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Complaint Review: 1-800-LoanMart Rip-off Report REVIEW: 1-800-LoanMart commits to total customer satisfaction,

  • Submitted: Fri, May 14, 2010
  • Updated: Tue, October 23, 2012

  • Reported By: ED Magedson - Founder - Rip-off Report — Tempe Arizona USA
1-800-LoanMart Rip-off Report REVIEW: 1-800-LoanMart commits to total customer satisfaction,
15821 Ventura Blvd #185 Internet, Encino, California United States of America

1800LoanMart REVIEW: 1-800-LoanMart commits to total customer satisfaction, pledges to resolve complaints & inquiries. Commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. 1-800-LoanMarts employees will go above and beyond the the clients expectation in the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the business 1-800-LoanMart has become the industry leader in auto title loans for a reason. They strive to help the customer Internet, Encino, California

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SPECIAL UPDATE: October 23 2012: 1800LoanMart improved their business practices over the years to better serve their customers and remains committed to increased customer satisfaction. To show their dedication, 1800 Loan Mart is truly committed to making sure their customers are satisfied and that any complaints which do arise are addressed promptly and fairly. As we all know, complaints will happen no matter how hard a company tries.

As time has passed since they became a member, 1800 Loan Mart has made good faith efforts to resolve all complaints reported on Ripoff Report. Based on our experience, the member business has proven to be among the top members of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program as a Verified Safe Business.

Since becoming a member, 1800LoanMart has remained actively engaged and improving the way they address customer service complaints. As an active and current member of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program we are happy to report that now more than ever 1800LoanMart remains committed to improving customer satisfaction and tries to go beyond good customer service to help their clients Remember, no company or individual can ever satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. There are no products or services that will always be perfect for everyone and even the best companies will receive complaints from time to time. However, by participating in the Corporate Advocacy Program, the member business has made a commitment to working with its customers to resolve complaints quickly and fairly whenever possible.

Please keep in mind that as a consumer you have some responsibilities as well. Success has many definitions that based on your past experiences, current situation and your perceived expectations. Success with any product or service is always based on the proper application and understanding.

The Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program will help you get your voice heard but please, always be prepared with documentation and fair representation of your concern, also have an idea of how the company can fix your concern. Can they offer additional services, extend warranties, offer a fair refund or just get you talking with someone that can help. ..let them know and let us know!

*Any consumer not receiving satisfaction from a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program should email us at editor@ripoffreport.com
 1800LoanMart is Rip-off Report Verified

Ripoff Report REVIEW:

1800LoanMart joins Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. ..A long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and business alike.

..Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, ..A program that benefits the consumer, which assures their complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business

As a matter of policy, when Ripoff Report is retained by a company to mount an independent investigation and to publish our findings, we examine the truthfulness of the consumer complaints using every bit of information at our disposal. Our process is systematic and highly effective because: 1) It takes place at the consumer level and 2) the company or individual in our Corporate Advocacy Program must commit to 'doing whatever it takes to make things right with their customers.' By working closely with the company or individual, Rip-off Report can track the footprints left behind when their promised level of customer service is actually followed by the solid ground of real behavior. Only then do we publish our findings.

Ripoff Report cannot ever guarantee any product or service, but we can only report what we find, in order to help you get a better understanding of the company or individual we are investigating. That having been said, the conclusion Rip-off Report came to after our investigation, to the best of our knowledge, is that this company is a reputable firm, offering products and services of real value. If a consumer has a problem with any member of our Corporate Advocacy Program, they should contact EDitor@ripoffreport.com .. knowing this, consumers should feel safe confident and secure when doing business with any member of the Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program.


By Ed Magedson - Founder, Ripoff Report

1-800LoanMart approached RipOff Report last month with the express purpose of resolving some issues posted on Ripoff Report. 1-800-LoanMart prides itself on having a positive standing in the marketplace. Over time the company noticed five separate complaints with Ripoff Report. While it would have been easy to say that the complaints were without merit, management at 1-800-LoanMart reviewed the complaints, and found something in each one of them to take to the employees, and found places where business practices could be improved. While 1-800-LoanMart is a loan company, meaning that many customers receive calls to collect money, it does not give the employee permission to talk down to any customer, regardless of their loan status. Every customer deserves the same respect. After reviewing internal policies, there has been a new dedication to customer service, and the hope is that customer complaints will go down to zero. Even though 1-800-LoanMart has had over 25,000 paid off accounts, five complaints is still five to many in the eyes of management. After a recent mailing to everyone who filed a Ripoff Report, it became apparent that 1-800-LoanMart has some work to do in the way their loans are explained. They also have a sincere commitment to remedy any and all client concerns and/or misconceptions. Company executives stated to Rip-off Report that 1-800-LoanMart has now dedicated a portion of their customer service team to work exclusively on making improvements in the client satisfaction area. These changes were implemented as a direct result of feedback they received from Rip-off Report.


1-800-LoanMart is an auto title loan company based in Encino, California. It looks to loan money to people in need to a quick and easy loan. The loan amount is based on the value of the car the applicant owns, and the cars pink slip is used to collateralize the loan. The process is quick and easy, and meant for short term needs. 1-800-LoanMart writes fully amortized loans which accrue interest on a simple interest basis. This means that every day the customer owes money to 1-800-LoanMart interest is earned. This means that every payment needs to be made on time, per the terms of the contract, otherwise additional interest will be owed. Many customers have questioned why they have additional interest charged on their account, simply put, it is because they pay late. This happens on any sort of simple interest loan including your house, or any other car payment you may have. The agents at 1-800-LoanMart tell customers to do their best to pay on time, and if at all possible to pay extra every month. These extra payments allow you to pay off the loan much faster, and help accelerate the principle pay down greatly, especially early on in the loan. For a good understanding of how this would work, try to search the internet for an amortization schedule and plug the terms of any loan in. You will see how making extra payments can help shorten the term of any loan significantly and save on the amount of interest paid. 1-800LoanMart works to have all employees try and educate customer on this topic, but it is always striving to be better. 1-800-LoanMart has put in place a quality control team with the objective of maximizing client satisfaction. The feedback received from the Rip-off Report has served as a catalyst for many of the changes implemented.


1-800-LoanMart has been offering title loans since 1999. Over the past 11 years they have processed over 300,000 applications, and have offered loans to well over 1500,000 applicants. 1-800-LoanMart keeps the process simple, and doesnt look down on any customer for past problems they may have had. They strive to put the customer in a position where they can succeed. Regulated by the Department of Corporations, 1-800-LoanMart have minimum guidelines it must follow, but instead of just following the minimum requirements, 1-800-LoanMart exceeds them in everything they do. 1-800-LoanMart is available to respond to any client who is less than totally satisfied. Any issues should be directed to the customer service department at 1-818-285-1840.


If any customer of 1-800-LoanMart is ever in need to clarification or education on their loan they can contact the customer service department at 818-465-1390. In addition, on the website www.800loanmart.com, there is a live chat available, and 1-800-LoanMart is a member of Facebook, and Twitter offering updates, and resources for its customers to review if they choose. Offering this information is meant to ease the customer in this loan process.


1-800-LoanMart has made every effort over the past few months to deal with any customer issues that might arise. They have setup a complaints resolution protocol, and have trained agents on staff to deal with special issues, or escalating problems. Who is right or wrong doesnt drive the decisions made, 1-800-LoanMart agents look at the entire situation, and see what is best for all parties involved. The online resources available through www.800loanmart.com, are posted to help educate customers prior to issues arising. Even with these resources, problems will still happen, and the staff at 1-800-LoanMart wants to address everyone of those problems promptly.

Because of our investigation and the sincere efforts put forth by 1-800-LoanMart, Rip-off Report is confident in giving 1-800-LoanMart a positive rating. All in all, the company implemented strategic changes to its Client Satisfaction Department and reached its goal of achieving total customer satisfaction through excellent service. This was made possible by a completely honest approach to corporate introspection and a commitment to taking good care of their customers.

1-800-LoanMart executives understand that the only way to grow as a company is by first recognizing their weaknesses and then committing the resources necessary to fix the problems those weaknesses created. A 1-800-LoanMart executive stated, "We are in a tough business, with tough situations, but that doesnt give us the right to treat people badly. We are 100% committed to resolving any issues that arise and creating value for our customers".

In spite of all such situations, Rip-off Report is confident you have a company that is ready to serve those who need more assistance and is willing to make things right if they seem to have fallen apart.

Rip-off Report knows there is no company or individual that is perfect 1-800-LoanMart knows this also and demonstrates their need for continuing improvement - that is why Rip-off Report comfortably states that you can be completely confident, safe and secure when doing business with them as a member of Rip-off Reports Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.


As a part of the Corporate Advocacy Program - Rip-off Report sent an email to every client who filed a Report on 1-800-LoanMart and I would now like to share the results with you.

As always whenever Rip-off Report does this kind of mailing, ..the majority of clients stated that they appreciated our efforts and related how they had already been taken care of in a satisfactory manner. As usual, most customers asked if they could remove the Report they filed and we explained that unfortunately, it was not possible. It is Rip-off Report's philosophy that it is much more beneficial for the consumer to see how a company like 1-800-LoanMart takes care of their mistakes. No company is without its share of problems, however, there are many companies who continually sweep those problems under the rug and never achieve the growth that other companies such as 1-800-LoanMart enjoys.

Rip-off Report feels 1-800-LoanMart has learned from all those who have complained... and they even seemed to be thankful for those who have brought problems to their attention.

1-800-LoanMart shows leadership by joining the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program.

Keep in mind, 1-800-LoanMart has worked with thousands of customers over time. What really is amazing that despite Rip-off Report appearing at the top of most search engines, 1-800-LoanMart complaint ratio is a fraction of a percent of their overall clients. Rip-off Report knows that this is significantly below the industry standard for the clientele that they work with. From our perspective, it is quite unusual for a company who has had so few complaints request on their own to be a part of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. 1-800-LoanMart provides a leadership model for other companies that care about their clients to follow.


While Rip- off Report does not endorse any company, including 1-800-LoanMart, overall, our research demonstrated to us that 1-800-LoanMart is a solid, reliable company that stands behind its service.

Many companies that contact Rip-off Report make claims that the Reports about them are false, were filed by the same person or even a competitor. Yes, Rip-off Report knows this can happen from time to time; however, we know this is not true most of the time. From federal to local law enforcement agencies, most use Rip-off Report regularly. When Rip-off Report works with law enforcement to assist consumers, never once have we heard from any agency that the Reports filed had bogus contact information. These agencies include FBI, FTC, SEC, Homeland Security, US Postal Inspectors, Justice Department, IRS, Federal Prosecutors and local law enforcement in the USA along with government agencies in more than eight other countries.

Rip-off Report does not solicit its Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Any participation in this program is completely voluntary and at the request of the program member.

This program requires the Member Business to agree to satisfy all complaints - past, present and in the future, even when those complaints come to us by e-mail.

The Member Business must also state improvements they are willing to make to their business which benefits the customer to avoid the reported problems from happening again in the future.

Anyone contacting the following e-mail address will get immediate attention. (within 3-5 business days, usually with in 24 to 48 hours) We ask that you contact 1-800-LoanMart Customer Service: specialhelp@800loanmart.com


..Remember, just because a company or individual is reported on Rip-off Report does not mean you should not do business with them. Use Rip-off Report information as a tool to your advantage. Be knowledgeable about any company or person you hire. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions and get additional information until you feel comfortable in allowing them to work for you.

Be sure to contact us with your questions and comments about any business that is part of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome and will be considered even if we don't agree with them. Please realize RipOff Report is chartering in new territory, working to make a change for both consumers and businesses alike.

Consumers can feel confident and secure when doing business with 1-800-LoanMart.

Here's why.

1-800-LoanMart Commitment to Excellence and Total Consumer Satisfaction, Consumers should feel safe, confident and secure when doing business with a member of Rip-off Report's Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. ....yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Read about Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,..A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.

Sincerely, ED Magedson- Founder
EDitor@RipoffReport.com www.ripoffreport.com

Ripoff Report PO Box 310 - Tempe, Arizona

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