory. This was published in The New York Times, February 4, 2006 in a Q@A with Mickey Meece. (Entrepreneur Lets Fingers Do Walking) I have pictures and witnesses that this is a lie. The books are thrown in many cases, maybe most cases form a speeding car by a underpaid contractor (refer to other complaints). When the book hits the pavement it usually tears the binder and the book starts to unravel after very little use. What would you do with that book? Trash It. As an advertiser I feel that Yellow Book has breeched it's contract by doing this and also caused financial damages to thousands of advertisers. This is only one of the many improprieties committed by this company. The tip of the ice berg. I personally will not pay them because of what they have done and I encourage any advertiser who feels they have been deceived by Yellow Book USA to do the same. Complain to the Consumer Affairs Section, Office of the Attorney General, 11 South Union Street, Montgomery Alabama or your states Attorney General. The have already been the defendant in a class action lawsuit and lost. They have a history. Fight back! I'm sick of their threats of ruined credit and lawsuits. When a company's greed corrupts their ethics it's time confront these arrogance's and make them PAY. Join the fight, there is power in numbers. Advertiser Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
15, Report #1173139
Aug 29 2014
08:13 AM
 This company supports unfair business practices and will lie cheat and steal to get your money.  They add pages to contracts you have alredy signed, do not disclose terms correctly if at all, refuse to correct their mistakes, customer service is anything but. No one has the power, knowledge or desire to correct problems caused by their own sales force. Only sign up for their services if  you enjoy being lied to and harassed.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1122011
Feb 08 2014
11:27 AM
Hibu Yellowbook Sales Rep Lied And Set Up An Account For Our Business Unauthorized Cedar Rapids Iowa
In March of 2012 a sales rep named Lisa opened an account in our companies name despite numerous emails stating that we were not going to advertise with her company. Much to our surprise, we began receiving notices and payments for services that were not authorized. The matter is in collections despite contacting the companies president that the charges are a fraud and that the sales rep Lisa O'Haver over stepped her authorization
Entity: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
17, Report #838842
Feb 14 2012
07:38 AM
yellowbook Poor service, wrong information, refuse make correction, bad overall experience Internet, Internet
Poor service,  wrong information, refuse make correction, bad overall experience I signed up for the service in  June 2011 for one year for my small business in Northern Virginia.   When the  service started, I realize the information was incorrect. After repeat request for correction,  no one ever response to me.  I filed a BBB report on them  in November and got a call from  Keisha Smith Executive Services Specialist Yellowbook KOP Customer Service Department   She offered  taking two month off the  contract that should have been ratified  ( since  they never deliver the service  based on the term of the contract.  Be very careful what you sign, with  a large company like this, they took advantage of small business like ours and think you do not have the financial power  and time to fight with them, but if  we continue post our viewpoint,  we can run them out of business. I will never use Yellowbook again, and I want to warn you,  when you approached by Yellowbook---be very careful.  
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #980707
Dec 11 2012
05:03 PM
Walters Heating & Cooling Dave Walters False Ads in Yellowbook regarding Credit Cards and Phone#, Poor Customer Service, Unprofessional Hoover, Alabama
Problem with heating system, unable to contact by telephone, left voice mail messages, will not return phone calls or respond to emails. Deceptive advertising in Yellowbook and on-line, make appointments but will not show up or call to cancel. Extreme poor customer services skills and unprofessional attitude. I Would not recommend using this HVAC contractor (lack of trust)
Entity: Hoover, Alabama
19, Report #938022
Sep 07 2012
12:05 PM
Yellow Book YellowBook Yellow Book USA FRAUD abounds. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The representative called before renewal. I signed ONE contract. The representative called back and said I should also be in the two other local books. I explained that we could not afford them. He offered to be able to add the other books for no additional charge. He sent over what he claimed was a change order. Unknown to me it was a NEW order. Then he offered a $495 a year deal on internet advertising. He them sent over the third contract. Again, he explained, its just the way we do it. It is not a new contract it is a change order. After receiving the first bill I knew something was wrong. They would NOT call or talk with me. They came back three years later and sued ME AND MY COMPANY. The judge basically said so sorry you signed them you owe them $38,000.00 at 18% interest as well. They won!!! On the stand the representative from Yellow Book, when asked about how many he does, laughed and said we have over 300 cases in Texas alone and the average is $60,000.00!!! I have two invoices from Yellow Book that PROVE they are using false numbers in the District lawsuits.   We owed $1840.35 as of 2/10/2008. On 3/10/2000 the previous balance is all of a sudden $2,338.35! Yellow Book presented typed numbers for balances and claimed they were valid numbers and yet their own billing shows that not to be the case. Yellow Book continues to present these fraudulent numbers as fact in District courts across the country. The district judge didn't even take that into account! I agree that the kangaroo courts of modern days don't really look at or care about anyone. Debtors prison was supposed to be abolished yet you have to post a bond in the total amount of the judgment or you go to jail! I served this god forsaken country and now I am ashamed of the crooks and fake legal system all set up to serve the crooks.
Entity: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
20, Report #391300
Jan 26 2009
04:14 PM
Yellowbook WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME King Of Prussia Pennsylvania
I went into Yellowbook as a temp with the promise of my job going from temp to perm well that did not happen. I was told by HR that they were happy that my position would be temp to perm and even have an email from them stating that this would happen but it did not. They laid off all the temps they had to give our jobs to the struggling ARV department because they were reducing them by 40%. That is all fine and well but why hire on temps in the first place it is assinide. It as though we were used by them to their own advantage. And i am a person that when i feel used not only is it not good for me it is also not good for who i feel used me that is why i am putting them out here on rip off report. This what not something that was thought of overnight for months they had to know they were going to have layoffs so my question again is why hire temps just to use us for their own advantage. This place is very poorly managed. I have worked various places but never in my life have i seen a place like yellowbook. They have a system that is called Kronos and under Kronos you are required to clock in and out of every blessed thing you do. To me not only is this very petty it seems as though they do not trust their employees if they have to do a thing like this. It's as though the employees are some kind of criminals. I can understand punching in and out for beginning of the day end of the day breaks and lunch but for every piece of work you do no to me that seems unethical and almost cruel. Also the managers at this place what a joke a lot of them are liars and alot have no clue as to how to do their job. The few who did know what they were doing and were honest guess what they laid them off i wonder why? And let me not get started on the employees who work here. Ha Yellowbook let's try Ghettobook. You have people who blatanly talk about how they smoke drugs thought they drug tested here it is obvious some people can get around that. Oh and another thing the standing against the filing cabinets and socializing what a joke they are there to work not socialize! This place is an absolute mess. I guess i was done a favor by being laid off because i did not belong in an uncouth environment such as this. Anonymous King of Prussia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
21, Report #356127
Nov 09 2008
08:57 AM
Starving Students Moving WASTED THREE DAYS OF MY TIME AWAY FROM MY JOB Las Vegas Nevada
I booked my move about 5 days in advance with Kim at ex 389 for a Saturday move on July 26th between 12-3pm I was told the company would call when leaving the office because the time started when leaving the office. That was ok with me.At 1 pm I got concerned and call the company. They said my name was not in the system and would not be moving me today. I had taken the day off for the move. I then called and left a message for Kim to please find out what had happened. She did call back within 30 minutes to tell me she remembers booking my move but the computer must have lost the reservation. She was very sorry about the mistake and got the branch manager on the phone. He also was very nice and promised that I would be the 1st move on Sunday and that they would arrive by 8am. He said that I would get a call about 7:15 sunday morning to let me know they were on the way.At 8 am again I got very concerned because I did not get there call. I called their 800 number and was given their local Vegas number. This is where the problems starts building. The man on the phone said he could not find my booking at 1st and that all trucks had gone out for the morning. He then said or made up the fact that he found my name and could PROBABLY have someone there after 11am. Maybe. I asked to talk to Ben the manager but he said Ben was too busy and was at the lake for the day and could not be reached. I asked for Ben's voice mail and was rudly told he did not have one. Probably not true. I expressed my concerns about still trusting his company and was told if I could find a better deal that I should go with that company.He was very rude before and more so at this point. He said the problem was Ben's and that he was not concerned. I said have a nice day and said I would call another company. I then again left Kim another voice mail. I explained that again she and her company had screwed me over and that I would complain to every Better Business Bureau in areas that they worked, I also explained that I ma in control of all yellowbook advertising and they will not be in future books with their ads and I am planning on leaving a poor report on Rip Off. Com. I have taken two days off without pay for this move because this company had promised to move me. Now I must take a 3rd day off without pay and pay extra to another moving company because of the late notice. Garry xxxxx Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
22, Report #924532
Aug 08 2012
06:50 PM
att or yp yellow pages listings pay per click, bad scheme in the yellowbook yp or att yellow book pay by click advertising beware, Internet U should be warned if you sign up electronically for att now yp yellow pages pay per phone call advertising. at first it seems like the number way that they charge your account for each caller is fair. Except if you do not read the fine print, unlisted numbers count as contacts, then I checked my billing calls details, the last 4 digits of the callers phone number is all they give you. Then the worst the callers number do not match with my business cell no. tower detail report.  All these and more they can rip you off, apparently you have no recourse. beware, this is a good case of very poor service.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #337565
Jun 05 2008
06:51 PM
Avoid Using Yellow Book And dishonest employees, sloppy business practices, fraudulent billing practices Carlsbad California
As many business owners know, Yellowbook is a very aggressive marketer of Internet and Yellow Pages advertising. My recent experience with Yellowbook has shown that it is an unethical company with sloppy business practices and dishonest employees. After a very unsuccessful stint with Yellowbook, I notified them of my desire to cancel the advertising contract for future publications. Verbal notification was not enough for them, so I faxed in a notice of cancellation and also hand delivered a written notice to my sales representative on a form prepared by a Yellowbook employee. When I called to dispute the balance on my account, I have been given various excuses that include (1) wrong method of cancellation (false); (2) no record of cancellation (false); (3) the employee who the cancellation no longer works there (false); and (4) I didn't cancel in time (unverified). I have repeatedly asked for a copy of my contract and proof that my advertisement was included in the 2008 edition of Yellowbook. Despite numerous promises to do this, I have not been provided with either item. Avoid advertising with Yellowbook at all costs or you will be severely disappointed. In my case, the revenue generated did not even cover the cost of the advertisement. Carl El Cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carlsbad, California
24, Report #392981
Dec 03 2008
12:44 PM
Rochell Heininger, Yellowbook USA -False Representation of Products - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
This rep contacted me from yellowbook and told me that she worked with google and yahoo for search engine marketing. I bought into her story and what I got was pay per click listings in places I do not service and in areas I do not practice in. They provided me with false reports of all the traffic that went to my site. Yellowpages are dead no wonder they are trying to lie to get you to advertise on-line. Dana12 Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
25, Report #129566
Dec 11 2008
10:46 AM
Qwest Dex Media High pressure Misleading Sales Tactics Ripoff West Des Moines Iowa
My dealings with Qwest Dex was about a year and a half ago. I was invited to a Dex advertising meeting on the premise that I could learn about advertising in the telephone directory. I did attend the meeting. The meeting consisted of a motivational speaker. The Dex speaker went thru the entire meeting touting figures and facts about failed businesses and how they under advertised in the phone directory. While all the time using this scare as a way to get you to buy a bigger ad in the DEX directory. He was big on promising the high quality and good results that would occur by using the Qwest Dex directory to advertise in. He would also use value reassurance statements like we want you as a customer for life I was definatly worried by the end of the meeting that my planned budjet wasnt going to be enough. Needless to say I spent a large sum of money on the DEX ad. I fortunatly also advertised in the Yellow Book directory (please note YELLOW BOOK is NOT affiliated with DEX). The following year I noticed a huge differance between the results the ads were getting. The lower priced Yellow Book Ad was kicking the crap out of the DEX ad. I polled every customer on what directory they used in finding my phone number, it was upper 90 per cent Yellow Book. The yellow book ad cost me about 25% what the DEX ad costed. and yellow book out performed DEX by a huge amount. I feel RIPPED off by QWEST DEX. BEWARE of the selling tactics they use. If you are thinking about telephone directory advertising. Check and see what other directorys are used in your area. The yellow book directory was easy to use the DEX directory was cluttered with oversized ads making it harder to use. Even with the large amount of money I spent on DEX it made NO difference. This last year I went exclusive with the yellow book directory and doubled what I spent on them last year (this is still under half what i spent the year before on DEX). I am not disappointed in the least with the results, this year my phone is busier then ever with customer calls. BEWARE OF QWEST DEX. I would like to see the IOWA Attorney generals office investigate QWEST DEX on the rates they are charging and the tactics they use when selling their advertising. Steve Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: West Des Moines, Iowa

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