To whom it may concern;

My son and I went into the Bank of America at 35 Broad Street N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 on November, 1, 2009 to cash my son's S.S.I. check, the bank cashed it. On November, 6, 2009 my son and I went to a Checkers restaurant for my son to eat. We paid for the meal with a 100 dollar bill which turned out to be counterfeit.


The manager of Checkers came out and showed me how it was checked with the check marker proving it to be a fake bill. I had another 100.00 bill in my purse which also I asked her to check. The second 100 dollar bill also proved to be counterfeit.


I then asked the manager to call an Atlanta Police Officer which came shortly. The manager then went back into the store and informed me that she would have to confiscate the money which were the two 100 dollar bills. Whe the officer came, I met him at his car and I asked him if he were there on a counterfeit money call and he said yes and then informed me that he would have to go into the Checkers and talk with the manager.


He came out told me that I was not in any kind of trouble, told me the money was fake and checked my I.D. I then asked for a police report number and asked how could I possibly get good money for this fake money. I have contacted the United States Secret Service to see if they can help and they told me that they wuld have to see the bills which are held at the Police Department. I am now working on this. The above branch of the Bank of America most definitely issued us counterfeit money.