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26, Report #474332
Nov 09 2011
07:19 PM
Yodle, Inc. Beware of Yodle Ripoff Internet Marketing Scam! New York New York
Yodle is pure telemarketing scam. They do pay per click advertisement for small businesses claiming that they will drive more qualified calls to your site for less money per click. The truth is that you will end up paying WAY more. Each Google keyword click will cost you at least 30% or more than if you managed your campaign yourself. Yodle will drive LOTS of irrelevant traffic to your site resulting in HUGE waste of money. They sales technique is basically first trying to sugar-talk you into hiring them. If you refuse, they will aggressively call you several times a week until you give up. Once they get your money, they will refuse to refund if you want out. What they do is take your money and run. When the Yodle rep calls you, just hang up the phone on them - you'll be glad you did! Burned by Yodle Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
27, Report #646180
Nov 09 2011
07:16 PM
Yodle Kiss your hard-earned dollars goodbye when you call Yodle New York, New York
Yodle uses very high powered, persuasive sales people to rope you in.  They did us and we started out very suspicious because we had worked with SEOP, another ripoff search marketing company, and had gotten burned by them.  Apparently, these tactics have worked for them because the saleperson showed me their latest reviews about them shooting up in the sales charts and being on the morning talk shows. The short story on them is this:  They promise you alot of telephone response from internet prospects but all we got were people looking for jobs.  When we told them about it, we got no normal response.  There was no log, no credit to our account, and no further activity on our phone.  They had locked us in to an initial 3 month period and took a hefty set-up fee.  In the end, we spent around $3462 and got no useful leads. We were very disappointed in them and had our lawyer write to them close to the end of the second month to let them know that we no longer wanted their service--Yodle hadn't been productive for us or responsive to our needs at all--and that we demanded to be allowed to leave their company without having to pay anything more.  We were were unable to get out of the agreement.  They had our card on file and charged us for the last month and we haven't had a single call!!  Not only were we ripped off for our money.  We were ripped off for our valuable time.  We are now very skittish to enroll in any more internet search marketing programs. 
Entity: New York, New York
28, Report #1142452
Apr 28 2014
04:08 PM
Yodle Inc SCAM Salt Lake City UTAH
They charged us over $3000 for three months of service that resulted in NO clients. We received more telemarketing calls than ever before and had absolutely no success as they had promised. Their system allows you to log in and even rate the leads they provide you and almost 95% of them we marked as BAD to prove their services did not work.We asked them to extend their services out for another month with out further charge and they were unwilling to do so. We asked them for a refund and are waiting to hear back. But according to other reviews, they do not refund money.
Entity: Select State/Province
29, Report #1096404
Nov 01 2013
08:19 PM
This horrible company charged my credit card without any authorization and had the nerve to charge an inflated amount. They also without my permission posted my personal address ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I immiately contacted customer service and they did nothing to remove the information. In fact, I demanded to remove my name from all websites but they did not do that. They also wrote such bogous description of what srevices I off and do not have any understanding of my field. Horrible costomer service. 
Entity: Arizona, Select State/Province
30, Report #1098855
Nov 12 2013
05:19 PM
Yodle Jeffrey McDowell AVOID YODLE. BEEN HOUNDING JEFFREY FOR MY REFUND. Yodle lies and gives me crap and runaround for purchase I made and have been trying to reverse. Charlotte North Carolina
It has been months since i have tried to get my money back and at this point i am getting frustrated of getting the runaround. I have spoken with jefferey mcdowall and others to make this happen but they refuse. He does NOT RETURN MY CALLS. i haev been on a goosechase with him and he gives me b.s. about having to call this department and that department to get approval. Which is a complete lie. why didnt they do all that to get approval for TAKING MY MONEY!? i do not work with the doctor we set the account for because he just as big of a cheat with paying me as well and Yodle is still trying to trap me for my 3 grand!!! Why are they holding on to my money because they already said the account isnt active.  I also found out that they dont make everybody pay for all 3 months up front but they charged me that way anyway and now Im in this mess. Be careful they are all snakes for commission DO NOT DO IT. BIGGEST MISTAKE! I KNEW I SHOULDVE SEEN WHATEVER INFORMATION THEY SHARED BUT I WAS SILLY ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THIS WAS A CLEAN COMPANY. Go with Google or a known company. This company will trap you. The most unprofessional online marketing company I have ever worked with
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
31, Report #571138
Nov 09 2011
07:18 PM
Yodle, Inc. Advertised services that were misrepresented Internet
They did not advertise for my business what they promised during the initial sales call.  What they do is advertise for a MIRROR of your website located on their servers and on a domain that they own. Because of this you are not actually receiving customers to your website but instead they are directing them to Yodle's own version of your website. They also make changes to this mirrored version of your website without your permission. If you have Terms of Use on your site indicating that the site may not be duplicated, etc. Then in most cases these actions would be violating those terms. Also on this issue is that if you stop their service your mirror will eventually become dead, potentially losing customers that have bookmarked or written down the mirrors address. Results are not existent or local; at least they didn't work for me. Any page visit that I received according to the results Yodle sent me were listing people from the other side of the country. During a 1 month period I received several spammed leads from some kind of bot online and what appeared to be a fictitious user that did not have a working telephone. Other issue with this service is they try to lock you in on a 3-month contract for at least $500 + fees per month. This is a huge cost for even new companies that just want to increases their advertising online. ??May be similar to Storesonline Company?? (From what I hear) You can achieve similar results with other advertising companies for at least 1/5th of the cost. Yodle looks like it could be a great company because they supply lots of good tools, a nice dashboard and lots of information on history and results. But the way they sell the service is misleading as I never received what I was promised.
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #662206
Nov 09 2011
05:19 PM
Yodle.com Yodle fraud, Yodle scam, yodle rip-off New York, Internet
Yodle uses a bait n switch cold call presentation. You are told that a marketing specialist will be appointed to your file, when in actuality, the entire program is one giant experiment that you are paying 1000s to conduct. Yodle actually knows nothing about the industries they are marketing for, so they create hundreds of adds and run them at random for several months, until they can distinguish a patter.They promise you a lot of telephone response from internet prospects but all we got were people looking for yodle calling the yodle number to find other companies and/or competitors that yodle was also working with. When we told them about it, we got no normal response. There was no log, no credit to our account, and no further activity on our phone. They had locked us in to an initial 3 month period and took a hefty set-up fee. The leads were utterly bogus, and wound up wasting our staffs time and energy chasing fake leads. $3000.00 in one month, and not a single legit lead.You tell them where you take clients, and they ignore you by placing adwords outside the area where you instruct them, just so they can get more clicks.IF YOU PROVIDE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY... MARKETING CANCER. EPIC FAIL!
Entity: New York, Internet
33, Report #1086685
Sep 23 2013
02:43 PM
Yodle stole money New York City New York
To Whom This May Concern: Hello, my name is Bethany. My husband, Andrew and I own a wedding videography company located in Washington, PA. This is our first year so we are trying our best to get our name out there and do as much adverting as possible. Three months ago, Andrew and I hired Yodle to help market and adverstise our company. We signed a three month agreement/contract with Yodle. The representative told us that we do not have to renew three months later if we do not get bookings. In the 3 months that we hired Yodle, we have not had any new business from clients, received many unrelated and unwanted phone calls, and had no control over how our business was being advertised. We were in no way looking to renew our agreement with Yodle once the three month agreement was up. In fact, we were pretty upset on how much we spent on Yodle. On September 16th, we saw that Yodle took out $599.53 from our bank account without telling us. They also decided to renew our contract without our permission. When we called them they refused to refund us the money and stated that it was in the fine print of the contract that they are allowed to take money out. We are extremely upset as we are a new company and have little money to start out with.  My questions to you are: Is it illegal to take out money from the client's business bank account without telling the client first? Is it illegal for Yodle to renew the contract without telling us?    Thank you so much for your time, it is greatly appreciated!   Sincerely, Bethany D'Amico
Entity: New York City, New York
34, Report #613377
Nov 09 2011
07:17 PM
Yodle, Inc. Yodle This company does the opposite of what they tell you they will do. New York, New York
I called Yodle Tuesday night and got a return call on WED around 9AM. I was working with a Shane Johnson but I got a call from another rep. His name was also Johnson I believe. He informed me that he knew who Shane Johnson was and that he would let him know. The rep then said not to worry that everything would be OK and their would be no money taken out on Friday. I informed him that I was having a problem and would not be able to make a payment this Friday. He informed me that he understood and that their would be no payment made. This was for a service that I never started. However after finding out Saturday morning that they tried to make a payment when I called in and informed them not to. They confirmed to me that their would be NO money taken out and not to worry about anything. That they would handle everything. Just to relax and they would notify my rep. Their would be no money taken out of my account and then to find the opposite happen.  I confirmed this a couple of times with them before getting a BIG surprise on Saturday AM.This company is a bunch of crooks. They are obviously not a reliable or dependable company. I am sorry but they just caused me to loose all faith in them. I can no longer trust this company. It is a shame. I thought they would be reputable and hones but they turned out to be the opposite. I would strongly advise anyone to think twice about using this company.
Entity: New York, New York
35, Report #1205303
Jan 29 2015
11:41 AM
Yodle Internet marketing Roseville, California
Yodle gets you hooked into a $549 per month advertising or serach engine optimization plan.   Then they keep billing and give poor quality referrals.  I did not want automatic renewal of my plan, but  they did it anyway.  They refused to reverse the latest charges once I informed them that I was not happy with their services.   They represent that they can give you big rewards for their internet market, however it was terrible quality referrals.  
Entity: Roseville, , California
36, Report #1137302
May 01 2014
04:15 PM
Yodle Yodle Prays on Small Companies Austin, New York Nationwide
I am a small business owner just starting a new business. I built my own website and was working my way on getting on the search engines to get noticed when I received a phone call from a sales rep from Yodle. I was promised they were the professionals to drive sales to my website. They had marketing people that were the best in their field that could make my small company show up on local searches. After buying into the scam I gave my credit card number to pay for three months trial of 1647.00. They recorded only the last part of our conversation for me to agree to the terms. One month later I called and complained how the service is not working. I was not getting any calls; I am not getting any hits to my website that I built. I expressed that I do not find a value in the service and will not be renewing after the 90 days. They back tracked and tried to make changes to their website they built and said they will make changes to where the posts are and when. They even changed the name of my company on the websites they built because they said it confused people. I was not to worry because they will call my number.   I called again to tell them that all I am getting is hang up calls and people searching for hospitals. The changes they made did not work and I am not happy with the service. It is a complete waste of time and money I will not be renewing. They stated it was my phone tree (system) that is confusing this is why people are hanging up. At that point I came to the realization that I lost the 1647.00 and use it as a learning experience. 95 days later from the first phone call I have a charge to my AMEX for 549.00 from Yodle. I called and talk to their customer service who in turn patch me through to the highest manager available to help me with my dispute. He stated he needs to go back and listen to all the calls to verify I stated I wanted to no long extend my service. He called me back only to tell me that they have one recording of when I agreed to the terms and could see where I called in to tell them this is not working and is a waste of money. But for some reason there are only notes and it is not recorded. The person who put the notes in never put in that I no longer wanted the service after the 90 days.    He stated he cannot refund the money and that I have now OFFICALLY ended the contract so I won't be billed again! Do not use this company, it is smoke and mirrors! He stated I will not get my money back and for me to have a great day. I wonder how many small business owners they have preyed on. Please consider a local college student to help you before you use Yodle.      
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #1139723
Apr 17 2014
03:03 PM
Yodle Yodle sets up their program to charge small businesses for web traffic they would get on their own. Phoenix, AZ Internet
Yodle takes advantage of unsophisticated small businesses. They set up a separate website for small businesses, and then buys heavily marked up pay-per-click programs from Google and Bing. This separate website essentially competes with the existing website, and thus, the small advertiser ends up getting changed for traffic that would natually go to the existing website. Yodle buys the exact words of a search for a business (e.g. BRAKE MAX), and secures the top paid position on search. Essentially, Yodle's strategy is to ambush and charge for leads that would naturally be organic search traffic. There whole business model, and the Rip-Off of small businesses, is appalling.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1085989
Sep 20 2013
07:34 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
39, Report #870359
Apr 18 2012
09:25 AM
Outrank SEO Yodle, Outrank Local Outrank Local SEO rip-off Austin, Texas
Outrank Please do not use. Outrank contacted my moving labor company in January of 2012, promising that in a couple of weeks/months we would be at the top of the search engines. It sounds good so I run with it. While on the phone they offer a discount if I pay 2 months in advance. Sounded good so I go with it.  I get their form fill it out and boom off to the races. Now these guys do put up a website, though I already have one. They bring their number into the mix, though I already have one. But why not they got to make money right? No harm. About a month later, I get a call from a CRS who want to know if my Google local arrived, and it has not. So I'm concerned. I go to another email and find that these jokers took over my local pages on Yahoo ( that I had ranked number 1 since 2009. An wanted to claim it as their own. Upset with this I cancelled the service mid/late February. Fast forward late March, I notice a bill on my credit card that was unfamiliar. Its them they bill me another month, even after I cancelled. So I get on the phone and start to hammer them about this error. Well after 5 hours and 50min of my day. I get the tough luck Chuck email, and call my attorney. He explained that taking them to court would not be worth it, but this time hold on to your emails from them, and cancel the card so it wont happen again. I proceed. Present day, 4/18/2012. I get an email from Outrank saying that my card on file was declined. Art this point I'm livid. I calm down and ask for the address to their legal department.  Now I may not have the original cancellation request but I knew to save the others. Now I have proof to file a suit against the company. After the same ol same ol apology, I get another email confirming my cancellation. So I will be going to the courthouse to pursue my last payment, and I will be filing a complaint against the FTC. Not for lack of performace as much as for billing negligence. I've read about others who were burned by this company. If that applies to you, it time to burn them up. File the 30 buck for a small claim lawsuit, and report them to the FTC online. This is nothing but a giant rip off.
Entity: Austin, Texas
40, Report #1094665
Oct 25 2013
05:35 PM
Yodle Drafted bank account without permission New York City New York
Was looking to increase our company sales. Contacted Yodle. Listened to their salesperson. Sounded sincere. I explained I would need a few days before I could agree to use Yodle. Salesperson said he could give me a discount if I committed to the service. I told him I needed a couple of days to fund the project. He said that I could notify them when funding was available and that they would draft my account after I gave them permission. Long story short they drafted my account before the funding was available and without my permission. I specifically emailed my salesperson to not draft my account and he acknowledged the email and agreed. The very next day yodle drafted the account against my agreement with the salesperson. Later the salesperson apologized and felt bad, said he would get the account refunded. He hasn't done that to date. The amount is $1381.00 Hope that Yodle is honest in their business dealings and refunds the money soon. Been about 10 days. Funny that they'll take your money in seconds... but it takes.... how long to try and get your money back? Seems dishonest to me.
Entity: New York City, New York
41, Report #1206193
Feb 02 2015
04:09 PM
Yodle All-In-One Local Internet Marketing & Advertising Company Promised 8 to 16 calls per month and received only 2 call in a 3 month period New York Nationwide
Yodle All-In-One Local Internet Marketing & Advertising company is a ripoff, they promised 8 to 16 calls per month and received only 2 calls in a 3 month period, my ads hardly showed up on the search engine results and they were using all the wrong keywords and key phrases. Also, they built a few page website that had terrible content and were only targeting one city instead of twelve cities as discussed at the beginning of the signup. They never called once to see if I was happy with the service and then they try to talk me into signing up for a higher price package, their customer service sucks. I would not recommend this Yodle.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1132181
Mar 20 2014
11:54 AM
Yodle is a rip off for niche businesses internet
Yodle is very quick on their sales pitch but not great in listening to your business model and designing a customized campaign according to your needs. I am really disappointed with any real follow up, and after terminating services after a 1 month trial, I have been told (infact - laughingly told) that a refund would not be happening. Expensive, and totally missed the boat.  Very annoyed and wish to warn others that if your business is more niche - Yodle is not the company to help you.  The website they designed for me was so full of errors and trashy cheap advertising phrasing that it is cringe worthy. I expected better.  Far better.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1162107
Jul 15 2014
08:25 AM
Yodle is a Rip Off Yodle promises the world and delivers nothing. Internet
I am a small business owner.  Yodle contacted me about using their service to generate leads.  The customer service person was very friendly and answered all my questions.  She was a little pushy, but I understand she's trying to make a sale.  I was told that Yodle would gaurantee me between 20-30 leads per month.  I paid $1149 up front and then was to pay $1000 +/- per month after.  They told me I would have to suspend my Google account to do work with their service.  I did all these things and then tracked it very closely.   After 3 weeks I began to get concerned because the 15 leads being generated were from other companies wanting to offer me a similar product and the other leads were hang up phone calls.  All this is trackable thru their system because they record every call that comes in.  I called several times to address my concerns.  I got the run around at first.  Then they changed their pitch to state that they don't gaurantee leads.  Every person I talked to was different with a different pitch.  I ultimately cancelled my credit card and disputed the charges that had been made.   Yodle is the definition of Rip Off.  The service sounds great in theory, but I lost 4 weeks of legitimate advertising to find this out.  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
Entity: Internet
44, Report #921653
Aug 03 2012
10:05 AM
yodle inc Yodle Plumbing, Yodle Electric. Con artists, Total Rip-off, Stay Away!, Run and save your company Scottsdale, Arizona
They contacted me by phone to sell their products and services and explained what they can do for our company. They promised the world and that we would be receiving 30 to 40 Plumbing calls if we spend $1,449.00 a month with them which included SEO. This package included a new web site which I did not need, SEO for the new site, and their tracking phone number.  The contract time was for 3 months and they also promised to let me choose the photos and some content for the site. As soon as I signed the contract they charged my card and did nothing with all the content and photos that I had sent them. I called them several times to speak with the account manager J. Robinson who kept saying that he was going to have his team work on it ASAP, total B.S.  Contract was signed in May its now August, no sign of my content   and pictures. In addition to all this nonsense we only received one Plumbing related phone call and the rest were people looking for doctor's offices and dietitians.  What is that? I strongly recommend for anyone to stay away from these con artist and crooks. They only want your money and nothing else.  I was able to get a refund for the second month charge which I never authorized, and have the account on hold at the moment til I bring this matter to my attorney. Run and don't look back!!!   
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
45, Report #1209391
Feb 16 2015
08:00 AM
Yodle Promised to increase traffic to my website. I have seen no results.New York NY
A sales person from Yodle, an internet marketing company/SEO, etc, called me and convinced me to take a 3 month trial of their services. He promised that it was only 3 months and I had no obligation after that and needed to do nothing to cancel. I agreed and paid for 3 months in advance. I experienced no increase in the call volumn to my office as a result and had no plans to continue the service. However, when I get my credit card statement after the 3 months had ended, i see a charge from Yodle for a month to month service. I called at that time and cancelled and requested a refund. I am waiting at this time for a return phone call from a manager. 
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1060019
Jun 18 2013
10:39 AM
Yodle Yodle Ripoff Internet
Yodle is not suited for companies looking to bolster their existing online presence. As a Yodle client you are paying them to create a completely autonomous website and promoting a completely autonomous phone # that is not and will never be owned by the client. If you are a start up, or are willing to abandon your current online efforts and willing to pay Yodle monthly or yearly for the rest of your business life, then they might work for you. As an existing company with an existing online presence, this cannot work for us. The sales pitch was appealing, high pressure and ever so slightly deceptive. Don't be tricked, just say no. There is no buyers remorse period. Once you click into your site there's no turning back and you're initial investment (for us over $500) is stolen.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1107339
Dec 16 2013
08:17 AM
Yodle, Matt Eisenberg High Pressure Sales and an Angry one at that. Austin Tx New York
We operate a new home based business.  We were contacted by Yodle without an invitation and Mr. Eisenberg instantly was pushy and very forward.  I informed him that we would not be available to do anything contractually with our business account until the middle of February.  He was insistant on scheduling an entire telephone/internet webinar type pitch, that HAD to be with my wife and I both present.  He was rudely insistant on this and I know why; total high pressure and getting a commitment NOW type sale.  He was probably a car salesman before.He was very rude and I could not get a word in edge-wise during this sales pitch, which went more like an interrogation.HorribleHorribleHorrible salesman.  At the end of this so called sales pitch, I had to interrupt him again and re-inform him that I could not do anything today.  He then went to the contact my manager for a discount approach.  When he finally figured out that there was no sale today, he got made and bid me farewell.I was interested in Yodle.  If he would of honored my request to contact me in late Jan/Feb., he would of had a sale.  But now that I've actually read some online reviews and Zack Eisenbergs presentation,  NO WAY.A good salesman should also know how to listen, not just talk.  That's my advice to him.
Entity: New York, New York
48, Report #1098901
Nov 12 2013
07:41 PM
Yodle, Inc Rep said Under no circumstances with Yodle EVER refund your money Austin Texas
***As one business owner to another, if you did sign up with Yodle and had a bad experience please file a report with the BBB, the FTC, and your Attorney General.***​----------------They promise us a full refund of all fees if not satisfied but when we asked for a refund they appear to have carefully covered themselves legally so that they wouldn't have to give us any refund.The tricky conditions of the full refund were only clear after the fact and they were not what was implied in all of our verbal sales talk.I was told yesterday by a Yodle rep that under no circumstances will Yodle EVER refund our money. When I asked for a supervisor I was told that there was no supervisor to talk to.Quite a different story than what they told us signing up.-------------------***As one business owner to another, if you did sign up with Yodle and had a bad experience please file a report with the BBB, the FTC, and your Attorney General.***​
Entity: Austom, Texas
49, Report #1153481
Jun 10 2014
06:03 AM
Yodle Waste of time and money, Ripoff, Liars, no local leads provided as they claim, annoying, suck the life blood out of small businesses Rohnert Park, CA California
I signed up for a 3 month agreement with Yodle in the month of April.  the cost was $499.a month, down from $1500.  month.  that should have been my first tip off, when a rep drops his price from $1500 to $499, you gotta know his ethics are poor.  I wanted to believe that they would provide me with 2-3 local leads every week.  And that they knew something about Medicare, they didn't. I did receive my first lead within a few days, but it was from Washington, and my license is in California.  I answered the phone, and the person on the other end said they were returning my call.  so it wasn't really a lead at all, and not in the State my license is in. I received a total of 6 leads, none of them in California.  I answered all of the calls and no one knew that they were calling an insurance agent. I guess I should be grateful that I still have my license after this experience. This company did not perform as they agreed, and when I attempted to cancel, they informed me that they hadalfready paid Google $300, so they would not return all of the money.  I went to the bank, changed my debit card, and filed a dispute. The bank deposited the money back in to my account immediately and will get it back from Yodle.a few days after I spoke to the manager at yodle, a representative from Google phoned me.  Since I don't believe in coincidences, my guess is that google was checking up on yodle. Don't fall for this slick presentation, this does not work. PEarly(((REDACTED)))  
Entity: California
50, Report #1016629
Feb 25 2013
12:49 PM
Yodle SEO and pay per click rip off - SCAM Internet
Yodle was a total rip off.  They did not provide the advertising as promised in the SEO and were very difficult to cancel even after the three month contract period. 
Entity: , Internet

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