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Complaint Review: Amtgard of Maryland

  • Submitted: Sat, February 09, 2013
  • Updated: Sat, February 09, 2013
  • Reported By: dbren — Hagerston Maryland United States of America
  • Amtgard of Maryland

    Hagerstown, Maryland
    United States of America

Amtgard of Maryland Kingdom of Crystal Groves Convicted Child Sex Offenders Running Childrens Organization Hagerstown, Maryland

*Consumer Comment: The truth of amtgard

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Gang of Convicted Child Pornographers are Petitioning Hagerstown City Council to use Funkstown park

Amtgard Chapter, The Kingdom of Crystal Groves1. Amtgard, The Kingdom of Crystal Groves has become an Organized Criminal Organization

2. Child Sex Abuse Offenders, Child Pornographers, Murders, Drug Dealers, and other criminals lead Amtgard

3. Children are required to use narcotics as a prerequisite to join certain groups within Amtgard

4. Amtgard, The Kingdom of Crystal Groves must be BANNED from Hagerstown and Washington County

5. Organize with other Churches and Organizations

6. Contact an many people as possible

7. City Council must be held accountableAmtgard, the Kingdom of Crystal Groves, which meets every

Sunday afternoon at Hamilton Park or Funkstown Park, is really a front for organized sex crimes against children.

Most of the Leadership and membership of this organization have very serious criminal records which include arrest for attempted Murder, Sexual Abuse of Minors, Manufacturing and Distribution

 of Child Pornography, and Drug Dealing.  They aggressively recruit members right out of the Washington County Criminal System. After they serve their jail sentence they are then placed into leadership positions where they use alias to hide their real names and identities.

Amtgard is a medieval based live action role playing game whereas the participants take on the roll of characters in a fantasy setting. This is very similar to the games played by the children in the movie Role  Models. You can find them on Sunday afternoons at  Hamilton or Funkstown park trying to recruit young children.

The game looks harmless enough at first glance. Just a bunch of adults and kids dressing up in medieval clothing with foam swords running around the park. They also organize camping trips where the game is played over the course of an entire weekend.Amtgard would like to move from Hamilton Park to Funkstown Park in order to recruit more children. Funkstown Park is more centrally located so that people who don't have  automobiles, like children, can become involved without worrying about how to obtain transportation. This will give the leadership and member of Amtgard the Kingdom of

Crystal Groves better access to children.

In the news article written by Julie Greene on March 21, 2012 named Local Amtgard chapter to stage an event so town officials can get a sense of what they do. He would like to move closer to the center of Hagerstown using Funkstown Park so that they can meet more children.They use remote campgrounds to isolate children for the purpose of drug distribution, sex, and the creation of child pornography.

Friday, September 14-16, 2012.

Indian Springs Camp Ground, Big Pool, MD

10809 Big Pool Road, Big Pool, MD

phone 301-842-3336

The Case Against AmtgardAggressive Recruitment of Child Sex Offenders Violent CriminalsAt one time this was an honest organization with parents and good members from the community running Amtgard. Child sex offenders, criminals, murderers, and drug dealers started  taking over leadership positions and brought in even more criminals to overtake the organization.

They use the game as their hunting ground and target at risk kids such as kids from broken homes, homes with abuse, and kids whose parent has gone to war.Members of Amtgard have been convicted of sex crimes against children while an active member of the organization, and then aggressively recruited to come back once released from

prison. The leadership, especially Dhillon and Kane actively hide the fact that they have registered child sex offenders actively participating in Amtgard from parents and law enforcement.

The official organization of Amtgard Bans for life any person who is a violent criminal. This includes persons convicted of murderer, assault, child sexual abuse, child pornography, and sex offenders. Clearly this rule is being openly disregarded. Amtgard, the Kingdom of Crystal Groves is filled with members which have multiple conviction for drug dealing, illegal drug possession, assault, criminal harassment.Suchinder Dhillon, Member of the Board of Directors, has been convicted of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon. Dhillon is the co-founder

of a group within Amtgard called the Kabal. He requires that all members, even children, use narcotics in order to join. Dhillon has a very strong sexual interest in young children.

Jason Craig Kane, the Monarch of Crystal Groves, has been convicted of 1st Degree Sex Abuse of a Minor. Kane serves as the Monarch of Crystal Groves and is on the Board of Directors. He is

a serial child sex offender amd was discovered by hiding under an assumed identity by member of another Amtgard group. The leadership of the other Amtgard group found his picture on

the FBI Sex Offenders Database. After he was outed many members called for his removal from Amtgard, but this has never happened.

At this time many members will not have anything to do with Crystal Groves due to their policy of actively hiding know child sex offenders from parents, teachers, and law enforcement.

David Allen Banzhoff was arrested for 2nd Degree Attempted Murder in 2003. In 2003 Banzhoff was BANNED FOR LIFE for membership in any Amtgard Chapter. The leadership at this time wrote many articles on the Crystal Groves Forums about Banzhoff and his violent crime, attacking other members, and various court ordered restraining orders against him. Banzhoff has a very strong sexual interest in young children.Members of his group, The Kabal, demanded that the lifetime ban placed on Banzhoff be released. Many member fought this and were either driven out of Amtgard or were punished.

Most decent people do not want anything to do with Murderers. Banzhoff is now Champion of Crystal Groves, a leadership position.

At the end of this letter are select forum posts about Banzhoff and members fight to keep him out and their subsequent harassment by Banzhoff's group The Kabal.Banzhoff, Dhillon, and all members of Kabal demand that to join their group all members, including children, must use illegal drugs.

John Sekula has been convicted of  manufacturing and distributing child pornography in 2008.  Sekula has been involved with the children of Amtgard since 2005, was convicted of his crimes, then was aggressively recruited back into Amtgard after his release from prison.What

Must Be Done

Amtgard, The Kingdom of Crystal Groves must be BANNED from Hagerstown and Washington County. This group has been totally infiltrated by Serial Child Sex Offenders, Murders,

and Criminals of all colors from the leadership on down. This has become an Organized Criminal Organization. All current members of the Amtgard Chapter the Kingdom of Crystal


One East Franklin Street

Second Floor, City Hall

Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone: (301) 766-4175Mayor

Robert E. Bruchey, II


Phone: (301) 766-4175City Council Members

E-mail citycouncilmail@hagerstownmd.orgWilliam Breichner

E-mail wbreichner@hagerstownmd.orgMartin Brubaker

E-mail mbrubaker@hagerstownmd.orgForrest Easton

E-mail feaston@hagerstownmd.orgAshley Haywood

E-mail ahaywood@hagerstownmd.orgLewis Metzner

E-mail lmetzner@hagerstownmd.orgParks Superintendent

Junior Mason


351 N. Cleveland Ave.

Hagerstown, MD 21740

Ph: (301) 739-8577 ext. 169Chief of Police

Arthur Smith


Ph: (301) 790-3700

50 N. Burhans Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD 21740


Known Child Sex Offenders and Criminals

Jason Craig Kane

Leadership position as Monarch, The Board of Directors, Leader of Kabal

Also known as Lord Haze Shadowmoon Von Hellscream

829 W Washington St Hagerstown MD 21740

Registered on the FBI Child Sex Offenders Website

Convicted of 1st Degree Sex Abuse of a Minor Alaska Criminal Court Judge:Hanson, James A Case # 3AN-94-02320CR

John Sekula

Youth Leader, Lieutenant of Kabal

Also known as Man at Arms Lios, Master Archer

10525 Sharpsburg Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Registered on the FBI Child Sex Offenders Website



Case Number 21K09042802 Offense CR.11.208 POSSESS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

Case Number 0V00062706 Offense CR.11.207.(A)(4) CHILD PORN PROMOTE/DISTRB

David Allen Banzhoff

also known as Damian Wyvern

Leadership position as Champion and he sits on the Board of Directors, Co-founder of Kabal


Case Number 21K03032628 Offense CR.2.206 ATTEMPTED SECOND DEGREE MURDER

Case Number 21K03032628 Offense CR.3.202 ASSAULT-FIRST DEGREE

Case Number 21K03032628 Offense CR.3.203 ASSAULT-SECOND DEGREE

Case Number 21K03032628 Offense CR.3.204.A-1 RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT

Case Number 6V00023610 Offense 27.12A ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE

Case Number 5V00036776 Offense CR.3.202 ASSAULT-FIRST DEGREE

Case Number 5V00036776 Offense CR.3.204.(A)(1) RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT

Case Number 5V00036776 Offense CR.3.203 ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE

Case Number 5V00036776 Offense CR.2.206 ATT 2ND DEG. MURDER

Case Number 21C02014627 Offense: Refusal to pay child support. Dead Beat Dad

Suchinder Dhillon

Also known as Paul S Dhillon, Fenics, Hathol Droug vin-Ldhren Jionelenath

254 S Locust St Hagerstown, MD 21740

Leadership position of the Board of Directors, Leader and co-founder of Kabal, Chief Drug Dealer


Case Number: 00034389D5 Charge DEADLY WEAPON-CONCEAL

Case Number: 00609229D5 Charge CHILD: DELINQNCY/CONTRIBUTE TO

FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA Case Number 39-3-02CR-0000201-07 Offense BAD CHECK - COURT CASE

LENDMARK FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC) Vs:(DHILLON, SUCHINDER P ) Dhillon is a well known drug dealer and is one of the founder of Kabal with David Banzhoff. He has a strong sexual interest in young children and actively seeks out child sex offenders, criminals, and drug dealers to make it easier for him to molest children and to produce child pornography. He requires that all members of Kabal, even children, partake in drug use such as cocaine, heroin, etc. He currently sits of the Board of Directors for the Amtgard Kingdom of Crystal Groves.


The following or forum posts about Banzhoff from the Crystal Groves Forums. The first depicts facts about Banzhoff and the second post details that Dame Angela was punished for trying to keep an convicted Murder out of Amtgard.


Posted on the Crystal Groves Forums about David Allen Banzhoff gowritch

Post subject: Re: An Announcement from the Crystal Groves GM of Knights

Posted: Sat 31.10.2009, 04:42

Little e-Samurai

Joined: Sat 31.10.2009, 02:53

Posts: 2

A few points of interest to consider in all this. The information presented on this list may, or may not be factual, it may be partially true or a total fabrication depending on the honesty or integrity of the source. Guess you are going to have to make up your own mind on who you believe. 1. Eye witness accounts at the time of the occurance, and the police reports, plainly state that Mr. Banzhoff's act was deliberate.2. Amtgard was mentioned to the news media by Mr. Banzhoff's sister.3. Mr. Banzhoff had been served three restraining orders for threats and acts of violence against individuals in Amtgard.4. Mr. Banzhoff's wife was belted to Dame Angela.5. Dame Angela was not the only one allowed to speak to the insurance company, and in fact never visited the insurance company on her own. I myself have accompanied her on several occasions.6. The insurance company never said we would lose our policy, they said we could be brought up for review. There is an inferred threat here. The president of the insurance company was a retired lawyer and had personal knowledge of Mr. Banzhoff and his family.7. The four founding members of CG had a non voting 'honorary' membership on the BOD8. Dame Angela has never had the authority to make corpora changes, corpora changes have always required an allthing vote.9. Mr. Banzhoff's initial 'ban' was pursued by more than one person. Dame Angela was not acting on her own.10. The discussion at allthing about who talked to the insurance agent, how the insurance company could review our policy, and what that might infer was
brought up by me (I was monarch at the time), not Dame Angela.11. The insurance agent has now changed and the new agent states the company cannot dictate who we accept as members. She also stated that if someone is found to be a liability the policy could be reviewed. 12. More than six months ago Dame Angela and Sir Roland began planning what course of action they would pursue if Mr. Banzhoff returned to the field.

They have assets that exceed the cap guaranteed by the insurance. Legal and financial council recommended they not hold any office that could put their assets in jeapordy. Since this action was planned and announced in advance the idea that they might 'catch word and attempt to transfer credits' is discredited. To the best of my knowledge these twelve statements are true and factual.Archduke Gowritch
The first king of Crystal Groves



Post subject: An Announcement from the Crystal Groves GM of Knights

Posted: Thu 29.10.2009, 20:09


Joined: Wed 28.08.2002, 14:50

Posts: 4165 Good evening, I want to preface this by saying that this is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my years in this organization, both as a member of the peerage and as a player. I want you all to understand this, because I have a certain responsibility and obligation to you as a member of the Peerage, of the nobility and this kingdom. I dont shirk this responsibility because we always have to do the right thing, regardless of the personal outcome, and were each held accountable for our actions, and this is something that has been sorely lacking here in Crystal Groves. Far too often things have been forgotten or ignored, making people grumbly about their leaders and unhappy with the sytem. We as knights are not above this, and in fact we should be more scrutinized for what we do. None of us are perfect. You dont achieve nirvana with spurs, a chain and a belt. We all do unfortunate things. The difference is, sometimes the things we do affect the game and those who play there. For the past week now, the Circle of Knights has discussed and voted on Dame Lady Angelas role in keeping Damien Wyvern away from CG, citing that he was an insurance risk. This information is available on our public forum for viewing.These deliberations ended at midnight Saturday October 24. The record shows that neither she nor Sir Roland (who is neither suspect nor culpable) wished to participate in the discussion. It was made clear then. On the 24th, we began voting on whether or not punishment was warranted. It was a deadlock vote, 6-6, with Angelas being
counted as her not guilty. This left the task of deciding to me. I exercised my duty as GM and broke that tie in favor of punishment. Despite the fact that it was stated several times that the discussion was closed, protests came and were addressed. I try to deal with everyone and everything in a fair and just manner, but once discussion has been closed, the point should no longer be pushed. A period of three days, starting Monday evening and ending last night to vote on the type of punishment was taken. Dame Angela was removed from the CoK forum pending outcome, and still protests came as to why. I will say that it is a standard practice to do so. Accused criminals (and Im not saying she is a criminal) are not permitted in the deliberations of juries, nor are knights who are up for a second belt. Protests were still filed and it had to be reminded once again that discussions were closed. Two members of the CoK abstained, as is their right, despite the fact that there was what could be considered unharsh punishment included.With that, I announce that Lady Angela Mastersinger, having been judged by her peers as being worthy of punishment has been permanently removed from the peerage by a voting majority of the Circle of Knights, on the charges of willfully manipulating information to sway voters against an otherwise legal member of the organization.

She may no longer use the honorific Dame and she may not appear at Amtgard functions in the garb or trappings of the peerage. Furthermore, her right to take squires is revoked. She may retain any Page or Man at Arms as part of her title of Lady, which she may retain. This past week and a half have been the hardest for me because I have been playing this game with her since the inception of CG. She has always been a worthy opponent on the field when role-playing and I often think fondly back to the times when she and I would plot against each other together for the good of a story. I took pride in her elevation, as I do when friends do well, and I take no satisfaction in the actions of the CoK, though it was required.


"Hi, I'm awesome. True Story."


Wokou Big Brother Winner 2011

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#1 Consumer Comment

The truth of amtgard

AUTHOR: Tiny - (USA)

 I am a member of Amtgard, kingdom of crystal groves, and have been for about 7 years. I started when I was 11 and can tell you from personal experience that people in amtgard avoid any kind of sexual touching, comment, or action of any kind twords a minor. We do not target children but we allow children to join because some people bring their kids and family members. As for the accusation that we are run as a front for child pornography and run by criminals, this is 100% false. Our rules state that no registered sex offender of any kind may participate in amtgard activities. Anyone who conducts themselves in an unsafe manner is also removed. This article is false and biased fearmongering to remove a family friendly game that the author doesn't understand.

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