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American Telephone and Telegraph is AT&T. AT&T took care of my great grandfather, my grandfather, my grandmother, and, in some part, my father. That means through payment of stock dividends. Saying all of the following, I am not a short. I get no pleasure in sharing this. I only share because every means of negotiation has led to snubs or no response at all from AT&T. Here's the incident:

In 2002 or 2003, I switched to AT&T to get their world net ISP service. I also switched to AT&T to get their long-distance and international long distance service. I had inquired about their service to a country overseas. Late in 2003, a salesman called and offered AT&T service to that country for .23/minute to calls made to a cell; .18/minute to a landline. I accepted the salesman's offer.

When I received the bill, I immediately noticed that I was charged between 4.425/minute and 8.01/minute instead of .23/minute. I e-mailed AT&T and a representative of the outfit e-mailed back to me saying that the charges were correct and no adjustments were warranted. I called customer service and the representative said she could immediately perceive what had happened. There had been a "computer error" and she would credit me, no problem.

I went on vacation and when I returned, I discovered that, not only had my bills not been credited, but that AT&T had cut my phone and internet access and referred my "overdue" account to a collection agency! It should be strongly emphasized that AT&T on 4 occasions had stolen $25 from my bank account when they had no right {I was in the right on disputed billings; they stupidly depend upon a computer like all large corporations} and two of the violations had occurred by this point in time.

They illegally, wickedly and immorality store your debit card when they promise not to. I inquired around and eventually found a representative of the company, a Mr. Justin Williams. Told him what had happened. He looked in it, called me and e-mailed me and told me that the collection agency had been called off and that my account would be credited. I noticed a month or two later that the severe overcharges had been credited.

A month or two later, a salesman working for AT&T called me and offered me a rate of .18/minute to a cell; .16/minute to a landline. I accepted the offer. Immediately I noticed the same occurence: I had been charged between 4.425/minute and 8.01/minute for calls to a cell. The same thing happened as I related in the previous paragraph; the rep right away said that she could tell that the "computer had not been adjusted", and eventually my bill was credited before they cut my internet, e-mail, phone service and before referring my account to the wolves: an evil, lecherous collection agency.

A month or two later, in July, 2004, a salesman with the firm called offering me .16/minute to a cell; .14/minute to a landline. I accepted the offer. He promised the new, reduced rate would be seen in my bill of September, 2004, as the "cycle" ran from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month. That would seem correct as you pay to get on, then get billed roughly a month later for calls.

In December, 2004, I went on vacation. I sent AT&T $400 extra as AT&T used to be a good company and, out of loyalty for all they had done in the past for the buying public as well as the shareholders, I had been sending them money in advance, any way. I just happened to check to see how much credit I had on my bill since I was vacationing in the country I had been calling so did not need to make international long distance calls. Was I ever disturbed to see that AT&T not only did not show nearly a 300.00 credit; AT&T had billed me for nearly $300!!! The third time did not turn out to be a charm. AT&T had cashed my check; charged me between 4.425 and 4.685 per call, cut my internet service and all my important e-mails were lost!

Very criminal: AT&T, in the tradition of Enron and Arthur Andersen, cuts your internet service, hence, all the vital e-mails are gone. In addition, I had worked out an arrangement in which I would pay 16.50 to have a message left to all callers while I was on vacation. It was understood that I would pay the fee and receive unlimited messages that could be left in return. Not only did my phone stop at only 12 messages, but AT&T had attached other fees on top of the 16.50 and taxes!! I was very angry that AT&T had deceived me regardling the worthless service and the high bill for the worthless service {it was worthless to only get 12 calls taken: most of the slots were filled up by solicitors}.

AT&T had committed fraud and had deceived. They docked my debit card 25.00 (again and I never give any one permission to do such a violation to a person). AT&T can't use the excuse of "we didn't know e-mails could be lost". Were that the case, just don't offer the fraudulent so-called service. That's as bad as a bank renting you a safe deposit box, then not allowing you access because there's a bank holiday: FDR.

Further, I saw more breaches of promise. Upon study of the fraud and overcharges on the part of AT&T for long distance charges, fees, international long distance charges, I noticed that AT&T had dishonestly raised my calls to the cell from the promised .16/minute to .22/minute. This was breach of promise. And, of course unjustifiable as costs keep going down for telecommunications companies doing international long distance service.

Furthermore, no notice was mailed stating that rates would go up in 90 days or whenever. Then looked at the past bills and noticed that the promised .16/minute to a cell had never been implemented. Observed that I was charged .21/minute for calls to a landline; .22/minute for calls to a cell fone beginning September, 2004. AT&T is responsble; the company cannot say "he was not an authorized representative. it had been stuck in to their computers as the reps had confirmed it the first two corrections of the fraudulent overcharges.

So I went through the cycle again: tried to get the fraud settled via e-mails and received rude responses. Then called the number and told the rep what had happened. This time the rep refused. So I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said she would look in to it - no apologies nor offer to correct. I called back and another rep said the same and her supervisor said the same: no apologies nor offer to correct. So attempted to call Mr. Williams again and a different middle level mgt spoke with me. He refused to help me and said the bill was right. All attempts to explain to him the situation, what had happened before and to reason with him failed. When I called back, again Mr. Williams did not answer and a different guy in middle mgt told me he could not help me: my account had been referred to a collection agency.

So I called the attorney general. In some states, the attorney general offices need reformation. In my state, a recording came on saying to call a different number AFTER I had gone to a lawyer. Out of loyalty to AT&T, I still hoped the mobsters would be reasonable. I made a huge mistake. I wrote Joliet, IL, where the checks were being sent and explained everything to them. There were no responses, and bills kept coming. AT&T sent more bills, adding interest when AT&T owed me!! In May, 2005, called the rep back and asked for copies of the bills. They said they were in archives!! Already in archives!! So it took 3 weeks or longer, but finally the copies were mailed. Most were included, but the December, 2005 bill {Nov 16-Dec 15}, where I had written a check for $400 was not.

I went to the BBB, then called the Attorney general again. Still got the recording. I wrote, but no response. I then sent a bill to AT&T demanding the firm pay me for what they owed as well as credit my account for a few months of internet access and phone service (since important e-mails were lost and my e-mail address was lost when they irresponsibly cut my internet access and my international long distance and long distance had been cut: the PIN# would not work and I would've been overcharged vastly yet again in any event). I wrote Joliet, IL many times and received no response. I emailed AT&T on their website and received no response.

Began receiving bills from a collection agency in California. I wrote them explaining what happened and demanded they rectify the situation. Result? More billings from the collection agency. I wrote the CEO (don't know if Mr. Stephenson was yet there) and on the envelope also addressed the Director of Customer Relations, the Director of Public relations and the director of the international long distance dialing dept. No response. Then I made copies of all the bills, enclosed in a manila envelope and wrote addressing the envelope to some of the members on the BOD. I've forgotten how I found some of the names; don't think it was Value Line. I also made a copy of my bank statement proving that AT&T had cashed my check and that if AT&T would pay me for the expense of getting the bank to make a copy of the front and back of the canceled check, I would fax that to them. No response from them, either.

I told AT&T every time in my correspondence that I wanted to work something out with them - credit for the calls on future bills, a discount in the internet service, something. All efforts resulted in snubbing. They had taken me to a collection agency and they were through with me. What a deplorable way to treat the people who pay your salary! Customers like I are the lifeblood of their company.

Below see a response from the Better Business Bureau. A previous and secondary response has been lost. Also see e-mail sent to the FCC. No response from them. The FCC has done nothing.

I still have the bills that Joliet, IL sent to me. The state attorney, FCC have done nothing to force AT&T to reimburse me.

Such ingratitude! I was a loyal customer. From what I've been learning, AT&T is doing to same unscrupulous duplicity and nastiness to other customers. In all my correspondence, I told AT&T I am willing to work with them. Let's work something out - reimbursements, free internet for 3 months, discounts on long distance calls for a year, communicate with me, the buying public: something. I'm not going to go to a lawyer against AT&T. All my pleadings with the firm were unanswered.


- All salesmen will e-mail an acknowledgement of deals, discounts, coupons, rebates, guarantees, and the like with agreed upon long distance rates spelled out in ordinal and cardinal numbers.

- AT&T has to award me damages because they went to a collection agency vs. me. Collection agencies have to be banned until they cease and desist forever the presumption that you are guilty until you prove your innocence, but that's beyond the scope of this expose.

- AT&T must restitute the 100.00 that they illegally, immorally and surreptitiously docked from my bank account by lying. I only authorize one-at-a-time debits. And AT&T must award damages for the mental stress.

- AT&T must pay for my time and the bank fees to reproduce the front and back of the check that I mailed to them on or about December 5, 2004.

- AT&T has to pay for the valuable and vital e-mails that I lost or else pay a database repair co. to retrieve.

- The Board of Directors at AT&T must go. They do not answer to the public that pays their salary.

- AT&T must pay my $300 back plus interest and penalty.

- AT&T has to pay the expense of restoring my credit, and, if necessary, pay the rent, deposit, etc, for as long as necessary if my application to an association, corporation or partnership for a place to live is denied.

- Interest, penalty and willful failure to make restitution penalties contnue to accrue upon AT&T for every day that they refuse to pay restitution and show weeping, broken and very sincere remorse.

- IF AT&T refuses to make restitution to its former customers that it bilked, defrauded, extorted - AT&T is to be dissolved by Congress, its assets sold and the proceeds used to pay the customers that they owe. Why Congress? Because the regulatory agencies refuse to do their appointed job. They are to be banned and Congressmen are to be held accountable to we, their constituents who elected them in to office.

- "Computer glitch" has worn out as an excuse. Surveys as long ago as 1998 have found that computers have resulted in a NET LOSS in office time of 10%, NOT a gain of 500, 1000, 2000, 10000% or more as you might expect. AT&T cannot say "it was a computer error". People's feelings are worth more than an idiotic, brain dead computer. But many companies apparently do not like to face reality, apparently.


Dear R D: Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. We closed your complaint with AT&T on 1/26/06 with no response from the business. your complaint was been closed as "Unanswered". We will be reporting to consumers that the company has an unsatisfactorybusiness performance record with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. To pursue your complaint, please contact Federal Communications Commission 888 225-5322; 2025 M. Street N.W., Room 6202, Washington, DC 20554 When a BBB receives a complaint, we present the complaint to the business and request its assistance in working out the problem with the unhappy customer. Most companies are grateful for the opportunity to resolve problems with their customers since it often means their patronage will be preserved. BBB members agree to respond to consumer complaints presented by the BBB,and lose their membership if they do not. Most other companies, regardless of whether they are BBB members, also cooperate with the BBB.

However, some companies do not want to work with the Bureau and/or their customers to resolve complaints. Because the BBB is not a government or law enforcement agency, the Bureau cannot force a reply from a company; nor can it administer sanctions. However, a company's unwillingness to respond to the BBB or a customer will be noted in the company's reliability report the BBB provides to the public. The customer is free to pursue other alternatives such as legal action. Following is AT&T's BBB reliability report, which shows an "unsatisfactory"record:
AT&T 900 Route 202/206 Bedminster, NJ 07921View Location Map Local Phone Number: (800) 222-0300 Membership Status: This company is not a member. TOB Classification: Telephone Service-Long Distance AdditionalTOB Classification(s): >Advertising-Telephone >Internet Services >Telephone Companies

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources. Customer Experience Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered and unresolved complaints. The company has resolved most complaints presented by the Bureau, however, some complaints remain unresolved or unanswered. When evaluating complaint information, please consider the company's size and volume of business. The number of complaints filed against the company may not be as important as the type of complaints and how the company handled them.

Closed Complaints Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 36 Months: 6171 Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 12 months: 1013 Complaints Concerned Advertising Issues: 37 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 21; Unresolved: 1; Company did not respond: 15

Sales Issues: 2394 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 1485; Unresolved: 62; Company did not respond: 847 Delivery Issues: 10 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 6; Company did not respond: 4 Repair or Service Issues: 14 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 7; Unresolved: 1; Company did not respond: 6
Guarantee or Warranty Issues: 5 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 3; Unresolved: 1; Company did not respond: 1 Product Quality Issues: 10 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 6; Unresolved: 1; Company did not respond: 3
Refund or Exchange Issues: 208 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 152; Unresolved: 6; Company did not respond: 49; Unpursuable: 1

Contract Issues: 13 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 11; Company did not respond: 2

Customer Service Issues: 528 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 354; Unresolved: 28; Delayed Resolution: 3; Company did not respond: 143

Credit or Billing Issues: 2952 Outcome of all complaints - Resolved: 2037; Unresolved: 237; Delayed Resolution: 1; Company did not respond: 676; Unpursuable: 1

Additional Business Names AT&T Communications Systems AT&T Equipment Division AT&T World Net Service. Additional Telephone Numbers (800) 222-0300.

Government Actions On Dec. 2, 2002 the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance was entered between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and AT&T Consumer Services. The Commonwealth alleges that from July 16, 2002 to October 14, 2002 the company made or caused to be made unsolicited telephone calls to Kentucky residential phone numbers that appear on the current Zero Call List, aka as No Call list. AT&T denied any willful wrongdoing and agreed to cease making telephone solicitations to Kentucky residential phone numbers on the Zero Call List and agreed to pay the civil penalty assessed.

On May 5, 2004 Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist filed a lawsuit in Leon County Circuit Court. Crist says AT&T wrongfully billed consumers for unsolicited services and tried to coerce them to sign up for the same services for which they were requesting refunds. The AG urges Florida consumers to diligently check their phone bills, regardless of whether they use AT&T or another company for long distance services. Crist asks consumers to report the incident to his office at 866-966-7226. On May 24, 2004 A Florida court has ordered AT&T to refund wrongful charges to Florida consumers no later than June 15.

According to the order issued by Leon County Circuit Judge, AT&T must process these refunds based on the company's internal records so that consumer do not have to call to request refunds. If, however, after June 15 Florida consumers believe they are still being improperly billed or unfairly coerced into additional services when calling AT&T to request refunds, they should notify the Attorney General's Office immediately at 1 866-9-NO-SCAM (1 866-966-7226).

On May 6, 2004 Minnesota Attorney General filed suit against AT&T. The suit claims the company violated state consumer protection laws. It seeks an injunction to force AT&T to stop the billing practice of charging non AT&T customers. About 800,000 consumers nationwide have been erroneously billed. AT&T is promising refunds or credits in 60-90 days, even if consumers do not call to complain. Consumers who want to talk to an AT&T representative can call 1- 800 222-0300.

July 1, 2004 according to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, AT&T has agreed to pay refunds to as many as 311,000 New Yorkers who were improperly billed. As part of the settlement, AT&T Communications of New York will also reform its billing procedures, provide consumers with additional information on telephone services and pay $400,000 in penalties and costs. Consumers have 45 days during which they may register a complaint and request reimbursement from the company.

On August 4, 2004 Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers filed an amendment to a 2003 agreement between AT&T and the Oregon Department of Justice. The amendment to the year-old settlement concerned a new monthly fee that was allegedly tacked onto consumers' established pay-per-call plans without giving proper notice. The Assurance of Voluntary Compliance amendment was filed in Marion County Circuit Court and admits no violation of law. Under the AVC amendment, AT&T is required to do the following: - Send a written notification to all Oregon consumers who discontinue their service that they also must contact their local telephone company. The notice must be sent within 15 days of notice of termination. -

Send a written notice to all Oregon consumers billed for the Basic Rate Long Distance Plan after January 1, 2004, explaining the new recurring monthly fee, the necessity to cancel services with both the long distance carrier and their local telephone company, and the process and telephone number for the consumer to use to inquire about receiving a credit or refund. - Provide restitution in the form of credits or refunds based upon an agreed formula for up to 77,000 Oregonians. Submit restitution disputes that may arise from the agreed formula to the PUC customer services for resolution. Provide a separate toll-free number that consumers must call to inquire about credits or refunds and to notify AT&T that they have cancelled their AT&T service with their local telephone company. AT&T has paid Justice $25,000 for its Consumer Protection and Education fund bringing the long distance carrier's total payment to the fund under the 2003 AVC to $100,000.

Report as of: 7/25/2006 Copyright: 2006 BBB of New Jersey,Inc. As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service, or company. BBB reports generally cover a three-year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information contained in this report is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy. Reports are subject to change at any time. The Better Business Bureau reports on members and non-members. Membership inthe BBB is voluntary, and members must meet and maintain BBB standards. If acompany is a member of the BBB, it is stated in this report. BBB reports may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. The name Better Business Bureau and the BBB logo are federally registeredtrademarks. Very truly yours, Melissa Companick Vice President of Operations & MarketingBetter Business Bureau of New Jersey1700 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road, Ste. D-5 Trenton, NJ 08690609-588-0808 (Phone)609-588-0546 (Fax)www.newjersey.bbb.org

-----Original Message-----From: E R R D Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 2:16 PM To: info@trenton.bbb.org Subject: Ms. Laura Rickenbach RE: Your letter dated 6-14-05 Greetings: The BBB is solely in the business of handling complaints about companies.The BBB has served me many, many times before and has served customers regarding problems caused by companies many 100s of 1000s of times, if not millions. Therefore, I addressed to theBBB because it is appropo and the BBB handles these COMPLAINT SEVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT ANY KNOWN EXCEPTION ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Are you trying to say that the BBB of NJ is illegitimate and totally without merit?!?! There is not the remotest possiblity that my complaint regarding AT&T is "outside the scope of the Better Business Bureau's services". Why did you say it? This is all the BBB does AND HAS ALWAYSDONE. Precisely what phase of the complaint was "outside the scope ofthe BBB". If there was something that was "outside the scope of the BBB", why didn't you itemize it if there really is something?? I look forward to your very prompt, extremely long and phenomenallydetailed reply. Thank you very much!!!!

By the way, I still have no satisfaction from AT&T. They still owe memoney. Please email me a copy of my complaint that I sent to you. Don't sayyou "keep my complaint on file for future reference". Act upon it justlike you always have since your founding! Write AT&T so that they willknow they are causing customer ill-will and cease going to a collectionagency when they in fact owe me money! AT&T now owes me 250,000 for the lies they told and 30M for thehumiliation of them going to a collection agency when they in factowe me money! Thank you: R D

Sent:Wed 5/09/07 3:19 AM
To: fccinfo@fcc.gov

Dear Commissioners Copps, Aadelstein, Tate, McDowell and Chairman Martin: How are you making out? I want to see news on AT&T. There can be no doubt that what ATT hath done to me has been done to many thousands of others. I trust that you have my case in your files. I have written to you before, as well as the FTC, the Better Business Bureau and the State Corporation Commission of Virginia.

AT&T has many complaints with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau nearest to their office in Paramus, NJ. In addition to what I told you before, AT&T has not made any restitution and made up a lie to the BBB. Furthermore, they lie and allege that I owe them rather than them owing me. They have even referred me to a collection agency. I ask that you make ATT make restitution, restrain them from stealing from bank accounts [I did one time authorization with them, but they debited my bank account on at least four occasions], do away with their computer systemwhich bills phone calls for 4.425 to 8.63 /minute and up even though they promise you .14/minute and the salesmen call with supposedly better and better deals only AT& T to lie and break theircontractual promises. There is so much deceit with AT&T. They know that NO ONE is going to agree to pay 4.425/minute for long distance anymore. For Williamson, or whomever that ATT rep was whom told the BBB, "--- was advised that the charges assessed were correct" is a vile, vicious, abominable lie with no hope whatsoever of any standing. Why are you allowing ATT to continue to exist? They should be paying huge fines for EVERY violation. Will you be working with the BBB to investigate and resolve every compliant? If you are not going to, do you recommend taking ATT to court? Will you be contacting the Attorney Generals in every State? I do not like this, and always regard as only if every avenue has been exhausted. Thank you: RD

Discovered the BBB cover-up some time in April, 2008.
Greetings: The following is from Trenton. Trention has transferred their records to the Atlanta BBB.
299 - Company resolved BBB Definition:
resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.
512 - Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.
RD: The above is not true. AT&T has not resolved my complaint. First, the BBB of New Jersey said that AT&T had not answered. Later, I discovered on their website that AT&T had a "satisfactory record" with the BBB of NJ. I had to submit my complaint over again!! The NJ did contact ATT and received a response from Mr. Justin Williams:
"Mr. ----- has been informed that the charges were correct". So I documented with the BBB of NJ that the complaints had not been resolved nor even addressed by ATT. I wrote the management, then I wrote some of the members on the Board of Directors. I never received any responses.
In light of this, I must ask you to re-post my original complaint with the BBB of NJ and KEEP IT THERE this time until I inform you that ATT had made restitution to me of the $345 they assessed and sent to a collection agency, a $400 restitution since they did not intend to keep their promises, $150 to replace my business cards as they made my business e-mail address useless, $15000 mental stress as they took me to a collection agency, $15000 to fix my credit report. TOTAL DUE ME FROM AT&T: 30,895
number given to me by ATT: 703-787-

The following is also on the Trenton BBB website:
"sales practice issues:
Resolved BBB Definition:
Resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
1 - Company resolved BBB Definition:
resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues. LIE
The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB. Show.
3 - Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.
9 - Company resolved BBB Definition:
resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
the complaint issues, but not within the BBB's timeframe. "
Resolved BBB Definition:
Resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
15 - Company resolved BBB Definition:
resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.
24 - Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.
21 - Company resolved BBB Definition:
resolved - The company resolved the complaint issues.
the complaint issues, but not within the BBB's timeframe

None of the above is true, as I was promised .23/minute; /18/minute and then /16/minute calls to a cell phone in the Philippines. I was charged between 4.425/minute and 8.01/minutes. Three times I was credited. The fourth time, AT&T did not credit and even broke the promise the salesman made!!!
1. I was billed .22/MINUTE, not .16. The promise of .16/minute was broken
2. I paid AT&T in advance prior to taking a vacation.
I checked my credit online and found that ATT had billed me for $300 !!!!
3. ATT cashed the check I had mailed them for 400.00.
4. ATT never credited and had never made restitution since.
5. ATT even took me to a collection agency!!! The collection agency never helped resolve the lies and broken promises that ATT made.
6. I still have the correspondence, most of the old bills ATT sent and my correspondence to ATT mgt and some of the members of the Board of directors of ATT. ATT must pay me for my time and pay my expenses to retrieve the papers and the bank charge to reproduce the check that ATT cashed in November, 2004.

In light of this, I must ask you to re-post my original complaint with the BBB of NJ and KEEP IT THERE this time until I inform you that ATT had made restitution to me of the $345 they assessed and sent to a collection agency, a $400 restitution since they did not intend to keep their promises, $150 to replace my business cards as they made my business e-mail address useless, caused me to lose my outgoing and incoming vital e-mails; the mental stress as they took me to a collection agency, however much it takes for AT&T to fix my credit report.
Number given to me by ATT: 703-787-3562 E-mail address given me by ATT: nextaxpro@att.net

Consult the rock
China, People's Republic of

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