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Complaint Review: Ripoff Report | Self Storage Profits Ripoff Report Verified Safe™ …businesses you can trust. Self Storage Investing’s goal to create community where thousands of Self Storage professionals from all over world come together in support, celebration of each other’s success. Self Storage Investing, Inc. is dedicated to educating potential investors on the most profitable strategies to achieve success in the Self Storage field. Self Storage Investing mission to supply tools so EVERY Real Estate Entrepreneur can hav - noblesville Indiana

  • Submitted: Mon, March 29, 2010
  • Updated: Tue, June 05, 2018
  • Reported By: rose — bardstown Kentucky United States of America
  • Self Storage Profits Ripoff Report Verified Safe™ …businesses you can trust. Self Storage Investing’s goal to create community where thousands of Self Storage professionals from all over world come together in support, celebration of each other’s success. Self Storage Investing, Inc. is dedicated to educating potential investors on the most profitable strategies to achieve success in the Self Storage field. Self Storage Investing mission to supply tools so EVERY Real Estate Entrepreneur can hav
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REVIEW UPDATE: June 5, 2018: Self Storage Profits remains committed to increased customer satisfaction and has improved their business practices over the years to better serve their customers. Self Storage Profits is truly dedicated to making sure their customers are satisfied and that any complaints which do arise are addressed promptly and fairly.

To date, Self Storage Profits has made good faith efforts to resolve all complaints reported on Ripoff Report. Based on our experience, the member business has proven to be among the top members of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program as a Verified Safe Business™.

Over time and since becoming a member, Self Storage Profits has remained actively engaged and improving the way they address customer service complaints. As an active and current member of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program we are happy to report that now more than ever Self Storage Profits remains committed to improving customer satisfaction. [continued below]....


Remember, no company or individual can ever satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. There are no products or services that will always be perfect for everyone and even the best companies will receive complaints from time to time. However, by participating in the Corporate Advocacy Program, the member business has made a commitment to working with its customers to resolve complaints quickly and fairly whenever possible.

Please keep in mind that as a consumer you have some responsibilities as well. Success has many definitions that based on your past experiences, current situation and your perceived expectations. Success with any product or service is always based on the proper application and understanding. The fastest car will not run if you never turn the engine on. Look at how you used the product or service that was provided in relation with the instructions that you received. The Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program will help you get your voice heard but please be prepared with documentation and fair representation of your concern, also have an idea of how the company can fix your concern. Can they offer additional services, extend warranties, offer a fair refund or just get you talking with someone that can help. ..let them know and let us know!

*Any consumer not receiving satisfaction from a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program should email us at

Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW

EDitor's UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Self Storage Profits for its full commitment to quality customer service.

Ripoff Report's discussions with Self Storage Profits, Inc. have uncovered an ongoing dedication by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any concerns. Self Storage Profits, Inc. listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services.

Self Storage Profits, Inc.'s principal, Mr. Scott Meyers, has informed us that his personal philosophy is that his clients success are the heart of the business. As a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, Mr. Meyers feels it is critical to listen to his clients and respond properly. By always putting his customers first, Mr. Meyers hopes to maintain Self Storage Profits, Inc. as a successful enterprise both now and for many years to come. Another top executive told us that Mr. Meyers' personal business philosophy is based on the premise that he "strives to add value in service, understanding that a successful business model is based on value-added services, and client care". With us, you'll always receive the most complete package of materials and resources from a team who are currently at the top of their Self Storage game and adapts them to fit the needs of investors and entrepreneurs all over the world." One of the things Ripoff Report learned in the course of its review is that typical customer feedback reads, "Self Storage Profits, Inc. truly communicates all aspects of the service in a timely and effective manner. We are very pleased with the responsiveness that the employees show us. They are serious about meeting commitments, and deliver on their promises.”

Selfn Storage Profits is Ripoff Report Verified
Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business..

The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Scott Meyer during an onsite inspection held by a third party verification company with no biases toward Self-Storage Home Study Course.

Self-Storage Home Study Course is a product intertwined with Self-Storage Profits and Self Storage Investing that provides self-storage education for people who are interested in pursuing a career in self-storage. This product not only offers, "home study systems, and webinars" but it also offers access to live events and coaching services for a more hands on experience.

A potential customer can find information about Self-Storage Home Study Course via the internet, but most people learn about this product through the several conferences and speaking events that owner Scott Meyers is involved with around the country. After the home study course is purchased Mr. Meyers explained the type of experience a potential customer should anticipate, "when people come into our organization typically they purchase one of our home study systems. At that point they get both a welcome email, and they get a call from our customer service department to ask them if they want to use a free ticket that they have for one of our live events that comes as part of the package, or if they are interested in coming to one of our live events and purchasing a discounted ticket. Then giving them direction on where to get to any of the resources or bonus that were not included in their physical product."


During the onsite interview, Mr. Meyers was asked to describe a situation where a client was not satisfied with the level of service they received. Mr. Meyers explained, "From time to time we’ve had somebody who may not have received their home study system if I spoke at a live event and we ran out, and we had to ship something and it took a little bit longer than expected. In that case we’ve either expedited if it wasn’t already in the process, or sent it out immediately. And then we usually give some type of bonus or free gift on top of that to make good for the issue that they had." Mr. Meyers explained that when the complaint is addressed with such care the customer, "once we got on the phone with them live they were very understanding and usually very happy that we rectified it immediately." After any type of complaint is made there is a three day follow-up policy in place to ensure that all products were received, and all questions were answered.

When asked to comment on complaints posted on Ripoff Report's website Mr. Meyers informed us, "we’ve been in business since 2007 we’ve only had one complaint, and that was from an individual on Ripoff Report. She felt that by buying our home study system and the fact that we say we will partner with some of our students, she expected that we would partner on every deal. This was a deal she brought to us that we were not interested in, and told her that she could certainly invest in it on her own, but it was something that we were not that interested in. It was not that great of a deal, and we had no interest." In order to rectify the situation Self-Storage Home Study Course, "offered to go back and make good with Rose Simpson and give her a full refund even after this occurrence, and at that time she had stated that her lost revenue and her claim of damage that we had done to her by not partnering with her on this facility was almost 200,000 which we felt was ridiculous for a 1,000 dollar home study system. She refused our refund and so there’s not much that we feel we can do to help Rose Simpson at this point." In order to assure future customers that Self-Storage Home Study Course is a quality company with the best interest of their customers in mind Mr. Meyers explained their many accreditations, "we are members of the Self-Storage Association and so we hold ourselves to the highest standards. I am also a certified Self-Storage Manager through the Self-Storage Association, and I am a member of the National Real Estate Investor Association. I speak at many of the large industry trade shows and conferences of those associations I just mentioned. So if there are customer complaints we know in today’s world of social media and transparency if those get back to any of those organizations or associations of people that I work with then that would not be good for business, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard because we know that hurts both our businesses."

When asked what type of changes they have made to honor their commitment to make things right with the customer per the request of Ripoff Report, Mr. Meyers assured us again that any customer who is unsatisfied with their program will receive a prompt and full refund.

Self-Storage Home Study Course is pleased to be a part of Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. Mr. Meyers further explains by stating, "it shows to the consumer who may search and find our name on there that we are committed to complete customer satisfaction for our folks, and also it means we have somebody in our corner that is independent third party to look into any of these matters and hopefully come to some type of resolve should anything like this ever happen again.


"We are one of the top education companies for helping investors and entrepreneurs launch and grow a successful Self Storage Business. With us, you'll always receive a you'll always receive the most complete package of materials and resources from a team who are currently at the top of their Self Storage game and adapts them to fit the needs of investors and entrepreneurs all over the world. Please take time to review our site, learn about some of our tools, meet the people who will help you along the journey, understand our history, and receive answers to some of your questions.”

Self Storage Profits, Inc.'s team have expressed their confidence in resolving any of it's clients issues or needs. Self Storage Profits takes employee satisfaction seriously as well. Employee feedback and surveys reveal comments such as this, "Self Storage Profits, Inc. provides a very unique and refreshing approach to our work in that opportunities for suggestions and improvements are encouraged. Mr. Meyers is truly concerned about our contribution to the company and providing growth opportunities for us. He takes the time to listen and communicate with his employees and customers.”

Ripoff Report was pleased to learn that Self Storage Profits, Inc.'s past and current approach to business is focused on its pledge to total commitment towards client and employee satisfaction.


What Exactly is Self Storage?

Self storage is an industry in which storage space is rented to tenants, usually on a monthly basis. A self storage business provides rooms, lockers, containers, and/or outdoor space in which tenants can store and access their goods. Self storage tenants include both businesses and individuals. The self storage industry has various business models now found in many parts of the world, and has been one of the fastest growing small businesses in many countries.

If it’s such a great business, why would someone want to sell?

First of all, it’s worth noting that Self Storage are sold at a discount every single day all across the country, so this isn’t a “rare” situation where this would happen. An example of why a lender would sell a facility is when a borrower stops paying on their loan. This note then becomes classified as a “Non Performing Note” (NPN) or a “Delinquent Loan”. So rather than deal with the NPN themselves, lenders will very often sell these off at big discounts just to free up their money to make a new loan. In addition, there are many reasons a private seller would want to sell their facility at a fair price: Retirement, trading up to a larger facility, tax implications, health, divorce, bankruptcy…virtually any life changing event would cause a seller to sell their facility, or just because it’s time.

Where should I seek Financing my Self Storage Facility?

The first place to start is by asking if the owner is interested in holding the note and receiving payments directly from the buyer, as in a traditional borrower/lender scenario. The tax advantages for the seller are huge, and so are his profits. If that is not a possibility, the next steps are to contact any banks in the market that you have a relationship with, and then a commercial mortgage broker that specializes in Self Storage.

I see these facilities everywhere; is the market saturated?

The reason we see so many, is that roughly 1 in 10 households rents 1 or more units in this country. It has become a commodity that many Americans can’t live without – more space! But don’t worry, with average market occupancies approaching 90% in this country, the Self Storage Business is far from becoming saturated any time soon.

What if I don’t have much Money or Credit?

The beauty of this business is that you don’t need a significant amount of capital or credit to start. In fact, many of our students have little to no money of their own and have still gone on to successfully own and wholesale Self Storage Facilities. The fact is that there is so much money available through banks and private lenders to fund your deals that by simply deploying a few of our strategies that we teach about how to close deals will finally remove the barrier to success due to lack of money.

What if I have a full time job?

Can I still do this? Most of the people we train to invest are in the same position and have gone on to buy their own properties. The strategies we teach allows you to start the business in your spare time. What many people have found, or have in mind, is that as they acquire more facilities, ultimately, it would end up costing them more money to go to work due to the lost opportunity of ignoring their Self Storage Investing business. That’s when people make the switch to becoming a full time Self Storage Investor.

What are the risks?

As with any investment, of course there are risks involved. But as a responsible investor it is up to you to get the proper education and professional guidance to reduce those risks as much as possible. Without doing the proper due diligence, you could end up making a bad acquisition and end up losing money. However, it is important to not that the same risks exist even when purchasing your own house. With the right education, you can ensure you safely invest your money so there is a significantly reduced chance that your investment isn’t as profitable as anticipated.

How do I make sure I’m doing everything properly and legally?

Now, I am not an attorney so even I don’t know all the specific laws as they pertain to real estate transactions in each state. But the good news is that I don’t need to. What I do and what I teach my students to do is to work with specific attorneys in the situations where they need to, but the key is to only work with them when you need to. Knowing how to work with your team members, like attorneys, wisely and economically is an easy skill to learn and essential to your success.

Realistically, How long will it take for me to get my 1st Self Storage Facility?

Investing in Self Storage needn’t be complicated. It’s a matter of understanding the deal, knowing how to complete the due diligence properly, and obtaining the necessary funding to close the deal. Once you understand these 3 steps, you can successfully acquire Self Storage facilities anywhere in the country – not just your own backyard. And the good news is that you can do this in as little as 10 hours a week or even less. Some of my most successful students have gone on to close their first deal in a matter of weeks. Like most things in life, the more time and effort you dedicate, the more successful you can become.


Self Storage Profits, Inc. recognizes that complaints posted on Ripoff Report (whether true or not) are issues that need to be addressed, not ignored. If handled correctly, complaints can be valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Ripoff Report's review, Brandefined has made organizational changes allowing its clients and employees a more streamlined approach to problem resolution and a commitment to a great client experience.

In summary, after our review, which included discussions with Mr. Meyers, Ripoff Report is convinced that Self Storage Profits, Inc. is committed to quality delivery of services resulting in total client satisfaction.

Read more about why consumers should feel confident when doing business with a member of Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Yes, it’s a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, a program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. This program works.

As a matter of policy, when a business becomes a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program they agree to allow Ripoff Report to contact every client who filed a complaint so they can make things right with them. In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer.


Ripoff Report would like to let readers know that Ripoff Report emailed this customer so the member business could make things right with them. When a business joins the Corporate Advocacy Program, Ripoff Report emails everyone from the past so the member business can make things right with them. Of course, everything within reason. In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer. Sadly, the author of the complaint below was unreasonable and didn’t allow Self Storage Profits the opportunity to make things right with them within reason.


Self Storage Profits tried everything we could to satisfy this customer. We offered Rose Simpson a FULL Refund for her Home Study System. She refused, and said that the lost opportunity cost her over $150,000. Self Storage Profits, Inc. felt what the customer was asking was out of line and not fair. All the employees at Self Storage Profits take customer satisfaction seriously. We’ve been in business since 2007 and have had over 2,000 people take our course and Rose is our only complaint since we have been in business. Any student who is not satisfied with our program can always get a refund if they feel the program did not work for them.



Scott Meyer's Self Storage Home Study Course Scott Meyers, Alcatraz Storage, LLC., Self storage investing, Real Estate Home Study Course Scam/Fraud noblesville Indiana

I purchased Scott Meyer's self storage home study course in December 2009.  From the very beginning Scott over promised and under delivered. Problem #1: In December 2009, Scott promised anyone who purchased his system that he would personally work them and help us evaluate self storage deals.When I emailed Scott a deal I did not hear back from him personally. Instead, I received a response from his business partner, Brad Sporer. Brad stated that he was one of Scott's acquisition managers and he would be working with me.I wasn't happy about this, but I tried working with Brad. It was apparent from working with Brad that he doesn't know what he is doing.  When I questioned Scott about working with him instead he stated that he was too busy and no longer offering his services. Problem #2: Scott offered to possible partner with students on deals and split the profits 50-50. When I found a deal I presented it to Brad who said the split on the deals was only 10% and they took 90%. This was a contradiction of what was on Scott's website at the time to entice people to buy his home study course. Problem #3 It took Brad 3 months to evaluate a deal that should have taken a few days. Brad stated the he was doing additional research on this property but never presented me with any of this research. Instead, he sent me an email stating after 3 months his company was not interested in buying this storage facility because it was not big enough to hire a full time manager. I then contacted Scott by email. Scott responded and asked me to call him on his personal cell phone. When we spoke he said he would look at this deal and get back with me by the next day. He never contacted me as promised. I had to call him a week later to get an answer from him.He said he had a chance to look at this storage facility and the numbers did not work out. This was a totally opposite answer from what Brad gave for not purchasing the storage facility. I asked Scott twice to see the numbers he came up with for this facility and he totally ignored my request. Problem #4: Brad and Scott are partners yet they contradicted each other numerous times.  I have 50+ emails I've saved to prove this.

Scott Meyer's is scamming people. He doesn't deliver what he promises.  He entices people by stating that he personally would evaluate deals and he never did. He promised that if we did partner on a deal that we would split the profits 50-50 not 10% for me and 90% for them.
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Updates & Rebuttals


#1 Author of original report


AUTHOR: rose - (USA)

First of all Scott Myers, you did not offer me a refund until 2+ years after I initially asked for the refund. I guess he finally agreed to give me a refund b/c I continue to tell the REAL UGLY TRUTH about him and his business practices.  He emailed me out of the blue (2+ yrs later), stating he was finally willing to offer me a refund if I would sign a "confidentiality and settlement agreement." Also, Scott Meyers has never apologized to me, another lie.  Please read the previous posts from Scott Meyers who instead of apologizing to me, as he states, attempted to attack my character and spread lies about me.  None of which were true.  THANKS SCOTT MEYERS FOR NOTHING!
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#2 Consumer Comment

Over And Above Customer Scamming-Scott Meyer Shut Up You Scamming Idiot

AUTHOR: Scammer Detected - (USA)

Scott Meyer how dare you try to even "attempt" to defame Ed Magedson who in the first place is Not responsible for telling people what to post and is a fighter for the rights of the consumer and has always been so.  You are already defamed because of your over and above customer scamming ways.

Plus if you want to look at Ed's track record then you need to look at the Thank you's on this site that Ed has rightfully deserved because of all the people that Ed has helped.  Plus Ed is simply upholding the principles that his site stands for which is to protect the right to free speech as well as not removing reports.  At least he has principles though we cannot say the same for you.


No wonder we cannot believe a word that you say because of the over and above scamming ways that you clearly show in trying to taint and slander the image of Ed Magedson.  What A Complete Idiot and Fool.

This quote should be written over your company that I found that someone on this very site applied to another company, but I thought it was fitting to apply to yours:

"Our business is infested with idiots who try to impress by using pretentious jargon"-David Ogilvy

The real chip has been on your shoulder all along because all are finally seeing the cracks in your so-called "image of perfection" that you want all others to see.

You are as was stated before A:





Con Artist


and a Corrupt Individual

This post is NOT Fictitious and the only work of Fiction is Scott Meyer and his company and Let no one else think otherwise!
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#3 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Over and Above Customer Service

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

We at Self Storage Profits have done everything in our power to appease Ms. Simpson.  We have repeatedly apologized for any miscommunication, inconvenience, and offered her a refund. 

The Chip on Ms. Simpson's shoulder is simply too large.

As always, we welcome any discussions with individuals or companies choosing to do business with us outside of this site.

The Customer Service Team at Self Storage Profits, Inc. 
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#4 Author of original report


AUTHOR: rose - (USA)

You notice that Scott Myers states that, "Most" of the posts about him here on the Rip Off Report are untrue."  Meaning that some of the post are true.  I decided to post my name b/c I have nothing to hide nor any reason to lie about Scott Meyers and his unsavory business practices.  I can tell you from my own personal experience that ALL of the previous posts are true regardless of whether someone decided to remain anonymous or not.   BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO DO BUSINESS WITH LIAR AND SCAM ARTIST SCOTT MEYERS PLEASE READ ALL OF MY PREVIOUS AND DETAILED POSTS.  MY NAME IS ROSE SIMPSON. 
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#5 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fictitious Posts

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

We at Self Storage Profits, Inc. Pride ourselves on our stellar reputation in our industry and the respect we command in all business dealings.  We find it regretful that the Ripoff Report allows the anonymous posts like the one above, without verifying the source.  The fact that people are  allowed to post anonymously, without citing any business dealings with our company is unfortunate.

The Previous Posts are Blatantly False and Many are Fictitious.   And the Fact That Ripoff Report actually encourages these practices is even more disturbing. 

Not a surprise though since the business model for this site is to charge reputable companies such as ours to "clean up" their online reputation on the Ripoff Report.   Just look at all the mediation and reputation management services they offer.  It's no coincidence, and we certainly aren't the first company to complain. 

Perform a Google Search on the Ripoff Report and its owner Ed Magedson to view the numerous  lawsuits filed against him for conspiracy, racketeering, defamation....... it's lengthy!  It's no coincidence these posts seem to "appear" anonymously against the many good companies listed on this site.

As always, should anyone wish to discuss any of these posts with regard to your research on our company, you may reach us on any of our websites outside of the Ripoff Report.   
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#6 Consumer Comment

Owner of Sense-Scott Meyer Shut Up You Scammer

AUTHOR: Scammer Detected - (USA)

Scott Meyer everyone should not even do business with you and they should leave you high and dry.  Scott Meyer you are a:

Con Artist

and a Corrupt Individual

Stop your BS.  We know when a scammer like you has been found out for their ways.  You deserve to have the words "Scammer" marked all over your site because of your deceiving ways.

We therefore decide to Rescind on believing in You-Scammer
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#7 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Refund Declined

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

Our Refund offer to Rose Simpson stated above is true and correct.  Ms. Simpson Declined our offer to refund, and countered with the following:
PRINCIPLE RIP OFF ITEM:             Storage Facility System          $800.00
AGGREVATION AND STRESS:         3+ MONTHS                       $139,897.23
AND EMAILS:                                3+ MONTHS                    $8,120.00                                             
 BUSINESS LOST IN DOLLARS:  Storage Facility Deal Lost       $45,832.41                                          
COLLECTION COSTS:                     Hours filing complaints            $1,231.00          
                                                                            TOTAL:   $195,880.64

Best Regards,
Rose Simpson

We have declined Ms. Simpson's "counter offer" of $195,880.64 and have rescinded our original refund offer Dated May 21, 2012. 
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#8 Author of original report


AUTHOR: rose - (USA)

Scott Meyers must be tired of me telling the truth about him and his storage facility business because on May 21, 2012 he sent me the following email, over 2 years after my initial complaint:


After reviewing your previous request, I am prepared to provide you a partial refund of your home study System. I would like you to consider the  following 2 proposals: 
1.  Package the entire Home Study system and return it to us for a $575 Refund.

2.  Keep the System, continue to use it, and we will provide a $300 refund.  

Regardless of the option you choose, you will be required to sign a  confidentiality and settlement agreement prior to any refunds being issued.  I will await your reply.  

Scott Meyers 15570 Stoney Creek WayNoblesville, IN
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#9 REBUTTAL Individual responds

Blatantly Untrue

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

This Post is Blatantly Untrue and our law firm has taken swift action to discover the identity of this individual and to have this post removed. 

I always find it funny that when someone goes through this much trouble to create negative posts about someone else that they always choose to remain anonymous.  

Should anyone wish to discuss anything in this thread, please reach me outside of this forum on any of our websites or on facebook.  
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#10 General Comment

Scott Meyers filed bankruptcy

AUTHOR: Truth Seeker - (United States of America)

Scott Meyers filed bankruptcy in February 2011.  It is public record.  He filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Indiana.  His case number is 11-01496-FJO-11.  As a result, he lost the handful of storage facilities that he had owned.
Rose you are better off not having gotten involved with him.  Be glad you did not fall prey to him and his methods!!! 
On his website he claims that self storage investing is risk free and you can do it with no money down.  Scott claims that he purchased all of his facilities with no money down. He further states that self storage facilities are cash cows.  Contrary to his claims, he DID put money down on his first facility in June 2006 that he and his wife bought with another couple.  Each couple brought $90,000 to the table hardly no money down.  When he was forced to file bankruptcy, the only facility that was cash flowing was the one on which $180,000 down payment had been made.  The other facilities were not cash flowing.  He lost them all.
Yet he still continues to make claims that he is the guru, to run his academies and to tell people what a great opportunity it is with low risk and no money down and seller financing.     He is selling the very methods that led him to bankruptcy and financial ruin.
In addition, he has a misleading testimonial on his website.  He has the following posted-
Dear Scott,
I took a 3.6 acre parcel that I owned and ran my concrete business from, and using your value add strategies, my partner and I built 3 storage buildings on it and leased them all up within 1 year. We built 3 more, 2 which almost ran the length of the property, and we added some boat and rv parking. We were about 78% full in our second year, and had consistent positive cash flow of anywhere between $10,000 to $11,000 per month. We were approached by a partnership that bought us out, and we netted roughly $400,000 above what we owed on the property and buildings. Since then, I have grown my concrete business substantially, and started 2 other businesses with the proceeds. Thanks for all your help
George Robinson, Fortville, Indiana.
The facility referenced in the testimonial is the first facility that Scott and the other couple bought.  George did not even know Scott Meyers when he built the facility.  They did not meet until the partnership approached George to buy the facility.  Yet, Scott Meyers gives the impression that he helped George build it!  Makes you wonder about the other testimonies on his site
Scott Meyers makes false representations about his self storage holdings, success, income & unlimited potential in the self storage business.  He is clearly preying on an uniformed public, who, if they knew of his past, wouldnt pay a nickel for advice from this guru.  He has left banks, sellers & vendors stranded in his wake of bankruptcy.  
Rose, count your blessings!
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#11 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Woobangers - (U.S.A.)

I was seriously thinking about purchasing your program. However, I've changed my mind considering how you continue to bad mouth Rose instead of resolving the situation. The honorable thing to do is give ROSE her money back. Scott, you will lose more in the long run by playing hard ball instead of just doing the right thing. You are a MILLIONAIRE according to your press releases, so a refund of $900 is not going to hurt you.
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#12 Author of original report

Why would it take you this long to evaluate a deal??

AUTHOR: rose - (United States of America)

I know about real estate and how to analyze deals.  It should not have taken you 3 months to analyze this deal considering your website does state this is done within 5 days.  Also, if the lady filing this report asked to see the numbers you were working with and how you analyzed the deal then you should have complied.  I wouldn't buy your system. 
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#13 Author of original report

scott meyers scams people and takes their money

AUTHOR: rose - (United States of America)

Scott needs to look at his website that states that they evaluate storage facilities for sale and determine if it is a good deal within 5 days, not the 3 months his company took to analyze my deal.  The reason I was given, after 3 months, as to why they did not want to buy this facility was because it was not big enough to hire a manager.  They knew from the very beginning how big the facility was. When I complained to Scott for a second time he responded that he would take a look at this facility and get back with me the same day or the next day.  No surprise that a week went by and no call from Scott as promised. I called him over a week later and he gave a different reason for not purchasing the facility. He said the CAP rate was lower than what he normally purchases and he wasn't interested.  He said the numbers were not working for him.  I asked him twice to see his "NUMBERS," and he ignored my request.  He ignored my request because he never even looked at this facility and didn't have any real numbers to support his answer. 

Bottom Line:  Scott Meyer continues to bad mouths me to distract from the real situation here that he over promises and under delivers.  Scott only promised to work personally with me on deals and in a timely manner so I would buy his system.  He never followed through with anything he promised. 

I have proof of my accusations with 50+ emails.  Scott on the other hand has no proof at all. 

Scott, show me the proof you have that I am angry, delusional, crazy, have no money and poor credit??
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#14 Author of original report

Scott Meyers Over Promises and Under Delivers to Entice People to Purchase his Self Storage Home Study Course

AUTHOR: rose - (United States of America)

Yes, I am regretful that I bought Scott Meyer's self storage home study course, and allowed him to steal my money.  What's so sad about this entire situation is that he has nothing more to say than, "regretful." 

Hopefully these true postings I have made about Scott Meyers will warn others not to do business with him ever.  If this true postings help even one person from being taken advantage of by Scott Meyers then my time was well worth it. 

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#15 REBUTTAL Owner of company


AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

Again, this is regretful. Rose wants 50% of a deal she submitted to us if we closed it with our money and financing because she has NO CASH and NO CREDIT.  We Over delivered by providing our PAID COACHING services with her home study system.  The home study package only includes email deal analysis. 

I'm at a loss here, but in business, there's always that 1% of your clients who cause you 90% of your problems and grief. 

Perhaps if Rose spent more time cleaning up her credit, raising cash, and educating herself on real estate investing - she wouldn't be so bitter and waste time writing all these bad reports on successful educators and organizations such as ours. 
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#16 REBUTTAL Owner of company

3 months

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (USA)

James, legitimate question - we were working with the seller's to get all the information in the way of financials while simultaneously looking at the market.  we couldn't make an evaluation until we had all the #'s. 

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#17 Author of original report

Scott Meyers Over Promises and Under Delivers to Entice People to Purchase his Self Storage Home Study Course

AUTHOR: rose - (United States of America)

Scott Meyers mentioned that he has only been training investors for 3 years now and this is his first complaint.  There are many reasons why he has received no complaints, but I can tell you the main reasons. He has not been in business long enough. He stated that he's only been in business 3 years.  There isn't even any mention of his business on the Better Business Bureau. Also, most people don't take the time to file a complaint or stand up for themselves when they have been taken advantage as I have. Lastly, Scott is so "BUSY" that he has become disconnected from his own company. He allows other to run it for him.  In turn, he is not informed on daily operations and contact with students. 

Regarding Scott's comment that he personally responded and told me they were not interested in the deal I submitted, is a lie.  The entire time I was suppose to be working with Scott, as he promised when I bought his system, I was working with one of his partners, Brad Sporer.  His partner was suppose to tell me within 5 days (according to his website) if this was a good deal or not and it took Brad 3 months to come up with a bogus excuse for not buying the storage facility.  I went back and forth with his partner and the sellers of the storage facility with 50+ emails and phone calls supposedly trying to make this deal work.  After 3 months I was told by Brad that he was doing additional research on the area to determine if they would proceed to buy.  I asked to see Brad's research and details and never supplied me any information.  I was finally told by Brad that this facility was not big enough to hire a full time manager.  Considering he knew the size of the facility from the very beginning I was unhappy with his answer.  That's when I contacted Scott by email.  Scott finally emailed me several days later stating that he would personally look at this deal, for the first time in 3 month of communication with his company. He said he would call me back the very same day or the next day to go over the deal with me.  I was not surprised when I did not receive a phone call from Scott on time as promised.  In fact, he didn't call me back at all until I called him again over a week later expressing my dissatisfaction with his company.  When I finally did speak to Scott he said they were not interested in purchasing this storage facility because the CAP rate was under 9% after running the numbers. I was shocked by this answer because the reason Brad gave contradicted Scott.  The numbers that Brad and I worked with for 3 months were different. This storage facility had a 10% CAP rate not under 9% as Scott had mentioned to me.  I asked Scott twice if he would email me his version of the numbers. Of course, he failed to respond.  He was just buying some more time, and hoping I would go away before realizing that he is scamming people

As you can see, since Scott Meyers has given no physical proof that I am a bad customer, angry or delusional so he has to bad mouth me. He offers no evidence on his part.  I on the other I have evidence with 50+ emails back and forth with his company and the sellers of the storage facility over a 3 month period plus an information sheet that came with Scotts home study course.  The sellers of the storage facility were also very unhappy with the entire process of working with Scott's company.  For 3 months the sellers tried to work with his company and provided any information requested in a timely manner.  Instead of Brad physically calling the sellers on the phone after 3 months to tell them they would not proceed with buying their facility he sent them an email.  After 3 months of working together the sellers only get an email. That was a kick in the teeth to them.   

The reason I wanted to partner with Scott Meyers to buy a storage facility was not because I have bad credit or no money as he has falsely mentioned.  It was because this was my first commercial deal and he offered his services. He offered to coach me on the entire process and possibly buy a facility together.  The process of joint venturing with others on real estate deals is not uncommon.  It happens everyday.  People have various reasons for looking for a joint venture partner.  My only mistakes were buying Scott Meyers self storage home study course and hoping to partner with him on my first commercial deal. 

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#18 Author of original report

Scott Meyers Over Promises and Under Delivers to Entice People to Purchase his Self Storage Home Study Course

AUTHOR: rose - (United States of America)

To Whom It May Concern,

First of all, just because Scott Meyer's company does not have any complaints does not mean that my complaint is not ligitimate.  I asked for a refund after almost 3 months of working with Scott's company not 6 months as Scott had mentioned in his letter. I requested a refund after 3 months because I realized that his company is a scam. I purchased Scott Meyer's system in December 2009 and asked for a refund in March 2010.  This is a prime example that Scott Meyer's had no clue what was going on with my coaching with his partner for 3 months.

I do agree with Scott that he never claimed he would partner with me on every storage facility deal that I passed along to his company.  He did agree to work with me personally if I bought his system, as advertised on his website in December 2009.  I never worked with Scott personally as he claimed.  Instead, he passed along to one of his "partners."  Scott also promised that he would offer his coaching for "FREE" if I purchased his system. So, his claim that he worked with me for "FREE" because I was giving them so much grief is bogus. He had his partner work with me because I paid for his system.  This was not free. 

Also, Scott claims that I sent him a junk deal, and I was upset because they did not want to partner with me on this deal. This is also bogus.  If my deal was "junk" then why did Scott's partner, Brad Sporer, make the sellers of the storage facility and I believe for 3 months that they were interested in buying their facility.  I have 50+ emails and several phone calls to prove this.  If they were not interested in this deal then why would we have corresponded 50+ times regarding this facility. The problem was the reason Brad gave for why they did not want to purchase the facility. The reason they did not want to buy this facility was because not big enough to hire a full-time manager.  This reason was ridiculous.  Brad knew for 3 months how big the facility so this was not new information to him.  He made the sellers of the storage facility and I believer for 3 months that he was actually interested in buying their facility when they never were.  All of this was to make it seem like they were doing something when they actually weren't.

I do believe that Scott over promises and under delivers to sell his system.  He made numerous promises that he has never kept. I have a paper that came with the program which contains information that Scott is denying. This paper explains that Scott would be the one working with me to evaluate deals for "FREE" and not his partner.  Also, it explains that if I do partner with them they would split the profits, not the 10% as I was told by his partner. 

Bottom Line- Scott Meyer's doesn't have a leg to stand on. Instead of offering proof that I am not a good customer he talks bad about me with no evidence. As you can see in Scott's letter he offers no proof to his claims that I'm "angry" and "crazy."  He is just making false, absurd statements.  Please see attachment from Scott's system.   



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#19 General Comment


AUTHOR: James - (United States of America)

I am just curious why it took 3 months and multiple emails to finally tell Miss Simpson that it was a bad deal? Based on your response here it seems like you called Miss Simpson right away to tell her this? Is that true? If there were in fact 50+ emails then obviously there must have been some interest on your part.
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#20 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Beware of Rose Simpson

AUTHOR: Scott Meyers - (United States of America)

 I've been successfully training Self Storage Investors for over 3 years - and it's hurtful to see my name here.  First of all, I have never ever, on my website, from stage, on a webinar, or anywhere anytime stated we would split the profits from any deal that a student would submit to our organization 50/50 - EVER! I mean really!  I have NEVER had anyone ever ask for a refund or show such anger as Rose has because of her misperception of our services.

Rose submitted a deal for us to review.  I personally responded and told we weren't interested in partnering on it as it didn't meet our requirements for size, nor return on investment.  I told her that it was a "good" deal, and that she should buy it on her own.  She stated that she didn't have the money and her credit wasn't good enough to do it on her own.  That made her mad, and she asked for her money back!  I was blown away!

Bottom line - Rose Simpson has no money, and bad credit, and wanted a refund on our product that she bought back in December of 2009.  Her reason was because we wouldn't negotiate a poor deal she sent in to us, find the cash, and the financing, close the transaction, manage the property, and then send her 50% of the profits? 

Warning for all business owners - don't do business with Rose Simpson.  She's delusional, and just a very mean person - you should have seen her emails and heard her voicemails! 

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