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1, Report #1135376
Apr 01 2014
11:14 AM
Yodle Yodle is a scam Internet
After spending more than $5000 with yodle, all we got was calls from outside our geographic area, we are a limousine company based in Austin, and the calls were coming from other states, also since we signed up with them, we start receiving a huge calls from marketings firms, we wer receiving about 10 calls a day from sales people in all kinds of businesses, mainly internet adverstising. When finally were tired of it, and we called to cancel, they did not want to do it, and they said they already paid google, Yahoo, bing, and 95 other search engines, and that we can not get any refunds at all. We were trying to get to talk to a supervisor for over 4 months, and no chance, at the end, and after the intervention of our lawyer, then they called us back, and gave us some phony explaination, and at the end refunded $800. it was a pure scam, and they did not even let us keep the website, they build for us, they said we can buy it from them for $3000. It was a waste of money, time and efforts, plus lot of frustruation, and anger over the whole period, I will never ever work with them, and I advise anyone thinking about working with them, to run away.    
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1163722
Jul 21 2014
11:21 AM
Yodle Yodle scams you providing services you already have New York Nationwide
Stay away. especially if you have an existing web site and good organic results. I signed up unaware that they take control of my domain name and tier adversite would compete with my own rankings. The rep tokd me the contract would be e-mailed to me and I they would call to set up the service in 2 days. when the next day when I called and e-mailed for a refund- nothing no response.   Plus they charged me for all 3 months up front rather than the 449 that I agreed to. When I finally got a hold of someone they refused to refund me because they had done so much work for me already all of which I asked them to not do immediately. Beware of Yodle their sails pitch is all about how they want a chance to prove them selves and partner with you.....wrong they just want your credit card info and then essentially steal your money.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1253759
Sep 09 2015
08:56 AM
Yodle Zero results....just wasted time Internet 
The pushy salesman didn't promise we would get leads, but he sure said we would.  So far we have had zero, zilch, nada.... We tried to cut our losses and hoped for a refund.  Less than 10% and we hadn't even used 70% of the budget!  They did not promise any refunds for their failures to generate any business for us.  They wanted us to spend more money with them though!  They did say look at how many clicks you've had.  We realize this has done nothing for you, but look at all those clicks.  Half of those clicks were probably from them anyway. If you like wasting your time and money then go ahead and employ Yodle.  Or just give it to a homeless man, you may feel better about it then.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1282002
Jan 24 2016
08:03 AM
Yodle Internet Marketing Nationwide
Sales rep outright lied about the amount of traffic coming from my area - claimed 400+ searches for, specifically, masonry work. Not possible since the area has a population of about 2000, low permit issues so far this year. Told the sales person the numbers can't be real, that her boss is lying to her. Decided to try the service anyway, with lower expectations, because I had been thinking of expanding my part-time workload. Got two calls for $100 repair jobs from 200 miles away. modified my area to nearby only and got spam phone calls only. $1200/6 months for these results.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1322774
Aug 16 2016
09:19 AM
Yodle Persistent scammers Nationwide Nationwide
 These people hacked my website added a phone number to it that they tied to my number. When I confronted them about this they denied doing any thing. I was very clear that we had no agreement to do any such thing and I did not want to do business with them . They were also told by my marketing manager that my company will not be doing business with them . Yodle has since tried to charge for their services to continue as if no one had told them that we aren't going to do business with them.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1295613
Mar 24 2016
10:39 AM
I signed up with Yodle  2 weeks ago. They can't seem to get my website right. It looks infantile.  The time I've spent correcting their mistakes I could have spent building my website. 1. The sales person said I could use my web address, which is untrue. They gave me a web address that did not state in any way what my services are. They finally got me a web address that makes sense but it's certainly not my company's name. 2. A manager seemed to understand bookkeeping services is not the same as tax preparation but their web writer/ developer told me I must have tax preparation listed as a service since that's my segment. 3. I get a call from someone that tells me they actually have a bookkeeping segment and they'll make changes accordingly. 4. I sent a document with the content I'd like to see on my website. They did a copy and paste to the web leaving their default text in it. Pages look repetitive and infantile. Fonts are different in every page. 5. I specifically was asked if I wanted my address to be public. I told them not, since I'm yet working from home. In every search I did my home address is fully disclosed on the internet. 6. When I use keywords to search for my services, I cannot see my website in the first 6 pages of search results. 7. When I search by company name I can see my company as a tax preparation service on the search results. 8. Customer Service is quick to apologize and be understanding but unprofessional when executing services. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YODLE FOR MARKETING & WEBSITE SERVICES. Spend your money someplace else. 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1350958
Jan 20 2017
01:39 PM
Yodle Worse Scam EVER!! Internet
This company is the very worse for any on-line services. I used them several years ago, and found them lacking in there ability to generate Service Leads as promised. I desided to give them another try after one of their reps called and said they had changed how they do their marketing, and if I signed on for (6) months I would notice some great changes as to how they now opporate. She said that they require a payment of $1993.00 to activate my listing and that I would be getting calls from customers right away. Three months later... we got two, and one was for services we don't provide. So I thought I would give them another month since other SEO companies we use needed Two months to get us calls. After (3) months with no calls I called to cancel my service and asked for a refund of half the remaining balance, they said NO. I tried to cancel with my Credit Card company, but they said it was past the three month limit and would have to work something out with Yodle. We even did a three way call with me and the credit card company to Yodle and spoke with them about the refund. They said they would look into it and would only issue a partial refund if I wanted to stop service. Told them I wanted to stop service at that time. I've been waiting for a refund since September. Will never use them again, and will tell everybody I come in contact with at their homes not to use this service.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1195046
Dec 12 2014
05:10 PM
yodle took my money and lied to me Austin Texas
I signed up with Yodle in June and was told nothing but lies on my sales call.  I really feel cheated because everything I was told never happened.  I was told many many things on the sales call that would happen to help make my website somewhat unique was possible and when it came down to designing my website it all of the sudden wasn't possible.  In fact I was told some very specific things that were possible on the sales call and they never came to be true.  They are selling you a templet they use for all their websites...there is nothing custom about it.  Buyer beware!  They will tell you everything that you want to hear then after they get your money the NOs start coming.  In fact there were several times I had appointments set up with my marketing manger for conference calls that she completely missed!  They did nothing to make it right.  I asked for a manager to call me and no one did.  I am in the process of talking with an attorney to sue them for fraud so if anyone out there is experiencing the same thing please let me know. I spent close to 5,000 and didn't get a penny back.
Entity: Austin, Texas
9, Report #1053589
May 24 2013
11:23 AM
Yodle Inc. Money for Nothing in Return Internet
Our company was aggressively solicited by Yodle to host our website.  We signed a 3 month agreement, at the cost of over $1,000/month, with Yodle's commitment that we would receive 40-80 leads within the 90 period.  The performance of our Yodle site was a complete failure! Yes, we received 47 calls during our 3 month contract but that included: 20 wrong numbers, several 'hang up' calls, and 16 existing clients.  We received a TOTAL of 3 prospective leads that were unemployed and (thankfully?) didn't want to waste our time by coming in. We are now faced with the challenge of reclaiming our Google Maps listing and making sure our existing clients don't try to use the old Yodle phone numbers. I loathe the day I signed up with Yodle and wish I had taken all the complaints more seriously.  Please, please, please, save yourself the money and grief!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1278319
Jan 06 2016
07:41 AM
Yodle Total rip off Charlotte North Carolina
Please do not give this company your hard earned money.  Not only did they overcharge me, but Have never received one single solitary lead from which I could recoup the money I spent. Saying they over promise with their slick sales people and under deliver isn't doing that phrase justice. STAY AWAY!
Entity: Charlotte , North Carolina
11, Report #1338647
Nov 17 2016
05:56 PM
Yodle Zero results - no refund, no resolution Nationwide
Entered into a 3-month agreement with Yodle for internet marketing services after a high pressure sales call. Was led to believe I would receive 25 leads per month from individuals seeking legal services. In reality, I received zero viable leads. Yodle's account dashboard shows that I received 13 leads, which were comprised of calls from other marketing campanies looking to sell me similar services, recorded spam messages, and persons who searched for my name to call me regarding an existing case I was on. I called Yodle several times during my campaign to express my concern over the lack of leads, their response every time was that their analysts would look into the situation and make adjustments as needed. After the 3 months were up, I again called asking for a refund or alternative resolution. Their solution was for me to continue sending monthly payments and hope for better results, I declined and asked for a refund. Surprise, they won't offer a refund. Stay away from Yodle, it is a waste of time and money.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1291202
Jul 23 2016
09:58 PM
Yodle Lied, takes money, strong arms, ignores me, horrible company Internet
They keep taking my money. They won't let me leave. They won't even reply back to me. I have never felt so angry towards a company in my life. Please don't use Yodle. They will rip you off, they will lie to you, they will ignore you. I am still losing money to them. As a small business owner they are taking my money and leaving me with nothing. I can't even get a reply except ppl telling me they are forwarding my information along. Weeks now with nothing. Please run away from Yodle. Don't believe their promises. They are the worst business decision I have ever made. Please run away from them.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1390038
Aug 02 2017
06:28 PM
Yodle, Inc Don't believe these scpumdrels Nationwide
This business will say anything and everything to drain your bank account. Do not waste your money on these scoundres  
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #809642
Dec 14 2011
09:53 PM
Yodle Inc Total Scam - Yodle takes your money and delivers nothing in return Internet
Yodle representatives promised increased advertising and marketing leads for my dental practice.  All I had to do was sign a contract and they would make sure qualified leads would flow into my business.After I did not receive these qualified leads, I began calling, emailing and even sent certified letters trying to get someone from the company to contact me to discuss my business and concerns.  No  one has returned my calls or acknowledges my emails or letters (began calling in June, 2011 and have yet had a returned call, email, or letter) yet they continue to charge me for services that they have not rendered as promised and outlined in their own contract.This company is a complete scam.  I have filed with the BBB and my next step is to get an attorney involved due to continuous and unauthorized charges on my credit card.Do not sign up with this company.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #571113
Feb 19 2010
07:29 AM
Yodle, Inc. 50 West 23rd Street, 4th Floor Advertised services that were misrepresented. New York, Internet
They did not advertise for my business what they promised during the initial sales call. What they do is advertise for a MIRROR of your website located on their servers and on a domain that they own. Because of this you are not actually receiving customers to your website but instead they are directing them to Yodle's own version of your website. They also make changes to this mirrored version of your website without your permission. If you have Terms of Use on your site indicating that the site may not be duplicated, etc. Then in most cases these actions would be violating those terms. Also on this issue is that if you stop their service your mirror will eventually become dead, potentially losing customers that have bookmarked or written down the mirrors address. Results are not existent or local; at least they didn't work for me. Any page visit that I received according to the results Yodle sent me were listing people from the other side of the country. During a 1 month period I received several spammed leads from some kind of bot online and what appeared to be a fictitious user that did not have a working telephone. Other issue with this service is they try to lock you in on a 3-month contract for at least $500 + fees per month. This is a huge cost for even new companies that just want to increases their advertising online. ??May be similar to Storesonline Company?? (From what I hear) You can achieve similar results with other advertising companies for at least 1/5th of the cost. Yodle looks like it could be a great company because they supply lots of good tools, a nice dashboard and lots of information on history and results. But the way they sell the service is misleading as I never received what I was promised.
Entity: New York, Internet
16, Report #1048365
May 04 2013
06:11 AM
Yodle Stay away -- far away from this company! Scottsdale Arizona
   Yodle contacted me telling me how experienced they were in dealing with companies in my field, how I would get many contacts and a lot of business.    Their price was very high, but the promises made it seem worthwhile.    Their promises were empty and they did not deliver a single qualifed lead in the month and a half I stayed with them. I had them cancel, even though they said it was a 3-month contract (Tip: if you got sold by their sales pitch, quit right now.)   While I was their customer, I got three calls soliciting my business and a person who wanted to know what I thought of Yodle as they were interested in signing up.    During that time I got several leads and sales from alternate internet sources. So, it was not my website, nor the level of interest in my services.   After I cancelled they said they'd keep my site at the top for the rest of the month. I got no calls, no solicitations, no inquiries about Yodle. So, obviously they dropped me right away.   Since that time I've gotten several calls via Yodle which were wrong numbers. Very annoying for me and the person calling about some other service.   My advice: stay far away from this company. They don't deliver what they say they will and they charge an exhorbitant price for it. I would have been much better off going with some local person to do SEO.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
17, Report #1128998
Mar 07 2014
02:22 PM
Yodle is fraudulent Complete failure to meet objectives and will not let you cancel Scottsdale Arizona
Yodle does not produce results as promised.  All I received was spam email from its services. When I called to close my account.  Yodle refused to close my account on several occasions.  It was not until my fourth call in an attempt to close my account was I finally connected to a senior manager that agreed to close my account. When my account was finally being closed, I was told that my account would be credited for the unauthorized charges.  Yodle did not honor this and has not refunded me for the unauthorized charges.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
18, Report #1337162
Nov 08 2016
10:48 AM
Yodle took over $2k and got me 3 calls in 8 months!! RipOff ! Internet
No results in 8 months of services supposedly getting me leads for my real estate business. I paid over $2,000. and got 3 phone leads, 2 were unknown. They spent more time trying to keep my business than getting me leads, and after repeatedly telling them to cancel my service (more than 5 times) I had to just hang up to get the account saver to shut up!
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1299749
Apr 14 2016
12:28 PM
Yodle Big promises, no results, damaged what was already working. New York Internet
Here is a word of caution and maybe someone will save themselves some grief from my experience. I have had a nice web page for quite sometime that performs well. I am high in search rankings etc. I struggle some getting people to leave reviews. So, Yodle/Lighthouse 360 claimed to be able to solve that. They did get reviews for us, but they do not show up on Google. Whats worse is that they said they would if I made them an additional administrator on my Google business account. They assured me they would not change anything I already had set up that was working. They LIED. They took over my google account, changed my phone number so anyone that clicked through to call from a google search would go through their tracking number and they look like the hero for sending a customer. They also took down my good working site and I disappeared from the map, along with all google reviews disappeared. I realized that today. I could tell by Google analytics that I performed well until the 16th of March and then almost no activity. I got it all fixed this afternoon and changed my Google business account password so Yodle/Lighthouse can no longer get in. I would STRONGLY recommend to tell them to take a hike if they call. If you already signed up, keep daily watch on what you already had working.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1349190
Jan 11 2017
03:09 PM
Yodle, Inc. A Six Month Long Headache with Complete Web Illiterates Internet
I don't see how the people who work at this company can go home to their spouses and not self loathe enough to have no libido. If you're reading this, you're probably someone who is already pissed off by these people, or a few e-signatures away from becoming pissed off by these people. I work as a marketing coordination for a small business that is a franchise of a larger corporation, and we were looking to revamp our web marketing. Yodle were one of a couple choices that stood out to my boss. I never understood why, but despite showing him all the stuff on BBB, here, and even entire articles dedicated to this scam, he still decided that they were the best choice. This is probably because in their first call, they start their lying. They say they are the experts in your field! Whether its shoveling dog poop or selling weapons, I'm sure these guys always assert themselves as the experts. Not only are they experts in your field, they're experts at the internet! Just kidding though, the only thing they're experts at is lying and not feeling like a sack of garbage for it -- if you're at Yodle and are reading this, have you ever considered running for local office? Of course, they're not experts at anything. I have a very limited knowledge of HTML- learned how to build an ugly website when I was 12 - and these guys did not know a single thing. Time after time I had to tell my so called web expert how to color text, make links, and insert images. Not to mention how to spell -- if you claim to be web content experts,you should know how to spell words and arrange them in a way that doesn't sound like Hindi put through google translate. Not only that, but they claim to work with companies like Yext and be Google Partners and all this other really fancy stuff that can lure someone who is not too knowing about web presence techniques into their six month long and very expensive trap. This very special position of being a google partner is a bit misleading. They're a Premier SMB Partner, which if you google it, seems like a whole lot of marketing. You should be aware there's well over 700 (that's all I bothered to count because it seemed endless) SMB partners just in web / internet marketing alone. Not only that, but after getting a marketing call from Yext, we learned they actually did not work with Yext at all. I'm honestly one of the most patient people that I've ever met, and these guys drove me up a complete wall almost every day. There's always some mistake. My coworker has been working on correcting over a hundred improperly done listings almost all week now, and getting the smallest change done to your web content or code is IMPOSSIBLE! Especially the code, since they use Webs templates and are literally not allowed to touch it. Did anyone else use freewebs a decade ago? They use those. You can pick a very similar website up for $10 a month through the source. You can seriously only pick from 4 predetermined color schemes for your page and from like 6 different templates, so actually Freewebs wins this round. I'm a currently enrolled college student and hope to become an SEO marketer one day, and let me say that from what I have learned at my university, these guys will end up throwing your ranking into a bottomless (but flaming) pit if you let them do what they want. They encourage you to spoof your locations, give you spoof phone numbers that makes google ignore you, duplicate your content, and will only ever make you appear for the most irrelevant search terms. Spoiler alert, nobody is googling 66048 waste removal for your garbage company in Kickapoo. Our four yodle websites generated 1 lead. Not each, total. We have had then for six months and now that we want to cancel, our rep just isn't returning our calls. It's too late for us, we've already blown a couple thousand, but if you're a small business owner just save yourself while you can! Don't believe me? When they show you an example site during your sales presentation, write down the number on the page. Call someone random from your own industry with Yodle and see how that one is working for them. I'm willing to bet they won't be raving, or better yet, the number will be disconnected because they packed their shit and left.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1267714
Nov 13 2015
09:27 AM
Yodle Inc. Intentionall Misleading - Really Stealing your data Internet
Yodle represented themselves as being able to grow my website popularity and customer base to increase sales.  What they did was created a separate website so that they could potentially control the relationship.  I wanted to grow my existing website no their new proxy website.  The also tried to represent my company as a Taxi which it is not I provide a For Hire Airport Shuttle Service.  And I tried several times to explain to them that it was wrong and illegal to attempt to market my company as a taxi service and not what I wanted either way.  They did this buy buying a domain name that they own and attempting to get me to load all of my information in to their pre-existing template.  Why would I do this when I already had a website that I wanted to steer business to?  They then tried to get me to upload all of my customer and email and social media information so that they could manage it.  They were doing this to get access to all of my data.  I wanted them to grow my customer base not manage existing customers.  Everything about them doesn't make sense.  They intentionally mislead me into a situation where the would benefit regardless of how it worked for me and I would pay them to do this.  My instincts said it was a scam to begin with when I had to pay them a cancellation fee with no trial period.  Buyers beware!!  Read the other reviews if you don't believe me.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1353550
Feb 02 2017
10:57 AM
Yodle Inc. Should be Nodle No deal New York New York
I am no longer a customer of Yodle Inc.  Their sales pitch is, they will move your company's name up to the first page in a search engine on the web.  So if you search for a particular company/service, they guarantee your name will be 1st or 2nd on the page results.  They ask you to upload your contacts and then proceed to track any phone calls that come in through the web and tell you look what we have done for you.  In the short time we used them (3 mos), we had 166 calls.  Of those 166 calls, 5 were from people we had not had contact with previously the rest were current clients.  Of the 6 web inquiries, 4 were emails direct from Yodle and 2 were employment requests. In their sales pitch to our company, we were told there was a three month contract for a specified amount of money.  After the three months we would be on month to month with no contract.  We could cancel at any time.  We were also told the monthly charge would not be anywhere near the astronomical charge we paid for the first 3 months.  The charge would be based on the level of service we chose.  They bill one month in advance. When the three months were up we were never notified by the company asking what level of service we would like to proceed with. Never received a contract from them. Proceeded to charge us the astronomical amount that we paid for the first three months.  When I called to complain they said they could cancel our subscription but could not reimburse us since it was already billed.  This was three days into the new billing cycle. 27 days had not been used. Had my credit card company get on the phone with me to discuss the reimbursement of this charge with a manager from Yodle.  The person on the phone from Yodle talked himself right into a corner as he kept changing his story the more the credit card company representative asked for specific and concrete answers.  As of this posting, the reimbursement issue has not been resolved. If you are looking for a company to help you increase your web presence, stay away from Yodle.  There are other companyies out there that are reputable and do not lie, steal and cheat.  Do your research.  We should have known something was wrong when we asked for referrals and was told it wouldn't be eithical thing to do as they were in our market area.  Yodle lied to us from the very beginning.  Starting with the pricing, the contract, the month to month and the amount of new calls we would receive.    If I ran my business and treated my clients the way they do, I would be out of business but, I guess when you charge such an astronomical fee for the three months and then continue with that amount even when you are not suppose to, you can make money to stay in business no matter how many people cancel your service.  
Entity: New York, New York
23, Report #796626
Nov 09 2011
04:55 PM
Yodle Yodle.com will promise you to generate qaulity leads for yopur business.... Big Lie don't fall for it. Internet
Yodle promised me to generate more leads that I can handle for my business. I asked them to give us some time to start the campaig to make sure we have the funds available....here is the catch: they will ask you for a $69.00 set up fee and then will tell you that the campaing will start when you are ready. They then took $1,000 out of our business checking account as an ACH payment that works as a check so it is impossible for you to dispute the charge. After they convinced you that you have authorized them to take the money (which I did not) they said the campaing have already started and that they have already paid money to Google, Yahoo and other search engines to generate internet ads for you so there is no money back at all. After one month and $1,000 less in our bank account we received two contacts: one from an out of town customer that we can't serve because it is outside of our geographical area and another one from someone looking for a job. NOT A SINGLE customer came to us. As it is expected I called the company one more time and tell them that I wasn't happy at all with the results, thay gave so many excuses like: They do not have control of the search engines, that my website is not good enough for people to contact us and some other crap. Do not fall into their lies and scams, they do not take responsibility of their actions and results only are very good to take your moneay and give you BS as answer.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1309510
Jun 04 2016
01:55 PM
Yodle Deception, magic and mirror's - they know what you want to hear - and will tell you just sign right here! New York New York
Would you like blogs written for you, and top ten SEO?  Well we have that, all you have to do is agree to the six months term of service.   1 month later..... Yodle - oh no you have to wait getting you up in the rankings takes time, Me- well what are you doing in the mean time, Yodle told me this marketing would be automated, and they would be doing everything for me.  COMPLETE RIPOFF! Never felt more rediculious in my life falling for a company that promises everything on the phone, gets you to sign up on a payment plan, and delivers no advertising what so ever. The best thing you can do when contacted by Yodle is tell them to take you off their mailing list, and calling list and hang up.  
25, Report #1205718
Feb 10 2015
06:52 AM
yodle, Patrick Coudon +Lied about services and never produced any results New York Nationwide
Yodle is a local internet marketing and advertising company that is a total ripoff. I am a registered and certified local internet marketer with the largest search engine so I know how this service should be provided. It takes a lot of work and I did not have the time to devote so I figured I sub it out to an outside service. Big mistake since they only work off of the existing templates they have so they can not make a custom program. I have a payroll compay and was promised payroll leads. They promised the world but once the contract was signed they said they did not have a service for a payroll company, only an accounting company. I did not want these lead but they still promised I would get payroll leads. They then over billed me for services they admit they can not even provide yet did not release me for the contract and continued to bill me after the contract was canceled. I was stuck with their 3 month contract. I canceled several time prior to the 4th month yet they still billed me saying I didnt cancel in time. What? I canceled within the 1st week of having the service and then again on the last day of my 3 month contract. They also promised 10-15 clalls per month and I only recieved a few calls from sales people trying to sell me their internet advertising program. My ads hardly showed up and when they did they were for the wrong keywords. They also built a few page website that had terrible content. Their customer service sucks and they will rip you off as much as they can once they get your credit card. I would not ever recommend Yodle. Please d oyour self a favor and avaoid them at all costs  
Entity: Nationwide

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