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1, Report #1404583
Oct 06 2017
08:18 AM
Yuppy Puppy Boutique Laura Bedard Pet Boutique / clothing / fashion / accessories Blair Internet
I purchased 3 items from Yuppy Puppy Boutique that totaled almost $160.00.  It took a month with constant emails, left voicemails and lots of aggrevation, before she did send me an email back with some bogus excuse.  She apologized and gave me several options, one of which was, she would send the items and refund my money since it has taken so long, which I accepted.  Should have known better!!  Two of the items came, one of which was the wrong item!!!  I again, reached out to her via emails and voicemails, (she will NOT answer her phone) and told her of the wrong item that was sent and NEVER received my refund, and again, NOTHING!!!  Please read all the reviews on this company that has been posted on the internet and do not get scammed as I did!!!  I wish I would have before ordering!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1293551
Mar 14 2016
10:32 AM
I purchased 2 puppy outfits on 3/1/16 in the amount of $69.85 I NEVER received my order! I have contacted this company by email and left phone messages numerous times with no return message. This is not the first time this company has screwed people. I've looked Yuppy Puppy up on google, and there were other complaints of customers not receiving items. This is ridiculous! Buyer BEWARE!  
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1334719
Oct 23 2016
10:01 PM
 I placed an order in January 2016 for a dog collar. I never received my order. I emailed the company several times, with no response.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #78801
Jan 31 2004
07:25 PM
Puppy Depot - Yuppy Puppy - Yuppie Puppy ripoff knowing sold unhealthy unfit animals Coram New York
Puppy Depot offered us a free vet visit to a vet across from their business. Which should have tipped us off, unfortunately we took the bait. Of course their recommended vet gave us a clean bill of health. We then brought him to our own vet, which informed us that the puppy has such a severe overbite and said that Puppy Depot should never have sold him to us. The consequences of the overbite are severe and costly, all of which we did not originally sign up for. Now we find ourself emotionally attached to this three month old puppy and torn between what we should do. Do we return him to this unmoral and irresponsible business just to have another family go through this emotional stress or do we keep him and face immeasureable costly future vet visits in the future? Please do not give this company your business or your hard earned money. This would only perpetuate the problem further and allow them to continue this practice of selling sick and unhealthy animals to loving families who might have to face the same decision we are. Mike Huntington Station, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Coram, New York
6, Report #512465
Oct 20 2009
08:56 PM
PUPPY BOUTIQUE - PUPPY PETITE Puppy Boutique Wasted my gas money and time, what liars they are Brooklyn, New York
I was very excited about purchasing a female yorkie. I found puppy petite online. There homepage said they sold AKC puppies. I e-mailed them asking if they had an AKC registerable female yorkie weighing under 4 pounds at this time. I was answered quickly with a yes. I was told that they had several to choose from ranging from $450 to $1500. I was very excited. Through a few e-mail exchanges I told them that I was coming from PA. I actually called and they stayed open for me, just to be disappointed. When I got there I was told that there were not any females less than $750 in the size I was looking for. After taxes it was 8 something. I agreed to the price but only had two to choose from. One was $100 higher than the other but was not given an answer as to why.I asked was the puppy AKC registerable again just to make sure. The female employee said yes. As I began to fill out the paperwork, I noticed nothing in the papers mentioned AKC. So I asked the gentleman who was going over the paperwork and he said no that none of their puppies were AKC. He went on to tell me that AKC was losing their creditability due to puppy mill affilations so they did not assoicate with them. He said if I wanted an AKC registable puppy to look it pay over $1300. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable with the lies about the price and the AKC status, and I knew I could find one less than what he told me. I was upset that I drove four hours, sat in traffic, spent toll money, and still did not have a puppy. I suffer from failed back surgery and have Lupus so I was put through this pain and out of money for nothing. This is such a case of false advertisement.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
7, Report #641317
Sep 16 2010
05:42 PM
Puppy Boutique Puppy Pettite Be CAREFUL, my dog died! Brooklyn, New York
I purchased a small yorkie from Puppy Boutique, November 2004. His testicles never dropped and he had to have surgery, otherwise he'd be prone to prostate cancer. Just before his 6th birthday, my dog past away of encephalitis of the brain and cost me over $5000.00 to diagnose. Not to mention, I paid 1200.00 for him. Small dogs such as yorkies who are bred w/ other dogs in the same blood line are prone to these diseases and degenerative effects. Although you are not directly to blame puppy boutique, you are part of the problem, not the solution. What goes around, comes around and I hope you don't suffer the kind of loss I did w/ my pet.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
8, Report #1241526
Jul 13 2015
11:42 AM
Yuppy Puppy Boutique They took my money and did not send the items and would not respond to calls or emails. Internet
I found Yuppy Puppy Boutique online and placed an order on June 8th 2015, I ordered 2 puppy collars and the total with shipping was $48.85. I paid through Paypal and they accepted payment. After 3 weeks I called to inquire about my order status. I got no answer and the recording states that the voicemail is full and I could not leave a message. I tried several times during their business hours over the next couple days. I also emailed them to check the status. I got no reply, no communication at all. After giving them plenty of time to let me know something, I filed a complaint through Paypal, and they did not respond to that either, so I have escalated it to a dispute. To this day July 13th 2015, I have not received any type of response from Yuppy Puppy Boutique.  Do not order from this place. Not only are their prices on the high side, they wont send your order and won't even acknowledge your inquiries at all. Buyer Beware!!!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #107102
Sep 06 2004
12:03 AM
Wizard Of Claws, Puppy BoutiqueWizard Of Claws, Puppy Boutique ripoff,lie, decietful, cheat, scam, false advertising Pembroke Pines Florida
We saw an ad for a tiny toy papillon at a local newspaper priced between $500-$950. This is an appointment only puppy store so we made an appt to see the puppy. When we get there they have the papillon out running around,this Tiny Toy puppie was 5 month old and is almost 6 lbs priced at $1500. We told them that he was too big and that we were looking for a tiny papillon, he(James AKA jim)tells us that he has a few more papillon's in the back but they are priced higher because they are teacup papillon's. He then brought out 4 more papillons out for us to see. They were smaller than the first one but were only 2-4 months old and he priced them at over $2,000.00. We then chose the smallest papillon out of the 4 and Jim then tells us that she will not succeed 3 pounds. We got on the website there at the kennel and found for ourselves that this perticular dog was only 2 months today. So then we signed the contract for the dog and we had previously discussed and agreed on the price of $1,500.00 out the door. So then after 10 minutes into paper work Bruce is adding $50.00 fee for a microchip and $90.00 tax and we were not aware that out the door at $1,500.00 out the door meant $140.00 more in fees.Bruce says to me your going to let $140.00 get in the way of this precious baby. We told Jim that this didn't seem like a liget way to do business and he then tells us not to be rude but he does business with Kelly Osbourne and Aerosmith thats the way he does business. He was not being very business like then at all more of a rude,cocky,arrogant jerk. At this time we decided to take our business elsewhere. As we are handing the dog back to Bruce he is asking why we were leaving and that we had his number to give him a call and he would work with us after Jim had said bottom line out the door price was $1,500.00. To make things even worse after this horrible experience we recieve a call about 25 minutes after leaving the store saying there was a transaction being made over $1,000.00 and the bank was just verifying this transaction, thank god! All and all i know our experience was not as bad as these who have lost their dogs because of these unhumane people who obviously have no heart or soul to sell a sick dog or to scam people out of thousands of dollars.I would just like people to know what kind of experience we had and i would not recommend my worse enemy to these sick people! BUYER BEWARE Bree Ft.Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
10, Report #1367358
Apr 12 2017
02:36 PM
puppy boutique fort lauderdale teacup puppy store in hollywood sells sick dogs and sold me a sick dog fort lauderdale Florida
They sold me a dog that was supposodly in great health and he wasnt. immediatly i knew the puppy had an upper respiratory infection. took him to the vet and he did spent money on visit and meds also had to take time off work to take the puppy. I have two other dogs that are old and was afraid they would get it to since its airborne.  Looking back now i can see all the dogs in the cages had the same cough as he did. I didnt realize it because the cages are glass and sound proof but once i knew when my puppy coughed what it looked like it dawned on me they were all doing the same and of course because its airborn. then back to the vet the dog had a parasit in his intestines and had to treat him for that and buy meds for my other two dogs becuase it is contagious, then take himagain he was scratching his ears and whole body from day one so i bathed him in an oatmeal vet approved shampoo. Still itching like crazy so back to the vet a fourth time he had a bad ear infection and have severly dry skin and thats why he would constantly scratch himself. i spent hours and hours of missed work and it was one thing after another and had to fight to have them reinburse me all the medical bills and they have still to send me the full amount. These owners are scam artist and should be jailed. Everyone i have spoken to has told me that theyve heard this about this puppy place a million times and that every dog sold there is always sick. this sickens me because they can die if left untreated for kennel cough and these parasites which my vet said 100% if one has it they all do. They get it from eating eachothers poop and then drink from the same bowl of water. Also when i went the first time i had to tell a sales associate that non of the dogs had any water in their bowls. they looked and said ok ill let someone know, how the hell do they not check that!!!! So i actually filmed the pupy cages that had bowls in them and no water bottles, well when i came back to pick up my dog they had installed water bottles and i have the proof. Its so sad how these owners are such a piece of shit. they were already fined and had to close down due to the same things in hollywood florida, had i known that i would never have bought from them. They had their license taken away and opened a new LLC in order to get back in buisness. Sick people karma is a bitch and they will someday have to pay for there scams and endangering these innocent puppies in the court of law.
Entity: fort lauderdale, Florida
11, Report #731993
May 22 2011
04:36 PM
The Puppy Boutique Puppy Petite The Puppy Boutique aka Puppy Petite, DON'T SALE TEACUP BREEDS, WHEN FULLY GROWN THEIR YORKIES ARE THE SAME SIZE AS REGULAR BREEDS! Brooklyn, New York
I went to Puppy Petite on January of 2011 with my girlfriend in search of a TEACUP YORKIE as a present for her. After long and extensive research we finally came across with this store in Brooklyn. We did research online looking for some idea to what kind of business they practiced. We were kind of turned down when we found that they had a lot of bad reviews. We ignored this, and decided to head to the store, since my girlfriend really wanted a TEACUP Yorkie as a pet. We finally got there, and there was a variety of puppies to chose from, the prices were really high to what we had estimated before through a phone call i did a few days before. We were told that the prices for teacup yorkies would range from 600 $ and up. We finally chose a lovely puppy who we fell in love immediately.  We finally made a decision and we were told that she was going to cost 1,200$$ We thought this was a little to high, because it was double to what we were told through the phone. I kept on asking questions if this was going to be  a legit TEACUP, because we didn't want a big puppy , since we live on an apartment where no big sized dogs are not allowed. Maria which i believe is the owner, and the man at the register kept on telling me that when fully grown she was going to be at least 5-6 LBS AND THAT MY PUPPY WAS NOT GOING TO BE AS BIG AS A REGULAR BREED YORKIE BECAUSE SHE WAS A TEACUP. I KEPT on making emphasis on asking them if they assured that my puppy was going to be a small toy size. SINCE WE DIDNT WANT A REGULAR YORKIE. We finally bought our puppy,  never presented any bad symptoms disease, or anything. 5 MONTHS HAVE PASSED, and she is the size of a regular Yorkie breed and she is not yet fully gown. It is a shame that Puppy Petite play with their customer's trust. We specifically went to their store to obtain a teacup size , toy size, puppy. If that wouldn't have been my plan, i would have gone to another place and PAY 700$$$ FOR A REGULAR SIZE YORKIE, AND WOULDN'T HAVE PAID 1200$$ FOR A REGULAR SIZE PUPPY. People willing to buy a teacup at this place, watch out, the puppies grow to regular size and they are not what they offer. Find another place to buy a teacup size puppy. In here you will be charged double the money and you will not obtain what you want.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
12, Report #792221
Oct 25 2011
11:45 PM
Puppy pet boutique, Rockwall, TX AKA Diamond Acre Kennell Stud Service is Dud Service Rockwall, Texas
Took my dog there for stud service got dud service, no puppies. My dog came back 5 pounds less and dirty. said if no puppies come back in the fall and we can try again. Called this women for a week many times a day, left many voice mails nothing. The cell number given to us was no longer in service.Finally filed with the BBB, maybe everyone else should do the same. This wanna be christian is a liar and a thief, don't do business with this thug. I found her on facebook under Yvonne Hunter Denney and sent her, her family and friends messages regarding her scam business practices, and finally she sent me this beautiful christian e-mail:  Also she is selling puppies on line and her dogs have Parvo. Just read her christian words :On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 10:31 PM,  <PuppyBoutique4U@aol.com> wrotfor WOW~~ Kathy I am sooo Sorry that You are so Miserable with Yourself, that You have to take it out on Others~~!! Hurting People, hurt People - By Joyce Meyers. How SAD for YOU!!! I thought~~ that the Safety of Your precious Dog would be more important than a Breeding!!! But if You want to take the Chance of her coming down with Parvo, than PLEASE~~ do Bring her On Over!!! But I will NOT~ be held responsible for the outcome!!!! And AT least have the Balls, if Your gonna Say Crap about someone, have the Nerve~~ to say it to their Face!!! Anyone~ can talk Crap about someone, but it takes a real person with dignity to say it someone's face!!! Obviously, You are ashamed of Your behavior, or you would personally Call Me yourself!!!! I AM~ home now, so You are MORE~ than Welcome to talk to Me personally if You have Crap to say!!! And JUST~ for the Record,,,,I am doing an AWESOME~ Job at raising My Children!!! So How Dare You Judge Me, just because I did NOT~ want YOUR dog to take the chance of coming down with Parvo!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Rockwall, Texas
13, Report #295718
Dec 30 2007
04:30 PM
PET PARADISE & THE PUPPY BOUTIQUE Home Address and Phone Number!! Englishtown New Jersey
Thanks to Google.com, here's the HOME address and phone number for Dana West and Joe Santanastaso, the despicable owners of Pet Paradise. Feel free to call or mail your complaints directly to the home that they've built with their victims' money. (732) 833-7258 1 Nicole Ct, Jackson, NJ 08527 (((link redacted))) Animal Advocate EarthU.S.A.
Entity: Englishtown, New Jersey
14, Report #350589
Jul 12 2008
07:17 PM
PET PARADISE & THE PUPPY BOUTIQUE Horrible place and Disrespectful Employees!!!! Englishtown New Jersey
We bought a puppy a few weeks ago from this store. She has been sick ever since we got her home. We took her to OUR OWN vet because I don't trust their vet. And they found a few semi-life threatening diseases, which also put our current dog in danger. So we had to medicate both dogs, which cost us about $400.00 with tests and medications. So I decided to call the store back and they told me the that the condition was NOT a unfit for purchase. Plus, it took until today 7/12/08 for a person to call me back, which I had left numerous messages. The employee that called me back was rude and disrespectful. Then the lady proceeded to tell me I got ripped off by the vet. They should make sure their dogs have no problems before selling them at the prices that they sell them at. DON'T BUY A PUPPY FROM HERE!!!!!!!! Danielle511 old bridge, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Englishtown, New Jersey
15, Report #983256
Dec 17 2012
11:19 AM
CELEBRITY PUPPY BOUTIQUE LLC celebrityboutiquepuppies.com, ashley anderson, nicole anderson, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS UNETHICAL BREEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet
Do not purchase from this breeder!  Please please look her up on google.  Type in Ashley Anderson puppies and review the outgageous number of complaints!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #736575
Jun 03 2011
05:05 PM
MS Puppy Connection; Boutiqueteacuppuppies.com ; Puppy Petite Boutique,Ashley Anderson, Justin Anderson Nicole Methvin, Nicole Anderson Sick puppy died within 3 days. No refund/replacement. No health guarantee or contract Pelahatchie, Brandon, Mississippi
UPDATE:MS PUPPY CONNECTION; BOUTIQUETEACUPPUPPIES; PUPPY PETITE BOUTIQUEAshley Anderson changing websites to cover up scams.Advertising on NextDayPets.com account in husband Justin's name  and different city, (Brandon, MS)There are other websites she is advertising on as well.Read reports already posted.Ripped off:  $5500  for dead dog   $500 shipping   $370 vet feesWould not honor the contract that she didn't even send to  me !Dog received arrived sick and died within 3 days.  No health guarantee!!!!!!Add your names to growing list of ripped off victims.Check  thesqueakywheel.com; ripoffreport.com; google MS Puppy connection or Ashley Anderson aka Nicole Methvin, Nicole Anderson
Entity: Pelahatchie, Brandon, Mississippi
17, Report #989024
Dec 30 2012
02:56 PM
Petite Puppy Puppy Petite Boutique Sold me a sick dog as well. Brooklyn New York
I hate to even file this but it has been over a year and nothing has yet to be done about a Maltese Puppy that I brought from this place as well. I bought the dog from Puppy Petite and followed the instructions given only to find out from the vet I had to pay that I should not have given the dog the so called vitamins that it came with. It was really sad and hurtful. I bought this dog as a companion and grew attached for me to come home and it was just dead in it's crate. I called a few times to try and find out what could be done about this from puppy petite to only be lied to. They said someone would contact me and they never did. By the way I am located in DC, hundreds of miles away. I drove miles away to try and get what I thought was a deal on a great addition to my family. I should have known better when I got there and they told me the one I wanted was already sold. The pictures I was sent I still have in a email and it certainly wasn't the one I drove all the way to NY for. However, they gave me a cheaper price just to take home the one I received for it to die. Please be careful when purchasing from this place. I wish I would have read some of these reviews before I decided to.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
18, Report #558678
Jan 10 2012
05:30 PM
PUPPY BOUTIQUE - PUPPY PETITE Puppy Mill puppies Brooklyn, New York
I purchases a male maltese from puppy petite on 1/9/2010. He had inguinal hernia repair & they gave me antibotics. I was told over the phone that the prices range from $450-750 but when i got there it was $850 on up. They informed me that they get new puppies every Thursday if I wanted something cheaper. I asked why were some puppies higher than others they told me it depends on how much the breeder want. I arrived 1st thing in the morning & there was no food or water in the cages. It was several puppies in each cage with white paper lining the bottom of the cage. They handed me the paperwork for a female maltese & it was a male. When I took my puppy to my vet VCA he had a ear infection & gardia. They have poor customer service. The pictures they sent of puppies available were not the same puppies at the store. When i called with questions they were very rude.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
19, Report #217739
Oct 26 2006
01:31 PM
Wizard Of Claws, Gilda And Jim Anderson, Puppy Boutique Wizard of Claws, SAME as Puppy Boutique.com, these people continue to change their websites, and also, please note, do not support puppy mills Florida Florida
Just thought I would post on this store/company. www.wizardofclaws.com, is the same as www.puppyboutique.com ! Gilda has simply created a new website address, which seems to be the trend , once so much happens to the old site with everyone spreading the word about their puppies and business. Also, please note this company purchases puppies from breeders in MISSOURI mostly, but some in KANSAS as well. Missouri is the dog breeding capitol of the world. These are Puppy millers, with as much as 300 dogs on their place they are breeding! Most of the dog breeders in Missouri who create their own websites, do so , to try and fool the general public into thinking they only have a few dogs they breed when in fact they have hundreds! Also, note that the wizardofclaws, puppyboutique purchases puppys from an ONLINE Puppy Board! This is a bidding war on puppies! It is a MArketplace for PET TRADE on line, and it is based out of Missouri. Jim and Gilda, used to get these pups shipped/transported to them by a company called Transpet, they too are based out of Missouri. This company would deliver puppies to pet stores across the Unites States in meat-trucks. these puppies would be stacked and cramped in cages. But this company has since stopped bringing the puppies from Missouri to Gilda and Jim/James Anderson, due to payment history, now these people have to use the airlines to get the pups in to them! They wait until they get the pups from the breeders, inspect them and then issue payment back to the breeders. I live in Montana, but a friend of mine lives in Springfield Missouri and boy have we done the research on people there, including Hunte Corporation, and this Pet Market Trading Company Online! Wizard of Claws/ Puppy Boutique, buys puppies from these puppy mills for little or NOTHING and then, sells them online for thousands of dollars, too unknowing people. I am not saying that a puppy or breed isn't worth a thousand dollars, don't getme wrong, I have puppy that we purchased for an independent breeder from another state, and we did in fact pay almost 1200.00 for our puppy, but it was worth it and it came from an independant breeder, we received an excellent guarantee, talked extensively to them ,and we were and still are very well satisified with our pet. Sorry I got off the subject of this message. So please note, these people continue to change their websites, and also, please note, do not support puppy mills, and if you are buying from wizard of claws, puppy boutique, jim or james anderson, gilda anderson, you are in fact supporting a puppy mill! You will not know this until you get the puppy and the registration papers, then you will see the breeders name and address, and it will be from OUT WEST...... Jonah bozeman, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida, Florida
20, Report #1288072
Feb 20 2016
08:31 AM
Boutique Teacup Puppies Teacup Puppies LLCL.E. Coppersmith, Inc. Puppy Smugglers: Will lie, cheat, steal and kill to rob you! BUYER BEWARE!!! Nationwide
Jennifer Saeta(((REDACTED)))San Jose, CA (((REDACTED)))(((REDACTED))) Direct Feb. 16, 2016 Return Preparer Office401 W. Peachtree Street NWMail Stop: 421-DAtlanta, GA 30308 To Whom It May Concern: I recently went online to buy a puppy to replace my husband’s beloved 14-year-old teacup Chihuahua named “Tiny.” In doing so, I came across boutiqueteacuppuppies.com. We found a puppy that we absolutely loved on this site and called the number listed 888.743.0325. It was answered by a lady named Tracy (((REDACTED))) confessing that she was covering for her friend Ashley Nicole Anderson, was out of town for the Valentines Day weekend. Tracy told me that she lived in (((REDACTED))) and her friend Ashley lives in Texas. I was told that they were both breeders, and this particular puppy was so special that Ashley actually wanted to keep this puppy for herself, but she is pregnant and expecting in May so choosing to let it go to a happy home. With this information, we moved forward and put a non-refundable 1k deposit down on this puppy. When we got home that night we looked at the contract that Tracy then sent, only to realize that this puppy was not in fact from Texas, but rather being imported from South Korea. Further, to our dismay, they were requesting copies of our photo ID, SS#, Address and Banking info. Please see all documents that were provided to us, attached. We did a quick Google search for “boutique teacup puppies review” only to find 87 harsh, heart breaking complaints on (((REDACTED))), and several more on other accredited websites such as: ripoffreport.com, (((REDACTED))), yelp.com etc. In short, Ashley Nicole Anderson and her accomplice Traci (((REDACTED))) are crooks, liars and thieves. Each review tells a heartbreaking tale of similar experiences with these ladies: 1.) Buyers put a non refundable 1k down payment down on a dog and then it suddenly becomes sick, or even dies and they can non fulfill the order. Buyers are forced to either loose their deposited or choose from another dog. 2.) Buyers receive a dog that is different then that of the one they ordered and sellers refuse to reimburse/return. 3.) Buyers are told one story about a dog which is what happened to us and then they come to find out that the dog is in fact different then what was described. With all due respect, please note that these dogs are priced from $2,500.00- $25,000.00.These modern day bandits are literally lying, cheating and stealing from honest, hard working Americans and worst, they are encouraging the breeding of sick babies who have a greater chance of death then life.I was told that Ashley and this puppy is located in San Antonio, Texas however the contracts show that her LLC is out of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Power of Attorney states they are a CA Corporation. Other addresses for them pop up in Florida as well.As so many other people have stated about The Puppy Boutique: Why has the government not put them out of business!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!  
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #333308
May 18 2008
02:33 PM
All I can say is that i bought my maltese at puppy boutique in April of 2004. I have to say that she is the sweetest dog I have ever known, however, her health is a different story. When she was seven months old I noticed that she was limping. I waited a couple of days and noticed that she couldn't walk without pain . I rushed her to the vet and after xrays he informed me that she had an inherited hip disease. Due to a lack of blood flow to her hip, her hip joint on the left side was completely deteriorated and her two bones were rubbing together. She had emergency surgery due to the severe pain the dog was in. Needless to say, it was painful for all of us and cost us a fortune. Between the xrays and the surgery, we paid over $1,000. She also has had surgery for a hernia (about $500) and last week she had surgery for a cyst on her leg. I spent another $1,000 last week for xrays, tests and surgery. Again, more pain for my dog. As if this isn't bad enough, she was born with a dislocated knee. She was supposed to be 7 lbs and she is about 15 1/2 pounds. She eats only wellness weight management food (1/2 cup a day) so I can't blame it on the food. She also has curly hair on her body and hair that grows straight up on her head (like a Bijon) she looks like she was mixed with a Bijon. These poor dogs are a product of puppy mills and that breaks my heart. I paid $1,000 for my dog, but I tell everyone I rescued her because I really did. How many people would be able to pay $1,000 for surgery 3 months after they purchased their dog? I love her with all my heart and she is the sweetest dog on earth, but she is definitely the product of bad breeding. In addition, I agree with the earlier review, the people in the store care more about money than the pets. They are in croweded cages, one on top of the other. When I brought my puppy home, I thought she had champagne markings. It turned out that it was dried urine that came off when I washed her. Oh, and did I mention, the day I bought her they gave me pink medicine to give her once a day. They said it was to settle her stomach. When I brought it to the vet, he told me it was antibiotic. What more can I say. Puppy Boutique should be put out of business and we should all do more to protect these poor puppies and shut down puppy mills Delilah Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
22, Report #1022134
Mar 01 2013
12:59 PM
TeaCup Puppy Boutique This store is definitely a ripoff. My mother and I bought a dog each from t hem just t his week and now they showed up with kennel cough Oakland Park, Florida
This store is a horrible ripoff. My mom and I bought a dog each and 4 days later, after we got back home to SC, (with no other exposure to dogs) we discovered from the local vet that both dogs have kennel cough.  It has taken several calls to even reach someone at the puppy boutique and respond to my concern. I repeatedly told them that ALL of  their dogs had been exposed and all they said was all the dogs had been checked by a vet.  I have since called the veterinarian that they use at phone # 954-349-5800 and hope to receive a return call from Dr John. My mother's dog is a 2 lb maltipoo and it remains to be seen if the dog survives. I have since spoken to Angel at the boutique and been assured I will receive a check for vet bills. In other ripoff reports this too has been a problem. The dog I bought is an English Bulldog and was told he would be 35 -40 lbs full grown. Now the vet tells me that he will most likely be closer to 50-60 lbs when full grown. Nonetheless, I love the dog and would not dream of returning him. My mother's dog, as I have said, is a 2 lb puppy and may or may not survive.  Say a prayer. Thank you.
Entity: Oakland Park, Florida
23, Report #1212219
Feb 27 2015
04:23 PM
Puppy Boutique Store / Teacup Puppies Store / Manager: Angel Liers, Thief, Scam, Misleading web site, the manager Angel does not care ! Fort Lauderdale Florida
 I will be very objective in this report, we just dont want the Puppy Boutique store in Fort Lauderdale, and its manager Angel, to keep stealing people. We got to their store thru the internet, they invest a lot of money in marketing and in google search engine using misleading keywords and lies, as for example Teacup Shih Tzu, if you called them and ask their manager Angel, she will tell you that there is not such thing as Teacup Shih Tzu, they just put that lie in the internet and in their website to rob peoples money. Find attach a screenshot in their web site were clealy shows that they promore themselves as they sale Teacup Shih Tzu and puppies, but they don't.  We got to their store and they sold us a $2050 USD Teacup Shih Tzu, but in reality it was a regular size Shih Tzu that cost only five hundred dollars. They do that with every puppy as you can see in the other ripoff reports. After figuring out that the pet was a regular size puppy, and hat we had our money stolen, we were dicent enough to called them and talk several times with their manager Angel, so they could have an oppotunity to make things right, but they didn't, they just dont care! Once they have your money they will not give it back. Since this is not an emotional report, is just the truth, I am attaching all the images to show the scam the Puppy Boutique Store is, don't buy their puppies neither any of theri products, they are certainly thiefs.   
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
24, Report #504184
Oct 04 2009
02:31 PM
On september 9th 2009 I purchase 7 female yorkies in a matter of weeks following today 4 puppies have died from viral gastro enteritus and coccidia tweo of them may have had something else waiting for the report to come back  which is a parasite that is associated usually with chickens when i purchased the puppies I was wondering why they were so cheap usually pet shop and breeders send you home with toys and  recent dog food no puppy boutique sends you home with soft food and hard food and meds. I have a lot of puppys when i get them i usally split up the new puppies into a different area till they get all there shots to not infect my other babys when they went down I rushed two to the emergency hospital they stayed in the hospital for 5 nights 700 a night plus cost of meds they gave me two nights free came to 3000 dollars and they passed in the hospital the doctors told me they sold me a sick dog and if they got there shots like they gave us paper work on they shouldnt have gotten sick so they wrote out a unfit for sale . so contacted the store manager stewart informed me to take the puppy to get an autopsy so i pick the puppys up we live in scarsdale ny so we have to drive the first two to queens to doctor weinstein then another died had to drive her to brooklyn to doctor gordon. it is so sad and depressing seeing the symptoms vomiting everything not holding nothing in every bit of water comes out there backside spending night after night trying to nurse your baby back to health only to find her getting weaker and you give her all the meds but she cant hold them in it takes a toll on you please dont buy from them I know if your looking to breed you try to find what you can people tell you to go to reputable breeder but they dont sell without getting them fixed look harder if you have to travel i dealt will wonderfull breeders in iowa,Illinois,ohio (((competitor's name redacted))) on sunrise hwy in long island. does good business i delt with them before they care about there puppiessorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company, ..plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: BROOKLYN, New York
25, Report #1356588
Feb 16 2017
06:05 PM
Teacup Puppy Store and Boutique teacuppuppiesstore.com Inhumane treatment of puppies waiting to be sold and shipped, They send u puppies that are nothing like the one you thought you purchased and probably aren't, They lie about the size, and they way over charge you, and they buy from puppy mills Ft Lauderdale Florida
I bought a puppy from the teacup puppy store in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. on January 9, 2017.The puppy wasn't in the store yet due to age but less then a weel later she was in store...They did a photo shoot of her and put it up on the web site...The picture of the puppy I first saw was all completely white with no tearing stains and no other colors...When I looked at the pics they put up it didn't look aanything like the puppy I picked as it had beige coloring in the face...I emailed my sales rep Paulina with my concerns and she called me back to assure me it was the same puppy so I figured it must be...The puppy was supposed to ship to me on January 21st, but that never happened, and then again on January 28th, but that never happened...Now the puppy was paid for in full, but I couldn't get them to ship it to me...All kinds of excuses and then my sales rep Paulina began ignoring my emails and calls...I finally got customer service and she said she would take care of it for me, but I just got jerked around for another almost 2 weeks when I finally called and demanded that the puppy be on the plane by the weekend or I wasn't taking her...So 4 week after she was supposed to be here she arrived on January 11th.Now this wasn't my 1st time buying a Maltese tiny puppy, as I have one already and know how they should look especially when you are spending $1000's on a pup. Well when I ever saw her I started to cry...It was obvious that she was poorly taken care of...Poor little thing was filthy, she looked like a junk yard dog...Her face is completely and permanately stained all brown and maroon color...She was all matted...her face had snot stained all over her face stuck on, and hair had been cut away from her face, and on the back of her neck the mane was all chopped off, the groomer said cause she was so badly matted and snarled...She looked pathetic...She seems like she has a tiny face and a fat little body...I can't get her to stay in her crib because she cries for hours and hours at a time...I was and am mortified not only because all the money I spent but my heart is broken from the neglect she suffered while under their care...I also heard from a breeder I talked to that they also owned a puppy mill and send their pups down to the Florida Store...I want my money all back and for them to take the puppy back, because on top of all that a couple of my breeder friends think she may also be inbred! Please Don't buy any puppies from that place and Breeders don't sell your puppies to them they are abusive...And also don't fianance with them their lender is out rageous with interest charges and I bought it out with a mastercard and put the balance on Capitol one MC.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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