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1, Report #1400552
Sep 16 2017
07:45 PM
Your Search: SOFTWARE 888 769 SHEFFIELD VIL OH Took money from account! FRAUD!! Lake Michigan Internet
I was checking my bank account one day and this charge of $80 something was taken out of my acount. with the web address of this website listed next to it. I looked up the website and saw it was a fraud, a rip off, a scam. I immediately contaed my bank. I have not yet been refunded my money. Nor can we contact the people at this web address.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1330922
Sep 30 2016
09:41 AM
Software 888-769-380 Sheffield Vil OH $17.00 for PDF reader and statement show $ 93.82 Sheffeild Village OH Internet
Purchase a PDF reader online for $17.00 and my credit card statement show a $93.82 cent purchase instead. I looked to see the phone number for the charge and one digit was missing. Listed as software 888-769-380 Sheffield Vil OH. Google search located them on you website as a Ripoff. Lenora Houston TX
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1357746
Feb 22 2017
06:32 PM
SOFTWARE 888-769 SHEFFIELD VIL OH I went to the avast site google playstore advertised. I spent 18 for a year, was billed 88.82 from a different company. Sheffield Village ohio
I needed virus protection so I went to google playstore and picked avast. I payed 18 and some change for a years protection, went to the dr. and couldn't pay my bill, I am on afixed income and I knew I was down to my last 100.00. I went home and checked my bank account and this company had taken 88.82  out of my account.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1275655
Dec 21 2015
08:56 PM
SOFTWARE888-769-380 SHEFFIELD VIL,OH stole $75.69 Internet
was applying for avast antivirus for$2.79 a month when i checked my acct. i was charged $75.69 by software 888-769-380 sheffield vil,oh
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1323598
Aug 20 2016
11:50 AM
Spybot Software 888-769-380Sheffield Vil. OH I went to website Spybot and applied for it to my laptop, did not give any bank information. Looked at my bank acct. a day later and there was a charge for $88.82 that said Software 888-769-380. I contacted Spybot and they said their product is free. It has been a month now and my laptop has completely crashed. Sheffield Vil. Ohio
I went to Spybot and downloded their product because it was free, looked at my bank acct. couple days later and there was a charge for $88.82 from Software 888-769-380 Sheffield Vil. Ohio. I called Spybot they said it was not them because they are free. I never gave any bank information. It has been a month and my laptop has completely crashed.
Entity: Sheffield Vil., Ohio
6, Report #1359093
Mar 01 2017
10:22 AM
software 888-769-380 sheffield vil ohio i do not know if this company uses other names says cost is one price is another when SHEFFIELD VIL Ohio
i was trying to download ITuns and was sent to this website which stated that in order to download itunes I had to download their software first.   they sucked me in and i gave them my info but when i got to looking at my bank statement they charged me $88.82 in stead of the 16.98 that was on the web site.    
Entity: Ohio
7, Report #1279846
Jul 22 2016
11:58 AM
Software Pros SOFTWARE 888 SHEFFIELD VIL OH Software, Downloads, Security SHEFFIELD VILLAGE OH
Was supposed to be charged $16 but was actually charged 70.94. No telephone number listed on bank statement. Ripoff!
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1293939
Mar 15 2016
08:49 PM
Sheffield viloh Software 888-769-380 Sheffield VILOH OH. Offer # 2279zzzy4 I was told this was a $16.00 for 3 years and the charged me $88.92 The charged me 3x the amount Internet
 They was to give me software for one price for one years $16.99 but they charge me 88.92 . I want my money back. I'm a old lady on disability. I don't have money to give away.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1388042
Jul 25 2017
10:31 AM
Software 888-769-3 Sheffield Vilohouse I was downloading iTunes, and it showed an offer if I pay 16 dollars I get three years of free downloads. And than I check my back account and it charged me 88 dollars Internet
 I was downloading iTunes and it popped you saying getting 3 years of downloading for 16 dollars and 2 years for 18. So I choose they 3 year term, once I checked my bank account, it was not for software pro it was software 888-769-3 Sheffield Vilohouse that charged me 88 vice 16. There was no number for me to call to clarify this charge.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #31722
Oct 03 2002
07:59 AM
AT&T WORLDNET ripoff deceptive company USA USA
I Signed Up For At&t Phone Service & Internet About 2 Years Ago On The 7 And 7 Plan For The Long Distance And Internet Plan. After I Found That They Were Not Able To Set Up The Service For The Phone To Be Billed On My Phone Bill As Promised With My Local Phone Company And That The Internet Service Was Hard To Log Onto And All Of The Updates I Was Getting From Were Nothing But Putting Adware On My Hard Drive I Decided To Close My Account With This Company. This Was About Three Months Or So After Activation That I Called In April Of 2001. I Called The Number Listed On My Seperate Phone Bill From Them As Now I Had Two Phone Bills To Deal With. I Talked To Someone There And Quit The Service And Was Told All Would Be Handled And Informed Them For All Of My Phone Services That I Went Back With My Local Phone Company. Then I Found That I Had A Credit Of $4.00 Or So And Monthly I Would Get Mail Informing Me Of This So I Called Around June Of 2001 And Told Them I Did Not Want Anything To Do With Them And Asked What I Could Do To Stop Them From Sending Me Mail Of My Credit For A Account That I No Longer use. The Person I Talked To On The So Called Customer Service Staff Knew That I Was Irritated And Said He Would Close Everything For Me And Get Me Out Of The Computer By Sending Me A Check For The $4.00 And Change That They Had As A Overbalance For Me. I Was Shocked When I Did Get A Check About Three Weeks Or So From Them And All Billing Seemed To Stop. I Am Not A Person Who Checks My Bank & Credit Card Statements Real Close Except For The Balances I Think Should Be There As I Do Not Make Alot Of Tranactions On Either And If They Look Right As In Very Close To What I Think They Should Be I Do Not Check Very Closely. This Was A Mistake On My Part As When I Called My Bank For Some Info On A Charge That I Had Not Seen Before Lo And Behold After 11 Months At&t Worldnet Had Been Sneaking In Charges On My Account Since March 18, 2002. These Charges As I Stated Were Not Supposed To Be There Because I Was Told In June 2001 On My Second Contact With This Company My Account Was Closed. They Were Charging Me From March 2002 To September 2002 For A Service That I Thought Was Closed For Over 11 Months As Ther Were No Charges On My Card For Over 11 Months All Was Fine And That The Worldnet Software Had Not Been In My Computer Since Feb Of 2001 So Again Irritated Beyond Belief I Called Them To Try To Get This New Developement Resolved. I Called And Talked To A Donna And Was Informed Of Their Scam And Their True Intentions By Her Telling Me That I Never Called Them To Cancel This Service And In Their Policy It Says They Can Charge Your Card For These Services If Your Phone Number Changes Or Your Phone Billing Changes Or You Move. The Fact That I Had Called Two Times To close This Account With The Number Provided On The Seperate Bill They Sent Me Did Not Matter As They Are Seperate From Phone Service Side Of Their Company I Was Informed. Talking To Donna Further Was Like A Conversation With A Robot Repeating The Same Things Over And Over Even When I Asked Why I Was Not Charged April 2001 To March 2001 If This Account Was Active As She Said I was Informed That This Was Due To Their Customer Verification Procedures. The Conversation With Donna From This Point On Did Not Go Well As I Could Tell At THis Point They Were Running Me Around And With Intent Were Going To Rip Me For Seven Months Of Unused Service And That Further Conversation With Donna Was Not Worth It And That I Could Get Just As Far Talking With A Brick. So At This Point I Asked To Talk To Her Supervisor And Was Told None Were Available At This Time All Of Them Were On Calls And This Did Not Surprise Me!!!! So I Got Off The Phone With Donna Had Some Things To Do And Called Back A Few Hours Later In The Evening And Waited For About 15 Minutes To Get To A Contact To Ask For A Supervisor And Waited For About 10 Minutes For One Of Them And Lo And Behold I Got To Talk To One Named Tracy. Well Again I Retold All To This Tracy And She Could Not Even Find My Contact Records In Her Computer As If To Say I Never Had Called As Far As She Could See And Wanted To Know If I Had The Contact Information Of The Person I Had Talked To A Year And A Half Before And Of Course I Did Not. After This I She Informed Me That They Would Not Refund My Money For Services I Did Not Use Even Though She Said She Understood How I Felt When I Informed Her That It Was Clear That You Stole This Money From Me And That This Was Their Intent Because They Did Not Call Me Or Contact Me By Mail In The 11 Months If They Had Questions On Their End And To Let Me Know This Account Was Still Active After 11 Months Of Me Not Even Thinking Of This Company In My Life Anymore. She Then Informed Me That They Did Make A Attempt To Contact Me In June By Email At The Account I Do Not Use The At&t Email Address I had With Them!!!! In My Opinion Their Intent Is Clear By Signing Up With Them They Will Use Legal Loop Holes In Their Contract And Even If You Can Prove Incompitance On Their Part Which I Think This Is A big Problem In This Company They Will Rip You Off If Possible. In My Opinion This Is A Bad Company Not Ran Well This Is Very Evident From The Problems I Had And The Things Posted By Other People On The Internet. I See At&t Is Running A New Deal On Tv Again Be Smart Use Aol Theres A Reason Why They Are Number 1. Or At Least Use A Isp That Cares About It's Customers And Runs A Company Where The Right Hand And The Left Hand Are Attached To The Same Body And Each Knows What They Are Doing !!!! Brian Sheffield Lake, Ohio
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1209426
Feb 16 2015
01:18 PM
Software Pros I try to get my Spybot download for $34.00 and they scam me $74.83, the billing description says Software 888-769-380 Internet
got scamed by ordering online at , and ordered software at $34.00 and got over charged 74.83.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1404461
Oct 05 2017
03:09 PM
Purity Products contacted them at 1-888-769-7873. This company automatically took $178.65 from my checking account & I never received my order. Plainview New York
I had heard this product advertised on a local radio ststion several times & I decided to try it. I called 1-888-769-7873 they provided & ordered it. They said itn would be rushed ordered in 2 days. I waited for it & after a 2 weeks I still didn't my order & they had deducted $178.65 from my checking accounting. I called customer service &mtold them what had happened & told to credit my card for that amount & remove me from their plan.   I was told by a Stacy Nigel that she had closed my account & she gave me a cancelation number. My debit card was never credited & I neverreceived the products.  
Entity: Plainview, New York
13, Report #1046045
Apr 29 2013
09:01 AM
purity products spammers; retaliation for BBB complaint, Internet
i complained to the BBB about the unwillingness of this company to confirm in writing that they cancelled my autorefill. sound like i am not the only consumer they've treated harshly in this context.  now i get spam from them every day even though i opted out. buyer beware 
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1047699
May 01 2013
01:26 PM
Purity products Lie, cheat and steal Internet
 Well, they set you up and rip you off. Even if you call and cancil, they still send you the products and charge you non-refundable shipping. They lie!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #211875
Sep 19 2006
10:33 PM
Rene Turgeon Dead Beat Father For 40 Yrs ripoff Vil Delu Quebec
this man hasn't payed child support in over 40 yrs' but give's to his girlfriends kids left and right why is his kids gone from his life Dennis kelowna, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Vil Delu, Quebec
16, Report #1340443
Nov 29 2016
01:00 PM
Kb Midlands/Sheffield/Unitec Servicing Unscrupulous Hard selling Conmen Sheffield Sheffield/Linco
 Beware of these Companies, They will knock or cold call offering you a free carpet shampoo... Dont be fooled this is a ruse to get inside your property to hard sell you a KIRBY vacuum especially if you are handicapped (easy target in there eyes)They are now operating from sheffield too, but its the same people who run all 3 companies in the description. Do yourselves a favour and do not let them in your home. Look up the companies online and you will see alot of bad feedback about them especially on ripoff report... Yet these crooks can still operate! Keep your money in your pocket this christmas... Do not be fooled. You have been warned.
Entity: Sheffield, Alabama
17, Report #325355
Apr 11 2008
12:13 PM
Sheffield Ski Village Liars,Con Merchants, Threatening, Intimidating, Abusive, Liars, Theif, Crooks, Bullsxxxers. Sheffield Internet
I am the manager of a well known school of sporting excellence. I recently organized a trip to the Sheffield Ski Village for my school attendants and staff members. I paid the required deposit and was promised a formal receipt but not today as the printer was not working. It would go first class tomorrow and I recognized the integrity in the voice and took it as red. Some weeks passed and we had several new faces on our campus from the USA, who in turn wished to partake in the weekend with the Sheffield Ski Center and as such I forwarded their deposits on and once again I put a note in to say we had 12 additional people for the weekend course. Two weeks before setting off for the 200 mile trip to Sheffield, I received a letter for the requirement of the full amount of 150.00 per person and as there was 48 people at 18 years old, and a further 30 at 15 years of age, it amounted to over 11,000 in total, although we were offered a slight discount for the payment. We all boarded our coach bound for the City of Sheffield and after some 3 hours of driving we duly arrived at what was a true disappointment. The lead road or drive upwards was littered by Prostitutes applying their trade, the road up was very seedy and frightening for some of our students and in the car park for the center we encountered a rocking car with what can only be described as the act of oral sex with a prostitute on her bended knees applying her trade to two men at the same time. Embarrassment was one term I could use in front of some almost 50 students, but to be hurled abuse with such foul language thrown in was to top it all. After some few moments of fear, we quickly entered the Sheffield Ski Center and I told the students to go view the activities whilst I sort out the formalities etc. Oh My God, as if things were not bad enough, it was to get a whole lot worse. No record of our Booking, No record of any Purchase, No record of and correspondence and a complete denial of and instruction course of any kind. The Manager was abusive, he denied all knowledge and any admission of any money paid was simply denied in full. We argued for some 2 hours whilst the students got bored and toward the end quite frustrated, the denials went on and the threats from the Manager got stronger. Rumors that I had pocketed the money were soon quashed, but the truth was it could on the face of it appear that I had stole the money. The Manager eventually said if we did not leave the area, he would call the Police and have us removed. We spent the night in Sheffield and went to try and meet with the owner in the morning. He had been for warned and waiting to support his staff in the argument. Today some 12 months onward, we have been met with papers suggesting the owners were Bankrupt, the new owners deny all knowledge and no compensation whatsoever. I would offer one thing to anyone wishing to hear my story. Don't Trust there honest approach and don't pay attention to that Bxxxx of a Manageress as she is a compulsive liar. If you have small children don't go anywhere near the place as it's the Red Light Area for Sheffield and one of the largest in the whole country. They paint a very attractive picture, but the truth is a different story altogether. Its a very dangerous place to visit. Our case goes on but with little sympathy or hope of recompense. The Attitude of the Staff is You Were Conned & Should Beware in the Future. Not Our Problem and as such Don't want to know. George xxxxxxxxxx Glasgow, LouisianaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Sheffield, Internet
18, Report #325499
Apr 12 2008
01:23 AM
Sheffield Ski Village Crooks, Manipulators, Advantage Takers, Heartless, Sheffield United Kingdom, Internet
I wish to report these people for the behavior and treatment of our trainees. I manage a center for people with learning difficulties and we recently booked an afternoon at the center in Sheffield at the dry slope ski center. We paid our deposit, arranged lessons and stipulated that our trainees had learning difficulties and secured an afternoon with a trained instructor. We paid the full amount a week before we arrived and on the day all set off with the intent of having a good day. I have to say at this point that the run up to the center is probably the most horrible road in the world, and upon departing found out it is the center for the Red Light District in Sheffield, and can only be described as horrid. At Reception we were greeted by staff saying how many were booked in and checked their file, it was confirmed we were in fact booked in, but that there was no provision for disabled persons. I said it had been made clear from the start that our trainees had learning difficulties, but they simply stood their ground. I said if we can't get on with the lesson, we would simply go away with a re-fund, and this is where the whole thing set off. We were threatened by the Manager who said You made a mistake in your Booking. We should not have to pay our staff's time/effort for your mistake. As such the terms and conditions stipulate that if you book, you are expected to pay. He simply said it was our mistake and we had to stand to it. When I showed him the letter stipulating we had made them aware of the difficulties of the trainees, he said I wasn't aware they were so bad, and that if he had been made aware, he would have refused the booking. He then stormed off and started saying to the trainees, Get Out of my Cafe. He was foul mouthed and started ranting at the team members. We left and to date it has been left with our Solicitors. I would warn anyone with learning difficulties to keep these people at arm's length. Especially the Manager. Martin Brook LeedsUnited Kingdom
Entity: Sheffield, United Kingdom, Internet
19, Report #736991
Jun 05 2011
08:18 AM
Sheffield Hallam University Poor Course, Facilities, Teaching & Learning Experience - Official Complaint Whitewashed! Sheffield, Other
After filing several official complaints (en-masse) stating they had no confidence in Sheffield Hallam University's administration, the quality and relevence of course content, the faculty's ability to deliver course content satisfactorily, and in no doubt that their studies had suffered and potential education and professional progression been put in jeopardy by a sub-standard learning experience, students of Sheffield Hallam University were invited to attend hearings wherein the University supposedly investigated said complaints.Almost three years and numerous hearings later, the entire process having proved to be no more than an exercise in stalling and placating its fee paying students until they leave with little more than a sour taste in their mouths, several students are now seeking a final official apology to be made in public and financial compensation for their experience.
Entity: Sheffield, Select State/Province
20, Report #197525
Jun 21 2006
08:49 PM
Entity: VIL DU LOU, Quebec
21, Report #1100724
Nov 19 2013
03:07 PM
 3 years ago I bought a fishing rod (Sheffield Rod) from a local fishing shop. Triple S makes these rods and distributes them. When I originally bought the rod it came with a 4 year warranty. Today I still have over a year left on it and the customer service person (MATT) told me that they do not make those rods anymore and that I could upgrade instead for $100 plus shipping. Wait this rod originally costed me over $180 and now this guy wants me to upgrade for another $100?? My point and my complaint is that I want what my warranty covers, which is a new rod or a replacement not an UPGRADE. Matt had told me that the rod that I would upgrade to would be over $300. After doing the research it is on a $200 rod that he wants me to upgrade to. So I told him I did not want to upgrade and I would just like mine replaced as the warranty had said. He told me that he could not do anything. Please help me out with this BBB. They are very rude and don't care about standing up to warranty that they put on there packages. My number is 440-xxx-xxxx (((REDACTED)))
Entity: AMHERST, New York
22, Report #1264066
Oct 27 2015
06:46 PM
Spybot SOFTWARE 888-769-380 Used Tucows to look for freeware - used a link to Spybot Free download, they took $88.82 from my credit card without authorization. Katy Texas
On August 7th I went to to look for a freeware to remove any bugs I may have had on my laptop.  I knew of Spybot believeing it to be a reputable spyware removal tool.  I went to their download center and downloaded the software (loaded as freeware) ... I was reviewing my credit card tonight and found a suspicious charge (SOFTWARE-888-769-380) ... so I googled it and found it was Spybot in another RipoffReport file.  They charged $88.82 to my credit card and I have no idea how they even got my credit card number because I know I didn't put it the download.  Any freeware that requests a CC#, I avoid as past experience has proved a bad decision.  I have yet to call them (and will) ... but figured this warranted a RipOffReport for the unapproved funds being taken from my account.
Entity: Katy, Texas
23, Report #1387723
Jul 24 2017
08:58 AM
Software888-769-380 SheffieldVilOh On May 1, 1987 I contacted Software Pros and wanted to purchase their software for 1 year for $1.94 I then filled out my credit card information and proceeded to submit the $1.94 but was never given the choice to do this. Checked bank and saw a $67.74 charge to my Bank, needless to say this company did not download . I have proof of all paperwork could really use your help. Thank you, Willnetta Glover Internet
on may 1, 2017 i went online and contacted software pros for pdf 1 yr in amount of $1.94   i then filled in credit card info and proceeded to submit my order but was never given the choice  on may 2, 2017 checked my bank and saw where software 888-769-380 sheffield viloh had charged my account in the amount of $67.74 i have all paperwork and bank statement to prove my dislike for this company company did not download did nothing
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #329641
Apr 30 2008
09:38 AM - Sheffield Ski Village Stupid Illiterate Jokers Insulting Condescending Liars Cheet's Crooks Sheffield Internet
I also got stung by this bunch of crooks. I paid for lessons and was ripped off with no paperwork, just a promise. I hope you get what you deserve you condescending Bast*rds. I found other reports at the following: So it can't be just me. The Mass Debator JunksvilleUnited Kingdom
Entity: Sheffield, Internet
25, Report #998989
Jan 18 2013
05:49 AM
EPOH.COM UNAUTHORISED MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT, Internet *EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back into your bank account that someone wrongfully takes it from you!
ONLINE RIP OFF EXTRACTING MONEY FROM MY BANK BRIAN EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back! HERE IS WHAT RIP-OFF REPORT SUGGESTS YOU DO: Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E.According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days.If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges.Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent!DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get.And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state.Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the charge(s) to your account; no matter how long ago it was. Be sure to call the Media if necessary so you are telling the truth.If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics should still work. The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form.CHARGES TO YOUR CREDIT CARDIf the charge was to your credit card (not debit card, check card, or checking account), contact the credit card company as soon as possible to request a dispute form. Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months), but it is better to act right away. In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won't contest the disputed charge. In rare cases, credit card companies will review disputes, but refuse to reverse the charges. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here.Remember Don't let them get away with it! Make sure they make the Rip-off Report .. The more Reports filed on a Company or individual, the more likely it is that the authorities, media and attorneys will want to take action. And good luck Let us know how you do!ED Magedson Founder Author of www.ripoffrevenge.comRip-off Report PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280
Entity: , Internet

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