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1, Report #641890
Jun 08 2011
02:16 PM
Zillow.com Zillow Tricks you into providing good quality leads and offering you money back gurantee but then they never honor and steal your money. Internet
Signed up with zillow.com as a confirmed lender to purchase qualified quality leads to originate mortgage loans for my business. the platform is setup for you to create a filter of the kind of leads you want, i know you can't control what people type in but i shouldn't be responsible for fake or in-accurate information they constantly increasing the price and also you have no right to return the leads that you weren't suppose to received. company is a joke, as they grow bigger, they become the typical rip off marketing company. will never ever work with them and i am still trying to recover my losses from marketing with this company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #1201600
Jan 14 2015
09:58 AM
Zillow Zillow and their Rip Off sales practices Seattle Washington
On November 25th 2014, I was contacted by a sales associate William Simmons. He has contacted me via text message regarding a Macomb Township zip code 48044 and asked if I would be interested. He then mentioned that I would have 4,573 views a month for a fee of $615 per month. I told him that seemed steep for the price. He then asked to get a lender to split the cost. I hesitated for a bit and he sent another message stating that there were 51 people on the waiting list and it would be gone within the hour. When I asked how many agents are in rotation, Will stated it depends on the zip, all you need to worry about is that I would be one of 3 agents featured, 4,573 times per month and that it's very exclusive. I was told I would get a ton of leads off this zip. I agreed based on those terms. Once signed, I requested some further information once I had a lender involved (around Christmas time). Will, stated on speaker phone with my lender in my office that there were about 6 agents featured. I asked what happened to 3? No response. He then stated that the way to get business was to have a ton of reviews on their site (never discussed before). After hanging up I sent an email to him stating my disappointment and that he lied to me. It had been a month without a single contact or lead from Zillow and the 48044 zip I invested into. I even filled out a dissatisfaction survey. I was followed up by Michael Gunn who is apparently the Success Manager. Him and I spoke and I told him my side. He said that was disappointed on how things had happened and offered exposure in 5 other zip codes for a 99% discount. Obviously, I was disappointed in the fact that not only was I being screwed over by their sales practice, but also had to pay additional to help me get more possible business. I told him no. I would like to have nothing further to do with this and I would like reimbursement for what I have paid in. He said he would be in contact with Will's manager and get back to me (that was last week). I emailed Michael on Monday and asked when I can expect to hear back from him. Yesterday, Michael Gunn called and mentioned that it's only been a short time and I didn't give it much chance. He then started to mention that I would have to buy out the remainder of my contract. This is total garbage. People need to know of this practice. There are a ton of agents out there trying to capture new business. ZILLOW IS A SCAM FOR REALTORS!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
3, Report #1290884
Jul 25 2016
08:12 PM
Zillow Zillow Premier Agent program is a complete scam! Nationwide
I signed up for the Zillow Premier Agent program. After charging my credit card up front, I started receiving fake leads from non existing phone numbers and leads on properties that werent for sale. One in particular that was shocking was a property that was listed for sale at an unbelievable low price. I received 2 phone calls on it because Zillow had my profile next to it. Like every other lead that I received from Zillow, it wasnt listed on the MLS.  On this particular property, I called the agent that Zillow showed as the listing agent. He told me that it wasnt his listing and that he was getting calls non stop for it because it was priced so low. He also said that he had been calling Zillow to remove his name and couldnt get a response. Most of the other leads that I received from Zillow had disconnected phones and no one ever responded to my email anyway. Most of the time when an email is real, you can google it and find something that shows that its a real person.  At the very least the persons Facebook page will come up with it. None of the emails that I received were valid. Zillow tried to tell me that this is typical because sometimes people don't know that they're requesting info. Aside from being a really dumb excuse, this never happened on the leads that I received from Realtor.com I complained to Zillow and was told that I would get better leads if I had more reviews. I emailed every one of my past clients to ask for reviews. I had many people post reviews but after 2 weeks, they'd not show up on Zillow. They would get a confirmation stating that Zillow posted their review but it would never show up on zillow. I asked my Zillow rep about that also and he said that they're very short staffed at the moment and it was holding up their review process.  Could they be short staffed because of the class action lawsuit  against them by their employees? Overall, I never received a single valid lead from them. Every lead was on a non existing property, a for sale by owner property (why would they send me that?) or on a property that was sold and closed. I was telling my office manager about it and he said that everyone has that experience with Zillow. Why hasnt there been a class action lawsuit against them?
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1189700
Nov 18 2014
10:45 AM
Zillow Stole Money Nationwide
I am a real estate agent.  Zillow contacted me, asking me if I would like to buy a territory.   I told the sales person I had SERIOUS doubts about if they could do what they claimed, and I wanted my wife's perspecitve, especially considering how much money they wanted.  I hoped my wife would see an angle I was missing, if there was one. They offered to hold the order for me, until the next morning (they would be closed by the time my wife got home) if I gave them the credit card number.  I said I would call them back, in the AM, regardless of how the conversation went, with my wife.  While I was waiting for her to get home, I called every credible real estate agent I know.  None of them had ever, or would ever, subscribe to Zillow, for various reasons, but no one had a horror story to tell me, either. My wife and I decided against Zillow.  She didn't want me to be a guinea pig (since we didn't know anyone who had ever fallen for their promises), and I didn't believe they could/would do what they promised. I called, at the appointed hour, to cancel the order.  They said they would give me a full refund, and it would process the next day.   They kept about $40, saying that my name, and contact information, had been exposed in the territory, between the time they agreed to hold the order (7PM Central), and the time I called them (8AM Central) to cancel.  This, despite the fact that the only information they had on me was my phone number, and e-mail address.  No picture, no biographical information, no demographical information, etc.  Not even a company name. Of course, they could provide no proof/statement/contact information, regarding the people who saw my ad, etc. As a consumer, would YOU contact a real estate agent, if all you had was a name, and telephone number, from the internet? As a real estate agent, would YOU want to pay for advertizing, which did not have your picture, or company name?   If you are a real estate agent, and you buy Zillow, you are making a mistake.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1322928
Aug 16 2016
10:57 PM
Zillow Internet
 I signed up as a Premier agent, $500 monthly. I called 23 days later to cancel my service as all the leads I was generating was not a regular buyers but all the leads were for foreclosures. The rep Sean Sweeney proceeded to tell me my profile was not inviting enough. I was told I can call and change my package anytime. When I said I wanted to cancel he was belligerent and told me I have a contract and deal with it. I paid all this money to better my business and this is a total rip off.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1321579
Aug 09 2016
01:22 PM
Zillow Premier Agent Scam Internet
 Zillows premier agent service is a complete scam. They deceptively con you into an six month impression contract with a minimum purchase amount. They do not properly explain that you will be under a contract. In fact I was under the impression of the exact opposite. It was explained to me that it is not contract and I could end the service at any time but would still have a continuation for 2 months as a fee. WRONG. When I called to cancel I was met with inconsiderate and rude comments like you have selective hearing. Do not sign up with for this service, the sign up process is deceptive and misleading. The only way to cancel is to change your banking information.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1206431
Feb 03 2015
01:29 PM
Zillow Misleading promises on promoting my nationwwide Internet
I am a real estate agent and was looing for ways to grow my business.  I got a call from a Zillow rep and the went over their plan to send me leads.  They said I could buy impressions/page hits on listings from my area.  I spent around $500 for a few months of leads.  They didn't tell me that they were selling the same impressions to other agents and my name would be poppoing up with several other agents.  When I complained she said, I should have known that.  Not sure how I should have known that when I was told I was buying the impression.  I just want to keep other people from making the same mistake and throwing their money away.  It has been a complete waste of money.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1421625
Jan 07 2018
11:49 AM
Zillow scam other Internet
For those who’ve had no problems with ZILLOW (yet) I have news. I was a premier agent for a good while, under contract, got enough leads that I had to sometimes switch my phone off! Needless, the leads NEVER panned out. I get a call that now the minimum payment needs to be at $500 and I won’t get any exposure at the amount I was at. I agreed to the prorated amount to get to the $500. The $96 never came out of my account, the leads stopped COMPLETELY. My exposure was zero. I thought my account was closed for not meeting the Minimum requirement”. When I emailed, I got a one liner answer we’re waiting till it's your billing cycle to make the change” In the meantime, no exposure, no leads. Not one call that I used to switch my phone off to I STILL got charged my usual come billing cycle. EVERY MONTH THEN ONWARDS! When I called I was told my manager was on vacation for 2 months!?!?!? Guess what? Still fighting that battle. It’s been almost 3 months now. Think twice!
Entity: other, Internet
9, Report #1268825
Nov 18 2015
02:13 PM
Zillow Trulia and Zillow merger Zillow & Trulia Merger Gig Harbor, WA Nationwide
When Zillow merged Trulia in September of 2015, they did not notify any of the Trulia clients (real estate agents under contract) that they were changing from a market share business model using zip codes to an impression based model similiar to Zillow.  Furthermire, they diluted the advertising presense by combining both Zillow and Trulia impressions, but do not let the client know how often you show up on a particular website.  In my opinion, each and every Trulia contract has been subject to contractional changes without approval and is subject to a class action lawsuit.  
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1421850
Jan 08 2018
03:03 PM
Zillow Zillow Group Zillow Trulia Premier Agent Scam other other
I have been advertising with Zillow/Trulia for years. At first it was great! Then I needed help, as the calls I was getting all needed sorted. Some already had an agent, some needed to qualify for a loan, I even received calls from furious home owners that claimed someone put their house up for sale, or they blessed me out over the Zestimate! I expressed this issue to Zillow, and was told that I could have a team of “ concierges” Eliminate all my issues, but I had to spend $1,000 a month. Thinking this would greatly increase my productivity, I signed up!!! During Late Jan; early feb. And for a total of 10 days, I received more that 45 calls. The so call “concierge” did nothing except schedule return phone calls at inconvenient times, which I was out of cell service or with other clients. During March 2017 I received less than 15 leads the entire month! April and May were the same! I was under contract until tthe end of May. When Zillow called to get me to pay for future marketing, I only wanted to pay for a zip code in which I would be in the top 3 agents. In the past there were 3 agents which appeared every time the zip code was selected. The “new” sales person kept telling me that it did not matter what number I was. So clearly Zillow promised me one thing, then changed the business model in March 2017. So I still paid Zillow the 1k a month, but was never notified of any change in what I was led to believe I paid for! I sold approximately 1 million dollars in sales during 2016, and never paid more than $375 a month During Late December 2016-the end of May 2017, I paid 1k a month and sold less than $200,000 from leads received from Zillow, yet paid $6k in advertising! Now I hear that other agents are getting all kinds of leads! Zillow needs to be brought to justice! They are major scammers!
Entity: other, other
11, Report #780072
Mar 11 2012
06:30 PM
Zillow Zillow is Arrogantly Ruining The Sale of My House Internet, Internet
I never authorized Zillow to show/display my house. The information Zillow displays is inaccurate yet it is impossible to contact anyone there. I sent letters to Zillow corporate and as usual, the arrogance of Zillow rears its head. My house is listed at $1,075,000 and I recently received an offer of $900,000, whiich I rejected. Zillow displays its own value for my house at $438,000, $484,000 and $625,000 (three different Zestimates under three different addrsss spellings yet the very same house). Recently, two prospective buyers said they would not make an offer for my house because of the published, posted Zillow Zestimates (again, three different Zestimates for the very same house under three different address spellings). Zillow has absolutely no foundation for its numbers, has no authorization from me to display my house , and absolutely wraps itself in layers of corporate insulation so that there is no chance of communicating or having a discussion with a Zillow rep to get this resolved. Zillow is a cancer on the real estate industry and should be made to show how it arrives at its figures. It should also explain how it takes authorization upon itself to disply houses and house specs without authorization.
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #1127183
Feb 28 2014
04:18 AM
Zillow REALTORS Stay away, it is a scam. Los Angeles California
I decided to sign up for their advertising.  After 4 months of no qualified leads at all, just a bunch of agents calling me. I tried to cancel my contract, but they said it would cost $600 to cancel it.  I made a deal that if kept it for 2 more months and still nada, I could cancel with no fee.  I waited 2 more months still no leads, and they still wanted to charge me the fee.  On top of that, I wanted to keep the website, which I would pay for and is the only good thing they have, but I am banned from having a website from them.  So I spent over $2000 and got not one lead from them.  Stay far away and save your money.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #1298758
Apr 09 2016
09:48 AM
Zillow is a total rip off for realtors!!! Seattle Washington
 Zillow is a total rip off for realtors!!!!!!! Agents please do your home work before signing up with Zillow to get internet leads. Their sales people promise you all this business and guarantee you a percent of the market for a large dollar amount. Each month. It is simply a lie. I'm paying over $$800 Per month and I have not gotten one lead from these dishonest people. Their contract is one sided and you can not get out of them. Please save your money and invest it some where else. I'm not a rookie agent. I sell over 30 million a year but not of my business has come from these dishonest people. They are as bad as Fitzgerald and company at preying realtors. Bottom line! ZILLOW is a FRICKEN RIP OFF!!!!!!!! Dave (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Seattle , Washington
14, Report #1315442
Jul 06 2016
06:22 PM
Zillow online survey offer is a scam Internet
I completed a survey following a Zillow search and was promised a $10.00 Amazon gift card if I requested it in an email.  Tried to email the OnlineReportAccess.com site but was not allowed to send request.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1265273
Nov 02 2015
11:58 PM
Zillow Group Zillow.comTrulia.com Deceptive Sales Tactices Nationwide
Purchased Real Estate Agent Ads from Trulia through a phone sales rep. Zillow misrepresented the Ad service and failed to disclose planned changes. I purchased Real Estate Agent Ads from Trulia on May 4, 2015 based upon statistics the sales representative shared with be for the advertising area. I received leads (16-20 leads per month) for the are for the first 3 months of the 6 month term as the rep indicated.  After the second month using the Ad service, Zillow Group sent a notification that they were integrating the advertising platforms of Trulia and Zillow and that Advertisers would benefits from the changes. Once the change was complete, I was beginning my 4th month of the service and from months 4-6 received ZERO leads.  Zillow Group/Trulia blatantly misrepresented the advertising service they sold me over the phone. I repeatedly contacted the newly assigned sales rep who was very nice but told me that they don't have a means to cancel the term. When I expressed my dissatisfaction, he agreed to look up the number of impressions that were delivered in September and told me that the minimum threshold according to my agreement was not met, therefore they would refund that month of service. He informed me that he would contact the billing department and have a refund issued.  After 15 days of no communication, I sent an email to the rep and his supervisor to ask about the status of the refund. The supervisor replied that they will not issue refunds and they I can only stop payments when the end of the 6 month term is reached.  The Terms and Conditions were not reviewed with me at the sale. When purchasing the Ads the rep made no mention of the planned changes to the advertising platform, or what they called the integration which directly resulted in the LOSE of ALL LEADS being sent to me for the last 3 months of the 6 month term.  I didn't not physically or electronically sign a contract. The contract made was a verbal contract which the salesperson misrepresented in my opinion by not disclosing the upcoming changes. If these changes were disclosed I would have never made a verbal agreement to do business with an unknown advertising systems change.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1309563
Jun 05 2016
08:05 AM
Zillow Real estate false advertising Las Vegas Nevada
I am the ex owner of (((REDACTED))) las vegas,nv 89128 currenly this property is advertised on zillow as being sold5/13/2002 for $132,500 this is a lie on zillows part this property was only sold twice since being built in 1991march 1991 for $64,950 and at foreclosure auction sale 5/15/2016 winning bid $81,100 all other sale claims arefalse advertising.                                 Sincerely,                                      Louis G Bonar
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1196738
Jan 25 2015
11:20 AM
Zillow & Trulia Should Zillow Be Sued in a Class Action? Los Angeles Internet
With all the recent media reports about Zillow’s bad conduct, should shareholders bring a class action?  This would protect their interests in the share value. If you vote yes, please contact me, jennifer.duffy@yahoo.com.  If shareholders don’t bring a law suit, they could take the fall if Zillow shares fall because of Zillow’s bad conduct.  Attorneys are investigating a class action against Zillow.  I would like to investigate Zillow for this possible problem.  I am an attorney but I would find another attorney to help shareholders.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1217515
Mar 23 2015
06:54 AM
Zillow zillow.com Zillow, tarnish my property with disinformation, will not correct! Seattle, Washington Nationwide
Reported several times to Zillow customer service, zillow.com has been listing my home as a short sale for over 5 years since I purchased it. I have sent screen shots of the offending and dispariging information, I have sent the location of such information, links, headers etc.... Over the past several months they continue to reply that they have fixed it, updated the offending information. The next week, next month, it reappears stating that I cannot pay my mortgage, my home is being Short Sold because I cannot manage my finance's. I have been very, very , very patient with this company and now it is going to end. Look for the news of the class action lawsuit coming soon.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1322160
Aug 12 2016
12:54 PM
Zillow Thinking of Becoming a Zillow Premier Agent - Run the other way! Seattle, Washington Washington
As a new real estate agent trying to establish my business I was creating a profile on Zillow, when less than a minute later a salesperson from Zillow called me to talk about their handy dandy Premier Agent Services. He caught me at a vulnerable time and got me all excited about my prospects were I to become a Premier Agent.  I signed up stupidly without reading the ripoff rport first.  I blanked out.  Anyway, I was happy about the prospect, and the salesperson was so friendly and warm. He told me that there was this one zip code that I could purchase for the reduced price -they were running a special sale- of $500 per month and I'd be foolish to not jump at the opportunity, so I said OK.  He said I was guaranteed a number of impressions every month, that I would be number two in that town, etc, etc.  I would be one of 3 or 4 agents whose mug popped up when people looked at a listing. I signed up. One thing he forgot to mention was that Zillow also sold a service to Premier Agents to block other agents from appearing, and I came to find out that my real estate company had worked out a deal with Zillow to include this handy dandy blocking feature as a perk for agents in our company.  The main realtor in this zip code that I purchased is also from my company, effectively blocking me from appearing in more than half of the town listings.  I got a couple of calls from people who were not serious, and thougth I was the listing agent.  It was a total waste of money. Three weeks later I had an emergency that precluded me from working in the next few months, and depleted my savings.  I contacted Zillow and, oh surprise, they were not so friendly anymore. They were brief and would not return emails. It cost me a good deal more to get out of this service. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT ADVERTISE ON ZILLOW!  Ask an experienced agent in your office for advice.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1386201
Jul 17 2017
02:25 PM
Zillow Group, Zillow, Trulia Bait & Switch, Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices, RICO Enterprise Nationwide
I am a real estate broker in North Carolina and I suffered damages as a result of Zillow's Premier Agent Advertising Program.  I signed up on the belief that I would be receiving a fixed percentage of market share of the zip codes I was purchasing - and quality leads from prospective homebuyers.  At the end of month 1, I received very little leads and I reached out to my performance coach to talk about ways to improve my profile in order to increase lead flow.  At the end of month 2, I decided to increase my monthly spend from $1,000 to $2,000.  By the end of month 3, I received a a handful of leads, but most of them were either rental leads or the contact information was bogus.I searched for properties in the zip codes that I had purchased and was confused because my picture was showing up about 50% of the time (or so I thought).One evening at home, I searched for properties on my wife's iPad and bingo I discovered the fraud.  My ads were not showing up 50% of the time (as I had purchased).  They were showing up between 2.5% and 10% of the time.  I taped my searches to be used as proof to demand a refund.The following day in my office I recorded 3 sessions of searching for properties thru a secured TOR browser and received the same poor results.  I immediately phoned Zillow and demanded that they cancel my account.  Their response was that Zillow doesn't guarantee anything - including how often an ad is shown.  This directly conflicts what was represented when I signed the contract and the information that is providing on the adverting section of their website.  In other words, there stance is that the contract is unilateral and I am obligated to pay regardless of how they perform or do not perform in the contract. I explicitly sent several emails with Cancel My Account - Effectively Immediately in the subject to customer care, the billing department and the sales personell.  They continued to charge my card, albeit, informing American Express of the fraudulently charges and demanding to block the merchant.Following this experience I started drafing my legal complaint and began reaching out to other Zillow victims in hopes they would want to join a class action lawsuit.  As of now, I've got about a dozen people with similar stories of Zillow's deceptive conduct:  the bait and switch, refusal to terminate the contract and continuance of billing, etc.If you are interested in joining my class please reach out to the editor of Rip Off Report.John from Wilmington, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1108458
Dec 19 2013
08:01 PM
Zillow does not correct demonstrably false information and does not respont to my emails. Internet
 Zillow has reported the sale of my home for a price that is at best one third of market value, when in reality what was sold was an adjoining vacant lot.I have informed Zillow of this error and provided the pertinent property identities and lot numbers, but so far, and after 4 attempts Zillow has neither corrected the false information nor has Zillow responded to my complaint.Zillow could verify my statement quite simply by going to the property appraiser's website in my county where the correct information is listed, but apparently reporting correct information is not part of Zillow's business plan.Based on my experience, what is reported on Zillow is not to be taken seriously, unless of course Zillow is denigrating the property values of the user and his or her neighbors.
Entity: internet, Internet
22, Report #1061147
Jun 21 2013
07:53 PM
Zillow Your listing hitting Zillows system is a detriment to your home selling Seattle Washington
I recently listed my home with a reputable realtor who accurately portrayed my home and it's amenities. When the listing got to Zillow most of the information was incorrect and to the detriment of my home being represented. I was promised that a customer service person would contact me about the discrepancies and after waiting days nothing but an email taking me to the realtors online listing which isn’t the problem. Here are a list of the false statements where accurate information was given to them: I listed my property for 114,900 and that number hasn’t changed yet they say I increased the listing price 15,000; total lie. Their “Zestimate” says my home is only worth 98,184 and the last sale was July 2008 for 82,900 when I purchased the property October 2012 for 101,000; yet another lie. Their listing states they don’t know if the property has a basement yet the listing information provided to them states it doesn’t; yet another lie. Their representation states they don’t know it there is a cooling device yet there is a picture provided of the condenser unit and the information provided to them states central air conditioning; yet another lie. The say fireplace unknown yet there in no indication in the information provided to them that there is a fireplace; yet another lie. Their listing says they don’t know if there is anyplace to park yet the pictures show a garage and a driveway and give the measurements of the garage; yet another lie. They say they have no idea what kind of flooring there is yet there are 24 pictures, most with hardwood floors and Pergo equivalent flooring in the kitchen and bath; yet another lie. Their listings are absolutely useless and a distraction from my property and likely most are victims of this kind of shoty advertising. This company is as irresponsible as they come as I have been trying for days to get the errors corrected and nobody calls back so they obviously could care less. Realtors ought to boycott such an irresponsible company and sad to say I threatened to post my experience on the internet and when I go to the sites, like this one to do it, it is full of comments just like mine.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
23, Report #1120464
Feb 03 2014
11:47 AM
zillow Realtors They took my mon's house new port richey Florida
My mother passed away in Dec. So I started looking in to her finases and I found zillow is renting my mons house out .are kidding me . So I called them.They told me  to go f*** myself...I'it aganst the law to sell a house thats yours..
Entity: new port richey, Florida
24, Report #1278732
Jan 07 2016
05:54 PM
Zillow Extreme hard sell to Realtor promising lots of leads and exposure Internet
Zillow called me to sell me advertising on their real estate website stating that a positon in the zipcode I was interested in had opened up, insinuating that there was not a lot of agents allowed in each zipcode.  I told him I wasn't interested as I wasn't selling real estate anymore but my wife was.  He asked for her number and I gave it to him.  He called her and she explained that she hadn't had any sales and was just starting out.  She also informed him she couldn't afford it.  She also pointed out that she didn't even have a website set up. The Zillow sales rep convinced her she would get so many leads that she would make enough money to pay for the ads. She signed up for just under $800 a month and a six month contract.  Then he informed her she had to go into the site they set up for her and get clients to provide feedback and to fill out all kinds of other information.  This after she had told him she was just getting started and hadn't sold any houses that year.  She then found out that anytime she showed up on a Zillow pager she would be one of three agents on the page and you only showed up occasionly.  When she checked the zillow pages there were well over 50 agents for the one zipcode! Many from huge agencies that she was now supposed to compete with.  Many of the agencies had all these sales and gold stars by their names and she was supposed to hope someone clicked on her picture and submitted their info for her to call them When she tried to cancel with zillow she was told that she would have to pay for two months to get out of the contract and that was all she had left anyway.  He also informed her that the first couple of months not to expect any activity, so apparently you pay $800 a month for nothing.  Zillow announced in the news shortly after her contract expired that they were going to be focusing more on the superagents who spend $5000 a month with them. My wife was out almost $5000 and in the total six months she was with Zillow got 10 leads and only four that she was actually able to speak with.  So a half a lead a month and none of them wanted to buy only get more info on the house listed on Zillow.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1290799
Feb 29 2016
07:03 PM
Zillow Misrepresentation of their service and NO REFUND policy San Francisco California
The Sales Representative, Dominic Medina at Zillow,  told me a service I signed up for called gold would get my listing  featured and shown on the top by subscribing and paying for the Zillow service.   The property never showed up at or near the top.  I called and tried to get in touch with Mr. Medina at Zillow.  He didn't respond well at all, taking days to get back to me.  Email from the Zillow's technical support indicated that this package I subscribed to was never designed to put the listing on the top.  It was mis-advertised and I should not be charged at all.  I need full refund for everything I paid ($350) to Zillow.    I finally heard from Mr. Medina at Zillow, but the issue was not resolved to my satisfaction. I spoke to his manager, Chris Smith at Zillow.  He said that Zillow is no refund company so even that they did not deliver what I asked for and cancelling the service in mantter of a couple of days.  My money $350 will be not refunded.   Do not waste money, and remember they will be no refund since Zillow is no refund company. 
Entity: San Francisco, California

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